starving African children


It seems that Whites suffer more than other races from a neurotic need to
mother and save the world. *

These pathetic Pathological White Altruists--I call them Great White Mothers
and Great White Fathers--hide their neurotic savior fantasies behind
do-goodism which is then praised by their fellow neurotics. Their efforts
always eventually bring contempt, disgust and hatred from those they try to

These creeps will drive right over White people who need help to help anyone
who is not White and this is a clue to their neurosis. But, when you see
glowing reports of their do-goodism in the newspapers, the newspaper will
often try to feature that odd White person who needs help.

The sane way to help people is to have an appropriate level of rational
compassion but to mostly leave them alone and let them fend for themselves.
Be indifferent and do not interfere in their ways. When Pathological White
Altruists barge in with gifts, these gifts always come with religious or
cultural or psycho/social strings that in some way forces those helped to
conform to White sensibilities or in some way makes things worse in the long

Consider all the White efforts to feed people in Africa "to stop suffering."
What is the result? The number of births increases and next year there are
more to feed--so there is even more suffering. Then, the food aid is
increased--which increases the birthrate and there is even more suffering
the year after that. Soon there are even more millions who are born who are
suffering and the food aid must be increased again. It never ends as long as
there is food and aid given. The population will always increase to need as
much food and aid as can be obtained. If the food and aid are stopped, the
population will decrease. It works for so-called lower animals and it works
for humans.

But, of course, with mass transportation the teeming non-White masses don't
have to wait in their homelands to get free food and aid, they can simply
move to the lands where the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers
live. And that's what millions are doing. They don't bring any benefits to
formerly all White lands. They bring crime and disease with them and begin
turning those lands into New Africas.

Soon, these once prosperous White lands have huge welfare rolls that are
funded on the backs of the ordinary White citizens who must endure not only
feeding the immigrants who are not their people, but must also endure the
crime and social dysfunction that has been forced on them as a result of the
actions of the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers--who are often
internationalists who can simply up and move to safer, more prosperous and
still untouched White areas, once they've screwed up one formerly White
country after another.

The process is one of a rolling dystopia and a plague of humans who despoil
a land more than any plague of locusts ever could.

Remember the do-goodist War on Poverty in the U.S.? Has poverty ended?
Nope. Why not? Because, the War on Poverty, like all Pathological White
Altruist plans, was not based on nature's ways--including so-called human
nature (which should really be plural because there is not one human nature,
but many). The premise of the War on Poverty was wrong, and with a wrong
premise the resulting failure was entirely foreseeable. It's the same thing
with feeding Africa and with the actions of local Pathological White
Altruists in various once all-White and all right nations that are now
becoming non-White and not-all right nations.

This may not be a White (read genetic) characteristic per se, but may
actually be a product of a particular religious ideology which is artificial
and is simply layered on like a cheap coat of varnish over some Whites who
are caught up in the cult like belief that personal "suffering" via altruism
is somehow saintly. Add this to the self-shame for being born White that
some of these self-hating neurotics carry around and you begin to see a
fuller picture of who they are.

Whites need to adopt and internalize a belief in non-interference in the
affairs of non-Whites and we need to demand that non-Whites not interfere in
our affairs.

We might put this in terms similar to this: As the right of each distinct
people to live in accordance with its own ways and evolution, and to face
whatever fate has in store for them by themselves, and to develop its own
philosophies, world views, religions and cultural ways are considered
sacred, no Whites may interfere with the fates of non-White peoples, nor may
non-White peoples interfere in the fate of White people. Each distinct
people is on its own to live or die as fate will have it.

Some of us already follow this philosophy of non-interference and also
indifference to non-Whites. They are not our kind and they are not our
business so long as they do not harm our kind. We care only about Whites. We
know that our self-preservation and the survival of our family lines now and
far into the future is helped so long as there are many other Whites who are
alive and reproducing more Whites. The more Whites the better, and the
death of any pure White, or lack of reproduction by any pure White is a sad
day for all Whites. There are too few of us on this dark planet, and we
need to make many millions more just like us.


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