Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2024

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White Aryans as His people to purify and evolve ever higher towards Him by following His instructions to us and by purifying our genes, our minds and our bodies. Those among us who follow His simple but Holy instructions are beloved of God-As-He-Truly-Is and He shall help them on the upward path so long as they remain true to Him.

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White people for the sacred task of purifying the world, perfecting themselves, evolving ever higher along a strictly White line to be better to serve Him and carry out His plan.

1. The Teacher said: What if there really is a God, and what if He really is the ender of all arguments and what if He really does want us to follow His commands and what if we refuse to do so or come up with all sorts of parsing of His commands to slip and slide away from doing what He plainly wants? Well, will we reach a time when He gets so angry that we won't follow His commands that He just destroys most of mankind?

We say there is a God. We often call Him the First Cause or God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI for short). We also say that we must follow His commands that are given to us alone of all humans as they are given to us. We must follow these commands because we have reached a stage of evolution that requires it of us. No others have reached this stage because we alone have the physical characteristics that indicate this stage. We are a branching off in a different direction from the rest of humanity and this puts special burdens upon us alone. The commands that God has given us, are for us alone and we are to be indifferent to other humans who are not our kind unless they have the potential to harm us, and in that case they must not be allowed to harm a single hair on a single head of one of us. They must be prevented from harming us before they do so, and if they do so, they must face God's punishment delivered through those who are so called. For us, miscegenation is one of the greatest sins. And, it is ranked with anything that causes us to not produce our own kind in the greatest numbers possible. When we expand our kind, we expand our DNA code and it is in our DNA code that we find God indwelling and we find the link there that no others have. This is not something that can be acquired or learned or taught. It is something that we have as a result of being born as who and what we are.Homosexuality, birth control, abortions, miscegenation, family planning, celibacy, are all forbidden us. Holy are those among us who bear the greatest number of children during their lifetimes even if they are the poorest in material things and even if they need welfare and other help, for they have followed God's command to expand always, contract never. Evil are those who produce children with those who are not our kind, for they shall be punished by God for their miscegenation and they shall burn.

2. The Teacher said that we are not here to save humanity, but to replace it with a higher us. The new humans will be born from us alone. They will be our children and will look like us but be a better and newer version with fewer of our weak points. Just as automobile companies improve their models with each new year, so too will we improve our models of our kind.

3. The Teacher said that most other religions don't have the keys, because they eschew the physical and try to reach God with no regard to the physical. We have the keys because we know that we can only reach God through our evolution via our DNA.

4. The Teacher said that we seek to use the elemental forces of evolution as we seek our evolutionary divergence from other kinds of humans.

5. The Teacher said that some wonder how one becomes one of us. The answer is that one must have right blood, right belief and right action. One must live like us and have as many children in our image as possible. Every child is worth a million prayers.

6. The Teacher said that many of our kind of human will face genocide both by direct violence against them and also by bedroom genocide. It is difficult to know which is the most harmful form of genocide against our people. Direct genocide will kill many, but many will still live and be pure. Bedroom genocide inserts alien genes into our DNA code like an infection where they can be spread as those carrying these alien genes mate with other pure ones among us. In time, these alien genes many completely wipe us out.All gene transfer must be opposed. Do not miscegenate. Shun those who do. Banish the miscegenationists if you can. Do not allow these evil ones among you. Do not be deceived by smiles and by seemingly friendly and nice people. If they have miscegenated, they carry death within them for our kind.

Heavenly Spiral The Teacher said do not be confused by what we mean by the DNA code. It is simply the recipe that makes you who and what you are. And, by marrying those like you, you pass on that recipe. If, however, you practice evil and miscegenate, then you destroy the recipe and all your ancestors leading to you. Keep the recipe as pure as possible and try to make it even more pure by your actions in your life. Having as many children who are better than you, helps make the recipe better.

8. The Teacher said be self-reliant in all things. Know who and what you are and know who is like you and who is not like you and the first sign is skin color for none but White ones are like you and this is eternal. Be honest with yourself about yourself and stand always alone and as an individual not leaning on others nor seeking their acceptance. Do not be swayed by praise or by insults but know that you are right when you follow the Teachings. When you can stand as an individual and not apologize for who and what you are and not feel that you must justify your beliefs to others, then others like you will be drawn to you and they too will stand as individuals. Individuals all, but joined together in common cause for the First Cause and for Code A for all time. The weak seeds will not join you. This is good. Do not seek numbers to join you if those numbers are weak.

9. The Teacher said to not be foolishly brave. There is no honor in dying young. There is honor only in birthing as many children like you as possible and living a long life to do this. Graveyards are full of forgotten "heroes" who were foolish and who died for false reasons and false causes. Do not seek trouble; indeed avoid trouble. Walk away from trouble. That is real bravery.

10. The Teacher said that we seek the one above man--the superman, the overman--the next step up who shall be born from us and be our child and who shall be the one who shall replace the old. We see him and he is bold and decisive. His instincts are focused and he knows without ever having to hear it that he must have no compassion for anyone or anything that might pose a threat to him and the new ones born from him. Do not fear him, those of you who are righteous and who follow this path. He means you no harm and shall not harm you. He looks upon you as his parents and grandparents. You are the older model, he is the newer one.

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