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If you are White and if you have been searching for the meaning and purpose of life, you are probably frustrated that you haven't been able to find it.

Maybe you're checked out the various religions  and maybe you've dabbled in some, but perhaps you're not satisfied with what you've found.  Wonder why?  It may be because most of them aren't  right for you.   They don't take into account your DNA Code.  Most religions, and especially the major ones, aren't the products of people like you, if you are White.  They're a bad fit for the way you are, and the way you are is largely determined by the DNA Code you were born with.

You must find the meaning and purpose of life in your DNA Code. Everything in your life must be in tune with your DNA Code.  There is no other way.

Your DNA Code has levels to it. At the lowest, the most general, the broadest, and most basic level it just reads "life." Then it has ever finer and more discrete levels that follow a taxonomic structure until it is refined and narrowed   down to you as an individual.  However, in thinking of  the meaning of life as a human being, the best place to  start is at the race level.  This is where we start to see meaningful and important differences which, if correctly understood, lead us to answers to the meaning of life for us as White people--and that's who we are talking about here.  Unfortunately, our present day anti-White society wants you to ignore very important genetic differences in humans that are found at the race level and it wants you to pretend race doesn't exist and to focus on the broader species level only.

The problem with  focusing on the species level for White humans is that this level is too broad  and misses many distinctions that are important to a knowledge of the meaning and purpose of life for us as Whites.  Focusing on the species level for humans is a little like focusing on the species level for dogs and pretending there are no breeds. As you probably know, breed is to dog as race is to human.

If you as a White ignore race you will never find the true meaning and purpose of life for yourself, and if you go in the other direction and only consider the meaning  and purpose of life based on you as an individual, you've gone too far the other way and you will miss seeing patterns that lead to an understanding of the  true meaning and purpose  of life for you as a White human.  Now, a quick aside is in order here. There are, of course, many things on the species level and the genus level and the family level and the order level and so forth that apply to us as White humans, because we do have many things in common with all life; but it is at the race level  where there are important divergences that are important to us for an understanding of the meaning and purpose  of life for us as White people.

With the above in mind, we must fully understand that there is not a one size fits all human being and there is not a  one size fits all religion. And, it is with religion (and philosophy) that we find most attempts to explain the meaning and purpose of life as such  meanings relate to us as sentient beings.  And it is here where we run into problems, because many  religions (certainly the major ones) teach a universalist view of reality, i.e., that all humans can partake of these religions because--in their false views--all humans are  the same (it's that ham handed species level of taxonomy again in different words) and while there are some things that are universal--many other things are particular, and specific and in this regard when you deal with life and especially, because we are humans, human life, you must take into account particular DNA Codes and the genes that are part of those codes.

Of course, the way many religions handle the questions about meaning and purpose is to fill in the gaps with fairy tales, but we needn't detail them here as you're probably well aware of them.

Before we go on, we need to understand something very basic to avoid the mind traps set by those who want all humans to blend together and disappear as distinct types. What they try to convince you of is that racial differences are no more than different paint jobs applied almost as an afterthought by nature over identical model humans.  This is nonsense.  They'll also often point out, in an attempt to wow you with science, that while we humans have about 6 billion of the letters A,T,C, G in our DNA code which are combined into 3 billion pairs, that we ONLY have about 3.5 million differences between human races.  Only 3.5 million differences?  Only?  Good grief.  Just one or two differences can make a world of difference in the world of genes.

It is well known that seemingly minor differences at the gene end of things can have major differences in the complete organism.  A little tweak here and a little tweak there and you have a White person or a Black person a mouse or a moose.  It's like shooting a rifle at a target way down range.  The slightest movement, even just taking a breath, at the trigger end may cause the bullet to miss the target by yards. 

You will never find the meaning and purpose  of life if you follow the false religions and false philosophies that deny the reality of DNA and genes.  These are your blueprint and your recipe.  They make you, you.  You must be you and you must find the meaning of life in concert with these real and actual physical things. You are a physical being--you must begin with your physical self--not with prayers and incantations and meditation.  To repeat: there is no universal human type. And, as such, there can be no universal religion.  Our DNA Codes do more than give us skin color differences. They give us differences in our brains and thus our minds and then the things of our minds including our true spirituality.  But it all begins with the physical DNA Code. Simply put, you must take into account your DNA Code in order to find true meaning and purpose of your life. There is no other rational way.

