Those who want to blend away all distinct peoples, and especially White people, often say that race doesn't really exist and that it is just a social construct.  Of course, what they are really saying is:  jump in bed with people of different races because it doesn't matter and we are all the same.

This is nonsense. It is also miscegenation.  It is also genocide. I call it bedroom genocide.  Feel free to use the term. Whites should not mate with non-Whites. Period. It is the death of us.

All humans are not the same. Your eyes tell you that. True science tells you that.  Evolution and natural selection tell you that. Statistics tell you that.  Even your nose and ears tell you that. Your senses feed information to your brain so you can survive, that's the basic purpose of our senses.  And, you are to survive so you can make more like yourself.  To make more like yourself, you have to know who is like you and who isn't so that you don't turn into a baby factory for those unlike you and produce them instead of your own kind. The Blenders want to confuse you and blur the distinctions so you will commit your own genocide and turn your White family line into a non-White family line.  They want you to devolve back into the dark masses of humanity from which we Whites evolved not that may thousands of years ago.  They want to stop your evolution along a White line.  They want to destroy you and have you be assimilated and absorbed into the dark masses and cease to exist.  They want you and all Whites to go extinct.  They want you dead.

But there is something even more basic here that must be understood as to why the concept of  race is real and not just a social construct. And, it is this.  Every word ever uttered by any human is a made up word.  We make up words to distinguish between different things.  We humans need words to properly think about things.  We really can't think about things correctly unless we have  words for them.

Humans, with our large brains and a higher consciousness  and discernment than so-called lower organisms look around us and we see differences in different things and we make up words so we can think about them and also so we can know what is dangerous and what isn't, and for many other reasons.   Lower organisms might see a forest and think all the trees are the same.  Humans know there are differences, and we give the trees different names.  It is the same with everything else that humans encounter.  We have a higher level of discernment.  We see differences, we name the differences, we group like with like and we categorize things accordingly.  This is part of being intelligent. 

It is the same with human types.  We have invented a word, "race," which is used to categorize different humans into different logical groups.   Because we have invented the word "race" does not mean it is a social construct--that he thing itself is not real--because the word is a made up word (like all words).  To think that there aren't different races of humans is akin to adopting  a position of such low consciousness that we must thereafter, to be consistent, not believe in breeds of dogs, or varieties of roses and return to a primitive sub-human ham handed state where we have, perhaps, a single word for, say, snakes.  And, in such a state of calling all snakes just snakes, we would fail to understand that snakes are not all the same and we would fail to understand that some snakes, such as dangerous rattlesnakes can kill us and others such as garter snakes can't. A snake is not just a snake and a human is not just a human. There are different types of each.

Furthermore, saying that race doesn't exist is the equivalent of saying Black humans, Yellow humans, Red humans, Brown humans and White humans don't exist.  Now, we know they do exist because we can see them..  And, our eyes tell us they are different.  And, we also know that  the differences extend far beyond skin color, but skin color, even if there were no other differences, is enough to classify some as this race and some as this other race.

The king of the human senses is eyesight. We can reason to this conclusion by understanding that our eyesight is linked closely to our instincts to mate.  Trust your eyes.  If another human doesn't look like you, they probably aren't like you.  And, if they aren't like you, they pose a danger to you either directly or indirectly in the sense that they possess genes that are unlike yours and if you mix your genes with theirs, you will produce non-White children and you will, in essence, kill off your Whiteness and set your family on a non-White trajectory.

Now, to go even further than this talk of races of humans, many of us say that race, as a term, does not go far enough and that the major races of humans (the color coded ones) are actually different subspecies or even different species.

And, just a few last words.  Don't let the Blenders convince you that skin color is meaningless.  Don't fall into that trap.  Skin color is not like paint that is applied as an afterthought over identical model humans.  Skin color is an essential part of humans and comes from within.  Whites are simply not White if they are not white.   (Upper case White means "non-Jewish white person of European descent."  Lower case white means a color.)

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