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    UPDATED: (Black) Suspect charged with murder in hotel death
black suspect A man accused of killing a 35-year-old Decatur woman by beating and drowning her at a hotel on Fort Wayne's northwest side told an accomplice he was upset because she had stolen and used his narcotics, court records said.

Terry Smith Jr., 34, whose last address was in Bluffton, was charged Friday with murder in the death of Tiffany I. Ferris, 34, who investigators believe was killed after 9 p.m. Sunday.

Smith was arrested without incident about 6 p.m. Thursday in Muncie by Fort Wayne homicide and vice and narcotics detectives, Indiana State Police and Muncie police officers, according to Sgt. Tim Hughes, head of the city's homicide unit. He was being held at the Allen County Jail without bail. Smith was also charged with armed robbery and criminal confinement in a subsequent incident at 9:30 a.m. Monday at Hawthorn Suites in the 4900 block of Lima Road, court documents said.

According to a probable cause affidavit written by homicide Detective Matthew Cline, a woman and man were with Smith when he killed Ferris in a room at Suburban Extended Stay Hotel, 3320 Coliseum Blvd. W. The room was used for storage and accessed by an outdoor window. The unidentified woman told Cline she was ordered by Smith to help tape Ferris' arms and legs after he repeatedly hit her on the head, stood on her neck and kicked her. Smith then “held (Ferris') head under the water in the bathtub until she was deceased,” the female witness said in court records.

Smith then decided to stage the scene to look like Ferris died from a drug overdose, placing drug paraphernalia nearby and burning some of the tape used on Ferris. He removed bloodstained portions of the carpet using scissors and then took off Ferris' clothes, court documents said. The witness said she, Smith and the male witness left the room with the carpet and threw it out of Smith's truck, described as a black Ford F-150 with black rims, documents said.

Detectives were led to Smith after a resident at Hawthorn Suites called police to report the armed robbery, set up by the female witness, according to a probable cause written by Fort Wayne Detective James King. The woman called the victim asking if she could wait in his room while her boyfriend, the male accomplice, found their room voucher. When her boyfriend arrived, Smith, aka “Long-Way,” was with him. The two men pulled out a handgun and a butcher knife and ordered the victim to the floor, documents said.

While the male accomplice held the knife and gun over the victim, Smith and the woman started taking all of his belongings, including collectible football and baseball cards, jewelry, shoes, laptop computers and $600, court documents said. After the three stuffed everything they wanted in bags, they ordered the victim to go to the restroom while Smith held the gun on him and the other man, the knife. The victim believed the two were planning to kill him and jumped from a second-floor window, breaking his hip and suffering bruises and scratches to his right side. He was taken to a hospital.

With help from the victim and the female accomplice, detectives were able to identify the three. One of the accomplices also admitted to being with Smith when Ferris was killed, documents said. The man and the woman were charged Thursday with armed robbery after they were picked up Wednesday in Indianapolis. At that time, Smith was also with them and all of them were using Smith's Ford pickup truck, court documents said.

During police interviews, detectives learned details of Ferris' death, court documents said. Ferris' sister, who asked not to be identified, told The Journal Gazette that the family was “heartbroken. She was so tiny. So tiny and beautiful. She was like 4 feet, 10 inches tall, 90 pounds soaking wet.”

IN MEMORY OF - Tiffany "Tif" Irene Ferris

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon beats, drowns in bafftub mudshark, 35 Fort Wayne, IN motel for pilfering his narcotics
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: ‘They were beating me’: Woman attacked at Kroger on Mother’s Day wants more help from LMPD
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville Metro Police Department officers are investigating an attack on Mother’s Day that left a woman injured in a Kroger parking lot. Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown told WAVE 3 News the incident happened Sunday as she was leaving a Kroger located on Breckinridge Lane. Brown, a disabled Army veteran, said she was parked in a handicapped space near the entrance. When she started to back out of the space, she said she noticed another vehicle behind her, blocking her in.

“I get out and I say, ‘Do you guys need any help?’ and she said, ‘F*** you, you white b****.’ I said, ‘Hold on, you don’t even know me,’” Brown said. “I said, ‘That’s fine. If you don’t need anything, that’s fine. I’ll get back in the car.’” Brown said the vehicle blocking her appeared to be a black Dodge vehicle — either a Charger or Challenger. She said the vehicle’s passengers, four young Black women, proceeded to throw the contents of a cup at her before attacking her.

“I mean, they were beating me, and I was in a fetal position, covering my face, making sure they didn’t get my eyes,” she said. According to Brown, the attack was broken up by strangers, not Kroger security personnel. During the incident, her nose was broken.

“It’s hard for us because we all feel like, well what if we would have been there? It makes you feel helpless,” Brown’s husband Edward said. “It was terrible for them and for me to have their mom come home in that condition.” Brown said she went back to the Kroger on Sunday to speak to LMPD officers and tried to retrieve security footage. Tuesday, her daughter called the police multiple times to obtain security footage to no avail.

“They told her, ‘You could have got the video from Kroger the first day.’ And then he followed that up with, ‘Well, a detective has it, so you can’t get it from Kroger.’ So which was is it? His response was to hang up on her,” Brown said. Following the attack, Brown said she is heartbroken, anxious, and has nightmares, though she’s grateful she made it back to her family alive. Brown and her husband share the concern that race may have played a role in the incident, though Brown’s husband is Black and her children are biracial.

The veteran fears a similar attack may occur if the perpetrators are not found. “I could have been killed, but I know how to protect myself,” she said. “I mean, I’m a strong person... It doesn’t mean everybody is this strong.”

[NNN forum thread:]  ‘They were beating me’: mudshark attacked at Louisville Kroger on Mother’s Day by 4 sows


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Warrant issued for BLACK suspect who assaulted an elderly White man in Canton
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM CANTON, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has learned that Canton police have issued warrants for attempted murder and felonious assault for a man they believe assaulted an elderly man Saturday night. Detectives are looking for Travonce Backie, 32, in connection with the assault that seriously injured Ralph White, 85.

White, a retired steel worker, was released from the hospital Monday evening. Family members say he has a broken jaw and several other injuries. He is at home recovering. White told police he was involved in a car crash when he was driving on 8th Street N.E. in Canton. He was on his way to pick up his grandson.

His grandson, Cory Crank, said his grandfather was assaulted after he rolled down his window to ask the driver of the other car if he was alright. “The guy opened the door and started hitting him,” Crank said. “My Grandpa was restrained by his air bag and seatbelt. He couldn’t even defend himself.”

Canton police officials tell the I-Team they have impounded a vehicle they believe was involved in the crash. The family started a GoFundMe account to help pay for White’s medical expenses.

BLACK Driver accused of Canton road rage attack changes plea, claims insanity

85 year old brutally assaulted - (gofundme)


    (Black) Mother of Missing Infant Charged With Felony Murder After Admitting She ‘Disposed’ of Her Baby Boy’s Body ‘In the Trash’
black suspect The mother of a missing two-month-old was arrested and charged with murder on Friday afternoon in the District of Columbia.

LaDonia Boggs, 37, was said to be the lone suspect in the disappearance of her infant son, Kyon Jones, earlier this week, according to ABC affilaite WRIC in Richmond. “The mother is being questioned about the child’s whereabouts,” D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said during a Monday press conference. “She’s the only person of interest.”

Authorities arrested the baby boy’s mother after searching though a faraway landfill southeast of Richmond in Charles City County, Virginia, and coming up empty-handed. Boggs previously admitted to disposing of her son’s lifeless body after he somehow mysteriously died. “I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat, and wrapped it up and took it outside and just throwed it in the trash,” Boggs said in video obtained by Washington, D.C. NBC affiliate WRC.

“I wrapped it up, took it outside, and disposed of it in the trash,” Boggs reiterated at another point. “And that’s what happened.” She made similar comments in an interview with CBS affiliate WUSA.

The distraught mother reportedly repeated herself throughout the footage that was captured by D.C. “missing-persons advocate” Henderson Long. “The last thing that I remember was that I had rolled over, and he was on my chest,” she said. “After that, when I was asleep, rolled over, noticed he was unresponsive–breathing–and I panicked.”

“He was asleep on my chest and when I woke up he wasn’t breathing anymore because he was just that small,” Boggs continued. “He was only two months old. He was a premature baby.” The infant was last seen last Wednesday, police say, but was allegedly not reported missing until last Friday.

    (Black) 18-Year-Old Arrested for Kidnapping and Burglary in ‘Traumatizing’ Killing of 4-Year-Old Child
black suspect An 18-year-old has been arrested in connection to the death of a 4-year-old child in Dallas, Texas.
Darriynn Brown faces a count each of kidnapping and burglary of habitation, according to records viewed by Law&Crime, but police said they expect more charges based on the results of pending forensic analysis. Officers got a call at approximately 6:50 a.m. on Saturday about a child dead on the street in the 7500 block of Saddleridge Drive, cops said.

The child was not identified. The woman who said she called 911 told CBS DFW that she discovered the body. “I see something laying in the road and my initial thought was that it was a dog,” she said. “The closer I get to it I can tell it’s a human cause I see a hand and I see legs. Very traumatizing. I have three kids. To see a child covered in blood in the middle of the street, it’s truly traumatizing.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation participated in the case. “Through the hard work of the men and women of the Dallas Police Department this criminal was brought to justice and it would not have been possible without the Dallas FBI Evidence Response Team and the public’s assistance,” police said.

    (Black) Crime: Decades long fight over a man leads to woman being killed by childhood friend, police say
black suspect victim name ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Eatonville police said a local mother was murdered in the middle of the day right before Mother’s Day, and her killer is still at large. Police said Felisha Johnson was stabbed to death May 8, and her daughter called the deadly attack senseless.

The incident happened inside of a motel parking lot after an argument over a man that happened more than 20 years ago, police said. “I don’t know who I am without a mom. I’ve never been in this world without having a mom,” said the victim’s daughter Jessica Johnson.

Felisha Johnson worked and lived at the Hometown Suites in Eatonville. Police said she was in the parking lot in front of her hotel room at around 1:30 p.m. when Barbara Hartfield showed up with a knife and stabbed Johnson at least three times.

Investigators said there were several witnesses who tried to stop the fight. Johnson was rushed to a nearby hospital where she died. Police said this all stemmed from an argument that started decades ago.

“They both was involved with this guy 25 years ago,” said Anyssa Johnson, the victim’s sister. Anyssa Johnson said she, her sister and Hartfield were childhood friends. Family members said Felisha Johnson had seen Hartfield just a few months ago.

Investigators said Hartfield was driving an older model silver Honda with tape on the passenger’s side. Hartfield is wanted for premeditated first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. There are several agencies searching for her, and a $5,000 reward is being offered for information leading to her arrest.

[NNN forum thread:]  25 year beef over a mane leads sow to stab another sow deff day before Mammy's Day

    Tentative trial date set for (Black) Providence man accused of murder, kidnapping
black suspect victim name BOSTON (WPRI) – The judge in the case against a Providence man accused of kidnapping and murdering a Boston woman has set a tentative trial date for early 2022, but that could move if federal prosecutors decide to pursue the death penalty.

In a hearing Thursday afternoon, U.S. District Judge Dennis Saylor set Feb. 28 for the trial of Louis Coleman. Coleman is charged with “kidnapping resulting in death” – which carries a potential death sentence – in the 2019 slaying of Jassy Correia.

Correia was celebrating her 23rd birthday at a Boston nightclub when prosecutors say Coleman abducted her outside the club and brought her to his Providence apartment. Surveillance video showed Coleman carrying “a body with long hair and orange pants” that was “naked from the waist up” into his apartment building at 95 Chestnut St., according to a federal complaint.

Coleman was later seen leaving the building with a suitcase and was eventually captured in Delaware with Correia’s body in the trunk of his car.

(black) Suspect tied to Boston kidnapping case arrested in Delaware; body recovered in car - March 1, 2019

    Las Vegas police arrest (Black) man in connection to Motel 6 fatal stabbing
black suspect LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has arrested Evanda Jones on a charge of felony open murder in connection to a stabbing death on May 7 at Motel 6 near the Las Vegas Strip. The victim was identified by the coroner as Malisa Mays.

According to the police report, Jones says he met the victim the day before the stabbing at another motel he was staying at. Jones discovered some of his marijuana was missing from his belongings, police say, and he went to find Mays, who was walking in the parking lot at Motel 6.

LVMPD received several 911 calls in regards to a domestic situation and police were sent to the scene. Through witnesses and surveillance video, police say they were able to identify Jones in the stabbing.

A couple told police they witnessed Jones punching Mays and pulling her hair, hearing Mays scream, and then both went in other directions. The police report says the couple went outside and saw a large pool of blood near where Jones and Mays were fighting and they called the police along with several Motel 6 employees.

    (Black) 'Blood-covered' Titusville man arrested in stabbing death of girlfriend
black suspect Titusville police arrested a 56-year-old man suspected of stabbing his girlfriend earlier this week after finding him covered in blood at his Sandalwood Lane home. Officers were called early Wednesday morning after reports of a suspicious incident at the residence.

When they arrived, Steven O'Neil Smith was sitting on the front porch covered in blood. His girlfriend, 69-year-old Beverly Fayson, was found dead inside the house. Inside the home, officers reportedly found a bloody knife left in the kitchen sink and Smith's bloody shoe prints near the crime scene. blood was found on the sole's of Smith's shoes as well, officers said.

Smith was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Brevard County Jail without bond. Smith is being charged with second-degree murder, a felony crime punishable by life in prison. An investigation into the homicide remains open and ongoing.

    (Black) Suspected Melbourne drug dealer charged with murder in fentanyl overdose case
black suspect A suspected Melbourne-area drug dealer is facing capital murder charges after being picked up on suspicion of drug trafficking during the summer. Leslie Cadet, 33, has been charged with felony murder resulting from distributing a controlled substance.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a residence in the Melbourne Beach area on May 20 when a woman was pronounced dead after overdosing on what she believed was cocaine, according to arrest reports.

An autopsy showed the woman died as the result of ingesting a lethal amount of fentanyl, BCSO reports state. Detectives then began investigating Cadet, who they say sold the woman cocaine laced with a lethal amount of fentanyl without her knowledge.

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (Unknown 'aspiring' black) Rapper Lil Reese Shot in Chicago
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim The "well-known" (amongst negro crapper fans in the drug-thug sub-culture of democrat hell Chicago) rapper Lil Reese was one among three men who were shot in Chicago, Illinois, on Saturday morning.

The shooting took place at a parking garage in the Chicago neighborhood of River North, according to a report by CWBChicago, which added a police spokesperson said the incident involved a group of men who were “all shooting at each other.”

Police reportedly responded to calls of shots fired around 9:53 a.m. A stolen Dodge Durango with bullet holes scattered throughout it was also found crashed inside the parking garage. Chicago police said officers also “discovered three male gunshot wound victims, ages 20, 27, and 28.”

“The 20-year-old male victim was struck twice to the knee and was transported to Stroger Hospital initially reported in good condition,” the police continued. “The 27-year-old male victim was struck multiple times to the body and was transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in critical condition.” As for the 28-year-old male victim — who is likely Lil Reese — he suffered a graze to his eye, “and was transported to Northwestern Hospital initially reported in fair condition.” Detectives are still investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, a graphic video of the scene shows a bleeding man lying on the ground, and another man — who also appears to have been shot — walking out of the garage while bystanders can be heard yelling about a stolen vehicle and repeatedly mentioning Lil Reese, whose real name is Tavares Taylor. The report added that this is the second time the rapper has been shot in 18 months, with the first incident being November 2019, when he was critically wounded after a man armed with an AK47 assault rifle shot him in the neck in the suburban Chicago neighborhood of Country Club Hills. Lil Reese reportedly offered to sell the story of his November 2019 shooting for $1 million.

[NNN forum thread:]  Unknown Rapper plugged during Spook shootout in Chicago

    Eleven people shot in eight bloody hours across NYC, one fatally
black suspect black suspect Abdoulahi Dialloand, 25 and Tawania Thomas, 27
have been taken into custody and are facing charges after cops recovered a gun, according to investigators.

* Abdoulahi, Tawania : * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  NYC TNB - Eleven people shot in eight bloody hours across NYC, one fatally

Police Investigating Multiple Shootings, Stabbings Across Philadelphia In 24 Hours

    (Black with Hispanic surname) 'Serial rapist' convicted in Cherry Hills Village rape, Aurora attempted kidnapping
SUSPECT-NAME DENVER – A jury on Thursday convicted a 26-year-old man of 11 counts, including sexual assault, after he raped a woman and attempted to kidnap another in February 2019. The Arapahoe County jury convicted Tre Miekale Carrasco, 26, after a five-day trial on counts of second-degree kidnapping, sexual assault, burglary, aggravated robbery, aggravated motor vehicle theft, criminal trespass, false reporting, attempting to influence a public servant and driving without a license.

Officials described Carrasco as a “serial rapist.” He tried to kidnap a woman in a parking lot in Aurora and ended up stealing the woman’s car when she got away on Feb. 7, 2019. Five days later, he used the stolen car to drive to a Cherry Hills Village home, where he raped a woman at knifepoint. He was arrested in the stolen car about five hours later.

Prior Denver7 reporting found Carrasco had been released from prison in Kansas for a parole violation that came after he served time for a 2011 sexual assault conviction shortly before he allegedly raped a student in Hays, Kansas, then came to Colorado and committed the other crimes. “This is a dangerous predator who should be incarcerated to keep him off the streets and keep our community safe,” said District Attorney John Kellner. “He was in prison for similar acts in Kansas. He got out of prison and within days committed a new offense there. Within two weeks of his release, he came here to Colorado and continued his violent crimes. I am grateful to this jury for their work, as these verdicts will help us keep this serial rapist behind bars.”

Carrasco Surname - Most prevalent in Chile

  Good Samaritan bitten and choked by Hispanic "Billy Torres" on NYC subway

Israeli flag   Man pepper sprays protesters supporting Palestine, including a Fresno State student

    Penn State Approves To Stop Using ‘Freshman,’ ‘Sophomore’ Terms And Others Due To ‘Male-Centric Academic History’
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Penn State is making sure the university becomes more inclusive. Penn State’s Faculty Senate has approved a proposition that would remove gendered and binary terms from their course and program descriptions, according to the university’s student-operated newspaper The Daily Collegian.

A spokesperson for Penn State’s Faculty Senate office tells the newspaper, proposition AD84 Preferred Name and Gender Identity Policy was approved on April 27.

The recommendation is to replace he/him/his and she/her/hers
with they/them/theirs or use non-gendered terms such as student, faculty member, staff member, etc.

    Fresh out of Satan's Closet: Kids can explore pronoun options on box of Kellogg’s new ‘pride’ cereal
May 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) -- In what is perhaps the most unappetizing headline of 2021, the Weekly Metro announced that “Kellogg’s new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your mouth with pride,” because everything must be gay now and the virtue must be signaled. Big Business has realized that there is a lot of money in wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag, and so as “Pride Month” (yes, an entire month) grows closer, corporate social media avatars, ATMs, and business signs will suddenly be bedecked in rainbows.

Kellogg’s, which has traditionally been known for its cartoon animals, is partnering with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to release a new cereal called “Together With Pride,” which will hit the shelves next month and cost $4 per purple box — $3 of which will go to GLAAD. The cereal itself will feature rainbow-colored cereal in the shape of hearts and edible glitter. Kellogg’s, which has partnered with GLAAD at least once previously, has featured nearly all of its famous cartoon characters on the box.

[NNN forum thread:]  “Kellogg’s new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your kids' mouth with pride”

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • Train managers have been warned not use the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" after a complaint from a left-wing non-binary passenger.

**********       15 May 2021       **********

    (Black) Schenectady man charged with murder in death of Xiaa Price near Colonie motel
black suspect COLONIE - Town police said they arrested a Schenectady man in the fatal shooting of Xiaa Price in the parking lot of the Curry Road Motel 6 on Tuesday. Police arrested Paul A L Streeks, 23, at 10 p.m. Friday and charged him with second-degree murder and felony criminal possession of a weapon. Police Saturday said they would not yet provide any information about the relationship between Streeks and Price, or Streeks' role in the homicide, citing their continuing investigation.

Streeks was arraigned in the Colonie Town Court Saturday morning and was sent to the Albany County Correctional Facility, pending a preliminary hearing on Thursday, May 20.

That is also the day Price would have turned 22, according to family members from Schenectady. They recalled his outgoing nature and how he was raised in church with his siblings at New Jerusalem Home of the Saved Church in downtown Albany. Police have said Price died from a single gunshot wound near the motel, which is near the border with the town of Rotterdam. A car accident at the scene was "secondary to the driver being shot," Deputy Chief Robert Winn said Tuesday. He said town police officers tried to revive Price, and that he was alive at the scene, but later died of the injuries.

One of Price's aunts, Sherain Rivera, said earlier this week that police told the family that based on surveillance footage it appears Price was trying to drive away with his younger brother in the car when Price was shot in the head, causing the car they were in to crash in the motel parking lot.

    Police searching for a (Black) Little Rock man wanted in connection to Kroger homicide
black suspect LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock Police are searching for Matya Sisa, who is wanted for capital murder. Police are searching for Sisa in relation to a homicide that occurred at a Little Rock Kroger on W. Markham Street on February 28.

Police urge for anyone with information about his whereabouts to call 911.

[NNN forum thread:]  Spookhunt on for Arkansas Ape in Kroger Homicide

Sisa Surname - Most prevalent in ???????


    (Black) Tallahassee man arrested in connection with fatal shooting at Brown Sugar Festival
black suspect ALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Wednesday, the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Tallahassee man in connection with a shooting that killed a 20-year-old woman at the Brown Sugar Festival in Clewiston over the weekend.

According to a Facebook post by the agency, Larance De’Angelo Humphrey, 29, was arrested on charges of accessory after the fact to first degree homicide and tampering with physical evidence.

At approximately 9:30 p.m., HCSO Telecommunications Center began receiving multiple calls reporting a shooting in the Harlem Community at the Brown Sugar Festival, an annual event held in the Harlem Community. Evereonna Sankey was killed Saturday night, and three others were left injured. Humphrey was booked in the Hendry County Jail and is being held with no bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  Yardape charged with SheChimp murder at "Brown Sugar Festival"

    Chicago police look for (Black) man wanted in Humboldt Park sexual assault
SUSPECT-NAME Chicago police detectives are looking for a man who they believe sexually assaulted a woman earlier this month in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

About 11 p.m. May 6, a man forced a woman into an alley in the 1300 block of North Harding Avenue and sexually assaulted her, police said.

The man was described as Black, in his mid-20s to early 30s, with short black hair and facial hair. He is also estimated to be about 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-2 tall and weigh 180 to 200 pounds. Photos released by police show a man wearing dark pants and a light-colored long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt with one large dark stripe on the midriff and just below the shoulder on both sleeves.


(Black) Fremont Sexual Assault Suspect Now Charged in 3rd Case; Additional Victims Sought
SUSPECT-NAME FREMONT (CBS SF) — A man charged in two brutal sexual assaults has now been charged with a third count involving an elderly woman, police said Friday. “It’s very scary,” said longtime Fremont resident Susan Bondur. “I just want our community safe.”

The suspect, 28-year-old Hayward "unhoused" (homeless, vagrant, bum, transient, nestless negro) resident Alexander Lomax, already faces multiple charges of sexual assault, elder abuse and battery in two sexual incidents that, police said, occurred Thursday morning. At around 11 a.m. near Grimmer Blvd. and Blacow Rd., witnesses called 911 to report that a man was physically and sexually assaulting a 67-year-old Asian woman in the front yard of a residence. The victim said the suspect punched her in the back of the head, then repeatedly hit her in the face before dragging her across a lawn.

Sgt. Ricardo Cortes said that when officers arrived they found Lomax still on top of the 67-year-old victim. “When they arrived they were horrified to discover that they were actually interrupting a sexual assault,” Cortes said. “ (The victim) did receive multiple broken bones, facial injuries and obviously, the emotional trauma of this incident.”

The incident led police to connect Lomax to an earlier sexual assault that morning, Cortes said. At 9:47 a.m. in the area of Auto Mall Pkwy. and Fremont Blvd., a 57-year-old woman out on a walk reported being punched in the head and pushed to the ground before a man got on top of her. The victim fought back and bit the suspect in the arm. Police said a good samaritan interrupted the assault, which scared off the suspect.

On Friday, police announced they had connected Lomax to a third sexual assault incident that occurred around 6 p.m. on May 5 at a Safeway in the Hub Shopping Center. “(He) pushed his pelvic area, clothed, into her buttocks area. She screamed, the suspect fled,” Cortes said.

The victim later positively identified Lomax as her attacker, police said.

BLACK Man arrested for alleged sexual assault of Asian woman, suspected of other attacks

[NNN forum thread:]  Fremont, CA Sexual Assault Spook Now Charged in 3rd Case; Additional Victims Sought

    (Black) Teen subway slash suspect was kicked out of friend’s Bronx pad: ex-(foster) pal
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim Joseph Foster (left) and Taquarious Soto-Burgos, 19, (right) are believed to be part of the subway crime spree on that took place on the 4 train.

One of the accused subway slashers who went on a rampage through the transit system is a former foster child who was crashing at his pal’s Bronx home — until the friend kicked him out, The Post has learned. Joseph Foster, 18, crashed at friend "Jahntonio" Grant’s apartment in the Soundview Houses until December, when Grant gave him the boot, he told The Post.

Grant wouldn’t specify what “red flags” he saw, but noted Foster “wasn’t appreciative of the help he was being given.” Foster was one of four suspects collared Friday in a horrific string of random early-morning subway slashings in Manhattan, police said.