To go a little deeper, and as I've written before, we can think of life as being the product of a Life Force. Bear with me on this.  On Earth, so called non-living minerals have been taken up and assembled by the molecule of life, DNA, so that the assemblages of minerals that we call living organisms have something added--life--that so called non-living minerals don't have.  We are living dirt. We have what we call life. As humans, we think, we move about, we are active, we have intelligence, we have consciousness.  We can make more like ourselves. We don't just sit someplace like a rock.  As a quick off the cuff answer we might say that it is the DNA molecule itself that is the Life Force, but that just scratches the surface and we must really dig further down for a fuller understanding of what it's all about.  The DNA molecule is made up of atoms and the atoms are made up of sub-atomic particles and the sub-atomic particles are made up of ever smaller things and they are made up of non-material "things" that are in the realm of vibrations, forces, energies, frequencies.  Our DNA, like everything else at our level of existence goes ever smaller to the quantum level of existence where matter comes into existence--but, remember, we are made of matter and it is matter at our level of existence that we must deal with.

Of course, we still haven't  answered the question as to the meaning and purpose of life. Is life itself meaningless and without purpose?  My answer is that it is not. I say the meaning of life, per se, is life itself.  Life "wants" to exist and to expand always and fill all of existence with itself and to become more. Life's meaning and  purpose for itself is to fill all of existence with itself.   It is programmed by nature (or the Divine, if you prefer) to do so.  It is axiomatic that life is better than non-life, existence is better than non-existence, higher consciousness and intelligence are better than lower consciousness and lower intelligence.  Being is better than non-being.

But, what we're really concerned about here is whether or not there is an additional meaning and purpose to our lives as White humans and if there is, is it because we are different from other humans? The answer is pretty much the same as the axioms listed immediately above. We want to exist and expand always and fill all of existence and to become more--as Whites.  That is both the meaning and the purpose of our lives. We may not be conscious of this, but it is part of our DNA program. If you understand a little about existence you'll see this written in nature. Of course, it is the same meaning and purpose as all other life including all other humans, and there is an eternal struggle to be the one to come out on top.  That is the very nature of nature. I call this eternal struggle the Gene Wars. And, the Gene Wars are most pronounced among organisms that are similar enough so that there can be gene flow such that one similar organism can wipe out similar organisms simply by having its genes flow into the other organism.  For us White humans, this means that so long as we can breed with other types of humans and bear children with them, we are in danger of extinction.

To win the struggle--the Gene Wars--Whites need to stay separate from other kinds of humans and not blend in with them.  If we blend in, we automatically lose the struggle to be on top as the life form that moves higher and higher and higher to ever more intelligence and consciousness and as the human kind that replaces other human kinds as homo sapiens sapiens has replaced other kinds.  Again, this is nature's way.  We must avoid all gene flow from non-Whites to us Whites.  Gene flow to us from them I call bedroom genocide.

Now, to put a point on our question as to whether our White kind has a meaning and purpose to our lives. The answer is that our lives do have a meaning and a purpose. It is to evolve ever higher. And, we must take charge of our evolution and we must struggle to  be the human organism that will evolve ever closer to that which can be called the Divine.  To do this, we must purify ourselves both spiritually (meaning here to purify our thinking and think correctly about existence, and physically (to purify and improve our DNA and keep it on the right path ever upward).  How do we do we purify ourselves?  By living good and right lives, by not miscegenating, by having as many of our kind of children as possible, by having the right thoughts and by being what we are born to be--a holy and a selected kind--who do the will of the Divine (or nature) and who save humanity by and through us as we take our place as the replacements for a decaying and evil humanity, just as present humanity has replaced earlier kinds.  It is not just us, as the individuals we are, that will lead us higher, it is also our children.  We may not make it as high as they do, but we should try, and in trying we will help our DNA Code move higher.  We must understand the fundamental principles of evolution and natural selection and we must make our own selections that are best for us alone.

To move higher, we must evolve such that we can no longer have viable children with non-Whites. This will prevent all gene flow that will blend us back into the masses of humanity--when this occurs, our evolution will speed up.

If we breed true, and if we do not miscegenate and if we live right, we will evolve.  If we miscegenate  we will devolve and we will be assimilated and we will be blended back into the darker masses of humanity from which we evolved not that may thousands of years ago (we may have become the typical White person as few as 5,000 years ago according to some sources).  The actual time is not that important here, the fact is that we did evolve at some point in the past to be as we are today and we are still evolving.  And, we may actually be evolving faster.  It has been reported that White skulls are getting longer top to bottom over the past decades (yes, I wrote decades, not millions of years).  Why is this happening?  It may be because our brains are getting larger and that in order to be born without killing our mothers in the process  we couldn't have our skulls expand side to side to accommodate the larger brains  or we might not pass through the birth canal without harming our mother.  In other words, while our White skulls are expanding to house our expanding brains, White women's pelvises  and birth canals are not expanding as fast to accommodate wider heads, but longer heads will pass easily.  It is known that in evolution various characteristics don't all evolve at the same time.  As just one more example, it is believed that we got our White skin before many of us got our light colored  eyes.

So, Evolve! That is your meaning and purpose.

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