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Donald Trump is sworn in as president
He used his speech to make a wide-ranging condemnation of America’s current state — talking about “American carnage” caused by urban crime, and saying that “wealth, strength and confidence had dissipated” because of jobs lost overseas. Trump also used his address to say that both major political parties had lost their way, serving the needs of an elite rather than the needs of the public. “The United States of America is your country,” he said. “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. . . . Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed.” From this day forward, it’s going to be only America First. America first! “Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American factories,” Trump said.

  • During the morning’s events, there were large crowds of protestors opposing Trump with signs and slogans — and some groups of black-clad anarchists who roamed District streets smashing windows of businesses and cars.

    Manhunt for (cold-blooded black) gunman after (White) off-duty police officer executed and suspect's girlfriend shot dead in Louisiana
Sylvester HoltOfficer Michael LouviereLouisiana police hunted Friday for a man they say shot and killed two people, including an off-duty police officer. Officer Michael Louviere, 26, of Westwego, was shot in neighboring Marrero, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. The other victim was a woman Louviere had stopped to help around 6:30 a.m. on his way home from work. He was shot in the back of the head, Normand said. Dozens of officers from multiple agencies were searching for Sylvester Holt, 32, who had been romantically involved with the woman. Several women had taken out protective orders against him, the sheriff said. The shooting unfolded outside of Visitation of Our Lady School, located just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. - (Black-on-white)

    Second black charged in slaying of beloved (White female) bartender held on $1.5 million bond
Dwayne SimsDana Thomas3rd black suspectMelissa Brinker CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The second man charged in connection with the October slaying of a beloved Cleveland bartender during a robbery will be held in jail on $1.5 million bond. Dwayne Sims, 21, of Canton, is charged with aggravated murder. He was arrested about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Cleveland Municipal Judge Emanuella Groves set Sims' bond on Friday during his first court appearance and ordered he have no contact with any of the five others who were robbed on Oct. 24 at the Cooley Lounge on West 130th Street. Sims is the second person to be charged in the fatal shooting of bartender Melissa Brinker, 44. Dana Thomas, 29, was charged last week with aggravated murder. He is being held in the city jail on $500,000 bond. Police are still working on identifying a third man involved in the robbery.

    (White) Macon woman called Bibb Sheriff's Office 34 times before shooting (rock-throwing black) teen
feral black teen suspectferal black teen suspectferal black teen suspectElisabeth Cannon shows rocks thrown by feral black teensThe Macon woman accused of shooting a 15-year-old boy outside of her home on Bloomfield Drive this week says she's complained to law enforcement for weeks. WMAZ filed an open records request for reports on Elisabeth Cannon's calls to the Bibb County Sheriff's Office. They show that over the last 7 months Cannon has called dispatchers nearly 3 dozen times to report suspicious activity, suspicious persons, and other problems. The incident reports show that deputies covered everything from barking dogs, to men yelling in the street, people walking behind her house, and finding drug paraphernalia in her yard. Cannon says that teens repeatedly thew rocks at cars and homes in her neighborhood, including her own, which is ultimately why she fired a gun Monday night, striking 15-year-old Vernon Marcus Jr. in the head.

    New Jersey State Police Upset Trooper Killer Joanne Chesimard Remains on Run Despite Cuba-US Deal
Joanne ChesimardWerner FoersterThe head of New Jersey's state police has criticized a law enforcement deal reached between the U.S. and Cuba, because it doesn't require the return of a woman convicted of killing a state trooper. Col. Rick Fuentes said Thursday that the information-sharing agreement announced this week burned Barack Obama's last opportunity to negotiate for the return of fugitives including Joanne Chesimard before he leaves office. Fuentes says he will work with Donald Trump to negotiate for her return after he is inaugurated. "By burning the last bridge to this administration's opportunity to gain their negotiated return, families who have long suffered the consequences of their terrorist acts and law enforcement everywhere in this country have been shown the back of the hand," Fuentes said. "An ignominious torch has been passed to the next president." - (Black-on-white)

    Cops: (Black) man charged in rape of two girls, ages 6 and 7
Shawn D. ReidA (black) man is facing first-degree rape charges for alleged sexual assault of two little girls. Southampton Town Police detectives arrested Shawn D. Reid, of Anchor Street, Flanders, yesterday on two counts of rape in the first degree, a class B felony after a 10-week-long investigation into sexual assault allegations involving two girls, ages 6 and 7, according to a police press release issued this morning.

    (Bushy-headed black) Olathe Northwest grad accused of fondling minor
Bradley JamiesonOLATHE, Ka - An Olathe Northwest graduate is now facing charges of inappropriately touching a minor. Bradley Jamieson, 21, is charged with indecent liberties with a child. Court documents say the alleged incident took place back on Oct. 16, 2016. The child’s mother said that that day her 15-year-old daughter and friends were under the impression Jamieson was taking them to Oak Park Mall. Instead she said they ended up behind a Best Buy where Jamieson met up with a drug dealer. Soon after, she says the group drove back to Olathe and ended up in at a church parking lot wwhere everyone went their separate ways except the teen and Jamieson. According to law enforcement Jamieson then fondled the teen.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black) charged with rape of another man
Shantez Devote FergusonEAST RIDGE, TN - An East Ridge man was arrested Thursday and charged with rape after he assaulted another man in a group home. Police say that 22-year-old Shantez Devote Ferguson was found naked atop the victim when a staff member of the group home discovered him about 4:00am. The staffer kicked down the door when he heard cries coming from the room, and found Ferguson with the victim. Ferguson told police he put his hand over the victim's mouth to muffle his cries because "it hurt his ears." He has been charged with rape and is scheduled to appear in court February 7, 2017.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant black Lesbian) arrested for kidnapping door-to-door saleswoman and chased her in the nude
Karan RebitzkeOWASSO - A homeowner allegedly kidnapped a door-to-door salesperson after holding the woman against her will for an hour and then chased after her in the nude. Karan Rebitzke, who lives at 14308 E. 87th St. No., invited a salesperson into her home Thursday, and then started ranting maniacally about religion and God, the salesperson told police. On a couple of occasions the salesperson tried to leave after becoming uncomfortable but she told police Rebitzke would not let her out and blocked the door. When she finally did escape through the front door an hour after being held physically, the salesperson said Rebitzke chased after her completely in the nude. Rebitzke finally went back in the house and slammed the door, officers say. When they arrived at the house, police say the woman opened the door and was still naked.