Said Grant: “Given that he went down that road, that bad path, I hope something clicks in him and some sort of change follows.” Foster now faces one count of robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Foster has an open case in The Bronx, according to public records, and was freed without bail in connection with a January arrest for a similar incident, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Four people slashed, one punched in chain of attacks on NYC subway train

Suspooks collared for terrifying NYC subway slashing spree

NYPD seeks 4th suspect after 3 teens charged in Manhattan subway attacks

[NNN forum thread:]  Four people slashed, one punched in chain of attacks by blacks on NYC subway train

* Taquarious, Jahntonio: * Stupid Negro Names

    (Black) Surveillance video shows theft by pack of violent black female teens at liquor store
black suspect chicken thief WOODLAND HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A fed-up Woodland Hills liquor store owner says a group of teenagers have been repeatedly showing up to his business and helping themselves to merchandise without paying. The situation took a violent turn when the teens showed up on Friday and the store clerk tried to stop them. The latest incident was caught on surveillance video.

Surveillance footage shows three girls entering De Ja Vu Liquor on Ventura Boulevard and heading straight to a case containing vape pens. The clerk's brother told Eyewitness News the group was told to leave, but they started to throw things and broke shelves.

While standing behind the checkout counter, the clerk can be seen on video trying to stop a girl from grabbing an armful of merchandise. That's when another girl steps in and apparently tries to throw a punch at the clerk, knocking over a plastic shelf and merchandise.

Footage from another angle shows the group walking back into the store, seemingly having a verbal argument with the clerk as he backs away from them. The teens then proceed to grab stuff off the shelves and one of them grabs what appears to be a liquor bottle and hurls it at the clerk. After knocking over more merchandise, leaving the store trashed, the group leaves the store.

"When they started throwing stuff they broke bottles. They hit him, she tried and punch him in the face," the clerk's brother said. "Liquor was all over the ground." The group left and returned a third time, making threatening gestures and yelling.

[NNN forum thread:]  Nigga will steal yo stuff - Surveillance video shows theft by pack of black teens


Biden admin diverts $2B from COVID, health spending to care for illegal alien underage trafficked kids
invasion invasion invasion The Biden administration has pulled more than $2 billion out of programs authorized by Congress for COVID-19 testing, emergency medical supplies and other health needs — and is spending it on shelter for the 45,000 unaccompanied spicklet invaders that have flooded across the US border this year.

The Department of Health and Human Services siphoned $850 million out of funds allocated for testing in President Biden’s massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, Politico reported Saturday.

Secretary Xavier Becerra pulled $850 million more out of a fund meant to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile of items like medical gloves, masks, antibiotics and ventilators, and yanked $436 million out of other health programs, according to HHS spokesman Mark Weber.

Such transfers are legal, as long as Congress is notified. In all, $2.13 billion have been poured into emergency shelters near the US-Mexico border, where kids have been crammed into jail-like “pods” that allow for no social distancing.

[NNN forum thread:] 
Biden admin diverts $2B from COVID, health spending to care for ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIENS
suspect name suspect name suspect name suspect name

suspect name Three years after a deranged nanny savagely stabbed three babies in a Queens “birthing center,” the assailant will not face trial – and the unregulated, makeshift maternity wards for foreign women have only multiplied in New York City.

Some immigration experts call the “birth tourism” industry that supports these baby businesses a national security threat, as they aggressively promote themselves overseas as places for mothers to give birth to instant American citizens.

Yu Fen Wang was working as a nanny at the Meibao Birthing Care Center in Flushing on Sept. 21, 2018 when she attacked three newborns, along with two adults, while screaming she was trying to kill wolves.

Wang “was found to be not responsible due to mental disease or defect and was committed to a mental health facility” on Nov. 20, a Queens DA spokeswoman told the The Post.

[NNN forum thread:]  Chinese ANCHOR BABY birth tourism schemes thrive in NYC


Connecticut student charged in alleged racial slur incident against classmate
A high school student in wealthy Fairfield County, Connecticut, is facing charges for allegedly calling a colored boy a "racial slur" on social media, according to reports. The student took a photo of Jamar Medor, a 10th grader at Fairfield Warde High School, and posted it to Snapchat writing, “Why is there a n…. in my homeroom? Why is he not in chains?” according to an Eyewitness News report.

“I have no words. Like I’m speechless. I’m kind of mad and upset and kind of sad, too,” Jamar, who lives in the town of Fairfield, told the station about the May 7 incident. Jamar’s mother, Judith Medor, said her younger son received a racist video call from students at a different school, Fairfield Ludlowe High School, the weekend after the Snapchat post happened.

The teen who allegedly posted to Snapchat and who has not been identified, was charged with second-degree breach of peace and ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race, Patch reported. The boy was suspended from school for 10 days, the news site said.

An online petition, which had received nearly 30,000 signatures as of Saturday afternoon, is demanding that the school expel the “racist bully.”

[NNN forum thread:]  Connecticut student charged in alleged racial slur incident against classmate

"Sticks and Stones" is an English-language children's rhyme. The rhyme is used as a defense against name-calling and verbal bullying, intended to increase resiliency, avoid physical retaliation and to remain calm and good-living. The full rhyme is usually a variant of: Sticks and stones may break my bones But words shall never hurt me.

    St. John’s professor allegedly fired for reading racial slur from Mark Twain book
In a twist worthy of Mark Twain himself, a St. John’s University professor has been fired for reading a passage containing the N-word from Twain’s anti-slavery novel "Pudd’nhead Wilson" in her "Literature of Satire" class.

Hannah Berliner Fischthal, an adjunct instructor at the Catholic college in Queens for 20 years, uttered the N-word once during a remote class Feb. 10 — after she first explained to students the context of the word and said she hoped it would not offend anyone.

"Mark Twain was one of the first American writers to use actual dialect," Fischthal said. "His use of the ‘N-word’ is used only in dialogues as it could have actually been spoken in the south before the civil war, when the story takes place."

[NNN forum thread:]  Female St. John’s professor allegedly fired for reading "racial slur" (N-word) (nigger) from Mark Twain book "She said she was also criticized for mentioning her family’s experience in the Holocaust during class."

    USURPER BIDEN - "a lying dog-faced pony-soldier"

N.H. Gov. Sununu insists Biden disrespected police with flag directive
usurper Biden CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu says President Joe Biden showed disrespect to law enforcement by not explaining why flags should not be lowered for Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Biden issued a proclamation Monday calling for flags to be lowered to half-staff Saturday in honor of federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have died or been injured in the line of duty. But in an updated proclamation Friday, Biden said flags should remain at full-staff.

Sununu issued a statement Friday night calling the reversal “shocking” and “disrespectful” to law enforcement and their families and saying New Hampshire would lower its flags. “New Hampshire will continue to honor the men and women who have died or been injured in the line of duty by flying flags at half staff on Peace Officers Memorial Day as we have always done, and as is right,” he said.

However, this year the day honoring peace officers coincides with Armed Forces Day, held on the third Saturday in May. And according to the U.S. flag code, “The flag shall be flown at half-staff on Peace Officers Memorial Day, unless that day is also Armed Forces Day.” Sununu said Saturday he also stands with the nation’s armed forces and agrees that it is appropriate to thank them for the service.

“The fact remains that it was a disrespectful act by the president to reverse his directive to lower flags at 6 p.m. the night before, without even an explanation to law enforcement or their families who were expecting for their losses to be honored today, and with no reference made at all to Armed Forces Day,” he said.

    Fort Campbell Soldiers Arrested For Gunrunning. Extremists? No, Black Soldiers From Chicago
black soldier black soldier black soldier CBS has the news about some soldiers arrested by the ATF. Extremists, you ask?
No, they're black soldiers selling guns to black street people in Chicago.

Demarcus Adams, 21; Jarius Brunson, 22; and Brandon Miller, 22, were charged Tuesday with conspiracy and other offenses by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Tennessee.

[NNN forum thread:]  VDARE: black soldiers selling guns to black street people in Chicago.

* Demarcus, Jarius: * Stupid Negro Names

Three Fort Campbell soldiers charged after guns in pipeline traced to Chicago mass shooting

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • The FBI quietly admitted Friday that the 2017 Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field shooting that nearly killed Republican Steve Scalise has been re-classified as “domestic terrorism” carried out by a “domestic violent extremist” targeting Republicans after the bureau previously classified it as “suicide by cop.”

  • Democrat-run cities that "defunded the police" are trying to quietly "refund the police" without anyone knowing... as violence explodes.

  • Several media outlets are reporting that Biden staffers say he's prone to angry outbursts.
    He's an old mobster with dementia.

**********       14 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: BRUTAL 'CRIME' (Black) Convicted murderer ‘cracked woman’s skull with a hatchet
and buried her body underneath a burn pit in his backyard’

BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM SANTA ROSA COUNTY, Fla. -- Deputies found human remains buried in a Bagdad man's backyard following a tip about missing Milton woman Cynthia Hoover, according to an arrest report. Johnny Edwards Malisham, 60, faces homicide charges after authorities found the body buried in the backyard of his home in the 4500-block of Simpson Street.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday morning officials are now working to identify the remains. According to the arrest report, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office received a tip on Sunday saying Malisham killed Hoover with a hatchet and then buried her in the backyard of his home underneath a burn pit. The tip was relayed to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office after originally being told to the Butler County Sheriff's Office in Alabama.

Hoover, 60, was last seen on March 8. Her ransacked car was found two days later along I-10 near mile marker 25. The report states the tip came from a woman who said Malisham tried to get her to help him with the body. The woman has known him for about 15 years.

According to the report, the woman said Malisham told her in March that he killed Hoover by hitting her over the head with a hatchet, cracking open her skull. He then asked the woman to be her lookout as he buried the body -- and threatened her if she refused. The report states the woman says she heard Malisham dragging Hoover's body, which is when she ran away to her home.

The woman told deputies Malisham later said he drove Hoover's car to I-10 near mile marker 25 and abandoned it, according to the report. He then threw her keys in the river. The report states the woman says she refused to go pick up Malisham after he abandoned the car, so he called another woman to do so -- and that woman took him back to his home. Deputies say the woman who picked him up is elderly and did not remember much about this.

According to the report, in discovering the body, several details matched the woman's tip, including Malisham telling her he buried Hoover with her cell phone in her pocket. Neighbor's of Malisham described him to be the perfect friendly neighbor, but are now having second thoughts.

“He was always cutting grass for little old ladies in down, and taking them to do their shopping," said Carol Miller. "He would make mom a red velvet cake, mama would make him an apple cake." Miller lives just two doors down from Malisham. She says when she investigators digging up his backyard, her concern turned into disbelief.

“They just let us know John was safe. We never thought ‘yeah, he’s safe in jail," said Miller. As investigators work to see if the body is in fact Hoover's, neighbors meet the news with empathy for her family.

“It’s just very shocking, very sad," said Miller. "As nice a guy as he was to us, if he did it, I hate it for you son — pay the price.” “It’s up to life in prison, and that’s what I hope he[Malisham] gets. Obviously you take a life, you need to forfeit a life," said Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson. Johnson tells Channel 3 they expect to identify the body sometime on Tuesday.

Report: Buried body discovered after tip about missing Milton woman

[NNN forum thread:]  Milton, FL WF, 60 goes missing: hacheted to death, remains buried by negro


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: 2nd man charged in murder of Moore County hemp farmer at South Carolina airport
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM [UPDATE] HARTSVILLE, S.C. (WBTW) – Authorities have charged a second man in connection with a murder at the Hartsville Airport.

Ronnie James McDougal Jr. is now facing a murder charge. He turned himself in at the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday.

A North Carolina hemp farmer, Christopher Benton McLeod, was killed in the shooting in February at the airport. His father said they had flown to the Hartsville Regional Airport so his son could sell hemp. The McLeods were waiting to hear from the men to make the transaction when the father told his son he had a bad feeling and wanted them to go, according to police. Christopher McLeod then met with the suspects, and the father said he heard a gunshot and his son yell.

Deputies found a small black pistol about five feet away from McLeod, according to the incident report. Deangelo Marquell McFarland also was arrested and charged with murder in March. He faces additional charges of possession of a stolen gun, and drug possession charges, according to booking records. McFarland previously had been arrested in 2017 and charged with attempted murder in connection with a separate shooting.

Arrest made in killing involving hemp in Darlington County

[NNN forum thread:]  NC WM, 29 flies into SC to sell hemp to negros ends up shot to death

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    What We Know About (Black) Lance Lowe, Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Inn’s Killer
black suspect victim name STOCKTON (CBS13) — We are now learning more about the man who shot and killed Stockton police officer Jimmy Inn. Stockton’s police chief called Tuesday’s incident a blatant and sudden attack that started with a domestic violence call. Officer Inn was the first on scene along La Cresta Way.

Inn knocked on 30-year-old Lance Lowe’s door and stood off to the side, police say. Lowe opened the door and then allegedly shot Officer Inn several times. Police say Lowe then exchanged gunfire with another officer who arrived before running back into his home. Cellphone video showed the moment Lowe re-emerged from the home – holding his 8-year-old son by the neck.

A mystery hero then ran in and tackled Lowe, freeing the boy. Lowe was then shot and killed by police. On Wednesday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation released some information about Lowe. Officials said Lowe had been given a five-year sentence in 2018 for a grand theft auto with the use of a firearm case out of Los Angeles County.

Lowe then received 820 pre-sentencing credits, CDCR says, and 37 post-sentencing credits while awaiting transfer. In April 2020, CDCR says Lowe was released to parole supervision.

Officer Inn was a five-year veteran of the Stockton Police Department. He leaves behind a wife, who is also a Stockton police officer, and three children.

BACKUP OFFICER PANCHO Freer arrived on the scene and was shot at by the black felon
Officer PANCHO Freer returned fire and hit the black felon who subsequently died.

(Black) Son murdered his mom, a beloved Syracuse educator. Now, he faces a gamble on his own sanity
black suspect Syracuse, NY -- It’s unique among the dozens of murders awaiting trial in a Syracuse courthouse: a 27-year-old son stabbed his beloved mother and fled town in February 2019, before willingly coming back to face what he’d done.

The family of Darrien Howard and his slain mother, Valerie Crowder, 54, a Syracuse teaching assistant, has taken on the difficult task of grieving Crowder’s death while advocating for Howard’s defense.

That dichotomy has led to a nearly unheard of occurrence: both prosecutor and defense lawyer meet with the family jointly after each court appearance, to explain what’s going on. But after two years of litigation, Howard’s fate may soon be out of all of their hands -- even his own. His case was back in court Thursday.

It was widely assumed that doctors would agree that Howard’s alleged schizophrenia made him insane. Lawyers, a judge and the family all assumed he’d go to a secure psychiatric hospital for long-term treatment. It didn’t quite happen that way. Yes, Howard might be insane, but he might not. The doctors couldn’t agree. He knew enough to flee after stabbing his mother all over her body. But then he confessed to killing her because of voices in his head.

    (Black) Syracuse man wanted for murder caught, charged with stabbing girlfriend to death
black suspect Syracuse, N.Y. — A Syracuse man wanted in connection with the murder of a woman on the city’s Far West Side was arrested Friday, according to Onondaga County Justice Center records. Syracuse police earlier Friday posted on social media that Garin “Gary” Roberts, 55, was wanted for the murder of Kathleen Montreal, 51. The woman, was found dead in her apartment at 1215 Milton Ave. this past Saturday, police said.

Roberts stabbed Montreal, according to a news release issued Friday afternoon by the police department. Roberts, who police identified as Montreal’s boyfriend, was arrested Friday at St. Joseph’s Hospital, police said. Police did not reveal why Roberts was at the hospital or how he was found.

Roberts was charged with second-degree murder and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to jail records. He was being held at the Onondaga County Justice Center with no bail, police said. Roberts, who lists his address as 1074 S. Clinton St., is a Level 3 registered sex offender (the highest level) and has served time in state prison, according to state records and The Post-Standard | Syracuse.com archives.

In 1985, he was convicted of first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse and second-degree assault for an attack on a 23-year-old woman. He served three years in state prison. He returned to state prison in 1990 for second-degree robbery. He served eight years.

    (Black) Man gets 30 years for killing Georgetown man, dumping body in ditch
black suspect GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - A man has been sentenced to 30 years for killing a man then dumping his body in a ditch in Georgetown. On Tuesday 21-year-old Theophilus Xavier Berry of Georgetown pleaded guilty to the charge of murder in connection with the death of 18-year-old Ja’Quan Collins of Georgetown in 2019.

Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said Berry pleaded guilty before the start of his trial. According to prosecutors, in May of 2019 Berry and Collins were driving home from a mutual friend’s house.

The solicitor’s office said an altercation occurred between the two, and Berry shot the victim multiple times before dragging his body into a ditch on the side of the road. “The victim was discovered several days later by a passing motorist who immediately called the police,” officials with the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office said.

The case was initially investigated as a missing person’s case. “Almost immediately the investigation focused on Berry as a suspect because of inconsistent statements, phone records and surveillance footage,” prosecutors said. “After being questioned multiple times in this case, Berry finally admitted to deputies that he shot and killed Collins.”

    (Black) Stranger slashes woman in unprovoked Harlem attack: cops
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim A stranger randomly slashed a 21-year-old woman on a Harlem street, according to police. The victim was walking at West 135th Street and Amsterdam Avenue around 8:10 p.m. April 25 when the assailant suddenly grabbed her from behind and slashed her back and shoulder without saying a word, cops said.

The suspect fled east on West 135th Street, and the victim was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside in stable condition. The suspect, shown in a surveillance image released late Thursday, was still at large Friday.

He appeared in the footage wearing a gray hoodie with a bright green design.

[NNN forum thread:]  (BLACK) Stranger slashes woman in unprovoked Harlem attack: cops

    (Black) CRIME: Man stabbed, robbed of e-bike in Tompkins Square Park
black suspect wounded victim A man was stabbed and robbed of his e-bike in Tompkins Square Park Thursday afternoon, police said. The 55-year-old victim was sitting on a bench in the East Village park at around 4:30 p.m., and got up when a man he knew approached him, according to cops and law enforcement sources.

“Sit your ass down, you are not leaving,” the perp snarled, before grabbing the bike and knifing the victim, according to the sources. The attacker took off on the bike and headed eastbound on East 7th Street, sources said.

He was described as dark-skinned, 5’9″ and 180 pounds, and clean shaven, with brown eyes and wearing brown pants and a black hat. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a puncture wound in the left hip/groin area, and was expected to survive, police said. [NNN forum thread:]  Man stabbed, robbed of e-bike in Tompkins Square Park

    Recognize these black carjackers? Uber carjacking suspects wanted by Houston police
black suspect

    (Black) Escambia County Man Facing 93 Felony Fraud Counts For Contracting Without License In Building Five Homes
black suspect chicken thief An Escambia County man is facing 93 felony charges after allegedly engaging in a systematic course of conduct with the intent to defraud multiple people in conjunction with the construction of five houses.

Carl Zarlmane Likely, Sr., was charged with 92 separate third degree felony counts of fraud for false identifying as a contractor, one count of third degree felony fraud obtaining property valued at more than $50,000, and one second degree felony count of dealing in stolen property.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Likely engaged in a systematic course of conduct with the intent to defraud multiple people. He would obtain building supplies purchased with a fraudulent credit card and then use those supplies in the construction of a duplex and four other new builds in Escambia County, according to an arrest report. The supplies were purchased at building supply retailers in Escambia and surrounding counties.

Likely would pull Escambia County permits unders the license of another contactor, the report states. That contractor had listed Likely on their letter of authorization with Escambia County Building Inspections for the purpose of building a duplex on his own property, but the contractor said he was unaware that Likely was pulling additional permits, the report continues.

Investigators obtained a notarized contractor’s final payment affidavit on which Likely identifies himself as the owner of the contracting company. Notices of commencement and building permit applications were completed and signed by Likely identifying him as owner of the building company, according to the report.

Two of the five homes are currently for sale for $185,000 each, and one for $199,000. Likely is also accused of using a fraudulent Green Dot card to purchase nearly $10,000 in shingles. Likely was released from the Escambia County Jail on a $234,000 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  Sneaky, Theiving Coon Arrested for Contracting Fraud

    BLACK SUPREMACIST 'Democrat' DOMESTIC TERRORIST NEGRESS Maxine Waters among lawmakers accused
of using air marshals as a ‘concierge service’
Maxine Toliet Waters In response to those requests, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allegedly began pulling marshals from flights deemed “high-risk” so that they could protect members of Congress instead.

One of those was Waters, who flew from Washington to Minneapolis last month during the late stages of the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of St. George Floyd to agitate the brainwashed BLM-antifa useful idiots.

Three days after Waters’ flight, air marshal union president David Londo complained to the Department of Homeland Security inspector general that putting marshals on flights “simply because a member of Congress requests it is an egregious misuse of government resources . . . It has become akin to a type of extremely expensive concierge service for Congressional members.”

  Biden holds West Wing meeting with six illegal alien immigrants, 'We are home'
invasion invasion invasion President Biden invited a group of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program recipients in the Oval Office Friday amid a push for immigration reform in Washington.

Biden, facing a mounting migrant crisis at the southern border, is working to extend the DACA program, an Obama-era effort to protect people who were brought to the U.S. as children, which came under fire during the Trump administration.

Six DACA recipients, sometimes called "Dreamers," (or "Wetback Nightmares") were invited to the White House meeting.

    CHINESE Suspected killer of Yale graduate student smirks in mugshot
suspect name suspect name victim name The suspect accused of killing a Yale graduate student smirked for his mugshot following his arrest Friday in Alabama. Mustachioed alleged killer Qinxuan Pan cracked a slight smile in his jail-issued orange jumpsuit in the photo. Pan, a grad student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, allegedly gunned down Kevin Jiang, 26, on a New Haven, Connecticut, street on Feb. 6.

[NNN forum thread:]  CHINESE Suspected killer of CHINESE Yale graduate student smirks in mugshot

  Biden approves millions of dollars in new aid for Palestinians
Former President Trump took a tough stand against the Palestinian leadership noting that such aid to that group has often ended up in the hands of terrorists and their families.

Trump was also critical of the fact that Palestinian leaders used the money to make themselves millionaires at the expense of keeping the Palestinian people in poverty.
The Biden administration has announced $130 million in assistance to the Palestinians.

Biden’s New Asst Sec of State Worked for Islamic Terror State That Funds Hamas


    Jesus statue toppled, American flag burned in NYC church attack
The incident occurred around 10 p.m. Thursday when an unknown person hopped the fence at St. Athanasius Church on Bay Parkway at 61st Street in Bensonhurst, police said. The vandal pushed over a statue of Jesus’s crucifixion, breaking it into pieces, and torched an American flag hanging outside the rectory, according to cops.

[NNN forum thread:]  Jesus statue toppled, American flag burned in NYC church attack A statue of Jesus was smashed and an American flag burned outside a Catholic church in Brooklyn — in what cops are calling a possible hate crime.

BIDEN in psychotic attempt to 'CANCEL' Trump from American History - revokes order to protect statues & US Flag
Trump derangement syndrome

Biden - out of TRUMP-a-PHOBIA or Trump derangement syndrome revokes Trump order to stop statue lynching
President Biden on Friday signed an executive order revoking two measures issued by former President Trump over the summer in response to commie-and-black-supremcist protests against imaginary "racial injustice" and targeted monuments of "controversial" HEROES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, past U.S. Presidents and Caucasian European Explorers and Catholic Missionaries.

Biden's order revokes multiple Trump actions, including one that prioritized punishment for those caught vandalizing statues or monuments, as well as an order that established a "National Garden of American Heroes" that called for erecting statues of hundreds of prominent Americans.

    "It's a free country" (not) - Americans have the Right of Freedom of Speech (not)
Dad who launched race rant in tony New Jersey town arrested outside school

A dad went on a rambling tirade about minority fathers and black-on-black violence at a school board meeting in a tony New Jersey town — and ended up being hauled off in cuffs days later outside a local school. Robert Vessechia, a 55-year-old Chatham resident and former local youth football coach, was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing May 7 after he refused to leave the township high school and became “verbally abusive” with staff, according to cops.

Chatham police said in a statement that Vessechia was “causing a disturbance” outside his son’s school and had been told “numerous times that he was not wanted on school property, including the Board of Education Building, but he ignored their requests to leave.”

[NNN forum thread:]  Dad who launched race rant in tony New Jersey town arrested outside school

    Biden revokes Trump order for 'Garden of heroes'
President Biden on Friday signed an executive order revoking two measures issued by former President Trump over the summer in response to protests against racial injustice that targeted monuments of controversial Americans.

Biden's order revokes multiple Trump actions, including one that prioritized punishment for those caught vandalizing statues or monuments, as well as an order that established a "National Garden of American Heroes" that called for erecting statues of hundreds of prominent Americans.

The order signed Friday also revokes a May 2020 order signed by Trump that directed federal agencies to review Section 230, a law that provides protections to social media companies. The move came as Trump and his allies fumed over social media censorship when Twitter began violating the free speech of the American President Trump. He repeatedly called for jail time for those who were caught damaging statues, and he visited Mount Rushmore ahead of the Fourth of July to denounce cancel culture and share his plans for the Garden of Heroes. The order called for the garden to be built by July 4, 2026. But with Biden's order on Friday, the park will not be constructed.

    City of Columbus, Ohio, and (dead black man's) family agree to $10 million settlement over his death

How much was the family of black man (George Floyd) paid by Minneapolis? - ($27 Million)

What was the most ever paid for the wrongful death of a black man?

