Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023


Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard (c) 2023 Too many Whites have for too long thought of Whites as the saviors or Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers of all mankind and this false belief has harmed us in many ways including now it can lead to our extinction as a distinct type of human.

This false savior belief is wrapped up in Christian beliefs that Christians (read mostly White) must go forth and proselytize to all other humans and have them become Christians. But, their idea of becoming Christian is irrevocably entwined with becoming non-White on the outside but White on the inside and to mimic White values, White ways, White haircut styles, White life styles, White mores.

These do-gooder Whites are often held up to other Whites as wonderful, sacrificing people who go to jungles and Third Word nations to help the people there. However, what they are really doing, to repeat, is trying to assimilate those peoples into a White world view and White ways which is unspoken but is at the heart of their Christian faith.

A small example of this savior complex is perhaps most clearly seen with apologies over the past few years by White U.S. officials, White Canadian officials and White Australian officials who all have "tearfully" apologized to the native peoples in their nations for trying to assimilate these native peoples into being non-White Whites.

In America we saw these Great White Mother and Fathers take little American Indian kids and force them to get White haircuts, wear White clothes and go to White schools. In Canada and Australia the Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers in those countries often took the native kids out of their own families and put them in White families. they justified this by saying that native parents and cultures were abusive to the kids so the kids had to be rescued and put with Whites.

Those Great White Mother and Great White Father polices were stupid polices back then and the modern versions of them are stupid now.

Whites need to stop with these savior complexes and butt out of the business of all non-Whites. Let the non-Whites, in their own lands and cultures, live as they want, do as they want so long as they do not harm Whites. We must stop being the big buttinsky of this planet.

Interestingly, it is those of us Whites who believe that we must leave other races alone and mind our own White business who are often called White Supremacists, White Nationalists, racists and similar terms when in fact what we often are is White Separatists who simply want all peoples to be able to live in their own lands with their own people and not have other races butt into their business.

Today, too many Whites in the U.S. are still engaged in this buttinsky nonsense. We see this with missionaries of various Christian faiths still running around the planet with doe eyes butting into the business of non-Whites to try to convert them to White ways disguised as Christianity. And, we see the U.S. government with military installations in many, many foreign nations also doing a similar thing. 'Why, we're there to help and protect the people in those nations," is an oft believed thought whether expressed this way or not.

We have to stop doing this. We Whites must stop trying to proselytize non-Whites and we must leave other peoples alone to practice their own ways and we must mind our own White business. Today, this Great White Mother and Great White Father or Lord Jim or even Lawrence of Arabia idea is causing our formerly all White nations to become diverse and mixed race and this is now causing increasing miscegenation by Whites and a lowering of the White birthrate. We must change our mindset and start taking care of Whites only. Screw Universalism. Follow particularism.

This is what other people do. The Chinese, Japanese, Blacks and you name it don't care about other peoples and largely mind their own business which is the correct way to live. Live and let live and stop trying to convert non-Whites to being White. Ultimately it will result in Whites becoming non-White as we Whites are a tiny minority on this planet and it is the large that assimilates the tiny.

Today, the biggest danger to the continued existence of White people is this call for diversity in all White nations and the miscegenation that naturally occurs as a result. In time, there will be fewer and fewer truly White people as miscegenation continues. This is genocide of Whites. It is our extinction. We must prevent this and to prevent this Whites must completely separate from all non-Whites and start minding our own pro-White business. # # #
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