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    Merry Christmas to you (all) and to all a good night.

    Black psycho killer nigga in California WF librarian's murder had frightened library workers in St. Louis
black suspectWhite victimA man accused of executing a librarian in Sacramento, Calif., was repeatedly thrown out of libraries throughout the St. Louis area earlier this year for a pattern of erratic and frightening behavior.
Ronald Seay, 56, was tossed out of a library in Ferguson in August, and one in Brentwood in September. He threatened library workers and officers. In one case, he wouldn’t leave, so officers arrested him for trespassing.
The librarian who was killed, Amber Clark, had been at the library in October when Seay caused the disturbance and was asked to leave, Basquez said. On the night Clark was killed, another worker walked her to her car as part of the library’s buddy system. Clark was killed while sitting in her car on the library’s parking lot. Seay was charged Friday with her murder. - (Black-on-white)

    (white female) student's 911 calls asked police to stop her (black ex-boyfriend) harasser. Days later she was murdered
black suspectnigger lover (CNN) - Lauren McCluskey was both concerned and frustrated when she called Salt Lake City Police on October 19.  A convicted sex offender whom she had met just a month earlier was continually harassing her after she ended their short relationship. But police at the University of Utah, where she was a student, weren't doing enough to put a stop to it, she said in a call to 911.
"I'm worried because I've been working with the campus police at the U, and last Saturday I reported and I haven't gotten an update," she told Salt Lake City Police dispatch.
"They haven't updated or done anything," she added. That 911 call and one other from McCluskey were obtained by CNN just days after a review of the case from the Utah Department of Public Safety examined what could have been done differently to prevent her death. - (Black-on-white)
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Berserk black beast sentenced for murder on Santa Rosa street, attempted murder in theater
Delonte Anthony HartAdam LuceroSANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A Bay Area man was sentenced in Sonoma County Superior Court Thursday morning for a fatal stabbing on a Santa Rosa street and an attempted murder stabbing in a Santa Rosa movie theater in 2016.
Delonte Anthony Hart, 26, pleaded guilty to the charges in November. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for the second-degree murder of Cirak Mateos Tesfazgi, 22, on Riley Street on June 26, 2016, and to 12 years in prison for the attempted murder of Adam Lucero, 23, in the Roxy Stadium 14 theater three days later.
Hart was deemed mentally incompetent in March 2017 to stand trial and he was sent to Napa State Hospital. The hospital later found his competence was restored and a judge agreed after a subsequent trial on the competence issue.

    Two worthless lazy black pimps arrested for sex-trafficking 12-year-old girl, teen
black suspects Two Long Island men, including a “self-described Crips gang member,” were busted for the kidnapping and sex trafficking of two girls — one of whom was only 12 years old, police said Thursday.  Terron Newsome and Fredjy Exavier, both 22 and from Central Islip, were arrested Wednesday morning on a slew of charges that stemmed from the sex trafficking of the 12-year-old and a second victim, who is 17, Suffolk County police said.
“I know she’s young,” Exavier told police about the pre-teen, according to court documents. “She looked like 15 or 16, but not 12 years old. I was bringing her to the motel.” Exavier also told cops the teen was a prostitute, according to the criminal complaint: “I was bringing her to the motel. If I don’t do it someone else will.”

    Harper Woods negro teacher offered to raise student's grade for sex acts
black suspectA former Harper Woods teacher has been charged with allegedly offering to raise a student's grade if she performed sex acts on him, police announced Thursday. In June, the 15-year-old girl asked Charles Penn about extra work to improve her marks in his economic class at Harper Woods High School. The instructor's response "was overheard by another female student who corroborated what had occurred."  During the probe, Penn left his job with the school district, police said. If convicted, Penn faces up to four years in prison.

    (black sports) Dad’s confrontation with (black) basketball coach ends in double shooting
black suspectWhen the father went to argue with the coach at his home, a third man arrived on the scene and started shooting.
It’s not clear why.
Fans were outraged by the violence. “If this is what high-school sports has gotten to, it’s gonna scare a lot of people away from coaching,” a league source said. “It’s sad that parents are losing their minds.”

    (worthless soulless black) Teen Charged With Murder In Beating Death Of Retired US Postal Service Worker
black suspectWhite victimDARBY BOROUGH, Pa. (CBS) — A teenager has been arrested in the beating death of a retired United States Postal Service worker last year. 18-year-old Tramaine Warfield has been charged with murder in the death of 57-year-old Brad Hayes. Hayes, 57, was found in the back seat of a vehicle in the 100 block of Summit Street near Penn Wood Middle School on Oct. 24, 2017.

Authorities say surveillance video shows Warfield stomping and hitting Hayes, and, at one point, picking up and dropping the victim. The video then shows Warfield placing Hayes in the backseat of a vehicle and attempting to drive away. He failed to do so and then fled on foot. “In this case, the victim, Brad Hayes, was robbed and brutally beaten to death at the bare hands of Tramaine Warfield, who clearly has no regard for human life, as he fled the murder scene, leaving the victim to die alone,” said Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland.

    Black Woman charged in Bronx MTA bus slashing after fellow passenger tried to pet dog
black suspectMELROSE, Bronx (WABC) -- A woman suspected of slashing two fellow passengers on an MTA bus in the Bronx after one of them tried to pet her dog is under arrest. The incident was reported on an MTA bus around 2:30 p.m. Monday. The two women were riding the bus as the suspect was holding a dog. When one woman went to pet the dog, possibly a service dog, police say the dog owner apparently got mad and slashed the woman in the face.  Police said 38-year-old Shekema Young was arrested Tuesday on charges of felony assault, misdemeanor assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

    Atlanta Negro minister who fled court arrested in Bahamas, gets life sentence for raping 7-year-old girl
black suspectAn Atlanta minister who fled the Fulton County courthouse earlier in December before being convicted of rape and child molestation was arrested in the Bahamas on Saturday, authorities confirmed.

Don Martin, 45, was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years for sexually assaulting a girl when she was 7 years old until she was 13, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said.

    (black 'sperm donor' 'baby-daddy nigga) Accused of Killing Girlfriend Near Their Newborn Daughter Inside Home
black suspectPolice are searching for a man accused of shooting his (sex-pocket 'baby-mamma') girlfriend who was found dead near their newborn daughter inside a home in Philadelphia’s East Germantown neighborhood. Police responded to a report of a person with a gun at a home around 4 a.m. Friday. When they arrived they found Isis Williams, 24, of Upper Darby, suffering from a gunshot wound to the left side of the head in a second floor bedroom. Her five-day-old daughter was only a few feet away from her. The baby was not harmed but Williams was pronounced dead at the scene. Police found a bullet hole that pierced the front left window of the home. They later identified Tyrese Lynch, 33, as the suspect in Williams’ death. Lynch was Williams’ boyfriend and the father of her baby. He lived with Williams but wasn’t inside the home when police arrived, investigators said.

    Ex-aide claims (black female) top Queens Democrat was corrupt, spewed racist slurs
black suspectQueens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook is a corrupt racist who tossed around the N-word, degraded a biracial employee and hired her own grandson for a low-show job, an explosive lawsuit charges.

Ex-legislative aide Gail Palmer alleges that the ethically challenged and often-angry lawmaker would smash things on the floor while “frequently cursing at and excoriating” terrified staffers, who kept silent because they needed their jobs.

The 80-year-old Democrat often called her half a dozen employees “motherf-  -kers” and would make bizarre racial proclamations including, “I’m feeling colored today,” or “I’m feeling n- - -erish,” according to court papers.

The veteran lawmaker, who is black, derided Palmer, whose mother is of African-American and white descent, as a “GeeChee” and “mulatto” after spotting a framed photo of the woman on Palmer’s desk, according to court papers.

“GeeChee” can refer to a coastal population of black people in the South with Creole origins but can also be derogatory slang for those with biracial backgrounds.

Palmer, 66, claims to have repeatedly begged Cook, to no avail, to stop using racial epithets.
“This is my office, I can do whatever the hell I want,” Cook would allegedly say.

