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We live in dark times and all around us we see evil taking place and we hear it being called good. 

One of the greatest evils and an insult to God and nature is the miscegenation by Whites. 

These deceived Whites who miscegenate are destroying their family lines and are making it easier for the destruction of many more White family lines by their evil actions.  They are spitting in the face of God by their actions for God has forbidden miscegenation by Whites.  We are the selected ones, but we must use our free will to select the right and good. We must live White lives and avoid as much contact with other kinds of humans as possible in order to purify, improve, perfect and evolve as God has demanded of our kind alone. We are also the replacements and the new models on this planet to bring in all that is good and just through us.

God has selected us to be the ones to take the next step for mankind and to make the earth pure and holy through our biological (genetic) beings and our evolution ever higher.

He has put us on the threshold of specieshood.  But, we must act to make it happen. There is no free ride for the selected. In fact, being selected puts duties and requirements upon us that other kinds do not have. Ours is a more narrow and restricted path and it is easy to fall off the path.

We are selected but we must also select to live right and to be righteous and to perfect and purify ourselves. These are individual and  group requirements for our kind alone. We must take that step across the threshold by living right. We must  purify ourselves biologically and spiritually.  The former is completely necessary and the latter helps keep us focused on the former and to do the right things.  Our biological purification requires that we separate out from those unlike us as much as possible and by avoiding all mating, fraternizing and mixing with them socially and in all other ways if possible.  We must avoid the unclean things for our kind. We must stay among our own White kind.  We must not be polluted by the DNA of other kinds.  And, we must have as many pure White children as our bodies will allow during our lifetimes. We must also avoid as much contact with Whites who show by their words and deeds that they are impure.  We are to be a new kind, a new flesh. Religions that deny the flesh--the biological and genetic reality of life and especially human life--are false. We must be as pure as the driven snow.

We must not put our lives in danger and we must not be dead heroes. We must practice self preservation and survive whatever is thrown in our way.  We must use our brains and our cunning to avoid dangerous situations or to get out of them. We must play the percentages in life and use our brains to quickly think through situations and make the choices that are best for ourselves, our survival, our purity, our expansion. If we must run from danger and if this is the most probable way to avoid damage and death to us, then this is what must be done.  If we must fight and if this is the most probable way to avoid damage and death to us, then this is what we must do.  We must think through the possibilities and pick the one that is most likely to benefit us and keep us safe.  Life is what  we need, not death. Dead heroes do us no good. God is the God of life and evolution. The more of our kind alive, the greater is the biomass of our DNA Code and the greater the biomass of our DNA Code the greater is the presence of God and goodness on earth. Love your life and live it to its fullest as a White person.

New species

If you read science articles you'll notice that there are almost daily announcements of new species being discovered.  This should be no surprise.

There will always be new species discovered because nature is the eternal tinkerer and back yard engineer using what came before, and trial and error, to modify and change life to live and thrive in all niches where there is any possible source of energy.

White skulls getting longer--rapid evolution at work

You may have seen reports  that there is evidence that the skulls of White humans are rapidly evolving by getting longer than they were just a few decades ago.


Why would White skulls be getting longer?  To accommodate larger brains.  Why aren't they getting wider?  Because the hips and birth canals of White women are not evolving to be wider to safely pass wider skulls. Thus, nature has found a work around to allow brains to get larger by having the skulls get longer rather than wider so White women can safely have White babies.

The best evolutionary path for Whites is a pure White path. Those Whites who do evil and miscegenate are taking their families off the White path and are causing the  return of their family lines to earlier forms.  They are devolving not evolving.  And, such Whites harm all Whites.  The White DNA they carry is not their personal property, it belongs to all Whites and each White is individually responsible for preserving, protecting, purifying and expanding the White DNA Code that they are privileged to carry by the grace of God.

Stay White my friends and evolve along the best path for our kind.  Remember, it takes two Whites--a White male and a White female to make a new White child.  No other combination works.

Also, remember that as the selected ones, we have more burdens placed upon us that are not on other kinds. 

Many of the commands given to us by God only apply to us.  And, foremost among them are the prohibitions against miscegenation, abortion, birth control, small families, celibacy, not bearing as many children as our bodies allow, suicide, putting oneself in danger unnecessarily.  We are commanded to live as long as possible and to breed as much as possible (but only to breed White) and to expand our kind and only our kind in all ways possible. It is written that we are in eternal gene wars and that the greatest danger to our existence, survival and evolution comes from other kinds that can breed with us. Such breeding with other kinds is forbidden to our kind alone.

Expand always, contract never.  This applies to you as a White individual and to all Whites generally. From the one that you are, must come many more like yourself. You must find a way to make that happen. There are no excuses and if you fail to make more Whites like yourself, you will go extinct and your life will have been wasted.  You cannot say to oblivion: I couldn't find a good White of the opposite sex to help me make more like myself.  You cannot say to oblivion: I married someone who didn't want children or who couldn't have children.  You cannot say to oblivion: I was in prison or in a situation where I couldn't mate.  There are no excuses if you are healthy and capable of bearing children.  This is an individual responsibility whether you are a male White or a female White and it is put on your White shoulders and you must fulfill that responsibility by any means.  It is up to you as a White individual to find Whites of the opposite sex to help you and them make more like you and them.

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