Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

QUICK READ: God is real and exists in the Quantum level of existence. He has selected Whites to evolve. He has given us messages that can guide us. We must use our free will to do God's will.

VERBOSE READ: Way down below our everyday reality is the foundation of our reality in the Quantum level of existence, and it has physical principles and laws that are far different than what we know as physical principles and laws in our everyday reality. This Quantum level foundation of our reality defies our common sense to such an extent that if we hadn't proven it exists we would say it is impossible.

The concept of God also defies our common sense but unlike many things in the Quantum level of existence we've never been able to prove that God exists (or that He doesn't exist). This lack of proof leads many of us to deny the possibility of a Supreme Being without a body that can be called God and which has intelligence, personality and purpose and exists in that same Quantum level of existence all around us all the time.

And many of us are tired of the fairy tales told in the desert religions and thus sometimes reject those religions as well as other religious beliefs that are not part of the desert religions or any other well known religions.

Maybe some Whites can accept the messages received by Arman and explained in many different ways as something they can believe in even with some skepticality?

Now, this isn't really a lesson in religion or Quantum physics, but a few examples below should make the point that there can be more to reality than many of us imagine--including the existence of an intelligence and personality that we call God or God-As-He-Truly-Is or the Divine or the Supreme Being or by other titles and names and that He exists in the Quantum level of existence.

At the Quantum level of existence, subatomic particles of various types can do things that seem impossible. Some can tunnel right through solid walls as though the walls aren't there at all. Some can seemingly communicate with each other when far apart (Quantum Entanglement). And there are many other things that they can do that we either can't really explain or which we have difficulty explaining.

Quantum Entanglement, as just one example, makes no sense because at our level of existence it seems impossible. Yet it exists.

In simple terms, Quantum Entanglement has been proven to exist by taking two subatomic particles and separating them by any distance even by many miles. Then if one is, say, turned a certain way, the other particle also always turns that way at the same time. That is one form of Quantum Entanglement. Another way is if one particle turns this way, the other particle will always turn the other way. How are they doing this over sometimes vast distances from each other? How are they connected or communicating or affecting each other? We don't know how they do it. If we didn't "see" it happen we wouldn't believe it could happen. But it does. It is a proven fact.

We say that God-As-He-Truly-Is is in that same spooky realm of the subatomic world that underpins our reality as the subatomic particles that communicate with each other and go through solid walls.

God-As-He-Truly-Is can consciously do what seems impossible and is beyond our comprehension and which defies common sense because He can control some or all of the various spooky things in that realm and can cause them to do things at our level of reality that sometimes seem miraculous. He can do these things in non-living things and forces as well as in living things including plants and animals. Oftentimes these things that He does are very subtle and sometimes seem like coincidences and so forth. And, yes, He can also be everywhere at once and can also permeate and go through solid objects as though they are not there. Some who deny that there is a consciousness and personality that we call God-As-He-Truly-Is believe they are "too intelligent" or "too rational" to believe in such things. They are mistaken and should at least be curious and ambivalent about their denial if they know anything at all about Quantum Physics (aka Quantum Mechanics, aka sub-atomic realm) and the super small world with subatomic particles, waves and energies.

Why do these deniers think that intelligence and personality must require a brain made of meat such as we and other animals have? Well, it's because that is pretty much what all of us learned as we looked around us and also what we learned in school and from our common sense.

Honestly, it just seems to be common sense that we must have a brain made of meat to have consciousness and personality. However, with the advent of modern computers many of us are starting to see that a meat brain may not be required at all and maybe it is just a matter of time before computers become self-conscious and work for their own survival just as living things do.

So, the energy for computers comes from electricity and ours comes from what we eat or if we are plants what we absorb. No big difference really. And from perhaps a nascent belief about not needing a meat brain is it too much of a leap to believe that there can be a personality in the Quantum level of existence who also doesn't need a meat brain? But, not so fast. Do we have proof that there can be such a brain in the Quantum level of existence? Nope, at lest not yet. However, sometimes one just has to believe and especially if that belief can help one in some manner. This is the stuff of religion and religious beliefs. It is beyond common sense.

There are so many things we don't understand about the Quantum level of existence and we have no logical answers to much that seems to be there. But if we overcome our skepticism when belief in something does us no harm and which may do us some good even if we still remain mostly skeptical, then perhaps we really should overcome our disbelief and our sense that we are too smart to believe in something like that. After all, what's the harm, so long as the belief does help us?

It is this way with the religious beliefs received by Arman who believes that as a result of that experience he had as a young teen his mind was either opened to receiving messages or that they were implanted at that time to be opened at various times.

And here's the important thing for Whites:At their core, God's messages to us show without a doubt that He wants Whites and only Whites to use our free will to purify, multiply, and evolve along an exclusively White path and to eventually become a new species of human that will no longer be burdened by being able to procreate with any non-White humans who may still exist. These messages are non-violent and tell believers to be good people and to obey all just laws but just separate as much as we can from all non-Whites and never mix or mate with them if we can avoid it and have large all-White families.

With our view of God as real and with a personality and intelligence and purpose and will, we are freed from the limits of human common sense that denies such a being can exist and we are also freed from being subject to some incorrect human ideas of right and wrong which can change in an eye blink.

Instead of man made rules we have genuine common sense rules and laws from God telling us what is right and wrong and how to live good White lives and avoid miscegenation and our genocide and extinction. With God saying it to us, we can be steadfast in our beliefs no matter what other humans say at any time. God said it, we believe it, that's the way it is. Period. And, as you can see above in the dark italic section, God's general rules for us do make sense and He does not demand anything that is harmful to anyone or which is meaningless.

It's up to you. You can believe or not believe. There are no priests or others that you must go through. Your relationship is directly with God. If you choose to believe, you immunize yourself from those who preach antiWhiteism and that Whites should mix and mate with non-Whites.

You will stay all White, all the time, always no matter how many others try to convince you that you shouldn't be "racist" and that you should mix and mate with non-Whites. You will know with a steadfastness of belief in the Supreme Being that He has commanded you to stay White and never mix or mate with non-Whites and that you are being righteous and doing God's will in staying White and purifying yourself as you and your family line move to evolve ever higher toward God.

In time and with God's help, believers will become a mighty nation of Whites who are different even from other Whites who have not been believers and who have been left behind as believers evolve ever higher and replace all other kinds just as Homo sapiens replaced earlier human forms.

A FEW OF GOD'S MAIN RULES FOR WHITES: 1. Stay White in all ways, always. 2. Never mix or mate with any non-Whites. 3. Purify your self, your line, your living places. 4. Have as many White children as your body, be it male or female, can provide in your lifetime. 5. Join with other Whites. 6. Always ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? 7. Stay safe and happy and know that God does not want you to be harmed in any way so obey just laws and harm no one. Do not become a martyr.

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