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    ‘He has been taken from me too soon’: Wife hopes to find husband’s killer in Jackson Co. road rage shooting
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectJACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - One month after Brandon Box was shot and killed during a road rage incident on I-10 in Jackson County, investigators have no suspects. Brandon’s wife, Jessica, says she is troubled the people— responsible for killing her beloved husband— are still at large.

“It’s really, really troubling to know that we don’t have the people that did this, that they’re still out there,” Jessica said. Brandon was shot and killed with a 9mm caliber weapon while driving down I-10 on Memorial Day weekend. The couple was headed from a kayaking trip with friends when things went South.

“This other vehicle tossed a firework mortar into the truck bed of my husband’s truck. When he sped up next to them, they shot him and killed him through his car door,” Box said.

Jessica’s car was having work done and was ready for pick up after the long weekend. Brandon had dropped Jessica off at her car in Mobile on their way back to Mississippi from Florida. Jessica was 20 minutes behind Brandon when the accident happened.

She didn’t witness the indecent or the aftermath but says had she been in the vehicle, she likely would have died.

A passenger in Brandon’s truck was able to give a description of the suspects and the suspect vehicle. It is believed the suspects were traveling in a small white or silver SUV or hybrid SUV with a Louisiana tag, driven by a black female, a black male in the passenger seat, and multiple people in the back seats.
- (Black-on-White)

    (White) Man Killed After Shooting In Pittsburgh Motel Parking Lot
black suspectROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – A man was found shot to death in the parking lot of the Pittsburgh Motel in Robinson Township. Police from several law enforcement agencies canvassed the Pittsburgh Motel on Route 60, which had been shut down. The road was closed and traffic backed up on both sides. Robinson Township Police say county police took over the investigation. The call came into 911 just before 11:30 a.m. County homicide detectives say a 48-year-old was found shot dead in the parking lot. The man was identified as Christopher Langham.

Witness told KDKA’s Nicole Ford they heard up to four gunshots as two men came out of a motel room and one collapsed in the parking lot. One witness says the other man ran up Steubenville Pike away from the motel. On Friday night, police say Jaquay Murray was arrested and charged with criminal homicide and firearm violations.
- (Black-on-White)

    Police Investigate Third Stabbing In Lincoln-Lemington In 24 Hours
black suspect  PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A third stabbing in 24 hours has taken place in Lincoln-Lemington.
According to Pittsburgh Police, a person was taken to an area hospital in serious condition after being stabbed on Lincoln Avenue.
Pittsburgh Police believe that the suspect is the same one responsible for two stabbings on Saturday night that left one person dead and another injured.

They are asking anyone with information to call the Violent Crime Unit at 412-323-7161.

    NYPD hunting for violent ex-con in Brooklyn double homicide
black suspectCops are hunting a violent ex-con who they believe used an AR-15-style rifle to gun down a man and a woman in East New York over the weekend.  Charles Hernandez, 47, is wanted in connection to the pair of slayings on Van Siclen Avenue near Livonia Avenue around 12:30 p.m. Saturday, NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said in a Sunday tweet. Disturbing video included in Harrison’s tweet shows the gunman running up the street before 27 rounds can be heard popping off in quick succession. The gunman, wearing a blond wig and blue trench coat, is shown darting back down the street as screams are heard in the background.
Police sources on Saturday identified the victims as Chioteke Thompson, 23, and Stephanie Perkins, 39.

    (black) New Castle man charged with late-May rape in Brandywine Park
black suspectA 35-year-old New Castle man has been charged with a late-May rape in the Brandywine Park area.

According to authorities, Byron Mayhan assaulted a victim around 8:30 a.m. on May 29, 2020, in the area of North Park Drive and the Washington Street overpass.  The incident occurred in DNREC jurisdiction, but Wilmington Police led the investigation.  Mayhan was taken into custody on June 29, 2020, in Baltimore Maryland, by U.S. Marshals and, once extradited to Delaware, he'll be charged with five counts first-degree rape, first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, possession of a deadly weapon during commission of a felony, possession of a deadly weapon by a person prohibited, and terroristic threatening.

    NYC shootings more than doubled last week compared to same period last year
    NYC Commie Mayor De Blasio announces proposal to cut NYPD budget by $1B
    Video captures NYC’s latest unprovoked sidewalk attack by (who else but a nigger)?

    Three HISPANICS arrested for murder in case of missing California couple who vanished in 2017
Three men have been arrested for murder in the case of Audrey Moran and Jonathan Reynoso, a California couple who has been missing for more than three years, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department announced Saturday.

The men were identified by authorities as Manuel Rios, 28, of Coachella, Abraham Fregoso, 32 of Indio, and Jesus Ruiz Jr., 41, of Stockton. All three suspects are charged with murder and have been booked into the Riverside County Jail.
Jonathan and Audrey’s bodies have not been found.
Citizenship status of the Hispanic suspects has not been reported in this news article...

    CBP agents stop boat off San Diego with 18 people trying to enter US illegally, officials say
The people on board - -16 men and two women -- are Mexican citizens with no legal status in the U.S.

    PSYCHOTIC, CRAZED LGBTQ-RST-XYZ Queer Faggot Sodomite Homo BLM march in Manhattan leads to clashes with cops
A joint LGBTQ and Black Lives Fecal Matter march in Manhattan on Sunday led to clashes with NYPD cops.
The crowd of hundreds of deviants and subversives — some of whom carried anti-police-brutality banners and waved rainbow flags — got into confrontations with officers after reaching Washington Square Park in the West Village from downtown Foley Square. The tensions erupted after officers spotted 29-year-old Brooklyn resident Michael Dunn allegedly vandalizing a marked police car with black marker at about 4:30 p.m., law enforcement sources said. Another officer was allegedly punched in the nose by Millen Dang, a 20-year-old from Brooklyn, who was later arrested, sources said. At least one other protester, 25-year-old Jacob Kruger, of New Jersey, was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer outside the park.

    Female Fla. Middle School Teacher Allegedly Admitted Sex Abuse of 15-year-old boy at Party Before Mom Confronts Her

Israeli flag
Jewish teens help successful effort to abolish Oakland’s school police force
J. The Jewish News of Northern California via JTA — The school board in Oakland, California, has unanimously voted to abolish the district’s police force in the wake of the nationwide protests against police brutality — with some urging by teens at a city synagogue.

A large contingent of young people from Temple Beth Abraham, a Conservative congregation, was involved in pushing the board to adopt what was called the George Floyd Resolution, named for the Black man whose death in May at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer sparked the demonstrations. The resolution, which was passed Wednesday, will reallocate funds to provide social workers, psychologists, restorative justice practitioners and “other mental or behavioral health professionals, as the budget supports, to meet the needs of students.”

It was created by the Black Organizing Project, an Oakland-based group that has fought to reform the city’s school district policies around policing. The organization had been trying to eliminate the district’s police force since 2011, but protests sparked by Floyd’s death injected new energy into the effort.

The resolution’s origins, in part, come from data that the Black Organizing Project has compiled over the past five years. One of the findings is that while black students make up 26 percent of enrollment in the Oakland district, they represent 73% of the school police force’s arrests — a phenomenon that has been documented similarly nationwide.




(Does someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?)

    Upstate NY man caught on video shouting N-word at black driver)

    UNKNOWN 'SOCIALIST MEDIA' Twitch Suspends Donald Trump For Hateful Conduct

    Another shooting? in Seattle's police-free autonomous zone kills man and critically injures boy
  • Latest Seattle CHOP shooting sees one dead, another in critical condition
    BLACK FEMALE Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said the death marked the second African American man to die in the area that claims to believe Black Lives Matter. The first fatality associated with the CHOP came June 20 when 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson was shot and killed.
    Monday marked the fourth shooting linked to the CHOP zone.
     "Two African-American men… dead at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter but they're gone. They're dead now. And we've had multiple other incidents -- assaults, rapes, robbery, shootings -- so this is something that's going to need to change."

Teen, 16, is killed and 14-year-old is wounded after Seattle CHOP zone protesters fire into their jeep
as they drove towards the barricades at 3am - as those inside cop-free area say they acted in self-defense
and video shows a man yelling 'You're not dead yet?'

    Detroit police officers caught on video plowing through group of protesters 'believed they could be shot at': chief

    Protesters set up guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos' DC home: reports
Protesters have set up a guillotine outside a Washington, D.C. complex where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purportedly resides, according to reports. Several videos circulated on social media showing what resembled the apparatus known for beheading executions during the French Revolution in a residential area of the nation’s capital. A sign read: “Support our poor communities. Not our wealthy men.”

    Portland police arrest 8 during weekend protest, find anti-police ‘Kill All Cops’ graffiti on buildings
“During this engagement, officers had rocks, glass bottles, and paint thrown at them,” police said. “Lasers and lights were directed at the officer's eyes. Crowd control munitions were used during this interaction, but not CS gas.” One officer was struck in the face with a skateboard and suffered a minor injury during an arrest, police said. Police arrested eight people associated with the protest throughout the night.

    (Drudge) reports: Rapper Ice Cube Tells Jake Tapper ‘Watch Your Mouth’ After He Slams ‘Anti-Semitic Misogynist’ Louis Farrakhan

    (Drudge) reports: Little Caesars Workers Fired After Swastika Found On Pizza

    'We Were Facing An Angry Mob': Gun-Toting St. Louis Couple Tell Their Side Of The Story
Personal injury lawyers Mark McCloskey, 63, and his wife Patricia, 61, told KMOV4 that they were having dinner with family outside their home when the BLM protesters broke through iron gates marked with "No Trespassing" and "Private Street" and "rushed" towards their home.

“This is all private property. There are no public sidewalks or public streets. We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob,” McCloskey told News 4. –KMOV4

    Vandals toss red paint at George Washington statues on famed NYC arch

    Supreme Court rejects death row inmates’ appeal to stop federal executions

Bible on the Death Penalty

    A Terrorist’s Ties to a Leading Black Lives Matter Group
Some conservatives have begun speculating the unrest in American cities—even as late as Monday night in Washington, DC, as “protestors” unsuccessfully worked to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson and set up an autonomous zone across the street from the White House—may in part be an attempt to affect the upcoming presidential election, with the chaos and violence intended to make it as difficult as possible for Donald Trump to win a second term.....

