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    (Two soulless black) Carjackers kill (White) mom in the back in front of kids, husband in SW Houston
Weeping AngelEdward Scott demon blackdemon blackHOUSTON – Carjackers shot and killed a 29-year-old mother in front of her kids and husband, Houston Police say. Officers say the crime began late Monday with a carjacking involving another couple on Bellfort at Kirkwood. The suspects fled in the couple's gray Jeep Commander. A short time later, the suspects crashed into the mom and her husband, who had two young kids in their car. The husband says he decided to follow the suspects to try and get a license plate number. The suspects pulled in front of a Wingstop restaurant and that’s when someone in the Jeep opened fire on the family. The mom, later identified by police as Jessica Lynn Mills, was shot in the back and died at the hospital. There were no other injuries. “She was a mother,” husband Edward Scott said at the scene. “She had two beautiful daughters that were four and four months old. So we need someone to help us catch them. She won’t be around to see them grow old - be able to have their first moments in life. So whatever the public can offer would be great to help out as much as they can.” "It was a pretty horrific sight to see what had actually happened. They barely missed my daughter and they shot my wife." "I mean, she was the love of my life. we were together 10 years. I've known her since middle school. She was everything, she meant the world to me. She was my best friend, she was my soul mate, she was the mother of my children, she was everything that I could hope for in life. There will never be another one of her. Without her I feel kind of lost," Scott said.
As of Tuesday morning the search continues for the suspects. Police describe them as two young black males ages 16 to 20 in a gray Jeep Commander plates CN5X057. Anyone with information on this case is urged to contact the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. - (Black-on-white)

    (2 black) Suspects in Lee Street shooting facing murder charges after (White) victim dies
James MeltonEddie Ray JacksonNicholas WestALEXANDRIA, La. - Following the death of a man shot at a Lee Street store, the two men arrested for the shooting are now facing first degree murder charges. James Melton, 36, of Woodworth died Friday following what Alexandria Police said was a shot in the head after Melton was found in his truck at the Save More store on Lee Street Thursday just a few minutes before noon. Later that day, Eddie Ray Jackson, 17, and Nicholas West, 19, were arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted first degree murder. On Friday, APD reported that both suspects will now be charged with first degree murder and will no longer be afforded bond. - (Black-on-white)

    Black brit Killer who strangled 14-yr-old white girl in US deported to UK
Dempsey Hawkins Susan JacobsonParole chiefs in New York ruled Dempsey Hawkins was not fit to be released there but could be let out on condition he was deported to the UK. When he was 16 he strangled his 14-year-old girlfriend Susan Jacobson with a shirt and stuffed her body in an oil drum. He then pretended to help searchers look for her while keeping them from finding her. Hawkins, who was taken to America when he was six, arrived at Heathrow in January with letters of support from the British Consulate. Immigration officials handed him a British passport and backers welcomed him with him a copy of Tennis Whites and Teacakes, a collection of poet John Betjeman’s writings. Cambridge University criminology research associate Dr Ruth Armstrong supported his release and he now works as a server in a Mexican restaurant run by her husband in the city. - (Black-on-white)
  • Forbidden romance, a heated argument and a grisly Staten Island murder
    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- In the summer of 1975, Susan Jacobson and Dempsey Hawkins, neighbors in Port Richmond, began dating at a time when interracial romance was still frowned upon. But the two young teens -- she, an attractive and vivacious 13-year-old white girl, and he, a handsome, smart 15-year-old black male -- didn't see color. Hawkins was Ms. Jacobson's first boyfriend. Their romance blossomed into the fall and winter, but took an unexpected turn when Ms. Jacobson became pregnant. She was still in intermediate school. So, in January, 1976, Ms. Jacobson underwent an abortion. Afterward, her parents -- William, and his late wife, Ellen -- recommended that their daughter and Hawkins take a break from each other and see other people. If their relationship was meant to be, they could always get back together, Ms. Jacobson's parents reasoned.
    And the relationship did end several months later, but in a way no one (except you, dear NNN readers) could have imagined. On May 15, 1976, Hawkins, then 16, strangled Ms. Jacobson to death with a shirt. She was 14. Prosecutors said Hawkins killed Ms. Jacobson during a quarrel in which she sought to break off from him. Hawkins then hid her body in a 55-gallon oil barrel inside an underground bunker at a former Mariners Harbor shipyard. Ms. Jacobson's grieving family, whom Hawkins pretended to aid, searched relentlessly for Susan's body for months. They even sought a nationally-known psychic's help. But her decomposed corpse wasn't recovered for 22 months -- and then, by chance. Three boys came across Ms. Jacobson's skeletal remains on March 25, 1978, as they were exploring in the area. Hawkins, a 52-year-old native of England, has spent the last 34 years in prison for murdering the Prall Intermediate School student. And he'll remain behind bars at least two more years. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Vicious (cowardly black pack attack on White men) anti-Trump racial mob attack In Kettering, Ohio
Lee Jacksonblack suspectOn February 25th, a dozen or more black suspects viciously attacked two white males outside of Elsa’s Kettering Sports Grill, in the Dayton suburb of Kettering. The perpetrators attacked the first white male after screaming anti-Trump statements. The second white male, Lee Jackson, rushed to his aid. He was pinned down over a car hood and punched in the face over and over. Jackson was hospitalized with a fractured eye socket. - (Black-on-white)
  • Photos released from fight outside of Kettering bar
    Jackson said he is in a lot of pain, that his orbital socket was fractured and he may need plastic surgery to fix it. He said the conflict arose after his friend was leaving the bar and told the large group to “simmer down.” He said the large group had been loud and had been complaining about President Donald Trump.“We got swarmed,” Jackson said. “I had six strangers beating me up ... I remember feeling something break in my face ... I remember asking them why they were doing this.”

    (Black) Suspect arrested in vicious Highland Park sex assault
Brandon CoxHIGHLAND PARK, New Jersey -- Authorities say a New Jersey man has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman after forcing her into an apartment building at gunpoint while she was walking with a child. Police arrested 23-year-old Brandon Cox, charging him with 16 criminal counts, including kidnapping and attempted murder. Police say he attacked the victim while she was walking with a child on Harper Street in Highland Park Feb. 19th. He is accused of dragging her into the basement of a building, sexually assaulting her, and repeatedly punching her before running away. The child was not hurt.

