by H. Millard (c) 2021

"Step into my parlor," said the White Spider to the Black Fly. "I mean you no harm," said the White Spider. "In fact, I love you as I love all Black Flies. And, I want to apologize to you for the racist actions of my fellow White Spiders. I am ashamed to be a White Spider and I want to give you reparations to make up for the evil caused by racist White Spiders. In fact, I'd like to marry your daughter to prove that I don't have a racist bone in me."

The Black Fly was taken by the honesty of the White Spider and agreed that it would be fine for his lovely Black Fly daughter to marry the White Spider.

After some time, a child came of the Black Fly daughter and White Spider union. And, although the Black Fly father who was now a grandfather loved his grandchild, he couldn't help but notice that he looked a little more like the White Spider than himself and his Black Fly daughter and was much more white in color and had various other features that were much more White Spider-like than Black Fly-like. This confused the Black Fly grandfather because he had always heard that Black Fly characteristics were dominant and White Spider characteristics were recessive.

More time passed and the grandchild grew up and he married a White Spider and had a child. Now the Black Fly grandfather was a great great Grandfather but he became dismayed that his great great grandchild looked nothing like himself or any other Black Flies and looked completely like a White Spider.

"What is going on," he wondered? Then someone whispered to him that the so called non-racist White Spiders who were marrying the Black Flies all over the place were unknowingly using Black Fly genetic material to produce new White Spiders and wipe out all Black Flies.

They didn't really mean to be doing that and despite the belief that some Black Fly genes were dominant and would override some White Spider recessive genes God had intervened with Divine selection and had created the White genome to be a conquering genome such that it would work two ways.

The first way the Conquering White genome worked was if the White Spiders stayed only with other White Spiders they would evolve very quickly into a super White Spider, an Uber White Spider, with greater intelligence, consciousness and other qualities and would eventually not be able to bear children with Black Flies at all.

And, the second way that the Conquering White genome worked was that those White Spiders who thought they were not racists and who miscegenated with Black Flies were also doing the work of the Conquering White genome by using less of their own bodily resources to produce more White Spiders and even though those White Spiders, thus produced, would have some of the genetic material of the Black Flies, sometimes for many generations, it would eventually be bred out of them and there would be no more Black Flies but many more White Spiders and then these mixed race White Spiders would continue to purify with each new genetically watered down White Spider birth and evolve along a White path just as the other White Spiders, who were already purer, were also evolving.

Either way, the White Spider Genome would conquer and triumph and would eventually replace all Black Flies.

And, this is the way God had planned it. Manifest Destiny of the White Spiders to conquer the world, not initially or exclusively by conquering land (that was the old fashioned way of conquering) but by conquering different genomes and absorbing them until they could be bred out of the bodies of the White Spiders and then secondarily the White Spiders would also have all the land, simply because they were the only kind who had the genomes to be able to do so as other competing genomes such as possessed by the Black Flies were now gone.

It was the White Genome that God had selected to be the replacement for other genomes and it was thus White Genetic Manifest Destiny that the White Spider genome would spread and conquer and replace other genetically competing kinds.

God works in subtle and mysterious ways while engineering and influencing events and organisms as He wants and He doesn't mind waiting for millions of years to get the results He wants, for millions of years are but an eye blink to God.

Have faith in God and His plan for the White genome.

Sometimes, fiction isn't really fiction at all and this isn't really about White Spiders and Black Flies, but you know that, don't you?

Remember, ask of everything: Is this good for White people? And, also remember, Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action as you go about your daily lives harming no one and being a good neighbor to all, but always keeping your genetic safe distance and separation.

You who have the White genome are God's plan in flesh and blood. Now, go and live right and evolve.


A little ditty sung by the White Spiders down in the genetic laundry room:

We're going to bleach those genes

And make them White

We're going to bleach those brains

And make them Bright

The generations come

And the generations go

Evolution works

But it's sometimes slow

And, that's how it works alright

Once you were Black

But now you're White


NOTE: This was going to be written using a White Swan and a Black Swan as examples, but the fact is that the color of swans is just superficial, unlike the different colors of humans which really is a sign of humans being not really just of different races but in reality being of a different species (notwithstanding the fact that different species of humans can interbreed as is the case of some other species found in nature) or at least, in some cases, of being of a different sub-species.
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