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    Black: Suspect: I Beat Up White Man Because I Am Mad About Trayvon Martin Case
Alton L. Hayes IIIAlton L. Hayes III, charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday. Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.” The two allegedly rifled through the victim’s pockets, then threw him to the ground and punched him “numerous times” in the head and back before running away, police said. Hayes and the boy are black; the victim is white. - (Black-on-white) - (Newsroom) - (Drudge link)

    Black nurse charged with capital murder for allegedly shooting White mother, kidnapping baby
Verna McClainKeegan SchuchardtKayla Marie GoldenHOUSTON— Capital murder charges have been filed against a woman investigators say fatally shot a mother outside a Woodlands-area pediatric center so she could kidnap the victim’s baby. The suspect, 30-year-old Verna McClain, was in custody Wednesday morning. Montgomery County deputies say McClain—a licensed vocational nurse with three kids of her own—got out of an ice-blue, four-door Lexus around 3:40 p.m. Tuesday at the Northwoods Pediatric Center and shot the victim, Kayla Marie Golden, about seven times in the parking lot. Despite her wounds, deputies said Golden tried to get the baby away from McClain. The suspect hit the dying mother with her car as she reached into the Lexus screaming, "My baby!" according to Lt. Dan Norris with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. An Amber Alert was issued for the baby, 3-day-old Keegan Schuchardt. Golden was taken to Memorial Hermann in The Woodlands where she died. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
    3-day-old abducted baby found safe after mom shot dead in Houston

    Black Vice Principal Had Sex With Girl In Office
Corey GreenwoodAn Indianapolis Public Schools vice principal charged with child seduction is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student in his school office. Corey Greenwood, 41, a vice principal and athletic director at George Washington High School, pleaded not guilty to five counts of child seduction and one count of dissemination of matter harmful to minors in court Wednesday. According to the probable cause affidavit, the girl told police that she and Greenwood had sex five times between March 24 and April 9. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Black confessed in 20-year-old sexual assault cold case
Dewaine ThorntonAfter nearly 20 years, one woman’s memory of waking up to a stranger standing over her bed may never have lost its terror. In the pre-dawn hours, police said, the man she saw sexually assaulted her, having entered the apartment through a bedroom window. Detectives took DNA evidence from the scene. But back then, the means to prosecute weren’t quite there. Recently, a detective happened upon the file from the elusive case. And after another crack at DNA, police say they have their man. They say 52-year-old Dewaine Thornton confessed to the assault. He’d entered the apartment seeking burglary loot, police said. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom)


  • Accused Somali pirate negotiator on trial in US
    Mohammad Saaili Shibin faces piracy, hostage-taking and other charges for his role in the hijacking of a German merchant ship as well as an American yacht off the coast of Africa. All four passengers on the sailboat were shot and killed. Prosecutors said in opening arguments Wednesday that the crew of the German ship was tortured for months as Shibin negotiated a $5 million ransom. - (Newsroom)



Asian man charged in 1995 rape case
Witar LuangamatDeputies arrested the now 34-year-old Witar Luangamat Tuesday. He was just 17 at the time that he was accused of breaking into the home of a sleeping 29-year-old woman and attacking her in her bedroom. The suspect gained entry into the house by punching a hole in a living room window. The intruder was naked except for a facial covering. He used a telephone cord to tie the victim to her bed, and she awoke to the suspect on top of her. When the victim fought back, the suspect put a pillow over her head to stop her from resisting. The suspect threatened to hurt the child if she didn’t stop making noise.

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    Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids
You didn't hear about this is the media, but on the weekend of March 24th and March 25th at least seven white people were brutally beaten by mobs of blacks in Grand Rapids, MI. Five of the victims filed police reports. At least two other victims exist, and there are probably others. The local media has refused to report the cruel attacks and the authorities are resisting any serious charges. I talked with one of the victims, 37 year old Jacob Palasek. He is a full time student and does computer work part time. He was attacked by a wolf pack of thugs on the corner of Sixth Street and Broadway in Grand Rapids, Michigan just after midnight on March 25th. The location is a mix of stores, offices, and residential neighborhoods. Jacob lives near where he was attacked. As he was walking to his apartment, he saw three black males loitering. One was on a bicycle. The suspect on the bicycle rode up beside him. Suddenly the thug smashed him in the side of the head with a chain. He was hit two or three more times in the head with the chain before he broke loose and ran to the nearest home. He knocked on the door, hoping the owner would call the police. (more at link) - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)


