Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White Aryans as His people to purify and evolve ever higher towards Him by following His instructions to us and by purifying our genes, our minds and our bodies. Those among us who follow His simple but Holy instructions are beloved of God-As-He-Truly-Is and He shall help them on the upward path so long as they remain true to Him.

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White people for the sacred task of purifying the world, perfecting themselves, evolving ever higher along a strictly White line to be better to serve Him and carry out His plan.

The Teacher said, "Don't be missing from the next generation." By this, he meant have as many children as possible in your short lifetime. Your children take you into the next generation, and if they follow the Teachings and mate correctly, you will go into the generation after that one and on and on. This is not an egoistic matter, because a true believer understands that he or she is the Code (which we call Code A) that is found in our DNA, and it is our Code that must move forward. We know the Code moves forward when we have children in our image. The more our children look like us, especially in the major characteristics, the more of the Code that we carry, moves forward. The less our children look like us, the less of the Code that we carry moves forward. Generally, you can trust your eyes. The king of your senses is sight. Believe it, unless you have absolute evidence that your eyes are deceived. To have children of our kind requires that the children be the product of both a White mother and a White father so that the child has the full complement of 46 White chromosomes.
The Teacher said that nature is on a sort of auto pilot. It just keeps doing what it's doing as part of cosmic evolution. Some life form or forms will move higher and higher. It doesn't matter to nature which one or ones do so or which ones fall off the path. Nature just keeps tinkering endlessly and tirelessly. It is up to us as beings who are conscious of the Teachings, to ensure that we are the ones who move up. And,we have the right genes to do this. Now, we must acquire the right beliefs and the right actions that follow from them to make it a reality. That's what the Teachings teach. We want to move higher. We want to be closer to nature and to have ever higher consciousness and oneness with the First Cause, but we also want to be the separate organisms that we are as we move higher. In other words, our merging with the ultimate does not mean a dissolution of self for us, it means that we move to higher consciousness as our physical bodies evolve into a new species of human.
The Teacher said: The record of our coming is under the ice.
The Teacher said there must be a sea change in our thinking. What is important is what is underneath all of existence. Existence is built from what is underneath and if we are to understand existence we must go below to where it begins. This is true of so called non-living things, and living organisms as well.

And, in the latter category, when we speak of humans and the way they are, we cannot really understand unless we start with DNA, but to understand DNA we must go even lower. It is this underneath, this below, this behind all, that we must understand, for there do we find God, and there do we find the reason and purpose for all existence.

It is impossible to truly understand our philosophy, our religious views, our world views unless you scratch the surface very, very deep. Then you will start to understand how everything on the surface relates and is made manifest. When you get to that basic and essential level you see the patterns, the field, the interconnectedness, the flow. And you see creation. With that level of understanding you can then understand why humans are as they are and you'll understand all of what humans have ever done or will do. You will understand their societies, their politics and their cultures. Go below subatomic waves and particles to the level of ever turning, ever spinning, ever spiraling energies, forces and vibrations for this is the foundation of all of existence.
The Teacher said that it is a duty of all who want to follow the path to fight against evil wherever and whenever it is found and to bring in the good. Dispel the dark and bring in the light. What is of the light is good; what is of the dark is evil, for the First Cause was the bringer of the light that devours the dark. What exists on the cosmic scale and the subatomic scale also exists on our scale and it is that which is unseen that is behind and below all and which maintains all through the spinning that was started with the breath of God.
The Teacher said that if he had to try to explain our beliefs in just a few words to someone who didn't have much of a background in the things that we teach and who was not religious by nature, he might reply that we believe in Cosmic Evolution, by which we mean that we accept the idea that everything started as a single point and expanded from that point, and that this process is reflected in everything in the universe including the rise of living organisms which we believe started as a single point of DNA and expanded.
The Teacher said that if there were no God, we would have to invent him because He is the ender of all arguments and the final answer to the unanswerable question: "Why?" Furthermore, we believe that human psychology is helped with such a belief. So, is God real? As real as anything else.
The Teacher was asked about the purpose of life. He answered: The purpose of all life is to survive to make more like itself. When life reaches a level of consciousness to be able to think about this and to ask such questions, then it also reaches another purpose which is to guide its own evolution so that it may move ever higher. But, beneath all is that first and most basic purpose to make more like itself. But, there's more to this first purpose. Living organisms, including us, are supposed to make more like ourselves in such a great quantity that we are ensured of surviving in as many of our offspring as possible to move forward. The offspring thus created must, in turn, make as many more just like us as possible. Arrogant humans often override this basic purpose and this is a sinful and foolish thing for humans know little about the trajectory of the Earth and existence from the past to the future. We have been given hints of the past and the future, but we believe this is only so that we will breed to our absolute maximum to weather what is to come in the time we call the Bottleneck or the clean sweep. But you wonder if there is a purpose that makes our short lives feel fulfilled, in addition to the first purpose. Such a secondary purpose is one that we humans must invent for ourselves.
A seeker said to the Teacher: Those who believe as we do would be better liked by more people if we didn't have prohibitions against miscegenation, mixing, blending, homosexuality, birth control, abortions and if we believed all humans are the same under their skin. The Teacher replied: We are not here to be liked or to be loved by others. We do what God demands of us. And, the reasons for the demands are plain to see. All of those things you mentioned either hold down our numbers or they cause us to not breed true to our kind or are simply false. It is told to us that we must never compromise any of those prohibitions and that they shall stand for all time and we must believe correct things, not humanistic lies. We are a sub-species on our way to becoming a full fledged species, but to arrive there, which is also to move higher,we must be reproductively and geographically isolated to avoid any gene flow from the others. This is difficult to do in the modern world and it is therefore acceptable to live among the others, so long as one allows no gene flow and does not break the other prohibitions and follows God's law as revealed to us.
A seeker asked how we shall know other believers. The Teacher replied that we shall know each other by our appearance and by the symbols exhibited. The symbols may be directly on the skin or on rings, bracelets, or around the neck. The important thing is that the correct symbols must actually be next to the skin.

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