Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard © 2024


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2024

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White Aryans as His people to purify and evolve ever higher towards Him by following His instructions to us and by purifying our genes, our minds and our bodies. Those among us who follow His simple but Holy instructions are beloved of God-As-He-Truly-Is and He shall help them on the upward path so long as they remain true to Him. All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is who has selected White people for the sacred task of purifying the world, perfecting themselves, evolving ever higher along a strictly White line to be better to serve Him and carry out His plan.

White Racialism (or White Racism if you prefer) means that a White understands, biologically, spiritually, religiously, that race is real and that Whites are far different from other races (REALLY A DIFFERENT SPECIES) and that it is wise for Whites to stay separate from other races and to never willingly mingle or socialize with non-Whites and certainly never to have intimate relations with them as this is evil in the eyes of the Lord and pollutes the White gene pool, causes White genocide, destroys White family lines by causing our devolution and kills future possible White descendants.

Our White Racialism is a major and essential part of our religious faith and it comes to us as a command from God-As-He-Truly-Is. Would it be correct to answer that our religion is White Racism? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it is so important to the commands from God-As-He-Truly-Is to us but there is also more to our religion as we worship God-As-He-Truly-Is. Furthermore, many of us consider Whites to be a separate species from all non-Whites and that God-As-He-Truly-Is has divided humans into two major groups: Whites and non-Whites. And the two groups should not mingle, live together, be romantically involved with each other and certainly never mate and produce offspring with each other. We are in ETERNAL GENE WARS with all non-Whites and we are only about 7% of humans, so stay White in all ways, always.

1. The Teacher said that another way some think of God-As-He-Truly-Is (God for short) and also about prayers is to understand that we must scratch the surface to understand. We must look at that which is the ground of existence. This means we must understand that our reality is made up of energies, forces and vibrations which them become waves that then become subatomic particles and then atomic particles, then molecules and so on. At the sub-subatomic wave/particle level is where we need to focus to more fully understand reality as expressed in the fullness of what we see in our usual way of looking at things. Our bodies are made up of subatomic particles. Vast spinning tangles of these subatomic particles that then become DNA and genes and all the rest as we are spun into the individual beings that we are as organisms. We are given senses so that we can constantly monitor the world to protect our bodies so that we will survive and reproduce in our image so that our genes and our DNA code and the subatomic particles within us also survive. But, there is more to this. The subatomic world has an interconnectedness that science is just now starting to guess at. Does prayer work? The answer is that it can if done right and if other conditions exist. You see, when we focus our minds (made up ultimately of subatomic particles, remember), we can cause changes in the subatomic particles that connect with other subatomic particles and which lead to the Ultimate which we can think of, just for its help with our thinking process, as a super computer made up, not of one central computer, but of a network of smaller computers that are everything in existence. Just as we have our senses to monitor the world around us, so too does the Ultimate have this, and they are in everything that exists. This is why we will never "find" the Ultimate as a specific thing. He/she/it is spread throughout all of existence and is both within and without our existence. Every grain of sand, every cell, every person, every living thing, every non-living thing is a "sensory organ" of the Ultimate and the Ultimate constantly receives input from everything.

By using the right symbols, by living right, by praying ( especially in groups), by purifying and by having the right genes in our DNA code we send messages to the Ultimate via the subatomic world. Will our prayers, etc. be answered? Maybe, maybe not. When a group of people reaches a certain size, and when it focuses on one thought, it sends a strong message via the subatomic particles.

Remember, also, that there is a balancing that goes on in the universe that works in ways that sometimes surprise us, but which work on rules and laws that are logical, but not necessarily in a human logical sense. These often look like coincidences.

As we evolve to ever higher states, the Ultimate also evolves.

2. The Teacher said "God nudges the arrow with a breath." He meant by this that the trajectory of existence is corrected by God in subtle ways to suit God's plan.

3. The Teacher said "Everything in existence, including existence itself, starts with forces, energies and vibrations and waves that become subatomic particles and the subatomic particles then underlie all of matter. It is at the bottom most layers of existence where the most basic laws of nature are found. Then as matter grows "layer upon layer" into our everyday perception of it, other laws emerge. These do not cancel the most basic laws of nature, but add to them in our sphere. It is from the bottom most layers where the things beyond our knowledge emerge.

4. The Teacher said that it is taught among the faithful that our primary duty in life is to expand our code by having as many children as possible. It is also taught that no one should follow the intentionally childless or those who limit the number of children they have. It is essential to our belief system that we should start having children as soon as possible and to not stop until it is no longer possible. A Teacher said that this is so important to our faith that this child bearing responsibility is sometimes called the First Duty. But simply having children in our image is not enough. We must do everything possible to see that all of our children survive and also bear as many children as possible in our image. And, this is as it shall be for all generations. We must also teach our children well so they do not go astray and stay on the narrow path.

5. The Teacher said that humans are generally unaware of just how much a product they are of their spinning DNA (which is the code on how to make them). Even while most humans now understand that their eyes, hair, skin and much more are a product of their DNA, many still don't want to accept the fact that DNA also controls mental functions including intelligence and personality. Another thing that many people don't realize is that DNA--4 chemicals that carry the code to make living organisms--also provides all living things with knowledge about some very basic things for their survival. And, all living organisms have the special knowledge of their species, sub-species, race, breed or variety the moment they are born and no one has to teach them. One example of this DNA data base is seen with spiders. Spiders aren't taught how to make their webs and many of the intricate webs they make are specific to their particular species, so the knowledge from their DNA is more than just a simple blueprint to spin a plain wrap web. And, remember, it's not just spiders who receive information this way. All living things get instructions on life from their DNA. You may not have heard it described this way, because this DNA information that is passed on to each new organism is usually called instinct.