Thousand Currents – Terrorist Ties To Black Lives Matter
A leading Black Lives Matter (BLM) group has at least one terrorist on its board of directors. Thousand Currents – the group funding the core operations of BLM – is known to have a terrorist Susan Rosenberg as a Vice Chair on its board. Susan is an expert in civil unrest and cultural warfare. She was the ringleader of “America’s only woman-run terror group”. She tried to derail Ronald Reagan’s reelection campaign by orchestrating a violent movement based on racial oppression and spent 16 years in federal prison for domestic terrorism.

Rosenberg was a member of the May 19th Communist Organization (M19).
William Rosenau in his book Tonight We Bombed the U.S. Capitol, describes M19 as “the nation’s only woman-run terror group.”
With an objective to derail President Ronald Reagan’s re-election campaign,
M19 spent two years bombing in New York and Washington, DC.

  • Dykes and Fags want to know-- :
    a written interview with
    lesbian political prisoners Laura Whitehorn, Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg
  • Susan Rosenberg - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rosenberg was born into a middle-class Jewish family in Manhattan. Her father was a dentist and her mother a theatrical producer. She attended the progressive Walden School and later went to Barnard College. She left Barnard and became a drug counselor at Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx, eventually becoming licensed in the practice of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She also worked as an anti-drug counselor and acupuncturist at health centers in Harlem, including the Black Acupuncture Advisory of North America.

  • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were American citizens who were convicted of spying on behalf of the Soviet Union. The couple were accused of providing top-secret information about radar, sonar, jet propulsion engines, and valuable nuclear weapon designs; at that time the United States was the only country in the world with nuclear weapons.  Convicted of espionage in 1951, they were executed by the federal government of the United States in 1953 in the Sing Sing correctional facility in Ossining, New York.

28 June 2020

     (White)  homicide victim identified, photos of (black) person of interest released
black suspectNeenah, Wisconsin — Neenah Police have released new details in their homicide investigation, which left one person dead.

Police say the victim has been identified as Adam David Baith, who police say was shot and killed. Police found Baith when they responded to a shooting on the 900 block of Adams Street at 2:19 a.m. on Monday, June 22.

Police have also released photos of who they say is a person of interest in the case.
If you happen to know who the man is, you're asked to contact Neenah Police at 920-886-6033, or Crime Stoppers at 920-231-8477.
ORIGINAL POST FROM 6/22: Neenah Police are investigating a homicide after a person was shot and killed early Monday morning. It happened on Adams Street between South Western Avenue and South Lake Street.

It was just before 2:30am Monday morning when Neenah Police responded to a shooting in the 900 block of Adams Street. According to a statement released by Neenah Police, just hours after the call, responding officers found the victim, who had been shot, dead.
"It is unsettling because I don't understand why people are like that," says neighbor Connie Davis.
- (Black-on-White)

    AFRICAN-AMERICAN 'BLACK LIVES' Louisville man arrested for fatal shooting of (white) 'BLACK LIVES' man in park
black suspectLOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The man accused of fatally shooting a local photographer at Jefferson Square Saturday night had been arrested twice before for rioting related charges.

WAVE 3 News has learned the suspect’s name is Steven Nelson Lopez. He’s been in police custody since the shooting occurred Saturday around 9 p.m. He’s been charged with one count of murder and one count of wanton endangerment first degree.

Lopez, who had been camping at Jefferson Square had been asked to leave earlier in the day by other protesters for his "disruptive behavior" Mayor Greg Fischer said during a press conference Sunday afternoon.

According to an arrest report, LMPD officers notified MetroSafe of multiple gunshots fired in Jefferson Square Park around 8:59 p.m. Officers responded on scene at this time to find a victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

The victim was found unresponsive lying in the middle of the park near a concrete wall.

Lopez, according to the report, was seen shooting a firearm into a large crowd of people at the park. The gunfire struck the victim, later revealed by the coroner as Tyler Gerth.  Gerth was shot in the head and pronounced dead on scene by officers.
While the suspect shot into the crowd, other bystanders returned fire to protect their life and the lives of others.
Lopez sustained a non-serious injury from a gunshot wound
- (Black-on-White)

bongobongobongobongobongo - THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS
    Should he stay or go? Protesters clash over statue of St. Louis’ namesake - "SAINT" LOUIS?
black suspectsST. LOUIS — Tensions flared Saturday atop Art Hill in Forest Park over the symbolism behind a statue of this city’s namesake, some calling for the removal of King Louis IX, with others praying that it stands.

A crowd ballooned to about 200 people by noon, clashing face-to-face at the foot of the “Apotheosis of St. Louis,” the formal name for the iconic statue. Calls for the removal of the statue of King Louis IX of France come as the nation grapples with whether to preserve monuments of historical figures rooted in a racially divided past. The bronze statue of the crusading king from the Middle Ages is a copy of one that greeted visitors to the World’s Fair here in 1904.
- (Black-on-White)

  (Muslim terrorist antichrist headline)
Another protest organizer, Moji Sidiqi of the Regional Muslim Action Network
said that in addition to removing the statue, she thinks the city of St. Louis should be renamed to
(something not white Christian)
“It’s a revolution,” she said.

    Scruffy BLACK Man (from Zimbabwe?) arrested for spray-painting swastikas at Providence College
black suspectPROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Providence Police have identified the man they say spray-painted swastikas on gravestones at Providence College on Monday night.

According to police, Keveon Gomera, 26, was charged with vandalism and assault with intent to commit a felony. Police say Gomera spray-painted swastikas, defaced multiple gravestones, then attempted to set a grass area on fire at the Dominican Cemetery on campus. According to a spokesperson for Providence College, the central cross and seven headstones were defaced.  Providence College has repaired the damage. While a college public safety officer tried to question the suspect, Gomera struck one officer in the head and ran away, according to police. The officer was treated for his injuries at the hospital and later released. The Providence Police Department said over a dozen police officers searched for Gomera, until they found him hiding in shrubs on campus.

    Man shot in the head, killed outside Karma Ultra Lounge - one black ex-convict arrested for reckless use of firearm
black suspect Gordon Jerome Johnson, 35, of Des Moines was arrested Sunday and charged with reckless use of a firearm and possessing a weapon as a felon. He was booked into  Polk County Jail at 3:16 a.m., according to the Polk County Jail's inmate roster.
Police reports state that Johnson was at Karma Ultra Lounge and was observed "discharging a firearm in a reckless manner outside" before running west across Merle Hay Road and hiding the firearm, a Ruger 9mm, in a storm drain in front of Tom's Auto Sales.

It's unclear based on police reports whether the shots Johnson fired struck anyone.

    Niggers And Cars Don't Mix

(African-American, colored, black, Negro, nword) drivers have more accidents, do more hit-&-run, DUI stops?

    Man accused of mowing down Bronx tot in his SUV charged with fleeing scene
black suspect black suspectThe man accused of killing a 20-month-old girl in September on a Bronx sidewalk after his SUV jumped a curb has been hit with a new charge of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it to authorities.
Kier Boneparte, 22, was indicted on the new charge on Tuesday and released on his own recognizance, according to a news release from the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. Boneparte was initially charged with criminally negligent homicide after the fatal Sept. 17, 2019 collision that killed Djeneba Magassa while her mother was feeding the tot in her stroller. But the Bronx DA has added the more serious charge of leaving the scene of an accident, which carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years if Boneparte is convicted.

    Police: Teen Facing Charges For Fiery Hit-And-Run Crash On Schuylkill Expressway That Killed Tractor-Trailer Driver
black suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A teenager is facing charges for a fiery crash on the Schuylkill Expressway that killed a tractor-trailer driver. The wreck happened early Wednesday morning in the eastbound lanes near Sweet Briar Drive. State police are classifying the fatal crash as a hit-and-run accident causing death. The driver is 19 years old.

Authorities identified him as Zamir Abdul-Johnson Selby of Philadelphia.

Police say he was driving a stolen Toyota Yaris when he overshot the Girard Avenue exit. He then put the car in reverse on the highway, lost control and hit the tractor-trailer, investigators say. That is when, police say, the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control, hit the barrier and burst into flames. A portion of the tractor-trailer flipped off the highway, landing on Sweet Briar Drive at the intersection of Landsdowne Drive. The driver of the tractor-trailer was identified as a 54-year-old man from Jacksonville, Florida. It took crews two hours to put out the fire.

    Good Samaritan, Lorain police officer help woman whose leg was severed after getting struck by SUV
black suspectLORAIN, Ohio — A woman is in critical condition and a man is in custody following a crash in Lorain on Tuesday night after police said that he struck her with a Ford Explorer while she was getting into her vehicle. The crash happened just after 10 p.m. in the 1900 block of Long Avenue.

According to the Lorain Police Department, Ja’Quon Moon, 22, of Lorain, was arrested and charged with the following: Aggravated vehicular assault, Operating vehicle while intoxicated, Implied consent to test, Leaving the scene of an accident, Reckless operation, No driver’s license, Obstructing official business

Moon was driving a 2005 Ford Explorer and was involved in a crash near West 20th Street and Oberlin Avenue and then fled the scene heading towards Long Avenue where he later crashed into a 41-year-old woman getting into her Mazda minivan, authorities said.
The woman was wedged in between her minivan and the Explorer, police said. The impact severed the woman’s leg.
Moon then “disengaged from the Mazda” and continued fleeing until the SUV stopped near Long Avenue and West 18th Street where officers took him into custody, police said.

    Possible DWI suspect on parole kills 2 innocent people during chase, deputies say
black suspectA DWI suspect is charged with two counts of felony murder after he hit and killed two innocent people during a chase in north Harris County, officials say. The Harris County Sheriff's Office says that around 9 p.m. Monday, one of their deputies clocked a driver in a Mercedes at 60 mph in a 45 mph zone southbound near the 10000 block of Veterans Memorial.