Baltimore Black Arrested In Downtown Beatdown of White
Aaron ParsonsA brutal beating–caught on tape. Now, police say they’ve arrested one of the suspects behind the vicious attack. Aaron Parsons turned himself into police. “This was an error at worse and uh… he’s a good person,” said Parsons’ lawyer. Parsons went to a local TV station for an interview. He says he’s sorry for what got him arrested. In the video gone viral, Parsons approaches a man behind him in green. A rowdy crowd gathers. Then it appears Parsons grabs something from the victim, who shoves his hand away. Moments later, Parsons hits the man. “What he did was heinous. What he’s accused of doing is heinous,” said Baltimore City Police Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. It didn’t stop at the punch. Once the victim is down, others kick and hit him more. Then they strip him of all his clothes as bystanders do nothing but laugh. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
Ref: White Man Beaten, Robbed & Stripped Naked on Camera in front of Baltimore Courthouse

    Black Pleads To Stagging Accidents, Raping, Robbing Women
Jaunton CarterA man who victimized women in the worst way will now spend years in a North Carolina prison for his crimes. Friday, 31 year-old Jaunton Carter pleaded guilty to First Degree Rape, First Degree Kidnapping, Sexual Battery and Common Law Robbery. All of his victims police and prosecutors said were women. Judge Forrest D. Bridges sentenced Carter to serve 336 to 413 months (28-34 years) in prison. Investigators said in February 2010 Carter staged car accidents in the Dilworth and Myers Park areas of Charlotte so that he could rob and rape women. - (Newsroom) - (Black rapes)

    Two White (homeless) heroes stop (homeless) black from raping 15-year-old girl
Maurice JacksonShawn TompsonZach SomersetZach Somerset, 21, and Shawn Thompson, 19, were on their way to get something to eat last Friday night when police say they saved a 15-year-old friend from being raped. Walking behind them were a 15-year-old girl they knew and a man they had recently met at a homeless ministry. Then they heard a horrific scream. "It's one of the most traumatizing screams I've ever heard in my life; it made my blood chill," said Shawn Thompson. Realizing their female friend was in trouble, they ran back the way they'd come, yelling in the dark for the girl to let them know where she was. "I kept hollering, you know, 'Keep screaming so I can locate you, keep screaming, keep screaming'," said Zach Somerset. They followed the screams to some bushes in front of a nearby town home complex where they found the other man trying to rape their 15-year-old friend. After breaking up the attack, Shawn moved the girl to safety and Zach chased 27-year-old Maurice Jackson a couple of blocks, tackling and holding him until Smyrna Police could arrive. - (Black rapes)

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White hate crime victim describes racially motivated black mob attack in Grand Rapids
"...I was a victim of a “Trayvon Martin” related Black on White Hate Crime.

On Sunday 3/25/2012 at approximately 12:20AM, in Grand Rapids Michigan, near Sixth Street and Broadway, I was beaten with a large chain five to six times in my temple area (I could have died). This was for no reason other than that I am white. They did not rob me they just called me a white piece of shit and said I deserve it what I was getting. They did not only beat me but four to six others for the same reason (i.e. no robbery just racial hatred).

I was told by the detective that those kids being about 16 or 17 will get no jail time for beating me with a chain and calling me a white piece of shit while they did it...
" (more at link)

    "I emailed all local news stations and the local press. No one seems to care. No one replied.

I guess it does not make news when it happens to a white person.

All I have so far is pictures the police took and the police report.

I did ID who did it but since they are 17 the police say it is not likely that they will get any jail time even though the "youth gang" as they call them was responsible for 4 other racially motivated aggravated assaults within a 48 period of mine."
- Jacob Palasek


Editor note: apparently Black-on White hate crime attacks are not 'newsworthy'.
Because they are so common? Or because there is a fear of reporting black on white crime as it would be 'racist'?
Or because blacks and 'black leaders' see all blacks accused as 'innocent victims of white racism'.
There is a fear of igniting black races riots as in the 1960's which destroyed several U.S. cities. - (Black-on-white)

    Cedar Rapids black charged in 2009 rape case in Missouri
Charlie K. West Jr.Charlie K. West, Jr., 28, was charged with forcible rape, forcible sodomy and kidnapping. West is accused of approaching a woman from behind around 3:20 a.m. on June 15, 2009 as she was walking near the Missouri State University campus. The woman told police the man asked her if he could come back to her house. When she refused, the man grabbed the victim around the neck and said “Shut the (expletive) up or I will kill you.” The woman was dragged to a yard where the suspect forced her to perform oral sex and raped her, - (Black rapes)