Humans often override their natural instincts--the life knowledge received from their DNA--and this can ultimately lead to their extinction when they override instincts for breeding, for example.

One of the reasons (but not the only one) why humans sometimes override their natural instincts is because, even though they intellectually understand the long view of history, they seem to forget that they're an integral part of history's flow and then they often take a short view of history and don't realize that natural instincts, especially concerning mating and having many offspring are part of nature's way for their code to survive in the millions of years yet to come with its bottlenecks, wars, disasters and diseases. Nature says: Expand your kind always, contract never. This is the way to survive. This is the way to evolve. This is the way to improve. This is the way up.

6. The Teacher said that it is not possible to truly understand our teachings unless one has the proper view of reality and a correct understanding of the nature of life in general and human life specifically. You see, many people wrongly believe that our flesh is evil or not the real us and that the real us is inside us in a raceless soul or spirit and that when we die, this soul or spirit lives on in some manner.

Our belief, by contrast, holds that the real core of us is contained in our DNA code spiral along with the genes and chromosomes and other elements that we can, for convenience, just call DNA. We also call this real core of us, the Essence or the White DNA Code . We believe (and science confirms) that this real core of us, starts at the moment the 23 chromosomes of a male meet with the 23 chromosomes of a female and the process that we call life begins. At that very moment, the individual "us" has its beginning. It's at that moment that the Code comes together and starts spinning out a complete and unique individual being. If the parents are both our people then the child will be in their image and in the image of the people and the people's Code will survive in that new person. If that child grows up and has children with another of the people, then the Code will go forward once again. If, however, that person does not have children, or if he or she has children with someone not of the people, then he or she is a dead end for the people's Code and the people's Code does not advance in that person's line and that person may just as well have never lived at all and theirs is a wasted life as far as the Code is concerned. In case it was missed, we believe in the sanctity of life and in expanding our Code. We also believe in the importance of the individual, but also in the importance of the collective group to which the individual belongs from birth. However, we believe that the individual fully formed human being is less important than the Code that he or she carries and that, in a sense, the fully formed human being has a mission to perform in life which is to live as long as possible to breed within the group to his or her maximum to expand the Code as much as physically possible.

Many of our beliefs are well recognized by science and we believe that true religion is never in conflict with true science.

With a moment's reflection you can see that our basic beliefs regarding human life as indicated above lead to a whole host of views on life and how it should be lived and what is and what is not important and what is evil and what is good and rules about morality and, in fact, about everything in life. This is what religious views are always about in one way or another.

For example, believing as we do that our Code must be expanded always, leads to sub-beliefs about why celibacy, meaningless wars, homosexuality, unhealthy living, miscegenation, birth control, limiting the number of children one has, suicide,waiting too long to get married, not having children as soon as you are physically able to do so, not continuing to have children as you age (men can have children very late in life and should do so) are wrong choices and why any form of mating--including polygamy, having children out of wedlock, etc. when done within the people and which increases the expansion of the Code is good. We see this as part of natural law and necessary for our survival in the long view of history.

We believe that every child in our image is worth 10,000 prayers and helps God with His plan.

7. The Teacher said that nature doesn't care who wins or loses in the survival game. All organisms need to adapt or die and all organisms need to struggle to survive.

God-As-He-Truly-Is created us as biological being--beings of flesh and blood--and we believe He did it through evolutionary processes that never end and which are one with the Eternal Gene Wars and that He has Selected Whites as His favored kind as long as we obey Him and do not worship false gods and stay White in all ways, always. We know that God-As-He-Truly-Is has infused our White DNA with His Spirit and that this infusion of His Spirit is stronger in some of us than in others and that Hitler had a very strong infusion of God-As-He-Truly-Is's Spirit within him. We reject the notion of false religions that the real us is not our flesh and blood and that the real us is not racial in nature. We are White Racial Religionists as demanded by God-As-He-Truly-Is.

8. The Teacher said fill your land and all lands with your kind or others will fill them with their kind. Nature abhors a vacuum and it also abhors underpopulated lands.

9. The Teacher asked: Are you wearing a silver ring with the symbols thereon? Are you wearing a silver pendant with the symbols thereon? Do you have the symbols directly on your skin? Are you having as many children as possible? Are you studying the teachings? Have you given your life over to God? Do you pray at dawn and dusk? Do you have the symbols at your front and back doors? Do you have stones and rocks with the symbols? Do you avoid substances that can harm your body? Are you teaching others? Are you dressing as you should? Are you acting as you should?

10. The Teacher said we don't always use the word God because it has connotations that we don't accept, but sometime we do use the word and it's perfectly okay to do so if this is the preference of individuals. Our concept of God is that He is the First Cause and the whatever that is behind bringing something into existence from out of pure nothing. There can be nothing more powerful than this. Everything else that comes into existence does so from out of other things already in existence or from the First Cause out of nothing. If your god did not bring existence into being, then your god worships our God. But do know that we do not see God-As-He-Truly-Is as just the working of nature. He is a real being but has no body like ours. He lives forever in the subatomic realm of existence that underpins our level of existence and has all the mental attributes and emotions that we have except a body such as ours.

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