    (Black female) Staten Island principal pleads guilty to car insurance fraud
black suspectThe Staten Island principal exposed as a car-insurance cheat by The Post has pleaded guilty to insurance fraud.
Oneatha Swinton, who was interim acting principal of Port Richmond HS, registered her luxury cars at the Pennsylvania home of a city vendor and former NYC principal she had hired — a scheme first revealed by The Post last year. Originally charged with six felony counts and one misdemeanor, Swinton pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor in a deal with the Pennsylvania Attorney General, a spokesperson said. She was sentenced to three years’ probation and ordered to pay $6,200 in restitution plus an $800 fine.

    Diverse degenerate lumpen proletariat Untermenschen Charged in Beating, Scalding of NJ Boy Appear in Court
Five of the six adults charged with severely beating and abusing a 3-year-old boy in New Jersey appeared before an Essex County judge Tuesday.  Prosecutors said the boy's mother, 43-year-old Natacha Smith, her live-in boyfriend Omar Searcy, 39, and four female roommates -- Patricia Gamarra, 62, Mary Buchan, 55, Patricia Buchan, 28, and Bridget Buchan, 23 -- all abused the toddler in their care.  They allegedly punched him and beat him with a belt when he misbehaved, but the worst punishment was reserved for when he had an accident: a pot of hot water to pour on the child in the bathtub when he misbehaved, according to prosecutor Kathleen Lyons-Boswick.
Dangers of interracial dating
Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.

Brown-skinned invaders preying on our children - updates 

    NYC: Homeless Hispanic Vagrants not charged for wild subway melee with cop
Five vagrants who sparred with an NYPD officer during a wild melee in a Manhattan subway station were released on Monday night without charges.

Two others — Juan Nuñez and Eliseo Alvarez Santos — were taken to Manhattan Criminal Court where the District Attorney declined charges.
  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspects has not been reported in this news article...

  South of the Border.... down Mexico way....

  Canadian bipolar Muslim fanatic drug addict who plotted ISIS-inspired bombing in Times Square gets 40 years
A Manhattan judge imposed a 40-year prison sentence on a Canadian man who admitted to plotting ISIS-inspired bomb attacks on Times Square and city subways.
Citing Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy’s mental health and addiction issues federal Judge Richard Berman sentenced the 20-year-old to less than the life sentence sought by prosecutors. Still, the man’s mother cried out, “You have no justice! This is a sick boy! This is crazy! This is not justice!” before two court officers escorted her out of the courtroom. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and addicted to drugs since he was 14.


  • (Black) Lawmaker distances herself from supporter who blamed Jews for NYCHA woes
    black suspectsA member of the transition team for newly elected Brooklyn Assembly member Mathylde Frontus has found a new villain to blame for NYCHA’s troubles: Jews. Coney Island advocate Soya Stewart posted the disparaging remarks about the leadership of the New York City Housing Authority earlier this month on Facebook — which later removed them for violating the site’s standards on hate speech. “Nycha [sic] don’t give a damn it’s run by Jews they just gonna flip there [sic] money and there will be no charges brought up against any of them and all this is all criminal,” Stewart wrote, according to a screenshot of the post provided to The Post.


24 Decemeber  2018

    (rutting, retarded, doped-up, foaming-at-the-mouth black) Man charged with 5 felonies in sex abuse of 12-year-old girl
black suspectblack suspectA 38-year-old Tuscaloosa man is charged with nearly a half-dozen felony crimes involving the sex abuse of a young girl. Michael Deshon Neal was arrested this week by Tuscaloosa police. The 12-year-old victim told police that Neal has been coming into her room as well as calling her into his room. He is accused of fondling her and making her perform oral sex on him. The alleged abuse took place between Nov. 17 and Nov. 30, records state.
Neal is charged with first-degree rape, first -degree sodomy, first-degree sex abuse, attempted sodomy and attempted rape. He remains held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on bonds totaling $195,000.

    (rutting black) Prattville High School Student Charged in Rape at School
black suspectPrattville Police have arrested a student at Prattville High School and charged him with first degree kidnapping, 1st degree attempted rape, and 1st degree sodomy.

They say the suspect was arrested after an investigation for DNA evidence at the school. He is identified as 18 year old  La’Darius Jamon Starks. He is being held on a $150,000 bond at the Autauga County Jail.

    Police: Jacksonville woman carjacked Sunday and raped at gunpoint by a black
black suspectA 20-year-old Moncrief Park man is behind bars on multiple charges after a woman reported being raped and kidnapped at gunpoint Sunday from a gas station in the 10000 block of Lem Turner Road, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. Billy Ray Gaines of West 31st Street was charged with armed sexual battery, kidnapping and carjacking with firearm, plus fleeing and resisting an officer, according to jail records. He has multiple battery arrests since 2016.

The woman said a man walked up behind her at the gas station about 11:30 p.m., put a gun to her back and told her to get in the passenger seat of her SUV, the arrest report said. He made her drive around, then stopped at an unknown location and forced her into the back seat where she was raped, the gun remaining in his hand.

The gunman told her where he would leave her vehicle via text messages to her cellphone, the report said. About 3:30 a.m. Monday an officer spotted the woman’s stolen SUV on Golfair Boulevard near Interstate 95 and gave chase. More officers joined the chase, and the driver lost control on West 20th Street and was taken into custody after trying to run away.

    Woman fights off big black brute Negro intruder who attacked her inside Bronx home: cops
black suspectAn intruder slipped into a Bronx home and tried to sexually assault a woman — but she fought back and her boyfriend scared him away, cops said Monday. The man entered the home through an unlocked front door around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.  He went into the bedroom and tried to sexually assault the 26-year-old woman, but she resisted, kicking him in the leg.  Suddenly, her boyfriend came home and asked, “Who are you?” The scared creep took off.
 Cops describe the suspect as a black man in his mid- to late 20s, about 5 feet 11, around 220 pounds, with brown eyes, a full beard and short black hair.

    Quick-thinking cop saves wounded pizzeria employee’s life from black killer
black suspectA hero cop used a tourniquet to save a Manhattan pizzeria employee who was shot by an attempted robber, cops said Wednesday. The suspect barged into Tom’s Delicious Pizza on Broadway near Tiemann Place in Morningside Heights around 9:30 p.m. Saturday, police said. He then approached a 20-year-old employee, pulled a gun and tried to empty the cash register, cops said. Then he allegedly shot the worker once in the upper left leg before bolting empty-handed into the nearby Grant Houses on West 125th Street, cops said. The bullet hit a large artery in the victim’s thigh, police sources said. Officer Joshua Escobar, of the 26th Precinct, rushed to the scene and used his department-issued tourniquet to help stop the bleeding, police said. Cops describe the alleged gunman as a black male who was last seen wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, a black jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers.

    (black sports) LeBron James apologizes for 'Jewish money' Instagram post
black suspectEverything Isn’t Kosher, but LeBron’s ‘Jewish Money’ Post Can Be Explained
Lebron James Posts 'Jewish Money' Selfie With 21 Savage Rap Lyrics, Angering Conservative Critics

    Video: Chimpout inside McNigger's over forgotten chicken nuggets 

    (filty black fags) 13-year-old boy "soiled on himself" to stop stop HOMO sex attempt in black pervert’s car 
black suspectA 13-year-old boy said he soiled himself to prevent a sexual attempt from a man, 25, in the back seat of his car, a Columbus police detective testified Tuesday in Recorder’s Court.

Todd Jones pleaded not guilty to one count each of criminal attempted sodomy, criminal attempted child molestation and nine misdemeanor counts of possession of obscene material. 

Police Cpl. Mark Scruggs of the Special Victims Unit, which includes sex crimes, said Jones met the 13-year-old on Snapchat and they discussed having sex. In early October, the boy said the man drove to Columbus from Union City, picked him up at this apartment and drove near Wal-Mart. At the location, the teen was directed to get into the back seat where there was a blanket and told to partially disrobe. The suspect attempted to have anal sex with him but the teen said he soiled on himself to prevent the encounter. The boy was allowed to get dress and he was taken back to his apartment.

