Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

Always do good and harm no one. This is a basic law for our kind. God-As-He-Truly-Is (God for short) is ineffable. Perhaps we should stop right there because ineffable means something that can't be described.

About as far as we can go with some level of certainty is to modernize the old belief that God is "Spirit" (a very vague term) and say with our more modern understanding of nature and physics and even electronic devices such as radios, televisions and computers give us examples of how God really can exist in the subatomic realm. This is to say that He is probably made of subatomic particles waves, rays, energies and forces in some manner that we may never understand. So, maybe, "Spirit" is a reasonable synonym for what can't really be described. It is certainly easier to say than all the adjectives about waves, rays, etc.

We must understand that the basis of our faith doesn't come from trying to be intellectual about God-As-He-Truly-Is but, instead, comes from revelations and inspiration received by Arman who started receiving these messages as a young teen after he had a strange experience with an odd low cloud, a sudden hole in the cloud and a beam of light that came through and which was accompanied by what sounded like a vast chorus singing or chanting in words that Arman did not understand.

Arman believes that something was either opened up in his DNA and/or brain or was "downloaded" or changed in some way so that he began receiving messages or inspirational revelations and thoughts, that Arman believes ultimately come from God but perhaps are passed on through other beings before being received.

In other words, we believe in God and how He wants us to live. Period. Nothing else needs to be said (but, of course, we will say more because that's how our minds work).

Arman says his initial experience sounds like a UFO event, but he also says he never saw anything but the cloud and the beam of light and he heard nothing but the singing or chanting. Arman also says that if it was a UFO of some kind then he believes that who ever was in it or sent it ultimately did so because God-As-He-Truly-Is told them or influenced them in some way to do so. Since that event, Arman has received spiritual or religious messages different from what is preached in other religions. The messages are for Whites only and strongly condemn Whites mixing or mating with any non-Whites and have commands that Whites are to try to have as many truly White children as possible.

They also tell us to help other Whites and to see all Whites as part of one large family. However, those Whites who break God's most important command to us: to never mix or mate with non-Whites, are are to be shunned and avoided. It can be done politely, but it is to be done. God says that they will be punished for corrupting their White genetic code that is owned by God and is only lent to us to protect, preserve, improve, multiply and evolve along a strictly White path by mixing and mating only with our fellow Whites.

Arman has been inspired to put the commands and messages into three categories, Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. Right Blood is your genome and genes and your DNA. You must be born this way. You can not get Right Blood by belief or any other way. It is as one with you as your White skin and other White features both external and internal are one with you. Right Belief is believing the messages about Whiteness and other parts of the messages. Right Action is doing the right things and living as God wants us to live. This means, in brief, being a good person, never harming yourself or others, minding your own business, helping other Whites live the right way, teaching other Whites the right things, praying to God for guidance, trusting in God.

God is much more concerned that we do what he wants us to do than how we conceive of him. Right Belief leads to right doing (Right Actions) and this is important because it helps with right living. Notwithstanding the fact that God-As-He-Truly-Is is ineffable, humans often do try to describe their idea of God in various ways, often by His supposed attributes. In our day it is common to hear someone say or write that God is Love and some say that God is nature and nature is God. Some otherwise racially awakened Whites hold that there is no God. Some others hold that nature is what is Divine and that it has no intelligence or will or other aspects that we as humans have and is just the way things are.

Arman disagrees. He says that God-As-He-Truly-Is has no body as we know bodies, but has a personality and that He exists in the subatomic level of existence and that He is a living being albeit the Supreme Being and has intelligence, likes, dislikes, hates, loves and purpose.

Whether or not God is also subject to all the laws of nature or is part of them, or is nature, we don't really know. But, because there is evil in the world and sometimes the evil overcomes the good we can speculate that God is not exactly all powerful otherwise there would be no evil and, if there were, evil would never win the tiniest battle.

One, of many ways of thinking about God is as the God Field and that He is everywhere. It underlies all of existence. It creates. It maintains. It destroys. It Spins, turns, circles, rotates, cycles, and spirals. It is alive. It is sentient. It is in and below the subatomic realm of existence. It is God-As-He-Truly-Is.

Arman usually refers to the God Field as God, the Divine, the Supreme Being, the First Cause or by various other names or as God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI or simply God for short).

The reason that Arman uses many different terms to describe God is to hopefully convey some of the true nature of God-As-He-Truly-Is and wash out some of the ideas of God that are false but which have been and are being used in various other religious concepts and religions, some of which are harmful to Whites and may help with our genocide and eventual extinction.

Arman says that God-As-He-Truly-Is does not have a human body. He is not male but has the male principle but also the female principle, not in the sexual sense, but in the sense that He creates by actively causing something to happen or come into being or be maintained or destroyed from or within the passive aspects of all that He encompasses.

Perhaps the term the God Field, if understood correctly, can help us understand a little as we are a scientifically minded people.

God underlies and intertwines through all of existence. Where something is, He is. We see Him in the eternal spiraling, twisting, turning of everything. We see Him as swastikas, fylfots of various and sundry types. We see him in spiraling galaxies and in cyclones and storms and in water draining from our kitchen sinks. That is the only we we can see Him/It.

An analogy that might help some of us think about Him is a cyclone. What is a cyclone? It is a spiraling, swastika like force (the male principle) and it is acting in and on air that is all around us but which is passive (the female principle) unless a force is presented.

But, He is more than just an invisible force of nature. He is sentient. He has a mind, a will, a personality, likes and dislikes, hates and loves. He cares about White people...a lot. He has selected us for His special purposes and they require that we evolve along a strictly White line with no mating with any non-Whites who are ALL earlier models of humans who will eventually die out and be replaced by us.

Yes, we Whites are the new kids on the block. We are the newest form of human. We have evolved out of earlier forms and we carry genetic material from them, simply because that is the way evolution works. Evolution doesn't reinvent the wheel, it just constantly tinkers and improves the wheel via trial and error, mistakes and correcting those mistakes.

It would defeat God's own purposes in evolving us if He had to constantly babysit us and help us do what we must do ourselves. If we are too dependent on Him, then we show thereby that we are not evolving as God wants, so He teaches us to do the right things and not do the bad things by messages that He sends to those he has picked to put those messages into words that we can understand.

One of those He has picked to spread His messages in our day is Arman. There were others in the past but in our time we need things that God-As-He-Truly-Is wants expressed in our ways with our words to fully understand them and Arman does that.
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