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I believe in Whiteness and the ways of existence and I believe that we are a selected people who are to bring holiness, goodness, righteousness, justice and truth to the Earth through our flesh. Where we live there is  holiness, goodness, righteousness, justice and truth emanating from each of us from the spark of God within; where we are in great numbers and where we are exclusively these things are vastly multiplied. [This means, in part, that we are to multiply our kind to completely and exclusively fill all lands with our kind. All lands will be made holy by our presence and the holiness, goodness, righteousness, justice and truth will increase as we increase our numbers.  It is not through blind beliefs that we bring our goodness in, it is through our flesh--through our DNA code--through our very presence as the selected ones with the spark of God within. And it also means that our DNA Code must be expanded constantly through us birthing more White babies and by not helping others survive what God throws in their way to diminish them. This does not mean we are superior to other kinds, it just means that we have a special burden to make everything better by increasing our numbers and that we have an evolutionary  destiny that requires we take a narrow and difficult path that will often bring hatred and persecution from evil doers, who are haters of the one true God and his will and who promote false concepts of God and what he wants, to try to destroy us.]--Arman


Like many Whites, I was raised in a Christian faith and also like many Whites I simply couldn't accept the teachings.  They just weren't rational.  And, whenever I questioned anything that was taught, the reply was that I had to have faith in God as taught in the Bible--the God of some desert tribes.  Why should I have faith? The answer was circular, I must have faith, I was told, because the Bible said I must have faith.  I left that religion in my early teens and never looked back.

Now, however, I am religious again. Why?  Because now, at least to me, things are making sense. I follow the teachings of Arman who puts Whiteness above all else.

Arman says that finally we have come to an age when we can and must  be informed by modern science and we can understand by using terms and concepts from various sciences how there actually can be a living entity, that does not have a body but which does have intelligence and will and personality and a purpose, which can be called God.  Now we don't have to invent fairy tales, but can worship God as he truly is, in his full glory and magnificence.  Now, we have the science to understand how and why we have been selected to do His will.  Now, we can think about God with true reverence and humility.  Now, we can pray correctly and do what is right and good.

As part of what he teaches, Arman says that cause and effect is a reality, but that our ordinary senses may not be able to see the cause. He uses the example of a garage door opener in your car.  As you drive toward your garage, you push a button in your car and your garage door opens. There are no visible wires or ropes from your car to the garage door.  Our religious level of consciousness was once at the level of, say, a cat, who sitting on your driveway sees your car coming down the street and is then startled when the garage door suddenly opens to let your car in. To a cat that might seem like magic, or if the cat had our brains, he might think it was God doing a miracle. How did that door know to open? A great mystery to the cat, but we know the truth.  We understand the cause and the effect so we don't have to posit a false idea of God to explain what happened.  But, the very fact that there can be invisible forces that caused that garage door to open brings in the possibility that there can be other invisible forces that cause things to happen and it may be that some of these other invisible forces do their own button pushing or perhaps have one main button pusher--God. I accept this as possible. Do I have doubts?  Sure.  But, I believe God wants us to have doubts and to question everything, including whether He exists or not. I also believe that God is more concerned about how we live than the exact details of our beliefs.  I say He wants us to live right even if we doubt and even if we are agnostic or atheists.  I say God is not so vain as to constantly need humans to do meaningless rituals and do various other things just to feed His ego.  What kind of God would that be?  God wants us to choose the right and the good and not the wrong and the bad, but we have to use our free will and intelligence to do so. 

With a little understanding of modern scientific concepts we can be religious again--rationally religious.  No need for children's fairy tales.  No need for blind faith--well, maybe just a little rational faith to fill in some gaps.  We just need to open our minds to extrapolate what true science teaches us and finally understand and put true religious thinking to work for us. 