    Rape Victim Says She Trusted (black) ‘Ordained Minister’ Before Alleged Attack
Elijah BankstonHALLANDALE BEACH — The victim of a violent rape in Hallandale Beach is warning other women about the man who allegedly attacked her. Andrea said that when she met Elijah Bankston, 59, through her church several months ago, she thought she could trust him. “He said he was an ordained minister,” she recalled of her roommate. Last week, Andrea moved in to the Hallandale Beach apartment that Bankston shared with his brother. “If you can’t trust your pastor, who are you going to trust? All he would do is pray, pray, pray every day,” she said. “How can I be more careful? He said he was a pastor.” .... she said she was dragged into their apartment and raped and sodomized for several hours. “It seemed like an eternity,” she recalled. Police said a second victim has come forward, saying Bankston also assaulted her.


London Cops Taser uncooperative blacktivist with bad attitude 'community liaison' in identity mix-up
Judah AdunbiJudah Adunbi, 63, is seen being approached by officers near his home in the video shot by a neighbor on Saturday. They are heard asking him to identify himself, which he declines to do, stating: “I’m not telling you my name. I’ve done no wrong.” He continues to walk to the front gate of his property with the officers trying to stop him, when one of the officers is heard shouting “Taser” as they fire the weapon at him. Adunbi surname occurs in Nigeria


    Nigerian Tech worker Idahosa Ighodaro busted for trying to sell NYPD personnel data
AfricanAn IT worker with access to NYPD personnel files released sensitive information of thousands of officers and tried to cash in on his position by selling data on individual members of the Finest, according to prosecutors. Idahosa Ighodaro, 37, an information technology administrator employed by the NYPD, was hit with charges of grand larceny, possession of stolen property and official misconduct for a series of transactions with a confidential informant in November and December, according to a criminal complaint filed Jan. 4. Ighodaro allegedly gave the informant the social security numbers and other information of 4,760 NYPD officers and applicants — contained on a hard drive — on Nov. 25.


    (Black) 9-year-old boy found $300 before being robbed at Target by two black thugs
suspectsuspectA 9-year-old boy who was robbed at a Brooklyn Target store last week thought he had struck gold when he found an envelope containing nearly $300 on the street — and went to the store to buy a new tablet. A pair of (Negroid) crooks approached 9-year-old David Square at the Target store in the Atlantic Terminal Mall around 5:30 p.m. Jan. 10. They started chatting with him before surveillance video captures the duo going down an escalator with their young victim. Outside the Target, one of the suspects placed his hand over the boy’s mouth while the other swiped $282 from his pocket, according to police.


    Philly Police: (Black) B/M Wanted for Attempting to Abduct Girl From Mother
suspectPHILADELPHIA —Police in Philadelphia are searching for the man they say attempted to abduct a 5-year-old girl who was with her mother on Thursday night. It happened around 6:40 p.m. when both victims were walking east in the 1600 block of Knorr Street. Police say after crossing the intersection at Large Street an unknown black man attempted to pull the 5-year-old from her mother before fleeing in an unknown direction. The suspect is described as a black man, about 40 years-of-old, standing 5,7″, clean shaven, with a thin build.


    Hispanic arrested for murder of Burney man set on fire and burned alive
Juan Manuel VenegasDavid WicksBURNEY, Calif. - An investigation into the murder David Wicks, a gas station attendant in Johnson Park, has led to the arrest of a Burney man. On Thursday, around 12:30 p.m., detectives with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, Major Crimes Unit arrested Juan Manuel Venegas, 39, based upon evidence collected and identified during the month long investigation. Venegas was arrested at his residence on Telecaster Lane in west Redding. Venegas was arrested on an arrest warrant for the murder of David Wicks. In December of 2016, David Wicks was lit on fire with a flammable liquid by a suspect wearing a yellow suit while he worked at the Rocky Ledge Shell, Johnson Park. As a result of the DNA analysis of different pieces of evidence, Venegas was identified. - (Burned Alive!)




AUSTRALIA: Migrant driver in Melbourne Car Attack Named as ‘Greek Islamic Kurd’
with Mental Health Issues

follower of Yazdanism

"ISLAMIC"     Gargasoulas recently posted on his Facebook page claiming he was not Greek Tongan but rather: 'greek islamic kurdish
ANGEL OF CULT' - (Drudge)
Dimitrious Gargasoulas’     'I'LL TAKE YOU ALL OUT' Chilling Facebook posts of Melbourne death driver days before killing four – including young child – after ploughing car into crowds. Suspect Dimitrious Gargasoulas boasts about being a "sexy young guy" in sinister social media message. Gargasoulas had been wanted over the stabbing of his brother, Angelo, at their ­mother’s Windsor home at 2.15am. A spokesman for the Royal Children’s Hospital said the hospital was treating “a three-month-old who is currently in the operating theatre, a two-year-old who has been transferred to the intensive care unit, a nine-year-old with limb injuries who has been transferred to the ward and a 12-year-old who is currently undergoing assessments". A witness called Joanna, who was too shaken to speak on camera, estimated the car was travelling at 50mph when it collided with a mother and baby.


    Kazakhstani Muslim Terrorist Pleads Guilty To Helping ISIS: U.S. Attorney's Office
Akhror SaidakhmetovOne of the men busted in a 2015 Brooklyn terror plot — which included joining ISIS, killing President Obama and bombing Coney Island — took a plea deal Thursday in exchange for up to 45 years off his sentence. Akhror Saidakhmetov, 21, is now facing a maximum of 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to provide material support, including services and personnel, to a foreign terrorist organization. He faces up to 15 years in prison and being removed from the United States to Kazakhstan. Saidakhmetov said "It is legal in America to carry a gun. We will go and purchase one handgun ... then go and shoot one police officer. Boom. ... Then, we will take his gun, bullets and bulletproof vest ... then, we will do the same with a couple of others. Then we will go to the FBI headquarters, kill the FBI people."