    (African American) Deputy Director Of Crime Lab Resigns, Accused Of Altering Crime Scene Reports
Walter GreeneDENVER – The deputy director of the Denver Crime Lab, Walter Greene, has resigned in the face of a wide ranging internal investigation that found numerous ethical and procedural violations. The resignation follows an eight-month paid suspension. An internal investigation into the conduct of Greene showed four employees said Greene told them, “We’re not hiring any more women, they bicker too much,” women are “too much drama,” women are “emotional” or ”petty.” According to the investigation, eight employees said Greene told them not to go to Human Resources “because they’re (expletive) idiots.” Following the probe, Greene was offered a demotion from his $124,891 a year job to a photo enforcement agent position which pays $57,940 per year. Greene declined the demotion and quit earlier this month. The investigation also said seven employees claimed Greene “altered their crime scene reports, sometimes without their knowledge and with terms they would not use.”


(Black) Las Vegas couple confesses to torturing, killing cat believed to be a demon
Denise Eddines and Immanuel ChurchA Las Vegas couple have been arrested for torturing and killing a woman's beloved cat. Approximately 6 weeks ago, Nia Wulkan rented a room in her home to the couple, identified as 20-year-old Immanuel Church and 21-year-old Denise Eddines. Wulkan asked the couple to care for cats and dogs after a family member became ill and her help was needed. When she came home on Feb. 23, the couple told her that they had to kill one of Nia's cats. The police were called to the home after Nia and her son, Zane, began fighting with the couple. After police arrived, Church confessed that he killed the cat named Spunky. Eddines also confessed to helping harm and kill the cat. Church told police the cat began hissing and pawing at him and his girlfriend while they were watching television in Nia's room. The couple kicked the cat out of the bedroom, but said that the cat began attacking Eddines when she went to the kitchen to get food. The couple became convinced that the cat was a demon and the other cats could also be demons. They began devising a plan to get rid of the cat.

Eddines used the internet to search for a way to get rid of the demons inside the cats. Based on her research, she made a "potion" of hot sauce, bleach, Comet and other household items. Church then trapped the cat, which reportedly attacked him like "Floyd Mayweather's last fight." The couple poured the "potion" on and inside the cat. Church also violently kicked the cat. When the cat did not die, Church used two different swords to kill the cat. Church and Eddines then attempted to pour the "potion" on another cat. Church also turned a fire extinguisher on the cat even though that cat had not attacked either Church or Eddines, according to Church. Las Vegas police arrested Church and Eddines on 2 counts each of willful and malicious torture, cruelty or unjustifiable injury, and the maiming or killing of an animal that belongs to someone else. Wulkan says her stepdad was in hospice care when all this was happening and that he later died. She came home to find her cats killed. "I'm still shaking when I think about it," she said. Wulkan said when she confronted Church he said "I killed your cat" with a smile on his face. Church said from jail that he was left with no other choice since the cat was attacking him, but also apologized to Nia and says he wishes this hadn't happened. They were booked into the Clark County Detention Center. It is a felony to torture and kill animals in the state of Nevada.

    Shooting Leaves One Dead; Fort Smith Police Arrest (black) Suspect
Jeremy PalmerFORT SMITH — A man is dead and police have arrested a suspect following a shooting early Tuesday morning (Feb. 28) at a Fort Smith apartment complex. The shooting happened shortly after 1 a.m. in the parking lot of West Apartments on North 50th, across from Kay Rodgers Park. Police identified the victim as Jason Thomas, 35. Investigators said Thomas was shot in the face while sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot. Investigators said the suspect, whom officers identified as Jeremy Palmer, 25, took off on foot following the shooting.


black home invader   Police Hunt (Black) Man Who Threatened Woman in NJ Home Invasion

homeless black exposer


  • Black serial killer Charged With Killing 3 Women, Including Philly Teen
    Khalil Wheeler-WeaverNEWARK, N.J. — A New Jersey man already charged with killing two women was charged Monday with killing a Philadelphia teen, and attempting to kill a fourth woman. On Monday, a grand jury indicted 20-year-old Khalil Wheeler-Weaver in the death of 19-year-old Robin West, of Philadelphia. Investigators said he killed West on Sept. 1 and then set fire to a vacant house in Orange where he dumped her body.

    Former ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist: Leaders wanted to burn MN gov’s mansion, capitol
A former Black Lives Matter activist is making stunning accusations against fellow agitators in an unprompted YouTube video - (Drudge) - (infowars)




Israeli flag






  • FAKE NEWS - FAKE 'SCIENCE' - More Evidence Against Global Warming Surfaces
    While the Democrats are doing everything to block any alteration to the regulation and the tax scheme supported by Global Warming theories, the refreshing rise of Donald Trump in this arena is allowing free speech to be heard for the first time in more than a decade since Al Gore started this nonsense. This idea that man is the sole cause of climate change and CO2 is the devil, has been so seriously wrong. The Global Warming crowd has been attempting to silence any other research whatsoever....

    Demonic black beast rewarded with free room and board for life for murder of White mom & shooting of White 9-yr-old girl
Aramis JacksonAriana EnglerAlexandra EnglerAramis Jackson shot and killed Alexandra Engler during a fatal 2010 home invasion at the 42-year-old single mother's Beauregard Town residence, but her then-9-year-old daughter who was shot multiple times in the attack and still managed to make a chilling 911 call to police is the one who asked that his life be spared, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III said Friday after Jackson pleaded guilty in exchange for a life prison term. With 16-year-old Ariana Engler, her father and grandmother sitting in state District Judge Tony Marabella's courtroom, the 27-year-old Jackson, of Baton Rouge, pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Alexandra Engler and the attempted first-degree murder of Ariana Engler on Sept. 24, 2010, at their Beauregard Street home. Moore said afterward at a news conference that Jackson, who he said has shown no remorse, was certainly deserving of the death penalty. - (Black-on-white)

    Heroic (White) husband dies shielding wife from gunfire from two home invading black criminal parasite predator killers
Andy FocklerBailey Zylo2 nigger killersA Weirsdale, Florida, man and his stepson were fatally shot on Sunday morning during a suspected home invasion. Two masked suspects entered the home and fired shots, killing Bailey Zylo, 18, and Andy Fockler, 38. During the gunfire, Fockler shielded his wife, Janey, who survived the incident. Bailey was reportedly shot as he slept in bed. John Zylo, Janey’s father and Bailey’s grandfather, told the Ocala Star-Banner that the gunmen demanded money but took a box of guns. John claimed his daughter, her husband and son, Janey and Andy’s daughter, Janey’s nephew, and two young children were home at the time of the incident. Janey took to Facebook following the murder of her son and husband, writing:“I love you two with all my heart. I know you’re here with me. Please help me through this. My life…why would someone take them away from me?” - (Black-on-white)

