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Bigots and haters never change, they just change their targets.
Judging from comments posted on newspaper blogs following articles about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (fundamentalist Mormons), who practice polygamy as part of their religion, one must conclude that many of  those who hated homosexuals have now accepted them as "natural" and have switched to hating polygamists as "unnatural." 
From this, we might divine that haters and bigots are not only cowards, but that they also have low IQ's and are easily manipulated to love or hate whatever the establishment of any time and place wants them to love or hate.
Not only is this new found acceptance of homosexual marriage and hatred of polygamous marriage topsy-turvey, it's also anti-nature. And, if it's anti-nature, it's anti-God (if one wishes to posit a God).
To understand why, one has to understand that there are natural laws of existence that take precedence over all man made laws.  Natural laws are natural, because they just are, while man made laws often change to be trendy, just as do many religions and churches that claim to worship God, but which really worship man.
One such natural law--it may be a primary natural law--is to expand whatever it is that you are. It matters not whether you are a cockroach or a man or an entire universe.  The law of expansion says that you must make more like yourself or you will die off.
The reason that this may be a primary natural law is that in a cosmic sense, we can say that this law was first seen at the moment of the creation of our universe with the Big Bang. That event, in which a relatively small "point"  began expanding and creating everything in existence, set the pattern for all existence. This principle of a single point expanding, is found throughout nature and throughout all life.
What expands, lives.  What contracts, dies.
As already mentioned, you can insert some concept of God in this, or you can leave any such concept out. It makes no difference.  Nature is nature.  It is what it is and it does what it does naturally. Water doesn't have to think about running down hill, or  have a written law about this, it just does it. Fire doesn't have to think about being hot, or have a written law telling it to be hot, it just is that way.
If you can observe and fully understand the true laws of nature, you'll understand a proper course to take in your life. The difficulty is in fully understanding these true laws that are all around us.
What you'll observe in nature--if you really understand--is that this principle of expansion is also the primary purpose of life--all life--including human life.
We are born to breed and we live to make more like ourselves. This is how we expand. If we do not do this, we have no primary purpose in living.
Homosexual marriage promotes contraction, not expansion. It is, therefore, not natural. But, even apart from homosexual marriage, anything that promotes contraction contravenes the primary purpose.
Polygamous marriage on the other hand--at least as practiced by the FLDS today--promotes expansion, not contraction. It is therefore in accord with the natural law of expansion.
But, the haters and bigots are persecuting FLDS members and trying to wipe them out.  In addition to the hatred of polygamy, the other hatred they have for the FLDS is something that is not often reported, but which may be the true source of their hatred and bigotry: the FLDS members are all White and also follow Joseph Smith's teachings in this regard. They are wonderfully undiverse.
And, as to the last point above, it should not be forgotten that the excuse for the state of Texas to barge in and forcefully take all 439 FLDS children away from their parents at the FLDS's Texas property was because a Black woman allegedly claimed in a series of telephone calls to authorities that she was an underage White FLDS girl who was being sexually abused.  Of course, this was all a bunch of crap and all the FLDS children have now been returned to their relatives.
So far, the FLDS members are staying true to their beliefs and have not jumped on the blending bandwagon and are staying out of the genocidal melting pot.
Hopefully, they'll stay true to their beliefs--no matter the persecution--and won't change a single belief to be a religion of man and to be acceptable to genocidal evildoers.
While many of us may not accept the FLDS faith as our own, and while many, if not all, FLDS members may not accept our views as expounded in this column, we might still agree that some of their important beliefs--when stripped of surplusage--do agree with some of our important beliefs even if the supposed source and exposition of their beliefs is different than our own.
And, just how might some of us who are not FLDS, and who do not accept that faith as our own, state one of our important religious beliefs?  This way: Expand always, contract never. 
But what does this really mean in the context of this column?  It means this:  Have as many children in your image as possible.  Need a further explanation? Okay. This means combine 23 White female chromosomes with 23 White male chromosomes to produce as many White children who have the full complement of 46 White chromosomes as possible during your lifetime. And, whatever forms of marriage--or types of relationships, including having children while not married, or practicing polygamy--accomplishes this, is nature's way for our expansion.  
Remember, because most White characteristics are recessive, it takes two Whites--a White male and a White female--to produce a new White child.
To put this in other terms:  Have as many children who look like you as possible, and you--the essential part of you; your genotype and phenotype--will survive.  Have no children or too few children who may not survive to have their own children or have children who practice miscegenation and you will not survive.
Fecundity wins; sterility loses. It is nature's way.

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