Divine messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022


Divine messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2022

All praise to God-As-He-Truly-Is (GAHTI- acronym) who has selected us alone for his special purposes and to evolve into a new species of human as a replacement for all others.

β€œMan is something that shall be overcome.Man is a rope,tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss.What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end.”-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Arman is not the only White person who has been touched by GAHTI. There have been many, many other Whites who have been so touched. All have received the same messages. Some did not understand them fully and some ignored them and some emphasized different aspects of them or acted on them in different ways.

The essential message is that Whites must remain separate from all other races and never mate with them while at the same time increasing the number of White people alive at any time and that we should replicate ourselves to the maximum that our bodies will allow.

Some have been touched briefly and temporarily and some more than others. Nietzsche was touched and the quote above from him shows that. Those deeply touched by GAHTI feel compelled to act on His instructions and to tell others about them in their own way. Nietzsche felt compelled to write Thus Spoke Zarathustra and incorporate some of GAHTI's truths in this fictional work. Others have taken other paths.

For those who believe, our job is to follow GAHTI's life instructions and help with His plan for our evolution. We are to become the Overman, the Ubermensch, the Homo novus. To some of us, our religious, social, philosophical, political and personal views are all molded by this.

Evolution is usually a slow and long process but there are cases of leaps in evolution called saltation which involve overnight large mutations. And, this can happen with us, but we are patient and know that GAHTI will cause our evolution to happen in the right way if we believe and follow His instructions to us. Yes, we trust in God-As-He-Truly-Is and not in the fictional god of other faiths.

To evolve in the right way we must survive and remain separate from all other races and breed White and only White and increase our numbers.

But, this isn't a walk in the park. There are evil anti-White forces, trends, groups and people who want to exterminate all Whites and to keep us from evolving. We know this from GAHTI, even though some of us don't realize that is the ultimate source of this knowledge.

And our real struggle is also about overcoming the defective and weak-minded among our own kind who do the work of the anti-Whites; often by attacking racially aware Whites and Whiteness itself by word or deed or by other acts including, but not limited to, miscegenation and the encouragement of miscegenation or the things that will naturally lead to miscegenation such as the denial of the reality of race and thus paving the way for us to mix and mate with non-Whites.

These evil forces promoting the genocide of Whites do it because they instinctually know (even if they are not conscious of this and would deny it) that we are the replacements for all earlier types and that, GATHI willing, we are evolving into a new species and will evolve even faster as we consciously follow the life instructions given to us by GAHTI.

This instinctual hatred of Whites is genetic. It comes from their non-White DNA codes and is part of them even if they don't know it and even if they would be called nice people. It is just part of the natural gene wars where the genes of one type try to be the only genes of their type. It's a cat and dog thing.

The instructions from GATHI are simple and common sense and most racially conscious Whites live some of them without realizing they are doing the sacred work of GAHTI. But, following these instructions knowing that they are from GATHI and keeping GATHI in one's mind helps with our evolution and keeping us on the narrow track ever upward.

Some of these instructions are for us to remain separate in all possible ways from other races, to never mate or mingle or romance with them, to have as many pure White children as our bodies can produce, to live a new morality that has the production and survival of more pure Whites as foremost in our minds such that all forms of White male, White female relationships that allows each of them to bring forth as many new pure White lives as possible are good and moral.

In this regard, the birthing of more pure white children is the individual responsibility of each White male and each White female. A White male, simply because GATHI has made us this way, can have many more children than a White female can have. This is simple biology, but it is biology from GATHI.

There's a reason for this morality from GATHI and it is to increase our numbers. So, a White male is not limited to one child every nine months as is a White female. GAHTI has set His law about this in nature. Following His law is true morality.

The anti-Whites want us to blend ourselves into the rest of non-White mankind and disappear from existence. They want the non-White mass to absorb us and cause our extinction.

Any means of genocide against us is acceptable to them. Murders, wars, birth control, miscegenation, you name it and if it reduces the pure White population it is okay with the anti-Whites and those sicko self-hating Whites who put non-Whites before Whites and who are committing their own suicidal genocide as they are absorbed into the non-White masses.

Their preferred genocide method for Whites is miscegenation with Blacks. This is so because Blacks are furthest away on the evolution scale from Whites than other races and can more quickly cause the most destruction of our White DNA code and pollute it more than any other race.

By encouraging miscegenation, the anti-Whites and White self-haters also avoid any criminal charges against themselves in the present day evil anti-White world. In our coming White world, miscegenation by Whites or the encouragement of miscegenation by Whites, will bring criminal charges of genocide.

They want us to mate with non-whites and produce non white children.They want us to have abortions and use birth control pills and other measures and anything else to decrease our numbers and stop our evolution.

GAHTI wants us to reproduce and purify our lines and we must remain separate from all non-whites and not mix or mate with them.

GAHTI also wants us to prove ourselves by using our own wits and self-reliance to win our struggle to evolve. Those Whites who don't follow the common sense instructions given to us will perish in the fullness of time and their family lines will be wiped out as they are absorbed into the non-White masses.

Our struggle does have political and secular aspects because it touches all parts of our lives and our existence but at its core it is from God-As-He-Truly-Is and is thus religious and this religious aspect is where its strength comes from



Absolutely! But, it is just the most easily recognized difference between the major races. The major races are, indeed, color coded. That's a survival advantage because we can usually tell who is one of us and who is not at a safe distance and we can easily know who we should or should not mix and mate with.

Skin color is no more a trifle than is the color of paint. In the latter, the different colors of paint have different chemicals-pigments-added to them to get their color. These different chemicals are real, physical things and on the atomic and sub-atomic levels they are also different.

So it is with skin color. Those with different skin colors have different chemicals both in our macro level of existence but also in the atomic and sub-atomic levels.

Differences are differences. Do not overlook them or dismiss them. And, of course, unlike paint, our skin color is not sprayed on as, say on identical model cars coming off an assembly line.

Our Whiteness comes from our White DNA Code and the White DNA code is what we must preserve. Preserve our White skin and we pretty much preserve our White DNA code, preserve our White DNA Code and we preserve out White skin, that's how intertwined they are.

However, our Whiteness is joined with many of our other characteristics so if we lose our Whiteness we lose many of them also and we are not the same type of human. Thus people who are mixed race with one White parent and one non-White parent are never White. Some may look White, but they are not White.

White is White and we must remain White. It is essential to our survival and our evolution. If we lose our White skin and White features we are no longer us.



Ask of everything: Is this good for White people and then act accordingly.

We should be racial egoists and not racial altruists. This means we should always act in the self-interests of Whites and never in the interests of non-Whites.
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