Here's a list of settlements paid to the families of Black people killed where police involved
George Floyd      - $27   million
Breonna Taylor    - $12   million
Andre Hill        - $10   million
Walter Scott      - $ 6.5 million 
Freddie Gray      - $ 6.4 million 
Tamir Rice        - $ 6   million 
LaQuan McDonald   - $ 5   million
Eric Garner       - $ 6   million
Philando Castile  - $ 3   million
Stephon Clark     - $ 2.4 million
Michael Brown Jr. - $ 1.5 million
What are the average life-time earnings of an African-Ameerican man?
Average Net Worth For African American
According to the Urban Institute, the average net worth of African Americans is $19,049
compared to $130,472 for Whites, and $12,329 for Hispanics.

What is the average yearly income for a black man? Black Median Household income: $41,361

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  Inside Communist China’s Plan to Control the Global Internet—Chin - (video)
According to recently leaked Chinese government documents, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has laid out a plan for the Chinese Communist Party to control the global internet.

So what is the Chinese regime’s three-pronged strategy to get there? And what would an internet controlled by the Chinese regime look like?

China's plan to take over the global internet

Xi plans to take over global internet, end free speech, censor everyone

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays Out Plan to Control Global Internet: Leaked Documents

China’s Plan to Dominate the Internet

China’s Got a New Plan to Overtake the U.S. in Tech

Is China Taking Over the Internet?

What Will Happen When China Takes Control Of Your Internet?

China says its Mars rover could land this weekend

**********       13 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (White) Man shot & killed in Brooklyn Park: police actively searching for suspect
black suspect WHITE VICTIM BROOKLYN PARK, Md. — Police are actively searching for the suspect responsible for shooting and killing a man Wednesday night in Brooklyn Park. At a little before 8:30 p.m., Anne Arundel County Police arrived to the 400 block of Townsend Avenue for a report of a shooting.

Upon their arrival, officers found a man lying in the roadway suffering from apparent gunshot wounds. The victim, 29-year-old Christopher Lee Lombr, from Baltimore, was transported to a local trauma hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The investigation revealed that Lombr was walking down Townsend Avenue when a verbal argument occurred with a black male. During the argument, the suspect shot Lombr. The suspect, wearing a black and white hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and shoes, ran on Townsend Avenue, heading towards the Baltimore City area.

Police Looking For Suspect Who Fatally Shot Christopher Lee Lombr In Brooklyn Park

[NNN forum thread:]  WM, 29 shot dead in Brooklyn Park, MD by negro


    (White) NYPD cop shot three times in Brooklyn; (Black) suspect in custody
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME A uniformed NYPD cop was shot three times — including once in the bulletproof vest — during a shootout with a known gang member in Brooklyn on Wednesday night, police said.

The incident unfolded around 11:15 p.m. at Macon Street and Howard Avenue in Bushwick, when two police officers and a sergeant assigned to the 81st Precinct were inside an unmarked car when they spotted a man “walking briskly” and “blading his body,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said at a morning press conference.

The officers got out of the car to investigate — at which time the man pulled “a firearm, turns on the officers and begins to shoot,” Shea said.

“The sergeant in the auto does not fire his weapon, and again this is all preliminary,” the top cop added. “One of the officers fires 12 rounds. One of the officers fires nine rounds. The officer that fires nine rounds — and we’re not identifying him at this time as we complete notifications — is struck, we believe, three times.”

The officer — identified Thursday as Brian McGurran, who has four years on the job and is assigned to the 81st Precinct — was shot in the bulletproof vest, which stopped the round, as well as the buttocks and right leg, Shea said. He was taken to Kings County Hospital Center.

“The officer, thank God, is here,” the commissioner said. “He is well, and he is expected to make a full recovery.” The suspect, identified by police sources as 26-year-old Boyce Hayward, a known gang member, was struck once in the leg. He was arrested on scene, and a gun was recovered.

NYPD cop wounded in Brooklyn shootout cheered as he leaves hospital

[NNN forum thread:]  NYPD cop shot three times in Brooklyn; (black) suspect in custody


    (Black) Sodomite arrested in Mississippi for murder of his queer 'boyfriend'
black suspect DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. — A Douglas County man has been arrested in Mississippi and charged with shooting and killing his boyfriend in Douglasville, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 3900 block of Swooping Court Tuesday morning where they found a man who had been shot and killed. His identity has not yet been released.

Deputies were also able to determine that the victim’s car was missing. A short time later, investigators named V’Daul Devontae Malik Guyton, 24, who was reported to be the victim’s HOMO-boyfriend, as a suspect.

Later that afternoon, Guyton had been located and arrested in Forrest County, Mississippi. He was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and theft of a motor vehicle. Douglas County investigators are continuing their investigation in Mississippi.

Guyton is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail.

* V’Daul Devontae Malik: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Down low negro arrested in Mississippi for boyfriend’s Douglasville, GA murder

    (Black) Crime: Philadelphia Police Searching For 4 Suspects In Shooting Homicide Of Sebastian Brown
black suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are new leads in the search for suspects in the deadly Mother’s Day weekend violence in Philadelphia. But as the city looks forward to progress made against coronavirus, police say trends are far less promising in the fight against crime.

New images released Wednesday afternoon show four men who police believe are responsible for the murder of 20-year-old Sebastian Brown on the 1700 block of West Ruscomb Street on Saturday eve

ning. Law enforcement officials say the group hopped out of a silver Outlander just before 8 p.m. and went after both the driver and Brown, who was in the front passenger seat.

[NNN forum thread:]  Philly Police Searching For 4 Suspooks In Shooting Homicide Of (black) over VIOLENT weekend

Homicides are now up 34%, and so are domestic violence-related killings.

black suspect Homicide detectives say the active search for 23-year-old Justin Smith continues. He’s accused of killing his girlfriend Dianna Brice, who was pregnant with his baby boy. He should be considered armed and dangerous. There is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

WPVI – Philadelphia FBI releases more details on suspect in murder of Dianna Brice

Police renew call for help finding Justin Smith, wanted for murder of pregnant girlfriend

[NNN forum thread:]  CORPSE of missing Pregnant Woman found - black 'baby-daddy' now Person of Interest

    (Black) Killer Found Dead In Prison Cell; He Was Convicted Of Strangling Woman, Torching Her Home
black suspect An Atmore man sentenced to life in prison for a 2013 strangulation death was found dead in his prison cell. Collis McCaster, now 48, was found unresponsive in his private cell at 8:20 a.m. Sunday at the William Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama. He was pronounced deceased at 8:45 a.m.

“At this time there is no evidence of trauma or foul play and an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and manner of the death,” Jefferson County Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates stated in a report obtained by NorthEscambia.com. McCaster was originally charged with capital murder but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of murder for the death of 60-year old Mildred Jackson Morris.

Firefighters responded a call of smoke coming from Morris’ home at 227 Adams Street in Atmore about 5:20 a.m. on June 8, 2013. Once the fire was contained and firefighters were able to enter the residence, the remains of Morris were found on the living room couch where family members stated she normally slept. Morris was pronounced deceased at the scene by medical personnel. Fire officials said the fire was contained mostly to the living room of the home.

McCaster was arrested a few hours later. He underwent a polygraph test and confessed to the crime. Collis McCaster was convicted of murdering a woman then torching her home on Adams Street in Atmore in June 2013.

[NNN forum thread:]  Murderous Spook Lynches Himself in Prison

    (Black) Songwriter J. Wright Arrested For Allegedly Killing His Girlfriend
black suspect Songwriter J. Wright has been arrested for allegedly killing 20-year-old Wilanna Bibbs, a woman he was dating at the time. According to Yahoo News, Justin Wright 31, was arrested in Davenport, Iowa earlier this week.

After responding to calls of a domestic disturbance, police found Bibbs’ body on Sunday. She had suffered a gunshot wound before her passing. Wright was immediately detained. His cash-only bond has been set at $500,000. According to OurQuadCities, Wright, who is originally from Atlanta, appeared before the judge on Monday morning, after requesting a court-appointed attorney.

Wright told the judge, “I’m not making anything right now. All my belongings were stolen in November.” Wright testified that he had been sleeping in hotels. Apparently this is a far cry from where he’s been. Wright has written songs for some of today’s biggest UNKNOWN artists.

Since the news of his split has gone public, one of Bibbs’ family members told The Neighborhood Talk, this was far from the first time he had become violent with her. In fact, their relationship was riddled with abuse and toxic behavior. “They were dating and Justin manipulated & controlled her, she was trying to leave. His mother bought her a ticket to come back to her son,” the family member said.

    (Black) Ga. Mom Is Fatally Shot by Boyfriend at Her Workplace Before He Turns Gun on Himself
black suspect The mother of a Georgia woman who was fatally shot by her boyfriend at her place of work before the man turned the gun on himself expressed her heartbreak online — and urged others to be more aware of domestic violence.

"This was so unexpected for our family," wrote Alyson-Renee Johnson, the mother of slain 27-year-old Leilani Billingsley, on a GoFundMe page for her daughter. "I'm asking all if that you or your daughter is in a bad situation please help them."

On Monday, at about 11 a.m. Paul Sullivan, 38, assaulted Billingsley, the mother of a 6-year-old girl, before he killed her and then himself, Cobb police said, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Police said the incident occurred in the rear parking lot of the Riverside EpiCenter, where Billingsley and Sullivan were found dead from gunshot wounds, the paper reported.

"Based on eyewitnesses and video information obtained by detectives at the scene, it was determined that Mr. Sullivan had physically assaulted Ms. Billingsley before shooting her," Cobb police spokesman Sgt. Wayne Delk said in an emailed statement to the paper. "He then turned the handgun on himself and shot his sinfull self (dead)."


ANGRY BLACK FEMALE 'Person' arrested for attacking Asian woman with hammer in NYC
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim A homeless woman was arrested on Wednesday for the hammer attack on two Asian women in Hell’s Kitchen earlier this month, police said.

Ebony Jackson, 37, was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing in the chilling May 4th incident, cops said.

The victims were walking on 42nd Street near 9th Avenue at around 8:40 p.m. when the stranger approached them and yelled “Take off your mask!” She then allegedly swung a hammer at the women, hitting one of them on the left side of the face, according to the NYPD.

The 31-year-old victim suffered a gash on her forehead and was treated at NYU Langone Hospital.

[NNN forum thread:]  ANGRY BLACK FEMALE 'Person' arrested for attacking Asian woman with hammer in NYC


(Black) 11-year-old, 17-year-old arrested in attack, robbery of older Asian man in San Leandro
black suspect wounded victim SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KGO) -- An 11-year-old and 17-year-old have been arrested in the attack and robbery of an 80-year-old Asian man in San Leandro, police said Wednesday. San Leandro PD says the suspects were arrested Wednesday around 1:50 p.m.

"We are thankful that we were able to capture these juveniles safely and expeditiously," said Lieutenant Ali Khan. Video shows the man being attacked in his own driveway last Saturday, as one of the suspects waiting in a getaway car. "Additionally, the 11-year-old male was driving a carjacking vehicle that was stolen on May 10 in Oakland," police said.

Sources tell ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim, the 11-year-old boy has an extensive criminal history. On April 12, he was arrested for committing several robberies and carjackings. Sources say there are at least two more robbery sprees he was involved in before as well. According to those sources, after he was arrested on Wednesday he was released into the custody of his mother due to his age.

Detectives with the police department are looking into other crimes the 11-year-old and 17-year-old may be associated with. They say a similar car was seen in a strong-armed robbery in San Leandro less than two hours later after this attack. The victim in that incident is described as a younger woman who was robbed of her purse.

As for the 80-year-old man, he sustained minor injuries and was robbed of a watch in the incident. He believes the assault was racially motivated.

[NNN forum thread:]  11-year-old, 17-year-old negro youf arrested in attack, robbery of Asian man. 80 in San Leandro, CA


NYPD investigates two more anti-Asian bias assaults in Big Apple
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim A 23-year-old nurse was hit on the head with a cane and a 21-year-old was slugged in the face in two more unprovoked subway attacks on Asian Americans in the Big Apple, cops said Thursday. Both incidents are being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crime Task Force, cops said.

The nurse was on her way to work at St. Luke’s Hospital around 6:50 a.m. Wednesday when she got off the train at 116th Street and Broadway in Morningside Heights and was hit on the head and hip with a cane by a mask-less stranger on the platform, cops said. The woman told cops she was standing near a pillar in the station when her attacker, a short “dark man about 5-foot-4 and 150 pounds,” struck her with the cane, according to police.

No words were exchanged, police said. Then, around 8:30 a.m., the 21-year-old was aboard an F train at Queens Boulevard and 75th Avenue when a 29-year-old man she didn’t know walloped her in the face, cops said.

“He was acting erratic and then he just walked up to her and punched her in the face,” a police source said. Good Samaritans who witnessed the attack held the man until police officers arrived, cops said.

Andres Gonzalez, 29, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault as a hate crime, cops said. He has five prior arrests — the most recent on June 25, 2019, for petit larceny, a police source said. Before that, he was arrested for possessing a forged instrument for allegedly selling swipes from an altered MetroCard, a police source said. He also had drug paraphernalia on him, the sources said.

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NYPD investigates two more anti-Asian bias assaults in Big Apple

    (Black) CRIME: ‘Just Really Shaken Up’: CBS4 Crew Attacked On South Beach
While Working Story About Efforts To Cut Down On Violence There

SUSPECT-NAME MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A CBS4 news crew was attacked on South Beach Wednesday night while working on a story. Fortunately, CBS4 Reporter Bobeth Yates and Photojournalist Ebenezer Mends are OK. “Just really shaken up. Been reporting for a very long time, don’t want to date myself, but about 20 years, and I’ve never been attacked like this on a story,” Yates recalled. “The ironic part was we were actually covering crime on South Beach.”

The two were in South Beach to report on the Miami Beach City Commission passing a resolution to stop alcohol sales past 2 a.m. in the city’s entertainment district as a way to curb unruly behavior. “An entertainment-only district has giving us something we just can’t control,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber at the vote.

Working on the story for the 11 p.m. newscast, Mends noticed a fight near 5 Street and Ocean Drive at around 9 p.m. Mends began recording, which prompted a group to come over and demand not to be filmed. One man placed his hands on Mends’ camera as more people started to show up. Yates intervened once there were about five people surrounding Mends, telling them to back away and that Mends would not stop recording. Someone then knocked Mends’ camera down, temporarily causing it to black out.

Yates dialed police and she followed the people that harassed her and Mends. Just a short time later, Mends’ camera was struck by two different people before the crowd began to disperse.

At some point during the incident, Yates and Mends had what they believe was alcohol thrown at them. Responding Miami Beach police officers ended up detaining two subjects near 7 Street and Ocean Drive. The subjects are now facing charges for felony criminal mischief and battery.

[NNN forum thread:]  Miami CBS4 Crew Attacked On South Beach By Monkeys & Mudsharks

    (Black 'TRANS' 'wasman') sexual-psycho deviant PLEADS GUILTY TO ROBBING BANK FOR PLASTIC SURGERY MONEY
black suspect She is believed to have stolen the money to fund her plastic surgery procedures A woman from the US state of Alabama has pleaded guilty to two charges of robbery, while authorities believe she intended to use the stolen money to pay for plastic surgery.

The charges of robbery related to an incident at a BancorpSouth bank in Mississippi in March 2019. Iconic Facce, a transgender (wasman), used the stolen money to get plastic surgery in Mexico, where she had procedures carried out on her lips, cheeks and nose.

The trial was due to start in June, however Facce asked her lawyer to give a 'guilty' plea ahead of the planned trial date. Facce's offering of a guilty plea comes after two years of discussions between the court and her attorney. Circuit Judge Randi Peresich Mueller has this week sentenced the defendant to 15 years in prison for each charge to be served concurrently.

District Attorney Crosby Parker said: "We commended the Gulfport Police Department and their steadfast work in identifying, locating and apprehending this defendant. Their work is evidenced by this defendant requesting to plead guilty prior to the trial date. The sentence handed down by the court holds the defendant accountable for her actions and assists in providing closure to the victims of this crime."

On 22 March 2019, police were called to a local branch of BancorpSouth bank in Mississippi. Officers were told by staff at the bank that Iconic Facce had entered the bank on Cowan Road to steal money. Facce handed the female teller a note which contained an ominous threat and ordered the bank to hand over a large sum of money. The teller then complied and handed Facce the money.

Following the incident, media outlets posted images taken from BancorpSouth bank's security cameras in attempt to find the suspect. Facce, who lived in Ashford, Alabama, was arrested by police eight days after the robbery at Houston International Airport, on her return from Mexico.

Facce Surname - Most prevalent in Brasil
- Highest density in Uruguay


[NNN forum thread:]  Trans Nigger allegedly used stolen money to pay for plastic surgery pleads guilty to robbing bank

    At least half a dozen more victims of gun violence reported overnight in NYC
At least half a dozen people were shot across the Big Apple overnight, police said Thursday — as the surging gun violence shows no signs of slowing.

One of the incidents was fatal — and allegedly involved the gang member accused of opening fire on NYPD officers in Brooklyn around 11:15 p.m. Sources said Boyce Hayward is suspected in a shooting just minutes earlier in Bushwick that left a 28-year-old man dead and a 21-year-old man hospitalized.

Both victims — who sources said were members of the Crips gang — were shot multiple times in the torso inside a white BMW SUV before the suspect fled. The fatal encounter adds to the soaring number of shootings so far this year, which has seen more than 450 shooting incidents with over 500 victims of gunplay.

[NNN forum thread:]  Re: NYC TNB - At least half a dozen more victims of gun violence reported overnight in NYC

    Police release sketch of Hispanic suspect who killed (White) teen in Mesa
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A search is underway for those involved in the shooting death of a 17-year-old boy in Mesa. Investigators say Joseph Seibold was shot in the area of Third Drive and Chestnut, which is just north of Broadway Road, on Feb. 17 around 10:30 p.m. He later died.

The two suspects are on the loose, but the police only have a description of one of them. He's Hispanic in his late teens with dark brown eyes and is thin.

Mesa police asking for help to identify 2 homicide suspects


[NNN forum thread:]  Hispanic: Mesa police asking for help to identify 2 homicide suspics

  Illegal alien invaders attempting Rio Grande crossing into US nabbed by Mexican Marines, video shows
invasion invasion invasion

  BLACK MUSLIM Man admits to helping create bomb-making videos for Islamic State
A man who believed he was giving instructions to the Islamic State on how to create a bomb-making video and then posted it online pleaded guilty to a terrorism charge Thursday, federal prosecutors said. Romeo Xavier Langhorne, 31, of St. Augustine, Florida, and then Roanoke, Virginia, pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to provide material support and resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida said.

A plea agreement does not spell out a recommended prison term, but the charge carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. A request for comment from his attorney was not immediately returned Thursday evening. The charge centers around videos about how to use TATP, an explosive, in bombs.

Langhorne admitted pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, which is also known as ISIS, and then in late 2018 expressing an interest in Internet chat rooms on making a video to help people make bombs out of TATP, an explosive.


    Former MSNBC host Toure says its OK to punch an old man to death if he calls you the 'n-word'

After a 77-year-old was killed in Florida, Toure took to Twitter and suggested using racial slurs essentially deserved a death sentence. Does he not realize that a world where speech is violence would lead to societal collapse?

Racism is evil, and racism has led to a great many tragedies within the United States. No sane man enjoys hearing about it happening. However, the comments and nasty language that accompanies hatred cannot be an excuse for violence.

That is, unless you’re former MSNBC host Toure Neblitt. He thinks that if you hurl a racial epithet at someone they have every right to kill you where you stand. And why are they allowed to take a life? Because in Toure’s (mind?) words are violence.

    Justices consider hearing a case on 'most offensive word'

    ANOTHER INNOCENT WHITE BOY - CANCELLED - abases himself and prostrates self before BLACK PC THUG GODS

‘American Idol’ finalist Caleb Kennedy out after KKK-themed video surfaces
“American Idol” top-five finalist Caleb Kennedy has left the show after a video surfaced showing him next to someone wearing what appears to be a Ku Klux Klan hood.

[NNN forum thread:]  ‘American Idol’ finalist Caleb Kennedy out after KKK-themed video surfaces

    School under fire for lesson that claimed George Floyd died of heart attack
A New York high school teacher is under fire after she told students George Floyd died of a heart attack and drug overdose. English teacher Hope Antonelli made the claim about Floyd as part of a ninth-grade English assignment on Friday, The Times Herald-Record reported.

The assignment asked students to “create a bold topic/thematic sentence.” “George Floyd did not die because (Derek) Chauvin’s knee was on his neck,” said the assignment, which has since made the rounds on social media. “He died from a heart attack and drug overdose. However, because Chauvin used excessive force and failed to render aid, he was convicted on all three counts by a jury of his peers. (Arrest was over a counterfeit $20 bill).”

[NNN forum thread:]  School under fire for lesson that claimed George Floyd died of heart attack

    Anti-Muslim graffiti spray-painted on Brooklyn mosque
The apparent bias attack comes amid ongoing protests in the Big Apple over the Israel-Palestinian conflict — and weeks after a vandal used stones to break windows at several Bronx Jewish centers.

The Jewish Center, Chabad of Riverdale, Young Israel of Riverdale and Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale were all hit with rocks back in April.

    New York City Teachers union chief complains too many Asians, too many Whites at HS

American Federation of Teachers president (((Randi Weingarten))) critiqued standardize testing Thursday — and specifically cited the racial makeup of heavily Asian Stuyvesant High School as an example of what’s wrong with the system.

“If you need proof of the limitations of standardized tests, consider that of the 750 students admitted to New York Citys acclaimed Stuyvesant High School this coming fall, only eight are Black and 20 are Latino,” she said during an address. “Similar trends are seen at other selective public high schools requiring admissions exams.”

Along with the city’s other seven specialized high schools, Stuyvesant admits applicants based solely on the results of a single entrance exam. That process has long produced a largely Asian student body and they comprised 65 percent of those admitted this year.

Whites were second at 20 percent followed by Hispanics 2.7 percent. Only eight offers — or 1 percent — went to black students, according to DOE figures.

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • Four news sources are reporting that Palm Beach officials, tied to Biden's brother, are plotting ways to ARREST President Trump at Mar-a-Lago if Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan DA, indicts him for whatever reason. Ron DeSantis has the power to block extradition from Florida to New York. Communist DAs and AGs all over the country are working overtime to find statutes to arrest President Trump for whatever reason. That happens? There will be civil war. Is that why they're trying to keep us at home?

  • Bloomberg reported that Colonial DID pay a $5 MILLION in ransom on day ONE to the "hackers" to restore their files - in "untraceable" cryptocurrency. They lied. They said they paid no ransom.

    Hmm. Who are the "hackers." Putin said it was not Russia. I'm guessing it's Biden's CIA! How did they know a ransom was paid if it's "untraceable." Perhaps that's why Elon Musk said he was going to stop accepting Bitcoin for payment for Tesla. NOTHING is untraceable. INSIDE JOB.

  • 124 former US Generals wrote a letter saying the election was stolen, Biden is demented and that America is spiraling out of control and headed for full-blown Communism. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army released a new recruitment ad that highlights an LGBTQ parade, a lesbian wedding, and woman with two moms who joined the Army to "shatter stereotypes."

  Greyhound Canada to cut all routes, end operations
TORONTO -- Greyhound Canada is permanently cutting all bus routes across the country, shutting down the intercity bus carrier’s operations in Canada after nearly a century of service.

**********       12 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Police searching for black wanted for murder of (white) alleged drug buyer
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Metro Nashville Police are searching for a murder suspect in the deadly shooting of 36-year-old Tony Williams Jr. MNPD homicide unit detectives have sworn out a warrant charging 31-year-old Eddie Fitzgerald Newsom with criminal homicide.

Witnesses told police the shooting happened during a drug deal Monday morning under the Harding Place Bridge. Newsom parked his 2004 Jeep Cherokee on the shoulder of I-24 west under the bridge near a homeless camp. He allegedly climbed up the angled concrete to buy heroin.

Police say when Williams returned from leaving to go get the drugs, Newsom shot Williams. Both of the men made it into Newsom's Jeep. The Jeep traveled a short distance on I-24 west to the Briley Parkway exit where police say Newsom dumped Williams onto the grassy shoulder of the interstate. The Jeep then exited the interstate onto Briley Parkway and traveled to the Murfreesboro Pike intersection.

Newsom reportedly abandoned the Jeep because of a flat tire. It was later recovered by officers. Anyone seeing Eddie Fitzgerald Newsom, who is last known to have lived in La Vergne, was asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

Tony Williams, Jr., age 36 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread:]  Body of WM, 36 found shot dead off Nashville I-24 after drug transaction with negro

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black charged in fatal shooting of black man, white woman in Cleveland’s Stockyards
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM CLEVELAND, Ohio— A 36-year-old man is accused of killing a man and a woman in the city’s Stockyards neighborhood. Donta Dixon of Cleveland is charged with two counts of aggravated murder. He is not in police custody and a warrant was issued Monday for his arrest.

Dixon is accused of killing Stephanie Lee, 29, of Brooklyn Heights, and Alonszo Lewis, 33, of Medina in a shooting that happened about 1 a.m. March 16 on West 54th Street and Storer Avenue. Residents reported hearing several gunshots. Officers found Lee in the passenger seat with bullet wounds to her chest and neck and Lewis with a gunshot to his neck, according to police reports. Cleveland police have not released a motive for the shooting.