    FBI technician Kun Shan Chun who confessed to spying for China apologizes to colleagues
Kun Shan “Joey” ChunFu ManchuAn FBI technician who admitted to spying for China begged his former law enforcement colleagues to forgive him before being sentenced to two years in the slammer. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry to the FBI,” Kun Shan “Joey” Chun whimpered as he turned — crying and red-faced — to face at least a dozen former colleagues who showed up for his Manhattan federal court sentencing. “I take full responsibility for what I have done,” Chun said through tears. FBI personnel, who filled several rows of the 11th floor courtroom, remained silent and stone-faced as Chun blubbered. Kun Shan Chun, also known as Joey Chun FBI double agent

    (Black) Suspect Arrested In Deadly Shooting - (White man killed in parking lot)
Anthony Adams MillanChristian ChanceyEDMOND, Oklahoma - Police say they have arrested a suspect believed to be connected to the deadly shooting at an Edmond fast food restaurant, Tuesday night. The suspect has been identified as 33-year-old Anthony Adams Millan. Officers arrested Millan just before 1 p.m. Police say 23 -year-old Christian Chancey was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Braum's store located on I-35 and E. 15th St. Investigators believe there was an argument, shots were fired and Millan took off. Police have not said what led them to arrest Millan. He is expected to be booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a complaint of First-Degree Murder at 4 p.m. - (Black-on-white)

    Hatefull racist rock-throwing (black) teens ‘terrorized’ her, (White) woman charged with shooting 15-year-old
suspectsuspectsuspectElisabeth CannonA woman charged with shooting a teenage boy in the head Monday night said Wednesday that she and her husband had been terrorized at home by a group of rock-throwing teens for a week and “felt really unsafe and extremely threatened.” Elisabeth Cannon, 47, faces two counts of aggravated assault in the shooting of 15-year-old Vernon Marcus Jr., who remains in critical condition at a Macon hospital. She was booked in the Bibb County jail Monday night and released Tuesday evening, records show. In the front yard of her home in the 4000 block of Bloomfield Drive on Wednesday afternoon, Cannon said that Marcus and two other teens had been throwing rocks at her car and house for more than a week. “We’ve never had personal attacks on our house,” said Cannon, who has lived there with her husband, Scott, for 22 years. The trio of rock-throwing teens “get so bold that they’ll even throw rocks at you while you’re sitting in your car,” Cannon said. “They’ll throw rocks at your house while you’re standing at the door.”
“A second before I looked up ... all the rocks come flying toward the house and right at me,” Cannon said. Cannon, a nurse who is now disabled, readily admits that she pulled from her pocket a .38 caliber gun and aimed it in the direction of the teens. One of the bullets went through Marcus’s forehead and exited the back of his head, the report said. - (Black-on-white)

    Accused cop-killer curses out judge, says he'll represent himself
Markeith LoydThe accused cop-killer who led Orlando police on a manhunt for more than a month angrily cursed at a judge during his first court appearance Thursday, swearing that police "made up" accusations against him and beat him up during his arrest. Markeith Loyd, 41, was charged with murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend in December. Investigators said while on the run from the law, he shot and killed a police officer who tried to stop him outside an Orlando Walmart. Loyd -- who reportedly had a fractured eye socket -- entered the courtroom with a bandaged head. Guards held onto him as he spoke out.

    Ex-African hospital boss gets 3 years in NY prison for sex with teen girl in Clay
Tobias BowenSyracuse, NY -- A former Clay man who fled to the African nation of Liberia after having sex with an underage girl will now spend three years in a New York prison. Tobias Bowen, 50, pleaded guilty this morning to having sexual contact with the teenage girl in 2010. He will likely be deported to his native Netherlands after his prison sentence, prosecutor Jeremy Cali said. Bowen was living on Norstar Boulevard at the time of the crime. He was accused of having sexual contact with the girl, who could not consent due to her age. Bowen skipped his arraignment on the charge and fled to Africa.

    (Bushy-headed black) Man raped three children under the age of 13
Randy HallA Mount Airy man was indicted this week on 10 counts of rape after investigators said he raped three different children, according to court documents. Randy Hall, 28, was arrested Wednesday. In addition to the rape charges, Hall has also been charged with two counts of gross sexual imposition. The indictment states Hall raped one victim multiple times in August, a second victim multiple times between January and September and a third victim between Nov. 2015 and Sept. 2016. All of the children were under the age of 13, court records state.

    (Dark brown black) Man Entered Home, Got Naked, Jumped Into Bed With Woman In Westbury, L.I.
naked negroWESTBURY, N.Y. — Police released a sketch Wednesday of a man who invaded a home in Westbury, Long Island, took his clothes off, and got into the bed with a woman back in September. Around 4:45 a.m. Friday, Sept. 9, the man got into the home on Jefferson Street in Westbury through an open window, Nassau County police said. The man disrobed and got into bed with the victim while naked, police said. The suspect was described as a black male 26 to 27 years old, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall with a tall, thin build. He had short black hair, dark eyes and a dark brown complexion.

    Toddler Shot in the Head When Her Father Took Her on Drug Deal
Tyrone RandolphA toddler was shot in the head when her father took her on a drug deal in South Carolina. The two-year-old was left in the back seat of a car while her father, 33-year-old Tyrone Randolph, reportedly bought drugs in Santee Saturday, according to the Associated Press. Randolph reportedly took his daughter to a home on Bonner Avenue so he could purchase illegal narcotics, and then got into a gun battle with the dealer, during which the child was hit in the head by a stray bullet, WCCB reported.

    (Black) Man Charged For Dealing Fentanyl-Laced Heroin, Causing Man’s Overdose
James Kiree CollinsSHARON HILL, Pa. — A Sharon Hill man is facing charges for dealing fentanyl-laced heroin that authorities say led to a man’s overdose. Authorities have identified the suspect as 26-year-old James Collins. Police say he dealt heroin to a 28-year-old man who overdosed and died in October. Collins is being held at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility in Glen Mills.


  • White DOT bosses were racist, demoted black workers: lawsuit
    Black employees of the fleet services division were called “n—ers,” “monkeys,” and “gorillas” — and white bosses demoted them and kept them from getting promotions and overtime, says the suit filed Wednesday that seeks damages for victims and changes to its practices.