  • Black racist terrorism - death threat
    Residents reported that someone had taped a black and white photo of Trayvon Martin, with the word "Revenge" in red, to several mailboxes. In a separate incident, a resident reported two stickers were placed on his mailbox, one with a picture of Trayvon Martin with "Revenge" written in red, the other was a fist that said "Kill Whitey." - (Drudge link)

    White man tells police black pack yelled ‘Trayvon,' then beat him
Police are investigating the “racially motivated” beating of a 27-year-old man who was walking home from midtown bars early Saturday when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who shouted “Trayvon” before the attack. “We do believe that the crime was racially motivated,” Gainesville Police Department spokeswoman Cpl. Angelina Valuri said. The assailants were black, while the victim is white, Valuri said. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black Police impersonator charged with rape
Michael AtkinsonBALTIMORE - Police arrested a 21-year-old Pikesville man after they say he impersonated an officer and raped a woman near Leakin Park last week. Police say the woman flagged down an illegal cab for a ride at around 2 a.m. Thursday, April 4. The driver, Michael Atkinson, told her he was a police officer and then searched her. Police say Atkinson then drove the woman to a wooded area near Leakin Park where he raped her. - (Black rapes)

    Black Killer Was Victim’s Neighbor
Jarvin HugginsThe accused killer used to live right across the street from the victim. They said they are shocked at the police denoscription of a man robbed and killed for no good reason. Friends and neighbors have turned the front porch of Gene Slavinsky’s house in Mahanoy City into a memorial to the man killed inside his home. There are messages saying, “God bless,” “You’ll be missed,” and “Semper Fi” for his time in the Marines. Friday night police arrested 18-year-old Jarvin Huggins for the homicide. - (Newsroom)
    "...he lured the victim to the basement by interrupting electrical power from the breaker box and then beat him over the head with a 12-pound metal window weight. Lizewski said the weight, that measured about 16-inches long, was found near the body with blood, hair and skin still attached.







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One L. Goh, 43, a Korean national massacres 7 at Korean Christian school in Oakland

    Oakland Shooting Suspect Was Expelled, Felt Disrespected
One L. Goh
One L. Goh’s life was on the skids even before he became the suspect in the nation’s biggest mass school shooting since Virginia Tech. He was chased by creditors. He grieved the death of his brother. In January, he was expelled from Oikos University, a small Christian school where he studied nursing. And, police say, he was angry. Goh, who was born in South Korea, told them he felt disrespected by teasing about his poor English skills at the Oakland school—a college founded as a safe place where Korean immigrants could adjust to a new country and build new careers.- (Newsroom)

    Cold case arrest: black N.J. man accused of 1976 rape, murder of White Westfield woman
Carlton R. FranklinLena TrianoFor decades, Westfield police were baffled by the death of Lena Triano, a quiet secretary who lived alone in the Ripley Place home where she was killed in 1976. The 57-year-old Triano looked after the neighborhood kids, loaned money to a close friend, and liked to speak Italian, said the friend, Maria Sclama, now 74. Police wondered, would have wanted to kill Triano, let alone rape, strangle and stab her to death? Investigators believe Triano’s killer lived a few hundred feet away, on Stirling Place, and was just 15 at the time. They say he hog-tied her, raped, strangled, beat and stabbed her again and again, puncturing her lungs more than once. The suspect is Carlton R. Franklin, an oil truck driver who spent nearly two decades in prison for kidnapping and robbery. He was released in 1999, according to state corrections records. - (Black rapes) - (Black-on-white) - (Newsroom)

    Police eye black rape suspect in two other assaults
Larry Anthony DavisA man who was arrested after a SWAT standoff in Norcross may be a serial rapist. Larry Anthony Davis, 25, was arrested after he allegedly raped a woman in the Woodchase apartments on Mar. 28. Davis is a registered sex offender in Ohio and is wanted there for violating his parole because he did not register a new address. Now, Gwinnett County Police are taking a close look at Davis in connection with two other rapes. - (Black rapes)