    (Hispanic) 15-year-old Philly student attacked by pack of feral fatherless black jackals on way home from school
black suspectPORT RICHMOND (WPVI) -- A 15-year-old Philadelphia boy was attacked by a group of teens on his way home from school on Monday afternoon. The attack was captured on surveillance video. The teen's family says he was ambushed, overpowered and out-manned. He did not know his attackers nor why he was targeted.  When police arrived on the 1800 block of Lippincott Street in Port Richmond, they found the teen unconscious. The sophomore at Mastbaum High School was knocked out, left with swelling, cuts and bruises to his face.

    Police: (black) DeKalb County teacher steals student's violin to pay for ticket
black suspectDECATUR, Ga. (AP) - A Georgia teacher told police he stole a 9-year-old student's violin because he needed money to pay for a $700 ticket. Video showed 21-year-old Kalif Jones of Stone Mountain stealing the instrument from the cafeteria. It also showed the Brockett Elementary School teacher walking throughout the school with the violin case in hand before leaving with it. The criminal investigation began in late November after the student came home without his instrument. Police arrested the DeKalb County teacher after he said he stole the violin because he had recently received a $700 ticket and needed money for it.

    N.J. negro booked for 21-year prison stay after violent 14-hotel armed robbery spree
black suspectOver the course of eight weeks in 2014, a New Jersey man robbed 12 hotels in New Jersey and two in New York - sometimes hitting multiple hotels one in a day, authorities said. In each robbery, Tremone Burnett, 42, of Orange, wielded a handgun and often bound his victims’ hands and feet with zip-ties, Burnett admitted during his guilty plea in Newark. During one of the robberies, Burnett fired a shot, prosecutors have said.  Burnett was sentenced Tuesday to 21 years in prison. In addition to the prison term, Burnett will serve five years of supervised release, Hayden ruled.

    (black female) Passenger takes trip to jail after meltdown at Memphis airport
black suspectMEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tamiko Warner didn't just make a scene before her flight at the Memphis airport — she made a mess, turning over furniture and setting off a fire extinguisher that filled the airport gate with fog.
The man who filmed the rampage and posted it to Facebook said it was all over a $20 baggage fee. "I don't care about going to jail. Whatever. This is worth it," Warner said in the video. She carried on for nearly five minutes uninterrupted in the video, causing thousands of dollars of damage in the airport.

    (black) Man charged with attempted murder, accused of pushing another man onto Loop subway tracks
black suspectA man has been charged with attempted murder after police say he pushed another man onto the CTA Blue Line tracks at a Loop subway station over the weekend. Isiah Cirton, 30, is accused of pushing a 32-year-old man onto the southbound tracks of the Jackson stop in the 300 block of South Dearborn Street around 10:45 p.m. Sunday, according to Officer Hector Alfaro, a Chicago police spokesman.

    Police Searching For BLACK Suspects In Armed Home Invasion In North Philadelphia
black suspectTblack suspecthe first suspect is described as a black man, between the ages of 40 and 50, with a full or partial gray beard. He wore a black leather jacket, light gray sweatpants, white sneakers and a blue baseball cap with an unknown white pattern.

The second suspect is also described as a black man
of the same approximate age with a gray goatee, and prescription glasses. He wore a black jacket with a red logo on the front and red stripes on the sleeves, gray-colored sweatpants, gray-colored sneakers, and dark baseball cap with a Nike logo. Both men were armed with black handguns.

    Woman, 77, assaulted in home invasion by BLACK woman posing as nurse
black suspectBOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — An innocent 77-year-old woman was attacked in a place many of us should feel safe. Her own home. Police said a woman pretending to be a nurse forced her way into the elderly woman’s home and assaulted her in broad daylight. The reason, police said, was to score some drugs. “I’ve been attacked. I’m an old woman. She pushed me and I landed flat on my back and I banged my head on the floor. Then she went to the bedroom, opened the drawer, took stuff, I had full of pills. Then she came back and kicked me while I was lying down there,” the victim told a 911 dispatcher.

    If anyone ever gives a 'Nobel Prize' for abhorrent rape - a Negro will win it.
North Carolina authorities looking for negro charged with multiple counts of child rape

black suspectUNION COUNTY, N.C. – Deputies in Union County are looking for a man accused of multiple counts of child rape. Daran Marte Wingo, 31, faces several charges of statutory rape of child by adult and multiple counts of indecent liberties with a child. Wingo was last living in the Indian Trail area, according to a Facebook post by the Union County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies said he is aware of the pending charges and is trying to evade his arrest.

    Interracial Couple accused of fatally starving their illegitimate mixed-race 6-week-old son to death
mud suspects A Missouri couple whose infant son died in February have been charged with fatally starving the 6-week-old boy. Phillip Thomas Leon Compton, 31, and Jessica Alice Cook, 33, both of Crystal City, were charged Friday with abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death in connection to Kanaan Leon Compton, who died on Feb. 10 while weighing just 5 pounds.

The boy, who was born on Dec. 24, 2017, lost more than a pound in the final month of his life, court documents show. Paramedics and police were called to the couple’s home after he was having trouble breathing. He was pronounced dead less than an hour later at a hospital in Festus. The boy appeared to be malnourished, but Compton told investigators he believed he was fine “due to him and Ms. Cook both being very skinny.” 

Compton said his son had not had a bowel movement in more than five days and believed Cook made an appointment with a doctor as a result, but those visits were later canceled, rescheduled or missing altogether. An autopsy later found that the boy died of malnutrition and probable dehydration.

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    Woman pummeled, sexually assaulted by short HISPANIC stranger in Queens
A stranger pummeled and sexually assaulted a woman in a brutal Queens attack, cops said.
The attacker approached his victim at 65th Street and Sanford Avenue in Murray Hill around 2 a.m. Tuesday, repeatedly punched her in the face and then sexually assaulted her, police said.
He also swore at her in Spanish, saying, “Shut up, b—h and dog,”  "Cállate perra y perro"
EMS workers rushed the victim to a local hospital, where she was treated and released. Police describe the suspect — who was captured on surveillance video — as a Hispanic man between 20 and 25 years old, who is thin and stands around 5 feet 5.
  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

  13 Muslim Terrorists Arrested in Connection to Beheading of 2 (White, female) Norwegian, Danish Tourists in Morocco
White victimsThirteen suspects have been arrested in connection with the beheading deaths of two tourists in Morocco, the state-controlled 2M news agency reported.
Four are suspected of killing 28-year-old Maren Ueland of Norway and 24-year-old Louisa Jespersen of Denmark. Of those four, one had previously served a two-year sentence in an extremism-related case, Boubker Sabik, a Moroccan national security spokesman, told 2M.
Both women had been spotted with three men in their hotel in Marrakesh before heading to the Atlas Mountains to hike. They were found in Imlil, an unguarded and remote area on the mountain range. The state-run Maghreb Arab Press reported that the pair had been killed with a “melee weapon.”

     Faggot Kevin Spacey To Be Criminally Charged In HOMO Sexual Assault of male teenager At Nantucket Bar
NANTUCKET (CBS) — Actor Kevin Spacey is facing a criminal complaint for the alleged sexual assault of a teenager on Nantucket in 2016. “On December 20, 2018 following a public show cause hearing at Nantucket District Court, Clerk Magistrate Brian Kearney issued a criminal complaint of indecent assault and battery against Kevin S. Fowler, also known as Kevin Spacey,” Cape and Island District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said in a statement Monday. “The incident is alleged to have occurred on or about July 7, 2016 at a local restaurant.”
 (after getting the boy drunk) - Dis-GUSTing


    CHINESE Woman Arrested After Investigators Bust Prostitution House In Ocean City
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities have made an arrest in Ocean City after they say they busted a prostitution house. Grace Li, 61, of Ocean City, has been charged with managing a house of prostitution. She has been released pending a court hearing.

23 December 2018

...we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

    2 ("NWORD" nigger) Suspects wanted for murder of ELDERLY WHITE couple - considered armed, dangerous and evil
black suspectsWhite victimsThe Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office is searching for two suspects in connection with the double homicide of a Lacassine couple.