    Missing (black) New Jersey (African) Man "Fofana" Found Killed in North Carolina
Bangaly FofanaOfficials say the remains of a missing New Jersey man were found in Greensboro, North Carolina. Greensboro police spokesman Susan C. Danielsen said in a news release Wednesday that the body of 24-year-old Bangaly Fofana, of East Orange, New Jersey, was discovered Monday behind a vacant building on Fairview Street. "the manner of death was homicide"

    Police: (Black) 9-year-old girl killed in double shooting - 3 black male suspects sought
suspectsuspectsuspectMT. AUBURN, OH - A 9-year-old girl was killed in a double shooting Wednesday night, Cincinnati police homicide investigators said. The girl and her father were shot in a home in the 2200 block of Burnet Avenue about 5:30 p.m. They were taken to separate hospitals. Alexandrea Thompson was initially listed in "extremely critical condition," police said. She was pronounced dead shortly after. “It’s always a tough day when we have shootings. It’s even tougher when they’re a young child, truly innocent victims," said Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate late Wednesday. "All life is valuable to us and we put forth a great effort to solve all these shootings, but it even hits home that much more when it’s a small child." The girl's father, 39, was listed in critical but stable condition at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, police said. His name was not released. Police said they are searching for three black men who were seen the house after the shooting.

    (White) Cop who fatally shot (black) to testify at trial
Ramarley GrahamThe NYPD cop who shot and killed Bronx teen Ramarley Graham is expected to take the stand Friday in his administrative trial, his lawyer said. Officer Richard Haste will break his silence for the first time since the 2012 shooting of Graham, 18, who was unarmed at the time, defense lawyer Michael Martinez said Wednesday. Haste and other cops with the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit chased Graham into his mother’s apartment building in Wakefield, thinking the teen had a gun on him. After barging into the home, Haste shot Graham once in the bathroom, as the teen tried to flush marijuana down the toilet.

  • Bail revoked for hip-hop personality charged in T.I. concert shooting
    Daryl CampbellBail was revoked for popular hip hop podcaster Daryl Campbell after prosecutors told a Manhattan federal court judge that they are convinced Campbell was behind last year’s fatal shooting at Irving Plaza — and that additional charges could be coming. “The gun here was fired into the chest of the deceased by the defendant,” Manhattan federal prosecutor Haggen Scotten told judge Lewis Kaplan. “We think the evidence of that is actually fairly strong.” Scotten said DNA evidence and witness testimony will show that Campbell — also known as Taxstone — pulled the fatal shot.

    (Black female) Sergeant in NYC Mayor de Blasio’s security detail tests positive for pot
Sgt. Tracy GittensAn NYPD sergeant who helps oversee security at Gracie Mansion — and once worked in First Lady Chirlane McCray’s personal detail — tested positive for marijuana and has been suspended, sources said Tuesday. Sgt. Tracy Gittens, a 12-year department veteran, had originally joined McCray’s detail as a detective when Bill de Blasio became mayor, sources said.
The sergeant ran into trouble when she was recently randomly selected for drug testing and the positive results came back.
She was immediately suspended without pay.

    Florida Police Claim They’ve Cracked a 25-Year-Old Cold Case Murder and Sexual Assault - black Jamaican killer
Dale EwersFlorida investigators say they have at last solved a 25-year-old cold case murder and sexual assault, PEOPLE confirms. Police in Miami Beach, Florida, this week announced the arrest and extradition of Dale Ewers, 53, in the 1990 shooting death of Mercedes Perez. Authorities allege that Ewers executed Perez, 34, at her apartment — and then sexually assaulted her roommate — more than 25 years ago after he forced his way into their home. Ewers was extradited Wednesday from his native Jamaica, police said. An arrest warrant was issued for him in October. He has been charged with four criminal counts, including first degree murder, armed robbery, armed sexual battery and kidnapping.

    Disgraced black politician John Sampson sentenced to five years in prison for corruption
John Sampson"Kingfish"He’s sorry all right — but mostly for himself. Disgraced ex-state Sen. John Sampson waffled on Wednesday about how he’s been “suffering” because of his corruption conviction, as a judge sentenced him to five years behind bars. The once-powerful Brooklyn Democrat took a moment in his mostly self-serving statement to “apologize for my actions” — but failed to say sorry to the constituents that elected him to the very office he abused.

    Ethics Board Hits African-American Philly DA With Its Largest Penalty Ever
"Kingfish"Seth Williams and Stacey CummingsPHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Board of Ethics has imposed its largest fine ever, $62,000, on District Attorney Seth Williams for a number of violations, including failing to disclose gifts and sources of income and accepting gifts from prohibited sources. “This is an example of the rules working and we have an elected official being held accountable for not complying with those rules,” said Executive Director Shane Creamer. “That official is now in compliance and has given his full cooperation in the course of the investigation and has agreed to pay a substantial fine.” Williams has issued a statement accepting full responsibility for what he calls “mistakes,” and apologizing to the people of Philadelphia along with his staff, supporters, friends and family “who have had to endure unwarranted attacks for my shortcomings.” The ethics board said Williams has through 2022 to pay off the penalty, owing $10,000 annually starting in 2018. The deal also includes what’s called a re-opener agreement.

    Jury weighs murder indictment against boyfriend of black mom of murdered black 6 year old
Rysheim SmithGeraldine PerkinsZyere PerkinsA grand jury is weighing a murder indictment against the boyfriend of Zymere Perkins’ mom in the broomstick-beating death of the Harlem 6-year-old, prosecutors said Tuesday in Manhattan Criminal Court. “The People are currently presenting homicide charges before a grand jury,” ­Assistant DA Katie Coulson said at a brief hearing for defendant Rysheim Smith. A malnourished Zymere died last Sept. 26 in the care of his mother, Geraldine Perkins, 26, and Smith, 42. The boy had finger marks around his neck, broken ribs and other injuries all over his body, according to a criminal complaint.

    Black Teen released in Brooklyn rabbi murder case - (not enough evidence)
DeAndre CharlesRabbi Joseph RaksinMIAMI -- Charges have been dropped against a teenager accused of killing a New York rabbi in Miami. News outlets report that the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office said in a statement Tuesday that there wasn't enough evidence to prove without a doubt that 16-year-old Deandre Charles was guilty of killing Rabbi Joseph Raksin. Sixty-year-old Raksin was fatally shot Aug. 9, 2014, as he walked to a temple in Miami, where he had been visiting family. The state had been relying on DNA evidence and cellphone records to charge Charles. Prosecutors also say the gun used in Raksin's death had been used 30 hours before in an armed robbery.