    (Black) Convicted murderer stabbed to death in prison Sunday, 20 years after he killed a (White) Adamsville grandmother
DeMarko Quinta CarlisleJoAnn BusbyAn Alabama inmate - who was just 16 when he fatally shot an Adamsville grandmother outside of Kmart - was stabbed to death in prison on Sunday afternoon. DeMarko Quinta Carlisle, 36, was stabbed during an altercation with another inmate inside the facility, said Alabama Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Horton. The assault happened at 2:45 p.m. at Elmore Correctional Facility, and Carlisle died at 3:40 p.m. Carlisle pleaded guilty in 1999 to the felony charges in a 1997 crime spree that left JoAnn Busby dead. On April 1, 1997, Busby was visiting her oldest daughter, who had been recovering from an operation. On her way home, she stopped at Kmart on Forestdale Boulevard to pick up a few things. After unlocking her doors and getting in the driver's seat, two teenage boys approached her, one standing on either side of the car. Both of them had loaded guns pointed at her. They demanded her purse, but she refused and started honking the car horn and yelling for help. That is when Carlisle shot her. Busby left behind two daughters, six grandchildren, a sister and countless friends. - (Black-on-white)

    (Black man) gets life in prison for murder of (White wife of hockey player that allegedly hired the black for an arson job)
Michael BeardMark BlandfordThomas ClaytonKelley ClaytonBarring a successful appeal, the man convicted of brutally murdering Kelley Clayton in 2015 will spend the rest of his life in prison. Steuben County Judge Peter Bradstreet on Monday sentenced Michael Beard, 46, to 25 years to life in prison without parole for his conviction on a charge of first-degree murder, and 25 years to life for each of two convictions for second-degree murder. The sentences will be served concurrently. Beard, formerly of Elmira Heights, was convicted Nov. 4 in connection with the Sept. 29, 2015, bludgeoning death of Kelley Clayton, 35, in her Town of Caton home. Beard was arrested Oct. 2, 2015, and confessed to investigators that he killed Kelley after her husband, Thomas Clayton, promised to pay him $10,000. Beard told police where to find the murder weapon, a plastic maul handle, a bag of bloody clothes he threw in a swamp, and a set of keys that gave him access to the Clayton house. Beard later recanted his confession and told the jury at his trial that Clayton did hire him, but not to kill anyone. He said he was supposed to burn the house down for the insurance money, and that Clayton assured him nobody was supposed to be home. Kelley's sister Kim Bourgeois read a statement "You, Michael Beard, are a coward. Only a coward would attack a woman in her bed," Also Monday, Mark Blandford pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter for his role in Kelley Clayton's death. Thomas Clayton, was convicted Feb. 23 in a separate trial on counts of first- and second-degree murder after prosecutors convinced the jury that he offered to pay Beard to kill his wife. - (Black-on-white)

    (Sub-human demonic black) allegedly beats great-grandmother to death after binding her - unfit for trial
Gary BiasGary BiasGary Bias The man accused of beating his grandmother to death while she was duct-taped to a chair last September has been found unfit to stand trial in his other attempted murder case. Gary Bias was out on bail following the attempted murder of his stepfather, Ahmed Green, with a mini baseball bat in the fall of 2015 when he allegedly killed his 82-year-old great-grandmother Ella-Nae Bias at her home. The unhinged man purportedly robbed his great-grandmother before binding and fatally beating her, cops said. He then lured his mother to the scene, bound her to a chair, and attempted to kill her too, but she managed to escape.

    (Cruel sadistic black) Suspect Wanted For Killing Pet Turtle During Burglary
Calvin Krasheen FoggMichael Kennard JonesDonatellaBALTIMORE — Baltimore County Police have obtained a warrant for a suspect who they say needlessly killed a pet turtle during a burglary. During the overnight hours between Jan. 20 and 21, while the woman was away, two suspects entered her residence in the unit block of Barnwell Court in Parkville through an unsecured ground floor window. They allegedly stole numerous electronic devices and accessories, two television sets, gift-cards, checks and jewelry. Before leaving, one of the suspects allegedly removed Donatella from her aquarium home, and impaled her with a knife-sharpener. The resident returned to find her home ransacked, and Donatella dead on the floor. On February 17 police arrested one of the suspects, identified as 24-year-old Calvin Krasheen Fogg of the 4400 block of Marble Hall Road. A second suspect, believed to be the person responsible for killing the animal, is still outstanding. He is identified as 23-year-old Michael Kennard Jones, previously known to reside in the 3200 block of McElderry Street. He is wanted on charges of 1st degree burglary, aggravated cruelty to kill an animal, and is also wanted in connection with a previous home invasion robbery with a gun.

    (Black) Man charged with sexual assault
Elijah Jerome SullivanA Midland man was arrested Thursday after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman, according to court documents. Elijah Jerome Sullivan, 25, was being held Monday on a $75,000 bond for a second-degree felony charge of sexual assault. Midland police were dispatched at about 9:40 p.m. Wednesday in reference to a reported sexual assault. Sullivan assaulted a woman at a residence, according to his arrest affidavit.
  • (Black) Teen arrested in recent 'truth or dare' incident - July 31, 2010
    Elijah Jerome Sullivan - 2010A 19-year-old Midland man was arrested following a weeklong investigation by Midland police involving an 11-year-old girl who was allegedly was dared then performed sexual acts on him during a game of "truth or dare," authorities said Saturday. Elijah Jerome Sullivan was arrested in the 3900 block of Tanner Drive at 3:30 p.m. Friday and was being held at the Midland County Detention Center late Saturday on a $20,000 bond for a first-degree felony charge of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

    (Dreadful black) Shallotte man charged with rape, kidnapping, attempted murder - sex of rape victim not reported
Lavonshea FletcherBRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC — A Brunswick County man is accused of breaking into a home, raping, terrorizing, and attempting the kill the person inside. According to arrest warrants, Lavonshea Fletcher, 29, broke into a residence on Tryon Road in Shallotte around 9:30 Saturday night. Warrants state Fletcher sexually assaulted the person inside. Warrants also state Fletcher restrained the victim, and tried to kill the victim, which left the victim seriously injured. Fletcher is charged with second degree forcible rape, first degree burglary, first degree kidnapping, felony breaking and entering with the intent to terrorize, and attempted murder.