The driver has been identified as 31-year-old Alexis Saborit. Officials say the deputy tried to pull over Saborit, who kept going, sparking the chase. At one point during the chase, Saborit went the wrong way, crossing the median to go into the northbound lanes. Deputies say Saborit eventually slammed into 63-year-old bicyclist Jarvis Taylor and kept going. Saborit then hit an innocent 57-year-old driver in a Buick head-on. Unfortunately, Taylor lost his leg in the crash and later died at the hospital.
The Buick driver was flown to the hospital, where he also died. He has not been identified. Saborit was taken to Ben Taub Hospital with serious injuries.

  black suspect Black AFRICAN Female Suspect from NIGERIA  in deadly 90th & Maple crash booked on two counts of manslaughter
black suspectOMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — Update: According to Omaha Police, suspect Chinyere Nwuju, 38, has been released from the hospital and booked into Douglas County Corrections for two counts of manslaughter. Update: Police say next of kin notifications have been made and provided the names of two people who died in the crash. They have been identified as:
58-year-old Roberto Gonzalez of Omaha, Nebraska
56-year-old Annette North of Omaha, Nebraska

Previous story: Two people have died in a crash that occurred Wednesday night. Around 9pm, officers were dispatched to the intersection of N 90th Street and Maple Street for a personal injury crash involving three vehicles. The investigation revealed a 2008 Dodge Nitro was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on N 90th Street when it violated a red light signal at Maple Street. The Dodge Nitro collided with a 2002 Dodge Ram which was eastbound on Maple Street. The force of the impact split the Dodge Ram in half. The Dodge Nitro continued south where it struck a 2017 Jeep Renegade which was stopped in traffic and waiting to turn west onto Maple Street from northbound N 90th Street.

The driver of the Dodge Nitro was transported to CHI Bergan Mercy Hospital by OFD medics. The driver and passenger of the Dodge Ram were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the Dodge Nitro was identified as Chinyere Nwuju, 38, of Omaha. She suffered serious injuries to her face. Charges are pending according to police.
The driver of the Jeep was identified as Kimberly Edwards, 39, of Omaha. She was not injured according to police.
- Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Police arrest HAITIAN suspect Ruddy Osias in fatal shooting of Latina woman Erica Lopez in NYC’s Flatiron District
black suspect Man is arrested in 19-year-old woman's shooting death on Manhattan street after partying at a rooftop bar where she got into an argument with a girl who 'groped her butt'. A man has been arrested in the shooting death of a woman in Manhattan's Flatiron district on Thursday night.

Ruddy Osias, 27, of Bayswater, Queens, has been charged with murder in the death of Erica Lopez, 19.

Lopez and her boyfriend Andres Arias, 21, had been at a birthday celebration on a swanky rooftop bar in Manhattan's Flatiron district on Thursday night when an argument broke out at the bar with another group of customers, after a girl groped Lopez.

The couple decided to leave around midnight but they were then confronted by some of the group in the street before a car pulled up and a man opened fire, killing Lopez and injuring Arias. 

    Black Chicago violence: 15 dead, including 1-year-old boy, killed in weekend shootings

    FDNY Marshals arrest 2 spiggers (dark-skinned Hispanics) for having $4,500 worth of illegal fireworks
black suspectTwo men were arrested in Manhattan Saturday for allegedly possessing a heap of illegal fireworks, the FDNY said.
The confiscated packages were emblazoned with names including “American Badass” and “Uproar.”

Fire Marshals nabbed Anthony Quezada, 28, and Hugo Figueroa, 30, during an investigation into the aural mayhem that has plagued Gotham streets nightly this month. Quezada and Figueroa are charged with reckless endangerment and the unlawful dealing of fireworks, the department said. Photos released by the FDNY showed dozens of boxes of explosives in the back of a vehicle. The cache was apparently valued at $4,500, officials said. Two men were arrested on Staten Island Tuesday for allegedly possessing a $6,000 trove of illegal fireworks, the FDNY said.




(Does someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?)

    California Democrats pass resolution calling for John Wayne Airport to be renamed
California Democrats in Orange County are demanding that the county’s John Wayne Airport be renamed and all likenesses of Wayne be removed from the airport, over “racist and bigoted statements” made by the American icon decades ago.

    New York City: Monument of women’s rights pioneers coming to Central Park this summer

    Black student repeatedly called N-word, ‘ape’ in vile NYC rant - "WE GONNA FIN' U ON LINE AN U GONNA LOSE U JOB"

    Princeton To Remove Woodrow Wilson Name From Public Policy School

    Brooklyn parents want ex-NYPD cop with ‘anti-black’ views off education council

    NYC college professor tells protesters how to topple statues ‘faster’

    Monkeys Call For Closure Of Carson, CA Viet Nail Shop: Owner posted St. George received karma
CARSON (CBSLA) — Demonstrators gathered outside a Carson nail salon on Saturday in a petition to close the business following social media comments allegedly made by the salon owner about George Floyd’s deadly arrest in Minneapolis.

In the post, Hanh (Hannah) Phan, the owner of Tips and Toes Nail Salon, compared Floyd to coronavirus and said he received “karma.”

    FAKE NEWS: The 'white power' video that Trump retweeted is not what the lying media are saying it is

Master Free Speech Censor Zuckerberg has to defend himself for only censoring 99.9% of stuff the Dark Powers get triggered by. The brand's decision responds to a pressure campaign by top civil wrongs groups, including the NAACP and the Anti-Defamation League, known as #StopHateForProfit, which on Wednesday began calling for advertisers to suspend their marketing on Facebook in the month of July.     FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP IS NOT ENOUGH FOR THESE HATERS OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH

  • Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Won’t Censor Politicians (After Censoring Politicians)
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech at Georgetown University yesterday in which he said the messages of politicians should not be censored on his platform — even though multiple conservative politicians remain blacklisted on Facebook.

    Montana man charged with toppling Ten Commandments monument

     (Jewish) comedian Sacha Baron Cohen crashes right-wing event posing as country singer

  • Sacha Noam Baron Cohen was born on 13 October 1971 in Hammersmith to Jewish parents.  His mother, photographer Daniella Naomi (née Weiser), was born in Israel.  His father, Gerald Baron Cohen (1932–2016), a clothing store owner, was born in London and raised in Wales.  Baron Cohen was raised Jewish  and is fluent in Hebrew.

    Baron Cohen's maternal family were German Jewish emigrants to Israel.  His paternal family were also Ashkenazi Jews, who moved to Pontypridd and London in the United Kingdom.  His paternal grandfather, Morris Cohen, added "Baron" to his surname.  His maternal grandmother, who lived in Haifa, Israel, trained as a ballet dancer in Germany.  He has two older brothers: Erran and Amnon.  Erran is a composer and has worked on several of Sacha's films. Baron Cohen's cousin Simon is an autism researcher.

    Angry mob hurls bottles at NYPD cruisers during standoff in Harlem

    Hate Crime Investigation Opened In Delaware After Man Reportedly Found Cord Tied Into Noose Outside His Home, State Police Say

    11 people shot across NYC in less than 12 hours as shootings spike

    St. Louis couple draw firearms on protesters outside their home
A married couple brandished firearms at a group of protesters who marched through their upscale St. Louis neighborhood on Sunday night on their way to the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson.

The male homeowner stood barefoot on his Renaissance-style porch in the Central West End neighborhood while carrying a semi-automatic weapon at around 6 p.m. local time, while his wife pointed a pistol at the gathering.

The couple confronted the group of about 300 protesters after they broke down a gate in the neighborhood, according to a local NBC affiliate. A video on Twitter showed the woman point the firearm at passing protestors while shouting. A protester wearing a t-shirt that read, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” then urges participants to relocate into the street in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

The protesters were en route to Mayor Krewson’s home to demand her resignation after she released names and addresses of residents who suggested defunding the police department, the report said.

    British soccer team apologizes after Osama bin Laden cutout appears in crowd

    DC's Emancipation Memorial, target of protests, was funded by former slaves: reports

    (Radial brainwashed) Whole Foods workers protest over ban on Black Lives Matter masks

    New York City: Half of teachers reject racially divided groups for DOE racism webinar
    New York City: Six NYC teachers ousted in ‘witch hunt’ over alleged grade-fixing
The six teachers — including four women, and two people of color  — received the same letter stating,
“I regret to inform you that you have been placed in excess from our school for next year.”

    Mississippi closer to removing Confederate battle emblem from state flag

    In Past Eras, What’s Happened When Statues Are Toppled

    Shooting of (Black African) Zimbabwe workers by Chinese mine owner shows 'systemic' abuse, watchdog says

In a court affidavit, police said Zhang Xuen shot an employee five times and wounded another at the mine he runs in Gweru province, in central Zimbabwe, during a row with workers over outstanding pay.

27 June 2020



Who is Shaun King, 'anti-american agitator' who wants to tear down Jesus statues?

    Pastors vow to ‘defend’ houses of worship, ‘not allow Christian heritage to be erased’

    (black) 18-year-old Mt. Morris man charged with attacking Macy’s store manager
black suspectblack suspectFLINT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (6/26/2020) - Charges were filed Friday in the attack of a Macy's employee at the Genesee Valley Center in Flint Township last week. Video of the incident circulated social media for nearly two weeks.
Friday afternoon, the Genesee County Prosecutor charged 18-year-old Damire Palmer with assault to do great bodily harm less than murder, a 10-year felony. Flint Township Police have been looking for Palmer and his brother in connection to the case since it happened June 15th. Investigators still have not been able to question the brothers. But Friday afternoon the Genesee County Prosecutor moved forward with charges against one of them.
Why is only Damire Palmer charged?
Leyton explained he received the case just this week on Tuesday, after looking at video on Wednesday and talking to additional witnesses, he said the evidence so far only points to assault and there's only enough evidence to charge one person.
Leyton said the 18-year-old is the attacker in the 18-second clip seen across the country on social media. “This was an unprovoked attack,” he explained. “The internal video for Macy's shows the suspect approaching from behind the victim. The store manager appears unaware that he's even there.” As you can see in the video, Leyton said, Palmer sucker punched the store manager
- (Black-on-White)

    Police identify (interracial couple) in murder-suicide: black murders (white) 'wife' then kills evil self
black suspectnigger loverKANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – Police say that two people are dead after a standoff that started in the Northland Monday morning.
Police say 45-year-old Damone Williams shot his wife, 48-year-old Jamie Williams, before turning the gun on himself. Police were able to get a search warrant and entered the home at 2:30 p.m. Monday. Both were pronounced dead.
Officers were called about 10 a.m. to the neighborhood in the area of Northeast 91st Terrace just east of Flintlock Road.
Authorities said they were originally called about a disturbance outside of a home that then moved inside the residence. Neighbors told police that once the disturbance moved inside, gunshots were heard. Police tried to make contact with anyone inside while working to get a search warrant to go in. No one ever responded.   - (Black-on-White)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Judge allows for conditional release of BLACK woman charged with running over WHITE state trooper
black suspect BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — A federal judge has allowed for the conditional release of Deyanna Davis, the Buffalo woman facing attempted murder charges for running over a New York State trooper and injuring two other law enforcement officers.