  • Hispanic Farmville Man Arrested for abduction, rape
    Luis Eduardo HerreraFARMVILLE – A 23-year-old Farmville man has been arrested and charged with rape and abduction. According to police reports, Luis Eduardo Herrera has also been charged with forcible sodomy, making threats, and assault and battery against a family member. Herrera was arrested on January 6 and is currently being held at Piedmont Regional Jail without bond.


    Shame made father lie about son ditching college to join ISIS
Samy El-GoaranyThe father of a Baruch College student who joined ISIS told a Manhattan federal jury that shame led him to lie about his son’s whereabouts — including telling people that the son had died in a car accident in Canada — because he didn’t want him to be “a terrorist man.” Mohamed El-Goarany, of upstate Goshen, said he first learned his son Samy had gone rogue when he flew to Turkey — behind the FBI’s back — on a lone mission to find his child and bring him back to the US.

Israeli flag

Israeli flag
  • Sentence delayed for (Jewish Orthodox) brute convicted of beating of gay black man
    Taj PattersonMayer HerskovicThe family of Taj Patterson, a gay, black student beaten to near-death by a band of Hasidic neighborhood watchmen will have to wait two more months to see their son’s lead attacker face his fate. Mayer Herskovic, a member of the ultra-orthodox watchdog group, is batting “serious” medical issues and will have to undergo at least one surgery before he learns his sentence, his attorney said.




  De Blasio


18 January 2017 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
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    Heartless black killer Ricky Gray executed for 2006 murder wave that claimed two Richmond families - (One White)
Ricky Jovan Gray - or Gevon GrayHarvey famillyGray died by injection at 9 p.m. for the murders of Ruby Harvey, 4, and her sister, Stella Harvey, 9, on New Year’s Day 2006. Also slain in their Woodland Heights home were their parents, Bryan and Kathryn Harvey. - (Black-on-white)
  • Ecclesiastes 8:11 - When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.

    (Black) Pit bull owner in custody after (White) child dies in attack
Cameron TuckerLogan BraatzSyrai SandersATLANTA - A little boy died on the scene of a pit bull attack Tuesday morning. Within hours, the dog owner was in custody. Six-year-old Logan Braatz was killed, five-year-old Syrai Sanders was seriously injured, and a third child was treated and released. Officials were called to the 1200 block of Gideons Drive in SW Atlanta around 7:20 a.m. Tuesday. SkyTracker 11 flew over the scene where belongings were seen scattered over the road. Shamonte Clayton lives in the neighborhood and said he was awoken to the sound of screams. "I knew it had to be something serious because this is the time the kids go to school," he said. Clayton said he ran outside and saw one dog standing over a little girl who was hurt. "She had been mauled and bitten up really badly," he said. After that, he said he ran off a dog standing near the little boy's "life-less body." "The mother was standing there screaming. She couldn't pick the child up, so I picked his body up and carried him to the ambulance," he said. Clayton said he's seen the dogs before. "They frequent the neighborhood a lot...they haven't been aggressive in the past," he said. "Why are you letting two full grown pit bulls roam this neighborhood freely when the neighborhood is full of elementary school aged kids," Clayton asked of the owner. Investigators identified Cameron Tucker as the owner of the dogs. One dog was shot and another was taken into custody. Tucker was also arrested. He was charged with two counts of reckless conduct. Those are misdemeanor charges. Wednesday morning, the Fulton County District Attorney’ Office added two felony manslaughter charges. Pickard said a group of elementary-aged kids were walking to school when the attack happened. "We had some brave kids, some kids ran back to the scene to pull the dogs off the children that were injured," he said. - (Black-on-white)

    (Evil black) Maine man to be sentenced for killing (white) girlfriend, 2 (White) children - and RAPE OF 8-YEAR-OLD WHITE GIRL
Keith ColemanChristina Ann SargentDuwayne CokeDestiny SargentBANGOR, Maine — A Maine man convicted of killing his girlfriend and her two children faces 25 years to life in prison when he's sentenced. Keith Coleman, of Garland, is due to be sentenced Thursday for the deaths of 36-year-old Christina Sargent, 10-year-old Duwayne Coke and 8-year-old Destiny Sargent. Police say Coleman told them that he chased down and strangled the children because they'd witnessed their mother's death. The bodies were found Dec. 20, 2014. Coleman was convicted of three counts of murder, and one count of sexual assault. Coleman's defense attorney has said she intends to appeal the verdict to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man sentenced to life in stabbing death of (white) ex-girlfriend - unrepentant killer spews obscenities to victim's family
Jeffery ConradAmanda RussellAKRON, Ohio - A Summit County judge sentenced a man to life Wednesday in connection with the stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend. Jeffrey Conrad was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole plus 11 years for the death of Amanda Russell and the assault of an inmate by Common Pleas Court Judge Paul Gallagher. Russell, 40, was found stabbed to death in her backyard. Throughout the sentencing hearing, Conrad wore a smile on his face and used profanity to speak to Gallagher, Russell's parents and prosecutors. "I didn't f*****g do it," he said. "I don't give a f***." Authorities said Conrad had a relationship with Russell. Russell had a protection order against him. A jury found him guilty of two counts of aggravated murder and one count each of murder, felonious assault, violating a protection order and domestic violence in 2015. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Raleigh police: (Black) Murder suspect Googled penalties for murder before his arrest
Seaga Edward GillardBrandon Xavier Hill April Lynn Holland, 22, and Dwayne GarveyRALEIGH Police say a 28-year-old man charged in the shooting deaths of a young couple last month at a Raleigh hotel used his smart phone after the shootings to search the Internet to see what kind of punishment he might face if he was arrested. Investigators say Seaga Gillard of Wake Forest did a Google search on his phone to look up the penalties for “double homicide” and “fetal homicide,” according to a search warrant made public late last week. April Lynn Holland, the 22-year-old woman who was shot at the America’s Best Value Inn near Crabtree Valley Mall, was four months pregnant. She and Dwayne Garvey, 28, were killed on the second floor before dawn on Dec. 2. When investigators reviewed the search history of Gillard’s smart phone for Dec. 2, they looked at his Google email account, “empiresmokehill@gmail.com” and found the following entries in the search engine: ▪ “how much can you face for double homicide” ▪ “how much can you face for double homicide nc” ▪ “fetal homicide state laws” ▪ “2 man wanted in raleigh nc” - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man sentenced for 2015 murder (of white female 'acquaintance')
Nathaniel MingoAmanda CollinsBOSSIER PARISH, La. - A Caddo Parish man has been sentenced for the 2015 murder of Amanda Collins in Bossier Parish. On Tuesday Nathaniel Mingo, of Shreveport, was sentenced to life at hard labor in the Louisiana Department of Corrections without the benefit of parole, probation or suspension of sentence. Mingo's lawyers have a appealed the sentence. An appeal hearing for Mingo has been set for April 3.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man "Jeezy" wanted in Bogue Chitto River murder arrested in Wyoming
Exzavion Trevon Reed, who is also known as Zabo, and Jeremy Douglas Mcelvin, who goes by JeezyAnthony J. Dauden and Bridget A. DillonCort GatlinPIKE COUNTY, MS - A man wanted in connection to the brutal killing of a McComb man on the Bogue Chitto River has been arrested in Wyoming. Jeremy McElvin was arrested in Sheridan, Wyoming on Wednesday. He was wanted for murder and conspiracy to commit murder in Pike County. McElvin is awaiting an extradition hearing and will be transported back to Pike County. Three other suspects were arrested in 2016 for the brutal murder of 29-year-old Cort Gatlin. Gatlin's body was found in the Bogue Chitto River on September 1, 2016. His family said he had been beaten, bound with duct tape, shot, burned and then thrown into the river. A short time later, 25-year-old Exxavion Reed was arrested in connection with Gatlin's death by a U.S. Marshal Task Force in St. Tammany Parrish in Louisiana. 25-year-old Anthony J. Dauden and 26-year-old Bridget A. Dillon, former friends of Gatlin, were also arrested in the case. "Cort was searching, looking for friends and he trusted them and everything went the wrong way for them," Edward Gatlin Jr, the victim's brother, told us last year. During an initial court appearance back in September, Dauden's grandmother hinted at a motive, saying that she believes Gatlin had molested a child. Gatlin's family claimed that to be untrue, saying the killing could have been over drugs or a woman. 