Seventy-two-year-old Walter Gotreaux and his 70-year-old wife, Darlene, were found dead inside their home on Highway 90, west of Lacassine, last Sunday night. Deputies say the couple died from multiple gunshot wounds.
Twenty-three-year-old Javari Guidry and 21-year-old Jordan Alexander Legros are wanted for first-degree murder and aggravated burglary.  The suspects were not believed to be directly associated with the victims, but they have acquaintances in common with the victims.  - (Black-on-white)

    ‘I thought he was going to kill me:’ (psycho black carjacker)  steals car with (White) mom, baby inside
black suspectWhite victimPORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – She was caring for her baby in the back seat when police say a man jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off with the mother and child in the car. It all happened just before 5 p.m. on Friday. Susan Kay says it was supposed to be quick stop that evening. She and her boyfriend pulled over near the Plaid Pantry.
Her boyfriend went inside to get a drink as Kay cared for her 11-month-old daughter Jaeda in the backseat. The car was still running.

“About two minutes later some random stranger just jumps in my car and starts to put it in reverse to drive away. And I said ‘excuse me what are you doing? This is my car,’ and he said ‘I’m running from the police they’re trying to kill me please just let me use your car to get away’ and I’m like no,” Kay said.

Police say the suspect is described as a black man in his 20s to 30s, tall with a thin build wearing a jacket, white flat brim hat, blue jeans and a black backpack. - (Black-on-white)


BRUTAL BLACK SUBHUMAN BEAST arrested for bashing in the head of a White teen with a baseball bat
black suspectWhite victimToledo police have made an arrest in the case of a teenager who was hospitalized in critical condition after being attacked with a baseball bat.

Terry Pearson, 18, of the 500 block of Mulberry Street was arrested and charged with felonious assault, Thursday, according to Toledo Municipal Court records. Bond was set at $100,000 during arraignment Friday in municipal court, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for next Friday.

At about 7:30 p.m. Dec. 15, police and emergency medical crews found the victim, Marcus Bailey, Jr., lying on the ground and bleeding from his ears and nose in the 700 block of Main Street in East Toledo, according to a police report.

He was taken to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center, where he was in critical condition after emergency brain surgery, according to a social-media post his mother, Shelly Bailey, made Thursday evening. She said part of his skull was removed, he was in a coma, and magnetic-resonance imaging showed “complete damage on the left side of his brain” and injury also to the right side of his brain and the brain stem, she said. - (Black-on-white)

    1 black man, 2 defiled white women arrested after black man murdered outside Walnut Hills convenience store
CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Three people have been arrested Thursday in connection with a murder in Walnut Hills. Around 9:45 Monday night, police said 22-year-old Terrance Smith was shot in the parking lot of the N&I convenience store at the corner of Gilbert and Lincoln avenues. He was taken to UC Medical Center where he later died. Avriana Johnson, 21, Jordyn Stemmerding, 19, and Lemichael Johnson, 22, were arrested Thursday on murder warrants. Police said the suspects also stole Smith's vehicle, which has since been located.

Dangers of interracial dating
Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.

    (black) Couple charged after ‘Gucci’, their pit bull, starved to death in yard
black suspectsA man and woman were criminally charged after their malnourished pit bull died outdoors.
Trent Brewer, 22 and Oniesha Noble, 23, were charged with animal cruelty, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner announced Friday. Egg Harbor Township police were called to a home on Booker Avenue Sunday after residents complained about a dog tied up at a home without shelter.
Officers found the body of Gucci the pit bull tied to a shed. An animal necropsy showed that she died of starvation and malnourishment, and was eating toxic mulch in desperation.

    (rutting black) Registered sex offender accused of assaulting mom in front of child
black suspectKATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A registered sex offender who was released from prison this past May is accused of forcing his way into a Fort Bend County home and sexually assaulting a mother in front of her small child.
Stephen Hudson is charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated sexual assault. Detectives say he knocked on the door of a family home in the Westheimer Lakes subdivision, were a woman answered. She was home with her young child while two other children were at school and her husband was at work.. Investigators say Hudson told the woman he was looking for someone and the woman told him they didn't live there. He then came back again and forced himself in, sexually assaulting the mother with the small child in the same room, investigators said.

    (black) Robbery suspects detained hours after high-speed chase ends in East Hollywood
black suspectEAST HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Five robbery suspects were taken into custody hours after a high-speed chase ended with the group fleeing on foot into a residential area in East Hollywood Friday night. Four suspects were handcuffed shortly after 8:30 p.m., following a three-hour suspect search in the area of Melrose Avenue and Kingsley Drive, where the neighborhood was locked down. A fifth suspect was taken into custody a short time later....  Shortly after 8:30pm canines moved in....biting two of them severely enough to send them to the hospital before locking up their antisocial criminal worthless discredit to their negroid race (asses).

    (rutting black female with moustache) Fayetteville teacher aide arrested for rape of a 14-year-old boy
black suspectFAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) - Big trouble for a 19-year-old teacher’s aide in Fayette County. Police there arrested her on a charge of statutory rape of a 14-year-old boy. Shaniya Cotton was taken into custody at Fayetteville Elementary School last Friday. Fayetteville Police said Cotton met and carried on the relationship at an apartment complex in Fayette County. School officials wanted to alert parents that what she is accused of had nothing to do with her duties at the school.

    (Black) Hit-and-run driver hunted in Mississauga after allegedly running down 5 people
black suspectPeel regional police have released photos of a man wanted in a hit-and-run outside a Mississauga bar near Square One Shopping Centre early Sunday morning, Dec. 23, that left five people injured.
The frightening incident at &Company Resto Bar, at Enfield Place and Kariya Drive, occurred just before 3 a.m. Peel Const. Sarah Patten said two groups of people were involved in an argument while leaving the bar and one man went to retrieve his car. The man, who was driving a dark-coloured Acura, drove his car into a group of people standing on the sidewalk “striking several people,” Patten added. Police described the suspect as a black man, 5-foot-6, medium build, dark hair in braids, aged 35-40,  wearing dark coloured pants and a shirt with a heart symbol and eyes.

    NYPD: HISPANIC Attacker Drags Woman By Hair, Demands Sex Act In Brooklyn Subway Station
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are on the hunt for the man they say dragged a woman by her hair and threatened to throw her off a subway platform in Brooklyn. Investigators say the 19-year-old victim got off at the wrong stop along the J train line in Cypress Hills around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday when her attacker grabbed her and demanded she perform some kind of sexual act. When she refused, investigators say he attempted to push her onto the tracks. The victim fought back, and now police are asking New Yorkers to keep an eye out for the suspect who ran off. Officials say they’re looking for an approximately 6’0″ tall, 220 pound Hispanic man with a light complexion. He was last seen wearing a black winter hat, a black jacket, and dark blue jeans.

  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

    Three HISPANICS arrested for keeping their own Bronx ‘zoo’
A family in The Bronx was busted for hoarding a menagerie inside their public-housing apartment — including two giant snapping turtles, a pair of pigeons and a possum, cops said Sunday. They also took into custody three humans: brothers Richie and Willie Rodriguez, plus Richie’s wife, Yesenia Crisostomo Diaz.
  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspects has not been reported in this news article...