    (Dreadful black) Suspect identified in reported rape on Georgia College campus
Jarvis Javion LawrenceGeorgia College Public Safety officers identified a suspect in a rape reported on campus after 2:30 a.m. Saturday. Jarvis Javion Lawrence, 20, is accused of holding a woman at gunpoint and sexually assaulting her behind Bell Hall, according to a news release from Georgia College. The woman, who is not a student at the Milledgeville school, told police the attacker ran away toward West Thomas Street. Lawrence, who also is not a college student, has short dreads that have red tips.

    Louisville Metro Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit to release details about domestic violence arrest
Baker WadellThe (LMPD) is planning to hold a news conference Monday morning about the case of Baker Wadell, who was recently located and charged with attempted murder, rape and domestic violence after a DNA hit. Officials from the department's Sex Crimes Unit will be providing details about the arrest, which was proceeded by a "lengthy search," according to a news release. Wadell, 33, was arrested at about 2:30 p.m. Friday at his home in the 2500 block of Rowan Street.

    Man Accused Of Gang-Raping 13-Year-Old Girl; Warrant Issued
Tyresse Mario Dinote McKayMINNEAPOLIS – A warrant is out for the arrest of a 27-year-old man accused of being one of three men who raped a 13-year-old girl last year in a St. Paul apartment. Tyresse Mario Dinote McKay, of Minneapolis, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection to the May 15 assault, court documents filed in Anoka County show. If caught and convicted, he faces a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison. According to a criminal complaint, the victim, who was 13 years old at the time of crime, reported to police on May 16 that she was raped by three men the day before at an apartment near the Oxford Community Center. One of the men met her at a bus stop and led her back to the apartment, the girl told police. After being forced to sleep on the kitchen floor, the girl said she escaped to the community center, where authorities were called.

    (Black) Portland jazz icon Thara Memory accused of sex abuse
Thara MemoryPORTLAND, Ore. -- Famed local musician and jazz instructor Thara Memory has been indicted by a Multnomah County grand jury on numerous counts of sex abuse. The Portland police Sex Crimes Unit opened an investigation after receiving a complaint about Memory in September, 2016 involving a student. Detectives soon learned of other victims, both girls and women going back to 2014. Ten witnesses appeared before the grand jury, according to the indictment. Memory, 68, was arraigned Monday. He was charged with eight counts of third-degree sex abuse; two counts of attempted third-degree sex abuse, and harassment. Police think there may be other victims.

    Man charged with rape in connection to attack in West Plaza neighborhood
Shawn SchneiderKANSAS CITY, MO - Charges have been filed in a frightening break-in and rape at a Plaza apartment. It was about 4 a.m. when Kansas City police say they received a 911 hangup call. Officers rushed to the house the call came from and discovered a woman who was sexually assaulted and burglarized. Minutes later, they took 43-year-old Shawn Schneider into custody near 46th and Genesee. On Monday, Schneider was charged with rape and burglary. News of an arrest calmed fears, but people who live in the neighborhood still can't believe it happened.
  • VINELINK:  SCHNEIDER, SHAWN M In Custody Age: 42 Location: Jackson County Detention Center Race: African American

    Police arrest cowardly predatory black parasite suspected of robbing woman, 80, at Sunset Station
Darnell WebsterPolice have arrested a man in connection with the robbery of an 80-year-old woman at a Henderson casino last week. On Monday, the woman was playing a nickel slot machine at Sunset Station, 1301 W. Sunset Road, when a man struck her on the side of her face, grabbed her purse and ran, the Henderson Police Department announced in a release Sunday night. The woman suffered minor injuries to her neck and face but was not hospitalized. Police later determined the man used her credit cards after the robbery, police said. Darnell Webster, 54, was arrested Friday at his home after evidence from the burglary was found inside,

    2 More (black) Suspects Arrested In (Somali muslim migrant) Cab Driver’s Beating Death
4 blacks killed Somali cab driverPITTSBURGH — Two more suspects are now in custody in the beating death of a Pittsburgh cab driver. Police in Youngstown, Ohio say their officers arrested Christen Glenn, 18, of Greensburg, and Daniel Russell, 19, of Youngstown. Youngstown Police arrested the teens at a home Sunday evening, after receiving a tip they were there. Both surrendered without incident. They’re being held in the Mahoning County Jail in Ohio waiting for extradition back to Pittsburgh. Two other suspects, King Edwards, 20, of Pittsburgh and Hosea Moore, 20, of Pittsburgh are currently in the Allegheny County Jail. All four suspects are charged with robbery, criminal attempted homicide and criminal conspiracy. Local Islamic leaders believe Ramadhan Mohamed could have been the target of a hate crime. - No, it wasn't a 'hate crime' - it was a black crime.

    (Old black) Man wanted for assault involving hot grease
LaSalle DraytonHARRISBURG, Pa. – The Dauphin County Criminal Investigation Division is asking for the public’s help to locate a man accused of throwing hot grease on someone. LaSalle Drayton, 63, is wanted for aggravated assault after authorities say he threw hot grease onto someone’s face, hands and chest. Drayton’s last known address is in the 800 block of Green Street in Harrisburg.

    (Black) Kansas City woman charged with killing during missing car keys argument Associated Press
Tanya StarrKANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City woman has been charged with killing her uncle during an argument over missing car keys. Jackson County prosecutors announced Monday 44-year-old Tanya Starr is charged with second-degree murder, second-degree assault and armed criminal action in a shooting Friday that killed Leroy Farris and wounded another man. Bond is set at $200,000. No attorney is listed for her in online court records.

    Rochester Police Department responds to video showing (black) women (twerking primitive obscene jungle dance) on police cruiser
black sows twerking on police carThe Rochester Police Department is responding after a video was posted to social media over the weekend. The video shows several young women dancing on and around a Rochester police cruiser in the East End. Police say the officers were assigned to bar detail between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. According to police, the women approached and asked if they could take a photo of themselves with the police car. The officers stepped away from the car so the picture could be taken. Police say that one of the women jumped on the police car without notice or warning. According to police, the officers were surprised and did not have an opportunity to react.

