By Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021

The core message, that I first received during the pillar of light and Angelic sounding chorus experience that I have told about before, and subsequent events, messages and experiences, has been the same all these years but I've told it in many ways and speculated on it [as have others] as more messages have been received and as my knowledge and understanding have increased with age and experience.

The core message for us is this: Stay White in all ways and expand Whiteness and worship God as He truly is. God has created and selected White people to be the next great evolutionary step for mankind such that Whites have the potential, and it is their highest possible destiny, to become a new species but Whites have to live always as a separate people and not mix or breed with other races, and must breed to their maximum but only with other Whites, and must, in addition to being born of two White parents who are also born of White parents, have the right beliefs and the right actions, to make it so.

This is often stated as Right Blood (born White); Right Belief (in God,His Messages,and The Teachings); Right Action (separateness and Whiteness and breeding to our fullest but only with our fellow Whites and in living a good and just life and harming no one who means us no harm and minding our own business and practicing the Golden Rule).

It is also often stated, in part, as Our Way for Ourselves Alone. We are living breathing flesh and blood prayers to God when we follow his way for us.

How has God created Whites and caused their evolution? By intervening in history and influencing, guiding, engineering events, people and DNA, most often in subtle and unseen or unrecognized ways, so that Whites would emerge from earlier kinds and so we continue to evolve today.

Whites have strayed from the path set for us by God and this is where we are today...a people that needs correction to be in tune with God and His plan.

Other faith traditions have some partial inklings of God intervening. Take the story of Adam and Eve as just one example. They weren't the first humans as you may have been taught. There were already many darker peoples in existence. Adam and Eve represent the first truly White people. They may or may not have been two people as in the fictional account or they may have been fictional representatives of a group of White people.

The Garden of Eden? It was an all-White area where Whites were to be safe from miscegenation and other evils and where they could breed true, remain pure and evolve.

Original sin? It was Adam and/or Eve or both of them or Whites in general who mixed and mated with some of the already existing darker humans and thus incorporating some of their darker DNA into the White genome and causing a slowing down or halting of the evolution of Whites into the new species as God demanded.

Baptism? Dunking in water won't remove this real original sin which is miscegenation by Whites, but following the path God has laid out for us, as indicated in the Core Message, and its logical and just permutations, will eventually breed out the original sin, and our evolution as God wants will continue. And, it is possible that saltation will take place and there will be a new "Adam and Eve" couple who will be the progenitors of the new species. Only God knows the details.

God Himself? We believe that God has always existed in the ground of being--the primordial somethingness--but that He was not always conscious of Himself and that when He became conscious of himself He realized that he was everywhere in somethingness and nature and in existence itself and then with his consciousness, intelligence and power He created the type of existence we think of as existence. We do not have words to fully explain this and it is beyond our comprehension to do so.

As for me, I believe that the pillar of light experience with the chorus that started me receiving messages (that in earlier days would have been described as a visit from Angels or messengers of God), and which today sounds as though it might be a UFO experience, was ultimately from God maybe working through others in the clouds on that day or maybe directly from God, but in any case it was a very real and a life changing event and I emphasize even if it was delivered to me by some entity or entities other than God Himself that they were used by God to give me the messages whether they knew it or not and the messages are religious in nature and inform my religious views and my deeply and sincerely held beliefs and are not subject to the whims of others or governments and they are never to be changed or minimized or made acceptable to people who may not like them. They are from God. Period.

God has told us that White are His selected kind and that we are the adapting, mutating and evolving ones par excellence. Want evidence of that? Look around you at other Whites. No other race has the diversity that we have. We have black hair, light brown hair, dark brown hair, red hair, straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, coarse hair, fine hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, very pale white skin, olive white skin, slightly tanned looking white skin and on and on and on. We are the most diverse people on this planet and this is because we are constantly adapting, mutating and evolving to create the Ubermensch--the new species from out of us.
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