"Nietzsche got it right, man," said Homeless Jack "but few understand what he was saying."

"I TEACH YOU THE SUPERMAN. Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass man?

All beings hitherto have created something beyond themselves: and ye want to be the ebb of that great tide, and would rather go back to the beast than surpass man?

What is the ape to man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just the same shall man be to the Superman: a laughing-stock, a thing of shame.

Ye have made your way from the worm to man, and much within you is still worm. Once were ye apes, and even yet man is more of an ape than any of the apes.

Even the wisest among you is only a disharmony and hybrid of plant and phantom. But do I bid you become phantoms or plants?

Lo, I teach you the Superman!

The Superman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: The Superman SHALL BE the meaning of the earth!

I conjure you, my brethren, REMAIN TRUE TO THE EARTH, and believe not those who speak unto you of superearthly hopes! Poisoners are they, whether they know it or not.

Despisers of life are they, decaying ones and poisoned ones themselves, of whom the earth is weary: so away with them!

Once blasphemy against God was the greatest blasphemy; but God died, and therewith also those blasphemers. To blaspheme the earth is now the dreadfulest sin, and to rate the heart of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth!" Friedrich Nietzsche from Thus Spake Zarathustra

"Those who believe as I do, man aren't here to perfect humans, but to replace them. We're going to will our specieshood. We don't look at the past and think that what we Whites did in earlier centuries--our art, our music, our philosophies--are necessarily things to hold up as though they are the essence of our Whiteness.  That way lies stagnation.

"No, we look to the future.  We say we're going to will our own evolution, and those of us who do so are going to be the supermen--the new humans--to replace the old, sickly ones, the ones who are now filling old age homes. And, we're especially going to replace childless Whites who intentionally have not had children and we're going to replace Whites who practice miscegenation and who pollute our genetic code.  I'm talking about conscious evolution.  I'm saying we need to start guiding our own evolution instead of just accepting the throw of the dice.

"I say this is completely natural and that we have reached the top of the automatic escalator that took us this far, but now we're on the platform at the top.  There are other automatic escalators nearby, but there are also tools and supplies to build stairs. It's up to us to choose.  So, how do we choose?  We have the Teachings to tell us the way.  And, the way is to choose the stairs, man, because we can build them the way we want in the direction we want and then we can climb them ourselves, one step at a time going in the right direction.

"Like Alexander, we're not going to try to untie the Gordian knot and stand around with our fingers up our butts philosophizing about it like the herd--no, we're going to make our own rules and slash right through that knot, and we're not going to apologize for living and for being a vital, virile people.  We're tired of the wimpy, bloodless Whites who look like us on the outside but who are weak inside.  They are weak seeds, man.  They are pathetic sniveling creeps who lack generative power.  But, don't get me wrong, man, we're not, at least not most of us, boisterous bragging jerks.  Yeah, we are vital and forceful, but we are also intelligent and we are clever and we know how to act under all circumstances without compromising our essential bold Whiteness.

"And, while I'm on this subject, man, what about those Whites in the past who painted or composed music?  Why do some present day weak seed herd Whites take pride in what those past Whites did?  Hell, man, it was just a few individuals who made those paintings and composed that music. And, they were apart for the herd in their days. It wasn't "we." It wasn't "us." It was just a few among us.  I ask of our present Whites "What are YOU doing, right now? What innovations are you making? How have you stepped out of the herd?"  The answer is that most are doing nothing.  They are simply conforming to the herd and puffing themselves up because a few Whites did some things in the past.  And, these same ones now rail against so called modern art, modern this or modern that.  What the friggin' hell, man--did our kind stop evolving in the 19th Century?  Did we stop living?

"Even now, we hear some Whites saying stupid things such as how they've decided to not have children because the world is so screwed up or they can't find a mate who suits them.  Those who say such things are not our kind, man.  They are weak seeds and they are sickly people who are not full of life, but are full of death. Even the young ones who think this way are old and have one foot in grave. Shun them as you should shun all non-Whites.  Tell them to take their sickness  and go ride away on their little girly scooters and become extinct lest they infect some of us with their sickly ways.

"And, here's something else that bugs me, man. What of these other Whites who constantly whine about how "they" or "them" are keeping us down.  Screw that.  Just compete better, man.  When I hear some of our people say such weak things, in my mind I see and hear some sniveling fool who lost a foot race and  who then bleats that it just wasn't fair and that this person would have won but there was competition. "Ohhhh, whiiiiiiiiine, sniff, sniff,  it just isn't fair, I would have won, but there were other runners in the race who ran faster. It's not fair."  Good grief, get a grip. Compete better and stop whining and don't expect others to hobble themselves so you can win, you weak seed, bloodless wimps.

"If you want to evolve with us, then you need to survive, expand, evolve, dominate. 

"And, each of those words could lead to many chapters about what they mean, but the thing to remember always is that nature screams out to every kind of organism: Survive so you can expand your genetic code and in expanding evolve and fill all possible niches with your particular genetic code so that your particular genetic code dominates in those niches and so that it so fills those niches that it continues to expand to try to fill every niche.

"Our purpose in life, man, to put this in slightly different words, is to make many more like ourselves so our particular genetic code is the winner in the eternal struggle to be and to be more.  And, that's also the same purpose of every other organism. And, therein, is the competition. Know it. Love it. Live it. Compete to win by competing better. Nature doesn't give any organism a free ride. Losers go extinct.  Winners don't."


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"Millard is an important writer" New Nation News

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