    Accused (black) Killer of Two NJ Women Now Faces Third Murder Charge
Khalil Wheeler-WeaverSarah ButlerThe 20-year-old New Jersey man accused of killing a college student and another woman in the last few months will now be charged with the murder of a Philadelphia woman as well, Essex County prosecutors said Monday. Khalil Wheeler-Weaver is accused in the Sept. 1, 2016 murder of 19-year-old Robin West. Prosecutors say he killed her in Orange, then set fire to the empty home. West, previously described by sources as an escort, was living in Union Township at the time. Wheeler-Weaver is also accused of attacking another 34-year-old woman who survived the attack. Wheeler-Weaver has already pleaded not guilty to murder charges in late December in the death of 33-year-old Joanne Brown, who was last seen Oct. 22 in Orange and whose body was found in a vacant house in Newark on Dec. 5.

    (Black male and white female) Caddo shelter employees charged with crime against nature
Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr.Celina CabreraSHREVEPORT, La - A Caddo Parish animal shelter employee and a former employee face charges after an alleged sex act with the former employee's dog. Celina Cabrera, 24, is charged with a crime against nature and Booker Talioterro Thomas, Jr.., 41, is charged as an accessory. Cabrera is accused of having sex with Thomas' pitbull while Thomas allegedly took video of the encounter. They face up to five years in prison if convicted. An anonymous tipster told Shreveport police about the incident, according to Cpl. Marcus Hines, a police department spokesman. "Investigators are uncovering information that may lead to the discovery of video. That process is still underway at the moment, "

Dangers of interracial dating

  • Leviticus 20:15 "'If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he is to be put to death, and you must kill the animal.

    Co-workers remember (white) woman found dead, (her black) husband charged with murder
Earl CherrySandy CherryCo-workers of a Spalding County woman found dead in her home held a vigil near the crime scene Sunday. Deputies found the body of 50-year-old Sandy Cherry Thursday in her home in Griffin.They arrested her husband, Earl Cherry, and charged him with malice and felony murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery among other charges. Mrs. Cherry worked at Wesbury Medical Care and Rehab in Jackson. Her co-workers called police when she didn't show up to work Thursday. That's when deputies conducted a welfare check. They said Earl Cherry gave conflicting stories about her whereabouts and refused to let them inside. They later entered the home and made the gruesome discovery. Cherry's friend and co-worker Linda Hubbard said she knew something wasn't right. Many of Cherry's fellow housekeepers also suspected the couple had a rocky relationship. "It was shocking. I knew something was wrong," Hubbard said. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Arrests Made in Murder of Up-and-Coming Rapper, Police Say
rapper killer suspectsTwo men have been arrested in connection with the death of an 18-year-old up-and-coming rapper in Suitland, Maryland. Police believe there may be additional suspects. Diante Brewer, 19, of Southwest Washington and Deshawn Watkins, 18, of Southeast Washington have been charged with the death of Douglas Brooks, 18. Brooks, who was better known as "Swipey," was found fatally shot outside an apartment complex Aug. 21. 2016. Police believe Brewer and Watkins intended to rob Brooks and others who were attending a party at the apartment complex.

    Fight in food court causes chaos at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, New Jersey
food court fight victimWAYNE, New Jersey -- There were some tense moments at a mall in New Jersey Sunday when a fight led to a frantic scene. Cell phone video captured the chaos in the parking lot of the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne. Police say a fight broke out in the food court and prompted people to run out of the mall. One woman fell, hurt her lip and chipped her teeth. "There were so many people running, I fell and jumped up," said the woman, Kia Montgomery. "I handed my baby over to her dad, he was trying to help me, then another young lady fell right after me. It was a lot of chaos." Police never evacuated the mall.

    Pimp accused of killing girlfriend kept her head in the freezer
Somorie MosesLeondra FosterA Brooklyn pimp accused of murdering and dismembering his girlfriend told investigators they still lived together — but failed to mention her head and other remains had taken up residence in his freezer, according to newly released court documents. Officers investigating the death of Leondra Foster after her severed torso was discovered in a Bronx landfill approached Somorie Moses in the hallway of his Flatbush apartment building, and asked if he lived alone. “No, with a girlfriend,” the registered sex offender said, failing to mention that Foster’s head, hands, and legs had been relegated to the icebox.

  Bill Cosby - black rapist


  • 3 Hispanic Men Face Murder Charges in Stabbing Death Near Rutgers: DA
    Hispanic criminalHispanic criminalHispanic criminalThree men were charged with murder in the stabbing of a man in his driveway near the Rutgers University campus. Manuel Maldonado, 20, and Jose David Vasquez-Rivera and Xavier Sanchez-Parral, both 18, are also charged with robbery. Enrique Perez Galindo, 29, was approached by robbers at 2:30 a.m. Saturday outside of the apartment complex where he lived which is less than a mile from Rutgers. He was stabbed with a sharp object in a driveway leading to the complex. He was able to return to his apartment but was pronounced dead there a short time later.


    Deportation agency ignored 1.6 million visa overstays under Obama

  • Satanic Muslim terrorists behead kidnapped sailor after ransom is denied * German Hostage Beheaded
    MANILA, Philippines — Abu Sayyaf extremists in the Philippines released a video showing the beheading of a German hostage in the first sign the brutal Filipino militants carried out a threat to kill him after a ransom deadline lapsed over the weekend. President Rodrigo Duterte’s adviser dealing with Muslim rebel groups, Jesus Dureza, condemned the killing of Jurgen Gustav Kantner as barbaric, saying the Philippine military and other groups “exhausted all efforts to save his life” up to the final moment.

ISIS CANNIBALS: Terror group are teaching their fighters to EAT non-Muslims - (Drudge)

Israeli flag



  • Traitorous 'Santuary City' Chicago to honor convicted Puerto Rican terrorist with street: ‘It’s twisted’
    Oscar Lopez Rivera, a convicted terrorist who was granted clemency by former President Obama, will have a street named after him.
    (FALN), a Marxist Puerto Rican nationalist group with a history of violence. New York City businessman Joe Connor decried the Feb. 22 decision. His father, Frank Connor, died in lower Manhattan after a Jan. 24, 1975, FALN bombing. “My father was murdered by the FALN. Oscar Lopez [Rivera] was a member of the FALN, leader of the FALN. He is a terrorist and Chicago is honoring him,” Mr. Connor told a local ABC affiliate. “It’s twisted, it’s upside down.”

