by H. Millard © 2015

If we Whites are going to save ourselves from extinction and if we are going to be on the top of the heap and be happy and become the replacement model human we need to think correctly about existence and what it all means.  And, we first have to know what it means to survive as Whites.

Start with the idea that the only reason anything at all matters is because you exist. If you didn't exist, nothing could possibly matter to you.  

So, existence is important because you exist.  From this, we can say that your continued existence is important and that your instinct for self-preservation is your most important instinct since it helps you to continue to exist. 

But does self-preservation just mean to keep the person you see in the mirror alive?  That's part of it, but there's more, and this is what many people seem to forget or never knew--self-preservation also means to keep your DNA code* pure, alive and moving forward both in an improvement sense and in time.   This means having many children who are pure White** just like you.  Remember, as a White, you are a branching off from non-White humans.  You are different.  And, maintaining and even increasing beneficial differences from non-White humans is important if you are to survive and not be blended back in to the non-White masses.

Nature helps us survive because under the general rubric of self-preservation we have our instinct to have sex, which contains within it the instinct to reproduce, which then has within it the instinct to pass on our DNA code.  However, we don't usually form the thought that we want sex to reproduce so we can pass on our DNA code and survive our own eventual death through our children.   Usually, we want sex  because we find it pleasurable.  But, that's the way nature does things--it uses simple things like pleasure to make us want certain things in order for us to do the right things for our survival and, in this case, make more like ourselves to pass on our DNA code so it will survive and thrive. And, of course, nature also uses pain to make us avoid certain things.

You also have to understand that evolution is real.  Don't try to deny it. We Whites have evolved from earlier non-White human types and all life evolved from that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from so called non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life. If Whites mate with non-Whites, the children of those matings are never White and such matings  sends our DNA code back toward the non-White masses and our absorption and assimilation back into these non-White masses from which we have evolved. Call it devolution.  Call it genocide. Call it a failure to survive.  Call it personal and racial extinction.

Evolution works largely through competition  (natural selection) where different types compete endlessly for dominance and for the extinction of somewhat related types that can replace them--this often means, and it means this with humans--that those other types that are similar to us that can replace us either by competing better in the niche we both occupy or because they can mate with us and destroy our particular genome, that makes us different from them, are always our enemies even if they have no evil intent.

The principle here is similar to what we see with germs.  Germs don't hate us and they have no evil intent, but many of them can kill us just by their presence. So, semantically, and just to keep things simple, we can anthropomorphize their potential harmful effects to us and say they do "hate" us and do have "evil intent" toward us.  With humans, the fiercest competition with our White kind comes from non-Whites. Their DNA codes (anthropomorphizing again for  clarity and understanding) "hate" our White DNA code and "want" to replace it with theirs.  Their DNA code "wants" to wipe out our White DNA code and make it extinct.  Their DNA code "wants" to be the only human DNA code in existence.  And, of course, our DNA code--in mentally and physically healthy Whites--"feels" the same way about non-White DNA codes.  Such is nature. Non-whites are evil to us and we are evil to them.  This is the way it must be.  This is the way of existence.  No, we can't all get along. There are always winners and losers in the struggle for existence and if this were not so, existence would have to be static and there could be no evolution ever higher.  Understand this about existence and consciously get in the struggle and guide yourself ever forward and ever higher. Live intentionally White.  Be White in all ways.  Think White constantly.

This competition even happens right in our own bodies where genes for different characteristics--eye color, hair color, hair texture, body type and everything else that makes each of us the individuals we are--compete for dominance.  And, it happens between all of us as individuals as we compete with all other individuals so that our particular genome (all DNA material) is expressed and dominates other versions. 

I call this natural competition the Gene Wars. And wars they are but, to repeat and to be clear, there is no evil in a universal sense in these Gene Wars and most of the battles are below our level of consciousness. Nature doesn't care who survives or who dies off.  Nature just "wants" to have life, some life, fill all of existence with life, because life is an improvement over so-called non-life as life is minerals with consciousness, intelligence, volition, self-awareness and the ability to expand its kind.  To this end, nature gives all organisms a chance to survive by giving all living things ways to defend and expand themselves in the arena of life and nature keeps tinkering and never stops. It tinkers with you to give you an advantage, and then it tinkers with your natural enemies to give them a way to counter your advantage and then it gives you another advantage and so it goes.  It's trial and error as nature tinkers with living flesh to find the best suited to carry life forward to fill all of existence with the life force carried in the best forms of life. 

