By H. Millard (c) 2021


By H. Millard (c) 2021

By now you've probably heard about Jimmy Fallon telling his audience that Whites are in decline and how the audience composed mostly of White people cheered this fact.

So, what is one to make of this? What was wrong with these putative White people who cheered about the decline of White people--their own people?

There are several possibilities as to what is wrong with them. The first is that they've bought the Big Lie that Whites, including themselves, are the great evil on this planet and it would be better if Whites and their "disease of Whiteness" just didn't exist and died off completely as soon as possible before more get infected with it.

The second possibility is that they don't find their most essential identity in being part of a particular race. They consider themselves to be generic human individuals first and foremost who are just incidentally "painted" White.

And, once one considers skin colors to be as meaningless as paint colors the subconscious mind fills in the blanks and holds that underneath the skin color/paint color identical objects such as cars and humans are all the same. These are the ones who will often mouth the really stupid cliche: "There is only one race, the human race." So these people identify as humans, not as Whites and they are usually into a cancerous form of individualism.

However, if those in this second possibility are asked about their identity in a casual setting they'll more than likely tell you that they're Irish and/or German or Italian, or whatever, indicating the nations that their ancestors came from in Europe or they might tell you they're a mix of various European nationalities or some will just say that they're American (but of course there's no such thing as an American gene).

Few will say that they are just White. Now, part of this is because they are obviously White to the eye so they needn't tell you that, but it is still true that some really don't identify as White even though they are.

And, when the U.S. was overwhelmingly White it made sense to identify into one of these European national sub-categories based on where one's ancestors came from in Europe. However, the U.S. is no longer overwhelmingly White and it is, unfortunately, getting darker.

Furthermore, it is generally not considered racist to identify with a particular European nationality (however with foul CRT and BLM nonsense this is changing), so in addition to being plain wrap generic human individuals those Whites with this mind set may safely also show pride in being descended from people from one or more European nations.

Whites in the above categories are often the same ones who call their fellow Whites, and not in a good way, who do identify as White, various names such as Nazis, racists, White supremacists, White Nationalists, KKK, ant-Semites in order to scare these other Whites who actually like being White into shutting up and not joining other Whites with similar beliefs.

So in the twisted minds of Whites who cheer the decline of Whites, those Whites who do primarily identify as White are evil people full of racial hatred and/or are lower class and uneducated. But, these same cheering Whites will at the same time praise Blacks who show Black pride.

Add in a destructive level of "rugged" individualism--an American ideal for many centuries--instead of a healthy level of genetic collectivism and solidarity, and you end up with soul-dead Whites acting and thinking they have no real present connection with their ancestors, and that they (the cheering generation) sprang complete and whole as generic race-less humans just the same as all other humans of all colors.

This then opens the door to Whites miscegenating since if all races are the same and are all part of "the one human race" then it doesn't matter if Whites mate with non-Whites and it doesn't matter if their White seeds and eggs produce non-White children instead of White children. The result is more and more non-Whites are born using White seeds and White eggs much as a virus uses the cells in our bodies to make more like itself.

And, these non-Whites with some White genes are often more attractive than those who are purely non-White and this makes it more likely that some Whites will mate with them and this causes more and more pollution, devolution and degradation of the collective White genome. It may be a slow genocide of Whites, but genocide it is.

Whites need to wake up and realize that they are part of a White collective genome and it needs to be protected and expanded along completely White lines. This is how nature (or God, if you prefer) wants it to be and this is the purpose of us being born--to replicate ourselves so that we can evolve along a fully White path ever higher. This law of nature: Replicate yourself. Make more like yourself, is the most important instinct right after the instinct to survive and is actually the reason we have an instinct to survive--we have to survive if we are to replicate. Dead people don't make more like themselves.

Whites will not survive if we mate with non-Whites who are the majority on this planet because Whites are the minority and it is usually the largest that absorbs the smallest, not the other way around.

Our primary identity must be White and we must practice Whiteness and we must ask of everything: "Is this good for White people?"

Some of us who consider ourselves awakened Whites believe so completely in Whiteness and the collective White genome that our belief is more than a mere intellectual exercise. We are our belief; it is one with us. They are inseparable.

Our faith and our spiritual and religious feelings are as much a part of us as our White skin color and genes. Our religion is our Whiteness and some of us further belief that this is the way the Divine, no matter how we conceive of Him or It, wants it to be. We are living breathing part of a sacred DNA code written by the Divine for His purpose and it is one with us and cannot be discarded or changed as though we are changing a political party of a shirt. We are our religion and it is us. We are White through and through and this will never change nor do we want it to ever change. And we are one with the Divine who wants us to survive, thrive, expand and evolve along a completely White path. But we have to do what we must do to make it so.

As awakened Whites we are less about the cancerous forms of individualism and more about the White collective.

We are as leaves on a great White tree. We will eventually pass away, but the tree must remain and get ever stronger and we must help it grow more leaves just like us. We are all for one and one for all when it comes to Whites.

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Link: Jimmy Fallon audience weirdly celebrates demoraphic decline of White people


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