Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2024

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White Aryans as His people to purify and evolve ever higher towards Him by following His instructions to us and by purifying our genes, our minds and our bodies. Those among us who follow His simple but Holy instructions are beloved of God-As-He-Truly-Is and He shall help them on the upward path so long as they remain true to Him.

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White people for the sacred task of purifying the world, perfecting themselves, evolving ever higher along a strictly White line to be better to serve Him and carry out His plan.

1. The Teacher said that cattle can be kept in a pen until they are slaughtered with just a thin strand of wire that they could easily break. But, they don't break it. You see, the real pen is in their minds. It is like this with humans. If we have incorrect thoughts, we are like cattle in a pen, just waiting until we die. Correct thoughts can free us. For this reason, we must shed incorrect thoughts and replace them with correct ones.

2. The true teachings just explain and interpret true nature and help us stay on the right path to our highest evolution. Evolution for different organisms has the same general principles, but different organisms evolve in different ways. Our highest path is to become more "white" in all ways and not less so. This is our path to our highest evolution. And, when we reach the pinnacle of our evolution, we must leap to another path that goes higher. Evolution is like a stairway, with many landings. When you reach one landing, you can stay there and evolve no more, or you can leap to another landing that is on the other side of a chasm and continue your way up, or you can go back down the way you came. We are a people on the way to separate specieshood, but this is not a certain outcome. We must struggle to make it so. Miscegenation and too few children in our image takes us off the path and stops our climb up.

3. The Teacher said it may help some visualize some of the teachings and the truth of existence by seeing in one's mind a complete blackness with no hint of light. Into that darkness comes a very tiny point of light, off in the far distance. As you watch, the light jumps and spins and it grows and expands. It sends out arms as it spins and it looks like a hurricane. From it, come many spinning filaments that spin outward and fill all space like a constantly moving cobweb. Soon, stars and planets form from out of the cobweb.

Now imagine you are looking at Earth before life began. On Earth, you see an extremely tiny "seed." You see that the seed is filled with a very simple code to make a simple form of life. You realize that this very simple code makes more like itself and it has the ability to change and evolve depending on many factors. It is self-replicating, self-organizing, self-evolving and it reacts and modifies itself as needed. You realize that the whole universe has been sown with these life seeds, and that in those places where the seeds found the necessary conditions, they began life in those places. As you watch, the seed starts expanding and growing, and it sends out other seeds and these other seeds send out other seeds and they all grow and expand and they begin changing, mutating and evolving into various types of life. All life on Earth started with that seed. It was programmed to struggle to fill all of existence with itself. The program of the code remains simple. It brings in seeming complexity by repeating the simple code over and over endlessly. The higher plan incorporated in the seed is to evolve life that is the perfect vessel for God consciousness in God's own evolution.

Of course, this is just a visualization. The "seed" and the "code" are DNA. How simple is DNA? It's just four basic chemicals joined together such that it can keep making more just like itself; and this is its mission: expand always, contract never. It is very, very good at doing this. And, it is almost infinitely malleable and changeable so that it can adapt to any conditions that can sustain life in some form. DNA is programmed to find a way to design different types of life to exist in every crook and nanny of the universe and under all conditions. If it feels frustration it is in having difficulty in designing types of life that can live everywhere. Some places are too hot to allow the DNA to exist. Some are too cold. Some are too this, and some are too that. But, the DNA continues trying in such places and in all other places. It never stops. It never tires. It never gives up. It never rests. It is relentless. It MUST expand and it must try to find a way. It is what it does. We are its children and it lives within us and has found a way forward through us. If we fail it, it will find a way forward in another form of life and it will not shed a tear, for it has no emotion. It only wants to be and to be more and to fill all space with itself.

4. The Teacher said that it is important to remember that it is the Code that must be protected and expanded. That Code is us. It projects us. It makes us. Without it, as it is, we are not us. The Code is our past and our present. For it to be our future requires that we make the right choices in our life. If we make the wrong choices and the Code is harmed or changed in the wrong way, we will be absent from the future. Q. Why is our particular Code so important and others aren't? A. The Teacher said, our Code is important to us, because it is us. Our interest is us.The Codes of others are not important to us, because they are not our Code. Our Code is necessary for our very existence. We must expand it and we must help it evolve on the path that has been revealed to us. Even now, as we think these thoughts, we know that these thoughts are the result of the trajectory set up at the beginning of existence and that we think these thoughts, because it is time to think them. If it were not the time to think these thoughts, we would not be thinking them. We have evolved to this point, where we must live consciously to evolve higher and get through the Bottleneck--the almost clean sweep--that is coming. It is time we showed the proper self-interest.