Dixon is also charged with felonious assault in the non-fatal shooting of a 26-year-old woman about 4 p.m. Friday on West 32nd Street and Meyer Avenue. In that case, Dixon is accused of firing an assault rifle at the woman as she drove. Five bullets hit her car and another hit a nearby home, according to police. Dixon and another man initially ran from police, but Dixon doubled back and jumped in a car, according to police. Cleveland police chased Dixon on Interstate 90 until the Carnegie Avenue exit, and the chase was stopped, according to police reports.

He faces separate charges of possessing a weapon with a felony record stemming from a Nov. 1 arrest in Middleburg Heights. He did not show up for his arraignment on April 13 and a warrant was issued for his arrest in that case. Dixon served a five-year prison sentence for aggravated robbery and felonious assault in connection with an armed robbery and shooting of a man in 2012 in Cleveland. He also served a three-year prison sentence for his role in the armed carjacking of an off-duty Cleveland police officer in 2002.

He’s also been convicted of drug trafficking and illegal gun possession.

Stephanie Lee, age 29 - (gunmemorial)

Alonszo Lewis, age 33 - (gunmemorial)

Ohio Prison (DOC) Arrest Records for Inmate DONTA L DIXON

[VINELINK - OFFENDER DATABASE has confirmed that the race of the suspect is BLACKDONTA L DIXON - Custody Record - Age:36 - Gender:Male - Race:Black

[NNN forum thread:] 
Bodies of white wimman & knee grow found shot deff in car in Cleveland; sum Danta charged

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    White grandmother speaks out after news of mixed-race toddler’s murder
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Carrie Howard, Amari Nicholson’s maternal grandmother, has questions after receiving the devastating news of her grandson’s murder. Her questions are directed at her daughter, Tayler Nicholson, the 2-year-old’s mother.

“There’s more. There are just too many holes,” said Howard. “Why in the five days did you not video chat with my grandson on the phone with me other than Friday night from the airport?” She also told 8 News Now that no matter the circumstance, it didn’t have to end like this.

But in the end, she said no matter what was happening, her daughter would not leave Terrell Rhodes, the man arrested in the boy’s killing. “She had my house, she had two other people in Vegas that would have taken him, so he didn’t have to stay with Terrell,” Howard said.

She shares losing her grandson is the worst pain she has ever felt in her entire life, as she will now look to the sky knowing that Amari is looking down. “The only thing I can say is that my grandson will no longer be abused. He’ll no longer be hurt, and he can watch over us from now on and I will never be the same after losing him,” Howard said.

Nicholson is Howard’s eldest daughter, and Amari was her only grandchild.

White Mother's black boyfriend faces murder charge in disappearance of 2-year-old boy

Crime Chicken Fried - Facebook comments - Warning LANGUAGE "My bf beat my baby to death because he peed his pants"

[NNN forum thread:]  Las Vegas smoke jumper deletes her Faceberg after her buck tenderizes a mixed, 2 to deff

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Army soldier charged with murder opened fire at Cleveland New Year’s Eve party after cousin was attacked, prosecutor says
black suspect CLEVELAND, Ohio — A New Year’s Eve 2018 triple slaying in which a U.S. Army soldier is charged with murder began when a man attacked the soldier’s cousin, a prosecutor said during opening statements delivered Wednesday. When Tevin Biles-Thomas and his cousin Devaughn Gibson arrived at a party at an AirBnB rental, someone immediately grabbed Gibson by his shirt collar and pushed him up against the refrigerator, sparking a firefight that left three people, including Gibson, dead.

Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Gregory Mussman told jurors that Biles-Thomas was the first to pull his gun and the first to open fire on DelVaunte Johnson and Toshaun Banks, ultimately killing them both. Johnson returned fire in self-defense before he was killed and shot and killed Gibson, Mussman said. “From grabbing a shirt to guns,” Mussman said.

Defense attorney Joseph Patituce told jurors in his opening statement that prosecutors don’t have enough evidence to prove that Biles-Thomas fired a single shot that night, let alone to convince the jurors to convict Biles-Thomas of murder. The comments came during opening statements in the trial of Biles-Thomas, a 26-year-old U.S. Army soldier who is also the brother of U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. Biles-Thomas is charged with murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault and perjury, and faces life in prison if he is convicted.

Simone Biles’ brother was on active duty in the Army, busted after cheek swab - August 30, 2019

    Police searching for (black) suspect wanted in deadly shooting of (black) woman
black suspect victim name PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland police are asking for the public's help locating a man wanted in connection with the shooting death of 30-year-old Breauna White. On May 5, at about 10:41 a.m., officers responded to a report of shots near North Willamette Boulevard and North Charleston Avenue.

Police said White was found dead inside an apartment. The medical examiner determined she died of gunshot wounds and ruled her death a homicide. According to police, 30-year-old Henry Deondrae Brogdon is wanted in connection with White's death. He has a warrant for second-degree murder.

Police said Brogdon's whereabouts are currently unknown. Anyone who knows his exact whereabouts or sees him is asked to avoid contact and call 911.

    Police release video of two blacks of interest in slaying of Israeli man
black suspect black suspect victim name BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Efraim Gordon, 31, was in Baltimore last week for a cousin’s wedding. He was shot and killed in north Baltimore while standing on his aunt and uncle’s doorstep in the 3700 block of Fords Lane. Now, police need help finding out who’s responsible and released new surveillance video of two men they said are persons of interest. The men were walking through a gas station parking lot just before 1 a.m. May 3.

“It would bring closure if we knew whoever committed this crime is off the street,” said Sarah Marshall, Gordon’s cousin. “We don’t know what the motive or what happened that night but what we do know is we want justice.” Marshall said her 31-year-old cousin took his first flight to America for a family wedding and one week later she said he is now leaving in a coffin.

“He was the kindest soul that I ever met in my life. We don’t have any answers, we don’t know what the motive was or what really happened that night but what we do know is we want justice,” she said. Ella Gordon, Efraim Gordon’s sister, spoke to Israel National News, expressing her confusion and disbelief that something so horrific and sudden took her brother’s life.

“Nothing was stolen he had his watch, his passport, his ID, the bag, money,” she said. Community members are outraged by the violence, saying things seem to be getting worse and worse, and killings are becoming more and more frequent.

“Nobody should do something like this. Nobody should die like this. This is America,” said a man holding up a reward poster in the city. Investigators have not given a motive in the case.

“The police department has been very thorough in having detectives combing through every piece of evidence and that’s what’s key to solving crimes,” said Councilmember Yitzy Schleifer. There is a $30,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.

[NNN forum thread:]  Israeli yid visiting Baltimore shoahed by 2 coons

    (Black) Phoenix man accused of shooting 2 people in monthlong string of armed robberies
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – The Phoenix Police Department says it has arrested a 29-year-old man connected to a series of armed robberies, including two in which victims were shot.

Trey Waters, 29, faces various charges, including a count of attempted murder, five counts of aggravated assault, and three counts of armed robbery. Sgt. Ann Justus said he was armed when officers took him into custody.

All three of the armed robberies happened in the past month – the first the morning of April 12, the second the afternoon of April 25, and the most recent on the morning May 9.

[NNN forum thread:]  Phoenix spook shot 2 people in monthlong string of armed robberies


Beverly Hills police, FBI announce arrest of 3 men in chaotic armed robbery that left woman wounded
black suspect BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- Three known gang members have been arrested in connection with a chaotic March 4 robbery and shooting at a Beverly Hills restaurant, police and FBI officials announced Wednesday.

A woman was shot in the leg and wounded in the incident, whose aftermath was captured on surveillance video as frightened patrons and employees ran for cover outside Il Pastaio in the 400 block of North Canon Drive.

At a Wednesday morning news conference, Beverly Hills Police Chief Dominick Rivetti identified the suspects in custody as: Malik Lamont Powell, 20, Khai McGhee, a.k.a. "Cameron Smith," 18, and Marquise Anthony Gardon, 30. All three are South Los Angeles residents and documented members of the Rollin '30s Crips street gang, Rivetti said.

They were taken into custody at various locations across Southern California on Tuesday, authorities said. Their initial appearances in U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

"This robbery was the definition of bold and brazen, occurring on one of the busiest intersections in the city Beverly Hills -- if not in the county of Los Angeles -- with 40 people watching," Rivetti said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Diners flee swanky Beverly Hills restaurant: tree niggers steal $500k watch, shoot WF patron

    Four shot, including two teens, in series of NYC shootings

    Black Suspect in Times Square shooting that injured WF, child arrested in FLORIDA
black suspect WHITE VICTIM The gunman wanted in connection with the brazen Times Square shooting — which left a 4-year-old girl and two others injured — was arrested in Florida Wednesday after he first was spotted buying dog food in North Carolina the day before, law enforcement sources told The Post.

Farrakhan Muhammad, a career criminal, was collared by US Marshals and members of the NYPD’s Regional Fugitive Task Force in Jacksonville Wednesday morning when he pulled into the parking lot of a McDonald’s on South Walnut Street sources said. The bust came less than 24 hours after the NYPD released a new photo of the 31-year-old illegal CD peddler.

Muhammad fled the Big Apple in the hours after the broad daylight shooting on Saturday, his girlfriend in tow. He first stopped by a single-room occupancy hotel on West 42nd Street to change his clothes before heading for the Sunshine State with his gal pal in a black SUV with phony New Jersey plates, according to sources.

    'HISPANIC' Colombian drug kingpin pleads guilty in NYC court to mass cocaine production
A Colombian drug kingpin pleaded guilty in New York Wednesday to producing more than 4,500 kilos of cocaine in laboratories in the jungles and exporting most of it to the US. “I was involved in cocaine trafficking from Colombia all the way up to Costa Rica, and I was aware those drugs may end up in the United States,” Roman Narvaez Ansazoy, 47, admitted through a Spanish interpreter in Brooklyn federal court.

As part of his plea deal, Narvaez agreed to forfeit $20 million in profits — and faces a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of life when he’s sentenced. Narvaez oversaw a sprawling criminal enterprise that manufactured cocaine in the Cauca region from July 2009 to April 2013. He was a top producer of the drug at the time, raking in at least $10 million a year, according to federal prosecutors.

The drugs — nearly 5 tons of them — were transported from jungle labs to port cities on the Pacific Ocean, then by ship to the US. The route required Narvaez’s couriers to travel through regions controlled by the paramilitary group the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC. Narvaez paid leaders of the group, designated a foreign terrorist organization, for safe passage, according to the indictment.

Narvaez was extradited to the US in 2019. The plea agreement was struck in the same courthouse where Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was tried and sentenced to life in prison for running a massive drug empire that for decades pumped millions of dollars in narcotics into the US.

“My client pleaded guilty because he wants to accept full responsibility for his crime which now occurred many years ago,” said Narvaez’s defense lawyer Alexei Schacht.

Ansazoy Surname - Most prevalent in COLOMBIA

[NNN forum thread:]  Colombian drug kingpin pleads guilty in NYC court to mass cocaine production

    HISPANIC CRIME: Trial begins for Stafford murder linked to tarot card reading
The preliminary hearing for a man accused of murdering a man he met through a tarot card reader in Stafford is set to begin May 17. Romeo Garza-Castrejon, 28, is facing a first-degree felony charge for the murder of Spencer Brown on June 20, 2017. Brown died of multiple gunshot wounds outside of an America’s Best Value Inn and Suites in Stafford.

According to court documents, the murder was a result of a narcotics partnership between three men. The partnership, Garza-Castrejon’s warrant states, was facilitated by a tarot card reader known as Lilia “Lilly” Arzaga. Arzaga told investigators that she had been reading Brown’s tarot cards “for years,” and he frequently mentioned his narcotics dealings in the readings, the warrant says. Arzaga gave Brown the contact information for Johnathan Trevino, whose cards she has also read over a long period of time.

Arzaga claims she put the two in contact because both Brown and Trevino had discussed their drug transactions with her. Trevino, however, told investigators the business relationship was related to a car wash and not illegal drugs. Garza-Castrejon was allegedly a narcotics transporter between the two, court documents state.

The partnership went south, however, and Trevino told the tarot card reader on June 18, 2017, that Brown owed Trevino $35,000. It is unclear from court documents as to whether or not Garza-Castrejon came between the two and their dispute.

Two days after Trevino told Arzaga that Brown owed him money, deputies from the Stafford Police department responded to a 911 call reporting shots fired at around 11 p.m.

    Man attacked by loco hispanic ‘menace’ pleads for treatment to keep him off streets
wounded victim An Upper West Side menace was busted for allegedly sucker-punching a lawyer in front of his 2-year-old kid and horrified pregnant wife — but is now back out on the street thanks to the state’s recent bail reform law. s, 37, was cut loose Wednesday on misdemeanor charges of assault, resisting arrest and harassment after allegedly pummeling Joshua Epstein at West 66th Street and Columbus Avenue on Saturday night.

None of the charges require Rosa to be held on bail under last year’s overhaul of the state’s bail system. “It’s very scary that he’s been allowed back into the community that he’s been terrorizing and without medical or psychological invention,” Epstein told The Post just moments after Rosa was sprung from custody.

The 40-year-old bankruptcy lawyer recalled the “vicious attack” around 9:30 p.m. Saturday after he’d just gotten out of his car on the Upper West Side where he lives — with his wife and 2-year-old still inside the vehicle. “The assailant came over unprovoked kicked my car door,” said Epstein, adding that Rosa is a well-known “neighborhood menace” who locals call “Blanket Man” because of the brown comforter he’s always wrapped in.

“[He was] screaming that the street was his property and, then, he hit me in the face,” the lawyer said. “He hit me so hard it busted my lip open … blood splattered all over my shirt.” “He threatened to kill me … He is obviously very disturbed,” he continued.

His wife, who is nine months pregnant, frantically called the police — as their toddler screamed in the backseat. But by the time cops got there, Rosa was nowhere to be found, said Epstein, who was treated for his injuries at the scene.

On Monday, the legal eagle spotted his alleged attacker just before 9 a.m. milling on a corner just a block from where the assault occurred — and pointed him out to police. Epstein said he watched on as it “took about a dozen officers to take him into custody.”

“He was crazed,” he recalled about Rosa. “He was screaming in their ears. It was very clear he was disturbed.” Rosa was charged — and then released on his own recognizance by a judge, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He was given an order of protection to stay away from Epstein and a next court date of June 10.

Prosecutors asked for supervised release, but the judge denied the request, the DA’s Office said. Epstein said he’s concerned that Rosa — who has five prior arrests for assault, contempt of court, trespassing and marijuana possession — has fallen through the cracks of the criminal justice system, instead of getting the mental help he needs.

“There needs to be a strengthened mental health law, so these people who are disturbed can get mental treatment before these episodes of severe violence,” said Epstein, whose mother Eve Epstein decried the city’s rising homeless population in an interview with The Post last year. “[Rosa] obviously needs serious psychiatric medical intervention.”

[NNN forum thread:]  Man attacked by LOCO hispanic ‘menace’ pleads for treatment to keep him off streets

  Muslim terrorist NYC man who pledged allegiance to ISIS sentenced to 20 years in prison
A Brooklyn man who pledged allegiance to ISIS and uploaded instructional manuals online about how to carry out lone-wolf terror attacks in New York was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison Wednesday. The suspect, 42-year-old Zachary Clark, pleaded guilty last year to attempting to provide material support to ISIS — and admitted he posted manuals about how to carry out attacks to encrypted chat rooms designed to recruit new terrorists.

At the hearing in Manhattan federal court, Judge Naomi Buchwald highlighted that prior to his arrest, Clark said he was willing to die for the cause — and showed little remorse after he was collared. Instead, Buchwald said, Clark showed “regret he was caught” and “regret he is facing a long stretch in jail.”

[NNN forum thread:]  NYC man who pledged allegiance to ISIS sentenced to 20 years in prison


    Criminal complaint filed after Nazi flag spotted on 2nd rural property in Alberta
On Mother's Day, a woman who lives just outside of Breton Alta. was shocked to see a nearby residence flying Confederate and Hitler Youth flags. She reported the flags to a number of authorities.

RCMP say homeowner refused to take down Nazi and Confederate flags

A woman living in central Alberta says she nearly crashed her vehicle when she saw a Nazi flag and Confederate flag flying side-by-side at a rural property.

For at least the past five years, a rural property owner who lives outside of Breton, southwest of Edmonton in Brazeau County, has displayed a Confederate flag at the entrance. On May 1, the owner added a Hitler Youth Nazi flag on the other side of his driveway.

When a neighbour drove past his property on May 9, she said she couldn't believe her eyes, so she took a photo. CBC News has agreed to protect her identity for personal safety reasons.

"I nearly drove off the road," she said. "It shocked me because that's not the community. That's why I lost my biscuit and started contacting people." She said she called the local RCMP detachment, Brazeau County and the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) in Toronto.

Owner refused to take down flags: police

Politician calls for removal of flags

[NNN forum thread:]  Woman almost crashes car after Nazi flag spotted on 2nd rural property in Alberta then cries to jews

    In 5th Trial, Ex-Cop Who Fatally Shot Daughter's Black Boyfriend After Learning Of Relationship Found Guilty - APRIL 27, 2021
Shannon Kepler & etc Shannon Kepler became "alarmed" when he saw his teen daughter, Lisa, as listed in a relationship with Jeremey Lake — so he found his address and approached him armed with a .357 magnum revolver.

A white former Oklahoma cop has been found guilty for the murder of his daughter’s Black boyfriend — a slaying that he has previously been to trial for four times.

A federal jury has found Shannon Kepler, 60, guilty of murder for the 2014 killing of 19-year-old Jeremey Lake, the Department of Justice’s Northern District of Oklahoma announced in a Monday press release. The jury also found Kepler, a former Tulsa Police Department officer, guilty of firing his gun at Lake’s younger brother during the deadly incident.

“Today, Shannon Kepler was found guilty of using and discharging a firearm in the second-degree murder of Jeremey Lake and for assaulting Lake’s brother with a firearm in Indian Country after his previous state conviction was dismissed as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s McGirt decision,” Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson stated in the press release.

Indian Kepler appealed his October 2017 state conviction and sentence in part on grounds that the McGirt v. Oklahoma ruling also applied to him since he is a member of Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the shooting death occurred within a part of Tulsa that is within the reservation.

Shannon Kepler acquitted of first-degree murder, convicted on two related counts
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    Black Sports: NBA TV Ratings Continue To Tank

  White supremacy is top security threat, Garland says
killer ape

[NNN forum thread:]  Biden AG, k*ke, Garland: white people "top threat" to nat. security, suckers--civil war, morons


Merrick Brian Garland was born on November 13, 1952, in Chicago. He grew up in a northern Chicago suburb. His mother Shirley (née Horwitz) was a director of volunteer services at Chicago's Council for Jewish Elderly. His father, Cyril Garland, headed Garland Advertising, a small business run out of the family home.

Garland was raised in Conservative Judaism, the family name having been changed from Garfinkel several generations prior. His grandparents left the Pale of Settlement within the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century, fleeing antisemitic pogroms and seeking a better life for their children in the United States.

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  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

**********       11 May 2021       **********

    77-year-old Dunkin’ customer dies after being punched by (Black) employee, police say
black suspect TAMPA, Fla. (AP/WJW) — Police say a Dunkin’ store employee fatally punched a 77-year-old customer in Florida after the employee said the man used a racial slur against him. The unidentified victim was punched last week and died Friday. That led to a manslaughter charge against 27-year-old Corey Pujols, who worked at the store.

According to Tampa police, the victim went through the drive-thru on May 5 at around 1:29 p.m. and became upset “due to lack of service” he was receiving. At that time, employees asked him to leave. That’s when police say he came into the business and began arguing with Pujols.

Pujols told police the man was “extremely rude” the day of the punch and (ALLEGEDLY) called Pujols a racial slur multiple times. A Tampa Police Department report says after he was punched, the victim fell backward and hit his head on the concrete floor.

[NNN forum thread:]  Dunkin' coon store manager, 27, is charged with manslaughter after he fatally punched a customer, 77

"Sticks and Stones" is an English-language children's rhyme. The rhyme is used as a defense against name-calling and verbal bullying, intended to increase resiliency, avoid physical retaliation and to remain calm and good-living. The full rhyme is usually a variant of: Sticks and stones may break my bones But words shall never hurt me.

    (Black) Female soldier, 26, stationed at Fort Bragg is charged with murder after 'shooting dead' 22-year-old servicewoman
black suspect UPDATE: A female soldier stationed at Fort Bragg has been charged with murder in the shooting death of another soldier, according to police in North Carolina. Fayetteville police announced the arrest of Tiara Nicole Vinson, 26, on Saturday.

Vinson is charged in connection with the death of 22-year-old Kelia Horton, who police said was found shot outside a Fayetteville home Friday afternoon. It's unclear what prompted the shooting. Authorities also didn't reveal the nature of the relationship between the two women.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — (AP) — One female soldier stationed at Fort Bragg has been charged with murder in the shooting death of another soldier, according to police in North Carolina. Fayetteville police announced the arrest of Tiara Nicole Vinson, 26, on Saturday. Vinson is charged in connection with the death of 22-year-old Kelia Horton, who police said was found shot outside a Fayetteville home Friday afternoon.

According to WTVD, no further details about the shooting were immediately available. Vinson, who faces charges of first-degree murder and shooting a firearm into occupied property, was being held without bond, police said. It wasn’t immediately clear if she had an attorney could could comment on her behalf.

Both women were active-duty soldiers stationed on Fort Bragg, Col. Joseph Buccino, a spokesman for the 18th Airborne Corps, told the newspaper. Vinson joined the Army in 2014 and her home of record was Norfolk, Virginia, according to Buccino.

(Black) Female Fort Bragg soldier charged in another’s killing, police say

    (Black) Man accused of stabbing customer during robbery in store at Tanger Outlets
black suspect nigger afro appliance SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A man is recovering from a punctured lung after being stabbed several times with a hair pick during a robbery at Tanger Outlets last Monday. Southaven Police said the victim was inside the Guess store with his wife when a man began stabbing him and ripped a shopping bag containing a Coach purse and wallet out of his hand.

Police said the suspect also knocked over a baby stroller with a baby inside as he ran out of the store, but the baby was not hurt. Witnesses said several men also tackled him, but he managed to escape. Officers who responded to a disturbance call at the outdoor mall saw 23-year-old Darrell Devante Martin running from the shopping center toward a church across the street. Investigators said Martin was eventually captured near the middle entrance of Tanger, and he was identified by his uncle, who was also on the scene.

The victim was driven by private vehicle to Baptist Hospital in West Memphis, Arkansas, where he was treated for multiple wounds to his right hand and body and a punctured lung. When they got to the Guess store, Southaven police said employees had already cleaned up the blood and thrown away the alleged weapon. Officers said they retrieved a (NEGRO) hair pick from a trash can and a gray MTV hoodie Martin dropped outside the store.

Police said as Martin ran out of the store he tore the bag he had stolen and dropped the Coach purse and wallet. The items are valued at just over $600.

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon stabbed customer during robbery in store at Tanger Outlets

    (Black) Moss Point man wanted for fatal New Year’s Eve shooting arrested in Florida
black suspect black suspect MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - After nearly four months on the run, a suspect has been arrested in the deadly New Year’s Eve shooting that took the life of a 22-year-old man in Moss Point. Nathan Dubose was arrested in Panama City, Fla. over the weekend. According to authorities, he was attempting to refill his drink at a fast food restaurant without paying when an officer pulled into the parking lot.

The employees at the restaurant told the officer that Dubose had not paid for his drink. After speaking with the suspect, the officer learned that Dubose was wanted for murder in Moss Point. He was arrested in Florida, where he is currently being held pending extradition back to Mississippi.

Dubose is accused of firing multiple shots at a vehicle on Dec. 31, 2020, killing 22-year-old Javantavous Davison and leaving another passenger in the vehicle injured. According to police, two men wearing all black approached the Honda Civic that Davison and the passenger were in near the intersection of Mill Avenue. In April, Dubose was added to Mississippi’s Most Wanted list with warrants charging him with first-degree murder and aggravated assault.

[NNN forum thread:]  Dumb Spook on the run for murder arrested while stealing drink refill

    (Black) Victim’s grandson charged in 1998 cold case of elderly woman who was stabbed to death
black suspect black suspect PICAYUNE, Miss. (WLOX) - Next month marks 23 years since Leola Jordan was found brutally murdered in her home. The 91-year-old had been stabbed multiple times. For more than two decades, police have worked to make an arrest in the case. On Sunday, her grandson, Sergio A. Williams, was officially taken into custody and charged with Jordan’s 1998 murder. The Picayune man is currently being held in the Pearl River County Jail.

“This is one of those cases in this city that has been alive and well for this 23 years,” said Picayune Police Chief Freddy Drennan, adding that it’s one of those cases that sticks with the officers investigating it. Capt. Rhonda Johnson said she opened Jordan’s case up in October of last year and began reviewing old interviews with witnesses.

“If DNA would have been available like it is today back then, it would have been solved then,” said Johnson. “I’m just happy to be able to bring justice to Leola Jordan.” “It appears maybe she woke up and there was some type of altercation that occurred and possibly after whoever the suspect or suspects were, after they committed the gruesome crime, they fled the scene,” said Magri in 2014.

At the time, police said they believed the suspect went into Jordan’s house the front door. There was no forced entry, but family told police Jordan kept her door locked.

[NNN forum thread:]  Coal Black Spook charged with murdering his Grandmother in 23 year old cold case=

    Video shows ‘unhinged’ (black) straphanger threatening MTA workers
black suspect Wild video filmed by a “terrified” subway conductor shows an “unhinged” straphanger attempting to get into his locked token booth in Queens early Monday morning — after allegedly chasing the worker in there while spitting on him and threatening to “cut” him.

“I’m gonna punch you, n—a,” the man says in the clip, a cigarette dangling from his mouth as he makes punching motions with his fist in the conductor’s direction behind the window.