  • Vice co-founder shames victims of alleged neo-Nazi beatdown
    Vice Media co-founder Gavin McInnes, who left Vice in 2008, claims he spoke with several witnesses who told him the brothers were the aggressors and said he is justified in revealing Columbia grad students’ identities. He tweeted the identities of two brothers allegedly beat up by “skinheads” in a Manhattan bar, because he believes the pair embellished their tale — but police sources say they have a mountain of evidence that knocks down his theory. “If these guys didn’t lie about neo-Nazis attacking them for nothing, then I would never consider doing that,” McInnes told The Post Monday. “I’m sick of these left-wing psychopaths ruining people’s lives.”
  • Neo-Nazis’ beat up brothers over ‘anti-fascist’ sticker: cops - February 12, 2017
  • Duo gets prison time for racial slurs, death threats at black child's birthday party
    A Georgia judge sentenced a couple to prison time today for their involvement in a 2015 incident in which a group they were part of waved Confederate flags, shouted racial slurs and made armed threats, all at adults and children attending a child's party outside of Atlanta. Jose Torres, 26, and Kayla Norton, 25, cried today in a Douglas County court as they were sentenced to 20 years and 15 years in jail, respectively. The judge, saying Torres and Norton had committed a hate crime, also banned them from entering Douglas County after they were released from prison.


  • DEPLORABLES INTERNET RADIO - "We Exist Because Someone Has To Tell The Truth"
    The Whiteman Dave Show - Sundays 4 PM PST The White Man brings up the many topics that are untouched by the politically correct, anti-USA, Communist leaning mainstream "media". Race relations, the screwing of the people and an honest appraisal of where we are at as a nation and why all are fair game for the White Man.
  • The Frank Jorge Show Sundays 4 PM PST
    Our guests this Sunday 2.26.2017 Suzanne Shattuck: Islam, Muslims, Refugee resettlement, and the danger to America Michelle Dallacroce: DACA and Donald Trump... Has He Gone Soft ? Dave Gibson: Give Trump More Time...Michelle and Dave debate Larry Launer: Done With Trump...No DACA Repeal was the last straw Davi Rodrigues of saveourstate.info - DACA




26 February 2017 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
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    White woman fight off cowardly black armed parasite predator scum thug “That’s what my brother taught me — go for the knee or the groin,”
  • (White) Female Store Manager Fights Off Armed Robber In Brownsville, Brooklyn
    Oksana AulovablackNEW YORK --- The man demanded money from two female store employees. He screamed and cursed at Aulova and her assistant, threatening to shoot them unless they handed over some money. But Aulova told Borg they don’t even have a cash register in the store. “We deal with insurances, so I don’t know what he could have been thinking, because there’s no cash,” she said. Her 44-year-old assistant gave the man $80 from her own wallet. He carefully counted the cash, then finally ran off when Aulova reached for a Taser. “It’s not the greatest of neighborhoods. I was prepared,” she said. Born in Uzbekistan and raised in Borough Park, Aulova said she’s never been in a single fight. Her husband of one year said he’s grateful to have her back home.
    Her attacker is described as a black male between 40 and 50 years of age, approximately 5’11” tall and 160 pounds. He was last seen wearing beige work boots, blue jeans, a brown jacket, and a brown skull cap with a light brown stripe. - (Black-on-white)
  • SEE IT: Women fight back against gunman at Brooklyn drug store
    Oksana Aulova didn’t think much of a gun-toting Brooklyn bandit’s brawn — or his brains. The feisty Aulova, barely 5 feet tall and 115 pounds, drove off the bigger, brutal assailant after a terrifying 40-second struggle inside a Brownsville medical supply store Friday afternoon. The showdown was captured on security cam video, showing the gutsy Aulova refusing to back down, even after her cowardly attacker slammed his beige work boot into her side. Aulova needed four staples to close a gash in her bloody scalp after getting pistol-whipped. The fearless Belmont Medical and Surgical Supply worker had earlier grabbed repeatedly for the robber’s handgun and tried to kick him in the crotch

    NYPD marks 29th anniversary of hero (White) cop’s ambush murder by 4 black conspirator assassins
NYPD officer Edward “Eddie” ByrneDavid McClary, 47, and Scott Todd, 45Some 100 people gathered in South Jamaica, Queens early Sunday to mark the 29th anniversary of the ambush murder of hero NYPD officer Edward “Eddie” Byrne. The gathering included Police Commissioner James O’Neill, former Commissioner William Bratton and Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association boss Patrick Lynch. The memorial is held each year at the corner of Inwood Street and 107th Avenue, where in the early morning of February 26, 1988, Byrne, 22, was shot in the head as he sat in a patrol car guarding the home of a police witness. The four conspirators in the murder were quickly caught and eventually convicted. “This is a tradition,” said one participant, Officer Gerardo Perrone. Since I was young I knew this is what being an officer is all about,” he told The Post. “Everyday when we wake up, we say goodbye to our families knowing that it could be the last time. That’s the sacrifice,” he said. “And Eddie’s sacrifice serves as an important reminder to us that it could happen to anyone.” - (Black-on-white)
  • (Black) Killers who shot (White) rookie cop 26 years ago denied parole - November 18, 2014
    In denying their most recent bids for freedom, separate parole board panels who interviewed David McClary, 47, and Scott Todd, 45, earlier this month reached identical conclusions — neither deserved to be released.
  • Brother of executed cop says don't parole his 4 killers - let them rot - September 29, 2012
    black killersPolice Officer Eddie Byrne did not die in vain. The cold-blooded execution of this rookie cop in South Jamaica, Queens, on Feb. 26, 1988, five days after his 22nd birthday — a hit ordered by a monstrous drug kingpin from a jail cell and carried out by four remorseless gun punks — was the turning point that helped initiate the end of the murderous crack epidemic in New York City.

    The swine who ordered the Byrne hit for $8,000 was a swaggering dope pusher named Howard (Pappy) Mason. He’s doing life without the possibility of parole in the supermax federal pen in Florence, Colo., caged like the animal he is in this infamous waiting room of hell until the last dirty breath passes his lips.

    Lawyer: Racist note on Loudoun Co. restaurant bill is fake * Another case of 'far-left' blacktivist fake 'hatecrime' FAKE NEWS
Kelly CarterWASHINGTON — Last month, a waitress at a Loudoun County restaurant said she was stiffed out of a tip on a bill by a couple who wrote at the bottom of the check that they “don’t tip Black people.” On Friday, a lawyer saying he represented one of the customers said the story is false. Daniel Hebda, of the law firm Simms Showers, said in a statement that he represents the couple who ate at Anita’s New Mexico Style Café, in Ashburn, on Jan. 7. The bill came to $30.52, and as NBC Washington first reported, waitress Kelly Carter said that while the couple paid the bill, they left without tipping, writing instead on the bottom of the check, “great service don’t tip Black people.” Hebda said that their client actually tipped Carter — a penny — and that the amount had nothing to do with Carter’s race but her service. Hebda says his client claims that Carter’s service was “poor,” and that the note he wrote on the bottom of the bill was “terrible service.” Hebda claims that someone reprinted the receipt, forged his client’s signature and lack of tip, then wrote the racist note on the bottom.

