As revealed to Arman and written down by H. Millard (c) 2021


As revealed to Arman and written down by H. Millard (c) 2021

You were born of two White parents who were born of two White parents? The presumption is that you have been selected by the Supreme Being.

We believe that Whites have been selected both by Divine selection and Natural selection to be the type of human that will evolve into an even newer type of human that will be smarter, stronger, healthier, live longer, have higher consciousness and be more in tune with what God wants for us.

We call this new species of human Homo novus. This new species will look much like the best of our kind now look but will be just a little different in many ways but will be able to pass as Homo sapiens except that they will only be able to replicate their new kind and will not be able to bear viable offspring with Homo sapiens.

We believe that the Divine entered the process of natural selection and evolution millions of years ago and caused the eventual creation of White people out of earlier forms starting with the first life that turned minerals into living organisms that could make more like themselves.

However, we also believe that due to miscegenation and other factors our further evolution has been slowed down and today we find evil forces trying to stop our evolution completely and have us either die off or blend ourselves away as White people into non-White genomes by miscegenation (mating with non-Whites).

Although, we who follow this belief system do not consider any so-called holy books other than our own Teachings as holy, we believe some of these other books have some mythologized stories that when stripped of the fictional components point to some truths.

For example, the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve? It was really many Adams and Eves and that story is about the creation of the first truly White people who were then to live in Eden and replicate themselves until they overflowed and then would start moving into other lands and eventually become the only human types in those lands. Unfortunately, some of the Adams and Eves mated with the darker peoples who were already in existence and this miscegenation was mythologized as original sin. Baptism in water was also a mythological and ritual way of washing away the non-White DNA, but of course it doesn't work.

This is usually presented as natural selection which essentially says that those individuals in populations with certain DNA components (genes) that give them a survival advantage will tend to have more offspring and pass on their genes and that these survival advantage genes will eventually become the norm in the population as the less survival oriented genes will naturally disappear as those carrying them will have fewer offspring. This is often a very slow process for humans. But not so slow for viruses. Witness the evolution of the Covid virus. Yes, the process just enumerated above is what is happening with Covid. The principle is basically the same for all living organisms that we know about and which are found on Earth.

A key to the above evolution strategy is that organisms will have many offspring. Humans and evil doers have short circuited this process by artificially holding down our births with birth control, promotion of homosexuality, promotion of small families, promotion of abortions, promotion of miscegenation.

However, there is another principle found in evolution called saltation that can occur and Whites may not have to wait millions of years to get our evolution back on track as we believe God wants us to do. Saltation is a sudden jump in evolution and can happen very fast. We believe that God is helping with our evolution and may also be helping with saltation. But, again, even saltation requires that someone be born with the right genes that are a sudden jump. This means we must increase our White birthrate.

We believe that we have now reached a time of great evil in which the evil forces discussed above are today pushing for more homosexuality, more abortions, more birth control and anything and everything to have Whites lower our birthrates of pure White children. Why? Because, to repeat, evolution requires many individuals be born so that the evolutionary process can pick and choose between various parts of the DNA Code. We further believe that God, because of the widespread evil today, is now, again, more actively entering history and that's why true revelations, mostly about the selection of Whites and how we should believe and live, have started in order to help correct things and defeat the evil.

But what about our White skin and other White features, why are they important why must they be saved? The answer is that we believe that our White DNA Code, our genes, our flesh and blood, our biological selves are all products of our Divine tweaked DNA Code and that these White features are necessary for us to have a special link to the divine such that we are living, breathing prayers to God in flesh.

These outward signs of our selection, our white skin and white features, are not just trifles to be overlooked and ignored as some of the evildoers want us to do in this present dark age with such dumb statements that we should not look at skin color but the content of the character of other humans.

These outward features are products of out DNA Code and are absolutely essential to who and what we are and to our spirituality and religious beliefs as these biological features including, especially, our White skin are more than just inert biological features and our White skin is necessary for God waves to reach us.

God waves (or vibrations) can be thought of as being a little like radio waves that are all around us but we can't hear them unless we have the right receptor (a radio). We believe our White skin which is part of our DNA code is sort of like a radio antenna that picks up these vibrations or waves that God has all around us but that due to the miscegenation, few of us really receive the full force of such vibrations as they are sent. Again, but to mix metaphors, thinking about this might be helped if we think about how some people are color blind and can't see certain colors while others with the right DNA codes can see those colors.

This is all to say that you are presumed to have enough of the Code based on your external characteristics but you may not actually have all of the needed codes and this is determined by whether you feel the call of your blood to be White and to follow the Sacred White path and not be tricked into being less White. Are you a true believer in Whiteness or not? Do you feel it in your bones? Or have you gone over to the evil side and believe in universalism instead of the particularism that is needed for our safety, our improvement and out evolution as God demands of us?

God has built in the concept of self in many ways: self control, self improvement, self-actualization, self-realization, self- replication, self-determination, self-confidence, self-motivation, self-esteem. In other words, God has created you to be almost autonomous and to help yourself--and your kind and only your kind (the White kind) throughout life and to not expect God to carry you and make every small decision for you. The life of all pure Whites is also your life and your self. You must follow God's teachings and if you can't do so, you prove thereby that you may not have been fully genetically selected by God, perhaps because you have been infected with too much genetic pollution.
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