But, notwithstanding the above seeming disregard for faith, per se,  this is also a time for  a new faith, based on true science and the needs of us as White human beings. Psychology plays a role as it must, when we deal with humans, and this is where faith largely comes in.  How could it be otherwise?  We are not machines, we have emotions and those emotions must be dealt with by religion. We have love and grief and sadness and hopes and desires and many other things and sometimes we need to have some faith to get past some difficulties in life.  We look for meaning and purpose and if we don't find them we are generally unhappy and even depressed.  If there is no meaning and no purpose in our lives, what is the point of living or of doing anything?

God, (but  He is not as imagined in false religions), is, according to Arman, found everywhere in the quantum (quantum just means very small) level of existence that is the foundation of our level of reality, and He is entwined with and part of  the ever moving, ever spinning, ever spiraling forces, waves, energies and vibrations that constantly create (and destroy) matter that is the foundation of our level of reality. These forces, etc. are everywhere there is existence, so to say that God is in the smallest parts of existence does not mean God is small. Think of God, to visualize this, as a vast fog or as a field of energy or as like gravitational waves--covering all of existence. Now, add intelligence to that fog. Intelligence that does not need a brain of flesh and blood, an intelligence that we now know is possible from computer science. That is God. These forces, etc., just mentioned, are  also part of everything in existence including all organisms. It cannot be otherwise, and this is not the stuff of voodoo religions or  fairy tales, but of true science and true religion. 

The molecule of life: DNA, like everything else, comes from the quantum level--the God level--of existence and is what spins life into being on Earth (some viruses rely on RNA but the essential principle is the same). That spiraling double helix of DNA carries the code or blueprint that in its core reads simply "life." It is programmed with the commands "survive," "adapt and evolve,"  "multiply your kind," and has the subprograms to accomplish these commands.


 The Whiteness Religion, as I discuss it here, is not a particular organization. It is a belief and a way of living that can be called religious (or not), as one chooses. It is composed of scattered individuals who believe in and  live Whiteness, and by several organized pro-White religions that have different names, different views of ultimate reality, and different beliefs, but which, each of them, put Whiteness first. And, putting Whiteness first is the essential element. Some have deeper beliefs and some have more understanding of what a belief in Whiteness means.  For me, it is a religious belief and Whiteness is a link to God and is what God demands.

We Whites, as is all life (except certain viruses) that we know about, are one of the progeny of that first molecule of DNA that made the leap from non-living minerals to the living minerals that we call life.  That DNA code that we carry and which makes us, us, and which is one with us, is what must survive and multiply.  It is the core of who and what we are. However, we are not like robots carrying it. It is us. We are the manifestation of that code in our everyday reality. But, our bodies wear out and die. It is essential that we pass on our DNA code by having as many children, who are like us and not like others, as possible. That is how we achieve immortal life.  That is how we honor God.  That is how we do what we are commanded to do. That is how we take this sacred spark of God, this White DNA code, and bring God to all lands and worlds through us to sanctify the world through our flesh and blood and make all worlds where we can live and thrive, holy and just.  This is what we must do.  This is right and good.  This is the purpose and  meaning of our lives. This is what we have been commanded to do by God.

 What is the Whiteness religion?  No simple answer is possible and many who are "in" the Whiteness religion have probably never heard  their beliefs described as being elements of any religion let alone a Whiteness religion.  In fact, many of the most  awakened Whites  will say it's not a religion that they adhere to but an identity or a political philosophy.  Nevertheless, I say that those who put Whiteness above all else and whose world views and lives are in some way dedicated to what we can call Whiteness--or the survival and expansion of Whites--are part of the White religion.   God has selected us to do His work and to spread His holy spark through us.

There are many definitions of religion and here's one that covers any and all religions:  A cause, principle, or system of beliefs held with faith and strong feeling that deals with ultimate meaning. Whiteness is my religion and while I have a concept of God that I strongly believe in, such a belief in a God is not required.  If your belief in Whiteness--that is, if your belief is sincere and strong and if this belief takes the place in your life that other more traditional religious views take, then you are a "member" of the Whiteness religion.  It is more important how you live than the minutiae of your beliefs.

