Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

Our Sacred White DNA Code which is in almost every cell of our bodies including in our Sacred White sperm and Sacred White eggs is given to us by God to preserve, protect, and propagate but only with Whites.

Our Sacred White DNA Code is desecrated through the sacrilege of mixing our Sacred White Sperm or Sacred White eggs with non-White sperm or non-White eggs as such mixing cannot produce White children but only children who have half of their DNA material from a non-White no matter what they look like.

God's plan is for our Sacred White sperm and Sacred White eggs to stay White and only be used to produce White children. Some upon reading this might then falsely argue "If that is true, then how come we can mate with non-Whites and produce children, wouldn't God have made that impossible?" That specious argument would be like saying "If God didn't want us to kill, then why can we kill?"

The answer in both cases is simple. God works with basic processes and things and He has given us the ability to choose what He wants, which is always good, or stray and choose evil which is the opposite of what God wants. We must choose. We must be smart enough to think things through to do what God wants, which is always good.

The Great Evil of our times wants Whites to commit suicidal genocide on ourselves by mixing and mating with non-Whites. This evil genocidal plan has various elements:

1. The Great Evil wants to stop our free speech and free expression rights so we can't name the evil-doers and then join with other Whites.

2. The Great Evil wants to stop us from using our religious symbols and wants them to be labeled as hate and racist.

3. The Great Evil wants to trick us into mating with non-Whites and is using all means including advertising and movies and much more to brainwash us into thinking such evil mating is normal and good when, in fact, it is doing evil and disobeying God's commands to us.

4. The Great Evil wants us to hate White people and symbols that are good for Whites but which are hated by some non-Whites. For example, Hitler was one of the greatest pro-Whites and wanted all the best for Whites but the Great Evil wants us to share their hatred of him. This we must not do.

TO BE A TRUE BELIEVER--The minimum requirements

You must have: Right Blood (means be born or two White parents); Right Belief (means believe in God-As-He-Truly-Is's laws); Right Action (this is more important than Right Belief and means you must live God-As-He-Truly-Is's laws for our kind and stay White in all ways, always.


Our religious symbols are representations of swastikas fylfots, spirals, strands of DNA. We must have them with and near us as reminders of our faith. However, religious beliefs can be private and secret. Your religious beliefs are no ones business unless you tell them and you can even pretend to believe in other religions while secretly keeping your true religious beliefs private so you can avoid persecution or harm of any kind by haters of Whites and haters of God-As-He-Truly-Is. God does not want damaged, or dead martyrs. He wants Whites to live long and happy and peaceful lives, separate from all other kinds. Each of us can and must do what is right for us considering our safety, happiness and living conditions.


GENERAL ANSWER: Be White in all ways, always. Never intentionally mix with and never mate with non-Whites. Ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?" Try to have as many White children as your body can provide--this is important because what is most essential in each of us is our Sacred White DNA Code, and the way we protect, preserve and propagate it is to make more of it by having as many White children as we can. This not only expands our personal genotype and phenotype but also our general genome and at the same time it expands the contact with God that these provide.

1. Have a swastika, fylfot or spiral with you at all times. It could be a hidden or visible tattoo or a pendant or ring or coin or even just a piece of paper in a wallet, purse or pocket.

2. Have a small alter with photos of Hitler, Darwin, Nietzsche and others who are important to us. (They are saints to us).

3. Pray a short prayer each morning and night. It could be as simple as this: "Thank you Lord for giving me this day to do your work."

4. Read and study and understand the Teachings that are on line or elsewhere and study the real faith behind the National Socialists in 1930'3-40's Germany.

5. Ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?" Then act accordingly.

6. Try to have as many White children and never any White children as your body can supply.

7. Focus on God-As-He-Truly-Is. The swastika, fylfots or spirals in your possession and your small alter (could be in a box or on a shelf) should help with the focus.

8. Know with every fiber of your being that God-As-He-Truly-Is has selected you as a White and because you are White as His special people

10. Work either openly or behind the scenes to promote Whiteness in every way possible.

11. Try to stay separate from all non-Whites as much as you can and never willingly or intentionally mix with them and never under any circumstances be romantically involved with them and never ever mate or have children with them, Such miscegenation by Whites is a very major sin in the eyes of God-As-He-Truly-Is and goes against His laws for us and our evolution ever higher.

We are all impure to one degree or another sometimes due to miscegenation in the ancient past, but the impurities can be bred out of us by proper breeding now. We seek to be pure and to remove the impurities from our white genome and family lines We seek more than just ritual purity which is really meaningless on a physical level even though it help with our mental states.

We seek a pure white land and we want to keep all that is impure from it. Sort of like wanting a germ free environment but we also want a non-white genes free environment.

We reject the evils of miscegenation and multiculturalism and seek purity.

Whites have been tricked by White-Haters into hating Hitler and the National Socialists and their symbols. They also demand that we hate Runes and other symbols that are good for Whites and which are often ancient symbols of our kind. This is absurd. Hitler, et. all were great Whites who were working for White survival, White improvement and White evolution ever upward into the Ubermensch or the one above present day humanity as present day humanity is above, say, the Neanderthals. They were not the enemies of Whites. They were our saviors and foresaw the future which is our preset day where Whites are attacked at will and are tricked into miscegenating suicide of our Sacred White genome which is owned by God and given to us. We are commanded by God to purify, protect, propagate persevere, perfect, preserve and prevail.

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