All life that we know about has a code or blueprint to make it the way it is.  This code on Earth is found in DNA and RNA. Most life that we know about, including humans, uses the DNA version but some viruses use RNA as their code carriers.  As you probably know, DNA consists of just four chemicals that are abbreviated as A,T, C, G.  These four chemicals are shuffled constantly by the fundamental evolutionary processes such as the already mentioned natural selection.  And, the shuffling never ends. Nature is a tireless and frugal engineer constantly tinkering with all forms of life, including human life.   In humans, each of us carries 46 chromosomes with around 20,000 genes that are made up of about 3 billion base pairs of the four chemicals of DNA. When we mate, the male passes on 23 of his chromosomes along with 10,000 of his genes and about a billion combinations of the four DNA letters that he carries and the female does the same. When these combine (sperm + egg) a new life starts forming and nine months latter a new human emerges who is a product of the DNA of the male and the female who mated.

Even in all White countries there are Gene Wars going on as nature selects the best for the available niches.  All the brother and cousin wars we know from European history?  Ultimately, those were Gene Wars.  Of course, they were never called that and they all had some sort of "rational" explanations, such as a difference in ideology or a need for more land or too narrow a view of nationalism, but when the surface is scratched you'll find that Genes were warring with each other for expression and dominance.  And, in the case of White brothers and cousins fighting to the death, the distinctions between the Genes at war were relatively minor, but, again, that's how evolution works. 

Today, we  Whites face a real danger to our continued existence and this comes from external genes and genomes that are not minor variations of our White genes and genomes but are radically different.  Today, our formerly all White lands are being invaded by hordes of non-White genes and genomes and they are waging a war for expression and dominance against our White genes and genomes.  We read about Gene Wars every day in the papers as we see Whites being attacked by non-Whites and we see it in the miscegenation that is being promoted to have Whites commit their own bedroom genocide by mating with non-Whites.  There is a culling of the White population.  Whites who are "racist" have a better chance of survival since racism is simply a heightened sense of who is us and who is not us and we generally try to stay with us and not with not us.

Have no doubt  about this, haters of Whites are manipulating easily suggestible Whites into bedroom genocide.  And, when a White has a baby with a non-White that new being will not be fully White.  It is impossible for it to be so, since it will automatically carry 23 Chromosomes carrying approximately 10,000 genes from the non-White partner and many of these will be expressed over the White genes it carries.  However, the child of such unions is often more attractive to other Whites than the child of two non-Whites.  This increases the likelihood that this mixed race child will eventually mate with a pure White and produce more mixed children.  It is a downward spiral away from White purity to impurity.  This is real impurity, not the kind that is ritually washed away in baptismal ceremonies.  This is the real original sin--it is in the genome and can only be washed away over many, many generations.

We have a higher potential destiny as a result of blind evolution taking us to the point we are at now-- and this higher potential destiny's next major step--which we must consciously and intentionally choose to take--is for us to branch off even more from non-White humans so that we will no longer be able to produce viable children with them.  When we reach this next step--and we are on the threshold right now--our evolution will increase even faster as this next step will prevent all gene flow from non-Whites to us and we will evolve along a purely White trajectory as we head to the stars and as we become the new model mankind just as present day humans are the new models who have replaced Neanderthals. 

Extinction is one possible fate we face if we just let nature blindly work, but it doesn't have to be that way.  We are at the point of awareness and awakening where we can and must direct our evolution and not just accept the defaults that may or may not  eliminate us.  But, it is up to us.  We must live intentionally and we must live White in every way possible and never blend back in with non-Whites.  It's a difficult path but we will be helped by those who hate us since this will help us--those of us who so choose--to coalesce around our ideas of what we have the potential to become and we shall become a subculture even within the larger White culture and then a tribe and we shall evolve--not all Whites--but those who do will be the ancestors of the new ones to be born in the future from out of us and we will be with them in their bodies in the DNA codes that we pass on to them.  Hate from those who hate Whites is our ally.  Love from them is our enemy.  We must be despised so they do not want to be with us and so we do not want to be with them. We must be a people apart.

We may be living in the day that will spawn a creation myth for Whites alive thousands of years from now.  Will they have myths of how most Whites went extinct and blended themselves back down the evolutionary trail while just a few Whites remained pure and produced the pure Whites who eventually replaced all other humans?  Perhaps we are the Adams and Eves of all future White humans.


*Note: I use "DNA code" more than "genes" because about 98% of the DNA code is not part of our 20,000 genes.  This "extra" DNA is not junk and is used for other purposes.  Nature is a frugal engineer and doesn't make junk. Form follows function.

**I define "pure White" here as a White with two parents, four grandparents, and eight great grandparents who are non-Jewish Whites of European extraction.


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