Davis' release from federal custody is dependent on the state release, under which she is being held on $200,000 bail. Under terms of the release, Davis will be allowed to return to her home in Buffalo with her husband and children. She must wear an electronic ankle monitor, cannot use alcohol or drugs, cannot possess any weapons, and is not allowed to have contact with her co-defendants. She will also only be allowed to leave her home for medical and legal purposes. Prosecutors have until Tuesday to temporarily block the judge's order, otherwise she will be released.

Surveillance video shows an SUV, driven by Davis, plow into a line of law enforcement officers in riot gear on Bailey Avenue on June 1. Davis was shot by police as prosecutors say she drove away from the scene. When police caught up to her vehicle, they say they found a loaded 9mm stolen handgun in the back seat. Two passengers were also arrested.

Prosecutors say Davis was under the influence of ecstasy and alcohol at the time. Toxicology reports show she had marijuana, cocaine, fentanyl and morphine in her system.

Trooper Ronald Ensminger, Jr. suffered a shattered pelvis and broken leg. After several weeks of rehabilitation, he was recently released from ECMC. Another state trooper and a Buffalo police officer were also injured.
- (Black-on-White)

    (black) Fort Bend County man confesses to shooting dog in the face
black suspect FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas — Fort Bend County arrested a man for shooting a dog in the face. This has been an investigation that has taken months. The incident happened back in December 2019. Ten-year-old Clarence was found by a resident at a Fort Bend County park. The dog had been shot in the face with a pistol and was abandoned in a small wire kennel. “Our animal services made it to the location and started care process for Clarence,” Pct. 3 Constable Wayne Thompson said.

An investigation immediately began by a special task force officer who only handles animal abuse cases. “Last budget, we were able to hire an animal task force officer to find abusers,” County Judge KP George said.
Now, more than six months later investigators arrested 32-year-old Timothy Holloway. Holloway confessed and now faces third-degree felony charge of cruelty to non-livestock animal. If convicted he could face 2 to 10 years in prison and fines. “We will seek justice for Clarence and any other victim of animal cruelty,” District Attorney Brian Middleton said. Officials in Fort Bend County hope that this sends a clear message. “We are not going to tolerate any kind of cruelty to these animals,” said County Judge George.

    Chicago shooting: Man charged with killing 2 teens in South Shore who asked how tall he was, police say
black suspect CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago man has been charged after police said he fatally shot two teens in the South Shore neighborhood after they asked how tall he was.
Police said Laroy Battle, 19, opened fire on two teens in an alley in the 7900-block of South Luella Avenue around 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 20. According to Deputy Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan, the shooting took place after the two teens and a friend had a brief encounter with Battle, whom they did not know, in a corner store.  "The victims commented, because, since Battle is quite tall, and they asked him how tall he was and you know, hoped to be that tall someday," Deenihan said. "And unfortunately, obviously we'll never see the full growth of these poor children."

As the three teens walked home, two of them were shot multiple times in the alley. Police said they recovered nine shell casings from the scene.
Jasean Francis, 17, was shot in the back, chest and left hand and taken to University of Chicago Hospital, where he died.
Charles Riley, 16, was shot in the back and left leg and was taken to University of Chicago Hospital, where he also died.

    More charges: Devonere Johnson faces federal extortion charge; 2 others charged locally in downtown Madison incidents
black suspectMADISON, Wis. — The Black Madison activist who was arrested this week outside a downtown Madison restaurant is facing extortion-related charges related to similar incidents this week. Two other men were also tentatively charged locally, police said. The Madison Police Department said Friday that 28-year-old Devonere A. Johnson and 23-year-old Gregg A. James Jr. are tentatively charged with threats to injure. William T. Shanley, 25, was tentatively charged with party to a crime of threats to injure. According to the report, officers arrested the Johnson, James and Shanley on Friday “in connection with recent extortion crimes made against downtown business owners.

Madison police said Johnson, James and Shanley demanded free food and drinks in return for not having a business destroyed by protesters. According to the report, in one case, the demand for free items was also in exchange for not having an employee injured.

Several businesses, which did not want to be identified due to fear of retaliation, told News 3 Now on Wednesday that Johnson had come into their restaurants with a bat and a megaphone, demanding free food and drinks and threatened those who wouldn’t give it to him, allegedly saying he would burn down their buildings or beat them up.

    Philly's Homicide Count Hit 353 last year... - Philadelphia Has Gone To Hell In A Handbasket
1 Dead, 4 Wounded In Three Separate Shootings Incidents


  Four Rikers guards suspended in death of VIOLENT DEPRAVED NEGRO transgender inmate 
The Department of Correction is suspending three jail guards and a captain, and bringing charges against 13 other staffers, for their roles in the high-profile death of Layleen Polanco, a 27-year-old transgender inmate on Rikers Island.

The disciplinary action comes more than a year after Polanco died in an isolation cell from an epileptic seizure and days after the city Department of Investigation and Bronx District Attorney ended their joint investigation, declining to press criminal charges against the officers involved.  Polanco suffered from epilepsy and was locked up in solitary confinement when she died on June 7, 2019, for allegedly assaulting other prisoners on three separate occasions, according to a memo released by DOI.



  • 272 uniformed NYPD cops file for retirement after George Floyd death
    Cops are hanging up their handcuffs in huge numbers.

    The flurry of Finest farewells began after the (alleged) police-involved killing of George Floyd on May 25, with 272 uniformed cops putting in retirement papers from then through June 24, the NYPD says.

    That’s a 49 percent spike from the 183 officers who filed during the same period last year, according to the department.
  • Racetrack loses sponsors over 'Bubba Wallace Rope' following (FAKE) noose incident
    A North Carolina racetrack has lost some partnerships after its owner advertised “Bubba Rope” for sale days after Nascar said a noose had been found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the stock car series’ only full-time HALF-black driver.
    A concrete company and a driver series ended their partnerships on Friday with the 311 Speedway in Stokes county, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.
    The racetrack owner’s “Bubba Rope” post on Facebook Marketplace earlier this week sparked a backlash on social media. “Buy your Bubba Rope today for only $9.99 each, they come with a lifetime warranty and work great,” the post said. - (New Nation News Reporter Commentary)
  • Hardin-Simmons University in Texas says student who made racist TikTok 'no longer enrolled'
    In the video, the student appears to claim that people overreact to the deaths of Black people killed by white people but don't react the same way to incidents in which a white person is killed by someone who is Black. In the original video, the young woman first writes the caption, “People when a BLACK person kills a BLACK person” which shows her standing with a calm demeanor.
    The next caption in the video reads, “People when a BLACK person kills a WHITE person,” and shows the woman remaining calm.
    At the end of the video the caption transitions to, “People when a WHITE person kills a BLACK person,” and shows the woman engulfed in flames and mouthing angrily.


(Does someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?)

    ‘Guns are flying off the shelf.’ Permit applications up more than 500% amid coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd fallout.

Louisville gunman opens fire on protesters; at least 1 dead, authorities say

    Four men charged for allegedly attempting to tear down Andrew Jackson statue

    Rolling Stones warn Trump not to use their songs - or face legal action

    4 San Jose police officers placed on leave as department investigates alleged racist Facebook posts

    Virginia man accused of burning cross on Black neighbors' front lawn

    TRANSGENDERED Minneapolis council members who voted to abolish cops get private security
- WHAT A MOTLEY CREW! - 2 out of 3 TRANSGENDERED - the apparently Hispanic female has not come out yet........

Security for me but not for thee.
Three members of the Minneapolis City Council who voted to eliminate the local police force are being protected by a private security detail that costs taxpayers $4,500 a day.
News of the arrangement broke Friday, the same day that the council voted 12-0 to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” (BLACK TRANSGENDERED) Councilmember Andrea Jenkins told Fox 9 News — adding that she had been asking for private security ever since she took office in 2018.
The city has spent $63,000 on rent-a-cops for Jenkins and fellow councilmembers (BLACK TRANSGENDERED) Phillipe Cunningham and (HISPANIC Latino white female) Alondra Cano during the last three weeks after the three said they had received threats.

  • Phillipe Cunningham - TRANSGENDERED DEVIANT
    Phillipe Cunningham (born July 7, 1987) is the city councilperson for Minneapolis Ward 4 and one of the first openly transgender "men" to be elected to public office in the United States. In the Minneapolis City Council election, 2017, Cunningham won over 20-year incumbent Barb Johnson by 157 votes. Cunningham identifies as black, queer, and transgender.

    Mississippi could strip Confederate symbol from state flag as lawmakers convene. State's governor said if that happens he will sign it.

Will the Mississippi legislature overrule its own voters?

[Who's voting these days in Mississippi?]

Blacks: 37.8% - Non-Hispanic Whites: 56.4%
Legislators set a flag election in 2001, and voters kept the rebel-themed design.
Flag supporters say the banner should be left alone or put on the statewide ballot for voters to decide its fate.