Belief in Whiteness, in my case, is also a belief in God from the quantum and in the ways of existence. You say you don't like the word God and don't believe in God? That's okay. Do you believe in existence?  You should. You're here and you're part of it. Do you have a strong belief in and  put Whiteness before all else?  If so, you fit the definition of being religious. Those who hate Whites will try to bully you by calling you a racist, etc. They are bigots and haters.  They are evil.  You have a right to your religious views and you can wear them on your sleeve or simply believe privately and live according to Whiteness principles. That's your business and no one else's.  And, in most modern nations, government must treat all religions the same.

The Whiteness Religion is not a false religion that is universal in nature, but is real and is particular, just as we are particular and not universal.  I firmly believe that God has selected Whites to do His work in our everyday reality and that we are to breed pure and to our maximum and seek our evolution into a new species and become the new model human on this and all planets where we can live and thrive. I firmly believe that God has selected us because nature has selected us to be now standing on the threshold of our evolution, but now, we must prove ourselves worthy by doing what we must do to purify our kind and step across the threshold and take the holy path ever higher and ever closer to an understanding and oneness with God.

One is White by being born of two White parents.  One cannot convert. Just as among the most orthodox Jews one is a Jew by being born of a Jewish mother.  You see, God has put a higher standard upon Whites than upon Jews.  We need TWO parents of our kind, not just one, to be us.  Why did God put such a high standard on us?  It is because that is the way God's spark in its fullness is transmitted--God's spark is in our 46 White chromosomes. If one has one White parent and one non-White parent, one does not have the  spark of God and the spark is extinguished by the non-White parent.    The recipe that makes us, us, requires the ingredients from TWO White parents, a White male and a White female.  There is no other way. Any substitutions and the recipe is ruined.  If some haters of Whites don't like this, they should take it up with God. We do God's work as He commands us.

Arman says that we must have Right Blood (meaning being born of two White parents); Right Belief (meaning a belief in Whiteness and how this relates to ultimate meaning); Right Action (meaning living right in every way and in every minute).

A commonly used  name for non-Jewish White people of European descent used to be Aryan.  Then the term Aryan became the subject of smears and books (mostly by Jews who often hide their Jadishness in order to mimic Aryans) about how there was no such thing as an Aryan or if there were, they weren't  the White peoples of Europe.  The denouncement of the term was just silly.  Of course there are Aryans--I just defined the term up above:  Non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where they were born or where they live.  And, of course we do know that such people--Non-Jewish White people...do exist.  I'm one. If you are reading this on the sites where my stuff usually appears, you are probably also one. Yes, we are Aryans.  But if you prefer Whites, that's okay too.

At any rate, those of us who put Whiteness above all else and who treat this as sacred and who try to survive as Whites and to further our interests and expand our White DNA Code (even if we don't personally call it that), are members of the White religion.  Now, there are many beliefs in the White Religion that are secondary to Whiteness and this is why it is difficult to give a simple definition of the Whiteness religion.  There are awakened Whites who practice some early Scandinavian and other national religions, and some practice some newer ones that have various ideas about ultimate reality.  But, the umbrella under which they all reside is Whiteness.  It is essential. 

Remember this, we are a selected people and we are a moral and good people, but also remember that we are commanded to not interfere in the lives or business or destinies of non-Whites.  They, like us, must fall or rise on their own without our help or aid in any way.  If they prosper, they prosper.  If they starve, they starve.  If they are beset by wars and natural disasters or acts of God, that is their business and not ours. We must be indifferent to them and let them develop as is their fate, and this is the same for us.  We do not want other kinds to interfere in our business or our fate.  We must be left alone as they must be left alone. This is as God wants it, and too many humans have done evil and have gone against what God wants. The sad state of Whites today where we see Whites apologizing for being White and where we see Whites rushing to non-White lands to help non-Whites survive and eventually to compete with and live to destroy Whites even if unconsciously via the eternal gene wars is pure evil. This is against the will of God.  Whites must stay with our own and mind our own business and not interfere in the affairs of non-Whites.  Leave them alone to their own fates. God will sort it out.

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