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Too many of our people (non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or live) don't seem to understand the nature of the existential struggle that we are in as White people and mistakenly paint it in non-racial  terms. Thus, we'll hear many Whites saying we need to fight for democracy or for Western values or conservatism or for other ideas and then we'll hear them saying that this or that non-White person would be great in some leadership role in regard to those ideas.

The reality, however, is that the struggle we are in is far greater and it goes beyond mere ideas and involves our continued existence as the biological beings that we are. Ideas are always secondary and come from our biology and it is our biology that is primary. We must always know this. We do not exist in ideas.  We exist in flesh and blood. We do not exist if our ideas exist but our flesh and blood does not exist. But, we do exist no matter what our ideas are, even if they are mistaken, if our flesh and blood exists. And, for us Whites, it is essential that we always think in terms of our flesh and blood, that is, in genetic or racial terms. We must always ask: Is this good for White people?

However, even though we, as Whites, must always think in genetic or racial terms, the basic struggle throughout nature is not unique to us as Whites nor is it unique to other organisms.  It is a struggle that all organisms are engaged in from the smallest, least conscious virus on up to the most conscious of living organisms.  It is a struggle to be and to be more and more and more.  It is, in the first instance, a struggle for self-preservation and this includes making more like ourselves so that the most essential part of us, our DNA Code (aka genome or essence), can continue on after our bodies wear out. 

The struggle is also about evolution and natural selection.  And, this latter term--natural selection--can be called eternal gene wars. Genes, you will remember, are sections of our DNA Code, which is also called our genome. So we can say there is a White genome or a Black genome or an Asian genome, etc. I prefer the term DNA Code and that's the term I will continue to use here.

Our White DNA Code struggles and competes against similar but different DNA Codes (as found in different human races) to win the battle for dominance and to be the only DNA Code of our species in existence.  And, the non-White human DNA Codes also so struggle. It is the way of nature and is at it should be. Will Whites win the war for survival and have the White DNA Code be the only DNA Code of our species in existence or will some other race win?  As Whites, we should be rooting for ourselves and we should not be helping others to win the competition against us.

As Whites we should naturally want to win.  But to help win, we have to understand the struggle as it really is and we must compete to win.  We must understand the struggle and we must live right to win it. Understanding but not living right counts for nothing.  And, living right means, in this context, and at least in part, to live White and to breed White and to make as many more like yourself as possible. There's more to it, but these are the most important things--living White and making as many more like yourself as your body allows according to your nature (your health and your gender) during what should be a long and happy life.

About our DNA Code

Our DNA Code is the blueprint or recipe or program  that makes us, us.  At its most basic and simplest this program is a bare bones code that reads "life." And this bare bones program turns so-called non-living minerals into the so-called living minerals that we call life. Call this bare bones code the life force, if you will. And, from there--from that unchanging basic program that reads life--the program is added to and brings forth all the billions of different organisms that have ever existed. It also becomes more and more specific and leads to us as unique individuals who can also logically and naturally be grouped by nature as part of a race made up of similar individuals who share the same general racial DNA Code such that what is good for our racial group as a whole is generally good for us as individuals and what is bad for us as a racial group is bad for us as individuals.

What is primarily important to each of us is ourselves as individuals.  Then comes what we can think of as expanding circles that include first our close family followed by our extended family and then those closest to us ethnically and then to others of our race. 

It is beyond this circle of the our race--the White race circle--where we Whites should stop looking for likenesses with our kind. Any such likenesses are too remote to be important to us. We exist only as White people. If we lose our essential Whiteness (meaning not just color but all our racial characteristics) we do not exist. Beyond the White race circle are those who are unlike us. They should not be important to us and we should not mix with them or interfere in their own distinct destinies. We should be polite but indifferent to them. We should treat them with the respect we have for all life but not blend with them.

These other kinds have their nature given paths and we have ours. The paths should remain separate. But our fellow Whites are important to us because they carry the same general DNA Code that reads "White human," which is what we also have.  The more Whites there are in existence the better are our chances of surviving as White individuals to make more like ourselves while those beyond the same race circle as us are not like us in important ways for our existence and, in fact, they pose a danger to us from the possibility of gene flow that can destroy us as the unique people we are.

Just to be clear, and to the point, those beyond this circle of the same race as us, but who are in the same so-called species as us, pose the greatest danger to us for our survival because they can breed with us and corrupt and destroy our White DNA Code and make our family lines non-White.  It other words, miscegenation can destroy our White kind. And, if we are no longer White, we no longer exist. No conscious intent to harm us on their part is required. They might even like us. The danger to our DNA Code is from their ability to mate with us and change and replace our DNA Code.

The competition for survival and dominance is not only on the racial level, it exists right in our own bodies as our genes compete to be the dominant ones that make us, us, and it also exists between us as individuals and our fellow Whites, but on these levels the competition is more friendly in that it does not have the power to destroy us as White people but simply has the power to change us in minor ways within our same racial White type.

In the many brother and cousin wars Whites have fought over the centuries, we saw nature fine tuning our kind.  Today, we cannot afford brother and cousin wars.  We have an external enemy that can destroy all White people.  Whites from all our White nations must join together for our mutual protection and survival.  We must stay White and we must not be killed off and replaced via bedroom genocide, which is just another name for miscegenation.

Here are four  important quotations that all Whites should know


"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin


"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA) Emphasis added.


“Man is something that shall be overcome. Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

"Lo, I am a herald of the lightning, and a heavy drop out of the cloud: the lightning, however, is the SUPERMAN.--Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra”

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