“I’m’a knock you out, n—a. Watch!” he says in the clip, which was released by the transit union TWU Local 100, describing the rider as “unhinged.” At one point, the man screams “This is my hood!” walks right up to the door of the booth and attempts to jiggle it open. “You scared, n—a! You don’t want to fight?” he asked. “This is my hood, n—a. What’s wrong with you, boy?”

[NNN forum thread:]  Video shows ‘unhinged’ (black) straphanger threatening MTA workers


(Black) NYC man accused of stomping 65-year-old Asian woman pleads not guilty to hate crime charges, held on $1M bond
black suspect wounded victim A convicted killer accused of stomping on a 65-year-old Filipino woman’s head in a chilling caught-on-video attack on a Manhattan sidewalk was indicted on hate crime charges Monday.

Brandon Elliot, 38, pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree assault as a hate crime and other related charges at his state Supreme Court arraignment for the March 29 assault outside a luxury residential building on Ninth Ave. near W. 43rd St.

Vilma Kari was on her way to church when Elliot approached her and told the woman she “didn’t belong here,” Assistant District Attorney Courtney Razner said. Eliot kicked her in the chest, knocking her to the ground, then stomped on her head and body multiple times, the prosecutor added.

The diminutive senior suffered a fractured pelvis, contusions to her head and a cracked rib, Razner said. CCTV footage — which quickly went viral — showed Elliot attacking Kari and then fleeing the scene, prosecutors said. Police arrested him two days after the incident at a men’s homeless shelter wearing the same clothes as the attacker.

Exclusive: Asian woman brutally attacked on video speaks out

    Man chucks drink at straphanger while hurling anti-Asian insult: cops

    Video indicates victims probably (White) - another (black) 'road' rage by violent black

Two men were punched and robbed (by black) in Queens (black) "road" rage incident, video shows
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim A driver punched another motorist and his passenger — then ripped off their cellphones too during a road-rage incident over the weekend, dramatic new video shows. The 23-year-old victim was driving a white Nissan Sentra out of a parking lot on 70th Street near Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights around 7 p.m. Saturday — with a 55-year-old man in the passenger seat — when he struck a gray Honda Accord, cops said.

The two men got out of the Nissan, and the male driver of the Honda stepped out with his female passenger, demanding payment for the damage to his car, police said. Surveillance footage released early Tuesday shows the Honda driver, wearing a lime-green hoodie, punching one of the men in the face, knocking him to the ground — and then slugging the other.

The suspect stole from each victim, and a wallet from the older man, which held an ID and bank cards, cops said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Two men punched, robbed in Queens black rage incident - black-on-white?

    Negro-named man (Tyriek) who hit 2-year-old (black chil') with suitcase has lengthy rap sheet
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim The deranged man who allegedly walloped a 2-year-old child in the face with a suitcase in Lower Manhattan is a career criminal with dozens of arrests on his record and a history of bipolar disorder, law enforcement sources said Tuesday.

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Tyriek Martin, has a lengthy rap sheet with at least 69 prior arrests, including for robbery, public lewdness, drug possession and criminal trespass, dating back to 2006, according to sources. Of those arrests, eight were for felonies and at least 20 of them are sealed, sources said.

Martin currently has two open bench warrants, including one for third-degree assault stemming from an incident on Feb. 23, 2020 in Manhattan, sources added. He was busted yet again Monday night after allegedly hitting a toddler in the face with a suitcase.

* Tyriek: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Negro-named man who hit 2-year-old with suitcase has lengthy rap sheet

    (Black) Woman accused of impersonating police officer to extort thousands of dollars
black suspect black suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say a woman impersonated an officer and threatened people to steal thousands of dollars in a bold and bizarre case. Nicole Watkins faces a list of charges including robbery, theft, criminal impersonation, illegal use of a credit card, financial exploitation of vulnerable adults and false imprisonment for crimes she allegedly committed in late January and early February.

Police say at one point, she also escaped custody when she was taken to Methodist Hospital for treatment. Watkins is accused of trying to extort an 84-year-old man. Police say she told the man he needed to pay thousands of dollars to have a non-existent rape charge dropped.

The man told police he was told to meet Watkins at a restaurant on Germantown Parkway, where she told him she would place him in handcuffs if he didn’t comply. According to court records, the woman allegedly drove the victim to a bank where he withdrew $8,000 from an account. She then drove him to another bank where he attempted to withdraw another $10,000, but when the bank contacted the victim’s son and the account was frozen, police say the woman drove off with the $8,000.

Another man told police he was at a McDonald’s on South Third Street waiting to pick up a food delivery when a woman called him, telling him she was an undercover officer and he was surrounded by police. Court records state the man was instructed to get in a black van in the parking lot where he met a woman he knew as Nicole. She allegedly told the man to withdraw $900 from a bank account, and give her cash and his mother’s debit card from his pockets, to pay a debt owed to a mutual friend. The man said he did it out of fear of going to jail.

The victim told investigators he has special needs. Once Watkins was arrested, police say she had to be hospitalized for previous medical conditions, but she managed to escape. She’s now’s also charged for that, too.

[NNN forum thread:]  Obese sow impersonated police officer to extort thousands of dollars

    Employee at Hialeah psychiatric hospital accused of raping female patient
HIALEAH, Fla. – A South Florida hospital employee has been arrested on accusations that he raped a patient. The crime was reported around 10:30 a.m. Monday at Southern Winds Hospital, a psychiatric care facility located at 4225 W. 20th Ave.

According to Hialeah police, Yadiel Perez Delgado, 34, entered a female patient’s room earlier in the morning and began making verbal sexual advances toward her. The victim told officers that Perez Delgado partially closed the door and she ignored him and went into the bathroom.

She said he followed her into the bathroom and raped her. According to the suspect’s arrest report, another patient staying in the same hospital room walked in during the incident and Perez Delgado left the room.

The victim then reported that she had been raped to a female mental health technician. According to his arrest report, Perez Delgado denied raping the woman. Police said he admitted to digitally penetrating her but claimed that the incident was consensual.

Surveillance video from the hospital room corroborated the victim’s statements, authorities said. Perez Delgado had only worked at the hospital for a month and a half as a mental health technician. His job was to check on patients every 15 minutes.

According to his arrest report, the hospital’s chief nursing officer confirmed that employees are prohibited from closing the bedroom doors of their patients’ rooms while providing care services. Perez Delgado was arrested and booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on charges of sexual misconduct at a mental health facility, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Southern Winds Hospital CEO Ana Bovo released a statement Tuesday confirming that Perez Delgado has been fired. She also confirmed that he is under investigation for a separate incident involving a second female patient.

Yadiel Perez Delgado, 34, also under investigation for separate incident involving second female patient

Delgado Surname - Most prevalent in MEXICO


[NNN forum thread:]  Roach employee at Hialeah, FL psychiatric hospital raped female patient

    New Jersey Hindu Temple Allegedly Forced Laborers To Work For $1.20 Per Hour
Federal Agents Descends On Hindu Temple In Robbinsville After Lawsuit Alleges Human Trafficking, Forced Labor
mud suspect ROBBINSVILLE, N.J. (CBS/AP) — FBI agents were at the sprawling site of a Hindu temple Tuesday as a lawsuit filed in federal court alleged workers from marginalized communities in India were lured to the U.S. and forced to work long hours for just a few dollars per day to help build the temple. Chopper 3 was over the temple.

The lawsuit accuses the leaders of the Hindu organization known as Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, or BAPS, of human trafficking and wage law violations.

An FBI spokesperson confirmed that agents were at the temple on “court-authorized law enforcement activity.” One of the attorneys who filed the suit said some workers had been removed from the site Tuesday.

That attorney, Daniel Werner, called it “shocking that this happens in our backyard.” “It is even more disturbing that it has gone on for years in New Jersey behind the temple’s walls,” Werner, of Decatur, Georgia, said Tuesday outside the gates of the temple. “This is 200 workers who were behind these fences for sometimes a year or two years or even longer, paid about $1.20 an hour, working in hazardous conditions, not allowed to leave through these gates without being accompanied by somebody from BAPS.”

The lawsuit says more than 200 workers — many or all of whom don’t speak or understand English— were coerced into signing employment agreements in India over the last several years to work at the Hindu temple in Robbinsville, outside Trenton. They traveled under R-1 visas, which are meant for “those who minister, or work in religious vocations or occupations,” according to the lawsuit.

When they arrived, the lawsuit says, their passports were taken away and they were forced to work at the temple from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. with few days off, for about $450 per month. That wage works out to roughly $1.20 per hour.

Of the $450, the workers allegedly only received $50 in cash per month, with the rest deposited into their accounts in India. The workers lived in a fenced-in compound where their movements were monitored by cameras and guards, according to the lawsuit, and they were told that if they left, police would arrest them because they didn’t have their passports.

[NNN forum thread:]  Federal Agents Descends On Hindu Temple In Robbinsville After Lawsuit Alleges Human Trafficking, Forced Labor

Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    "RAIDER" as Eye-patched Pirate logo for football team is what all non-sports-idiots think of 'Raider'
so who is the WOKE-GRINCH-TROLL that is harassing the high school with psychotic delusions that it is 'RACIST'?

Pennsylvania Community have heart-rending dispute as to whether mascot is 'RACIST'
Indian grinch Indian RADNOR TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — The timing of a rally to keep the “Raiders in Radnor” was intentional. It took place Monday evening, the day before part two of a special Radnor School District School Board meeting to discuss the rebranding of the district nickname. These poor pitiful victims of Cancel-all-that-is-bright-and-good Kulture.....
have been campaigning for months in support of a school 90-year-old nickname that they believe is not inherently racist.

Coupled with Native American imagery and a former mascot, the name had been deemed by some as offensive.
It's not as if the old mascot was 'BLOODTHIRSTY REDSKIN SAVAGES' or something like that.....

[NNN forum thread:]  Radnor Community Rallies To Save ‘Raider’ Name Ahead Of School Board Meeting


Florida school district pulls book about black boy killed by white cop amid complaints
black victim propagandist A fiction book about a black Chicago boy killed by a white cop has been pulled by a Florida school district after complaints by parents and a police union — who labeled the novel “propaganda.”

The young adult novel — “Ghost Boys” by Jewell Parker Rhodes — has been pulled from two fifth-grade classes following a letter sent Thursday by local Fraternal Order of Police director Paul Kempinski to the Broward County School Board, district officials said.

In the letter, Kempinski seethed that the book is a work of “propaganda that pushes an inaccurate and absurd stereotype” of policing in America.

“The vast majority of police officers are good, hardworking people,” the letter said. “With that said, police work is not perfect, and police officers are human beings — imperfect beings.”

[NNN forum thread:]  Florida school district pulls book about black boy killed by white cop amid complaints


Man fired by dental group for not hiring enough ‘white and yellow’ workers: lawsuit
A nationwide dental group fired an employee for hiring too many African American and Latino staff members — and not enough “white and yellow” workers, a new lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court alleges.

United Dental Group, which is headquartered in Manhattan and has locations across the country, brought on Jose Martinez as a general manager in January and instructed him to hire staff members for the business’s locations, his suit filed Monday state.

Martinez, who is of Afro-Latino descent, alleges in his lawsuit that the owner of UDG, Dr. Jeong Hoon Kim, chastised him for hiring too many African Americans and Latinos and said he should select applicants that “reflect the demographics of the surrounding area.”

“Do not pick up only your nationality,” Kim allegedly texted Martinez earlier this year.

[NNN forum thread:]  Man fired by dental group for not hiring enough ‘white and yellow’ workers: lawsuit

    3 (White) Georgia men plead not guilty to phony "federal hate crimes" in self-defense killing of black criminal
BLACK SUSPECT wounded victim Three Georgia men pleaded not guilty to federal hate crimes charges Tuesday in the February 2020 killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man who was (ALLEGEDLY) pursued and gunned down as he jogged through a Brunswick neighborhood, reports CBS station WTOC.

Travis McMichael, 35, his father Gregory McMichael, 65, and 51-year-old William "Roddie" Bryan, who are White, were already facing state counts when they were indicted on hate crime charges last week by an (anti-white) federal grand jury in the Southern District of Georgia.

The three were charged with murder in the state case months after Arbery was killed.
Bryan's disturbing cell phone video of the shooting spurred a 'national outcry' on fake-news
(from communist anti-white racist agitators and a brainwashed BLM black supremacist mob that assume all black criminals are victims of current systematic white supremacist institutional 'slavery' - cult that worships black criminals that die resisting lawful justice.

Ahmaud Arbery: The Holiness Of The Long Distance Jogger - By Steve Sailer on 04/03/2021

Black Privilege: Black Panthers, Brandishing Semi-Automatic Weapons, Patrol White Neighborhood Where Ahmaud,Arbery Was Shot - By Paul Kersey on 05/14/2020

Why Was Ahmaud Arbery Formerly Ahmaud Avery? - By Steve Sailer on 05/14/2020

    BIDEN's Teacher Union comrades defend brainwashing kids with commie anti-american 1619 tract

Teachers union chief Randi Weingarten defends use of 1619 Project in schools
African African The head of the American Federation of Teachers defended the use of the controversial “1619 Project” in public schools Monday and said it was being misinterpreted.

Fox News asked Randi Weingarten if kids should be taught that the pursuit of American independence sprang from a desire to perpetuate slavery. Weingarten denied that the 1619 Project pushed that theory and cited "personal conversations" with its lead author.

“I’ve had several conversations with (red-haired black supremacist) Nikole Hannah-Jones and I have not arrived at the same conclusion from her work as you have,” she said, arguing more broadly that schools should teach the roots of slavery in America.

[NNN forum thread:]  Teachers union chief Randi Weingarten defends use of 1619 Project in schools

Weingarten Surname - Most prevalent in U.S - Highest density in ISRAEL

  Rand Paul Grills Fauci Over Funding Dangerous Research at the Wuhan Lab
Republican Senator Rand Paul grilled Dr. Anthony Fauci during a hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday about the National Institute of Health's funding of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic likely started. More specifically, Paul asked Fauci about funding for "gain-of-function" research at the lab.

Fauci repeatedly denied funding the dangerous and unnecessary research, but the NIH grant process tells a different story. In fact, Fauci is known as "The Godfather" of gain-of-function research. Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, Paul has routinely challenged Fauci's guidance and assertions.

  BOMBSHELL: Paul Pelosi Jr Caught In HUGE Corruption Scandal, $180,000 CASH…
(Gateway Pundit) – The more you look at Paul Pelosi Jr. the more you see another Hunter Biden. Paul Pelosi Jr. – like Hunter Biden, was given no-show jobs for which he wasn’t qualified in an effort to buy influence with his politician parent.

Nancy Pelosi’s son Paul is also on the board of an energy company. Paul Pelosi Jr. also traveled to Ukraine for his work.

AND — Better Yet — Speaker Nancy Pelosi even appears in the company’s video ad! According to Patrick Howley at National File Speaker Pelosi’s son Paul Jr. was an executive at Viscoil. Paul Jr. traveled to Ukraine in 2017.

[NNN forum thread:]  Ho hum--didja' know?--Pelosi's son is also "invested" in Ukraine no less than Biden, ho ho ho'

Nepotism Nepotism is a form of favoritism which is granted to relatives in various fields, including business, politics, entertainment, sports, religion and other activities. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to important positions by Catholic popes and bishops.

Editor note: the Pelosi family and the Biden crime families are both allegedly ROMAN CATHOLICS

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  • The Queen of England will announce that a photo ID will be required to vote in all future elections.

  • The Commie Democrats did a cyber attack & asked the pipeline operator to shut down and now they're saying Russia did it. Do you believe that BS LINE anymore? The Democrats rigged the gasoline shortage. How do I know? Because the trolls are on Twitter trying to blame Trump. Projection. The Democrats always blame Trump for what they're doing themselves.

**********       10 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Black) arraigned for murder of popular (White) hairstylist Mary Francis Brown
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) — Florence County Magistrate Belinda Timmons arraigned Jonathan Lee Love, 31, Monday on murder charges related to the death of a popular Timmonsville hairstylist. On May 2, deputies found the body of hairstylist Mary Francis Brown, 50, in a vehicle in the woods in the Quinby area, according to previous reporting.

Love is alleged to have shot the woman in an apparent robbery at a convenience store near Quinby, according to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies say Love drove the woman in her vehicle to a wooded area near East Old Marion Highway and attempted to set her car on fire. Love is being charged with murder in connection with the case. According to the Florence County Detention Center, Love remains in custody at this time.

In addition to murder, Love has been charged with arson, first degree, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Additional charges are possible, according to the sheriff’s office.

Mary Frances Brown - Florence, South Carolina - August 22, 1970 - May 1, 2021

[NNN forum thread:]  Timmonsville, SC WF, 50 shot dead robbery by negro


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Hero NYPD cop reveals how she saved toddler hit by stray bullet in Times Square:
Injured White mother says she thought she was going to die and slams people for filming her and not helping

BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM wounded victim wounded victim One of those injured, Wendy Magrinat, 23, says onlookers began filming her with their mobile phones rather than help in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. She was on a sightseeing trip from Rhode Island when she was shot in the leg while standing with her husband Yoel, their two-year-old daughter Elise, and her mother, stepfather and eight-year-old sister.

Magrinat said she started screaming: 'I don't want to die, please help me! The pain was too much, and I dropped to the floor. 'I understand people get in shock. But if you're in shock, you shouldn't be recording. But that's how people are right now.'

Danae Romero, 16, said she was waiting in the queue at the same store with her four-year-old niece Skye when the shooting began. Romero said the pair ran for their lives - but described how Skye was struck by a stray bullet.

A third victim, New Jersey woman, 43-year-old Marcela Aldana, was shot in the foot. All victims are expected to recover.

[NNN forum thread:]  WHITE FEMALE Innocent bystander shot by BLACK during argument in Times Square


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Black) man charged with murder after (white) girlfriend found dead in side yard of their home
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A man was charged with murder after his girlfriend was found dead on Saturday night in the side yard of their home in Winston-Salem, according to a Winston-Salem Police Department news release. At 9:16 p.m., officers with the WSPD responded to the 300 block of Peden Street when they were told about a gunshot.

Officers canvassed the area and found a Kristin Nicole Mendez, 33, of Winston-Salem, unresponsive in the side yard of a home on Peden Street suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. Forsyth County Emergency Medical Services pronounced Mendez dead on the scene.

Willie Junior Snuggs, Mendez’s boyfriend, was in the home. He has been charged with murder, and is currently being held in the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center with no bond allowed.

Kristin Nicole Mendez, age 33 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread:]  Winston-Salem, NC negro, Willie dun shot mudshark deaf in the side yard of dey love nest

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

(Black) Crime: Witnesses Say Suspect Started Fire To Lure People Out Before Woodlawn Shooting
black suspect WOODLAWN, Md. (WJZ) — Four people are dead after a tragic shooting and fire on a townhome-lined street in Woodlawn Saturday morning. “This guy just started letting off shots at random people,” neighbor Jabari Mansell said. Neighbors reported a home was on fire at Maury Road and Kellys Court around 6:40 a.m. and that a man was outside of it shooting at people.

“I just opened my door, and the guy, the Black guy come around, like here and he randomly shot at me two times,” neighbor Sushil Chhetri said. Neighbors said the man may have intentionally set the fire to lure people outside to shoot them.

“The guy set the building on fire – I think it was his own home – and lured other neighbors outside,” Mansell said. When police arrived, four officers shot at the suspect. Police said he died at the scene. They identified him as 56-year-old Everton Brown.

“Our officers responded to this scene. When they arrived, they found a man outside armed. That threat was neutralized,” said Joy Stewart, director of public affairs for the Baltimore County Police. Three victims were killed and another man was taken to the hospital, police said. No officers were injured.

Victims Identified In Woodlawn Shooting Saturday, Police Detail Suspect’s Attack

Three Four people dead, black shooter killed by police during fire, shooting in Woodlawn

[NNN forum thread:]  4 Shot Dead Woodlawn, MD After Coon Starts Nest On Fire To Lure Them Out; Kwops Neutralize Coon

    (Crazy RETARDED Black) Man accused of attacking Nashville nurses returns to ER, ‘terrorizes’ staff
black suspect NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The man accused of attacking six people in a hospital parking garage is back on the streets, with charges dismissed and yet another arrest. An employee of Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown tells News 2 that Larry Brown was back in the ER Sunday and “terrorizing” staff again. She said after treatment, Brown was escorted off of the property. However, Brown was arrested not long later on public intoxication stemming from an incident at a hotel. Online records show the charge was dropped within about an hour.

The news concerning to patients and staff at Saint Thomas. “What’s to stop him from doing it again and maybe having a weapon this time and killing someone? That’s my ultimate fear is hurting someone more than he already has,” an Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Nurse told News 2.

The nurse is one of several hospital employees telling News 2 that they don’t feel safe going to work. “I mean it’s already hard enough for me to think about getting out of my car and walking to the elevator to go inside, but to know the charges have been dropped and he’s back out, that’s terrifying,” she said.

On April 14, officers responded around 6 a.m. to the 20th Avenue North parking garage where they say Brown, who was discharged from the hospital, returned, and assaulted at least six people. Brown was taken into custody on six counts of assault and criminal trespassing, charges that have all been marked nulled. The nurse who doesn’t want to be identified, said something must change, as she teared up.

“I truly can’t imagine how they feel to be violated and attacked coming in to do your job to take care of sick people, and you are scared to walk from your car to your work. I truly can’t imagine that, so I don’t know how they are doing it. It’s terrifying,” the nurse began to cry. The Office of District Attorney Glenn Funk told News 2 they cannot legally prosecute Brown because the U.S. Constitution prohibits the prosecution of an individual who does not have the mental capacity to understand their actions.

Charges dismissed against black lunatic accused of attacking nurses in Nashville parking garage

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon attacks Nashville nurses returns to ER, ‘terrorizes’ staff

Should be deported to Monkey Island
Monkey Island

    Suspook a "black man in a black Adidas tracksuit with black shoes".
3 people injured after argument leads to gunfire inside Florida Mall
black suspect AVENTURA, Fla. – Three people were injured in a shooting Saturday at Aventura Mall, with the gunfire stemming from an argument between two groups of people near the Hugo Boss store, police said. The three were rushed to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to Aventura police, who added that they were from the groups that were arguing.

Two other people were hurt while trying to exit the mall after the shots were fired, authorities said. They were also taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The gunman is not in custody, police said Saturday evening, as they stressed that it is not an active shooter situation.

Police said it’s possible the shooter left the mall on foot, and they gave a general description of a Black man in a black Adidas tracksuit with black shoes.

[NNN forum thread:]  3 people injured after negro argument leads to gunfire inside Aventura, FL Mall

    (Black) Crime: CPD Responds To Large Group Of Rowdy Teens Moving Through The Loop
black suspect CHICAGO (CBS) — There was a large police presence Saturday night in downtown Chicago, as a group of young people was making its way through the Loop. Police would only say officers were responding to a large group of people at Millennium Park around 7 p.m.

It appeared officers forced the group to leave, and they made their way to State Street, where they gathered on several corners, and near the ‘L’ station at Wabash and Randolph. Police on bikes blocked the street to contain the crowds.

A CBS 2 camera crew spotted one teen who appeared to throw a rock at a police car. We also found several garbage cans that had been knocked over.

[NNN forum thread:]  Chicago Kwops Responds To Large Group Of Rowdy Monkeys Moving Through The Loop

    (Black) Man steals several bottles of perfume, strikes Bronx store employee with metal pole
black suspect chicken thief TREMONT, The Bronx (WABC) -- Police are searching for the suspect in a wild robbery in the Bronx. The man is believed to have stolen several bottles of perfume along with a ring with a value of $40 from a store on East Tremont Avenue.

When he was confronted outside the store, the suspect struck a 59-year-old employee with a large metal pole. The employee suffered a cut to the back of his head but refused additional medical attention.

The suspect then fled eastbound on East Tremont Avenue and southbound on the Grand Concourse. The suspect is described as a man with a light complexion, approximately in his 30s, 5'6 to 5'9" tall, with a slim build and black hair in a ponytail. He was last seen wearing a black baseball hat, a blazer-like black jacket over a blue button-down shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

    (Black) Masked bandit linked to 30 burglaries USING MASK OF 'WHITE MAN'
black suspect black suspect chicken thief LOS ANGELES - Authorities arrested a man believed to be connected with more than 30 masked burglaries across the Los Angeles area. Rockim Prowell, 30, of Inglewood, was arrested on Sunday following a traffic stop in Beverly Hills. He was later charged by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office with two counts of burglary, two counts of grand theft, and one count of vandalism. "It was odd this burglar's mouth was always open when seen on video surveillance,"

LAPD Pacific wrote on Twitter. "When he was caught breaking into another home we discovered why." (he was wearing the mask of a 'white man' with an 'open mouth')

[NNN forum thread:]  Nigga will steal yo stuff

    Philadelphia Shooting Homicides Up 40% From 2020 After 7 Killed In Violent Mother’s Day Weekend
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia homicide detectives have eight new cases on their hands after a weekend of non-stop violence. Police are pleading for people to put the guns down following senseless shootings that went on all weekend long. The gun violence crisis is affecting communities all over the city.

Homicide rates are soaring in Philadelphia — 186 as Monday evening. Homicide by shooting cases have increased 40% from 2020, according to records reviewed by CBS3. A deadly Mother’s Day weekend left seven people dead and 25 people shot. Police say the responsibility to make change lies largely within the community.

    NYC shootings keep soaring, up 86 percent over 2020: NYPD data
The gun violence in Gotham more than doubled last week — capped by a wild shooting in Times Square that left a 4-year-old girl among three people wounded.

