Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

Millions of words have been written claiming to be the keys to understanding human existence in general and our White existence in particular.

It seems everyone has some idea of what is most important to this understanding. However, most don't have a clue and posit all sorts of wrong answers. They'll say to understand why we have wars and conflicts and crime is all about money or politics or how people are raised or whatever. Ignore such answers. Here is the real key:

The key to understanding everything about life, including human life, is to know and understand that all organisms are in ETERNAL GENE WARS.

Eternal Gene Wars means that at the lowest level the individual genes for all the things internally and externally that make up any organism compete for dominance and expression. And, at a higher level the entire genome (all the individual genes of an organism) also competes against other competing genomes. In other words, all organisms compete against other organisms that can replace them or can harm them--this competition is an integral part of their DNA Code that is manifested in the spiraling double helix strands of DNA. Genes are sections of this code. In human terms, it means that all the humans of each race compete against all different races. If the different races live together there is a blending such that the race with the most recessive genes or the lowest population numbers will be absorbed into the race with the most dominant genes or the highest population.

Whites are in danger of extinction because we are a tiny population and some of our genes are recessive because they are newer and less fixed than some other genes. For example, blue eyes are recessive and have only been around for something like 5,000 years. This means that darker eye colors are dominant and can wipe out blue eyes. And so it goes with many other White features including our White skin, blond hair and much more.

The Eternal Gene Wars are a necessary part of evolution and the survival of life of some kind or other and there are winners and losers. Blind nature doesn't care who wins of loses the Eternal Gene Wars, it just wants some form of life to continue on.

As a human, you have genes for your eye color, head shape, nose shape and on and on and on including everything about you as you are born All the genes you have are part of your genome and your genome is your particular blueprint.

For the most part, the Eternal Gene Wars just go on with the organisms created by these genes being totally oblivious to the fact that they are in Eternal Gene Wars. We Whites must learn and become aware of the reality of Eternal Gene Wars because today as never before we are truly facing our genocide and extinction and it is mainly being caused by us mixing and mating with non-White humans which causes many of our White genes to be overwritten and causes us to be blended away into what might be called a Tan Everyman.

In other words, when we mix and mate with non-Whites we commit the genocide of our White genome that has made us who and what we are and instead of producing White children, which requires TWO White parents, our White sperm or White eggs are hijacked and used to produce non-White children. Sort of a real world Invasion of the Body Snatchers as our White family lines are turned into non-White family lines.

The Eternal Gene Wars never stop. They go on right inside our own bodies when we're conceived as the genes from our mother compete with the genes from our father for dominance. And, once we're born they go on as we live our lives as we the carriers of the White genes compete with other humans including those of our own race but more importantly with humans of other races because at this level the ultimate result is survival or extinction. Hitler was a leader in the Eternal Gene Wars for Whites but evil forces won that battle that we call WW2. And, it was just a battle, and not the entire war in the Eternal Gene Wars. Never forget that.

In the Eternal Gene Wars your uniform is your skin. You can't take it off. You can easily see at a distance who is on your side and who isn't--who to avoid automatically and who to not avoid automatically.

Yes, the Eternal Gene Wars at the complete organism level for humans is about race. This is not to say that race is only skin deep as though our skin color is a thin coat of paint sprayed on over identical humans. It is far from this. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and is important as is the color of our White skin which is not at all like paint, but comes from the genes and ultimately the DNA Code that makes all of us as we are at birth. We are all the products of our DNA Code which includes our genes. Our DNA Code is like a blueprint for making each of us. The White DNA Code makes White people and it does it by combining the White DNA Code from a White mother and a White father. Any other combination does not result in a new White person.

Bottom line: We must stay White in all ways, always. We must separate and not mix or mate with any non-Whites and we must produce as many White children as our bodies will provide.

Some of us also believe that Whites are selected to evolve into a new species or type of human but only if we win the ETERNAL GENE WARS.

Some of us believe that there is a God and that He has selected us via both natural selection and Divine Selection. Others of us say that it is just nature working with the natural forces of evolution. In a sense it doesn't really matter which way you believe so long as you believe that we are in Eternal Gene Wars and also believe that we Whites are selected and must win the Eternal Gene Wars one way or another.

If you don't believe that we are in Eternal Gene Wars then you'll never understand humans or living things or evolution and extinction and why things are the way they are when humans are involved.

Whites who understand even a little about the Eternal Gene Wars know that in order to continue to exist we must reproduce White and only White while we are alive or we die off. One can refuse to reproduce and still live out a long life, but such a one is really a deadender because the most essential part of each of us is our White genome--made by and containing our White DNA Code--and it can only survive and go on into the future if we replicate ourselves by having White children but only White children like us who must be born with the eggs or sperm of a fellow White and no other kind of human.

The "We're all just human," and "There's only one race, the human race," fallacies

There are among us, some Whites who argue that we should include Blacks and other non-Whites in our efforts to help Whites end the rampant anti-Whiteness that we see all around us today.

Some of these Whites refuse to accept their own identity as Whites and instead say ignorant things such as "We're all human," or "There is only one race, the human race." Very stupid. Some others argue that we should be nice and kind to non-Whites who agree with us and have them join with us as we fight for rights and survival of Whites. Also very stupid.

These wrong thinking Whites, whether they are aware of it or not, are simply promoting the same old nonsense of denying that racial differences exist and that we should judge others by their character and not their genes or skin color. Some even promote hyper-individualism and consider every person unique to an extreme and fail to understand that individuals are a part of a collective race and have racial characteristics and ways of thinking and living common to his or her race.

What these misguided Whites apparently don't understand is that in the Eternal Gene Wars it doesn't matter if non-Whites are wonderful people and agree that Whites should continue to exist.

The problem with all non-Whites is that their genes--their very DNA Code--can harm us by their presence if they mix and mate with us. We Whites must stay away from them as we would stay away from any organism or pathogen that could harm us by its very nature even if they have to intention to harm us or infect us.

We are in Eternal Gene Wars. Period. The struggle we have is not to be loved or accepted or helped in our struggle by non-Whites but it is to remain White and it is about genes and the DNA code.

Again, our struggle doesn't have much to do with hate for other races as simpletons and antiWhites might characterize us. Instead, It has to do with the natural Eternal Gene Wars and how we must survive by not being infected by non-White DNA Codes and thus go extinct. We must avoid our genocide by staying separate in all possible ways as though we are avoiding some form of deadly pathogens or germs.

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