Divinely Inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely Inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

The Swastika (aka fylfot) in its various forms is our holiest religious symbol. The four armed version is particularly holy but other forms are also holy for they all represent God-As-He-Truly-Is as seen in the ever turning, circling, spinning, spiraling forces that create, maintain and destroy all of existence and for this reason we also often use versions of spirals and images of spiral galaxies.

Our Swastika always has arms trailing around a spinning center even if in some designs the center is simply the point of intersection of the arms while in some other versions there is a definite circle or hub at the center. In our currently preferred version, the arms are somewhat rounded rather than completely square in keeping with the circling, spiraling appearance of spiral galaxies and the natural "roundness" of existence.

True believers should always have an image of a Swastika on or with them at all times. It may be a tattoo or be a temporary design drawn with plain ink on the skin or it could be a brand or on a pendant or ring or in the shape of a coin with a raised swastika to be rubbed by a finger or even on just a piece of cloth or paper in one's pocket. purse or wallet. It can be small and discrete, but it should be where the believer can access it and view it from time to time as the viewing of it is a holy act and a silent prayer. The closer it is to skin the better. It can be where no others can see it or it can be where others can see it. This is up to each true believer.


Haters of Whites hate even the mention of Hitler and various others who are saints to true believers. And, they try to erase all memories of them.

It is difficult in our age when darkness and evil seem to reign supreme to even find a book about Hitler or the German National Socialists of their era that is academically sound.

Most will be filled with smears, including the childish use of many opinionated negative adjectives that show these books are not objective and are just propaganda. For example, in these books you will often read things like this: "Hitler's evil plan," instead of just a factual statement such as "Hitler's plan."

The reality is that Hitler and the National Socialists were trying to improve mankind and help our evolution by encouraging the births of the best Whites possible. That is why he and they are hated.

Non-Whites hate Whites instinctively as a natural part of the eternal gene wars that are essential for evolution to work right, but so long as they do not harm us this is actually a good thing as they will be less likely to want to mix and mate with us and this will help us evolve along a strictly White path ever hi

Hitler's Birthday, April 20, is a holy day for us.


We do not exist to please other people or to hew to their wishes, and we especially don't follow the wishes of White haters even if they try to disguise this hate by saying they are against Nazis or fascists or White Supremacists of White Nationalists or White racists.

What they really mean is that they hate any Whites who assert their most essential identity, the one they were born with, their Whiteness. And, they hate all expressions of Whiteness.

And, they especially hate those Whites who follow White religious beliefs and who understand what Hitler and many others were really all about and how they were trying to save Whites from genocide and to help us improve our kind.

They're mostly okay with those Whites who are self-haters and who miscegenate and who otherwise do and say things to harm Whites and White interests.

We are not the servants or slaves of any non-Whites or even of Whites who are self-haters and they are not our masters.

We are free individuals and a cohesive free White people. We have our own ways born of our DNA code that makes us the White people of this planet. We ourselves alone will decide about what is right for us to think, speak, believe and do. Outsiders--that means anyone who isn't White--should mind their own business as we mind our own business.

We do not want to rule over them, that is a childish propagandistic trope. We want complete racial separation.

Some of us believe that our White religious laws come from God-As-He-Truly-Is and that they take precedence over man made laws. We will be as we wish to be without any outside pressure. Our religious laws are in tune with the natural laws of existence and physics. Our laws about how we are to behave towards all others and how we view the world are ethical and moral and are about major things. Our religious laws do not dwell on many of the types of minor laws made by man to regulate society and behavior.


Racial Socialism is just a belief that Whites should try to do what is best for Whites as a collective. It also means that we should do what is right for the preservation, purity, population increase and evolution of the White genome which is inside each White.

What is right for White interests is right. It is how Whites working together for a common White goal get things done. It puts the interests of collective Whiteness and the White Genome ahead of individuals. All Whites work for a common goal as Whites and for Whites.

Those who understand this ask of everything: "Is this good for Whites?" And, then act accordingly.


Don't expect white multitudes to become true believers in Whiteness over all. It is up to you all by yourself and all alone if necessary to believe and follow the three important principles: RIGHT BLOOD, RIGHT BELIEF, RIGHT ACTION.

Evolution is a distillation process that takes lots of basic material to distill out the best and the best is always a very small amount.
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The lefties at the OC WEEKLY said Millard is one of OC's most frightening people.

"Millard is an important writer" New Nation News

"Millard is an original. His books aren't like your typical fiction.
If you don't know where to put his books, try the same shelf with Kerouac,
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"I consider H. Millard one of the most brilliant writers and analysts
in the European American civil rights movement.
" - David Duke

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