    Police Search For (black) Suspect In Sex Assault Of Woman, Robbery In Camden
Ike Fitzpatrick CAMDEN, NJ – Police in Camden County, New Jersey are asking for the public’s help in locating a man wanted for sexual assault. Authorities say 32-year-old Ike Fitzpatrick of Camden is accused of sexually assaulting a woman inside his car on the morning of January 15. Investigators say the alleged victim began talking to Fitzpatrick as he pulled his vehicle up near the corner of Broadway and Spruce Street and she agreed to get into the car with him. Police say Fitzpatrick then drove the woman to a secluded area near 7th and Thurman Streets where he sexually assaulted her and took her cash before she was able to flee on foot.

    UK: (Black) Muslim Man Stabs Teen Girlfriend 100 Times After She Answers His Simple Question - 2016-10-09
Jamiv Usman and Shanon ReynoldsA Muslim man stabbed a teen girl over 100 times, using such force that he broke the tip of the 8-inch blade off in her neck. After he left her for dead, however, the bloody victim managed to drag herself to a local bus stop where she told the driver the horrifying question that had prompted the gory attack. Police encountered a gut-wrenching scene when a courageous stabbing victim miraculously hobbled to safety after her lover left her for dead in a literal pool of blood. Brighton & Hove News reports that Jamiv Usman, 32, was upset with then-girlfriend Shanon Reynolds for expressing her desire for him to leave her apartment just days earlier in March 2015. Reynolds, the mother of a 2-year-old boy, was fed up with Usman’s behavior and his refusal to get a job. So, the young woman requested that he move out of their Brighton home in the UK. Instead of packing his things, Usman made one last request that would soon precipitate his deadly attack...

Although 20 years still doesn’t seem like a good enough punishment for this thug, his sentence is much more than most Muslims or migrants typically get for such heinous crimes. If you’re a Muslim or asylum seeker, you can commit the most unspeakable offenses and still walk free. This sickening display of appeasement is not only creating a society in which the most brutal cultures reign supreme, it’s inevitably making victims of millions of civilians. - (Black-on-white) - (UK)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Ohio woman pleads guilty to murder, decapitating her infant daughter
DeAsia WatlinsCINCINNATI -- Deasia Watkins pleaded guilty to murder Thursday in the decapitation death of her infant daughter. Police said Watkins, now 22, stabbed her 3-month-old daughter Janiyah to death in March 2015. She was charged with aggravated murder; she faces 15 years to life in prison. According to Hamilton County (Ohio) Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco's report, the infant sustained multiple stab wounds to the right side of her face and head, and her “head was severed from her body." When asked how many stab wounds Janiyah sustained, Sammarco said she'd "lost count." The knife used on the baby was found placed in the dead baby's hand.

    1 killed, 4 injured when shots fired at (Negro) rap video shoot
black crowdJACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man was killed and four other people injured early Saturday afternoon when shots were fired as rap musicians were beginning to record a music video near the intersection where Moncrief Road, Myrtle Avenue and West 26th Street meet, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Police said [one] person was found dead about 1 p.m. in front of Holley's Bar-B-Q. Family has identified the man as Kyree Corley, 22. Two others were taken to UF Health Jacksonville by rescue personnel and two more by personal vehicles. Police said three of those injured had minor injuries, but one was taken into surgery.

 Matt Elam


    Black Man Convicted of Fatally Shooting Sister in San Gabriel After She Texted His Girlfriend
Johnny GoinsA 32-year-old Pasadena man was convicted on Thursday of shooting and killing his sister in 2015, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Johnny Goins was found guilty of one count of first-degree murder, one count of willful, premeditated and deliberate attempted murder and two counts of shooting at an inhabited dwelling by a jury. Jurors also found true a special allegation that Goins personally and intentionally discharged a firearm, which caused death during the commission of the murder, according to prosecutors. Goins became angry with his sister, Tanaya Goins, 32, after she had a conversation with his girlfriend, prosecutors said.

  • (Black) Delaware Man Charged With 7th DUI
    Andron HughesA Smyrna man has been charged with his seventh drunken driving offense. 33-year-old Andron Hughes was stopped by authorities at about 3 a.m. on Saturday because he had stopped his car in an intersection at a red light. Dover police determined that the man was intoxicated and a records check revealed that he'd had six previous drunken driving offenses.

    Rachel Dolezal, white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless
blackfaceRachel DolezalRachel DolezalRachel DolezalRachel Dolezal's (ex)-husbandRachel Dolezal and blackRachel Dolezal, the infamous white woman who for years passed herself off as African American and rose to become head of an NAACP branch, is now jobless, on food stamps and expects to soon be homeless. A defiant Dolezal, 39, recounted her current plight to The Guardian. Dolezal said she’s only been offered jobs in reality television and porno flicks. A friend helped her come up with the money for February’s rent and she doesn’t know how she’s going to pay for March. And she still says she’s not white.

Dangers of interracial dating




Israeli flag

Israeli flag
  • Rabbi probed by feds described as ‘trusted friend’ to de Blasio
    Rabbi Moshe IndigDe BlasioA Brooklyn rabbi and political fund-raiser under scrutiny by the feds was once described by Mayor de Blasio as a trusted friend whose relationship “means so much to me personally.” De Blasio’s gushing comments about Moishe Indig came at a Sept. 8, 2013, rally in Williamsburg where the mayor was seeking votes from the Hasidic community. But three years earlier, when he was public advocate, de Blasio listed Indig as one of the city’s worst landlords. Hasidic leaders at the rally praised the mayor for his willingness to ease regulations on metzitzah b’peh, the practice of sucking blood from a just-circumcised penis.
    • NYC, Orthodox Jews clash over oral circumcision rite
      City warns of risks of metzitzah b’peh after multiple herpes cases, but rabbis insist there’s no danger. New York City health officials have linked it to 17 cases of infant herpes since 2000. Two infants died and two others suffered brain damage.
  • Feds probe Jewish Orthodox girl's school to see if de Blasio re-opened it as ‘favor’
    Williamsburg rabbi and prominent Democratic fund-raiser Moishe Indig allegedly asked City Hall to lift a Satmar school’s partial vacate order in December 2014, sources said.
    • Both Satmars Endorse Clinton
      The two rival factions in Chasidic Williamsburg rarely agree on anything, but 2016 has brought us a very strange election season, so add this to the list: both Satmars have endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. In a statement released Friday in Yiddish and translated into English...