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Kilgore man arrested on child sex assault charge
Leon Wafer Jr.A Kilgore man has been arrested on a charged of aggravated sexual assault of a child. Leon Wafer Jr., 39, was arrested by Kilgore police Tuesday morning in the 900 block of N. Kilgore Street. He was transferred to the Gregg County Jail the same day and released Wednesday on $25,000 bond. Wafer was arrested on a warrant stemming from a Jan. 15 incident. Further details behind his arrest have not been released.

    Black Female, 17, charged with knife-point rape of 19-year-old man
Lestina Marie Smith SAGINAW, MI -- A 17-year-old Saginaw woman could face life in prison on charges she raped a 19-year-old man at knife point. Lestina Marie Smith was arraigned Tuesday morning, Jan. 17, on two felony counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. Each charge carries a maximum punishment of life in prison. The charges stem from a Jan. 11 incident in Saginaw Township where Smith allegedly held another Saginaw teen at knife point and engaged in oral and vaginal sex with him. Smith was denied bond and is being held in the Saginaw County Jail.

    Police say this black man exposed his genitals to a 7-year-old girl
black exposerPolice are searching for a man who exposed his genitals to a 7 year-girl inside of a Dollar Tree in Queens on Monday afternoon. The man was caught on camera casually digging through his gray sweatpants for change at checkout. Whether or not the footage was taken before or after he displayed his wares is unclear. The alleged flasher is still at large and wanted by police for endangering the welfare of a child.

    Black Philadelphia Murder Suspect Arrested In Virginia, Found Hiding In Cubby Hole
Karl HowardPHILADELPHIA — After months of investigation, an arrest has been made in connection to a murder that took place in Philadelphia back in September. The investigation led authorities all the way to Virginia to arrest the suspect. Officials say that Karl Howard, 29, was taken into custody on Tuesday in Hampton Roads. Howard was wanted in connection to a murder that took place on September 4, 2016, in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Police say that the incident occurred shortly after 1:00 a.m., that night, on the 3100 block of Kensington Avenue. Reports came in for a man with a gun. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered a victim, Maului Lewis, 45, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

    Police Arrest Black Man (named 'White') Allegedly Behind 2 Gunpoint Robberies In Philadelphia
Matthew White PHILADELPHIA — Police have arrested a man they say shot and killed a man in West Philadelphia one night after robbing a home at gunpoint in the same area. Philadelphia Police say 32-year-old Matthew White shot a 32-year-old man in the head inside an apartment near 54th Street and Girard Avenue on January 9. The victim died at the hospital. The day before, police say White stole cell phones and $500 cash from a home near North 52nd and Thompson Streets. While a shot was fired at one of the victims, no injuries were reported in that incident. White is now being held on charges of murder, robbery and related offenses.
  • Man, 32, arrested in deadly home invasion in West Philly
    Matthew White, of the 1200 block of North 53rd Street, was arrested Sunday and charged with murder, robbery, and related offenses. About 10 p.m. on Jan. 9, White allegedly entered a second-floor apartment in the 5400 block of West Girard Avenue, announced a robbery, and shot 32-year-old Barry Jones in the head.

    Black Sports: Naked ex-NFL player arrested again in Portland Stanley Wilson, 34, played for the Detroit Lions for 3 seasons
Stanley Wilson IIStanley Wilson IIPORTLAND, Ore. — The ex-NFL player who was naked when he was shot trying to break into a home in Southwest Portland in 2016 was arrested again in January and again was naked. Court documents show Stanley Wilson appeared to be high when Portland police responded to a house disturbance January 10. Wilson, documents show, said he lived at that house, but it wasn’t the address he reported to authorities after his 2016 arrest. On June 22, 2016, he was shot by a 78-year-old homeowner who told police he shot an attempted burglary suspect from inside his home. Wilson was found naked in a “water feature” on the property.