Bible Pastors' Point of View Episode 129. "Defacing the Nation."

Bible Amos 5:13
“Therefore the prudent shall keep silence in that time; for it is an evil time.”

26 June 2020

   black suspect UK: Scotland: Hero policeman David Whyte, 42, fights for his life after trying to tackle BLACK AFRICAN MUSLIM 'asylum seeker' from the AFRICAN country of SUDAN  knifeman who stabbed six at Glasgow 'virus' hotel before being shot dead
black suspect A hero policeman who was stabbed trying to protect victims from a knifeman who attacked six people at a hotel in Glasgow yesterday is fighting for his life.

David Whyte, 42, raced to the scene of the knife rampage at around 1pm. He is thought to have been the first officer to arrive at the Park Inn Hotel on West George Street - two minutes after the attack began.

Sources said he had had been stabbed repeatedly as he tried to overpower the knifeman and save other victims. Medics described his condition as 'critical but stable' and his family are understood to be by his bedside.

Nicola Sturgeon praises PC Whyte's heroic actions: 'While such a serious incident is rare in Scotland it is another reminder of the courage and professionalism of our police officers who are willing to run towards danger in order to protect the lives of others.'

The Scottish First Minister added: 'Our thoughts and our gratitude should be with our police officers - particularly that police officer who sustained injuries trying to keep the rest of the public safe.'

The knifeman had complained that he was 'very hungry' amid 'poor conditions' in the hotel during the coronavirus crisis before embarking on a rampage.

Asylum seekers living in the Park Inn Hotel were living on less than £5-a-day before the attacker, from Sudan, 'went mad and attacked people around him'. He was shot by armed officers who arrived at the scene within two minutes, a Police Scotland spokesman said.  An activist told the Telegraph the man had threatened violence against other refugees and complained he was 'very hungry' after being re-housed in the hotel.  The (BLACK MUSLIM ILLEGAL ALIEN) knifeman is the only fatality.
- Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!
- (

    (black) Miami Monkey Man Accused Of Indecent Exposure, Foul Obscene Negro language,  In Florida Keys Gift Shop
black suspectKEY LARGO, FL (CBSMiami) – A Miami man was taken into custody and charged after he reportedly exposed himself in an Islamorada gift shop.

Witnesses told Monroe sheriff’s deputies that 37-year-old Paul-Elie Daniel Duval walked into the Theater of the Sea Thursday morning just after 11:30 a.m. without a wearing a face covering.

When a store employee asked him to put on a mask, Duval reportedly refused and began speaking in vulgar terms, particularly to the women in the room, including a girl, about his genitals, their bodies, and pornography. The sheriff’s office said Duval then dropped his shorts and exposed himself to all in the gift shop while continuing to use foul, sexual language. When deputies arrived, Duval was leaving the parking lot. They stopped him a short distance away on US 1. Duval reportedly told the deputy that he had gone into the gift shop to use the bathroom but the staff said he couldn’t, so he exposed himself. The sheriff’s office said Duval admitted there were children present when he did so.

    Wisconsin violence erupted over arrest of (black) activist with felony conviction, history of controversial social media posts
black suspectThe man whose Tuesday arrest in Wisconsin sparked a violent riot that culminated in the beating of a state lawmaker boasts a lengthy criminal record and appears to have a history of controversial social media posts.

Devonere Johnson, who also goes by Yeshua Musa, was captured on video entering a restaurant in Madison carrying a bat, using profanities and speaking through a bull horn after what appeared to be a dispute with a white man over racism, according to police reports cited by Madison.com. He was arrested outside of the restaurant for disorderly conduct while armed, resisting arrest and attempting to flee and probation violation. The Madison Police Department posted videos of the conduct that led his arrest on YouTube.

    Marshals capture (black) Atlanta man accused of standing on burning cop car, defaced CNN sign
black suspectAn Atlanta man was captured Thursday, nearly a month after authorities said he stood on a burning police car and a defaced sign outside the CNN Center during the city’s first night of demonstrations.

Dramerius Jeffries faces several charges in connection with the May 29 protests near Centennial Olympic Park, including arson, inciting a riot, criminal damage to property, reckless conduct, and obstruction of law enforcement by using threats or violence, Fulton County Jail records show.  They were reportedly given several photographs that showed Jeffries standing atop a burning police car with a stolen riot shield and standing on the CNN sign.“The officers who witnessed him committing the felonies were unable to arrest him at the scene as Jeffries was surrounded by a violent mob.

    Las Vegas police seek (black) woman who allegedly threw coffee pot at fast-food worker
black suspectLAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas police are asking for help finding a woman who they say attacked a fast-food worker with a hot pot of coffee then left the scene on a bus.

The incident happened on March 4 around 2:15 in the afternoon at an unnamed restaurant on West Sahara Avenue near Interstate 15. Police say the woman threw the coffee pot full of hot liquid at the employee's head, causing second and third-degree burns on her face and upper torso.

She then left the restaurant and got on a city bus heading west on Sahara Avenue, authorities say. Police believe the suspect is around 25 years old with red or auburn colored hair. She was seen wearing a black top with a flowered design and peach-colored capri pants, police say.

    2 BLACK Men Arrested For 10 Church Burglaries, 3 Vehicle Thefts In Philadelphia, Montgomery, And Bucks Counties
black suspectNORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS/AP) – Two Philadelphia men were arrested and charged with burglary and other crimes for allegedly breaking into 10 churches in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties. They are accused of stealing safes, precious metals and electronics, prosecutors announced Friday.
Authorities allege that Gabriel E. Minnick, 21, and Samaj Howard, 20, both of Philadelphia, burglarized the churches over about a month earlier this year, typically going in at night through first-floor windows.

    Nigga will steal yo stuff - pictures of negro looters and thieves
black suspectSAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA) — Two men have been arrested in connection with the looting of a T-Mobile store in San Bernardino during recent "protests".

Siante Lockridge, 28, and Anthony Flewellen, 36, both of San Bernardino, are in custody on burglary charges.

    Nigga will steal yo stuff - Boston Police Release Photos Of Suspects Allegedly Involved In Neiman Marcus Burglary
black suspectBOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are looking to identify dozens of people allegedly involved in a burglary at Neiman Marcus during the riots in the city on Sunday, May 31.

Police said the front door to the store on Huntington Ave was smashed and people entered illegally.
“The first floor was cleared out of merchandise and about half of the second floor,” Boston Police said.

    HOW TRAGIC! How the Great have Fallen! Once rich and famous black baseballer found homeless sleeping behind airport
black suspectThe unfortunate saga of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andrew Toles has taken a sad turn, as Toles was found this week sleeping behind a Florida airport, then arrested and jailed when he refused requests to leave. Toles, 28, played for the Dodgers as recently as 2018 and is currently on the restricted list. He never reported to spring training in 2019, citing an unspecified personal issue. The Dodgers put him on the restricted list to free up space on their 40-man roster, but he technically remains in the organization. In the past, he’s had a history of mental health issues.
According the Miami Herald, Toles was found this week sleeping behind the Key West airport with just a black book bag. On his arrest report, police listed his address as “the streets of Key West.”

  Hispanic man Contardo charged with negligent homicide for death of WM Malmstrom airman
GREAT FALLS — Christopher Contardo
is facing a charge of negligent homicide for the shooting death of Tristen Allen Carlson, an airman assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base.
[The surname Conardo is most prevalent in the South American country of Chile]




(Does someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?)

    “[Republicans] suck up to the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson [and] woke corporate America, which is our enemy,” Coulter said.

“Woke corporate America” is “our number one enemy,” declared Ann Coulter, author of Resistance Is Futile!: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind, offering her remarks on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Dylan Gwinn.

“[Republicans] suck up to the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson [and] woke corporate America, which is our enemy,” Coulter said. “Our number one enemy probably is not even the universities or the social justice morons running around on college campus. It really is corporate America, but Republicans just have it in their heads, ‘Ooo, it’s capitalism. We support corporations.'”

    Will the far-left demoncrat socialist progressive gay bolshevik wing of the new non-white majority 'lynch' old white man Joe Biden?

    Assault on 18-year-old biracial woman in Wisconsin being investigated as hate crime - [or is it another "HATE HOAX"?]

    FAR-LEFT TRUMP-HATING 9th circuit court rules Trump administration lacked authority to shift military money to wall

    Zuckerberg: Facebook will prohibit hate speech in its ads
Facebook takes down videos targeting California public health officers
The move comes as health officers across the state say they have been harassed and received death threats from people angered by restrictions during the pandemic.

    Simpsons ends use of white actors to voice people of colour

    Prestigious N.J. private school vows to become inclusive after racist alumni videos

    NYPD precinct commander quits in protest over lack of support from officials

    In Historic Vote, Democrat House Backs Statehood For (radical black bolshevik) D.C.; Trump And The Senate Say No Way

Washington District of Columbia home of The Swamp - Racial Demographics
BLACK 49% - NON-Hispanic White 39.6%

    Why did BLM write letter to the UN? Here's why!

    God Bless Robert E. Lee - by Johnny Cash

    The Ghost of General Lee - Waylon Jennings


    Bobby Horton General Forrest, A Confederate

    Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel - Bobby Horton

    Southern Soldier

    Group behind last year’s Straight Pride Parade plans pro-police Boston rally for Saturday

    Attorney General Barr creates task force to investigate anti-government extremists (Antifa, BLM, the Democrat Party...)

    Trump says he signed executive order to protect monuments

    Idaho "Celebrates" California Forbidding Travel To Idaho Over Law Against Boys Playing Girls Sports

25 June 2020

    (Drudge) reports: Census shows white decline, nonwhite majority among youngest
For the first time, nonwhites and Hispanics were a majority of people under age 16 in 2019, an expected demographic shift that will grow over the coming decades, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday. “We are browning from bottom up in our age structure,” said William Frey, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution. “This is going to be a diversified century for the United States, and it’s beginning with this youngest generation.”
 Non-Hispanic whites are expected to be a minority of the U.S. population in about 25 years or sooner

    (black) Woman indicted in death of husband, 82, convicted of stabbing him before - "If at first you don't succeed...."
black suspectDAYTON, Ohio — A woman accused of stabbing her 82-year-old husband 192 times earlier this month in Dayton was convicted of stabbing him seven years ago in Englewood.

