Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023

God-As-He-Truly-Is has selected Whites to be on the fast track of evolution. We are already the newest type of human and that is why we are such a small minority of humans. We're only about 6% of humans. That means that 94 out of a hundred humans are non-White and only 6 are White.

Whites are on God's fast track to evolve ever higher and become a new species of human that, at present, we can call the Ubermensch.

This new species that we are on the doorstep to becoming will look much as the best among us now look, but will be healthier, longer lived, more intelligent. Think of the ideal White types seen in ancient Greek and Roman statues but with a slightly longer head top to bottom to accommodate the larger brain.

And when full speciation takes place we will no longer be vulnerable to producing children with non-Whites. We will only be able to produce White children. When that point is reached, our evolution will take off like a rocket as we move ever further ahead of the rest of humanity and eventually replace them just as present day humans have replaced Neanderthals.

How that will happen we don't know. Maybe we'll have an extra chromosome or one less chromosome or maybe something else. There will be something "natural" that will make it not possible for us to bear non-White children.

However, this future is not guaranteed. To evolve as God wants us to evolve we must follow His instructions to us. The two clearest and most repeated instructions or commands to us are that we are to stay separate from all non-Whites and not mix or mate with them and we are commanded to have as many healthy White children as our bodies can provide.

Obviously, to evolve we must first survive and we must multiply our kind, but there are evil forces that want all Whites to go extinct.

These evil forces that hate Whites and who want us to go extinct don't much care how our extinction happens. They just want us gone. Wars where Whites kill other Whites, direct killing of us on our streets and in our homes, tricking us into not having children, tricking us into mating with non-Whites so if we do have children they won't be White, forcing us to live among them so that "natural" blending via miscegenation takes place and so we pick up their discarded DNA from their very presence. You name it and if it will cause our extinction it's acceptable for those who hate Whites and who want to see us go extinct. And, they certainly don't want us to evolve further as a unique and distinct people on our way to speciation.

Just as a little Black dye can make White milk less White so it is with DNA and us. A little DNA from non-Whites can make us less White. And, when we say "less White" we mean both externally and internally as we use the word White to describe who we are: Non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where we are born or live who are the children of two White parents who are also the children of White parents.

These evil forces arrayed against God and Whites instinctively, if not always consciously, hate His plan for us and want to stop our evolution by any means possible. We must be smart enough to understand this and be clever enough to keep our evolution on track.

To be clear, Whites blending in with non-Whites will stop our evolution.

God has been working through natural means for centuries to bring us to where we are now on the doorstep to complete speciation by all definitions of the term species but it can be ruined overnight by mixing and mating with nonwhites whose DNA will take us back down the evolutionary ladder and keep us from evolving as God wants. Yes, just as evolution is real so too is devolution real. If we mix and mate with non-Whites we will not evolve. We will devolve. We must avoid this.

We must understand that at the core of our beings our very essence is the DNA code that makes the White genome and us as the person we see in the mirror--but it is the White genome that we must protect and improve and purify. It is this White genome that God-As-He-Truly-Is is focused on and we are the carriers of this White genome. There is no other way for it to exist or evolve except through us as the person we see in the mirror.

How do we know all these things? God-As-He-Truly-Is has told us about this upward evolution that is to be part of our highest possible destiny. When God says it, we believe it.

So, go forth and DO the right things--stay separate, have White children--and in DOING the right things you are worshiping God, even if you have a hard time in believing in God.

God-As-He-Truly-Is has made it clear that what we actually DO and how we actually live our lives is more important than blind belief. We must live consciously White every day of our lives and we must always ask: Is this good for White people? Then we must act for what is good for White people. This is our religion: Living as God wants us to live and doing what God wants us to do. This is far more important than meaningless rituals and prayers. # # #
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