  • (Black) Man charged with trafficking over 30 guns into Brooklyn
    suspectA North Carolina man has been charged with trafficking at least 30 guns from the south into Brooklyn, authorities said. Marcus Gamble pleaded not guilty Tuesday as he was arraigned before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Foley on charges of criminal sale of firearms, criminal possession of weapons and related charges.
  • VINELINK: Offender Name: GAMBLE, MARCUS Custody Status: In Custody Age: 24 Location: unknown Race: African American


    (Black) Judge booted off Supreme Court after cursing out prosecutor
Manhattan Civil Justice Geoffrey WrightA second-generation Manhattan judge whose dad was infamous for springing criminal defendants on low bail was demoted after repeatedly clashing with Manhattan prosecutors, even cursing one out in open court, The Post has learned. Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright was shipped off to Queens — and banished to Family Court, one of the lowest rungs of the judiciary — following a testy run in Manhattan Criminal Court. The humiliating move was the result of an official complaint from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., sources said. At one point, Wright engaged in a foul-mouthed exchange over a petit-larceny case.

    (Hispanic) Catholic Parish music director Rafael Diaz, charged with molesting student


    Hispanic Alberto Garcia who kidnaped, raped and murdered a 5 year old black girl plead guilty
Alberto GarciaJanaya ThompsonGULFPORT, MS - On the eve of his trial, accused killer Alberto Garcia walked into a Harrison County courtroom Wednesday morning and pleaded guilty to capital murder, admitting his role in the 2014 death of five-year-old Janaya Thompson. Harrison County's district attorney said Garcia is still eligible for the death penalty. His guilty plea will avoid a criminal trial. However, a sentencing hearing will be held to determine whether Garcia receives the death penalty or life in prison without parole. Prosecutors said they had evidence that linked Garcia to the sexual assault and strangulation of the Gulfport girl. Search teams discovered her body in an abandoned trailer on Whitney Drive a day after her disappearance and death. Janaya's murder sparked outrage in the Orange Grove community. Leaders from around Gulfport and around the region staged events outside that trailer urging prosecutors to do whatever they could to get justice for Janaya.
  • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.

    Canada: Amber Alert: 2 Ragheads abduct White 15-year old female - found safe
Orange-colored turban wearing 'South Asian'MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Police say a 15-year-old girl who was the subject of an Amber Alert has been found safe. The Amber Alert, which was issued early Monday morning, said witnesses had reported seeing two men force the girl into a grey Honda Odyssey minivan around 1:25 p.m. Sunday and then drive off.
Police had described one of the suspects as a South Asian male about 24 years old, 6-feet-2 inches tall with a thin build. He was wearing an orange coloured turban, grey sweater with cut off sleeves and a green shirt underneath. The second suspect is a South Asian man with black hair.
Const. Bancroft Wright said the girl was found in good health. The girl's father told local television station CP24 that his daughter had run away twice before. He said the girl was with the police and he expected to be reunited with her later on Monday.. - (Canada)

    Bushy-headed black Teen Arrested For Annapolis Homicide (of White man)
Calum Jeramiah ThomasTerry P. CrouseBALTIMORE — A 19-year-old from Annapolis was arrested Monday night and faces a number of charges for the murder of a 55-year-old man back on January 2. Calum Jeramiah Thomas faces a first-degree murder charge, first and second-degree assault charges, and several gun charges in the case. Thomas was arrested for the murder of Terry Paul Crouse, who was found shot outside his home. Police continued their investigation, and found that Thomas was the person who shot Crouse. Police also say this “was not a random act of violence.” An arrest warrant was obtained for Thomas, and police were able to arrest him without incident on January 16. - (Black-on-white)

    Two black 'B/M's 1 in gorilla mask attack gay white Theater Director Outside Target With Pipe
Derek Whitener suspectsuspectDALLAS – Police are looking for two men who brutally attacked a local theater director with a pipe outside of an Uptown Target store. Derek Whitener, artistic and education director of The Firehouse Theatre in Farmers Branch is recovering in the intensive care unit from a fractured skull, bleeding and swelling of his brain. Whitener had just finished acting and singing in a show at the theatre Saturday night and decided to stop for groceries at the Target off of Haskell Avenue near U.S. Highway 75. It was then that two masked men — one wearing a monkey mask, and another in a ski mask — approached him outside of the store. The 33-year-old’s attorney and friends said he wasn’t robbed. At this point in the investigation, there’s no known reason for the attack. His family and friends are shocked by what happened. Described at “creative, passionate” on a Go Fund Me page set up to help with medical bills, Whitener faces at least six to eight weeks for a full recovery. - (Black-on-white)
  • Police issue more info on Target assault
    Dallas police released more information on the assault of Derrick Whitener at the Haskell Avenue Target Saturday night. The photos are from Target surveillance video. The circumstances of the attack — against a gay man using a wooden rod — are similar to the rash of attacks in Oak Lawn that began in the fall of 2015. This is what police released this morning:
    Suspect #1: B/M/18-20, 5’9”, 150 pounds. Last seen wearing a gray jacket, black pants, black backpack, black gloves, gorilla mask, and armed with a 3 foot wooden dowel rod.

    Suspect #2: B/M
    /18-20, 5’9”, 150 pounds. Last seen wearing a black hoodie with white lettering, red/blue jeans, white Nike shoes, black backpack, and a gorilla mask.
  • Derek's Medical Bills

    McAuliffe declines clemency for (black killer) Ricky Gray; his lawyers file emergency request to U.S. Supreme Court
Governor Terry McAuliffe today declined to grant clemency for Ricky Gray, who will die by injection Wednesday night at the Greensville Correctional Center for the capital murders of two young sisters 11 years ago unless the U.S. Supreme Court steps in. - (Black-on-white)
  • Herring's office seeks execution date for (black) man convicted in quadruple homicide (of White family of four) - Nov 11, 2016
    Ricky Jovan Gray - or Gevon GrayRay Joseph DandridgeBryan HarveyStella and RubyKathry Harvey and daughter RubyRICHMOND, Va. -- The Virginia Attorney General's office is seeking a January execution date for a man convicted of killing a family of four. Media outlets report that the Attorney General's office wrote Richmond Circuit Court Judge Beverly Snukals on Thursday, saying she must hold a hearing to schedule an execution date for Ricky Gray. The U.S. Supreme Court denied a rehearing to Gray on Monday. The Attorney General's Office recommended the execution take place Jan. 17 or 18, giving Gov. Terry McAuliffe time to consider any clemency request. Gray was convicted in the New Year's Day 2006 stabbing and bludgeoning deaths of Bryan Harvey, Kathryn Harvey and their daughters, 9-year-old Stella and 4-year-old Ruby. Gray was sentenced to death for the girls' deaths. An accomplice, Ray Dandridge, was sentenced to life. - (Black-on-white)