    UK: Black knifeman went on stabbing rampage - 75 year old White woman victim
Maria MorrisonA devout Catholic forgave the brute who tried to murder her in a random knife attack today as he was warned he may never be freed. Frail spinster Maria Morrison, 75, was stabbed repeatedly by 23-year old musclemen David Walters because he wanted to 'do some damage to someone' after 'losing face' over a tiff on Facebook. She was waiting for a bus when Walters encountered her by pure chance and repeatedly plunged a 10in kitchen knife into her body screaming 'Die, Die! I'll Kill You.' He then ran off - spitting onto the pavement as he left the scene. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white) - (UK)

    White man on life support after hammer attack by two black teens near Sanford, FL
Julius Bender, left, Yahaziel Israel A fifty year old white old man is on life support after a near fatal beating. Police have arrested two black teens. The attack occurred near the community where the Trayvon Martin self-defense shooting took place. The two suspects face charges of attempted first-degree murder, burglary with assault or battery and armed burglary. They are accused of beating the man in the head with a hammer. The suspects are 18 and 19. The attack took place in Midway, FL, about six miles from where George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense Think this story will receive 1/1,000th of 1% of the news coverage that Trayvon Martin received? - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
    Two blacks arrested in brutal hammer beating in Seminole

    Macon County man says he was beat by a pack of 15-20 blacks because he's white.
Tony MooreTony Moore says he was attacked by a group of black men outside an Applebee’s restaurant Friday night. He says they called him racial slurs, and hit him repeatedly in the head and face, and stunned him with a stun gun. Seneca police are looking into any provocation that might have started the altercation. They say they'll ask to see any surveillance video from Applebee’s to help determine if an assault and battery by mob charge should be filed. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)



  • Mexican border family suspected of human sacrifice
    Mexican Human SacrificeMexican prosecutors are investigating the poor family living in shacks outside a small town near the U.S. border as alleged members of a cult that sacrificed two 10-year-old boys and a 55-year-old woman to Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, a figure adored mostly by outlaws but whose popularity is growing across Mexico and among Hispanics in the United States.

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  • How Black Leaders Exploit Their People for Political and Financial Gain
    "The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is showing how liberals – especially blacks – care more about getting the political upper hand than affecting long-term change in black communities. Blacks are used as props to raise political capital. The shooting deaths of two British students — James Cooper and James Kouzaris — murdered last April in Florida by a black youth received no attention by black leaders or President Obama. Three letters were sent to the President that never received a reply. “It would perhaps appear,” friends of the victims said, “that Mr Obama sees no political value in facilitating such a request or that the lives of two British tourists are not worthy of ten minutes of his time.”...

    Black 'youth' Shawn Tyson, 17, gets life for killing 2 White British men on vacation
Shawn TysonA Florida teenager received a life sentence after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of two young British tourists last April, a case that generated blaring tabloid headlines in the U.K. press. Shawn Tyson, 17, sat stone-faced as the jury's verdict was read and as two friends of the victims spoke angrily about the crime. When Judge Rick De Furia asked Tyson if he wanted to say anything before being sentenced, Tyson mumbled, "No." The verdict came after two hours of deliberations and the sentencing about an hour after the verdict. Because he is under 18, Tyson is ineligible for the death penalty and is facing a mandatory life sentence. During the trial, witnesses testified that Tyson shot James Kouzaris, 24, and James Cooper, 25 last April 16. The two men were vacationing in Sarasota and spent an evening drinking when they got lost and walked into a housing project where Tyson lived. Details of their deaths have gripped the British news media. Tabloids there have written stories saying the men were "slaughtered" in a Florida "ghetto." - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Three blacks charged in murder of White Mississippi State student
Trent Deundra Crump, Dontae Harvey and Mason Perry JonesJohn SandersonThree men have been charged with capital murder in connection with the death of a Mississippi State University student outside a dorm room. Trent Deundra Crump, Dontae Harvey and Mason Perry Jones are accused in Saturday's shooting death of John Sanderson, of Madison. Campus police have surveillance video of those involved and said they have found a weapon that may have been used in the shooting. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Chief: Mob Beating of White by Pack of Six Blacks Was Racially Motivated Hate Crime
Seneca blacksSeneca blacksSix men have been charged in a mob beating that the Seneca police chief says was racially motivated. In a release, Chief John Covington said a North Carolina man was beaten at an Applebee’s in Seneca early March 17. Teryn L Robinson, 18; Tray Devon Holland, 19; Justin Dimon Alexander, 20; Derick Lee Williams, 22; Kino Martinez Jones, 25; and Montrez Obrian Jones, 22; are charged with assault and battery by a mob. Covington said since the investigation showed that racial factors contributed to the incident, the case has been forwarded to the FBI to see if it should be pursued further as a hate crime under federal law. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white) - (Hatecrimes)

