Arman spoke, saying: We are different, some of us, I am convinced;  at least those of us who instinctively understand, or who are easily awakened to the White truth with very little prodding.

We who know,  know in our bones that we Whites must remain separate and even isolated in order to evolve along the best trajectory for us. This knowledge is as much a part of our genetic code as is the color of our skin.

We know that we must not mix with other types of humans and that doing so will cause our genocide and extinction.

We may not all understand the science of why we must remain separate, but we know this is the case and we know that we must not miscegenate.  Some of us might simply say that we want our children to look like us and leave it at that. But, what this really means is that we know that we must breed only with our own kind, because that is how we have children who look like us.  And, this is as it should be and is the right strategy for the survival of us as individuals, for the survival of our family lines and for the survival of our people as a whole.

But, some folks new to our thinking may want to know more about why we should not mix and blend in with the others and why we must avoid gene transfer.  The quick answer is that we have a DNA code within us.  It is the blueprint or recipe to build a White person.  Some of us believe that this DNA code is sacred in all its parts and must be preserved and expanded. We like to think of this DNA code as being somewhat similar to the concept of soul in that it is the real us, and we, as the manifested human beings we see in the mirror are what it has spun out and maintains.

We must digress a little at this point for a fuller explanation. We  believe that there is a core DNA code that is the same in all organisms. We say it started as a single DNA molecule that formed and was able to make the leap from so-called non-living minerals to what we call life. The core DNA code doesn't care which type of organism or organisms win the struggle for survival. It just wants to fill all of existence with itself. Its program says find a way to survive, expand, make life. We sometimes visualize this core DNA code as being like an unchanging nucleus or hub at the center of all life.  Although the core code always remains the same and always has those same basic commands: survive, expand, make life, it fulfills its commands by creating a great variety of organisms which all carry the same basic core DNA code but which are adapted to different environmental niches.  We see humans as one of the organisms that was eventually produced by this process, but we do not see humans as the final product, because there is no final product. The process will continue forever.

Because living organisms require energy to survive, and because they must transform so-called non-living minerals into the substance of their bodies, and because existence requires movement, a struggle and  conflict in existence is established as a natural law.  This is part of our reality and we must understand that this struggle and conflict permeates existence and is necessary.  We need to learn to love the struggle and conflict and we must learn to compete better.

The human genetic code

The genetic code for humans has 46 chromosomes, and (at last count) 20,000 genes. That code is one with us and we are one with it. When we mate, we pass on 23 of our chromosomes that contain about half of our genes.  Our mate also passes on 23 of his or her chromosomes with half of his or her genes. Bake for nine months in the womb and then the resultant child will be born with the  46 chromosomes and 20,000 genes that are normal for our species.  If the two parents are White, the child will be a 100% by-the-recipe  White person.  So, right away you can see that if you mate with those who look like you, the child will also look like you, but if you mate with people of another race, the child will only have 23 chromosomes and 10,000 genes from you and your White race, but will also have 23 chromosomes and 10,000 genes from another race. Such a mixed child cannot be authentically White, no matter what he or she looks like, simply because it does not have 46 White chromosomes and 20,000 White genes.  It is more complicated  but this is the basic idea.

Born racist

You've probably heard some people say  that we Whites are born "racist."  Others have  said that we have a "racist gene."  We think they're right, at least for some of us who are the lucky ones of the White race to have born with this so-called racist gene, because we see it as a mutation and one that is positive and builds into us a desire to remain White and it helps us survive as Whites.  In other words, it's not really a racist gene,  it is a survival gene that gives us a heightened awareness of who  is us and who is not us.

This special part of our genetic program that we were born with--whether it's an actual gene or genes or some other part of our DNA code--again, call it a mutation, truly is a survival mechanism for our particular genetic code.   It helps keep it on the right evolutionary path.  It helps us survive as we are and as we should be.  Even with all the present Dark Age societal conditioning pressures to have Whites blend themselves away in the non-White masses, those of us with the so-called racist gene mutation resist and know instinctively that to blend ourselves away is evil and that it will lead to the genocide and extinction of many Whites who were not lucky enough to have been born with  this  survival mutation.

We must, however,  distinguish between those of us with the mutation  who are exactly as nature intends us to be and some Whites who come to their so-called racist views via hatred or misinformation or conditioning to become racist. 

As you know, many Whites were once conditioned to be so-called racists.  Not all of them had the mutation that we have.  So, when the times changed, and when racial separation, which was once widely accepted, suddenly became thought of as no longer acceptable, some of these once staunch so-called racists were conditioned anew--they were reprogrammed with anti-racist, and even self-hatred thoughts, and many just lapped it up.  And, like smokers who give up smoking and become the most vehement opponents of  smoking, these former so-called racists, in some cases, became the most vehement opponents of  so-called racism.  Why did they break that way?  Because they lacked the so-called racist gene. Their original racism was part of their cultural conditioning, not part of their essence, and when the culture changed, the conditioning changed and so did they. 
These are the Whites among us who are like Pavlov's dogs on two feet.

