Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

What are we Whites here for? We Whites are here to evolve into a new species of human that is sometimes called the Ubermensch (singular) or Ubermenschen (plural). We Whites and only we Whites were selected by the Divine (or Nature, if you prefer) to evolve along a strictly White path and to become more than human. No other types of humans were selected for this purpose. This is our highest possible destiny and purpose as Whites.

But there are some among us who are trying to get Whites to blend in with non-Whites and go extinct. Some of these haters of Whites and Whiteness may appear White but who really aren't White in the Aryan sense that we mean when we say White. And there are also some weak minded and weak bodied Whites among us with defective genes who are also trying to get us to blend in with the rest of mankind and not evolve. And there are some Whites who are just misinformed and who have bought the lie that "there is only one race the human race." Hopefully, we can wake up some of these Whites who are just misinformed. And, we must try to do so to save them. Have nothing to do with Whites who push racial diversity on us and who either have no real sense of having proper White identity or who want to deny race even exists or who apologize for being born White. They are fools and will not evolve with us and will take their family lines into genocidal extinction as they blend themselves away and devolve. To get things right in your life as a White, you must first have the proper conception of who and what you are and how this relates to others and the world around you. You must before all else, have a sense of your White Identity as the most important identity of all. This is how you rid your mind of false beliefs and thoughts and protect yourself from the anti-White propaganda that is now all around us in movies and TV shows and in all kinds of advertising that are selling miscegenation the way they used to sell cigarettes. Don't buy it. Rid your mind of the usual anti-White cliches and tropes.

Turn away from the happy face couples in ads smoking cigarettes and trying to get you to do the same and turn away from the happy face couples engaged in race mixing and trying to convince you to do the same. They both kill in their own ways. They are both cancerous and will destroy you. Never mix and mate with any non-Whites.

You have to know that the saying "There is only one race, the human race," is nonsense. In fact, Whites are so different from non-Whites that we should more properly at a minimum be called as separate subspecies and even a different species. And Darwin suggested that Whites might even be more properly put in a different genera than all non-Whites. Saying that "There is only one race, the human race," is as stupid as saying "There is only one breed of dog, the dog breed."

Also you must understand that the saying "Skin color is only skin deep," is absolutely rubbish. Our skin is not a trifle, it is our largest organ. Many don't realize that skin is an organ, but it is, just as our hearts and kidneys and so forth are organs. And, skin is much more than skin deep. Our White skin is an extremely important organ for us as Whites and, to repeat, it not just skin deep. It is essential.

If we lose our White skin we are no longer selected. Yes, we are color coded by the Divine or Nature and our Whiteness is absolutely essential to who and what we are. To repeat, our White skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It is not like paint sprayed on almost as an afterthought. It is White for a reason. And that reason is more than skin deep. And just as people have variations in hearts or other organs due to their genes, we have White skin due to our genes and to repeat, again, our White skin is absolutely essential to who and what we are and without it we are no longer us.

Then you have to know that the saying that "We should consider the content of another person's character and not the color of their skin," is also nonsense.

Skin color in humans comes from our DNA code and our genes. It is not like paint that is applied over identical automobiles that are exactly the same except for the paint color. Always consider skin color and always select Whites to be with and around and do not select non-Whites to be with and around.

But, skin color is just one of the many thousands of differences we have from non-Whites. Learn to love the differences. Learn to love your Whiteness. You must know your most important identity. You are a White person. You are not Jewish. You are not Black. You are not Brown. You are not Yellow. You are not Red. You are White. If you are the child of two non-Jewish White parents of European extraction, no matter where you or they were born or live, then you are a White person or an Aryan as the term was widely used in Europe in the not too distant past.

But you must go even deeper than this. You are who you are as a White person because you received half of your DNA code from your White mother and half from your White father. This code is also called the White genome. It contains the genes that make you a White person.

You also have to understand that it is your personal duty to replicate yourself and keep the White genome pure. This means you must mate only with your fellow Whites of the opposite sex and never mate with any humans who are not White. This is as God demands it of us. However, if you find it hard to believe in God then believe in nature and in continuing your line after your death by passing on your White genome by having White children. Or just believe that you want children who look like you. And, the only way that can happen is if you only have children with other Whites. It is the only way.

When you hear people complaining about hate speech or hate fliers, you have to understand that they are usually complaining about Whites asserting our right to be White and using our God given free speech rights to do so.

If you are White and you fall for the universal idea that we are all one kind of humans, you need to get rid of that false thought.

Whites must take care of Whites and no one else. We must care about Whites and no one else. If, for example you read that Hitler was evil then you as a White need to understand that he was not evil. He was very pro-White. He wanted Whites to be able to live only among their fellow Whites. That is good for us for a number of reasons, so don't buy the lies about Hitler if you are White. He was for you as a White.

You must ask of everything: Is this good for White people? You must never ask: Is this good for all people? Take care of your White self and your White kind and let others take care of themselves and their kind.

Do not be universal for this is a false way to go. Be particularistic. Ask: What's in it for me? And the "me" is you and all other Whites. The "me" does not include people unlike you. Everyone who is not White is not like you. Mind your own White business and let non-Whites mind their own non-White business.

The so-called anti-hate organizations are really anti-White organizations. They are usually run by non-Whites and their main targets are Whites who express White pride or White rights etc. Oh, they may call a few nonwhite organizations hate to hide the fact that they are really overwhelmingly against Whites so don't be fooled by this.

There are those who try to deny the most important thing about us which is our genome (the combination of all of our genes and our DNA code) and substitute things of the mind such as "character," as being more important than our biology and DNA code but this is very evil and false logic.

You CAN'T deny the most important thing about any living things--their DNA codes--and say other things that are the result of those codes as they seek to survive in various environments, are more important.

That would be a little like saying that what is most important about, say, roses, is their scent while ignoring the fact that the scent is a product of their genes and their genes are a product of their DNA code, not the other way around. It is the DNA code that is most important and the scent is a result ultimately of that DNA code and the scent is given off as a survival mechanism in order to attract bees who will help spread the genes while collecting pollen. That is the whole purpose of the scent and the colors etc.
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