TRUE VALUES OF OUR KIND By H. Millard (c) 2014

Axiom 1:   We are the outward manifestation of our DNA codes. They are one with us.
Axiom 2:   We must survive to breed to expand our DNA codes.
Axiom 3:   If we breed only with our own kind, we survive the death of our bodies by living on in our progeny.
Axiom 4:   All DNA codes are programmed to compete and to expand their kind in an attempt to dominate all niches.
Axiom 5:   Human races are naturally, automatically and subconsciously competing with each other to become the only human type.
Axiom 6:   Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose.
Axiom 7:   Nature screams out to all forms of life: "Make more like yourself.  This is your primary purpose."

If your happiness is based on unnatural values--values that are harmful to your DNA code, then you are either improperly programmed, stupid or insane.  This is so, because before all else in life comes the need of self-preservation and your personal survival.  What do you care for any values if you are not alive?  The only values that matter are those that help you survive so that you may live as long as possible to  breed as many more like yourself as possible in order that the  quantity of your particular  and collective White DNA code expands to swamp and replace all other competing DNA codes and becomes the dominant DNA code.

Without your personal survival and the expansion of your DNA code there is nothing for you.  All is non-existence to the dead, the non-breeding and White miscegenationists.

So, for example, when you hear about weak seed, pathologically altruistic, herd Whites bounding off to darkest Africa to help Black people survive, you can be sure that you are witnessing the acts of the improperly programmed, the stupid or the insane.

In helping those unlike themselves survive, those weak seed, short sighted,  White idiots full of misplaced compassion are helping their genetic enemies. They are, whether they're smart enough to realize it or not, helping their genetic enemies survive to  reproduce and  make more like themselves and thus create even more competition for Whites.  Have no doubt about it, these weak seed, insane, sick, herd Whites are helping an inimical and competing DNA code, that is programmed by nature to seek to destroy them and dominate the world (as are all DNA codes) and get a leg up on their own White DNA code.

And it is in this way that we must think of ourselves and other human types--as DNA codes.  Non-Whites have alien (to us) DNA codes that are competing with our own collective White DNA code. This way of thinking--in terms of DNA codes--puts things in proper perspective and lets us understand that the ultimate value of a person is in the DNA code, but since the DNA code and that person are one and are inseparable, we also value the person.  The person must do what is right as far as surviving, breeding and living a long life because this benefits the DNA code, and the DNA code, by expanding, benefits the person.

It is always the DNA code that we must focus on if we are to understand the purpose of all life and our place in existence.

Understanding the primacy of the DNA code helps us to adopt the right values and ethics and understand what is important and what is not important.  For example, many young Whites are manipulated into going to war for mixed nations because they have internalized a jingoistic view of "their nation" as somehow being who and what they are.  They mistakenly find their identity in an artificial and mixed nation. Once, such an identity may have made sense. That was before mass transportation brought millions on non-Whites to White lands.  Now, it is only a White fool who finds his identity in a racially mixed nation.  Going to war and risking the death of the DNA code you carry to support a mixed nation is insane.  If you die in battle without ever having children, you have just wiped out your particular strain of our common White DNA code and we have lost you forever.  And, why did you die? To help people unlike you with DNA codes unlike yours survive so they can outbreed your own kind.  Insane, insane, insane.  And, also very sad.  Your true nation is found in your DNA code.  Its constitution and laws are written there.  It is what you owe your loyalty to.  Your only moral war is one that protects, preserves, advances your White DNA code.  It is the only thing worth fighting for or risking your life for. Period.

Your White DNA code is one with you and your essential Whiteness (meaning, here, all the characteristics that make a White person a White person).  Your Whiteness is your nation.  It is your identity.  It is what you owe your loyalty to.

Whites need to stop seeing all humans as being like us.  This is an absurd view. All humans are not like us. Your eyes aren't lying when they send signals to your brain saying non-Whites are not Whites. Whites are a  branching off from the trunk of mankind due to the fundamental forces of evolution.  We are a separate people on our way to being a new species of human.  This speciation is our highest possible destiny, but it is not guaranteed.  It requires that we breed only with our own kind so that there is no gene transfer from other kinds and it requires that we go even further than this and remain separate and isolated from other kinds as much as possible.  Not all White family lines now alive will reach this highest possible destiny of speciation and they will fall back into the masses of mankind and be blended back in.  Their White family lines will then be as extinct as the family lines of the Germans who tried to start a colony in Jamaica many years ago and who engaged in miscegenation. The result is that the German colony has now become a group of Black people with German surnames, but no German genes left.

We have to change and rid ourselves of many false beliefs and values that have been layered on over our people like a cheap coat of paint.  We need to sand and grind away those layers of cheap paint to get to the real us.  One thing we need to do is rid  ourselves of the Jewish cult of Christianity, which is just Judaism light.  It is the death of our kind.  It has values that put us at a survival disadvantage.  Turn the other cheek?  Absurd! Altruism for those unlike us? Absurd!  Love all mankind? Absurd?  And, so it goes with that religion that is not right for us and which is not in tune with our genetic nature.

We need to adopt particularistic views and rid ourselves of universalist ones.  What is good for our kind is good.  What is bad for our kind is bad.  And, we need to be indifferent to the problems of peoples unlike us and not interfere in their paths or destinies.  Let nature work as it will with them.  Remember, they are our competition.  They may not know it, but they carry a program in their genes that wants them to compete better than us and replace us and take over all of our lands and force us to go extinct.  This doesn't require conscious intent on their part anymore than a virus needs conscious intent to kill us.  It is  just part of the way life evolves to find the fittest.

We Whites are a particular people living in a sea of others.  We must look out for our own and stop thinking that everyone is the same as us; they are not.  We must will our  survival, our expansion, and our evolution higher and we must make sure by using our brains, our reason and our intuition that we are the fittest and that we come out on top in the long view of existence.  

We must think long term and not falsely believe that we are doing good if we help those unlike us in the here and now.  We must use our reason to extrapolate into the future the harm that today's help may cause our kind tomorrow.  So, the foolish among us may feed some starving Africans who nature would have killed off.  Those they saved from starvation then breed more and in some future time their ancestors may kill off Whites either directly through violence or through bedroom genocide as their DNA code struggles to replace our DNA code.  In the end those weak seed Whites who didn't let nature run its course with non-Whites and who thought they were doing good, actually did evil and caused harm to Whites.  Practice indifference and non-interference regarding all non-Whites.  They are not our kind.  They are not our responsibility. They have their destiny and we have ours.
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