My guess is that those of us with the racist gene don't usually have a lot of hate for other peoples (unless we or someone we know has been victimized in some way by some of these others) and that we are mostly just indifferent toward them.  They are not our people and they are not our concern.  They have their destiny and we have ours. They are not part of our lives and we like that just fine. Some of us also believe that we are not to interfere with the trajectory they are on, unless it negatively impacts our own trajectory.  If they die off, that is nature's way.

How far widespread is our racist gene in the White community?  We don't know, but in time we may find out as Whites who lack it miscegenate and destroy their family lines, while the ones who have it, don't miscegenate.  In the future, all Whites then alive may be related to those of us with the so-called racist gene, because they may be the only Whites still alive--all others may have blended themselves back into the dark masses and ceased to be White.

Our revealed destiny

Our revealed destiny is to evolve into the next type of human being.  We Whites are on the threshold, and so long as we do not have gene transfer with other types of humans and if we follow the Teachings, we will move ever closer to making the leap.  And, once the leap is made we will have many benefits.  We will no longer be able to breed with other humans. We will live longer, healthier, happier lives.  We will just know things as our intelligence rises.  We will have new general adaptations that make us the fittest type for  all environmental niches that are right for our species.  Eventually, and if we are righteous, we will, through natural selection and the other fundamental forces of evolution and nature, replace all other humans simply because that is the way existence works.  It is a truism that the end result of the evolution of any organism is the extinction of the old and the birth of the new from out of the old.

It is not predestined that we Whites will be the ones to replace the old humans.  We have reached a point in evolution where we must use our brains to direct our evolution.  It is by doing this that we are most likely to be the ones who win the evolution competition. 

Evil are those who try to carry other humans and who help them survive and escape their trajectories.  Just as individual organisms die, so too do entire species of organisms die, and this is the goal of evolution--to replace earlier forms that are less fit with new models that are more fit.  These workings of nature will continue whether we believe as we believe, or not, and some organism--some human type--will move to the winners circle of evolution.  We say that we want that to be our kind of organism and we say that we can make it so by living consciously and by guiding our evolution along the revealed path.  This is our faith.  This is our way.  We are different, and we want the differences to increase in positive ways.

Why won't Whites awaken?

We often hear some Whites complaining that other Whites are not waking up and aren't seeing the truth.  Well, could it be, as we've said above, that many of these other Whites simply lack our mutation?  Can it be that many are like people who are color blind and can't see certain colors?  And, here, we don't mean color blind in the colloquial  sense of not seeing different races, but in the literal medical sense of not being able to see reds and some other colors.  Why are they this way?  It is because of their DNA code. They can't see certain colors because their DNA won't allow them to see them.  They lack the genetic ability to do so. It is so with those Whites who cannot see our truths.  They lack our ability to see what we so plainly see.

But, you shouldn't complain about Whites who can't awaken.  What do you want them to do if they awaken?  Do you want them to carry you, because you are too timid to take action yourself? Are you incapable of taking individual responsibility such that you won't follow the Teachings unless you're in a crowd?  Do you lack self-reliance?  Do you have low self-esteem? Get over these negatives. How many people who are awake does it take to make changes?  It only takes one.  You as an individual have an individual responsibility to do what is right and to fight evil.  You do not need to wait for others to awaken to somehow validate you and your beliefs.  Stand alone, but always be willing to join with others who can also stand alone for what is right.

You have a personal and an individual responsibility to spread your DNA code that contains our differences so that eventually it will replace the DNA code of those who are weak seeds.  And, when you reproduce correctly, you increase the chance that the ones to come will be born.  Yes, we are looking for ever more mutations among our kind that will further us along the path. The more White children you produce, the greater is the chance that the foretold mutations will occur and spread.

You also have a responsibility to find and awaken those of our people who do have the differences we have, but who simply haven't been exposed to the truth.  However, it is not your responsibility to try too hard to awaken others.  Those who have our differences, once exposed to the truth, will quickly awaken, while those who lack our differences will not.  Present our truth in kind and compassionate ways, and those who have our differences will understand.

Thousands of years ago there weren't any White people.  Then, we automatically mutated and we evolved and we did so in order to have a survival advantage in the dim lit areas of Europe.  Now, we need to evolve again.  Now, we need to evolve into a new species that can no longer bear children with other forms of humans.  That is our highest destiny and that is the path that only we can take.  And, some of us believe that is the path that takes us closer to the First Cause of existence itself.


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