Vivian Lanette Mims, 63, was indicted Wednesday in the June 16 death of Bobby L. Mims. She is charged with two counts each of murder and felonious assault with repeat violent offender specifications. She is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

  l Black Arrested in Connection with Prospect Park Homicide of LIBERIAN migrant
black suspectDES MOINES, Iowa – Police have announced an arrest in connection with the homicide of a man who was found shot in Prospect Park Tuesday and later died.

According to the Des Moines Police Department, 20-year-old Lee Targblor of Des Moines has been charged with one count of attempted murder in the death of 31-year-old Paye Blawou.
Emergency responders were called to Prospect Park just before 8:00 p.m. Tuesday on a report of a shooting. They found Blawou suffering from a gunshot wound and he was transported to a Des Moines hospital, where he died. Sgt. Paul Parizek says investigators believe Targblor and another person were shooting at the scene. The results of forensic testing could lead to an upgrade in the charge to murder.

    Indicted ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star accused of running $5M Ponzi scheme
black suspectThe “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star accused of scamming millions out of the government’s coronavirus loan program has now also been charged with running a $5 million Ponzi scheme, prosecutors said.

Maurice “Mo” Fayne — who appeared in the reality-TV show’s eighth season — was indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury for lying to get a $3,725,500 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan, the feds said. He claimed it would pay 107 workers and expenses at a trucking firm — but instead blew it on his extravagant lifestyle, including custom-made jewelry and $136,000 to lease a 2019 Rolls-Royce, prosecutors said. Fayne was also hit with wire fraud charges Wednesday for what the feds called a six-year Ponzi scheme to cover a big-money gambling habit.

    Feds bust black gang that smuggled drug-soaked comics, court papers into Rikers
black suspectNearly a dozen gang members and associates — including two Department of Education staffers — were indicted for an elaborate interstate narcotics operation that included smuggling drug-soaked comic books and court papers into Rikers Island, Brooklyn federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

The Bully Gang’s founder, Moeleek “Moe Money” Harrell, 30, is currently in Rikers on a murder charge and allegedly coordinated with his associates, Anthony “Biggie” Kennedy, 34, and Paul “Baldhead” Harris, 31, to smuggle drugs into the jail, prosecutors allege in court documents.

Six defendants — Ayers, Clarke, Sonnenblick, Harris, Kennedy and alleged gang associate Nia Govan — were arraigned Thursday in Brooklyn federal court Thursday. Amanda Walton was arrested in Maine and Amanda Huard is not yet in custody. The remaining three defendants — (Demetrius Wright, Jessica Pelkey pictured) and Harrell — are already incarcerated.

Armando Vargas has been at Jefferson Torresdale Hospital in Northeast Philadelphia since suffering a serious head injury in a motorcycle crash.
The family of Vargas, a Guatemalan national and undocumented immigrant, said they found out this week that the hospital planned to send him back to his home country to continue receiving medical treatment there.
"Essentially, the hospital didn't want to pay for his ongoing medical treatment," the family's shyster ambulance-chaser lawyer, David Bennion of the Free Migration Project, told NBC10.
- Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    26 (Hispanic) Trinitarios gang members indicted for violent stabbings at Rikers Island
More than two-dozen accused Trinitarios gang members were indicted Thursday for a host of stabbings on Rikers Island.

The 24 defendants include two alleged leaders who ran the group behind bars — and another who was busted earlier this month for allegedly streaming a nearly two-hour-long Facebook Live video from inside Rikers. Each of the defendants is accused of using coded language, phone calls and letters to plot and carry out a dozen stabbings and two more violent attacks between September 2015 and July 2019 at the infamous jail complex.

They allegedly used makeshift shivs to slice up their victims’ faces, with some suffering deep lacerations, according to the joint investigation dubbed “Operation Green Fury” after the gang’s color.

  Former Kentucky Islamic leader sentenced in murder-for-hire plot

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Kentucky Islamic leader has been sentenced to two years in prison for his involvement in what police said was a murder-for-hire plot. Mahmoud Shalash was sentenced after pleading guilty in January to conspiring to kidnap a man who owed him money. The former imam of the Islamic Center of Lexington also was accused of trying to hire a hit man in May 2019, but that charge was dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Authorities had said that they discovered the plot because the person whom Shalash and another man tried to hire as a hit man was a confidential source for the FBI.

  • Judge: Suspects In Murder-For-Hire Plot To Remain In Jail
    LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18)– A judge has ruled that  two other men will remain in jail while they wait to be tried on murder-for-hire charges. Shalash, “John” Sadiqullah, and Abdul Hadi were charged and arrested last week.

    Noose hoax news: half-breed 'Bubba-boy' Wallace has a "WHITE" girlfriend... how black is dat?

"How black is that?"
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION very often leads to MURDER-SUICIDE




(Does someone need to set up a 'gofundme' page so that this martyr has enough money for food and rent?)

    The "Dixie Chicks" drop Dixie

    Why BLACK QUEER BOLSHEVIK Black Lives Matter-L.A. is trying to take down the county's first Black DA

    Unilever to drop terms like ‘whitening’ from beauty products

    UK Labour leader sacks former left-wing rival for sharing article with ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’

    Danish far-right leader Paludan jailed for racism
He was convicted of posting anti-Islamic terrorist videos on his party's social media channels.

    Seattle Fire, Police Department investigating rash of arsons near construction sites

    Arizona city councilman mocks George Floyd's final words
Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips declared "I can't breathe" multiple times when speaking an anti-mask rally.

    Tulsa Athletic soccer team ditches the National Anthem before matches to play (Communist)  'This Land Is Your Land' instead

    An Oregon county drops its mask exemption for people of color after racist response

    UCLA's targeting of professor who used N-word while quoting MLK sparks Education Department warning

    BET founder Robert Johnson slams protesters for toppling Confederate statues

    Why some police officials believe crime is on the rise in US cities
The "anti-police rhetoric" has destroyed morale, an NYPD chief says. The group explained that officers who would be assigned to investigating and tracking violent crimes have instead been assigned to monitor the protests.

    Philadelphia Officials Apologize For Using Tear Gas On Protesters; SWAT Officer In Viral Video Suspended With Intent To Dismiss

    Marge Schott’s name to be removed from University of Cincinnati baseball stadium

    Madison protesters tear down Capitol statues, attack state senator from Milwaukee as fury erupts again

    BLM leader TERRORIST THREAT: If change doesn’t happen, then ‘we will burn down this system’

    Christian figures, symbols targeted amid ongoing protests
Far-left activist Shaun King on Monday said all images depicting Jesus as a “white European” should be torn down because they are a form of “white supremacy" and "racist propaganda." In a series of tweets, King said all imagery, including “murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends," should be taken down.

    Supreme Court hands big win to Trump on expelling immigrants seeking asylum

24 June 2020

    Black supremacists planning 'legal lynching' of 3 White men for defending themselves from black attacker Ahmaud Arbery
A Georgia grand jury has indicted all three white men accused in the shooting death of unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery on murder charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday.  [Arbery grabbed the shotgun from one man and shot himself in the struggle.]
The indictment charges Travis McMichael, 34, his 64-year-old father, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Byan, 50, with nine counts, including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment.

    Daughter Sets Her (White) Father Up To Be Robbed In His Westmoreland Co. Home,
But Her Brother Accidentally Catches One Of The Suspects

black suspect FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) – Dennis Paul Stiffey says he simply can’t understand why it happened. “Yes, indeed, it just gutted me,” he says.

The soon-to-be 82-year-old was allegedly attacked and robbed by 41-year-old Lawrence McLaughlin and 44-year-old Maurice Terrell Patterson inside his Fairfield Township home. The pair allegedly put duct tape on his legs and hands, then put a pillow case on his head.

“I was lying on the couch. Oh man, I thought they were gonna kill me,” he says.

State police say the two stole $1,900 cash. Patterson took off in a getaway car, leaving McLaughlin all alone.

McLaughlin, who is from Johnstown, was roaming around Bolivar looking for a lift. He got lucky someone was willing to give him a ride, but according to state police, this is where McLaughlin should have kept his mouth shut. Behind the wheel of that car was the victim’s son, Ken Stiffey, who knew what had happened to his dad.

“This guy starts spilling his guts, Ken starts digging deeper, this guy telling him ‘we went to a party up on the hill, that was the slickest $1,900 we ever got,” says the older Stiffey.

Keeping his cool, Ken Stiffey called troopers after dropping off McLaughlin at a New Florence convenience store. Maurice Patterson would be arrested afterward. And according to investigators and the victim, the mastermind behind the alleged robbery was Dennis Stiffey’s own daughter and (the black) Patterson’s girl-sex-friend.

“If she’d asked, I’d given her money if she needed it. She says ‘dad I need a couple hundred,’ I’d have given it to her,” says Dennis Stiffey. McLaughlin and Patterson are in jail tonight while Michelle Stiffey is free on bond. They’re facing charges including robbery, assault and conspiracy. - (Black-on-White)

Dangers of interracial dating 
A woman that has a black boyfriend can not be trusted and is a real threat to the life of family members and friends

    Black Woman Remains Found In Trash Bag was strangled by black man over cash & drugs
black suspectUPPER DARBY. Pa (CBS) — Prosecutors say a suspect is in custody after confirming the body found in a trash bag in Philadelphia’s East Germantown neighborhood Tuesday night is Sabrina DuBose, a woman who was reported missing out of Haverford Township just more than a month ago. Before leading police to a wooded vacant lot in East Germantown on Tuesday night, arrest papers show Kareem Davis-Duppins hid DuBose’s body in an elevator shaft for a week at an Upper Darby apartment complex.  In late May, Davis-Duppins transferred DuBose’s remains to the 5700 block of Musgrave Street in East Germantown, according to court documents filed on Wednesday. Court documents claim Davis-Duppins offered a step-by-step statement of his actions. Davis-Duppins claims he strangled DuBose following an argument over cash and drugs on May 22.

