Divinely Inspired messages to Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021


Divinely Inspired messages to Arman as told to H. Millard (c) 2021

Summary: Whites are the latest evolution of mankind and we have been selected by the Divine to be the replacement of all earlier kinds of humans and to keep evolving into a new species of human that will no longer produce viable offspring with other types of humans, while they still exist, before we totally replace them in the fullness of time as the new type of human. We are to serve One Master--God. We are to obey what He wants. We are His one Selected Kind. God does not speak in riddles and He tells us exactly what He wants through those He has touched. We must be a separate kind for all times and not mix or mate with any non-Whites. It is not salvation we need, but evolution.

Our White DNA Code, our White Genome, our genes, our eggs, our sperm are owned by God and we are the carriers of these for the benefit of God and His plan. We must protect, preserve, procreate and propagate them and never let them be tainted or polluted with DNA or genes that are not of our kind.

The Spirit of the Lord can enter into our White Genome and exist there. The purer our White Genome the greater is the Presence of the Lord within us.

We are commanded by God to have as many pure White children during our, hopefully, long, healthy, happy lifetimes as our bodies will allow. Our whole purpose in being born is to do God's will which is to Be Consciously White and to expand Whiteness through multiplying our kind and only our kind and to help our kind evolve as quickly as possible along the pure White path.

God is far less interested in us doing ritual things and much more interested in us doing the sacred biological things--breeding more of our kind, seeking to purify our kind, helping to evolve our kind. In short, we as White people are already prayers and rituals to God just by BEING Consciously White and by consciously living White and by replicating ourselves by having more pure White children. God's glory is magnified through and by us so long as we remain separate from all other races and never mate or willingly mix with them. We can be polite and we can go along to get along to a certain degree, but we must never blend in with other kinds socially, physically or genetically. We must remain separate and distinct and we must increase the separateness and distinctness to evolve as God wishes us to evolve.

The Divine Source, the Supreme Being, the Higher Power, the Great Mind, the Cosmos, Nature, the First Cause, the Divinity, the Almighty, the Universal Life Force, the Force, the Creator---a few of the names of God, which are really descriptors rather than personal names for what is ineffable, is an intelligence and consciousness that exists in the subatomic realm of existence---there in the level below atoms where spiraling waves and forces are sometimes matter and sometimes not matter. But they always matter because they are the foundation of everything that exists. Without them, nothing.

And, the spiral seen as DNA or hurricanes or in galaxies and in everything that moves and lives and which is seen head on as a swastika or fylfot is God acting on matter to constantly maintain it, or create it, or destroy it and to evolve all of existence according to His plan. This is why we consider the swastika and fylfots of various types as holy and sacred and why we use them in our faith. They are the metaphorical face and hand of God. They are OUR religious symbols and we can wear them and display them as we wish just at those of other faiths display their symbols.

God has selected Whites and no others. We are His exclusive people. There is no other like Him. There are no others like us. We are His evolvers. But we must make it so, and part of our journey is to have a clearer understanding of God.

God is smaller than quarks and is at that level of existence where the laws of physics are so different from our known laws of physics that things may seem ghostly and miraculous. Cause and effect are different for God at that level and He can use some of those differences at our level to change the course of history and evolution. This is the level where God exists as the smallest thing in existence and the largest thing in existence at the same time. God is both outside of nature and the cosmos and inside of it and is nature and the cosmos itself while also being separate. It is hard for our minds to grasp this, but that's the way it is.

God may be thought of as mind without matter, but even this is not completely accurate. We know, from divine inspiration and divine revelation that God has a personality. He has things He wants to happen and things He does not want to happen. There are opposing forces to what God wants that humans have sometimes called Satan and the Devil but they, like many human ideas about God Himself, are forces and energies that are anthropomorphized because they are easier for us to think and talk about when given human images.

God finally, in our present age, able to be thought of a little more precisely than in past ages where words such as spirit or holy ghost had to suffice. Today, even the most scientifically minded of us can finally think of Him as real because today we have technology that gives us examples of how God might be. This modern technology seems magical--quantum computers, for example, that can solve problems in seconds that might have previously taken months or years to solve. Even radio waves, that have been around for years seem magical. Radio waves are all around us but we don't hear them unless we have the right equipment and then we can tune them in by turning a dial.

And, we can rationally now believe that God might be likened, if not in form, at least in function, to something like a living super computer and even a radio transmitter and radio waves and that He is all around us but unless we have the right biological equipment--our White DNA Code--and the right White genes, we cannot tune Him in effectively and we do not "hear" Him at all. He is more like an intelligence and a personality whose "body" might be thought to be similar to the source or transmitter of radio waves and electricity and subatomic particles and waves of energy and force but also at the same time He is those things He sends out or transmits.

