By Arman as written down by H. Millard (c) 2021


By Arman as written down by H. Millard (c) 2021

White people have a biological/genetic/spiritual/religious link to God. This was revealed to Arman.

Whites are born with this link as surely as we are born White and our Whiteness (i.e. our White genome) is why we have this link. It is a gift from God to our kind alone. God loves White people and has selected us to be His special kind to evolve ever higher. But, God is angered and removes the link from Whites who miscegenate or who disobey God's rules and laws for our kind alone.

The link is stronger in the most genetically pure and is weaker if one has recent ancestors who were not pure White. The link is stronger when Whites are gathered together, and it is weaker when we are around people of other races. Note that when we say "pure White" or "true White"we realize that none of us is absolutely pure White as we all have some impurities or a quantum of other genetic material from past mixing (so-called original sin was and still is miscegenation by Whites) but the further it is in the past, the more it gets diluted and the purer we are.

Because of our large brains we can override God's messages that are written in subtle ways in our White genome and that's why God has come to us to clearly reveal to us in the languages of our day what He wants. Essentially, God wants White people to live right and he tells us what is right and wrong.

God's Primary Law for us as His people, His Selected Ones, is simple and direct and any other laws or rules or things that change it or minimize it are evil and are not to be followed by our kind.

Here is God's Primary Law for our kind in simple words: Whites are to be a separate people for all times and are not to mix or mate with any non-Whites and Whites are to multiply our White kind as much as possible and to fill all lands with our kind alone.

This Primary Law for us from God means what it says. There is no equivocation. It stands for all times. No will of the people or votes or governments or laws or public opinion or love or hatred of our kind or anything else that tries to have us violate this eternal law from God can be obeyed by the faithful of our kind. We must be separate.

God knows how humans are easily led astray and that as time passes humans often change their beliefs to suit human fads and trends and for this reason He has told us that this Primary Law is eternal and that He will never change or modify it and that it must be obeyed forever and that anyone who claims to have received revelations from God that do change it are lying or are mentally ill and are not to be believed and are to be shunned just as those Whites who do evil by mixing and mating with non-Whites are to be shunned and are not be allowed into the company of White believers.

Any person or group of persons or teachings that substitutes products of the mind for genes and/or tries to push a universal belief system is false and not from God. Universal beliefs about humans and about what God is or wants are not from God. They are from man and are not to be followed by White believers. Our White beliefs are particularistic. They are from God for us alone.

God has also given our kind--the White kind--other laws that we must obey, but they are secondary to the Primary Law. Among these secondary laws are ones that tell us how to live by the Primary Law and they cover everything in life. And, they tell us what we must do and what we must not do. God wants us to have as many White children as possible. He doesn't want us to be childless or to practice homosexuality or to switch genders or to do anything to harm ourselves or other Whites or to do anything to shorten your lives. He wants us to live long, fruitful and happy lives.

We Whites have not been created by God to improve, to help, to teach or mix with or mate with non-White humans but to replace them through the processes of natural evolution with some help from God along the way.

That is what God (or Nature, as a product of God, if you prefer) created us for and that is what He has told us. Meanwhile, evil doers are trying to stop God and us from replacing non-Whites by having us mix and mate with non-Whites so that we turn our White genome non-White and stop our evolution into a new species that will no longer be able (thankfully!) to produce viable children with those we replace.

God didn't just say "Shazaam" and a pile of dirt turned into a human being. He started evolution with the basic chemicals of existence and "created" DNA, the molecule of life, and set it loose to automatically do what it is programmed to do all on its own: survive, replicate, multiply to fill all possible niches, struggle, compete, adapt, modify, improve and evolve toward ever higher intelligence and consciousness. And, it has done an admirable job for billions of years. It's as close to a perpetual motion machine in living matter as can be imagined. God wound it up (almost literally since it is a spiral) and set it loose.

This self replicating living mineral machine, DNA, soon filled all possible spaces with different types of life where they could survive and thrive to continue the struggle ever upward while constantly competing with other kinds of life also evolved from that same original molecule of DNA to determine the best suited for God's work.

And DNA did keep finding new ways to move higher over billions of years and this finally resulted in the "creation" of White people. But we are not finished with our evolution. We are on the threshold of what Nietzsche called the Ubermensch and which is sometimes called the Superman or the Overman and what we call Homo novus--an improved version of ourselves that will unequivocally be a new species that looks much like the best of us now look.

Whether this new improved version will emerge by a slow accumulation of seemingly minor improvements that add up to a major change or simply by rapid saltation, we do not know but we believe it may actually involve both processes. That is, that as we mate only with our fellow Whites and produce more and more pure White children we will improve our lines and when a certain point is reached--a tipping point--salutation will occur.

Some of us might wonder about our selection as we look at our many imperfections, our failings, our weaknesses, our too often self-loathing, our over abundance of compassion and what seems to be an almost inborn desire to help other kinds of humans even at our own cost. Fear not, God has truly selected us and it will work out and enough of us will awaken to the truth of our existence and purpose that though millions of us may die off directly or become so polluted by miscegenation and mixing with non-Whites that all seems lost, but all will not be lost. God will intervene and save us so long as we struggle and work to save ourselves and obey Him.

Trust in God and do what He demands of you as who He has selected. If even one of us truly believes in God and our selection and in doing what God demands of us, we will win the struggle for existence and evolution and become ever better.

God is rooting for us but we must do what we must do and that's part of the process of evolution that we must go through. If God were to just give us this evolution with no effort and struggle on our part, we will not really have achieved the evolution that God seeks for us because we are designed by God to have free will and we must choose the correct ways.

Just as God loosed the first molecule of DNA and thus created life that was on its own to multiply and evolve--with just a few natural tweaks from God, so too must we be pretty much on our own to multiply and evolve. The major difference between us and lower types is that God has told us what we must do and how we must live for us to evolve without too many wrong steps slowing us down or sending us off in too many wrong directions.

God has told us that we must live always by Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.
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