Dangers of interracial dating

    The Urban Dictionary defines a Mudshark

    Murder trial of black rapist & killer set to begin Tuesday - he stabbed a white woman 79 times
David Hackett Collena Lynn CarpenterYOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - The trial of a Youngstown man charged in the stabbing death of a former Homeworth, Ohio woman is set to begin on Tuesday. 51-year-old David Hackett will stand trial in the murder of 30-year-old Collena Lynn Carpenter. Investigators say that Carpenter had been stabbed 79 times before her body was found in a vacant lot along West Avenue in Youngstown back in October of 2013. Carpenter had been staying with Hackett and his fiancee in Youngstown and at the time Carpenter's death, Hackett was out on parole from a life sentence for a previous murder. In 2009, Hackett was paroled from the Lorain Correctional Institution, where he had been serving a life term for a 1979 robbery and murder of a store owner. - (Black-on-white)
  • Youngstown murder victim stabbed more than sixty times
    Investigators revealed that Carpenter was staying with Hackett and his fiancee in Youngstown. Police found Carpenter's body on a vacant lot on West Avenue early Monday. She had been stabbed more than sixty times. Police are being tight-lipped about a motive. According to sources, Hackett has also been charged with rape 3 times since his release, but has been found not guilty on those charges.
  • Youngstown murder victim identified as Homeworth woman - Oct 17, 2013
    Collena Lynn Carpenter, 30, was found with fatal stab wounds lying in a pool of blood in a grassy area on the city’s west side, across from the Youngstown Water Department. A pile of her belongings was found a short distance away. According to court records, Carpenter was arraigned on Oct. 3 on theft charges and was facing a trial set for Oct. 21 on felony drug trafficking charges. Carpenter was also arrested in connection with a July raid on a North Jackson apartment by the Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force where Bryan Dilling, of Beloit, was arrested on several warrants. Carpenter, who was named as Dilling’s girlfriend, was arrested on obstruction charges. Dilling remains in the Mahoning County Jail. Carpenter was also charged with drug trafficking, passing bad checks and the misuse of credit cards dating back to 2010.
    • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks - don't 'stay with' blacks out on parole...

    (White) Woman hit by car at gas station (by drugged black female) has died
Renee McKinneyRosalie KoenigThe woman who was badly injured when a car driven by a drugged driver slammed into her at a Long Island gas station has died, authorities said. Rosalie Koenig passed away Sunday at Stony Brook University Hospital, according to Suffolk County police. Koenig, 62, was refueling at a Mobil Station on William Floyd Parkway in Shirley when the out of control vehicle slammed into the gas pump she was using and pinned her against her car around 11:25 a.m. Saturday. Renee McKinney was high on drugs when she lost control of her car while trying to make a right turn into the gas station, police said. - (Black-on-white)
  • Black female Drugged Driver Crashes Into Gas Pump, Fatally Injuring (White) Woman - victim dies of injuries
    SHIRLEY, N.Y. — A Suffolk County woman has been charged with driving while impaired by drugs after she crashed into a gas pump, which toppled over and pinned another woman, police said. Renee McKinney, 53, of Mastic, was driving a 2002 Nissan Altima north on William Floyd Parkway shortly before 11:30 a.m. Saturday when she tried to make a right turn into the Mobil gas station. McKinney missed the turn and crashed into the pump, police said. Rosalie Koenig, 62, also of Mastic, was pumping gas on the other side and became pinned between the pump and her 2014 Nissan Frontier. She was taken to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center before being transported to Stony Brook University Hospital to be treated for serious injuries. - (Black-on-white)

    Black Man Convicted of Scaring 76-year-old White Woman to Death During Home Invasion Robbery
Quadir 'Avon' TaylorCarrie Smith, 76A man accused of scaring an elderly woman so much during an eastern Pennsylvania home-invasion robbery that she had a heart attack that night and died two months later has been convicted of second-degree murder. Jurors in Northampton County deliberated for about six hours before convicting Quadir Taylor of the charge Friday night. They also found him guilty of robbery, burglary, criminal conspiracy and related offenses but acquitted him of aggravated assault and possessing an instrument of crime. Taylor, 29, of Easton, acknowledged helping others rob 76-year-old Carrie Smith in her Wilson home in January 2012, but he disputed a forensic pathologist's conclusion that the heart attack caused her eventual death. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Three black suspects wanted for murder of white woman with black boyfriend, 2 others dead and 2 others wounded including 2-yr-old
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectAli BrownAli R. Brown and black boyfried Ryan EdwardsKANSAS CITY, Mo. - UPDATE Police have released descriptions for three suspects in the triple murder in Kansas City, Missouri on Thursday. One suspect is described as a black man with a light complexion and shoulder-length dreadlocks. The second is a black male who was wearing a light gray hoodie at the time. A third suspect as a black male. Police said two women and one man died in the shooting. They were later identified as Victoria Brown, 28, Ali Brown, 20, and Darrell Thomas, 29. A 2-year-old child and a woman were injured in the shooting and taken to hospitals. The child is in critical condition, and the woman is expected to recover. - (Black-on-white)
  • The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses and future needs for (2-year-old victim) Karson. 

Dangers of interracial dating

    Lakewood police chief's home was burglarized
Barry E. WalkerLakewood police Chief Robert Lawson TOMS RIVER - A Willingboro man accused of beginning a yearlong string of burglaries at the home of the Lakewood police chief is facing 34 criminal charges related to the alleged crime spree police say netted him more than $2 million in stolen goods. An Ocean County grand jury on Tuesday handed up an indictment charging Barry E. Walker, 37, with 16 counts of burglary, 15 counts of theft, and one count each of dealing in stolen property, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of a weapon by a convicted person. The indictment alleges Walker stole cash, jewelry, electronics, high-end clothing and shoes, religious artwork, silverware, candelabras, menorahs and china in the string of 16 break-ins in Lakewood that began on June 13, 2015, at the home of then-Lakewood police Chief Robert Lawson and ended July 9, 2016, when Walker was arrested. Victims of the burglaries included members of the township’s Orthodox Jewish community whose valuable religious items, silver candlesticks and other possessions were stolen.

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