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As we Whites face an on-going genocide against us, it is important for us to know who is us and who is not us so that we may breed us and not breed not us. 

We must not become the baby makers of not us and we must purify our kind in order to evolve higher and finally become  a new species--by all definitions of the term*--that is incapable of bearing children with those who are not our kind. 

We are not here to improve mankind, or to serve the needs of those who are not us, but to peacefully, lawfully, non-violently and naturally--via the fundamental processes of evolution, which includes natural selection--replace it with a new model of mankind--we Whites are that new model of mankind once we evolve just a little bit more.  We are here to fix a broken planet and make it a place where we can live peaceful, happy, righteous, just, and free lives as we see fit. We are here to spread the love of all that is good and just and alive and to bring light to a dark world that is falling ever more into evil and decline.

But to evolve that little bit more, we need to think right and live right. False thoughts, about mankind, about race, about existence itself, are  holding us back from our evolution and can eventually doom us.

Our highest destiny is not pre-ordained and it is not guaranteed.  It is not yet written.  We have to write it. We have the potential.  It is in our DNA code. We were born with it.

Those who want to consciously take the evolutionary path higher need to fully understand that race is real.  Race is to human as breed is to dog as variety is to rose. They also have to understand some basics about evolution and DNA--and I've written about those basics in other columns, essays and books.

Just as a quick summary of some of these basics, here are two quotations from two important people that succinctly state truths that I've written hundreds of pages about:

"[T]he varieties of mankind are so different that similar differences found in any other animals would warrant their classification in different species, if not in different genera." --Charles Darwin

 AND HERE'S WHAT ALL LIVING ORGANISMS (INCLUDING HUMANS) MUST DO--"Living organisms must necessarily compete, for food, for mates and for living space, especially with other members of their own species [i.e. those they can breed with]. They must avoid predators and other dangers. For all these various reasons, some will leave more offspring than others, and it is the genetic characteristics of such preferred replicators which will be passed on preferentially to succeeding generations. This is the essence of natural selection." -- Francis Crick (Nobel laureate and co-discoverer of the shape of DNA).

Most distinct peoples over the centuries have, as a natural product of their attempts at survival as they are, and for self-identification, for  self-determination and  for self-sovereignty, defined who is one of them by who they are descended from.  The bottom line is that one's DNA code matters.  In fact, it matters more than anything else as to who we truly are.

Here are some of the ways various groups of humans have used to determine who is like them and who isn't.

Orthodox Jews say a person with a Jewish mother is a Jew.

The Nazis, with the Nuremberg Law of 1935, said that a person with four White German grandparents was of German blood.

The SS standard--You had to prove that all direct ancestors born since 1750 were not Jewish.

Native American tribes today generally use Blood quantum laws or lineal descent rules, or a combination of both, to determine who is a tribal member. Under the Blood quantum laws, different tribes use different percentages to determine who is a member of a particular tribe. Some use 1/2 which means if one of your parents was a member of the tribe you are also considered a member. Others use 1/4  which means one grandparent was a member of the tribe, so you are also a member. Others use 1/8, which means if you had one great grandparent who was a member of the tribe, you are in; 1/16 means one gg grandparent, and you are in; 1/32 means one ggg grandparent and you are in.

Native Hawaiians are defined in U.S. law Title 45 CFR Part 1336.62 as "an individual any of whose ancestors were natives of the area which consists of the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778. However, there is a movement among more full blooded Native Hawaiians today to  recreate their people with more Hawaiian blood than defined under this law, since under this law one would only need to have had one pure Hawaiian ancestor who was born prior to 1778 and then could have every other ancestor since then not be a native Hawaiian. Clearly this could lead to blond, blue eyed Hawaiians--which are not really Hawaiians at all.

1865 Florida Law stated that one-eighth Black blood (= one great grandparent) means that you are Black (or "colored" in the preferred word for that day).

There were also laws at various times and places that stated that one-sixteenth Black blood (=one gg grandparent) and one-thirty second (=one ggg grandparent) means you are Black.

ONE DROP RULE--Any known ancestry makes you Black. This covers invisible Blackness, i.e. Blacks who can pass as White are still Black under this rule.

While the Nuremberg Law of 1935, shown above, may have a surface attraction for awakened Whites, one must remember that the Germans back then weren't really that concerned about Blacks and Browns in Germany, because there so few of them. The Germans were more concerned about the real and present threat to their purity as Aryans presented by Jews who could sometimes pass as Aryans and who could insert Jewish genes into the Aryan blood of the country.

Today, to be truly White--call if pure White--or Aryan--one must understand that while all White miscegenation is bad for White survival, some miscegenation is inherently more harmful than others.  Whites mating with Blacks is the most harmful to our White DNA code as it takes us genetically back to Africa, is more disruptive of our DNA code than other mixes, and takes longer to "distill" out the Black genes than it does to distill out Jewish, Yellow, Red or Brown genes.

However, keep in mind that given the sheer number of Han Chinese and other Yellows in the world, miscegenation with them, if done on a large scale, could turn the whole planet Yellow in just a few generations.

Remember, gene frequency is important in the human population.  As I've written before, and as nature has been very accommodating in giving us natural color coding for the major races, one might think of the various major races as different colors of paint and one might also think of those colors of paint as "wanting" to paint the whole world with their color and no other colors. 

The race with the greatest quantity of paint that keeps increasing its percentages is the most probable winner in the long view of existence.  However, the race with the most paint today (meaning, of course, the most populous) today, may not be the most populous tomorrow. There are any number of events--diseases, natural disasters, wars. miscegenation--that can reduce groups or even eliminate them.

We Whites should be aiming to become the most populous color. Some have said that we can't outbreed other peoples. Maybe that's true or maybe it's not. I do know that the more Whites there are, the better is the chance for our individual and group survival and evolution. Some also argue that we Whites should breed for quality not quantity. This is nonsense. We Whites have the quality within our genes.  We need to let all those potential Whites we carry around in our germ cells (sperm and eggs) out to do their thing in the world. Quality will come with quantity and it has ever been so that some of our greatest Whites were born of very mediocre White parents.

Nature screams out to all organisms: "GO AND MAKE MORE LIKE YOURSELF.  THAT IS YOUR PURPOSE."  Are you listening and acting on this, Whitey?  If not, you'd better start. Just do it.


*Some of us believe Whites are already a different species from all non-Whites and would be considered as such by mainstream science but for the fact that we can still (unfortunately) bear viable children with non-Whites.

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