Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

We must help our fellow Whites to overcome their alienation from their White genetic selves and from all other Whites as well as from Whiteness itself.

It is no secret that far too many Whites are apathetic or indifferent about being White and have little respect for their Whiteness and consider their race as irrelevant. This universal/globalist and incorrect mind set is largely one that has been increasingly pushed or forced on to Whites since at least 1964 or so.

We must help our fellow Whites to BE WHITE in all ways, always and to be proud of who and what they are and to never apologize for being White.

We must also increase the knowledge and consciousness of Whites that we are a very different type of human from all non-Whites and that we are in a very small minority on this planet as we are also the newest type of human to evolve.

Some of us also believe that we are selected by the Divine and we use "selected" in two senses. The first sense is that we are a product of Natural selection and the second that we are a product of Divine selection.

But even those Whites who do not believe in God or who have the wrong concept of God can understand that we are at least the product of Natural Selection.

In other words, we have become White in a very non-White world as we have evolved out of previous types and our evolution involves far more than our White skin. It has changed us internally and in our brains. We are the new model human.

We Whites are the new kids on the human block and we are continuing to evolve faster than the non-Whites as our DNA code is more malleable and changes very quickly, as evolutionary time is measured, and that's why we have so much diversity among our White kind. Look at all the different hair colors and eye colors we Whites have while still all being White in the DNA core of our beings. No other race has such diversity as Whites, because their DNA is more fixed than ours and they can't evolve as we can.

We are the replacements for other types of humans who still walk on this Earth. But, we have to do the right things to make it so. If we do not do the right things, we shall go extinct and those less evolved shall rule.

The Eternal Gene Wars

All life is involved in the Eternal Gene Wars. This means genes in all living things are constantly struggling for expression against similar but different genes for functions/attributes/characteristics.

This is most easily seen in humans when, for example a man with blue eyes marries a woman with some other color eyes. The children they produce tells the tale of which genes won the struggle. This struggle within Whites is a relatively minor one as the child will always be White.

However, if a White marries a non-White the struggle is major and the White will always lose out as his or her genes are mostly recessive and are not expressed in the child they produce. But, even in the case where the child of White/Non-White mating looks White, the child's genes will be about half non-White and the child will not be White as we define White. And, to be clear, our quick definition of a White is a person born of two White parents who were also born of White parents. Another term for a true White is Aryan as used in Europe in the not too distant past.

Among the right things we must do as Whites is to fully understand who and what we are and that the path to our highest possible destiny requires that we not mix or mate with any non-Whites as this causes our devolution and not our evolution.

Are we full of hate?

Short answer: No. Saying we are is one of the usual hateful things that antiWhites say about Whites who are proWhite

You may think that some non-Whites are terrific people, they may be smart, they may be attractive, they may be friendly, they may mean Whites no conscious or intentional harm.

But, you must understand that Whites must still separate from them and never mix or mate with them.


It is because their genes are harmful to us and can contaminate our White genome and cause our genocide and eventual extinction. We must avoid them like the plague, or as we would avoid deadly disease germs or anything else that could harm us. We can be polite about separating, but we must stay as separate as possible while still carrying on in our daily lives.

It is similar as to why we must avoid anything else that is a danger to our survival. And, by survival we mean the survival not just of each of us as White individuals but the survival of the White genome with all its White genes and its White DNA code that each of us carries inside of us and which survives our death but only if we have children and only with our fellow Whites.

We should even try to avoid the DNA that non-Whites (as do all living things) shed wherever they happen to be.

Some of us who believe in God-As-He-Truly-Is have it easier in separating from all non-Whites because we believe that God has commanded us to separate from all non-Whites. Thus, we are not conflicted by any thoughts that we should mix and mate with non-Whites because society says it's proper. We know it is not. God told us we must separate and we trust in God and not in whatever trends or social fads say at any time. We may not always understand all of His reasons but so long as we are told to be good people against evil and are never told to break righteous laws or harm others we try to be good as God demands of us.

What about DNA that is shed or secreted?

As far as shed or secreted DNA, you must understand that even the shed and secreted DNA of non-Whites has the potential to infect us and harm us simply because, unfortunately, their DNA, unlike the DNA of other living things, is close enough to our own to infect us in ways not yet fully understood by science. Some of us, however, understand from a religious perspective that we should avoid such shed or secreted DNA if we can. As with many other things, we are to be reasonable in following this avoidance command and we need not go and live like hermits far from all other humans. We must use our common sense and do what is right and just for ourselves and our families in the real world that we live in and not harm others or bring harm to ourselves and our families.

Interestingly, a recent report out of Copenhagen tells how a group of researchers went into a local forest about the size of an American football field and attached collection devices around the forest to vacuum "environmental DNA" from the air. When they inspected the collection devices they discovered to their surprise the DNA of more than 64 species of domestic and wild animals floating in the air. A virtual soup of DNA.

That was DNA that anyone in the forest would be breathing in and having all around them and landing on their clothes and skin. However, since it wasn't human DNA there was probably little chance of humans being infected by it. Now, had these researchers gone into a neighborhood of humans and vacuumed up the DNA with these devices they would pick up lots of environmental DNA from humans. If the neighborhood was mostly White, then the soup of floating DNA in the air would be mostly White and those who live there would be immersed in White DNA. No matter what one thinks of the possibility of such environmental DNA having an effect on us, being in a soup of White DNA if you are White can't be a bad thing for Whites.

