Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022
The above headline also means: White Blood, White Belief, White Action.


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

The above headline also means: White Blood, White Belief, White Action.

Three major things are needed for our evolution along the sacred path that is ours alone. Some of the details are IDEALS and may be difficult to achieve until we have our own nation for our kind alone and no others. When we do have such a Sacred White land dedicated to the Creator we can quickly and en masse become what the Creator wants us to become. However, right now, today, we still must try to get as close to the Ideals as possible in the here and now no matter where we live and no matter the circumstances and we must not wait for a "perfect" time or place. So, for now, we must be a White nation within other nations.


Right Blood is synonymous with White Genes and with being a non-Jewish White person of European descent born of two White parents who were born of two White parents no matter where one is born or lives and it is also synonymous with Aryan as the term was used in Germany in the 1930's. In simplest terms it just means you're a non-Jewish White person born of White parents, who were born of White parents, etc.

Not one of us is perfect. Not one of us is 100% pure White. It is likely that no one will ever be 100% pure White because all life evolved from earlier forms going back to that first molecule of DNA. This means we will always have some of the earlier DNA and genes within us. However, if we look White and are born of White (Aryan) parents and White (Aryan) grandparents we are usually considered White and are different from those who do not look like us and who are not born of Aryan parents and grandparents and so forth.

Just as a general matter of interest in this regard the National Socialists in Germany wanted members of the elite SS to have Aryan ancestry for at least 134 years.

Do remember always, as mentioned above, that none of us is 100% pure White and all humans and all life that is alive today evolved from that same DNA molecule that started life and then evolved into all the life forms that we now have in the world. Natural selection and the other mechanisms of evolution have caused the great divergence we see all around us.

However, Whites are now Divinely selected to diverge even more away from the rest of mankind and become a new human type. That is what the Creator wants, and Right Blood (meaning right or White genes) is the prerequisite to evolving along the path that the Creator wants for our kind alone.

Whites have evolved for a purpose and the purpose is the Creator's purpose and this means in its most important part that we are now to evolve into a new species of human that at its apex will no longer produce viable offspring with any non-Whites.

Whites have been selected by the Creator because of our Right Blood (our White genome) but this is just raw potential. One has to have the correct Right Belief and Right Action to activate and empower one's Right Blood, otherwise it lacks the resolve, consciousness and action to evolve on the strict line desired by the Creator and remains almost dormant.

The Creator has had a hand in our evolution. We call this Divine Selection and it is Natural Selection but with the Creator tweaking things here and there.

Without Right Belief and Right Action an otherwise pure White may just drift through life. If he or she has not enabled their Right Blood by Right Belief and Right Action and lived those principles, they will have wasted their lives and will not have fulfilled their purpose in being selected by the Creator. They will be a dead end. They will take their selected sperm and eggs to the grave with them without having replicated themselves.


We must have the right thoughts before we can take the Right Actions.

Right Belief, means, in the first instance, that we must have have an unshakeable belief that we must not mix or mate with any non-Whites and that we must stay separate from them always in all ways and just as important is the belief that if we are physically/medically capable of having children that we must do so but only with White partners. These two beliefs are so important that the Creator even puts them above believing in Him. And as far as having children, our White eggs and White sperm are gifts to us from the Creator and we must use them properly to replicate ourselves.

It is also a belief that White people and no others are selected by the Higher Power and are to evolve further away from all non-Whites and become a a new species. This reliance on flesh and blood, genes, genomes, race should not seem odd. The Creator created life and programmed it to evolve. We have now reached the stage of our evolution where we can take the next step higher but we must make it happen as this is a necessary part of the evolution of our kind to show that we are ready we must consciously help our own evolution and not let chance rule.

Right Belief also means a belief in a Higher Power whether you call it the Divine, God, the Ultimate, the Creator, the Creative Force, etc. it doesn't so much matter to the Creator what He/It is called or even how you conceive of Him/It, but one must live right and this shows belief even if one thinks it doesn't.

The Creator might also be called the Creative Force, God field, God Force, God Energy, God Waves, the Cosmos, Nature, the Supreme Being or by many other names. The important thing is to believe in that "something" that is so great that we have no words to really describe it, but is that which is behind or found in all natural laws and laws of physics and the way things are and the way they evolve.

For some of us, this something is our belief that it constantly spins, circles, spirals, turns, cycles as we see in distant spiral galaxies and inside atoms and DNA and in everything in existence. Spinning and spiraling are needed for creation, maintenance and destruction. This spiraling, spinning force creates, maintains, evolves and destroys and then does it all over again

Ours is not a universal faith. It is for Whites only. It requires a core belief that is one is born White and is different from all non-Whites and must stay different and separate from them. It must remain an unshakeable belief no matter how much propaganda or brain washing one is exposed to in our present anti-White age. The eternal gene wars aren't just about White genes against all Non-white genes they exist right in side each of us. This means my genes want to replace your genes and yours want to replace mine. How one fights in this eternal gene war is have the most children to spread one's genes. It is more of a friendly competition between different versions of White genes and it is a deadly competition between White genes and non-White genes The eternal gene wars are wherever there is life. It is natural. It is necessary for evolution to work.

Our Whiteness and our genes and our White genome are absolutely necessary for our spiritual and religious faith and our ideology. They are our link to the Divine. Without them there is no link.


This is where Right Blood and Right Belief converge to do what the Creator wants us to DO. Doing is the most important thing, but it does require Right Blood and Right Belief or it is meaningless.

The most important things in Right Action are remaining separate from all non-Whites as much as possible and not mixing or mating with them and also to have as many White children as we can.

After these most important things it means living as a good person, practicing the Golden Rule. Being respectful of everyone. Causing no harm to anyone. Being non-violent. Not looking for trouble. Minding our own White business and letting other races mind their own business. It entails most traditional White values. But it also means focusing on White evolution and your part in the Creator's plan for White evolution.

Each of us as individuals has a part in this, no matter if we are poor or rich or any other condition of our lives.

It includes method living. This is like method acting but is not artificial. One tries to imitate what one is to become. This is similar to saying one shouldn't dress for the job one has, but for the job one wants.

In other words, the Creator wants us to DO the right things and by doing so, this is an automatic belief in Him even if you (paradoxically) say you don't believe in Him at all.

Some of us believe that we should have what might be called a military look with short hair or shaved heads, but this is a personal matter.

We should try to have fit bodies, with maintaining a proper weight and muscles as well as keeping our minds sharp and getting a good education. Strong mind in a strong body is the ideal.

We must ask of everything: Is the good for white people?

We must always try to do the White thing.

We should have Sacred signs of fylfots and spirals with us at all times. This could be as tattoos, rings, amulets, bracelets, or even a piece of paper in one's pocket or wallet.

The Creator has told us that it is time for us to evolve even more away from the rest of humankind than we already have and to become a new species--a newer White model.

But, and this is a big BUT; WE, each of us individually, have to make it happen because part of our evolution requires that we be able to take charge of our own evolution. Those among us who can't do this will not evolve as the Creator wishes and will remain part of the old version of us and eventually be assimilated, absorbed and blended into the non-White masses before the new version of us becomes the only version of humans on the planet just as Homo sapiens replaced Homo neanderthalensis.
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