    Deputies: White Kidnapping Victim Found; Black Suspect On Run
Ryan BrownKathryn BoltonDeputies are asking for the public’s help to locate a man who they say kidnapped a 28-year-old woman. The woman, Kathryn Bolton, was found at the home of the suspect, 35-year-old Ryan Brown. Bolton was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. Deputies said that Bolton called 911saying that someone was breaking into her house just after midnight on Monday. While deputies were on the way to the home an alarm was set off at the home. Dispatchers lost phone contact with Bolton, and when they reached the home, the found a rear window in the home broken and Bolton was gone. Deputies said their investigation led them to name Brown as the suspect in the apparent kidnapping. A be-on-the-alert has been issued for Brown. He is believed to be driving an off-white 2007 Ford truck, with dog box in the back of the truck and the NC license tag number XK8976. Anyone who sees the truck or has information is asked to call the Craven County Sheriff’s Office at 252-636-6620 or 252-636-6632. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)

    Black gang associate pleads in case of murder of White retired school principal
Treven Lewis entered a not guilty plea for the death of a man who was trying to break up an underage drinking party. 65-year-old Frank Motta was acting at the request of the homeowner who was out of town when her son's party spiraled out of control. Detectives say Lewis is a gang associate and had admitted hitting Motta in the jaw back on March 10. The former principal and Air Force vet fell to the ground suffering multiple skull fractures when his head hit the floor. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
    Retired Yuba City principal dies after Spokane attack

    Black arrested for White woman's murder in West Philadelphia
Brandon TimmonsValerie Marie AngelinePolice say they have arrested a man for a woman's murder in West Philadelphia. Brandon Timmons, 22, has been arrested for the killing of Valerie Angeline, 31. Police say Angeline was found inside her home on Saturday suffering from gunshot wounds to the head and stab wounds to the neck and chest. Timmons has been charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and gun offenses. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
    Dad had met suspect in daughter's killing

    Black 'flash mob' of 20-some feral negroids attack White bicyclists in Minneapolis
Antonio Dewayne JonesWhite victim of racist black mobA black is facing assault, riot and drug possession charges after officers watched him spark a mob melee that left a bicyclist with a broken jaw from a bus stop assault and swelled into a small riot on a restaurant patio. Antonio Dewayne Jones, 20, has been charged with felony fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance, gross misdemeanor riot in the third degree, and misdemeanor assault in the fifth degree. Minneapolis police were on patrol due to many recent "flash mobs" of individuals who were assaulting and robbing unsuspecting passerby. While officers were watching they saw three men on bicycles approaching the stop. As the trio of bicyclists neared, several of the men inside the bus stop surged toward the riders, striking a 23-year-old in the jaw and throwing him from his bicycle. That victim suffered a broken jaw in the attack. After striking the first rider, the group surrounded another bicyclist and began assailing him as well, police said. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)


Miscegenation kills

    Black man charged with his pregnant white wife's death
Jeremy DeWayne KingBonita KingWayne County Sheriff John Carter said that they're investigating the murder of a pregnant woman. On Sunday, deputies found 33-year-old Bonita King fatally shot inside her home. King texted her brother to come get her. When she didn't answer her phone, he called 911. Deputies responded to the mobile home and saw a man fleeing. After searching the nearby woods, they found her husband, Jeremy King, and charged him with murder. Responding deputies also found the couple's 2-year-old son inside. - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)
    Family of murdered pregnant woman speaks out

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    Brutal home invasion by black who raped and murdered 85-year-old White woman
Tyrone Dale David WoodforkBob and Nancy StraitAn 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and battered to death by a home invader who also shot her 90-year-old husband in the face with a BB gun. Nancy and Bob Strait, who had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in December, were discovered by their daughter at their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Both the pensioners were rushed to hospital where Mrs Strait, who was nearly blind, died from her injuries. Mr Strait, who served in the 101st Airborne Division in World War II, suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and severe bleeding. He is in a serious condition in hospital. Police have arrested 20-year-old Tyrone Dale David Woodfork in connection with the case. The Straits' distraught family today paid tribute to the pair, who grew up in poverty in rural Oklahoma during the Great Depression. - (Black rapes) - (Newsroom) - (Black-on-white)





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