By H. Millard © 2024


By H. Millard (c) 2024

Thanks for noticing. Yes, White Racism is an integral part of our religious beliefs, our world views, our politics and everything else about us.

White racism means we realize that race is real and that the races are different and should remain separate. We are firm believers in the importance of our White DNA Code, our White genes, our White genome.

And as far as Neo-Nazi. You should know that "Nazi" was kind of the street name of National Socialists in Germany, back then, and that National Socialist really means White Racial Socialist, which, again, is the secular name of what some of us believe not only in a secular sense but also religiously/spiritually.

Our idea of socialism is not what you may have heard. In simple terms, it just means that we are not universal in our beliefs but particularistic about humans and we work to always do what is best for Whites and only Whites collectively and we try to not butt into the lives of any non-Whites either to help or harm them. We have our destiny and they have theirs and we do not mix them.

In other words we do not believe that the government should own everything as some believe is what socialism is all about. We believe in private ownership and as much freedom as possible for individuals within the White racial context. We believe in smaller government that serves White people in any all-White nations that may exist or come to exist.

Another way we say we are for Whites collectively is to say we want the White genome--our Essence--to survive, thrive, expand and evolve. And, that was what Hitler also wanted but because of the time in which he lived in which most of Europe and Germany were overwhelmingly White it made sense to call his views National. If he were alive today he'd most likely have a more expansive view and would clearly come out as pan-pro-White as we believe today.

We really have a hard time today having national patriotism or identity because many of our formerly mostly White nations, including the United States, are overrun with non-Whites.

So, we now clarify things by saying that our nation is within us--it is our DNA Code, our Genes, our White Genome--and not so much a piece of land unless that land is completely White and has our White beliefs. We are White no matter where we live and if we pledge allegiance to anything it is to Whiteness. Our patriotism is towards Whiteness.

So, what about the religious/spiritual part of our beliefs? Well, the White race is essential to those beliefs. We believe the Divine has caused us to evolve--has Selected Us--to being who and what we are, as the latest evolution of humankind, and that the Divine wants us to continue to evolve ever higher along a strictly White path. And, we do this daily by doing what we believe the Divine wants--which to state it again, is to remain separate from all other races, never mix or mate with them, have a strong sense of our White identity, and consciously work for our evolution by, in part, having as many pure White children as possible.

To be clear, we believe that we must ask of everything:"Is this good for White people?" Then, we should act only for what is good for White people.

So, what, generally, is good for White people? It is anything that helps us have more pure White children, to live long and happy lives separate from all other races, and to help with our evolution ever higher along a strictly White path.

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