The NYPD recorded 36 shooting incidents with 43 victims during the seven-day period ending Sunday — up from 15 incidents and 16 victims during the same dates last year, according to police statistics released Monday. The weekly tally continued the more than year-long trend of surging gun violence in the Big Apple, which began during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Yorkers endured a bloody April with almost three times the number of shootings compared to last year. So far this year, 451 shootings have been reported with 505 victims, up 86.6 percent from 2020 and double the numbers recorded in 2019, the statistics show.

Both shootings and shooting victims in 2021 are also outpacing 2016 figures by 67 percent. Murders are also up by 27 percent from last year, which recorded 115 homicides compared to 146 this year, according to the data.

    2020: (Black Rapes) COLD CASE CRACKED: Genealogy website helps make arrest in string of 1984 sexual assaults
SUSPECT-NAME HARTFORD, Conn — Michael Marion Sharpe, a former Charter School CEO, was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court on four counts of kidnapping in the first degree with a firearm. He is accused of sexually assaulting four women by breaking into their homes in June and July of 1984.

Police have had an arrest warrant for John Doe based solely on his DNA profile. Investigators were able to use new genealogy technology to help track him down.

[NNN forum thread:]  2020: BLACK COLD CASE CRACKED: Genealogy website helps make arrest in string of 1984 sexual assaults

    Mother's Day massacre: HISPANIC Boyfriend shoots seven dead at birthday party before turning the gun on evil self
A man has shot dead six people including his girlfriend at a family birthday party, sparing the sobbing children, before turning the gun on himself in Colorado. The gunman walked into a birthday party shortly after midnight on Sunday and opened fire before taking his own life at the trailer park in Colorado Springs.

Police arrived to find six people dead plus a seventh who was seriously wounded and died after being taken to a hospital. 'The children at the trailer were uninjured by the suspect and are now with relatives,' the police said.

Joana Cruz, 53, and her two sons, Melvin Perez, 30, and Jose Guttierez, 21, were among the victims. Perez's wife, Mayra, 32, was also killed along with her sister Sandra Ibarra and brother Jose Ibarra. Sandra Ibarra was said to be the suspect's girlfriend.

The Denver Post quoted neighbor Yenifer Reyes as saying she was awakened by the sound of gunfire and heard sirens before witnessing police take children out of the home and put them into a squad car. 'They were crying hysterically,' Reyes told the Post.

Duck-duck search for name of Hispanic murder-suicide suspic in birthday party massacre

[NNN forum thread:]  Colorado Springs, CO massacre: Spic kills 6 at birthday party before turning the gun on himself

    (INDIA) man "Pushkar Sharma" accused of killing, sexually abusing his 65-year-old mother
mud suspect - dead victim A Queens man was charged Sunday with fatally beating and sexually abusing his 65-year-old mother, prosecutors said. Pushkar Sharma, 28, allegedly carried out the deadly attack on Soraj Sharma at their home in Jamaica at about 8 a.m. the morning before Mother’s Day, according to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.

The suspect is accused of grabbing his mother from behind, choking and punching her until she fell to the floor, prosecutors said. Once down, the son allegedly continued the attack, strangling and punching his mother before sexually assaulting her, the DA said.

The victim lost consciousness and then died, officials said. “What should have been a celebration of Mother’s Day became a brutal, tragic nightmare for a Queens family,” Katz said in a statement.

After the alleged killing, the son turned himself in to police and reportedly confessed. The suspect is charged with two counts of murder and sexual abuse.

Sharma Surname - Most prevalent in INDIA

Forename: Pushkar - Most prevalent in INDIA

[NNN forum thread:]  fQueens man 'Pushkar Sharma' from INDIA? accused of killing, sexually abusing his 65-yr-old mother

    "You've Got My Back, Sean, I Appreciate That!" Sean Hannity Shills Caitlyn 'TRANS' Jenner For Governor
black suspect black suspect

Caitlyn 'TRANS' Jenner Backs Amnesty for Illegal Aliens: ‘Absolutely’

[NNN forum thread:]  Idiot Rino morons now shilling, backing Caityn Jenner for Gov.--this is embarrassing, suckers

  Hi-Fi Murders - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
killer ape victim name The Hi-Fi murders were the torture and killings of three people during a robbery at the Hi-fi Shop, a home audio store in Ogden, Utah, on the evening of April 22, 1974. Several men entered the Hi-fi Shop shortly before closing time and began taking hostages; two would survive but with severe life-changing injuries.

Violence included kicking a pen into an ear and the brutal rape of a teenage girl who was later shot in the head. The hostages were also forced to drink a corrosive drain cleaner, causing burns to their mouths and throats. The crime became notorious for its violence and accusations of racial bias in the Utah judiciary.[2][3]

Hi Fi murders

Hi Fi murders

Two Hi-Fi killers given death sentence by jury

[NNN forum thread:]  Hi-Fi Murders was an infamous criminal case involving murder, rape and robbery


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  • As Communists continue to defund the police, a 16-year old boy beat to death a K9 dog, a 43-year old tourist was stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver on the subway and 2 Asian women, 66 and 67 years old, were smashed in the head with cement blocks. Out of control. The fake news won't report any of this. Why? The perpetrators aren't white.

  • BREAKING: Conservatives who've been arrested pending charges in the Capitol riot are being held in maximum security solitary confinement in DC in "restrictive housing" normally reserved for sexual predators. Some were arrested for simply entering the Capitol after the police opened the doors and waved them inside!

  • In France, a church or Christian monument is burned down or destroyed every two weeks and replaced with a Mosque. Not kidding.

**********       9 May 2021       **********

Front Page for 09 May 2021 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    Horrific: black D.C. Sniper Boasts of Post-Shooting HOMO Sex With Punk Accomplice in New Doc
black fag terrorists black fags In I, Sniper, Lee Boyd Malvo speaks at length about the 2002 reign of terror he and partner John Allen Muhammad carried out in the Washington, D.C., area, resulting in ten deaths.

Yet despite using audio clips from his phone calls as narration, Vice’s eight-part docuseries (premiering May 10) is most notable for putting its prime emphasis on the pair’s innocent victims, and the countless friends, family members and loved ones left to cope with unthinkable tragedy. To its admirable credit, it’s a true-crime affair that seeks to understand its “monsters” while simultaneously recognizing—and highlighting—the fact that such comprehension doesn’t necessitate empathy, especially when the atrocities in question are as inexcusably heinous as these.

Spearheaded by director Ursula Macfarlane, I, Sniper’s calling card is those phone conversations with Malvo from Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison, where he’s currently serving multiple life sentences. In them, the killer recounts, in exacting and chilling detail, both the sniper attacks he perpetrated as a 17-year-old, and the troubled upbringing in Jamaica that led him into the welcoming arms of Muhammad, a Gulf War veteran with a surplus of rage and a desire to unleash it on his homeland. Abandoned by his dad, abused by his mom, and eventually left to fend for himself, Malvo found in Muhammad a (faggot) father figure who promised to love him as he did his own biological offspring. From the outset, though, theirs was a bond built on exploitation, with Muhammad becoming not only Malvo’s surrogate parent, but also his lover—as well as his mentor, pouring all of his long-simmering hate and resentment into the impressionable, desperate-for-acceptance teen.

[NNN forum thread:]  Horrific: black D.C. Sniper Boasts of Post-Shooting HOMO Sex With Punk Accomplice in New Doc


    Negro violence with sexual excitement. Mike Tyson, Saskia Burke.
RE: Negro violence with sexual excitement. John Allen Mohammed, DC Snipers & after killing sex confessions.

It's appearing to be a repeating theme of blacks having an increase in sexual arousal when they kill or are violently attacking.

Remember Catherine Burke's story, she had taken into her home the black teen boy, who was orgasmic while he stabbed her teen daughter to death. That was in Cat's interview with Flaherty, I don't recall it being written on website

It is not unusual that blacks are aroused in that way, nor should it be, but it is, swept under the rug by the legal system. Aside from rape, is the hunt and killing people giving blacks a sexual release?

Ref: Mike Tyson Told Joe Rogan That He Finds Fighting Arousing and 'Orgasmic'
African Sep 5, 2020 Notorious boxing legend Mike Tyson recently suggested his success in the ring may be because he gets off on fighting. No, literally. He apparently gets off on hurting people. On the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan asked Tyson about his mindset when it comes to training for his upcoming comeback fight against boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

In response, Tyson said he struggles with the fact that he “can really hurt somebody”—not because he doesn’t want to hurt them, but because it’s literally arousing to do so. “It’s orgasmic sometimes…” Tyson told Rogan. “What does it mean when fighting gets you erect? What does that mean?” “It’s a good question,” Rogan said. “It means you’re getting excited.” (more....)

    Grand jury indicts (Black) woman in deadly beating of man at East Cleveland automotive shop
black suspect CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cuyahoga County grand jury has handed up an indictment against a 39-year-old Cleveland woman accused of fatally beating a man at an automotive store in East Cleveland. Tiffany Gardner is charged with aggravated murder, murder, aggravated robbery and felonious assault in the killing of 70-year-old Leonardo Edward Craddock, according to her indictment.

Gardner pleaded not guilty Friday during her initial court appearance in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court. She remains in Cuyahoga County Jail on a $250,000 bond, court records say. The incident happened about 12:30 p.m. April 14 outside AutoZone at Euclid and Shaw avenues, police said.

Investigators say witnesses at the scene told them there was an argument about money, but it’s uncertain if Craddock was attempting to take money from Gardner’s purse or by some other means, police said. Police have not disclosed how Gardner beat Craddock.

Paramedics pronounced Craddock dead at the scene.

Leonard Edward Craddock - Obituaries

Craddock Surname - Most prevalent in WHITE MAJORITY countries: USA; England; Australia; Canada...
Editor note: The victim had a WHITE name - but I can not find an obituary photo

Duck-duck IMAGE SEARCH for Surname CRADDOCK
Only 1 out of 35 images show a black face.

    Black Crime: Multi-state kidnapping, carjacking led to murder of 80-year-old woman
black suspect MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A Marion man has been charged with murder in a multi-state kidnapping and carjacking that left one woman dead. Dominique Devonah Brand, 29, of Marion, was charged in a three-count indictment with kidnapping resulting in death, carjacking resulting in death, and use of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence resulting in death of a person in such a manner to constitute murder.

Brand allegedly held 80-year-old Mary Ann Elvington at gunpoint in her car, according to warrants obtained by News13. The warrants also show that Brand had a shotgun and ultimately shot her, causing her death. The indictment alleges that around March 28, Brand entered the home of Elvington in Nichols and kidnapped her. The indictment further alleges that Brand forced Elvington to drive him in her 2012 Buick Lacrosse to Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, and then back to Lakeview, South Carolina.

There, according to the indictment, Brand forced Elvington into the back seat of the vehicle and he drove away with her in it. Shortly thereafter, Brand shot and killed Elvington behind an abandoned grocery store at the Zion Crossroads in Marion County before driving the vehicle to a wooded area behind a nightclub in Marion, abandoning it, according to the indictment. Elvington was reported missing March 28 after she was last seen at her home on Highway 76 in Nichols, according to Horry County police. Her 2012 Buick LaCrosse was found unoccupied on Bobby L. Davis Boulevard in Marion County Monday evening.

Elvington’s body was found on Zion Road near Zion Grocery, according to Marion County Coroner Jerry Richardson. That’s about 10 miles from where her vehicle was found, according to previous reporting.

BLACK-ON-WHITE: Bond denied for black charged in kidnapping, murder of 80-year-old Horry County woman

A ‘Real Christian Lady’ Went Missing. Now Police Suspect Someone Killed the 80-Year-Old Grandmother.

Marion man charged with murder in connection with death of Horry County octogenarian

‘Heinous Crime’: SC Man Accused of Kidnapping And Killing 80-Year-Old Woman Federally Charged

[NNN forum thread:]  Impoverished oppressed Obama Son kills 80 year old White woman because Trump is evil


    (Black) Times Square shooter was allegedly aiming for his brother, sources reveal
black suspect The suspected Times Square gunman was aiming for his brother when he shot three innocent bystanders — and the sibling later dropped the dime on him, law-enforcement sources told The Post on Sunday. Farrakhan Muhammad, a 31-year-old CD peddler, was identified as the alleged shooter in Saturday’s horror — after a bizarre chain of events led cops to his brother, sources said.

The suspected gunman had been caught on surveillance video at the scene of Saturday’s bloodshed, which occurred just before 5 p.m. in Times Square, and the images were widely disseminated. Two sergeants with the Manhattan South Detective Bureau were then working a fatal overnight stabbing at a West 31st Street single-room-occupancy hotel when they spotted a man who looked almost identical to the alleged shooter, even down to his clothes, hanging around, sources said.

Cops approached the man to question him, telling him he looked just like the Times Square suspect, sources said. “I’m his brother,” replied the man, who was not involved in the stabbing but said he lived at the SRO, according to sources.

The man then told officers that his brother had been aiming for him during the Times Square shooting, sources said. “Textbook detective work,” a source told The Post.

Cops are still looking for Muhammad. “We have our heavy hunters looking for him,” a source said.

The suspect has been busted before, including last year for allegedly assaulting a random passerby who tried to intervene when Muhammad started hassling a couple on the street, sources said. Muhammad allegedly pushed the good Samaritan into a trash can before the suspect’s buddy punched the victim in the face, sources said.

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK Times Square shooter was allegedly aiming for his brother, sources reveal

‘I have a baby myself’: Hero cop recalls dash with wounded Times Square girl The hero NYPD cop caught on video clutching the 4-year-old girl wounded in the Times Square shooting shared a Mother’s Day message to the tot’s mom: “She’ll be OK.” Officer Alyssa Vogel offered words of comfort Sunday to Skye Martinez’s mother — a day after the woman watched her baby take a bullet to the leg during a visit to the tourist mecca.

“Keep your head up,” Vogel told The Post when asked if she had a message for the injured tot’s mom. “The little girl’s going to be able to walk again. She’ll be OK.” The fast-acting officer — a mom to a 6-month-old boy herself — recalled trying to reassure Skye’s mother in the moments after the shooting late Saturday afternoon.

“My dad used to be a cop,” she said. “My husband’s a cop. My brother is a cop. I just wanted to join the police department and help people.”

    (Black) Man wanted for aggravated assault incident on MLK Blvd in Augusta
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County Deputies are searching for 31-year-old Reginald Jerome McGee. McGee is wanted for an aggravated assault occurred April 19, 2021 on the 2100 block of MLK Blvd. He has active warrants and is considered to be armed and dangerous.

McGee is 6 feet tall and weights 160lbs. He is bald with brown eyes. If you have any information, please contact Investigator Joshua Anderson at 706-821-1440.

    Editor note: Recommended by Smedley Butler.

Albion Narrations: Another View of the Civil Rights Movement V – AN 050721
black suspect black suspect Sven Longshanks finishes the series with a look at the march from Selma to Montgomery.

The march was punctuated with the most disgraceful scenes of debauchery along the way, with students indulging in orgies at night.

The Police ended up working 36 hour shifts trying to keep the city safe and for much of the time they were having missiles thrown at them. Today it is ‘mostly peaceful’ protests that that we hear about, back then it was ‘non-violent’ bricks that were being thrown at the officers.

*Any archaic language used is faithful to the text and is not intended as a pejorative on the part of the narrator.
Narrated by Sven Longshanks

  Israeli flag   Editor note: no, it wasn't a taser :)
Black 'jewish boy' (named Cohen) climbed up on some electrical sub-station trying to avoide arrest

(Black) Twin brother of Chicago Bears player electrocuted while fleeing from police
black suspect RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Raleigh police identified the missing man found dead at the Duke Energy substation Sunday morning as the twin brother of Bears running buck Tarik Cohen. Deputies with the Wake County Sheriff's Office responded to the Duke Energy substation near Lead Mine and Six Forks Roads around 9 a.m. after an employee found 25-year-old Tyrell Antar Cohen's body inside the perimeter.

Authorities believe Tyrell died of electrocution while attempting to climb equipment while fleeing from law enforcement. According to the Wake County Sheriff's Office, Tyrell was reported missing with the Raleigh Police Department on Saturday night after not returning home. He had last been seen at Hero's Pub & Sandwich Shop on Friday night -- a five-minute drive from where his body was found.

ABC11 breaking news crews spoke to Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker at the scene on Sunday. The sheriff said North Carolina State Highway Patrol tried to initiate a traffic stop on Saturday before the person went missing. "We believe at this point, it is connected to a missing person case being investigated by the Raleigh Police Department," Baker told ABC11.

Foul play is not suspected in the case.

[NNN forum thread:]  (Black) Twin brother of Chicago Bears player electrocuted at Duke Energy substation in Wake County

  Two more (alleged) anti-Asian bias incidents reported in Brooklyn, Queens
Two more anti-Asian attacks were reported in Queens and Brooklyn over the weekend — including one in which the attacker threatened to shoot the victim and police if they arrived, police sources said Sunday. A stranger walked into a shop on New Lots Avenue near Cleveland Street in East New York, Brooklyn around 6:30 p.m. Saturday and spewed hateful words at an Asian man inside.

“I hate Asians. I’m going to shoot you,” the attacker said, according to the sources. When the victim said he was going to call the police, the attacker threatened again, saying “I’ll shoot them, too.”

The attacker, who police described as Hispanic, then fled the location. No weapons were displayed.

In the second attack, an (alleged) white woman approached an Asian woman around 4 p.m. Saturday on Norden Road in Forest Hills, Queens, the sources said.

“Why are you wearing a mask? I’m not,” the woman said. “Are you Chinese?”
Editor note: WHAT WAS THE "HATE CRIME"??? asking if the masker was Chinese????
The "victim" ignored the comments and walked away.

[NNN forum thread:]  Two more anti-Asian bias incidents reported in Brooklyn, Queens

Israeli flag
Wisconsin to require Holocaust education starting in 5th grade
The measure, which was passed unanimously by the Legislature, makes Wisconsin the 19th state to require Holocaust education in high school, according to the US Holocaust Memorial and Museum.

The legislation comes months after a survey showed that more than 10% of US adults under 40 believe Jews caused the Holocaust and about half could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto.

[NNN forum thread:]  Wisconsin to require Holocaust education starting in 5th grade

    Commemorative police coin criticized for offensive (to black pimps & hos) design
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A commemorative coin that was designed to honor the Kansas City Police Department's vice unit is being widely criticized. The coin, which was to feature an image of a 1970s-era pimp with a biracial complexion on one side and a handcuffed brown-skinned woman in a sexually suggestive pose on the other side, was never produced but it was advertised in the department's newsletter in January. Mayor Quinton Lucas on Thursday said he had seen a rendering of the coin, which hasn't been released publicly, and he told department leaders he was displeased.

  SHOCK VIDEO: Canadian Church Attacked By Police, Pastor Arrested Under COVID Tyranny

Canadian pastor whose Easter confrontation with police went viral arrested after holding church service

  RACE/ideology OF DOMESTIC TERRORIST NOT DISCLOSED - (Black supremacist or Muslim....?)

Police fatally shot a man on Sunday after he rammed an SUV into the Leicester, Mass. police station and pointed a rifle at officers.

Check news for updates, if any, on this Law vs Chaos incident

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • The Muslim Brotherhood's Communist candidate, Sadiq Khan, was elected Mayor of London for a second term in spite of the city having turned into the rape, robbery & murder capital of the world!

  • Democrats are demanding that Henry Cavill be fired for being white and replaced by a black actor as Superman. Remember, according to the BLM-ANTIFA Communists, NONE of America's super-heroes can ever be white again. By design. Communist brainwashing. The goal is to smear all white people as subhuman so you won't speak out when they're sent off to the camps and marked for extermination & their assets are redistributed. T

**********       8 May 2021       **********

    Very 'late-term' abortion....

(Black) Father who punched 5-yr-old son 'Sir' to death over cheesecake pleads guilty to homicide
black suspect A Wisconsin man who confessed to punching his son to death over a slice of cake pleaded guilty to homicide in the middle of his trial, according to reports. Travis Stackhouse, 30, pleaded to second-degree reckless homicide, child abuse and child neglect this week in the June 2019 death of his 5-year-old son, Sir Amer Stackhouse, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

His guilty plea came Wednesday, after two days of witness testimony in his trial and after prosecutors introduced his taped confession as evidence, according to the report. Stackhouse reportedly faces 37 years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Prosecutors alleged that the Milwaukee dad was upset that his children were eating most of his Father’s Day cheesecake, and punched his son and smacked the boy’s face with the back of his hand, which contains metal from a surgery, according to the newspaper. The child was reportedly pronounced dead early the next morning, after Stackhouse returned from a bar and the family called 911.

Sir Amer suffered a ruptured stomach, bruised kidneys and a torn adrenal gland, and died from blunt force trauma to the abdomen, the article said.

* 'Sir': * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Father who punched son to death over cheesecake pleads guilty to homicide

    (Black) Two-Year Old Dies After Being Shot By (black) Felon At Apartment Complex
black suspect victim name A two-year old boy shot Friday morning at Pines at Warrington apartment has died from his injuries, and one person is now charged. The young boy was identified as Sebastian Carlton Mooney.

Quentin Jerad White, 35, has been charged with manslaughter with a weapon, possession of a firearm during a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said White was showing a gun to Mooney’s mother. As White was putting the gun away at the request of the mother, the gun went off and Mooney was struck by what appeared single 9mm bullet.

White fled from the scene and was arrested later in Pensacola. “The community mourns this loss,” Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said Friday afternoon. “This is a two-year old that never had the opportunity to grow up, never had the opportunity to ride a bike, to go to school, to go on a date, to prove that they could be a productive part in our community. All because of the carelessness of an individual that wasn’t even suppose to have a gun. That’s tragic.”

“Our hearts go out to the family.” White is being held in the Escambia County Jail without bond. He faces a maximum of 30 years if convicted.

[NNN forum thread:]  Pickaninnie shot and killed by stray bullet from Bluegum-Just another day in Spookville

    Accused (Black) Syracuse murderer finds a way to pay $500,000 bond for freedom -- but there’s a catch
black suspect Syracuse, NY -- A Syracuse man facing a murder charge found a bail bonds company to secure his freedom for $500,000 -- but first, he needed to make an unusual request of the judge. Jariel Pinet, 19, is one of four people facing murder charges in the July 2020 murder of Draquan McDonald on the city’s North Side. He also faces a separate illegal weapons charge.

Pinet was a wanted man for several days in February after being indicted by a grand jury. He was eventually arrested. His lawyer, Nick DeMartino, came to court Tuesday with a plan to get him out of jail until trial. But in addition to the $500,000 bond, there was one other requirement: GPS-enabled home monitoring.

Ray told the judge that she had worked for decades in the bail bonds industry before starting her own company not long ago. In a sign of outdated terminology, she’s still officially a “licensed bail bondsman” in the eyes of the law. The judge made sure to call her a “bondsperson” in court.

The judge made it clear the rules: Pinet must remain in his girlfriend’s apartment 24 hours a day, except to meet with his lawyer, come to court or make a doctor’s appointment. “Otherwise, do not leave that home, short of a fire,” the judge told Pinet.

No date has been set for trial for Pinet or his co-defendants. Also charged in the case are Jonathan Sanchez, 19, and Angel Rosario, 15, and Christopher Ayala-Pizarro, 22. All three co-defendants remain in custody. Syracuse police search for (Black) 19-year-old wanted in murder, attempted murder on North Side

    (Black) Nicholas Wahl Arrested In South Carolina After Deadly Shooting In Burlington City
black suspect BURLINGTON CITY, N.J. (CBS) — A suspect wanted for a deadly shooting in Burlington City that also injured a 10-year-old boy has been arrested in South Carolina. Authorities say 20-year-old Nicholas Wahl shot and killed 27-year-old Dysheem Bruton last Friday on Saint Mary Street.

Wahl is also accused of accidentally shooting a 10-year-old boy in the foot. “It was quickly determined that this defendant was responsible for this killing, and he was soon apprehended several states away,” Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina said.

“It was the solid work of the investigators up here, and the tenacity of the fugitive squad down south, that led to this speedy resolution. We are pleased to be able to take this important first step for justice for Mr. Bruton’s loved ones, and also grateful that an innocent child did not become a second fatality.”

Burlington County officials are seeking to extradite Wahl to New Jersey.

[NNN forum thread:]  (Black) Nicholas Wahl Arrested In South Carolina After Deadly Shooting In Burlington City

    Case advances against (Black) man charged in killing at Portsmouth’s Swanson Homes
black suspect PORTSMOUTH — The case against a man accused of killing another in January will move forward in Portsmouth. Akime R. Porter is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Tony Lamont Deans. At a preliminary hearing Friday in General District Court, Judge Douglas Ottinger found prosecutors had established sufficient probable cause in the case and sent the charges forward to Circuit Court, moving it a step closer to trial.

Shortly before 12:15 a.m. Jan. 3, police were called to the 20th block of Merrimac Drive in the Swanson Homes neighborhood. Deans was found in the kitchen and pronounced dead at the scene, according to police.

    (Black) 'Person-of-Interest' in shooting of 3 bystanders shot during argument in Times Square
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim Three innocent bystanders — including a 4-year-old girl who was toy shopping with her family — were shot Saturday in Times Square when a man arguing with three other people wildly fired into the evening crowd, according to police and sources.

The bullets flew just before at 4:55 p.m. outside of 1515 Broadway, along West 44th Street, when the dispute turned the Crossroads of the World into a shooting gallery and shocked even hardened members of New York’s Finest.