    (black) Couple who held Pizza Hut manager at gunpoint over 2 liter Pepsi arrested
black suspectblack suspectCOLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Richland County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a couple on attempted robbery and kidnapping charges following an incident that occurred at a Pizza Hut on Two Notch Road.

Kori Dukes and Isaiah Lee entered the Pizza Hut around 9:30 on May 29 and got into a verbal argument with the manager regarding a soda not being delivered with a pizza they had ordered. The manager says that both Lee and Dukes came around the counter and Lee pulled a gun out while Dukes took a two liter Pepsi from the cooler. Lee then put the gun back in his pocket and he and Dukes left the restaurant. Both were booked and are in the Alvin S. Glen Detention Center.

  black suspectblack suspect BLACK AFRICAN from NIGERIA & wife charged in $6 million online dating scam targeted 33 people
black suspectMarried NJ couple charged in $6 million online dating scam targeted 33 people
A married couple from New Jersey has been busted for bilking more than $6 million in an online dating scam that duped 33 people — including one woman who resorted to stealing from her employer, prosecutors said.

Martins Friday Inalegwu, 31, and Steincy Mathieu, 24, are accused of wooing victims through online dating sites like eHarmony, Plenty of Fish and Match.com and striking up “relationships” with them. Then they’d allegedly convince their “lovers” to wire them money for bogus emergencies, like customs fees and taxes or medical, travel and business expenses,  with the help of co-conspirators, several of whom are from Nigeria.

    Negro from IVORY COAST Wearing Joker Makeup Charged For Allegedly Waving Knife At Group Of Teens
black suspectCAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Prosecutors say a Haddon Township man, while wearing Joker makeup, allegedly waved a pocket knife in a threatening manner to a group of juveniles. The Office of the Prosecutor of Camden County announced charges against 25-year-old Assoumou Diby on Wednesday.

The incident happened on the 400 block of West Crystal Lake Avenue on Tuesday.Authorities say the group of teenagers reported that a man wearing Joker makeup drove by them slowly while waving a pocket knife in front of his face. He was later arrested and identified by the police.
[The black is in WHITEFACE - that is a HATE CRIME.]

    7-Eleven Offering $5,000 Reward In Olney Arson - pack of black looters

    BLACK Man Wanted For Attempting To Break Into Safe At Bryn Mawr Trust Bank In Northern Liberties
black suspect

    (BLACK) Brooklyn Bloods gang members slapped with federal charges for brazen gun warfare
black suspectSeven members of a Brooklyn Bloods street gang called the Elite Assassin Millas — including the crime outfit’s reputed “godfather” — were busted Wednesday for terrorizing East New York with a campaign of gun violence, racketeering and murder, officials said.

Quandel Smothers, 29, known as “Chucky,” led the group with an iron fist, and in 2011 allegedly shot a fellow EAM gangster, who he believed was planning to harm another group member in a dispute over drugs, the Brooklyn US Attorney’s office said Wednesday. Another member of the group, Tyshawn “Reck” Corbett, 30, is accused of fatally shooting a rival gangster named Michael Tenorio in 2015, as payback for the murder of an EAM member, the feds said.

    US arrests Pakistan-born Fahad Shah for million-dollar fraud

    Catholic church fires lesbian music director for marrying a woman

    Walmart stops displaying the Mississippi state flag in stores because of Confederate flag imagery

    (BLACK Protesters Call for Store to Be Shut Down Following Racially-Charged Incident

    HATE HOAX: half-breed mixed-race 'Bubba' - passing as 'black' pulls a 'Jesse Smell-et' after bringing down the Rebel Flag


The tweet, from conservative commentator Candace Owens, referred to Wallace as Bubba Smollet,
a reference to the black queer actor Jussie Smollet who made himeself a 'victim' of a fake  hate crime.

    NASCAR black punk Bubba Wallace throws water in downed white man's face

    Nascar Bubba Wallace Noose HOAX - "You could probably pass for Mexican, or Puerto Rican, but black? - Hell No!"

    Two New Jersey high schools remove Indians, Cowboys mascots

    NYC: Man busted for painting ‘slave owner’ on George Washington statue in Union Square Park

    Commie miscegenous NYC Mayor De Blasio plans to install Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower

Joostice for Aurora, CO jigro petition gets over 2M signatures 1 year after his deaf
This negro resisted arrest - resisting arrest is "SUICIDE BY COP"
even if the person is not intelligent enough to understand that.

bongobongobongobongobongo  - "NATIVES ARE RESTLESS"
    Black queer marxist agitated rabble rally at Atlanta jail, demand release of white woman sex-pal of Wendy's suicide-by-cop nig
Blacks carrying long guns - no police in sight

Armed black insurgents  'take over' Atlanta Wendy's parking lot where Rayshard Brooks suicided-by-White-officer

    The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America - FULL film

    Michigan mayor resigns over race comment during City Council vote

A Michigan mayor has resigned amid criticism for saying she’d be “crucified” if she didn’t vote to reappoint a black city official.

    South Dakota governor vows to protect Mount Rushmore

    Wis. state senator reportedly assaulted during protest that toppled statue of abolitionist

    Oregon county issues face mask order that exempts non-white people

    Armed Atlanta protesters near Rayshard Brooks shooting site say police are 'not allowed' in area

    Three N.C. cops fired for racist and threatening comments caught on lengthy video

    A Muslim (terrorist) woman says her headscarf was forcibly removed from her head for a booking photo
after being arrested at a Black Lives Fecal Matter terrorist demonstration of power to intimidate white folk
- Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Orange Man is ‘undeniably’ the worst criminal in history, (((Noam Chomsky))) says

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Inaction on Climate Change Makes Him “the Worst Criminal in History, Undeniably”

  • Avram Noam Chomsky was born on December 7, 1928, in the East Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    His parents, Ze'ev "William" Chomsky and Elsie Simonofsky, were Jewish immigrants


    A New Nation News reader has recommended this AUDIO ONLY PODCAST by Matt Johnson on Radio Albion

The Orthodox Nationalist: Trump and Race - Jun 24, 2020

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a rare look at current events as the American empire starts visibly crumbling before our very eyes.

This broadcast deals with the fundamental issues causing the takeover of American cities by savages.

Those funding these groups are also exposed and its a lot more than just “Soros.”

Demands to defund the police are hardly new. The ACLU and others have been advocating this for decades. As it stands, the police are now outnumbered and outgunned.

Now, the regime will give our enemies full media coverage and sanction. The only people who will be arrested in any of this are white nationalists and businessmen defending their homes.

Its darkly hilarious to watch privileged black organizations rake in billions of dollars tax free from a story the media invented for them and then dare call themselves oppressed.

Reality itself is under attack. Police are on their knees but are called “oppressors.”

Presented by Matt Johnson 

    [the first part is about Bolton's new libelous slanderous book lying about Trump
   [around 15 minutes into the 1:05 audio - he starts analyzing the current covert takeover of America
  [What we have now is the beginning of BLACK SUPREMACY AND WHITE GENOCIDE
 [Corporate America is funding this black queer marxist revolution - sending MILLIONS to BLM
[It is not just 'SOROS' it is the entire globalist corporate powers that be.... s

[Who is funding BLM?] - The Complex Funding and Ideology of Black Lives Matter

    How Tor Browser Protects Your Privacy and Identity Online

23 June 2020

    White female fornicating sex-partner of adulterous suicide-by-cop-at-Wendy's ex-convict-on-parole ARSONIST ARRESTED
Atlanta authorities arrested arson suspect Natalie White, 29, on Tuesday afternoon for allegedly burning down a Wendy's fast-food restaurant at the same spot where Rayshard Brooks, 27, was shot dead by police. White is also believed to have been Brooks' (white) girlfriend.
The Fulton County Sheriff's Office announced the arrest on Twitter shortly after Brooks' funeral service.
"The Fulton County Sheriff's Office Fugitive Unit just apprehended Wendy's arson suspect Natalie White moments ago," the office said. "White is being booked into the Fulton County Jail right now. This case is being investigated.

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION very often leads to MURDER-SUICIDE

bongobongobongobongobongo - THE NATIVES ARE RESTLESS
    NYC shootings continue to surge — and cops warn it may be the new normal

    Black Man lobs lit fireworks at police cruiser in Brooklyn, cops say

    Five people shot during Brooklyn vigil as NYC gun violence surges

    SERIAL BLACK RAPIST Bill Cosby Granted Appeal In Sex Assault Case, White Female Victim Reacts

    South Philly Black Bolsheviks Call For Defunding Of Police Department; 27 Protesters Arrested At Municipal Services Building

    Black Hispanic Father Giovanni Gomez Charged With Murder Of 11-Week-Old Daughter, DA Says
(READING, Pa. (CBS) — A father in Berks County is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of his infant child. Giovanni Gomez, 28, of Reading, is accused of killing his 11-week-old daughter at the end of March.

The Berks County District Attorney says Gomez inflicted a traumatic head injury to the infant in his care while the baby’s mother was at work.

An autopsy revealed injuries consistent with shaken impact and blunt force trauma.

    US deports (brown) ex paramilitary leader 'Toto' Constant to Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP)— Former paramilitary leader Emmanuel Constant was deported from the US today and arrested black suspectas soon as he landed in Haiti, where he faces murder and torture charges stemming from killings in the 1990s.

Constant did not say anything as he was placed into a police vehicle and taken away for questioning.

He was among 24 deported migrants who landed in the capital of Port-au-Prince, the fourth such flight since the COVID-19 pandemic began, said Jean Negot Bonheur Delva, director of Haiti's migration office.

Human rights groups have accused Constant of killing and torturing Haitians when he became leader of the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's presidency was toppled in 1991. They allege that between 1991 and 1994, the group that Constant led terrorised and slaughtered slum-dwellers loyal to Aristide. When Aristide returned to power in 1994, Constant fled to the United States.