    Homeless man (from Far Far Away) Sharif Pasha, busted for pummeling MTA bus drive * SEND THEM ALL BACK!
mud suspect A homeless man was busted after he allegedly brutally pummeled an MTA bus driver in Manhattan late Friday, cops said.  Sharif Pasha, 42, had just gotten off the bus on Waterside Plaza in Kips Bay around 10 p.m. Friday when he walked over to the driver’s side window, grabbed the 28-year-old driver and punched her repeatedly in the face and chest, authorities said. He bolted from the scene, only to be caught about an hour later near the 30th Street Men’s Shelter near First Avenue, where he lives, police said. Pasha was hit with a felony assault charge. The driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment.
Note: "Sharif Pasha" is a common name from INDIA to Bangladesh to Egypt

22 Decemeber  2018

    (White) Man beaten 30 times in Cheektowaga road rage incident by brutal black with hair-trigger AFRICAN RAGE
black suspectWhite victimCHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WKBW) — A Cheektowaga man is in the hospital tonight following a road rage incident that left him needing surgery.  Cheektowaga Police say it was shortly after 2:45 Wednesday afternoon when 41-year-old Matthew Rudy was driving on Walden Ave. near Chick-fil-A. Police say he was cut off by a man in the left lane and the man then slammed on his brakes, got out of the car and punched Rudy in the face through the window. Police say he then dragged Rudy out of the car, in the middle of the median and brutally beat him 20-30 times.
The man took off. After a two-day investigation, police arrested 31-year-old Maurice Scott of Buffalo. He was arrested on a second-degree assault charge. Rudy was transported to ECMC. He had to have surgery on his eye, and his wife says there's a possibility he may be blind. She says he is now home and resting. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) "Baby-daddy" who allegedly set (defiled white) woman afire at Tim Hortons charged with attempted murder
black suspectnigger loverA City of Tonawanda woman had moved out of the home she shared with her boyfriend and their three (mixed-race illegitimate) children shortly before he allegedly splashed flammable liquid on her and set her on fire, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn Jr. said Friday.
Jonathon E. White, 28, was arraigned Friday in his room at Erie County Medical Center on charges that included attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree arson and counts of reckless endangerment, weapons possession and menacing.
White is accused of luring Jessica Cameron, 25, out of the Tim Hortons at Niagara and Seymour streets in Tonawanda Monday afternoon and allegedly setting her ablaze near a dumpster behind the store. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)
The DA wouldn't comment on the motive for the alleged attack other than to mention that Cameron had recently left White.

    (snarling black) Thug holds worker at gunpoint while robbing insurance office - (female victim is NOT BLACK)
black suspectblack suspectA gunman barged into a Brooklyn insurance company, held a worker at gunpoint and swiped her bag, phone and cash, dramatic new video shows. The suspect entered Ken Mable Inc. on Flushing Avenue near Clinton Avenue around 5:45 p.m. Friday, pointed a silver gun at a 53-year-old employee and demanded money, cops said Saturday. Then he wrestled the employee’s pocketbook out of her hands, knocking her out of her chair as she sat at her desk, according to the video. He also made off with the woman’s iPhone 5 and $800, cops said. The video shows him still pointing the gun at the startled employee as he makes his way for the exit. Cops describe the thief as a black man, about 25 years old, about 6 feet tall and weighing around 200 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black knit cap, a black waist-length jacket, black faded jeans, black sneakers and a multi-colored scarf. 
(A snarling vicious predator marinated in sin)


    (black) Gospel singer who calls himself ‘the Apostle’ charged with sexual assault of a child
black suspect ARLINGTON -  An Arlington man popular for his gospel singing who referred to himself as ‘the Apostle’ was Darrell Maurice Yancey, 59, was booked into Tarrant County jail Friday.  According to WFAA, Yancey is accused of sexual crimes against children that police say happened in the 1990s and 2000s.
According to WFAA, one of the children was 13-years-old when the assaults began and she conceived three children with Yancey.



                   21 Decemeber  2018          

    (black) Man arrested in attack of 83-year-old woman in a wheelchair was out on bail
black suspectFORT WORTH - The man police say attacked an 83-year-old woman, knocking her from her wheelchair, and stole her son’s truck was arrested Thursday afternoon. Thaddeus Lammar Clay, 22, of Fort Worth faces a charge of aggravated robbery and motor vehicle theft in the Dec. 10 incident, police say. A tip police received on social media led to Clay’s arrest, police said. Court records show that Clay, a resident of the Cultural District who lived blocks away from his victim, was out of jail on $1,000 bond after being charged with burglary of a vehicle in September at the time of the attack. The victim, Suzi Alummuttil, managed to crawl to her door and lock it after Clay fled in the family’s pickup truck. She called her son, Saji Alummuttil, who called police.

    San Francisco police release photos of foot-stomping sub-human black suspect in Mason Street assault
black suspectSAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - San Francisco police released photos Thursday of a suspect in an assault that occurred on Mason Street.  Video of the assault is getting a lot of attention, after the CEO of a startup posted it on Twitter, with a plea for more police presence.  The business owner says he is worried about his own employees, after moving his company from the Financial District to Mid-Market six months ago.  "I think you're just rolling the dice every time you walk outside," Geoffrey Woo told KTVU on Wednesday, in the offices of HVMN, which develops supplements for peak physical performance. Woo's staff of 10 have grown accustomed to the street crime, drugs, and poverty they see on their block of Mason Street. But witnessing one man stomping another on the face was a new low.  About 10 seconds of video, showing the assault, was captured by a HVMN employee returning from lunch Tuesday at mid-day. In the video, an off-camera witness can be heard objecting, but the assailant defends his actions, declaring "you don't know what this man did." Witnesses said a racial slur may have preceded the man being knocked to the ground and kicked, as he lay motionless. - And if it was - is a 'racial slur' an excuse to kill a man? - This would indicate that the victim was NOT a negro.

    SKETCH: Denver police seek goofy depraved negro sex beast  wanted for sexually assaulting several women
black suspectDENVER — Police in Denver released a sketch Friday of a man they say sexually assaulted four women in separate nighttime incidents in the Lower Downtown area between April 2017 and December of this year.

Police say the circumstances of the incidents vary, but in general, the suspect initiated contact with women who were alone and were arranging or waiting for a ride, offered the victims transportation and later sexually assaulted them.
The suspect’s vehicle is described as a sedan. Police are concerned that the man may have targeted additional women and encourage victims to come forward. “This composite sketch is a new lead in this investigation, and we ask anyone who recognizes this man to contact the Denver Police Department immediately so that we can prevent him from harming anyone else,” said Division Chief of Investigations Joseph Montoya in a news release.


    1 black, 1 (trans?) white Employees Charged For Taping, Encouraging 2 retarded Minors To Fight In Facility
EXTON, Pa. (CBS) — Two men??? have been charged for allegedly taping and encouraging two minors to fight at the Devereux Kanner Center in West Whiteland Township. The Devereux Center treats minors and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Anthony Merrick, 25, of Coatesville, and Rayne Portela, 24, of Glenside, were charged with endangering the welfare of children, simple assault and other related charges.

The charges were filed on Oct, 17, following an investigation into the incident at the Devereux Center, where Merrick and Portela were employed. An investigation was launched when a parent of a minor at the facility told investigators that their child had been involved in a “boxing” altercation at the facility. It was revealed that the incident occurred on July 5. Video surveillance was obtained by investigators.

    HISPANIC Man Jorge Luis Molina arrested on suspicion of Avondale homicide through phone's GPS location
White victimA man was arrested in connection with an Avondale homicide after police used Google's GPS location services installed on the man's phone, court records show. Jorge Luis Molina, 23, was arrested Dec. 12 after police obtained warrants for the Google GPS location of Molina's phone during the time of the homicide, showing that the device was near the crime scene, records detail.

In the early hours of March 14, Joseph Knight was found dead from gunshot wounds in a neighborhood near Dysart Road and Van Buren Street. Surveillance footage was captured of a white 2000s model Honda Civic with a sunroof driving up to Knight while he was biking eastbound on Lawrence Boulevard near Fourth Street. Knight is shown getting off his bike in front of his apartment just before nine shots were fired from the Civic's driver's side window, records show. - WHY?

  • Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspect has not been reported in this news article...

    Before dying in police pursuit, illegal Hispanic alien shot, killed at random during ‘reign of terror’
White victimBefore dying in a car crash during a police pursuit in Porterville on Monday, a man carried out a 24-hour “reign of terror” in Tulare County — robbing a store, killing a stranger and shooting others in random acts of violence, according to police.

Suspect Gustavo Garcia, 36, who was ejected from a vehicle and died after fleeing police at more than 100 mph on Highway 65 around 7 a.m., “had no regard for human life,” Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said at a news conference Monday afternoon. Garcia’s criminal record dates back to 2002, including charges for illegal possession of firearms and meth.
While Boudreaux did not confirm Garcia’s immigration status, he said federal documents show he was deported in 2014 and faced Immigration and Customs Enforcement violations three times prior to that.
Garcia’s crime spree started around 1 p.m. Sunday when he shot a farm worker who was on a ladder picking fruit in Exeter. The farm worker, who has not been identified, was shot in the chest but is in the hospital and expected to recover.

