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Not only is race mixing by Whites the genocide of Whites and not only is it a great sin and an insult to the Divine, but it also shows that those Whites who do it are neurotic or are ignorant of the ways of existence and of evolution.

We all know or should know from our basic knowledge of biology that the first and foremost instinct we have is our self-preservation--our survival.  But, what many don't seem to know is that this self-preservation goes deeper than just the preservation of the person we see in the mirror and it requires not only a short view of history but also a long view.

Our self-preservation starts at the level of our DNA Code that makes us who and what we are--it is our recipe or our blueprint.  It is our DNA Code that survives our body and it is this that must be preserved even more than the preservation of our bodies.  Our bodies grow old and die, but if we have passed on our DNA Code with those most like us, then we go on into the future in our descendents.

In other words, we survive our death and we preserve the core of who and what we are by mating with our own kind.  This passes on our DNA Code that has about 3 billion combinations of the four chemicals that make up DNA and which are usually abbreviated as A,T, C, G.  These 3 billion combinations are further parsed as 46 chromosomes and approximately 20,000 genes and many other elements that science is uncovering such as "genetic switches" and much more. 

When we mate, whether we are male or female, we pass on about half of our DNA Code, half of our chromosomes and half of our genes and other elements of our genetic material  to a new child.  If we mate with our own kind, that child will be White because it will have not just  half of these things, but all of them from our own kind.  If we do evil and mate with non-Whites the child will only have half of our recipe  and will not be fully White. And, the half of our recipe that the child gets will usually be overridden by the recipe from the non-White.  So if we mate outside our own White kind, we do not survive.  We have not preserved ourselves. We have failed nature's first test which is whether or not we have the right stuff to survive to make more like ourselves.

Want immortality?  Then breed pure White and true.  So long as your White line is unbroken, you will continue on.  And, you will be there in every pure White child and even more so if you have picked mates who look  much like you, because looking much like you means they have the same finer distinctions in similar genes that you share and you then double up these genes by mating with such people of the opposite sex.  Blue eyes on you, blue eyes on your mate? Your children will more than likely have blue eyes.  Blond hair on you and blond hair on your mate? Ditto.  You see, you have put more of yourself in your children by breeding right.  And, these external things that are easily seen are not the only part of you that is moving forward into new generations, things inside you and your brain also move forward.  As a rule of thumb, pick  those who look most like you and you can be reasonably sure that not only the external you is transmitted, but the internal you is also transmitted.  Of course, we are not clones and your children will differ from you in many ways, but this beats mating with non-Whites and really losing you and not being immortal.

Your immortality is only through your White DNA Code.  Mate non-White and you have extinguished yourself and your line that could have come from you.  You are White and you must remain White as must your offspring. You carry entire White civilizations within your body.  Let those White civilizations out.  Let them live.  Let them save Whites from extinction.  Do not die without having as many White children as your body can produce.

Naturally, if you can't find White mates of the opposite sex who have all of your  external signs including the lesser ones (ear shape and such things)--and you will never find White mates who are exactly like you, so don't over think it--who will agree to have children with you, then you must still find White mates.  Don't be too picky and thus remain childless. Any Whites who are fully White are acceptable mates for Whites. Any arrangements that help you pass on the greatest amount of your DNA Code--traditional marriage, polygamy, no marriage but partnerships  or agreements with Whites of the opposite sex to help each of you reproduce--are moral and right.  What is immoral and wrong is for you to die without having passed on your sacred White DNA Code that you are duty bound to multiply.

Life is short, Whitey, make more like yourself and do it now.

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