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If we focus on politics and social concerns without scratching the surface of reality to find the underlying causes of everything in existence, along with the rules and natural laws that they either obey or cause, and fail to use that knowledge to see how they play out in our own everyday reality, we'll forever be lost and confused and will fail to truly understand why we should oppose miscegenation and similar mad and evil things.
And we'll also look at what happens around us with a low level of consciousness that fails to see real patterns and causality where they do exist, but sometimes imagine patterns and causality where they don't exist.
Such low level consciousness and the thinking it engenders seems to be the province of most humans today who are sleep walking through meaningless lives with no idea of why things happen, or what constitutes good or evil or what a proper purpose of life means.
If we are to wake ourselves up and live consciously and try to understand something of existence as expressed in our everyday reality, we must begin with ourselves and start with the premise that White people are different from other peoples just as all other distinct peoples are different from others. Not only do our eyes tell us this, but science confirms it.
There is no need here to go into detail about why and how Whites are different from other peoples other than to say that we are largely as we are as a result of our adaptations to a colder, less sunny climate and other conditions in Europe. Genes are interconnected and if you change one thing--such as making skin white to let in more sun for the production of Vitamin D (which happened with us), other things, including things not easily seen, such as ways of thinking, change as well. 
The changes we underwent in Europe set us on a different path from the rest of humanity.
Indeed, nature and our relative isolation in Europe set us on a path leading toward speciation, and we would have become a new species given enough time.  How much time?  We don't know. 
Unfortunately, our isolation, which is necessary for full speciation, has now been interrupted by the mass invasion of formerly white lands by non-whites. This creates a gene flow that blends those who practice miscegenation back into the masses of humanity. Mainly, it means that Whites will be blended away due to the relative newness of our genotype.  We are the newbies on this dark planet and our genetically determined characteristics are thus more fragile and more easily assimilated into darker gene pools. 
It is important to understand that it takes the mating of a White male and a White female to produce a new White person.  Any other combination does not produce one of us and destroys the internal White blueprint in that family line.  The family may retain the old family name, but a branching off that takes it genetically back to Africa and out of Europe has occurred. In other words, such a child lacks our mutations and adaptations that we acquired once we branched off from the masses of humanity in the dim past.
To be perfectly clear about this point, instead of moving us toward speciation--which we believe requires us to "whiten" up, miscegenation blends those who practice it back into the darker masses.
An important thing to understand is that we Whites have a God (or nature if you prefer) given right to remain different and not blend back in with the masses of humanity, and we have the right to pursue our destiny as we, alone, see fit. We have this right, inherent in us and it is not something that we have to demand or beg for. We have the right simply because we exist.
As far as this destiny goes, some of us believe that there is not one destiny for any organism, including humans, and that possible destinies lie ever before us in myriad paths and turnings that we take, even if we aren't aware of them, caused by the blind workings of nature which never stops tinkering with life.  
We further believe that White people have reached a point in our evolution where we now have a chance to intelligently choose the paths of destiny--that we can steer our own evolution--as the paths open before us. And, we believe that the highest possible destiny for White people is, in fact, to constantly take the path in front of us, as each opens, that leads to becoming  a new species of human.
Natural dislike of White people is nature's way to help them survive
There is a natural dislike of White people by non-White people that is in their genetic programs.  We are their genetic enemy because we are a new model human heading toward becoming an even different form of human.  We are their competitors for resources and the niches that humans fill. Thus, on a genetic level, we are a danger to the continued existence of other peoples. Their conscious minds may not register this (just as ours also don't usually register this), but, again, it is part of their genetic program that we are the enemy and must be destroyed.
And, our attempted destruction is what we see all around us.  It's not just the violent crime that darker peoples commit against us, but that's part of it.  It's seen in the push for us to marry outside our people and produce children who are not our kind.  It's also seen in things such as trying to make homosexuality seem as normal as heterosexuality, in birth control, and in abortions. These things hold down our birthrate. And, it's seen in the invasion of formerly White lands by darker immigrants.  This is happening all around the planet.  What this dark invasion does is change the mating choices of our own people who, when caught up in the instinctual desire to mate, often find their choices among our own people few and far between while there are increasing mating choices offered by the invaders.