Surveillance footage shows Garcia firing shots at the ceiling and demanding more than $2,000 in cash, though no one was injured during the robbery. Police are searching for another possible suspect who took part in the robbery: a Hispanic male in his late 20s to early 30s; between 150 and 160 pounds with a dark tattoo on the outside of his forearm. He was last seen wearing a dark blue collared shirt and dark pants.
About an hour later, police say Garcia shot and killed a man at the AMPM on Lovers Lane in Visalia. That victim has been identified as Rocky Paul Jones, 51, of Visalia. Police say there is no known relationship to Garcia, and that surveillance footage shows the men exchanging words prior to the shooting.
That’s when police say Garcia held three farm workers at gunpoint and stole their truck, and fled the scene again.


    Grand jury indicts married couple charged in murder of Tallahassee man 
White victimTALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - A grand jury has indicted a married queer-homo-faggot-Sodomite "couple" arrested for the murder of a Tallahassee man.

Grand jurors returned indictments against Jessie Daquan Price-Brown, 24, and Terrelle Lamar Price-Brown, 25, for murder-first degree and accessory after the fact for the death of Derek Parks. The court document, filed Dec. 20, 2018, said that on or about July 17, 2018, the couple killed Parks.  The suspects are being held in the Leon County Detention Center, where they were booked after they were returned from a jail in Fairfax, Virginia.  - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Clemente Cabassa busted for child porn after trying to copy images on CD at Walgreens 


20 Decemeber  2018

    (black) Man, 24, facing charges following deaths of 2 (NOT-black) Chicago officers struck by train
black suspectNOT-black victimsCHICAGO (Fox 32/Sun-Times Media Wire) - Weapons charges were filed Wednesday against a suspect in connection to the deaths of two Chicago police officers who were struck by a train on the Far South Side.
The officers, 36-year-old Eduardo Marmolejo and 31-year-old Conrad Gary, were investigating a call of shots fired Monday shortly after 6 p.m. when they apparently didn’t see a southbound South Shore Line train and were struck near 101st and Dauphine, according to police officials. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) man said he would take woman to get hair done, sexually assaulted her instead, police say
black suspectFAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. ( – An East St. Louis man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman he was supposed to take to get her hair done earlier in the week. Fairview Heights police said Darius L. Pierce and the victim met at the MetroLink station around 6:15 p.m. on Dec. 17. The two were familiar with one another prior to meeting up at the station, according to police.

After meeting up, the 24-year-old man asked the woman to walk with him to the French Village Motel, where he rented a room. The plan was reportedly for Pierce to take the woman to get her hair done at a local salon but he instead allegedly took her to a motel room and sexually assaulted her. Police believe Pierce was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and fell asleep after the assault, at which time the woman left and called a family member. The woman was later taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries.

    Here's a picture of the Black Moroccan wife-beater that had his diplomatic immunity yanked by UK government
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectA White female congresswoman wants this wife-beater locked-up and deported.

Black African husband accused of beating diplomat wife attacked her because of outfit 
Youseff Amroche, 37 — who was originally protected by his wife’s diplomatic immunity, only to have it yanked Tuesday — was charged with felony assault and harassment and ordered held on $7,000 bail

  Hot news from "the Great White North": Felix the NIGERIAN Negro shoots off his gun
black suspectThe suspect has been identified as Felix Ajayi, 25, of Toronto. He is wanted for:
1. Discharge Firearm with Intent endanger Life
2. Point Firearm
3. Possess Loaded Firearm
4. two counts of Possess Firearm Without Holding a Licence
5. two counts of Possess Firearm Knowingly Not Holding a Licence
6. two counts of Contravene Section 117(H) Firearms Act
7. Use Firearm in Commission of Indictable Offence
8. Assault with a Weapon
9. Forcible Confinement
10. Carry Concealed Weapon
11. Threaten Death
He is believed to be violent, armed and dangerous. If located, do not approach. Call 9-1-1 immediately. - (Canada)

    Chilling video shows BLACK suspected boogie-man killer waiting outside victim’s home before fatal stabbing 

    (black) Romulus monkey man accused of exposing himself to women at Dollar Tree
black suspectA Romulus monkey man is accused of exposing himself to two women at a Dollar Tree in Van Buren Township, according to the Wayne County Prosecutor.

The Van Buren Police Department investigated two incidents at the Dollar Tree located on Belleville Road. The suspect, 20-year-old David Lipscomb, allegedly located women in the store, stood behind them and masturbated. The first victim was a 19-year-old woman and the second victim was a 60-year-old woman. Lipscomb was taken into custody at a store near the Dollar Tree. He has been charged with aggravated indecent exposure, a two-year misdemeanor. He was arraigned Wednesday and received a $20,000 bond.  - (Castration and deportation wouln't be too 'cruel and unusual' would it?)

    (Black female) Mayor (of defecate on sidewalk, illegal alien and faggot sanctuary Frisco) seeks black brother’s release 
black suspectblack suspectSan Francisco Mayor London Breed has asked rabid far left catholic Gov. Jerry Brown to release her brother from prison, where he has served nearly two decades of a 44-year sentence for a manslaughter conviction in the death of a San Francisco woman, according to the mayor’s office.
Breed’s (illegitimate half-)brother, Napoleon Brown, now 46, pushed 25-year-old Lenties White from a getaway car on the Golden Gate Bridge after an armed robbery in June 2000. She was struck by an oncoming drunken driver and died.

    (black) Cabbie goes on rampage, rams NYPD car after getting ticket
black suspectA taxi driver went on a rampage near Penn Station after being ticketed for picking up a fare while his vehicle was more than a foot from the curb, newly revealed records show. Desmond Griffith was so mad over the summons that he screamed at the agent, tore up the ticket — and then drove his car the wrong way on Seventh Avenue to crash into the agent’s vehicle. Finally, he got out of his cab and continued screaming at the agent.
“I told you I was going to jail today!” he said, according to a deposition by the agent. Griffith “made decisions that endangered the public by driving the wrong way on Seventh Avenue, through a pedestrian crosswalk, and intentionally struck a police vehicle with such force, the car shook,” Pogoda wrote in her decision.

      (Black) Bronx mom holds down "nigga" would-be car thief until cops arrive, video shows
"Dude tried to steal her car.  She caught him.  Pulled that nigga out the vehicle and BEAT HIS ASS!
 That's what I'm talkin about. GET THAT NIGGA!  She say 'he ain't goin nowhere'.
(black female narrator does a nose snort chortle) Mmmmgh.
Look at dis nigga!  (laughs uncontrollably - ROTFL) Welcome to the f*cking Bronx!
O shit! Get that nigga, Bee. Woooooooo! Oook, Oook, Oook. Look at dis shit.... ooow, ooow!
Police arrested an intoxicated Bernadino Santiago.

    HISPANIC monster Scott Parrilla gets 25 years for pushing girl off Bronx rooftop in 1989
A monster who pushed a Bronx girl from a rooftop nearly three decades years ago after she refused to have sex with him, will spend at least the next 25 years in the slammer for the murder. Scott Parrilla wasn’t in court Wednesday to hear Bronx Supreme Court Justice Steven Barrett hand down the cold-case sentence of 25-to-life or listen to a tearful statement from the mother of 17-year-old Noelis Bayanilla.

“I cannot put into words what you did to my only child,” Joann Estanislau-Caliz said in court. “August 6, 1989, you cut off her life — and you cut out my heart that day. “What you did I will never understand!” Estanislau-Caliz continued. “You deserve to rot in jail for the rest of your life!”

