God has told us that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action,
but what do these mean?

By Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021

God has told us that we must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action, but what do these mean?

By Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021

You have to realize first that God has a special plan for our Folk that is different from what he plans for others. We have been selected by God for a special purpose that is ours alone. This does not make us superior, only different. And, it actually puts more of a burden on us than on other humans because more is demanded of us that will make us outcasts. But this is okay, because God demands that we remain a separate people for all times in order evolve along the Sacred White Path.

Some may wonder why God has a special plan just for us and doesn't this make God a racist? This requires another question. Why does God make any humans different from any other humans and why does he make all life different in many different ways? The answer it that It is God's plan, that's why. In fact, His plan for us, is us. We are His plan in flesh. We do not need salvation. We need evolution and that is His plan for us. We alone have evolved to the point where we are naturally on the threshold to evolve into the next leap for mankind as a new species. As Homo sapiens replaced earlier forms, so too will Homo sapiens be replaced.

There are other belief systems and religious teachings that are not from God and which are invented by humans to satisfy whatever is trendy among humans at any time and usually, in this day, they rely on people just thinking this or that or whatever they want as though thinking things makes them true. One of these thoughts is that it is okay to blend together into some sort of Tan Everyman. But this is not what God wants for our kind. Blending together with other kinds is exactly the opposite of what God demands of us. He demands that we stay out of the mixing bowl in order to evolve along the path that He has set for us. And, this evolution He demands of us is not just a product of our minds, it is a real physical evolution of our biological/genetic selves.

There are three core tenets of our religious beliefs, and all of our religious beliefs can be subsumed under these three core tenets: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. Many books could be written about each of these core tenets and still not completely tell all that they encompass.

Our Right Blood makes us different from all other life forms as they are different from others. Our Right Belief makes us different from other Whites who either are not awakened and on the right path or who oppose us and our faith or who are not Aryan. Our Right Action makes us different from other Whites who make different choices in their actions in how they live.

We are a selected kind. God is the God of nature and has manipulated evolution and nature to make us the ones who will bring forth a new species of human from our kind. We are right on the threshold and we must step over it by doing what God commands of us. The spark of life within us is different than the spark of life in others. It makes us natural outgoers. We are born explorers, inventors, tinkerers, scientists. We always seek new and better ways to do things. This is part of our genetic nature and we are born this way just as we are born White. Our Whiteness is one with our inner nature. If we lose our Whiteness we lose our inner nature and we displease God.

Here's a quick, but incomplete, view of some of the most important things about these three core tenets:


Right Blood is the first core tenet. This is so because it is essential and without it Right Belief and Right Action are meaningless. With Right Blood you carry a special spark of God within you. We are biological flesh and blood creatures. Without our biological/genetic selves (our Right Blood) all the beliefs and actions ever thought of or done will not work to give us the necessary biology/genome required for our evolution as God demands. So, first we must have the Right Blood which means we must have the right biology, the right genes, the right DNA code, the right genome or more simply we must be White people who can also be described as Aryans or non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where we were born or live or we can also say that we are the products of two pure White parents who are themselves the product of two pure white parents etc. We are White people and we are born different from all non-White peoples just as all other peoples are also different from others not like them.

But, Right Blood just means that you have the raw potential to evolve along the Sacred Evolutionary Path to specieshood. Most of us with the raw potential have dormant elements in our Right Blood and they must be activated or awakened by Right Belief and Right Action.

To be completely clear, Right Blood, is something of a misnomer because it really means right genome, right genes, right biology, Whiteness, our race, our subspecies that makes us different from other races (we are really all sub-species of humans) and other non-human life forms.

Right Blood comes before Right Belief and Right Action because Right Blood is something we get the moment we are conceived in the womb. We are either born with it or not and we always have it or don't have it no matter what we believe. Look in the mirror and you see the reality of your blood and you can't change it. You can change your beliefs and your actions but you cannot change your blood. That's why it is first in our three tenets.

God tells us that we must put Right Blood first and before Right Belief and Right Action because His will is carried out first by the biological/genetic reality of Right Blood and only then by things of the mind that follow from Right Belief and Right Action. Thus, those with faiths different from ours but which also put Right Blood (the White genome), no matter what they call it, before other things are smiled upon by God as they honor him and carry out His will and may not even realize this.


We believe in the One Real God who is the First Cause. This is who we worship. This is who we pray to. This is who we follow. He has no son. He has no body as we understand body. He is everywhere in the sub-atomic realm of existence wherever there is existence. He gives commands, instructions and revelations through one person who passes them on to others.

We believe in genetic determinism and in rapid, and willed evolution and in saltation.

Right Belief is often a very difficult thing to have as we are an intelligent and science minded people who often try to avoid blind belief and prefer that we have scientific answers to everything. Still, Right Belief is necessary to activate or awaken the dormant elements in Right Blood that help with the evolution.

It also means that you believe in the Writings and Teachings of Arman who is the receiver of the words of God and who transmits them to the rest of us. You must believe that you are selected by the One Real God to help with His plan of constant evolution and that you possess a biological/genetic link--something very real--as a result of your "white" genes and "white genome". In other words, we do not believe in so called White supremacy but in differences between different peoples and we believe that the present so-called major races (the color coded groupings) are actually sub-species and that the term race should be used to describe different national or other groups as they existed before the present Dark Age when our formerly almost all White lands were invaded by thousands if not millions of non-Whites. However, to avoid confusion when discussing such matters with non-believers we may use race as it is presently used in the outside world (the world outside of our beliefs and people).


Be friendly and be of good cheer and treat all other humans as you want to be treated, but do not blend with other kinds. Stay with your own kind as much as possible. We are to be a separate people forever. We shall be hated and reviled and that haters shall demand that we blend ourselves into their masses, but we must not do this, for we are commanded by God to remain apart and separate. Those who are strong and devoted to God shall remain separate. The weak shall blend themselves away and nevermore be part of our people. In a way, this may be the way God is winnowing out our kind to remove the chaff and help our evolution.

Do not harm any other living things unless needed for food, shelter, survival or self-defense. Respect even so-called non-living things and do not harm or damage them unless necessary for in everything that exists there is an aspect of God in the sub-atomic realm within. If you must harm other living things for food, use all parts of the living thing you have harmed and do not waste any parts, they too have the spark of life.

Right Action must follow from Right Blood and Right Belief. Right action encompasses many things. It involves living the values that God wants us to live. It means living as a good and just person. It means following the Golden Rule with all peoples. It means staying separate from other kinds to the best of your ability. It means keeping sacred spaces sacred and free from other peoples and any DNA that they may discard.

We ask of everything: Is this good for Whites? If it is, then it is moral and good.

We believe God has revealed himself in this day to set things right because even many White humans have deviated far from His plan and need correction by His Truth and His Word and He wants to get Whites back on the path to evolving ever higher and faster that He has evolved us for.

We do not hate other kinds of humans, we are just mostly indifferent to them as we hope they are indifferent to us. Viva la difference. Live and let live is a good motto.


It is not a perfect analogy but we often use the example of a radio to talk about the three tenets. Right Blood is the radio with all its physical parts. There are radio waves all around us, and a radio has the potential to let us pick up those radio waves. But, the radio must be turned on or we get nothing. Right belief tells us how to turn the radio on. Right Action is actually turning the radio on and tuning it in. All three things must be correct for the radio to work. So it is with us. We must have Right Blood, Right Belief and Right action for this is what God demands of us.

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