Factor in the blending conditioning that the blenders are using on our children as young as 2 years-old and you have White people wrongly thinking that all humans are just the same and therefore if they marry outside of our people it doesn't matter.  It does matter. It's personal and familial genocide.
You've seen the blenders, "diversity is wonderful," multiculti cartoons and books aimed at young kids, so we needn't belabor the point.
The truth about miscegenation, just to be clear, is that it is genocide. It kills off our more fragile genes that are uniquely ours among all humans. We Whites are not all blond haired and blue-eyed, and our skin tone is not a uniform snow white amongst our own people, but these characteristics are unique to us, as are many other features including our bone structure, nose shapes, thin lips, our head shapes, our hair textures and thousands of other differences external and internal that make us, us.
The blender propaganda tries to convince you that genes--that you were born with and which have created you--are unimportant and that an artificial man-made world view that says genes don't matter is what is important.  This is nonsense.
Conditioning is potent.  Fish trained to get food at one end of an aquarium who are then kept from getting that food  by a pane of glass inserted in the tank, will soon starve to death, even when the glass has been removed, after their brains have been hardwired via conditioning to believe that they can't get to the end of the tank with the food without bumping into something invisible.
In truth, if there is anything at all that is authentic and worth saving, it is our specific genetic code that makes us, us.
Why in the world would anyone think that a nation, a culture, a book, an idea are worth saving, while genes are not?  It's insanity.
A blending ideology and its conditioning is a madness afoot in the world today that will no doubt destroy many White families and turn them non-White.  Like the fish mentioned above, many of our people are having their brains hardwired by conditioning.  They simply will no longer see the truth.  They are incapable of doing so.
Perhaps a few words about some of the basics are in order here.
Begin with the question: What are you?
You are the outward manifestation of a code comprised of  the 4 chemicals of DNA (A,T,C,G) sorted out in about 3 billion combinations (think a massive deck of cards if it helps visualize this) these 3 billion combinations of the DNA letters have about 20--30,000  genes--which are just locations on the strands of DNA which are further organized on your 46 chromosomes that cause you to have your eye color, skin color and all your other characteristics (actually, it's a little more complicated than that with genes, but this is the basic idea).  The possible variations of those 3 billion letters are in the many trillions, yet with all the individual differences, you are part of a group of individuals who share the main characteristics that make what we call races in humans, breeds in dogs, and varieties in plants.
You are a White person because your mother and father were White people.  At the moment you were conceived, 23 of your father's White chromosomes joined with 23 of your mother's White chromosomes to start the process of life that is normal for our species and which nine months later resulted in your birth as an individual with 46 White chromosomes.
Although your four DNA chemicals are exactly the same as those in all other peoples, all other animals, and all plants, it is the way you have been shuffled together--the particular order of those letters--that has made you as you are.
Yes, there is an underlying sameness to all life, just as there is an even deeper underlying sameness to all of existence. In fact, all of existence is just simple things repeated and reshuffled in trillions and trillions of different ways.  Under it all are waves and subatomic particles, but for our purposes here, we needn't scratch that far down into existence other than to acknowledge there is a ground of existence upon which everything else is built, and that there are laws of nature at that level that affect our existence at our level.
It is the differences that matter between our kind and other kinds in our level of existence.  Don't ever buy the lies from the blenders to the contrary or your family line may become extinct and you will surely not evolve along the path that many of us think is the best possible path for us as we move to ever higher consciousness and toward the light.
Perhaps a simple way of thinking about this is offered by snowflakes.  What are snowflakes?  They are water, just like the water in rain, lakes, sleet, hail, ice rivers, ponds, streams, oceans.  But a snowflake is not rain, a lake, sleet, etc.  The water has become something different. In this case, it has been shuffled in a different way by the temperature and atmospheric conditions.  
And, even though the countless trillions of snowflakes are all different from each other in many individual ways, they are still recognizable as snowflakes--all with six arms--and are not confused with rain or lakes or anything else.  So it is with us.  White people may vary from each other in many individual ways, but ultimately we are still recognizable as White people and as different from other peoples.
Simply put, all life is made of the same stuff at a very low level of organization, but the differences that come in later are what make us different.
Vive le difference!  May it always exist. May we always exist. May we evolve ever higher.
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