Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

Stopping the genocide of Whites is the most important issue we have, bar none.

"Gen"refers to genes "Cide" refers to death. Genocide, in the human context, is the extinction of any distinct group of humans and it doesn't matter how this is accomplished. Genocide is genocide.

This is what is happening to Whites today...we are currently experiencing our genocide...our extinction. And, the speed in which it is happening is increasing.

There are evil forces pushing the genocide of Whites via suicidal White genocide in which Whites are being propagandized from all sides to believe that all human races are the same with only minor different paint jobs that should be ignored as trivial. This is a big lie and is not scientific.

The races of humans are very different from each other. This is how evolution works--it tinkers and constantly changes the recipe. It is a trial and error process in evolution as the DNA --that self-replicating spiral molecule of life works endlessly and tirelessly to survive in every possible niche where it can make a living. To do this, it adapts and changes and we call this evolution and also survival of the fittest. It is what has made the different races of humans different from each other. It has not made them equal. It has not made them the same. That is not how evolution works.

And, the different paint job analogy is really absurd. Our skin is our largest organ and our skin color comes from within. It is not sprayed on over identical humans as though we are identical automobiles that are just given different paint jobs almost as an afterthought. Our skin color is an essential part of who and what we are and signifies very major differences externally and internally in our bodies and in our brains. When we speak of evolution we must also speak of the survival of the fittest. And, in this regard we must understand that survival of the fittest doesn't mean the most beautiful or most intelligent or best types survive in any niche.

It just means that those that replicate themselves and manage to survive are then called the fittest---simply because they have survived while other types, perhaps even the most beautiful or intelligent have not replicated themselves enough and have not survived and have been replaced by those who did follow nature's basic command: replicate, make more like yourself, survive, or die out. Too many Whites seem to think that we should not breed more Whites but only what they think are the best Whites. Big mistake. The truth is that we must breed more Whites. Period.We need vast numbers of Whites. Yes, we should try to look for the healthiest White mates to partner with to replicate with, but we must not hold back our breeding while looking for perfection. Just have White babies. Just do it. Have faith in the White genome to sort it out. Just supply it with White children who have two White parents to give it the raw material to help with our survival and evolution and help us come out on top as the most fit of all human types.

Today, the evil forces that hate Whites are working overtime to make Whites think it is not only acceptable for Whites to mate with non-Whites but that it is desirable. They do this by promoting the "joys of diversity" at every opportunity including flooding every print and media ad, every movie, every photo never just with Whites but always with non-Whites as well. This is being pushed, as just one example, by advertising agencies on their clients selling every type of product or service. It is the attempt to normalize what is abnormal, to make what is bad for Whites seem good, and to convince Whites that they should blend themselves away into the non-White masses and cease to be White.

And speaking of blending which is a synonym both for miscegenation and White genocide, some of us call these evil forces; these anti-White forces, Blenders. Blenders want Whites to voluntarily be tricked into blending themselves into non-existence by mixing and mating with non-Whites. This kills off the White genes but the Blenders can say "Hey, that's just human nature, and people of different races fall in love with each other and have families." Thus, the Blenders are not charged with crimes against nature or humanity. Neat, huh? No trials for gas chambers are in the future of the Blenders, but they wipe out Whites with impunity by tricking Whites to wipe ourselves out by mating with non-Whites.

And far too many Whites are falling for this big lie and are, in fact, blending themselves away. Oh, the Whites who miscegenate won't themselves die just from their miscegenation, but their White DNA Code will die in their non-White children. This is so because their White eggs and White sperm will be used to produce non-White children and break the White chain passed down for generations. So, in simple terms, a White family turns non-White just by the simple act of a White mating with a non-White. This is genocide of the White.

So pervasive is the anti-White propaganda that a simple statement on a piece of typing paper posted to a light pole that says nothing more than "It's, OK to be White," is called hate speech and is trumpeted in local newspapers in the usual script-like fashion by quoting some local cop who will say with great solemnity that the police are investigating this and also by quoting some local residents saying that they are outraged and that they don't want such hate in their neighborhood. Remember now, we're just talking about a piece of plain paper that says nothing more than "It's OK to be White." It's absolutely Orwellian how this propaganda is done and how it is too often accepted and internalized by Whites who should actually be outraged that anyone would be outraged by something as inoffensive as "It's OK to be White."

But what about Whites? Who are we? We are the newest model human. We are the latest evolution of the human type. We're the new kids on the block. We emerged later than the other types and many of our features are new to humans. Our light eyes and especially the blue eyes that many of us have apparently just came into existence in humans less than 10,000 years ago--that's just less than a blinkof an eye as evolution is timed. Blond hair is also new. White skin is new. And, we could go on and on about what a new model we are but the point is made. But it is important to note that the main thing that distinguishes us is the biggest organ in the human body: our skin. We are the White race. The White tribe. The White people. The White sub-species and really we'd be listed as the White species already but for the horrible fact that we can still breed with non-Whites.

And, there is a great variety among us Whites because our genes really are more plastic (read malleable) because they are so new. Thus many of us do have different colored eyes, different hair colors, different hair textures and many other differences about us but we are all united as one White people and no one who looks at us can logically think otherwise. In fact, a more proper name for us is the one commonly used in Europe in the last century: Aryans. As we use the term, an Aryan is a non-Jewish White European descended person no matter where they were born or live.

We are still evolving and our heads are getting longer top to bottom to accommodate an increasing brain size without making our heads wider and posing a danger to our mothers as we pass through their birth canals.

However, the evil forces are trying to stop us from existing and they definitely don't want us to evolve ever higher. And that's what blending does. It injects non-White genes into our collective White genome and infects more and more Whites with non-White genes which stops our evolution upward and also turns us non-White, thus exterminating Whites from existence. Yes, it is genocide.

Look, this isn't that complicated. Here's all you really need to know as to why White miscegenation is evil and genocidal for Whites. First, Whites are the latest evolution of humans. That is why we are the minority on this planet. We are the new kids on the block. Second, because we are newer, our White DNA code (our genome with all its genes) is more easily overwritten by long established non-White versions for various of our genes. For example, dark eyes usually overwrite light eyes, dark hair usually overwrites blond hair and so it goes with various of our other external and internal characteristics. Third, and this is basic to a foundational knowledge of genetics. Each human has 46 chromosomes that carry about 20,000 genes in total. Each human receives 23 of those chromosomes from his or her mother and 23 from his or her father. To be White, one must get all 46 chromosomes from two Whites. One must have a White mother and a White father. Any other combination makes a non-White baby. # # #


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