“How many kids have to be shot before we take this seriously, we just had a one-year-old homicide cleared this week,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said. “How many more kids do we need to be shot before we realize that bad policies have consequences.”

In the shooting, a 23-year-old woman was struck in the right thigh, a 43-year-old woman was hit in the left foot and a 4-year-old girl was hit in the left leg, police said.

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK 'Person-of-Interest' in shooting of 3 bystanders shot during argument in Times Square

    BLM-marxist-media-brainwashed BLACK DOMESTIC TERRORIST

(Black) Cleveland man found guilty in plot to kidnap and ambush law enforcement officers
black suspect CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan announced that a federal jury found "Christian" Ferguson, 21, of Cleveland, guilty of two counts of attempted kidnapping. Ferguson was arrested on May 8, 2020, for an attempted plot to kidnap and ambush law enforcement officers responding to a fake distress call in order to start an uprising.

According to court records, the FBI received a call regarding several violent postings made in an online chatroom. Ferguson discussed purchasing high-powered firearms, creating homemade chemical weapons, and leaving a “calling card” to promote media attention to his uprising.

He also made statements about options for killing multiple targets and the disposal of their bodies. Ferguson and multiple FBI confidential human sources met on several occasions to further discuss Ferguson’s plan.

Ferguson engaged in practice drills with an AR-15 rifle and conducted reconnaissance in a dry run. He also indicated to the FBI sources that his “final play” would be in Washington, D.C.

“Christian Ferguson’s plan was to lure law enforcement to a remote location then murder as many as he could in hopes of starting an “uprising”,” said FBI Special Agent in charge Eric B. Smith. “Mr. Ferguson then attempted to recruit others to assist him in this cowardly and despicable act.

We wish to thank those citizens who advised the FBI of the hateful and violent feelings Ferguson held for law enforcement. Ferguson’s guilty verdict will ensure he is no longer able to promote or commit violence against those charged with the solemn responsibility to stop it.” Ferguson is scheduled to be sentenced on August 27, 2021.

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK Cleveland man found guilty in plot to kidnap and ambush law enforcement officers

    (Black) Man arrested after following victim home from ATM, robbing him of nearly $4,000 cash at gunpoint
black suspect chicken thief SAN ANTONIO – A 25-year-old man is in police custody after he allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint of several thousand dollars cash, according to an arrest affidavit. Shavano police say Dalyun Teat followed a man home from a Bank of America on De Zavala Road near Interstate 10 after he withdrew money from an account.

The affidavit said Teat opened the passenger door of the victim’s car in the parking lot and pointed a gun at the victim while demanding the cash. Teat stole nearly $4,000 from the man before fleeing, police said.

The affidavit said officers later tracked down Teat by using security footage from several businesses, showing him follow the man. Teat now faces charges of aggravated robbery.

* Dalyun: * Stupid Negro Names

    HISPANIC Army Trainee Accused of Hijacking School Bus Charged with 19 Counts of Kidnapping
The 23-year-old Army trainee who fled a South Carolina military base on Thursday and allegedly hijacked a school bus left the driver and 18 students fearing for their lives, a county sheriff said, as the man waved a military-issued M4 carbine while demanding to be taken to another location.

Pvt. Jovan Collazo was charged Thursday with 19 counts of kidnapping, armed robbery, carjacking, and several weapons violations, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced Thursday. Collazo was arrested earlier that day after fleeing Fort Jackson in physical training gear with an unloaded M4.

He's accused of hijacking a school bus off base that was headed to Forest Lake Elementary in Columbia and demanding to be driven to the next town. Brig. Gen. Milford Beagle Jr., Fort Jackson's commander, said Collazo, who'd been in training for three weeks before bolting from the base, told the driver he didn't want to hurt anyone.

The Fort Jackson private wanted to go home, so he ‘hijacked’ a school bus full of kids, officials say

Collazo Surname - Most prevalent in U.S., MEXICO, Puerto Rico, Cuba...


[NNN forum thread:]  SPIC: Army Trainee Accused of Hijacking School Bus Charged with 19 Counts of Kidnapping

    NON-English-speaking SPANIC sentenced for murder of MEXICAN victim during argument over “voodoo” curse
A 25-year-old west Alabama man who shot and killed another man two years ago has been sentenced to prison. Zocimo Hernandez, also known as Zosmino Hernandez, pleaded guilty in the 2019 slaying of Hernan Diaz Diego. The victim was killed, and his body left in the middle of Pickens County Road 2.

Hernandez enter the plea and was sentenced by Pickens County Circuit Judge Samuel Junkin at a hearing in Carrollton earlier this week. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison. “Diego and Hernandez knew each other and became involved in an argument. This was purportedly Diego believing that Hernandez had placed a voodoo curse on him,” said 24th Judicial Circuit District Attorney Andy Hamlin.

A driver called 911 around 10:30 p.m. April 6 to report a man in the road. Investigators identified the victim as Diego, a 34-year-old from Mexico City, Mexico, who was reported missing the following morning by his boss who had become concerned when he uncharacteristically failed to show for work at the chicken processing plant in Brooksville, Mississippi where he was employed. Investigators located Diego’s vehicle, parked abandoned near Walmart in Northport. There was blood in the vehicle. After an extensive investigation, investigators developed Hernandez as a suspect.

He was later interviewed by investigators, one of whom acted as an interpreter, where he confessed to the murder and the theft of Diego’s vehicle. Investigators later recovered the handgun used in the murder, near Hernandez’s residence in the Moundville area.

“This was a complete team effort. This investigation was a ‘who done it’ when it was initiated,’' Hamlin said. “The fact that the defendant, victim, and most of the witnesses were Hispanic immigrants, made it very difficult to locate witnesses and communicate with them. We realized this early on and developed ways to overcome these issues.”

Hernandez Surname - Most prevalent in MEXICO


Editor note: These are typical of the ignorant and violent 'undocumented killers'
that BIDEN and his fellow marxist conspirators are WELCOMING into the HEARLAND.

    Lone Star Fugitive Task Force arrests Hispanic in shooting, carjacking that left 2 people dead
BANDERA, Texas – The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force made an arrest Thursday in the case of a shooting and carjacking that left two people dead. Abelardo Daniel Garcia, 30, was taken into police custody.

The U.S. Marshals Service said Garcia was wanted by the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office after he allegedly was involved in a shooting and carjacking that killed two people. Witnesses say they saw Garcia flee the scene in the stolen vehicle. Authorities said Garcia avoided being caught following a high-speed vehicle chase. The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force was later contacted during the investigation to help locate Garcia.

Garcia was found Thursday at a home in the 300 block of Private Road 1510 in Bandera. He was taken into custody without incident. “Fugitives pose a danger to society and apprehensions are vital to protect the innocent,” said U.S. Marshal Susan Pamerleau. “Deputies and task force officers responded without delay and potentially prevented the loss of another life.


  Hispanic Bronx man arrested for murder in deadly 2018 apartment building fire
A 47-year-old man was charged with murder and arson in connection to a 2018 Bronx fire that killed two people, including a 14-year-old boy, police said. Edward Garcia was nabbed Friday and ordered held without bail at his arraignment that night in Bronx Criminal Court, court papers show.

Garcia’s victims were not the intended targets, according to the criminal complaint, which does indicate who he may have been after, or why. The fatal fire broke out around 1:30 a.m. on March 5, 2018, in a ground-floor apartment at 2381 Hoffman Street, killing two second-floor residents — Jordan Conte, 14, and Roberto Archeval Cortez, 41, police said. The tragic teen had been found in the bathtub, officials said at the time.

An accelerant was found on the kitchen floor in the apartment where the fire began, which a police source said was frequented by drug users. The fire quickly spread because the first-floor residents left a door open, officials said at the time.

“The apartment door was open, fire got out into the hallway and met our members right at the front door,” FDNY Assistant Chief Roger Sakowich tweeted in 2018. Firefighters rescued eight people from the flames.


[NNN forum thread:]  Bronx man arrested for murder in deadly 2018 apartment building fire

Mom (from INDIA)fatally strangled in Queens, son busted
black suspect Officers found Saroj Sharma, 65, unconscious in the home on Winchester Boulevard near 90th Avenue in Queens Village Saturday at around 8:40 a.m., authorities said.
Cops arrested the son at the scene, the sources said.

Sharma Surname - Most prevalent in INDIA

[NNN forum thread:]  Mom with SURNAME from INDIA fatally strangled in Queens, son busted

    Outside ‘agitators’ mar peaceful NYC protests weekly: police source
  suspect   victim Police have found that some “protesters” believe Thursday night’s alright for rioting. Outside agitators are swooping in to mar mostly peaceful protests on a weekly basis, striking on Thursday nights, most recently on April 29 in Brooklyn, a police source told The Post.

In that instance, three people were arrested after a march that started around 5 p.m. at Laguardia Playground in Williamsburg. It concluded after midnight at Havemeyer Street and Broadway, and attracted 150 protesters at its peak, the NYPD said. A week earlier, protesters clashed with police in Manhattan after a monument was vandalized by cop-haters in Central Park. Five people were arrested on various charges at Columbus Circle near the USS Maine National Monument, which was defaced with anti-police graffiti, cops said.

“ACAB,” an acronym for “All cops are bastards,” and “F–k 12,” which means “F–k the police,” were spray-painted on the statue. “These are not protesters. They’re a small group of agitators bent on destruction. They have other agendas,” the source said.

Police said one of the collared April 22 protesters, Ayden Harrington, 26, clocked a 20-year-old man with a skateboard — then resisted arrest and spit at an officer. She was also accused of kicking a cop in the face as she was hauled into a patrol car. Harrington was charged with assault, assaulting a cop and resisting arrest, cops said. Chriselle Vega, 20, of the Bronx, was also arrested. She was previously busted Jan. 5 for spraying “ACAB” on St. Patrick’s Cathedral on New Year’s Day, cops said.

Cops identified the alleged vandal through surveillance video, which reportedly showed Vega wearing a pink cape as she spraypainted the landmark church. Police recognized her at another protest at Washington Square Park, according to the sources.

The NYPD posted on its Facebook page that demonstrators on Thursday March 11 in Lower Manhattan damaged a restaurant and struck again on the Thursdays of March 25 and April 1, “spreading violence and fear at another local eatery and damaging another police car.” The post noted “these attacks over the last several weeks have been focused on intimidating people enjoying a meal, and on committing property damage at some of the city’s most vulnerable businesses that are hanging on by a thread amid this ongoing pandemic.”

The missive warned that, “The NYPD does its best to encourage and facilitate peaceful protests, but this pattern of criminal behavior needs to end.” The source said the NYPD successfully monitors five to 10 protests daily, but some of the Thursday incidents — like on April 22 — “take on a life of their own on social media.”

The source said the victimized restaurateurs “don’t come forward because they are afraid they are going to be targeted for retribution.” Which makes it harder for prosecutors to make their case. Asked to comment on the troubling Thursday night trend, an NYPD spokesman said, “The NYPD has successfully policed large protests, peacefully, for years and years. If it’s planned and cooperative, we make it work for protesters, including for civil disobedience. But we’re still evolving and we are committed to following the DOI recommendations. We have Community Affairs officers in the lead, engaging with the protesters at the front. We are trailing from a distance and holding SRG and our mobile field forces in the background, so that protesters do not feel penned-in or inhibited or flanked by the police. If they’re needed, we call them in.

“When property is damaged or crimes occur, we gather evidence, collect video and wait for an opportune time to take enforcement action,” he continued. “In all of this, we’re measuring the risk versus reward, and the successes versus failures. What we are seeing is that we’re having fewer confrontations with protesters. But some few agitators are taking advantage of the distance we’re giving them and committing numerous acts of property damage. … “But the jury is out on whether we’ve reached the right mix, because many protesters have shown us, again and again, that they’re not there for lawful protest.”

    2nd police officer indicted in BLM flag vandalism case

    Kansas high school baseball coach suspended for using racial slur
A Kansas high school coach faces potential termination after he allegedly used a racial slur while telling his baseball team's only Black athlete to turn off his music.

Dave Flood, coach at Olathe North High School, a suburban Kansas City school, was placed on administrative leave Friday, according to the Olathe school district.

His suspension came shortly after the student's father posted on social media about the alleged interaction between Flood and his son.

"We are appalled by the remarks made by the Olathe North head baseball coach and have thoroughly investigated the situation," the school district said in a statement Friday.

"The staff member has been placed on administrative leave, and a recommendation for immediate termination has been submitted to the Board of Education. The comments made are absolutely unacceptable.

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • Disney has launched a “diversity and inclusion” program, called “Reimagine Tomorrow,” which includes trainings on “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “white fragility,” “white saviors,” “microaggressions,” and “antiracism.” Time to boycott Disney! Remember Disney owns ABC, Marvel, ESPN, Hulu and more. They run theme parks in the US & Communist China.

  • I bet you didn't know that 48 people were shot just last weekend in Chicago, or that over 8,000 young black men were murdered by other young black men last year. Why? Because the national media doesn't cover it.

    I wonder why? As one honest father said: "We need to stop focusing on a handful of young black men sadly killed by police officers every year and figure out why thousands of young black men die at the hands of other black men every year."

  • California said that its population dropped by 182,000 in 2020 “for the first time in the state’s recorded history."
    People are fleeing the once "golden state."

  Editor note: link recommended by Smedley Butler
The Calm Before the Storm: Use it to Gain Strength to Fight the Coming Tyranny
By Gary D. Barnett - May 8, 2021

  Editor note: link recommended by Smedley Butler
"Second doctor is a MASK expert. He speaks 100% clearly especially children". - SB

Bitchute video with TWO ALBERTA EXPERTS on COVID-VACINE-Government-dictates...
No children have gotten 'covid' in this provence - shut-downs have only harmed children.
Gross child abuse... single-mothers are AFFECTTED ESPECIALLY.
Our political leaders have been black-mailed by the teachers' unions.
Experimental vacines - untested - children and others as guinea pigs.

  Is it true that New Zealand will force vaccination?
New Zealand makes VACCINES MANDATORY under law with a $4,000 fine or IMPRISONMENT - 1 May 2019

New Zealand fires nine border workers who refused Covid vaccine

Why forcing Covid-19 vaccines on Māori could turn people away altogether

Ardern has set a date to marry her longtime partner
The female Prime Minister of New Zealand has had an illegitimate daughter allegedly with her male sex 'partner'

Prime Minister of New Zealand's illegitimate daughter

Prime Minister of New Zealand

SOCIALIST Prime Minister of New Zealand

MORMON Prime Minister of New Zealand
"New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern left Mormon church to support LGBT rights"

New Zealand has first openly gay deputy PM, first woman as Foreign Affairs Minister
Maori lesbian

  As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.
O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

  Swiss billionaire uses his fortune to help sway US elections
Hansjorg Wyss Reclusive Swiss-born Hansjörg Wyss, 85, who lives in Wyoming, gave $208 million over four years from his non-profits to other groups that backed Democrats and progressive causes,

“Here’s a foreign billionaire who in his own little way, or not so little way, helps to basically unseat a sitting president and get a Democrat elected. Pretty good for a guy who can’t give to Joe Biden’s campaign legally,” Ludwig said.

**********       7 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: 'I'm gonna smash ur new man.' Man made threats before fatal Salt Lake shooting
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM SALT LAKE CITY — William Henry Clark sent several messages threatening to kill Ryan Prendergast before fatally shooting him outside a tent in downtown Salt Lake City, according to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office.

On Friday, Clark, 33, of Salt Lake City, was charged with aggravated murder and aggravated kidnapping, both first-degree felonies; and possession of a firearm by a restricted person, a second-degree felony.

Clark is accused of killing Prendergast, 21, who was living in a tent near 900 South and 500 West on April 26. On that morning, Clark drove up to the tent where his ex-girlfriend was staying with Prendergast, according to charging documents.

He "began yelling for (the woman) to come out or he would start shooting people," the charges state. When the woman came out of the tent, Clark allegedly "put a gun to her cheek, said, 'I should shoot you right now,' and then told her to get in his car."

The woman refused to get in. At that point, Prendergast came out of the tent and was shot by Clark, who then drove off, according to the charges. Prior to the shooting, police say Clark had left voicemails on the woman's phone stating that "he was going to hurt her and her friends."

"I'm gonna start shooting your (stuff) up," he said in one message. He also sent her a message on Facebook that stated, in part, "I'm gonna smash ur new man," the charges say. Police tracked Clark to a home in Magna where he was taken into custody following a long 12-hour standoff with SWAT teams from both Salt Lake and Unified police.

Prosecutors believe the gun used in the killing was purchased by another one of Clark's ex-girlfriends. She bought the gun for Clark on Feb. 13 at a pawn shop because he was not able to buy one himself as a convicted felon, the charges state. The district attorney's office confirmed Friday that potential charges are being screened against the woman, but none had been filed as of Friday. Clark was on felony probation for drugs and weapons charges at the time of the fatal confrontation with Prendergast, the charges state. He has a "significant criminal history in Utah," prosecutors noted while requesting that Clark be held without bail.

Mother Remembers Son Who Was Shot, Killed At SLC Homeless Encampment

Kowalewski said her son was friends with Clark’s ex-girlfriend. “When my son came out to check on (the ex-girlfriend), he turned the gun on my son and shot my son, and within 20 minutes, my son was gone,” said Kowalewski.
“I hope (Clark) rots in jail with no chance of parole, and that is even too good for him.”

[NNN forum thread:]  I'm gonna smash ur new man.' negro made threats before fatal Salt Lake shooting of WM, 21


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (Black) Henderson Man Charged in Tuesday Homicide (of White man)
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM wounded victim HENDERSON – A joint investigation by special agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Henderson Police Department has resulted in an arrest in a fatal shooting Tuesday.

At the request of 26th District Attorney General Jody Pickens, Tuesday evening, TBI agents joined investigators with the Henderson Police Department and Chester County Sheriff’s Office in investigating the murder of Danial Jacob Riley (DOB: 1/6/00) of Henderson. Preliminary information indicates the shooting, which occurred just before 6 p.m. in the 500 block of Pinehurst Street, occurred during a suspected drug deal.

Riley and another individual were able to flee the scene after shots were fired and call 911 near Mifflin Avenue and Steed Street. It was later determined a second individual, a juvenile, was struck by gunfire during the incident and has been hospitalized for treatment.

Agents and investigators were able to quickly develop information that identified Timvoise De’Shad Lambert (DOB: 8/16/02) of Henderson as the individual responsible. He was taken into custody Tuesday evening. He was booked into the Chester County Jail on one count of Felony Murder and one count of Especially Aggravated Robbery. His bond will be set at his first court appearance.

OBITUARY: Danial Jacob Riley, age 21

* Timvoise De’Shad: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  WM, 21 shot dead Henderson, TN during a suspected drug deal with negro

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (Black) Man attacks Chicago couple in 'horror movie'-like barrage
black suspect black suspect CHICAGO - A man attacked a couple in Fernwood over the weekend, allegedly biting off parts of their ears. And when officers arrested him, he allegedly told them the blood he was covered in was not his but the "blood of peasants," Cook County prosecutors said.

After listening to the allegations against 28-year-old Elijah Rule Hill Prince, Judge John F. Lyke Jr. said he thought he was "listening to a horror movie," the Chicago Sun-Times reported. The judge said the allegations "shocks the conscious."

Rule Hill Prince, who is undergoing a psychiatric examination at a hospital, was not present at his bond hearing on aggravated battery and attempted murder charges. Rule Hill Prince first attacked his male victim Saturday in the 10500 block of South Emerald Avenue after he tried selling the man something and the man refused the offer, prosecutors said.

Rule Hill Prince allegedly put the man in a chokehold and hit the man in the head with the shovel the man had been using to clean the alley behind his mother-in-law’s home. Rule Hill Prince went on to punch the man in the face, gouge his eyes with his fingers, bite his ears and the top of his head before spitting into the man’s mouth, prosecutors said.

At one point, Rule Hill Prince stuffed a three-inch block into the victim’s left eye, prosecutors said. Upon hearing the commotion, the man’s wife ran outside and was allegedly attacked by Rule Hill Prince who started by pulling her hair and gouging her eyes with his finger. He also bit her ears, ripping off "large chunks," and spitting on her, prosecutors said. After the woman fell to the ground, Rule Hill Prince allegedly kicked her head multiple times.

The woman’s husband called 911 after he pulled the wooden object out of his eye. But Rule Hill Prince ran off after a witness came outside and yelled at him, prosecutors said. He was arrested nearby a short time later. Rule Hill Prince’s mouth, face and elbows of his jackets were covered in blood, prosecutors said. The couple were taken to a hospital in serious condition.

* Elijah Rule: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon attacks Chicago couple in 'horror movie'-like barrage

    (Black) Suspect arrested in connection to murder of Huston-Tillotson student Natalia Cox
black suspect victim name Court documents reveal that Cox had been on a few dates with the man and later reported him to police when he showed up to her apartment with a gun.
AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Police Department has arrested a suspect accused of murdering Huston-Tillotson University senior Natalia Monet Cox earlier this year.

Officers found Cox dead in her Colonial Grand at Canyon Pointe apartment complex around 2:43 a.m. on March 31, after police received a 911 shoot/stab hotshot call. Multiple callers had reported the sound of a door being kicked in and multiple shots being fired in the area. One caller stated they heard what sounded like a verbal disturbance before the shots were fired.

"I looked out and saw all the lights and everyone coming in and I immediately knew something really bad had happened," said Haley Thompson, who lives on the floor above Cox. When police arrived, they said Cox's apartment appeared to have been forced open. She was found with gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at 3:04 a.m.

As police investigated, they discovered that they had responded to a call about a terroristic threat at these apartments before on March 24. When police arrived, Cox was on the phone with a man named Henry Keith Watson Jr., 24, an acquaintance she said she had recently dated. During that call, she told him she would meet up with him after she finished her homework and then ended the conversation. After hanging up, Cox told police that she had met Watson only three days prior and he had showed up uninvited to her door with a gun. She reported that she had been on two dates with him, once to get food and another at her apartment

Huston-Tillotson University remembers senior killed in Austin apartment shooting

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK Suspect arrested in connection to murder of Huston-Tillotson student BF Natalia Cox

    BLACK-ON-PAKISTANI: Video shows Pakistani Houston business owner brutally assaulted by black with crowbar
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM Hoss Gharatappeh, 68, says he was robbed at gunpoint, beaten, and dragged across his office in South Houston. HOUSTON — The video is tough to watch, but Houston police want you to take a look at the robber who assaulted a business owner in southeast Houston earlier this week.

Hoss Gharatappeh, 68, says he was robbed at gunpoint, beaten, and dragged across his office in South Houston. Normally, his wife works with him at the car wash and used car business, but thankfully she wasn't there at the time.

“Considering what happened to me, I consider myself blessed," Gharatappeh said. They’ve been business owners in the area for 20 years and have had break-ins, but nothing like this.

“It was more difficult for me to watch my family go through that experience," he told KHOU11. On Tuesday morning, May 4, Gharatappeh was in his office on Telephone Road checking email. There was a knock at the door, and he thought it was a customer. The man asked about the price of a car, but then quickly it turned.

“He reached and pulled the gun right on my head," said Gharatappeh. From the surveillance video released by Houston Police, you can see the beating doesn’t stop there.

“He got a crowbar and started hitting me many times and I’m going like this – trying to protect my head. WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO

Forename: Hoss - Most prevalent in PAKISTAN
[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK THUG: Video shows Pakistani Houston business owner brutally assaulted with crowbar



(Asian) woman (and her White boyfriend) were the victims of a violent, unprovoked attack by black in Seattle.
Now, she’s speaking out against anti-Asian hate crimes

black suspect wounded victim wounded victim On a typical spring morning in years past, Noriko Nasu would carry a 30-pound pack on her back and walk 5 miles through different parks in the Seattle area. However, after suffering serious injuries from a violent attack Feb. 25 in Seattle’s Chinatown International District, Nasu, a Japanese teacher at Inglemoor High School, can now barely walk the trail without a pack. Even though she has a long recovery ahead, she’s determined to complete the Wonderland Trail, a 98-mile circumnavigation around Mount Rainier. After that, her dream is to summit Mount Rainier.

“My body feels like a totally different person,” she said.

Nasu’s road to recovery over the last two months has not been easy. On the day of the attack, Nasu and her boyfriend were transporting items from her car by a restaurant in the Chinatown ID when, out of nowhere, she was struck in the face by a blunt object. Security footage showed a (black) man — later identified as former New York City EMT Sean Holdip — physically attacking Nasu and her boyfriend with a heavy object wrapped in a sock. Nasu lost consciousness, suffering facial fractures, broken teeth and a concussion. Holdip was charged with two counts of second-degree felony assault and is currently awaiting trial.

Black Suspect pleads not guilty in attack in Chinatown-International District
SEATTLE — The man accused of attacking a woman and her boyfriend last month in the Chinatown-International District pleaded not guilty Monday to second-degree assault even as her victim called for the suspect to face a hate crime charge.

Sean Jeremy Holdip, 41, remained at the King County Jail in lieu of a $100,000 bond after his not guilty plea during his arraignment hearing Monday. He was expected to return to court on April 14.

Law enforcement authorities have identified Holdip, a former EMT in New York, as the person who attacked Michael Poffenbarger and his (Asian) girlfriend, Noriko Nasu, on Feb. 25 near 7th and King streets on Feb. 25.

[NNN forum thread:]  WM + AF companion attacked with rock in sock by negro while walking in Seattle Chinatown


(Black) Man accused of stomping Asian woman told NY parole board he loved his mom — after killing her
black suspect The alleged fiend accused of stomping on an Asian woman’s head in a Midtown hate attack previously told a New York parole board that he had an excellent relationship with his mother and “loved” her — despite knifing her to death years earlier.