He was ordered deported in 1995 but allowed to remain in the US because of instability in Haiti. Constant kept a low profile and lived with relatives in Queens, New York, until he was arrested in 2006 and later found guilty of fraud and grand larceny. In October 2008, he was sentenced at least 12 years in prison for his role in a $1.7 million mortgage fraud scheme.

  • Haiti gained its independence from France by racial genocide - murdering all Whites, women and children
    In 1804, a mass killing occurred in Haiti. The Haitian Massacre was an organized cleansing that was carried out against the remaining white population of French Creoles by the order of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. The massacre, which took place in the entire territory of Haiti, was carried out from early February 1804 until April 22, 1804, and resulted in the deaths of between 3,000 and 5,000 people of all ages and genders.

    Soldiers went from door to door, torturing and killing entire families. Whites who had been cordial and helpful towards the black population were also killed.

    The second wave of murders followed, during which all white women and children were killed. The argument for killing the women was that whites would not truly be eradicated if the white women were spared to give birth to new Frenchmen.

    One of the most notorious of the massacre participants was Jean Zombi, a mulatto resident of Port-au-Prince who was known for his brutality. One account describes how Zombi stopped a white man on the street, stripped him naked, and took him to the stair of the Presidential Palace, where he killed him with a dagger.

    By the end of April 1804, as many as 5,000 people were dead at the hand of the Haitian people. Dessalines did not try to hide the massacre from the world.

  HISPANIC NY dad Juan Rodriguez, 39, whose twin babies died in hot car pleads guilty, gets no jail time

    LGBTQ-RST-XYZ Queer Faggot Sodomite Homo  groups criticize Trump for hosting Polish president
The Polish president has recently attracted international attention by making LGBT rights an issue during the presidential campaign. He vowed to protect Polish families from what he calls “LGBT ideology.” He recently called the LGBT rights movement an ideology more dangerous than communism.
For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    Judge compares ‘bomb throwing’ lawyers to Weather Underground radicals

    Promiscuous (Jewish) millionaire  Steve Bing (allegedly) commits 'suicide' from the 27th floor of his apartment in Los Angeles
Is there a media cover-up?  Close friend and huge donor to Bill Clinton Foundation who was close friend to Jeffrey Epstein another (Jewish) millionaire that (allegedly) committed 'suicide' in jail recently.  
Was this really a 'suicide' or was he pushed?

Did he know too much about something?
(Epstein's Fantasy Island)

In any case, the death of a high profile (Jewish) philanthropist and
progressive political bank-roller could possibly be AN ANTI-SEMITIC HATE CRIME and I would urge all concerned to get on social media and demand an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice to throw light on any possible cover-up of an ANTI-SEMITIC HATE CRIME against Bing.

  • Steve Bing: Conspiracy Theories as Democrat Donor, Liz Hurley's Ex and Clinton-Epstein Friend Dies
    Clinton and Bing were part of a 'hard-partying' group that included convicted sex-offender late Jeffrey Epstein.
    Bing, who initially refused to have fathered Damian, was proved wrong following a DNA test. In 2001, Bing was faced with a paternity suit from a second woman, professional tennis player Lisa Bonder, with whom he shares a daughter, Kira Bonder. Bing also had romantic escapades with Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman and (black) Naomi Campbell.

    Twitter Raises Conspiracy Theories behind 'Suicide'
    As soon as the news of Bing's death broke, conspiracy theorists raised questions over his death, including his close ties with Clinton and Epstein.

Israeli flag
Steve Bing Dies: Jewish Film Financier & Philanthropist Jumped From Century City Building, "Authorities" Say
UPDATED with comment from President Bill Clinton: Steve Bing, the film financier and philanthropist who backed hit movies from Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express and Beowulf to the Rolling Stones concert movie Shine a Light, has died.

According to law enforcement sources, Bing jumped from a Century City building at around 1 p.m. Monday. Following standard protocol, the Los Angeles Police Department would not confirm that the individual in question was Bing. However, the description of the man in his 50s who was found dead on the scene fits that of the producer.

Bing, also an influential political donor, was a real estate tycoon from a family with a rich history. In 2012, he pledged a $30 million legacy gift to the Motion Picture & Television Fund...

 among the top progressive political donors, bankrolling environmental initiatives. He contributed nearly $50 million of his own money to an oil production tax that went down in defeat in 2006. He was particularly close to Clinton, having given at least $10 million to his foundation.

 Israeli flag   Porn file star Ron Jeremy charged in 3 rapes, 1 sexual assault dating back to 2014
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced Tuesday that adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged with forcibly raping three women and sexually assaulting another in separate incidents dating back several years. The 67-year-old defendant, whose real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, is due in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom Tuesday afternoon to be arraigned on an eight-count criminal complaint. The district attorney's office says the incidents happened between 2014 and 2019. If convicted, Jeremy faces a maximum sentence of 90 years to life in state prison.
Israeli flag

    Armed insurgents 'take over' Atlanta Wendy's parking lot where (black) Rayshard Brooks committed suicide-by-cop

    Radical BLACK wife of NYC Mayor DeBlasio will decide fate of dead white male statues

    NYPD commissioner says cops who drove into group of protester (maggots) didn’t violate policy
“The officers were set upon and attacked, and thankfully they were able to get out of that situation with, to my knowledge, no injuries to anyone.” Video of the incident had shown dozens of protesters pressing a metal barricade against a police vehicle and throwing bottles at it — before another NYPD SUV rammed into the group, knocking some to the ground.

    Authorities investigating apparent noose incident at Sonoma Northern California - "SAINTS PRESERVE US!" - a piece of twine

    FBI says no crime committed after noose found in "Black Bubba" Wallace's NASCAR garage
black suspect"The investigation also revealed evidence, including authentic video confirmed by NASCAR, that the noose found in garage number 4 was in that garage as early as October 2019," U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp, Jr. said Tuesday in a joint statement. "Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week." In a statement, NASCAR said "the garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall. This was obviously well before the 43 team's arrival and garage assignment."

    MORE PARANOID BLACK WHINING:  Officer points gun at black female driver of a car reported stolen
Tampa Florida  officer pointed a gun aiming directly at the head of a 23 year old unarmed innocent black woman, Joneshia Wilkerson after alleging she was driving a stolen vehicle.
The Altima had been reported stolen by Hertz rental car and Tampa police impounded the vehicle for the ongoing Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office investigation, both agencies said. Wilkerson, a member of U.S. Army, had just returned from deployment and had borrowed the car from a (car thief) acquaintance, the Tampa Police Department said in a statement.

    Rhode Island considers name change due to slavery connotations




    Jimmy Kimmel apologizes for performing in blackface - OH I BE SO BAD, SO BAD - CAN I MAKE A DONATION TO BLM?

    Winona Ryder claims Mel Gibson asked her if she was a Jewish ‘oven dodger’



    The offspring of a  Plantation Owner - born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia in a slave shack.

    Washington could trace his Massa-father's presence in North America to his paternal great-grandfather, John Washington, who migrated from England to Virginia. The family held some distinction in England and was granted land by Henry VIII.

    But much of the family’s wealth in England was lost under the Puritan government of Oliver Cromwell.  In 1657 Washington’s paternal grandfather, Lawrence Washington, migrated to Virginia. Little information is available about the family in North America until Washington’s biological father, Augustine, was born in 1694.

    Augustine Washington was an ambitious man who acquired land and slaves, built mills, and grew tobacco. For a time, he had an interest in opening iron mines. He married his first wife, Jane Butler, and they had three children. Jane died in 1729 and Augustine married Mary Ball in 1731.   Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia in a slave shack.

    At first he was only known by his slave name 'Toby'- but he was favored and become a 'house negro' and played with his master's other children.  (story continues in 'Black Lives' Socialist Public Schools Textbook...)

    It Begins… White Allies Paint Whip Marks on their Backs and Carry “Cracker for Sale” Signs to Win Favor from Black Lives Matter Mob (VIDEO) This is the insanity of the left. There are no words for this insanity.


    Violent “Antifa” filmed by Project Veritas is New York Times published journalist and death cult member
Two weeks ago, Project Veritas published an investigative journalism  showing the inner workings of “Antifa”/anarchist paramilitary training at  in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Not all the individuals involved were identified, but National Justice can now confirm that the man above is Brooklyn-based Andrew Gittlitz (A.M. Gittlitz), an author and journalist who has been published in the New York Times and Vice and is a leading figure in a communist death cult called the “Posadists.”

According to multiple sources, Gittlitz and fellow cult members are integral parts of the New York City “antifa” scene. Gittlitz is the producer of the “Antifada” podcast (under the name AP Andy) and along with other members of his Posadist group, worked with  to dox and send death threats to numerous Proud Boys and nationalists.

Gittlitz has written for the Trotskyite publishing house Verso Books, which is also deeply involved with underground antifa organizing, as well as articles throughout left-wing publications like The Jacobin, The Baffler, Salon, Vice and pieces in the now defunct  explicitly  “antifa” political violence.

One especially noteworthy contribution was  for the New York Timesfor its “Red Century” celebration of the centennial of the Bolshevik revolution. This served to platform his crackpot apocalyptic UFO centered interpretation of communism.

Gittlitz is also friends with a number of connected people. For example, he is personal friends with the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) .

Extraterrestrials play a significant role in his and Gittlitz’s work.
On the beaches of South Brooklyn, Gittlitz and other left-wing extremists take drugs and follow “Great Communicator” as he professes to make contact with beings from another galaxy.

    Black lawyer: Free anyone charged with murdering whites -  2016
In a new wrinkle in the "black lives matter" movement, an editor of a top-rated legal website is calling on blacks to scare whites by automatically acquitting African-Americans accused of murdering or raping whites, no matter what the facts.

On Above The Law, African-American editor Elie Mystal called for "jury nullification" by blacks when on juries in trials that focus on white victims. "Jury nullification would get white people's attention. Remember how pissed-off white people were about O.J.? And that was just one dude. White people would notice if black jurors simply refused to play along," he wrote.

22 June 2020

Front Page for 22 June 2020 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    Keep our neighborhoods SAFE - keep our neighborhoods WHITE

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

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