    NYPD teams up with Spanish cops to catch Hispanic graffiti vandal - Francisco Antonio Jimenez San Nicolas

    Drug-addled and defiled (white) female accused of trying to drown dog in Canton
CANTON, Ohio– A woman was arrested after Canton police say she tried to drown a dog.
Ashley Mace, 29, of Wooster, was charged with prohibitions concerning companion animals, also known as Goddard’s Law, named for longtime FOX 8 meteorologist and animal activist Dick Goddard.
Officers were called to a house on 9th Street NE in Canton Saturday evening for a dispute between some of the residents. During their investigation, officers heard a noise in the bathroom and discovered the pit bull puppy.vThe police report said the dog was wrapped in towels and a shower curtain, and laying in water in the bathtub. It was unable to breathe and its cries could be heard on police body camera video.
Other residents took the dog to a veterinary hospital. Its condition is not known at this time.
Mace’s bond was set at $2,500 during her court appearance on Monday.

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Dirty long-haired lGBTQ deviant pervert admits raping, molesting children at mother’s day care facility
A man in Utah has been charged with raping and molesting children at his mother’s day care facility decades ago, authorities said. Theodore Joseph Heaps, 35, admitted to cops that he victimized several children under his mother’s care at a Salt Lake City day care facility when he was 15 to 17 years old between 1998 and 2000, according to court documents cited by the Salt Lake Tribune. Police in Salt Lake City launched an investigation earlier this year after one of the purported female victims went to authorities to report that she had been raped by Heaps at a day care facility when she was 12 years old. A male victim later told investigators that he had been sexually assaulted by Heaps at the facility when he was about 6 or 7 years old, according to the newspaper.

    'Girl in the Closet' comes out of the closet and arrested, charged with LESBIAN sexual assault of a FEMALE child
A woman known as “The Girl in the Closet” was arrested Monday by Lewisville police on charges of sexual assault of a child.  Police said in a statement that a 14-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted by a person ID’d as Lauren Kavanaugh over two months. Kavanaugh endured years of physical and sexual abuse by her family in the late 1990s through 2001 and was kept in a closet inside the family trailer. She was finally freed at age 8 and weighed about 25 pounds when she was located.

“During the investigation into the suspect, Detectives were able to confirm that the suspect, Lauren Kavanaugh, was in fact the same person who was also a victim of abuse and sexual assault and who’s story made national news, commonly referred to as ‘The Girl in the Closet,’” Lewisville police said in a statement released Wednesday night. Bible For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    CHINESE NATIONAL Lehigh University Student Tried to Slowly Poison Negro Roommate to Death, Prosecutor Says
(from Google images)A former Lehigh University student is accused of trying to poison his longtime roommate to death and vandalizing the victim's possessions with racist graffiti, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli announced Thursday morning. Yukai Yang, a 22-year-old Chinese national, is charged with attempted murder and related charges, Morganelli said. He was earlier charged with ethnic intimidation.  Investigators first zeroed in on the suspect after his roommate, who is African American, reported earlier this year that his belongings had been vandalized and scrawled with the N-word, Morganelli said. Yang was living in the U.S. on a student visa, which has since been revoked, officials said.

19 Decemeber  2018

      Snaggle-tooth white Fresno mother to be charged in death of (illegitimate? mixed-race?) 8-year-old girl killed by train
assumed nigger loverassumed nigger loverWARNING: Some of the details in this case may be disturbing to some readers
FRESNO, California - The mother of the 8-year-old girl who was killed by a train in central Fresno on Monday has been charged with "child neglect likely to cause great bodily injury or death." Around 6 p.m., Joy Frances Collins, 44, was walking with her children in the area of Belmont Avenue near Effie Street.  A train about a mile long slowed down and then stopped.  Collins crossed under the train and then told her son to hurry and cross or they would miss the bus. The boy crossed. Then Collins yelled at her daughter to cross even though she was reluctant to do so, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said Tuesday. The 8-year-old girl did as her mother told and crossed under the train car. That's when the train began to move again. The girl got stuck and was dragged about 500 feet, Dyer said. Collins was able to then pull the girl from under the train. When officers arrived on scene, the girl was dead. Dyer said that the girl had traumatic injuries and was partially dismembered. She was identified as Joyanna Harris, 8.

      (defiled white) 'girlfriend' of dirty dreadlocked black criminal arrested after swerving at police, high-speed chase
black suspect(nigger lover)NEWNAN, Ga. (FOX 5 Atlanta) - A dangerous police chase came to a dramatic end in Coweta County. A deputy's body camera caught a car driven by 33-year-old Shannon Atkinson jumping train tracks near downtown Newnan, leaving a trail a sparks. The pursuing deputy said later he didn't wanted the chase the reach the town square on a busy Saturday night.  So, he moved in. Police say they had been looking for another suspect, 28-year-old-old Rashad Houston, after he failed to stop for a traffic violation.  In a Newnan neighborhood, they say he bailed out along with another man.  It was during the search for Houston and that man that police say Atkinson swerved at them with her car.
Turns out, according to police, Houston and Atkinson know each other. And they believe she drove her car to the search area to pick up Houston and the other man so they could escape. In the body cam footage a deputy orders Atkinson out of her car at gunpoint after the chase. No one was hurt.  Both Atkinson and Houston are being held in the Coweta County jail without bond. She is charged with aggravated assault, fleeing and attempting to elude, and driving under the influence, among other charges.  Investigators are still searching for the other man who they say bailed out of the car with Houston.

Dangers of interracial dating
Hook up with a black man - he is going to commit a crime and you are going to get arrested with him.

Front Page for 18 December 2018 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

18 Decemeber  2018

...we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.

    (Worthless BLACK criminal) charged in deadly gas station robbery served time in prison for arson
black suspectWhite victimCOLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) - The Brenham man arrested Monday in College Station for aggravated robbery also served time in prison for setting a classroom on fire a decade ago.    In 2009, Rufus Edward Lockett, 29, was sentenced to eight years in prison for setting fire to a Brenham classroom two years prior. He reportedly set the fire to avoid taking a test.

The fire caused $200,000 worth of damage, and Lockett pleaded guilty to first degree felony arson. Records indicate Lockett was released from prison in 2016.

Now, Lockett is now in custody in Brazos County after police say he robbed a College Station gas station and shot the clerk.
Lockett is being charged with aggravated robbery, according to Brazos County Justice Web. According to College Station police, just after 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Lockett went into the Valero on Rock Prairie Road and Highway 6 and demanded money. A witness told police that when the clerk was unable to provide any money, the man shot her multiple times and fled the scene in a dark, possibly gray sedan.
Police identified the clerk Monday morning as Anita Jean Randle, 54, of College Station. Paramedics on scene with the College Station Fire Department performed life saving measures, and Randle was taken to Baylor Scott & White Hospital in critical condition. Randle was pronounced dead Sunday night.  - (Black-on-white)

  • Gen 9:6 - Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

    Brother of skateboarder killed in Phoenix hit-and-run says he's disgusted at (worthless black) driver
black suspectWhite victimPHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Phoenix police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly hit-and-run crash near 19th and Dunlap avenues on Saturday. The brother of the victim spoke out to Arizona's Family before an arrest was made.

"He was a good guy, he had a big heart, loved life, his family, his friends, his dog," the victim's brother, Mike Carringer, said.  Police say 24-year-old Matthew Carringer was riding his skateboard against traffic when a car hit him head on.

The vehicle never stopped but other drivers who saw what happened were able to give eyewitness reports to police.
"It disgusts me, personally, going through this. I don't know how you can just go and see somebody come against your windshield and then drive away like nothing happened. I don't know how you can personally live with that. Frankly, it just really disgusts me," Mike said through tears.
On Monday, Phoenix police arrested 21-year-old Breyon Green for leaving the scene of the crash.  Green was booked into the Fourth Avenue jail.  - (Black-on-white)

    Friends mourn (WHITE) Jacksonville gas station clerk shot in robbery (by worthless soulless black)
black suspectWhite victimJACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A clerk wounded in an armed robbery at an Arlington gas station over the weekend has died of his injuries, and police are looking for the shooter.

The shooting unfolded during a pre-dawn robbery Saturday at the GATE gas station located on Merrill Road near Townsend Boulevard, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.  The Sheriff's Office said Martin Hower, 55, was shot in the abdomen. Hower, a New York transplant, was taken to an area hospital, but he did not survive.

