Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022=


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

QUICK READ: Our religious beliefs are inextricably linked to our White biology and are part of our White DNA code. You must be White to have our beliefs, because they are one with our Whiteness. What Arman teaches is that true White religion and the true White DNA Code are absolutely linked together to God-As-He-Truly-Is. |

There are other Whites who also believe that true White religion is inextricably linked to White biology but who have other ways of understanding this. Arman says that is fine with God-As-He-Truly-Is because His commands to Whites is to be White in all ways and to not miscegenate and to help with His plan for Whites to evolve. Arman says that God-As-He-Truly-Is is much more concerned that we DO what he wants and is much less concerned about how we conceive of Him.

Arman's teachings most closely approximate Cosmotheism and if there is a difference it is that Arman says there is an actual Supreme Being--a sentient, living, being who is the personality, intelligence and life force in the cosmos and who exists in the subatomic foundation of all existence and in nature and natural laws and that He has selected Whites for his purposes and that He tells us of His purposes through natural laws and in words through Arman.

We are quick to add, however, that God-As-He-Truly-Is is not like the false ideas of God that you may find in other religions. God has no son. He does not treat all humans the same. He has selected White people for His special purposes. He is not "love," as one of the popular cliches holds, but He does have the emotion of love as well as hate and other emotions that are similar to our own.

His brain doesn't rely on flesh and blood as does ours but on subatomic particles, rays, forces and the like and He is everywhere at the same time because they are everywhere at the same time. Wherever there is something, He is.

Our faith is linked to our genes and our genome and to our White skin and White features. This is so because we have been selected by God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI for short) to be the type of humans that are to evolve higher into a new species that will no longer be held back by being able to produce viable offspring with any non-White humans.

This biological/genetic reality is a core part of our faith and is central to our religious beliefs. This is as GAHTI planned it and wants it. To evolve, we must purify by breeding only White which helps purify our sacred white genome, and by Right Belief and Right Action.

Swastikas, fylfots and spirals in many different forms are sacred to us because they represent God-As-He-Truly-Is ( GAHTI) and are the way He creates, maintains and destroys. These symbols represent GATHI as He is in constant motion. All of creation requires the motion, the spinning, the circling, the spiraling to continue to exist. If they stop, existence stops.

So above, so below. When our spiral DNA stops spinning, we pass away. We say that GATHI has wound up the springs of life very tightly and that as time goes by the springs begin unwinding and that is how we age and eventually pass away.

All of existence is based on these circling, spiraling shapes. Other peoples throughout time have used these symbols and have given them their own interpretations. However, we do not accept many of their interpretations because the truth has been revealed to us in this day and we will decide how all things relating to us and the world around us are interpreted.

We are not bound to history and we are the new race aborning and as such we will decide things. This ability for us to decide things is a sign of our evolution upward. But in so deciding we do not take a vote on it, because our decisions about us and how we shall be are revealed to us by GAHTI and we follow Him alone and not man.

Look everywhere around you and you will see swastikas, fylfots and spirals all spinning. Water in your basin does it. Hurricanes do it. Motors do it. Electrical energy is generated by it. Worlds spin, the stars spin, galaxies spin. Even so-called inanimate objects, a rock, a grain of sand have spinning atoms and subatomic particles within them. Your body is full of the spinning spiraling forces. Your DNA is a spinning spiraling substance within you. Nothing exists without the spinning.


Do not be afraid or dismayed because others miscegenate. Our struggle to remain White and reproduce White will cause more of a divide between us and the miscegenationists among us until they disappear and blend themselves into the non-White masses while we continue to evolve ever Whiter and ever higher. Just follow the true and narrow path and increase the purity of your line and we shall get through the bottleneck and then we shall reproduce like never before and become the new type of human on the whole planet. God-As-He-Truly-Is, is on our side.

So, yes, we use the Swastika, the fylfot and spirals in their many forms as religious symbols. Some of use the 6 armed fylfot others use the 2 armed or 3 armed or 4 armed. They are all sacred. Our revealed version has the arms trailing the center. That is, the center spins counterclockwise and the arms spin that same way. Hitler was touched by GAHTI and that's why he adopted the four armed version of the swastika as the symbol of the German National Socialists. You will note that the arms spin counter clockwise. Hitler may not even have known consciously why he adopted the swastika but he was touched by GATHI. It has also been said that when Hitler gave speeches something came over him and that's why his speeches were so powerful. We agree. We say it was GAHTI that came over him.

Hitler's National Socialism was really White Racial Socialism and was and is a good thing for Whites.


--Our principle of method living is a little like method acting in that one becomes the character that one is portraying. In another context, it is sometimes said that one should dress for the job one wants, not the job one has. In our context, we say imitate the new race not the old race.

--Those who try to ban these symbols of GAHTI and cause our blending do evil.

--GAHTI is not static. He constantly moves. He is energy and force and does not stop moving.

--Those who attacked Hitler's Germany killed off some of the best kind of mankind as they were evolving. This was evil. They destroyed the best White genes. They continue the evil today by allowing in millions of non-Whites to formerly all White lands knowing that miscegenation will occur as a result. --Does evil know it's evil? Not always. But anything that goes against the will of God-As-He-Truly-Is is automatically evil for God is all good and anything that is opposite of Him is evil.

--Even many other religions have some inkling that God has a personality and a will and you will often see in their religious works comments about how this or that angered God and that He destroyed various cities and peoples.

Well, we agree that God-As-He-Truly-Is does have personality and that He does intervene in the affairs of humans when He wishes and for His purposes.

--Sometimes, He intervenes in very subtle ways--a slight wind, a flight of birds, an inner feeling, a coincidence that benefits you, ideas that pop into your mind that you think are all yours, when they're really from God-As-He-Truly-Is, and so on.



You may have heard this or a similar statement as the evildoers who hate Whites try to convince Whites that race does not exist and that we are all one humankind and thus should mate freely with one another. The fact is that "race" as well as every other word in every language is a made up word.

Humans see the world around us and we give names to things. If something is different from some other thing we give it a name. There are different types of humans and so we put them in different groups that we call races. Same with other animals but we call them different breeds.

The bottom line is that race is a good word and a good concept, even though it is not as good as sub-species which is what the different human races are at a minimum, and maybe even different species and we would already be called different species if we could not mate together.

However, it should be noted that even this fact that we can mate is not really a bar for us being of different species as there are many examples of different species being able to mate yet they are still different species and not just different breeds.

Hatred against National Socialism (which is really White Racial Socialism) is hatred against Whites.

German National Socialism (Nazis) in Germany was the most explicitly White system perhaps that has ever existed up to that time.

It was Whiteness--White religion--in the form of a political system and Hitler was touched by God-As-He-Truly-Is. God's hand was on him but evil harmed God's plan, and the humans at that time simply couldn't overcome the evil. God wants us to fight our battles by ourselves for the most part to prove that we are ready to evolve higher.

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