The point is that now, in our modern era, those of us who believe in true science can start to understand intellectually how there really can be an intelligence and consciousness without a physical brain and body as we possess and how such an intelligence/consciousness might really be considered a God or Supreme Being when compared to us but even with this nascent understanding we are awe struck and say without reservation: GOD IS GREAT! And, we yearn to do His good works and live as He wants in order to help His plan for our evolution.

At its most basic the messages that the Divine sends us are often repeated and are about what He wants and how we are to live to do what He wants. The messages tell us how to obey Him in our daily lives and how to take the narrow path that leads where He wants us to go and how to avoid the wide path that most humans take.

And, the messages tell us how to be good people trying to do no harm to others or even to so-called inanimate things. They tell us to value things such as honesty, to not murder, or steal, or lie, or cheat, to be fair and honest, to seek justice, to put family and race first, to be kind and polite, to love our own kind, to love God, to be brave, to respect all life and all of existence, to treat others as we wish to be treated, to not be martyrs but to live long happy lives in full Whiteness, to have as many White children as our bodies can produce, to cause no harm but most importantly for us as His selected ones--White people--to always be a separate people in all ways, but to use our free will and common sense and be aware of the places where we live and the time in which we live and make the adaptations to get along and survive and thrive in the midst of other kinds if that is what we must do to remain safe and prosperous but, at the same time, to remain as separate as possible and to never freely mix or mate with any non-Whites. But, the messages also tell us to not turn the other cheek and to always properly and appropriately defend ourselves, our families, our race, our faith.

The messages are in modern and direct terms which allow for no speculation or guessing on our part and which are very specific and are not subject to interpretation and misinterpretation or minimization. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. Stay separate. Do not miscegenate. Have many White children. Live Consciously White.

The messages are not trendy and they are to remain unchanged forever. They are not what many humans may want in our time or any other time and are not subject to votes or polls or public opinion or man made laws. They are from God. Period. They are His laws and many of them can be easily found in True Science and in True Nature, and those that are not so clear, He has clarified for us. Many are not universal but are particularistic especially as they relate to races of humans. God says Whites are different than all other races and that we must not blend in with them, but always remain separate in all ways possible. This is repeated over and over in many ways so there is no confusion as to its meaning.

There are other Whites who have been touched by God and received the same messages at least in part. Hitler was one of them. And there are many, many others and there are many alive today, who may not even know they have been touched by the Divine, and who may think that their thoughts about evolution and putting our race first is just from their own minds, when in fact it may be because God has touched them and "told" them that this is what He wants.

To be clear. God-as-He-truly-is, is different than thought of in most other religions. He has no human form. He has no son. He did not choose the Jews. He is not as Christians believe He is. He is not as Far Eastern religions believe.

Let it be known that we are believers in True Science and our beliefs never conflict with True Science because True Science is one with God. Awakened Whites may fill in some blanks with their conjectures, but if those blanks are later filled in with actual unassailable True Science facts we will honor them and we know that they will never contradict our religious/spiritual teachings as outlined here.

God wants White people to be a separate people and not mix or mate with non-Whites. His rules and laws for us are more strict than they are for other peoples but He wants other peoples to leave us alone and also to not mix or mate with us. In order for us to evolve as God wants, we cannot mix or mate with non-Whites. We must do our best to avoid even their shed DNA by remaining as separate and remote from them as possible. Diversity is not our greatest strength, it is our greatest weakness and it harms us and stops or slows down our evolution and is evil in the eyes of God.

He wants White people to have as many White children as possible.

He wants White people to love one another.

He hates White homosexuality.

He hates White abortions.

He hates anything that would hold down the multiplication of the White population. He hates miscegenation by Whites.

He hates it when Whites do not remain separate and mix or socialize with non-Whites.

He hates it when any White does not produce White children and dies childless.

Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action are the three main requirements and principles for our kind alone and under these three principles are all the laws and rules of God for our kind alone.

Anything that helps increase the pure White population is good and anything that decreases it is bad in the eyes of God. Thus, any form of relationship between willing White men and willing White women that will help them make more like themselves is good. Monogamy, polygamy, out of wedlock births, etc. are all good if they help individual Whites produce more pure White children from their bodies. And, things such as homosexuality, transgenderism, birth control, family planning, celibacy, etc. are sins for Whites (but not for non-Whites) because they hold down the pure White population.

God needs as many Whites as possible so his process of Natural Selection can work to evolve us as quickly as possible.

Ask always: Is this good for White people? And, then be guided accordingly.
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