Confederate flag
  • S. Carolina law makes it tough to lower Confederate flags - Nasty liberal woman goes hysterical for bringing down battle flag
    But in less prominent places, the fight over the flag rages on, with the rebel banner garnering at least two recent victories. That's because a South Carolina law crafted more than 15 years ago requires the Legislature to approve by at least a two-thirds vote any change to a historical monument such as lowering a flag or adding a name. And one of the state's most powerful lawmakers has vowed the law will not change. Twice in the last month, Confederate flag supporters cited the law as they forced the banner to return to a Confederate monument and a newly renovated courtroom in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina.


  • Two Wongs don't make a right - Two cousins sued over real estate deal gone wrong
    Two Queens cousins reneged on promises to help pay expenses in two real-estate deals, a developer claims in a $4.5 million Manhattan Supreme Court suit. Angela Wong and Kim Wa Wong, who could not be reached for comment, are ­being sued by Dan Shavolian of Foremost Real Estate. Angela Wong was sued last year after she allegedly promised a Chinese entertainment company she could produce the Backstreet Boys for a Chinese concert tour that never materialized.

    Missing Streator Woman Found Safe, Man Arrested
Clarence MerritteKayla StrattonA woman who was driven off the road by her son’s father and forced into his vehicle was found safe in Calumet City on Friday night, authorities said. At 11:30 p.m. on Feb. 17, 24-year-old Kayla Stratton met Clarence Merritte, 33, to give him their 11-month old son, Paul Merritte, at 1904 E. First Street in Streator, according to LaSalle County Cpl. K. Pinney. Afterwards, Merritte chased Stratton in a vehicle and drove her off the road into utility pole, according to Pinney. Merritte then grabbed her by the hair and forced her into his vehicle. The FBI offered a $5,000 reward for information about the attack. About 6:30 p.m. Friday, Stratton was found safe after an investigation by the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, the LaSalle County sheriff’s office, the Cook County sheriff’s fugitive unit, and Streator police, according to a statement from authorities. Merritte was taken into custody on Friday at 410 Paxton St. in Calumet City on arrest warrants issued for unlawful restraint, aggravated assault, driving with a revoked license and domestic battery, according to authorities. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Negroid boyfriend of missing Abilene wite wimman arrested - black's new white GF tampered with evidence in case

Police: Newer white girlfriend of black man helped dispose of body of his prior white girlfriend
Jennifer Nicole HerodJustin BennettMeagan DearmanA second person has been arrested in connection with the January slaying of an Abilene woman, according to the Abilene Police Department. Clyde resident Jennifer Nicole Herod, 36, was arrested Thursday on a charge of tampering with evidence, police said. She remained in the Taylor County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bail bond. According to police, Herod is a suspect in the investigation into the death of Meagan Dearman, 31, who was reported missing Jan. 17. Her body was found Jan. 27 near a lake south of Baird. Dearman's ex-boyfriend, Justin Bennett, was arrested Jan. 26 in connection with the homicide. Police suspect that Herod aided Bennett in "intentionally and knowingly" concealing Dearman's corpse with the "intent to impair its availability as evidence in any subsequent investigation," according to the arrest warrant affidavit. Detectives believe Dearman was killed elsewhere on Jan. 18 and moved to the lake. According to the affidavit, Herod and Bennett are in a relationship, and Herod owns a white 2005 Buick Rendezvous that she allowed Bennett to use. Herod allowed investigators to search her vehicle, according to the document, where blood evidence was discovered that matched Dearman's blood. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (White) Man says he was beaten up by pack of four subway break dancers
David GiacconesuspectsuspectsuspectsuspectNEW YORK -- A man violently beaten on a subway in Brooklyn says he was attacked by break dancers. David Giaccone says four men attacked him when he told them not to badmouth his fiancee. The assault earlier this week happened while on a southbound A train in East New York. At one point, he says one dancer said if he had a gun he'd get better tips. "And the guy jumps in, punches me in the face, hits my girlfriend with his arm, sorry my fiancee, and I go and hold the door and go out," Giaccone said. "They're coming over and they're hitting me and I'm head butting their fists so I don't get a broken nose." Giaccone was treated at the hospital for cuts and bruises to his head and face.

    Somali Muslim cab driver beaten, robbed dies; 2 black Afro-americcan people arrested - 2 more on the loose
black killerblack killersuspectsuspectPITTSBURGH - A cab driver that was beaten and robbed earlier this week has died, according to the executive director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh. Police arrested King Edwards and Hosea Moore, both 20-year-olds from Beltzhoover, on Friday. They're charged with attempted criminal homicide, robbery and conspiracy for robbery of Z Trip driver, Ramadhan Mohamed. The men later returned to the scene to “make sure the victim was dead,” when they returned to the scene they kicked his “face and neck” trying to “kill him.” Betty Cruz said the victim is a member of Pittsburgh's Somali Bantu and Muslim communities. Cruz and others are calling on police to investigate whether the beating was a hate crime. Police said they do not have any evidence of a hate crime.

    Police: (black) Man fatally beats puppy, later shakes infant son to death
Roger Lee Miller JrMONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. - A young man could spend the rest of his natural life in prison for allegedly killing his infant son and pit bull puppy within the same year. Roger Lee Miller Jr., 20, is currently incarcerated in Montgomery County, facing criminal charges of fatal child abuse and animal cruelty. On Oct. 28, Montgomery County police say Miller savagely shook his five-month-old son to death in an apartment along Heather Hollow Way in the White Oak section of Silver Spring. Around 8 a.m. that day, Miller called 911 to report his son was gasping for air, bleeding from his nose and vomiting. The child died two days later at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. with severe brain and spine injuries.

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    Countdown until Trump inauguration

    Community First Charity

Americans for America! We live in a day and age when so many are stuck living paycheck to paycheck, but still find themselves unable to make ends meet. That's why Community First Outreach is here. We offer a hand up to those in need. We have already done so much, but together we can do so much more. Every penny matters and every dollar counts. All donations go to those in need. Help spread the word! - (gofundme)





Black unemployment * Black illegitimacy * Black promiscuity * Black paranoia * Black victimhood * Blacktivist agitation by anti-White media

  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

Nannie Helen Burroughs





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