A longtime friend of Hower's said it's difficult to believe he's gone. In the wake of Hower's shooting, Andreas Mackey said there needs to be more security in place for clerks.

"Why kill that man?" Mackey wondered aloud Monday. "For what reason? For money, they needed money. Hell, I would've given him money out of my account, but why did that kill a man." Mackey said Hower was fearless despite working overnight hours at a convenience store, which is the sort of business robbers tend to target. "He would say, 'Go get a job,'" he said. "I'd say, 'I agree with you, Martin, but we are old school, we believe in going to get a job.' These people don't care these days. They shoot you for nothing." Mackey said this incident underscores why clerks should be protected in the workplace. He said those security measures could include bulletproof glass, limited hours or armed security.
"Me personally, I think they (clerks) should be able to carry," he added.

The shooter is described as 5-foot-9, in his 20s and with dreadlocks. Police said he was wearing a black sweater and black jeans at the time.   - (Black-on-white)

    Queer faggot homo Sodomite (white) pervert brought his negro homo fag-lover to parents house for Thanksgiving....
black suspectWhite victimWhite victim

What Does the Bible Say About Sodomy?

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Black Sports: (Black footballer) Charles Leno proposes after game to his defiled but proud negro-loving sex-pocket
defiled white woman
Dangers of interracial dating
If the defiled female is lucky she will survive the 'domestic abuse'...

    Black sports: black footballer Montae Nicholson and his (white) girlfriend arrested
black suspect and nigger loverWASHINGTON -- Redskins safety Montae Nicholson and his girlfriend were arrested after a fight, Loudoun County Sheriff's Office said. Nicholson, 23, and his girlfriend, Sydney A. Maggiore, 24, were arrested after an argument turned into an assault around 2 a.m. Tuesday at a shopping center in the 20400 block of Exchange Street in Ashburn, authorities said. Both victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment of serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Dangers of interracial dating
If the defiled female is lucky she will survive the 'domestic abuse'...

    (Algerian surnamed black) Husband of diplomat will be charged by cops for domestic violence: sources
black suspectn a rare case of diplomatic immunity being rescinded, the brutish Brit who bashed his diplomat wife and then hid behind her immunity will face the music after all, The Post has learned.
Youseff Amroche, 37, was arrested for the Dec. 8 beat-down, law enforcement sources said, indicating the UK yanked his immunity. He is charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment and reckless endangerment. The top charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. “We take domestic violence seriously, and we’re glad the UK accepted our request to waive diplomatic immunity,” said City Hall spokesman Raul Contreras. Cops say they got a frantic call from Amroche’s wife early Dec. 8 reporting that he assaulted her amid a domestic dispute.

     (Black) Woman slashed stranger on bus who tried petting her dog: cops
black suspectA woman slashed a stranger who tried petting her dog aboard a city bus in the Bronx — then turned the blade on a good Samaritan who intervened, police said. The 22-year-old victim was aboard a BX19 bus around 2:30 p.m. near East 149th Street and Morris Avenue in Melrose when she touched the woman’s dog, prompting a fight between them, according to cops. That’s when the enraged owner took out a sharp object and slashed the woman multiple times across her face and head, police said. She then turned her attention to a good Samaritan, 23, who stepped in, slashing her once in the left armThe suspect got off the bus and fled.

    (Black female) Former New Haven teacher gets prison for having sex with (male) teen student
black suspectNEW HAVEN — A former New Haven Public Schools teacher who sexually assaulted one of her students has been sentenced to serve nine months in jail. Kirvanna Jones, who was 24 at the time of the assault in December 2015, had sexual intercourse with a student who was 15, according to the police warrant.  Jones initially was charged with second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. Admitting in court recently that she had had intercourse.  She first had texted to the boy photos of herself wearing only a bra and a thong.

    Death of black Philadelphia Woman After Receiving Cosmetic Butt Injections in NYC Ruled a Homicide
black suspectThe case of a woman from Philadelphia who died after receiving cosmetic butt injections in New York City in June has been ruled a homicide. The Office of Chief Medical Examiner of New York City determined that 48-year-old Lesbia Ayala died of systemic silicone embolism syndrome due to cosmetic silicone injections of the buttocks and thighs, declaring it a homicide. On June 17, police responded to a call of an aided female inside 2219 Seward Avenue. When police arrived at the address, they observed Ayala in cardiac arrest. EMS transported Ayala to Jacobi Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

    Man killed wife’s (nigger*-(nword)-Negro-African-american-named) lover "Deshawn"  before couple dumped body
(Race of suspects not reported)
  *spade jigaboo nigga nigra coon

    Surveillance Video Shows 2 Suspects Attacking Man After Argument In Eastwick, Police Say
black suspectblack suspect

The first suspect is described as a black male, approximately 20 years old, 5-foot-8, 220 pounds, with a heavy build. He wore a dark-colored jacket and light gray sweatpants.

The second suspect is described as a black male, approximately 20 years old, 5-foot-8, with a thin build. He wore a gray long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and red sneakers.

    I was beat up in McDonald’s by 'spics' (NON-WHITES for sure) — and the employees just watched: suit
She went in for a cheeseburger and fries and ended up McPummeled at a Manhattan fast-food joint owned by polo-playing scion Bruce Colley.
Elizabeth Storelli says in a new lawsuit that workers at Colley’s McDonald’s at West 71st Street and Broadway failed to help her when she accidentally bumped into a woman in the crowded eatery and was severely beaten. “I thought I was going to die,’’ Storelli, a 49-year-old nurse, told The Post. Storelli said she was headed home from a bar, where she’d had a couple of glasses of wine with girlfriends, around 10:30 p.m. July 24, 2015, when she stopped at the Mickey D’s.
“I hadn’t eaten a lot, so I went in there and ordered some fries and a cheeseburger,” Storelli recalled. “There were a lot of people in there, and a girl bumped into me and things just escalated from there. She called me a ‘white b—h,’ and that’s when a guy came over and poured the soda over my head,” Storelli said. “I was in shock. I did swear. I was like, ‘What the f–k?’ “The next thing I know, I saw a group of people coming toward me.”
Two women, Joselin Santos, 16, and Annie Figueros, 33, were charged with assault and harassment in the case. But they ended up with no criminal records, and their cases are sealed.

17 Decemeber  2018

    (WHITE) Piedmont woman, 49, dies in Easley convenience store shooting; police seek (AFRICAN-american) suspects
black suspectWhite victimblack suspectEasley police are searching for suspects after a female store clerk was shot to death at a convenience store Friday night. Stacey Regina Branham, 49, of Weeping Willow Road, was pronounced dead at the scene from a single gunshot wound, Pickens County Coroner Kandy Kelley said. Easley Police Chief Tim Tollison said she was found dead around 8 p.m. at B Pam's Food Mart, a convenience store at 201 NE Main St. in Easley. Tollison also said police have physical evidence that the clerk fired a gun at the two suspects, but there's no definitive evidence that either of them were hit.

"It does not appear from the video anything was taken," he added.  Police said the suspects appear to be dark-skinned males, possibly of African-American descent, between 5'10" and 6 feet tall. One was wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt with a white cloth mask on the lower half of his face. The other suspect was wearing a black vest-style jacket with a gray long-sleeved shirt and orange ski mask. - (Black-on-white)

    UK: (white) Scottish woman, 53, who thought she had the perfect marriage with her (BLACK) American 'secret agent' husband shares her horror after discovering he is serial bigamist with THREE other wives and 13 children
black suspect    Mary Turner Thomson, 53, of Edinburgh, married William Allen Jordan, 53
    She was a single mother when she met the ("NWORD") online and he told her he was in CIA 
    Jordan proposed just three weeks after they met for the first time
    The couple didn't marry until 2002 however, because he was away on 'missions'
    After the wedding, one of his three other wives rang him and he was exposed
    Scam was uncovered in 2006 and he was jailed for bigamy, fraud and gun crimes
    It was also revealed that he was a convicted sex offender  - (Black-on-white)
Dangers of interracial dating
Hook up with a black man - he is most likely lying to you, is a criminal and is infected with sexual diseases...

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