By H. Millard (c) 2021

Listen up you Great White Mothers and you Great White Fathers of this generation. We see you.

You are the present generation of those like you in prior generations who tried to convert Native Americans--Red people--into White people inside by stealing their children and putting them in so-called Indian schools and giving them White haircuts, White clothes and White values and White religion. But you did not convert them into White people. Why? Because all peoples are their genes--their DNA Codes--and you can't convert what they are biologically.

But it wasn't just you GWMs and GWFs in America who did this. The GWMs and GWF's in Canada, Australia and New Zealand also tried to do the same thing with their native non-White peoples. And, naturally, they also failed to convert even a single non-White person into a White person inside of dark skin. Why? Because skin color is not like different color paint over identical automobiles. Skin color is an essential part of who and what the person is. It comes from your DNA code and genes just as almost everything else about you physically and mentally ultimately comes from them. Thus, if the skin is not White outside the person is not White inside.

In the 1960's you Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers started parroting nonsense as though you were trained seals and you mouthed this really stupid cliche and made it one of your top values and put it into laws in various ways: "I'm not a racist and I don't judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Really? What a stupid thing to think and say. That would be like saying you don't judge sharks on their external appearance but on the content of their character. Utter rubbish. It is perfectly logical and appropriate to consider the outside of the packages that make up different humans because in the case of humans the package is an integral part of what is inside. Skin color comes from the genes and is part of the DNA code. And, it does give an indication of the content of the character of the individual, which is just part of the personality and other things of the brain.

The present generation of GWMs and GWFs are falling all over themselves genuflecting and apologizing and asking to be whipped in a masochistic orgy of stupidity for being born White. You can see and hear them supporting groups, philosophies and causes that are really harmful to the point of genocide of Whites. This is just the other side of the same GWM and GWF coin.

Today, the GWMs and GWFs want to mother mostly Black people and these GWMs and GWFs are loving being insulted and attacked because it gives them psychological relief from their guilt feelings about being White. And, ironically, they have both guilt feelings about being White and feelings of superiority for being White at the same time. Talk about being neurotic. No, talk about being nuts. Talk about suicidal self-hatred and a desire to not be as you are born. In fact, many of them don't want to exist at all. Very sick.

And, the subconscious feelings of superiority are shown as these soul-sick GWMs and GWFs try to take part in Black demonstrations, where the Whites always want to be right at the front so they're seen as the superior persons that they think they are. "Hey, everyone, look at us, we're virtuous Whites and we stand with Blacks; see how we're in the front and how we're screaming at White cops and giving support (mothering and fathering) to our Black brothers and Black sisters against all you racist Whites." And, watch them as they try to out Black Blacks in their anger at so-called anti-Black racism.

Of course, they love all this masturbatory masochism and self-abnegation until the non-Whites tell them to stay out of their all non-White graduations and meetings or to get to the rear of the protest and this, of course, causes great confusion among the GWMs and GWFs who are probably saying in typical GWM and GWF fashion "Hey, we're just here to help you (to mother and father you) against other Whites who are racist." And, this, of course, is just an update of what was said in the past by the earlier generations of GWMs and GWFs when they said things such as "Hey, we're just here to help you (to mother and father you) to end segregation."

The GWM' and GWFs are always trying to help non-Whites--to Mother and Father them and teach--sometimes just by example by showing them how to act White. Which, in their unspoken opinion, is the way all people should act.

Because of their soul-sickness these sad sack SWMs and SWFs think all people of every race are really just like White people inside. And, this is part of the false notion that the content of the character is the same in all humans. In their minds some of these GWMs and SWMs think that if they can just mother and father Blacks that they'll let the inner Whiteness come to the fore even though they (tragically) are locked into non-White skin with non-White facial features etc.

The truth is that genes are us and genes are them and them and those other them. It is universal law that we are our genes. But let's look a little more into this and see if we can find some more universals to make the point that you can't convert non-Whites into being Whites. And this starts with our senses.

All animals, including humans, are given our senses so that we may experience the world around us and so that we may sense danger and stay alive to fulfill that first commandment of all living things: Reproduce. Make more like yourself. Mate.

It is the same for everything that lives including humans.

With dogs, the king of the senses is smell. That's how they mostly experience the world and avoid danger so they can live to mate and make more like themselves.

With humans, the king of the senses is our sight. We mostly experience the world via sight. That's also how we primarily survive in order to breed. And, nature (meaning also evolution) has made the major different races (really different subspecies or different species or even different genera as Darwin suggested) of man color coded and has given them different facial and other features so we can tell danger at a glance and from a distance so we can avoid stranger danger in order to live to breed with our own kind and pass on our unique DNA code to offspring. And, by seeing the differences we can easily avoid mating with those unlike us and thus destroy our own internal DNA code that makes us, us and which is in competition with all other DNA codes in the eternal gene wars.

So, please stop saying that we should consider the character of a person and not their color or similar absurd nostrums. Such sayings are like saying we should deny what our eyes tell us. And, that is not a good survival strategy for Whites to keep us alive until we mate and produce more like ourselves. And, stop thinking that you can turn non-Whites into internal Whites just by either showing them love or by putting them into formerly all White communities and schools. It doesn't work and it will never work.

Here's an example that might drive the point home that we are born to breed--that is our purpose is living: Magicicada periodic cicadas emerge from underground every 17 years (some broods have a 13 year cycle) for the sole purpose of breeding--making more like themselves--and then they die within about a month after emerging. Brood X(10) emerged starting in January of 2021 and now most of them, except a few stragglers, have long since died, while their offspring have started moving underground and will emerge in another 17 years to continue the life cycle.

If cicadas lived above ground, most of them would be eaten--it is said that even to human palates cicadas taste like tofu so they would certainly be edible, maybe even craveable, by all sorts of predators, including humans. Being tasty is not a good survival strategy for cicadas. On the other hand being tasty is a good survival strategy for Hass Avocados, but I wrote about that in another column.

And the life cycle, to repeat, is be born, grow to maturity, breed to pass on your unique mix of genes, die. It is the same for all living things with some modifications here and there, but the principle remains the same. That's what life is all about. That is nature's way. Nature (or the Deity if you prefer) is a constant trial and error tinkerer and wants some form of life to continue on no matter what happens with the planet.

To accomplish this goal, different forms of life have different internal DNA codes having them act and react in certain ways so that they can live to make more like themselves and they have their senses to help them accomplish this goal of making more like themselves.

So above, so below. So outside, so inside. Trust your eyes. Skin color is a real clue to what is inside. Don't try to make non-Whites into Whites. Let them be as they are and you be as you are.
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