5. Q. Why does this belief system rely so heavily on the laws of nature? A. The Teacher said we believe that the laws of nature are the laws of God if they are properly interpreted and understood. Q. Why does nature allow humans to have babies so young while man made laws say humans should be older? A. The Teacher said nature works for the survival of life. To survive, we must breed and we must expand our kind. The more years we have to do this in our short lives, the greater is our expansion and the greater is the likelihood that our Code will survive. Wisdom is not found in restricting the number of our children, but in expanding the number. Each child in our image carries the Code.

Recorded human history is a mere 4,000 or so years old. This is nothing. It is no time at all. Nature takes the long view and survival also requires a long view. We believe that there is a Bottleneck (also called a clean sweep) coming in which most life on Earth will be wiped out. This is a normal cycle as the Earth is a little like a self-cleaning oven. When that time comes, we want to be sure that our Code gets through to the other side to repopulate the Earth in our image. To do this requires that our kind be as numerous as grains of sand on the beach. We live through our Code. It transcends us as individuals and is the essence of our people. Individuals are born and they die. If they have lived properly and passed on the Code, they do not truly die, but go on to the next generation so long as their descendants have children within the people in our image. If they die before having children or if they commit miscegenation and produce children outside of the people, who, by definition, are not in our image, then their particular version of the general Code of our people will be wiped out and their death is death, because they will not be found in the next or future generations. We live through our Code. There is no other way.

6. The Teacher said that Good and Evil must be defined in terms of our people, when we reduce those terms to our level of existence. What is good for our people is to expand always; contract never, i.e. expand our Code always and not have it contract ever. Thus, anything that holds down our birthrate or kills any of our people before they have as many children as possible in their image during their lifetime is evil. Wars or conflicts that kill our people in any cause except ones that further our Code are evil. Birth control is evil. Miscegenation is evil. Abortion is evil. Suicide is evil. But, all of these things are evil for our people alone. We do not concern ourselves with the ways of those who are not our people, and our religious laws and our ethics and morality that relate exclusively to our people are for our people alone. They do not apply to those who are not our people except as these others may harm our people, and then their actions do concern us and they must not be allowed to harm our people. By doing what is right for our people, i.e. having our individual people live as long as possible to bear as many of our children as possible, leads, as indicated above, to part of our world view about avoiding wars and conflicts and all things and situations that put ourselves in danger. We can't reproduce if we're dead, and reproduce, we must. It is the primary command to us from the First Cause. Those of our people who intentionally hold down their birthrates are doing evil.

7. The Teacher said that God does not love the intentionally barren among our people, but loves the intentionally fruitful who multiply our kind even if they must forgo material wealth to do so.

8. The Teacher said that the teachings are about life and fruitfulness and the multiplication of our kind and they are opposed to things of death and barrenness and the contraction of our kind. We are a people of Spring and new life.

9. The Teacher said that the instinct to mate (or in some way make more like themselves) is built into all living things so that they will reproduce. Many human beings are overriding this natural instinct or subverting it in many ways so that the birth rate of our people is unnaturally low. Arrogant humans say that there are too many humans on the planet. This is foolish. There are not too many of our kind at all. There are far too few of our kind. Human history is only about 4,000 years old--no time at all--and it is childish for humans to think that they are right and nature is wrong about our reproduction. Nature has set our internal clocks and our instincts so that we will reproduce to our maximum. Why? Because there is a Bottleneck coming (also called a clean sweep) during which most life will die off. Our ability to survive (i.e. have our Code survive) is largely dependent on us having vast numbers of us in existence when the Bottleneck comes. Nature knows best.

The Teacher said our holy places must give us a sense of the sacred. We must feel awe. To do this, we must understand human psychology and use it to create such places. We must understand that there is not just one type of human psychology, any more than there is just one type of human being. The human psychology of our kind is different from that of others. We must please ourselves and do what is right for ourselves. The others must find their own ways. When we think of these things, we are left with the question in our minds: Are we truly thinking of these things as some sort of act of absolute free will (there is no such thing), or are we being fed these thoughts either from our genes or through our genes or by some other way by the Higher Power? God acts in subtle ways and is ever just out of sight, but his breath changes the flight of the arrow.

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