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"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space,especially with other members of their own species.They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations.  This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick* Emphasis added.  

This natural competition--especially with other members of their own species--that I call the eternal Gene Wars, is something that many Whites aren't really aware of, but they should be.  And, the competition we Whites face is primarily with all non-Whites.  Of course, we also compete with other Whites--including in brother wars--but the winners of such all-White competitions among Whites are still White and the most essential part of all of us, our common White DNA code, still wins.  However, in competitions with non-Whites, if we Whites lose, our common White DNA code loses, and all White people lose and are diminished to some degree.

As a result of being unaware of the Gene Wars, some of these unaware Whites engage in bedroom genocide (mate with non-Whites) and take other actions that are causing White birthrates to drop.  This leads to many White family lines losing the competition for survival as members of those White family lines commit their own personal genocide and also the genocide of all of their germ cells (sperm and eggs--now never to be born White) and also the genocide of their ancestors.  All of these anti-life views and actions of unaware Whites lead to the diminishing of the quantity or volume of our collective and sacred common White DNA code that all pure Whites share with each other as the unique people that we are.  When you see fewer White people, you are also seeing less of the White DNA code, and it is this White DNA code that must survive because it is the spark within and the recipe that makes us as we are and which propels us into the future. Our unique DNA code, is us and we are it.

Those Whites who fail to have White children are killing off that part of their DNA code that is  particular and unique to them as individuals and which is theirs alone, and they're also helping kill off their family's common genetic code and the common genetic code of all Whites. It truly can be called suicidal self-genocide.  Many of these Whites aren't consciously evil, even though what they are doing is evil in its effect. Many are simply easily suggestible people who have been deceived.  They are like lemmings, following the herd over the cliff.  Don't be like them. Stay White in all ways. Live White. Breed White. Put Whiteness above all else. Your religion should also put Whiteness above all else. 

Furthermore, many Whites, full of neurotic pathological altruism (and often full of feelings of holier-than-thou superiority) wrongly help non-Whites survive whatever befalls them instead of letting them take care of themselves as fully functioning human beings and/or as their fate and nature determine.  By helping non-Whites survive, Whites are not only helping the competition, they are putting those they help into an inferior position to them.  In this regard, we need to not just focus on the short term harm this does, but also on the long term harm.  In the short term, when Whites rush to, say, Africa to help starving people, this just results in the non-Whites surviving to make more like themselves and this results in even more starving people the next year and the one after that and on and on, and it causes the non-White population to get over crowded in their own lands and thus expand into White lands and it also causes resentment against Whites. 

In the long term, one has to wonder how many Whites have helped non-Whites survive only to have those non-Whites directly kill other Whites, or to have children who have directly killed other Whites, or who have engaged in miscegenation and turned a White family non-White.  The point here is that Whites need to mind our own business and not interfere in the fates of non-Whites.  We need to look out after our own kind and only our own kind and let other kinds look out for themselves.  We must be indifferent to whatever befalls them.  They are not our kind.  We must stop being the neurotic Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers of this planet--thinking it is our responsibility to save everyone and teach everyone and mother and father everyone. This is not our moral responsibility. Our moral responsibility is to let other peoples be other peoples and not interfere.  We must stop butting into what happens in non-White nations and to non-White peoples, and trying to "help" humans unlike us. 

Non-White humans are our main natural competition for the survival of our kind. Their success in surviving harms our success in surviving.  And, non-White humans don't need Whites to be their mommies and daddies; and at some point, most of them resent Whites for butting in.  There is this also: Whites who think it is their responsibility to help all non-Whites are showing thereby that they harbor feelings (consciously or unconsciously) that they are superior. After all, it is not those who are inferior who help those who are superior, it is those who are superior (or who think they are) who help those who are inferior (or who the helpers think are inferior) and can't help themselves.  Stop it White people!  Stop it!  You are not the mommies and daddies of non-White people.  Mind your own business. Stop butting in. Stop trying to help.  Stop feeling smug about how wonderfully helpful you are! Stop it!

However, while we Whites are plagued with our weak-seeds: Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers and those who don't breed or who miscegenate, all is not doom and gloom. 

What we saw in all White nations until the relatively recent invasions of non-Whites en masse was a situation of genetic stagnation. We Whites had become complacent, genetically speaking. Our population was fairly stable and comfortable. There was no change in our environment to cause us to evolve more. We were at peace with ourselves. We were genetic couch potatoes. Our evolution had reached the equilibrium stage and natural selection only usually works in such situations in minor, conservative ways. To use this term again, we were stagnating. We were becoming old. We weren't reproducing as we should.  We were too comfortable. Yes, genetic stagnation was us.  However, now that our environment is being changed by the very presence of peoples unlike us, the equilibrium is upset and  natural selection may be kicking into high gear and becoming less conservative. If we steer ourselves in the right directions we can further our evolution.  Of course, as I mentioned above, we are going to lose many Whites and White families.  But, those of us who survive and breed pure White will evolve higher and  eventually become a different species incapable of bearing viable children with non-Whites.  Those of us Whites who make this evolutionary leap will be the Ubermenschen. A few at first, but more and more as our survival advantages and reproductive successes catapult us to the top of the heap. This I believe.  However, it is not guaranteed.  We must act.  We must breed White.  We must live White.  We must be White.

Now, to be clear, an "environment" doesn't just mean the weather and the plants and such, it also means the other forms of animal life in an area.  With the massive influx of non-whites into White lands, we Whites are being tested by nature (or nature's God if you prefer) to get off our comfortable couches and start fighting again to survive, prevail and dominate. Will we pass the test and not only survive and prevail and become as dominant as we once were?  I think we will, but as I wrote above, it's not guaranteed and it's also not automatic and not all  of us are going to make it.  Try to be one of the ones who makes it.  It's up to you to survive as an individual and as one of us.  We can't do it for you.  We can't make you have White children.  We can't make you BE White.

Remember this, we are the people who have invented most of the modern world.  We are the people who conquered the whole planet.  We are the White people.  It is time we started acting as White people again and with no apologies. It is up to you and to each one of us.  And, it starts with the mind and having the right thoughts and beliefs and ridding ourselves of harmful thoughts and beliefs.

[Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule]. 

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