And, then there is "touch DNA." This is now used in police investigations. If someone touches something with, say, their finger, they leave behind touch DNA and this DNA can help create a sketch of whoever left it. Not just their race, but other characteristics such as hair and eye color and so on. Yes, the DNA Codes we carry are blueprints on how to make us, us. And those blueprints can be read in the DNA left behind just by touching something.

So, to repeat, disregard the antiwhite hate speech from the usual haters of Whites and disregard the smears about us and how we are full of hate, etc. and how we supposedly just hate non-Whites because of the color of their skin.

Our belief that we must separate from all non-Whites has little or nothing to do with hate. It has to do, for some of us, with our religious requirements that say we should avoid them and their DNA and how we can be harmed by them and it and how they and it can take us off the righteous path and make us go extinct. We must survive, as Whites, for God's or Nature's plan to work. We must start loving ourselves and other Whites and we must always put White interests and people first.

Is such shed or secreted DNA really harmful to others? At the present time science will say that it isn't. Of course there was a time when science also denied the reality of germs.

Arman has taught for many years that we must, at a minimum, keep our homes, our vehicles and our places of worship exclusively White and not have any but White people in them at any time. And if non-Whites have entered these places that we must thoroughly clean and purify these places both physically and ritually. With our knowledge now of shed and secreted DNA we see why this teaching makes sense.

Whiteness at the core of our religious/spiritual beliefs for some of us

Have no doubt about it, Whiteness--our White DNA Code, our White genes, our White genome--are at the core of our teachings about religion, about spirituality, about life itself. It is central to our beliefs. We believe that our Whiteness--our DNA Code, our White genes, our White Genome--are one with the Divine and must be purified and made as pure as possible for God's plan to work.

And what is God's plan for our kind? He has selected us to evolve into a new kind of human that will look much as we do now but when we fully evolve we will no longer be able to have children with other types of humans and in the fullness of time we will become the replacements for other types of humans as Homo sapiens are now the replacements for earlier types.

Whiteness is not just a footnote of our beliefs, it is essential to our beliefs. It is from God who has made us. It is front and center and the major part of our beliefs, our rituals, our ways of living and thinking.

God spoke: I made you of flesh and blood. I evolved you as Whites from the DNA Code that I created. Be as I made you and do not mix your DNA with the DNA of any other kinds. Purify your flesh and blood and separate from all other types of humans. Stay White in all ways, for White is the color of purity and is one with Me. Multiply your kind and fill your homes with your White children. Do not grow old and die childless for you carry My sacred DNA Code within you and you are charged with spreading it by mating with other Whites but only with other Whites.
God so loves White people that we might not be too far off to say that God is White, but we know that probably isn't quite true as we believe that He exists without a body in the quantum level of existence that underpins all of existence. The existence of such an intelligence, personality and being is starting to be ever more believable, even to some skeptics, in this day of modern computers and now AI. Our machines used to need gears and pulleys and such and we could easily understand how they worked. Today, we have machines (computers) that have no gears or pulleys and do amazing things. It may be a little like that with God. A religion with no God or with a God who doesn't do much or care much about any humans is bound to fail since it lacks the psychology humans need.

A religion with a real God who cares and who rewards and punishes has the basic ingredients needed by humans and can survive wars, tragedies and everything else. If your religion does not have a God who actually cares for and who punishes and rewards humans then you have a philosophy. History is littered with such philosophies that sometimes garner a small group of intellectuals who sniff how superior they are because they don't believe in ghosts in the sky etc. but they fail to have any lasting and real impact on humans and human survival.

We are on the side of good against evil. Even our White skin tells us this as the color White is synonymous with purity in almost all human cultures and it is the opposite of black. We are on the side of God and He is on our side. We are the people of His light and it shines forth from us at our level of existence.

We oppose mixed race relationships on religious grounds, on nature's grounds, on science's grounds.

Religious practice

As a White you have a direct link to the Divine. You do not need priests or ministers to intercede for you.

No matter your circumstances, free, in jail, whatever, or wherever, you can practice this faith by being White in all ways, always. You can keep your faith private and tell no one or you can share it. It is up to you. You can even pretend to have another religion if this helps keep you safe and earning a living etc.

Some of us say a short thank you to God morning and night and many of us have with us at all times an image of a swastika or fylfot and sometimes spirals. We can have them directly on our skin where they can be easily seen or can be small and on parts of our skin not usually or easily seen by others or they can be on a ring or amulet or even on a piece of paper in your wallet or pocket.

Some swastikas and fylfots have 2 arms, some 3, some 4 and some 6 or many more. We see these shapes in storms, in far away galaxies in space, in water draining from our sink, in the way life grows, in the shape of DNA and on and on. These shapes are holy to God-As-He-Truly-Is and we bear them and have them with us and in our homes as reminders of our relationship to God and how we must live always with the three important elements in mind: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action.

The spiral, swastika, fylfot shapes all represent God to us. They are holy and must be respected. Our main form of worship is to practice Whiteness in all ways, always. You can do this alone or in groups. Your everyday intentional and conscious way of living your life as White is a high form of worship.

Our three basic principles are: Right Blood, Right Belief Right Action

Right Blood means White genome, White genes, White DNA Code, born of two White parents who are also born of White parents, Aryan.

Right Belief means believing in Whiteness before all else, Belief in being selected, belief in a higher power that has selected Whites.

Right Action means living White in all ways, always, and in doing everything to expand our kind and help our kind survive and thrive

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