Brandon Elliot, 38, had been locked up for killing his mother in 2002 and denied parole twice but was then granted release by the board in 2019.

In a interview with the board that year, Elliot insisted he and his mother had a loving relationship before he flew into a rage during a fight and stabbed her to death in The Bronx.

“I had an excellent relationship. She was a hard-working parent. She worked hard, she worked for the welfare department. She raised me, she took care of me, and I loved her,” Elliot told the board, according to a partially redacted transcript reviewed by The Post. The convicted killer said he knifed his mother three times in the chest after the two got into a fight on a hot day. Soon after the interview, the parole board deemed Elliot fit to re-enter society, and he was cut loose from prison.

While living in a Manhattan homeless shelter in March of this year, Elliot drew national outrage when he was allegedly captured on video mercilessly punching and kicking his 65-year-old Asian victim in front of an apartment building on West 43rd Street. “F–k you, you don’t belong here!” he allegedly screamed at the woman.

Elliot is back behind bars for the hate attack after being denied bail.

[NNN forum thread:]  Black accused of stomping Asian woman told NY parole board he loved his mom — after killing her

$10,000 reward offered for information about (3 BLACK) Phoenix suspects who allegedly shot at FBI agent
black suspect The FBI is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of suspects, who allegedly fired several shots at a Task Force Officer on April 23.

The FBI is offering a reward of $10,000 for information about suspects, who fired at an officer driving near 20th Street and Broadway Road around 2:30 p.m. on Friday, April 23.

The officer was not injured in the incident. According to officials, about 10 minutes before the shooting, three men were seen getting into the suspect vehicle, a white 2003 Hyundai Sonata.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the FBI Phoenix Field Office at 623-466-1999. Tips can also be submitted online.

[NNN forum thread:]  f$10,000 reward offered for information about 3 Phoenix NEGROS who allegedly shot at FBI agent

Black in custody after HOURS-LONG bank holdup HOSTAGE DRAMA near St. George 'thug' Floyd's Minneapolis
black suspect black suspect wounded victim MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — FBI agents negotiated for more than eight hours Thursday with a suspect who held five bank employees hostage in St. Cloud.

In a press conference held just before midnight Thursday, St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said a 911 call came in at about 1:48 p.m. from the branch manager of the Wells Fargo at 200 33rd Avenue South. The manager said they were concerned for the safety of customers and employees due to the presence of a “disgruntled” man who was upset about a previous transaction.

While officers were en route, police were notified that a panic alarm was triggered at the bank. All customers fled the building, leaving five employees there with the suspect, identified by Chief Anderson as 35-year-old Ray Reco McNeary.

[NNN forum thread:]  Niggers are to banks what flies are to feces

    Police Searching For Black Suspect Accused Of Assaulting Bala Cynwyd 7-Eleven Worker
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim LOWER MERION, Pa. (CBS) — Lower Merion police are searching for a suspect accused of assaulting a 7-Eleven worker. A surveillance camera captured a picture of the wanted man. The assault happened on the 100 block of City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd just after midnight Wednesday. The store owner says the man came into the store asking for a $5,000 money order.

“He punched him here [in the face] and pushed him so he fell on the floor ,” store owner Mohammad Rahman said. Police say the man then left the store in a light blue 2001 to 2004 Hyundai SUV.

Rahman Surname - Most prevalent in Bangladesh

[NNN forum thread:]  Police Searching For (black) Suspect Accused Of Assaulting Bala Cynwyd 7-Eleven Worker

    (Unknown 'aspiring' Black) Rapper ‘Chad Focus’ sentenced to prison for stealing $4M to boost career
black suspect chicken thief A wannabe rapper from Maryland was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for stealing more than $4 million from his employer as part of a scheme to boost his music career. Chad Arrington, 33, who went by the stage name “Chad Focus,” used a company credit card to finance his dreams — including buying a billboard in Times Square and followers on social media, the Baltimore Sun reported.

At his sentencing on Wednesday, the Baltimore County man said he had failed his community, and that he was humiliated by publicity around his case. “I did let down the city; I let down the youth,” he said.

Arrington worked as an SEO specialist for a subsidiary of Agora Publishing, a Baltimore-area media firm, when he started racking up charges on his company-issued American Express card, the report said. Between January 2015 and August 2018, Arrington used the card to bankroll his aspiring hip-hop career and promote his own business, Focus Music Entertainment LLC.

Prosecutors said Arrington paid to artificially boost his song play counts on music streaming platforms and to purchase “likes,” “followers,” “tags” and “views” on social media. He also bought billboards across the country — including one in Times Square branding him as the “#1 recording artist in the world.”

Another billboard read “I will teach you how to be rich” and promoted Arrington’s Instagram account, the newspaper reported. To hide the fraudulent charges, prosecutors say Arrington forged his supervisor’s signature on the credit card statements and asked two co-conspirators to doctor some of the entries.

[NNN forum thread:]  cRapper ‘Chad Focus’ sentenced to prison for stealing $4M to boost career

    Inside the two (black tribal) gangs whose turf war resulted in slaying of NYC tot
black suspects black suspects black suspects
    black suspects
    black suspects
    black suspects
    The Hoolies and the 900s — the rival Brooklyn gangs whose bloody feud resulted in the slaying of 1-year-old Davell Gardner — have been warring over a slice of Bedford-Stuyvesant since at least 2018, leaving behind a trail of bodies, bullets and terrorized bystanders.

This is the type of gun violence that has made people fearful to leave their homes,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Thursday, as he announced charges against 18 alleged Hoolies, including two for the tot’s death.

The Hoolies is made up of under 100 members, some affiliated with branches of the Blood, Crips and Folk street gangs, and headquartered at NYCHA’s Roosevelt Houses in Bed-Stuy, according to prosecutors and law enforcement sources.

However, “their reach is far beyond these housing developments,” Gonzalez said.

The 900 gang, also an umbrella group made up of various affiliated crews, is based out of the nearby Sumner and Tompkins housing developments and deals in robberies, shootings and credit card scams, according to sources. Nineteen alleged members were charged in January.

“Their hatred for each other goes beyond rivals,” said a law enforcement source. “If one gang member saw someone from the other gang on the street, he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him. They just keep shooting and killing each other.”

    Urban Dictionary: "TRIBAL"
Any culture resembling pack behavior. Tribal is usually referred to in modern culture when referring to people who, as a group, are tattooed or modified to bare the look of african tribesman.

[NNN forum thread:]  Suspect charged in fatal stray-bullet shooting of 1-year-old niglet

    (Black) Akron man pleads guilty to 6 break-ins, 4 on West Market Street
black suspect chicken thief AKRON, Ohio (WOIO) - An Akron man was pleaded guilty to breaking into several buildings over the past two years. William Harrell, 34, of Akron, pleaded guilty to six counts of breaking and entering, all fifth-degree felonies, according to a media release from the Summit County Prosecutor’s office. Harrell will be sentenced on June 10.

Prosecutors say Harrell broke into the following locations:
July 30, 2019: Baho Convenience Store at 460 West Market Street
September 8 & 29, 2019: A vacant home on Crosby Street
April 24, 2020: The Vintage Goat at 451 West Market Street.
April 28, 2020: Chez Del Interiors at 480 West Exchange Street
May 1, 2020: Sackmann Stamp and Stencil at 411 West Exchange Street

[NNN forum thread:]  Akron BLACK man pleads guilty to 6 break-ins, 4 on West Market Street

    (Black) Man wanted for stealing cash from register at Willoughby Walgreens
mud suspect
[NNN forum thread:]  Man wanted for stealing cash from register at Willoughby Walgreens

    Negroid-hispanic Boxer Félix Verdejo indicted for murder of pregnant lover
mud suspect The Puerto Rican boxer accused in the horrific slaying of his pregnant lover was indicted by a federal grand jury for the killing this week — and may now face the death penalty. Félix Verdejo is accused carrying out the brutal and calculated murder of 27-year-old Keishla Rodríguez, according to a complaint filed by the FBI in the US territory.

In the sadistic slaying, Verdejo allegedly punched Rodriguez in the face, injected her with an unknown liquid and tied her feet and arms to a block last week, according to the feds. The former Olympic boxer then allegedly tossed her off a bridge and fired shots from a gun into the water where she was submerged.

Verdejo turned himself in to police last Sunday and is being held without bail. He was hit with a host of charges, including kidnapping and carjacking resulting in death and with intentionally killing an unborn child. The boxer, who is married and has a young daughter, may face the death penalty if convicted.

Racial Demographics of Puerto Rico

    How a confederate flag painted on a rock could cost a mom her mixed-race kid
A New York mother has been ordered to dispose of a rock near her driveway bearing a small Confederate flag or risk losing custody of her mixed race child.
A New York mom is caught between a rock and an appellate court.

The upstate woman has been told she needs to ditch a driveway decoration painted with a confederate flag or risk losing custody of her mixed race child — even though a family court judge didn’t consider it to be an issue when it was raised during trial.

“Given that the child is of mixed race, it would seem apparent that the presence of the flag is not in the child’s best interests, as the mother must encourage and teach the child to embrace her mixed race identity, rather than thrust her into a world that only makes sense through the tortured lens of cognitive dissonance,” judges with the Appellate Division’s Third Department in Albany wrote in a ruling released Thursday.

[NNN forum thread:]  How a confederate flag painted on a rock could cost a mom her orange monstrosity

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION very often leads to legal problems
if the black male does not initiate a murder-suicide - restraining orders - kidnapping
and custody disputes could be 'lesser evils' fomented by incompatible fornication.

    Trump-Loving High School Students Derail Diversity Week With Anti-Gay Campaign
School Sodomites had Hissy-fits because a few Conservatives and Christians spoiled their planned week of ritual sacrifices to Satan.

    Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins Racist Tirade on LA County Deputy; Her Bio, Wiki & Age
black suspect Kalunda Jenkins Bio, Wiki Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins has been identified as a woman who went on a racist tirade on a Los Angeles County Deputy Sherrif in a traffic stop on April 23rd. The County Sheriff’s Department is investigating after body camera video captured a motorist unleashing a racist tirade against a deputy and calling him a “murderer” during a traffic stop in San Dimas.

Kalunda Jenkins Background The driver was identified by hundreds of social media users and TB Daily News as Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu. She has also gone by the name, Kalunda Jenkins, according to multiple sources. Iwamizu said in the video that she was a teacher. It turned out she is an assistant professor of English at Los Angeles Southwest College. She was an adjunct English professor. It appears that her name was removed from their online directory.

Kalunda Jenkins Video The Video which was picked by FoxLA reporter Bill Melug shows a black woman who calling a Latino cop a “Mexican racist” and a “murderer,” among other racist and offensive comments because he planned to ticket her for texting while driving.

VIRAL Police Cam Video Shows the TRUE Face of Racism | LevinTV

Woman Who Yelled Racist Statements At Latino Cop She Called A Murderer Is College Professor Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins

Racist woman who called Latino traffic cop a “murderer,” is identified

Black racist negress bitch Who Called Cop A ‘Murderer’ In Viral Video Has Been Identified By Internet Sleuths

[NNN forum thread:]  Crazed negress goes on racist rant, calls L.A. County deputy a ‘murderer’ during traffic stop

    Delaware Man Charged In Capitol Riot Had ‘Mind Infected’ By Fox News, Donald Trump, Lawyer Argues
PHILADELPHIA (CBS/CNN) — The lawyer of a Delaware man who was charged in the Capitol riot is speaking out. The lawyer for Anthony Antonio says his client was brainwashed by Fox News and President Donald Trump. Antonio’s lawyer also says his client feels duped. .... this disease called ‘Trumpitis’ infected him,” attorney Joe Hurley said.

“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be;
and that which is done is that which shall be done:
and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Salem witch trials

  Balt. Maryland civilian order breaking down into chaos w. rising crime, insufficient police
City sees 17% jump in homicides from 2020 Baltimore City has recorded a 17% jump in homicides in 2021 compared with the same time last year so far. Violent crime is spiraling out of control ahead of the summer month as the city halted prosecutions of prostitution, drug possession, and other minor offense.

There was one point where so much chaos unfolded in such a short period that the city did not have enough medic units to treat shooting victims. On April 30, Baltimore City reached a grave milestone of 100 homicides. Frustrated with new city leadership, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is concerned about the city descending into further chaos in the months ahead.

Baltimore Maryland racial demographic:
Black or African American alone - 62.7%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino - 27.7%
Hispanic or Latino - 5.7%
Asian alone - 2.7%
Other - 1.2%

  EXCLUSIVE: 'Your doggy chain necklace is waiting for you.' Flirty messages from Hunter Biden's Chinese-American secretary, 29, who worked for him when he partnered with the 'spy chief of China' are revealed

Hunter Biden's emails reveal his close relationship with the Chinese-American secretary who worked for him when he went into business with the man he called the 'spy chief of China.'

The mysterious young assistant wrote the president's son flirty messages, sent him opposition research for Joe's White House run and encouraged him to draw funds from the company's accounts when the joint venture collapsed and even ended up with Hunter's military dog tags.

In 2017 Hunter went into business with Patrick Ho, secretary general of Chinese oil giant CEFC.

Hunter described Ho in a call recording on his abandoned laptop as the 'spy chief of China', and the Chinese businessman was later surveilled by US law enforcement as a foreign intelligence threat before he was convicted of bribery in 2018.

After launching his multi-million-dollar joint venture with CEFC, Hunter was assigned a 29-year-old Chinese-American assistant, JiaQi Bao, who quickly struck up a close and intriguing relationship with her Biden boss.

PHOTOS — Hunter Biden was banging a ‘likely Chinese spy’…

[NNN forum thread:]  Bidens ALREADY compromised by China intel --some evidence for it-- truly "Manchurian candida

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • Liberals say one of the best things about the virus is it reduces your need to brush your teeth and shower on a regular basis - particularly if you don't need to work. Not kidding.

  • China has benefited tremendously from the Coronavirus (genocidal biological warfare agent) while its enemies have suffered."

  • Under the "devout Catholic" Joe Biden, for first time in 70 years, no prayer service in the US Capitol was held on the National Day of Prayer.

  • The CDC says that 9 to 45 million cases of the flu happen every year. Except since September 2020 - when the flu suddenly vanished. It's a miracle! Flu cases dropped to 2,000. In the past, hospitalizations for the flu have varied from 140 to 810 thousand per year, and deaths from 12 to 61 thousand, depending on the particular year. This year hospitalizations are 224 and deaths are non-existent.

  • Meanwhile, the Communists of New Zealand have made the vaccine mandatory, with a $4,000 fine or prison if you refuse.

**********       6 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Bond set at $1 million for black in shooting death of (White) ride-share driver
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM AKRON, Ohio — A $1 million bond has been set for a 23-year-old man charged with the fatal shooting of a Hudson man who was working as a Lyft driver at the time of his death in Akron. Kahlyl Powe, 23, pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday.

Powe was arrested Monday just hours after allegedly shooting Kristopher Roukey near Buchtel Avenue and Straw Street in Akron. According to court records, Powe was seen getting out of the passenger seat of the victim's vehicle and fired several shots at Roukey. The Lyft driver continued driving and crashed into a pole.

Roukey was found unresponsive inside his car. He was transported to nearby Summa Health Akron City Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Those who knew the victim are devastated and bewildered as to why this happened.

Police said Powe was found in an apartment in the 500 block of Buchtel Avenue on Monday afternoon and a gun was recovered. Blankenship said family members were told that Powe also had the victim's cell phone.

Roukey lived in Hudson with his wife, Rachel-- who works for the City of Akron-- and their two children, 18-year-old Maddie and 16-year-old Tyler. Roukey's family has set up a GoFundMe to pay for unexpected costs after Roukey's death.

Kris Roukey - family shattered. (gofundme)

* Kahlyl: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  WM Lyft driver, 48 shot dead Akron, OH by the negro


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: black beast who beat tourists at Miami Beach bus stop in custody
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Surveillance video captures the moments when a man, accused of beating a couple from New Hampshire and on vacation in Miami Beach, began his attack. Police said Michael Albert, 36, was arrested in Miami-Dade County Wednesday for the unprovoked beatings.

According to the arrest report, Albert was sitting on a bus bench at Collins Avenue and 9th Street around 7 p.m. Friday outside of the Sherbooke Hotel. The two tourists, a man and woman, were walking south on the sidewalk. That’s when the suspect, later identified as Albert, got up and started punching the 28-year-old man, according to police, which also can be seen on video. Police officers said that they observed on video Albert striking the man with his closed fists 9 or 10 times. When the woman tried to stop Albert, she was also punched in the face, according to police.

The video shows the suspect crossing the street after the beating and walking northbound on the east sidewalk of Collins Avenue. The victims said Albert did not rob them, but just beat them in an unprovoked attack.

“I feel especially bad for the visitors who are from the northeast and they have indicated that they’ll never step foot on Miami Beach again,” Mitch Novick, owner of the Sherbrooke Hotel said. It was Novick’s cameras that captured the incident. The man suffered multiple bruises and a cut on his lip, which required stitches. The woman’s left eye was swollen from the blow.

2 (White) New Hampshire tourists beaten near Miami Beach bus stop

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - UPDATE: Police arrest man accused of attacking 2 New Hampshire tourists in Miami Beach Two tourists visiting from New Hampshire had to be treated at a local hospital after, they said, they were randomly attacked near a bus stop in Miami Beach.

Angela Dill and Joshua Clarkson were in the area of Ninth Street and Collins Avenue last Friday when the attack occurred on the sidewalk. “We walked into mayhem, pretty much,” Dill said. “Blood was everywhere.”

“I literally got frickin’ cold-flogged,” Clarkson said. “You aren’t prepared for something like that. It happened so quick.” Seconds before the attack, the couple said they were on their way out for the night.

“We were walking up the street like laughing, having the best day,” Dill said. “Beautiful day, a beautiful week and all of the sudden, a guy came off the bench and started punching Josh. He punched me in the eye. I have a black eye.” The tourists were treated at Mount Sinai Medical Center before they left town.

“I’ve been all over the world,” Dill added. “I’ve been to Thailand, Qatar, Belize, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, all the cities, and I’ve never– that was the scariest thing I’ve ever dealt with.”

Man Accused of Random Attack on Miami Beach Tourists Arrested: Police

[NNN forum thread:]  2 White New Hampshire tourists beaten near Miami Beach bus stop by the negro



(Black-on-Asian CRIME): Family of Asian grandmother stabbed at San Francisco bus stop in 'shock and disbelief'
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Tuesday was grocery day for 85-year-old Chui Fong who had taken the bus that afternoon to Chinatown to buy food. "She's independent, very headstrong. If she has to do something she's going to. That's just her," said her grandson, Drew, who requested we only use his first name.

She was waiting at the bus stop near 4th and Stockton Street Tuesday evening when she and another 65-year-old Asian woman were stabbed. "I was told the knife nicked her lung and ribcage. It was a really long knife," said Drew.

She was rushed to the hospital, at the time police said her injuries may be life-threatening. After more than four hours in surgery, Drew said doctors told the family she was expected to survive.

"She's just an amazing woman," he beamed. The 65-year-old woman was also taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is also expected to survive, according to police.

The attack happened around 4:50 p.m. along busy Market Street as multiple onlookers watched in horror. The suspect was seen casually walking away before being caught an hour later by SFPD on the 600 block of Eddy Street. "They were familiar with this individual," said SFPD Chief William Scott about the Tenderloin officers who made the arrest.

Police identified the suspect as 54-year-old Patrick Thompson who has a criminal record that includes several charges like assault with a deadly weapon and battery with serious bodily injury. Chui Fong's family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for medical expenses.

The District Attorney's office said they expect to announce charges on Thursday.

Help My Grandma, Stabbing Victim - (gofundme) Man Arrested For Stabbing 2 Asian Woman in San Francisco Has Lengthy Arrest History

[NNN forum thread:]  Family of Asian grandmother stabbed at San Francisco bus stop by a coon in 'shock and disbelief'


(Black) Man Punching Asian Father Pushing Stroller In SF’s Mission Bay Caught On Video
black suspect SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Surveillance video captured an assailant punching an Asian man pushing a stroller in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. The video shows the Asian father getting punched so hard he falls to the ground outside Gus’s Community Market on 4th and Channel. The assailant hits him in the head and the back more than a dozen times.

The 36-year-old victim had been walking with his 1-year-old in a stroller, when he was attacked out of nowhere from behind on Friday just after 2 p.m. San Francisco police say officers were patrolling the area and immediately arrested the suspect. He was identified as 26-year-old Sidney Hammond.

Police say the attack appeared to be random and no words were exchanged. The child was unharmed, and the victim told KPIX 5 he’s on the mend, and shaken up.

Hammond is facing charges of assault, false imprisonment and child endangerment.

Moment Asian dad pushing baby son in stroller is punched 14 times during unprovoked attack outside San Francisco supermarket 'by assailant freed less than a month earlier for shoving man onto train tracks'

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon Punching Asian Father Pushing Stroller In SF’s Mission Bay Caught On Video


‘Get Off My Train:' (Black) Woman Deals Woman Head Blow in Possible Subway Hate Crime
black suspect wounded victim The 50-year-old victim was sitting on the train around 4:15 p.m. April 19 when a stranger approached her and said, "Get off my train, you don't belong here," according to police.

Then the suspect slapped the victim to the back of her head with an open hand.

[NNN forum thread:]  ‘Get Off My Train:' Negress Deals Asian Woman Head Blow in Possible Subway Hate Crime in Brooklyn

    (Black) 'Sweetheart' Ohio Mom Was Killed with 2 Kids Home, and black Suspect Is Arrested
black suspect victim name A Ohio man was taken into custody Thursday morning in connection with the death of a mother of two who was killed with her children at home. Shanika Bogan, 31, was killed last week in her Dayton apartment.

Police were called to the apartment by Bogan's mother, Tracie Berry, on April 30 at about 6 am. "She was dead upon their arrival," Dayton Police Lt. Jason Hall tells PEOPLE. "It was an intentional killing."

Dayton Police arrested 28-year-old Kendall Beasley on Thursday morning on a murder warrant. He has not yet been charged. It was not immediately clear if he has a lawyer to comment on his behalf. "It's unbelievable that it really happened," Shanika's mother Tracie Berry told WHIO-TV. "Shanika wouldn't hurt a fly."

Shanika and Beasley were acquaintances "for a very short period of time," Hall says. "She was set up basically in kind of a blind date type of situation," says Hall. "He was obviously pursuing a 'romantic' relationship with her."

    (Black) New York man arrested after threatening to kill Walmart employees
black suspect NORWALK — A New York man is facing a rash of charges after allegedly stealing from a local Walmart and threatening to kill store employees, according to police.

Jermaine Hines, 38, of Mount Vernon, N.Y., was arrested late Friday night after employees at the Walmart on Main Avenue said he confronted them with a screwdriver and threatened to return to the store with a gun, Lt. Joseph Dinho said Tuesday.

Dinho said staffers told police that Hines had been acting strangely in the store prior to the threat, including sleeping in the middle of the sales floor and putting on clothing from the sales rack.

Hines lashed out store employees and threatened to kill them after being asked to leave the building, Dinho said.

After police arrived on scene, officers discovered Hines was in possession of a substance that later tested positive for marijuana. He also refused to be fingerprinted after being brought to police headquarters for processing, according to police.

Hines was charged with possession of a controlled substance, failure to comply with fingerprinting, third-degree criminal trespass, sixth-degree larceny, second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct. He was held on $50,000 bond and given a court date of May 28.

[NNN forum thread:]  Norwalk, CT PD: NY thieving coon arrested after threatening to kill Walmart employees

    'DEPRAVED' Suspect charged in fatal 'stray-bullet' shooting of (black) 1-year-old Davell Gardner
black suspect victim name The suspect in the fatal stray-bullet shooting of 1-year-old Davell Gardner in Brooklyn was charged this week in connection to the tot’s death, cops said Thursday.

Dashawn Austin, 25, was hit with multiple raps — including depraved indifference murder of a child under 11 years old — in the July shooting of the infant during a cookout at Raymond Bush Playground at Madison Street and Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bedford-Stuyvesant, cops said.

Three other men, ages 27, 35 and 36, were also shot during the gunplay and expected to survive, police said.

Days after that shooting, Austin was busted in connection to the murder of Janile Whitted, 26, in March 2020 outside Amour Cabaret on Nostrand Avenue near Herkimer Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, cops said. He was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to that case.

Suspect nabbed in stray bullet slaying of 1-year-old Brooklyn boy sitting in stroller last summer
Austin is a member of the Hoolie Gang, a local crew at war with the rival 900 St. Gang, according to police sources.

Obituary for Janile Whitted - 1993 - 2020 - (a black man)

* Dashawn: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Suspect charged in fatal stray-bullet shooting of 1-year-old Davell Gardner

    ‘I hate him’: Elderly Brooklyn woman testifies (black) great-nephew raped her
SUSPECT-NAME An elderly Brooklyn woman recounted the moment her great-nephew raped her in gruesome detail at the man’s trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court Wednesday. The 81-year-old woman, tearfully recounted how her great-nephew Jewell Powell, 36, turned on her while she let him stay in her home.

“He was my favorite,” she testified. “I hate him.” The octogenarian allowed Powell to live on her couch for about a month in 2019.

On June 13, 2019 everything changed. “I was in my bedroom watching TV. I got up to go to the kitchen. He was there naked. He grabbed me,” she recalled.

Powell dragged her to her bedroom and raped her, she testified. The victim said she fought back, and that further enraged him. “When I kicked him, he put me back on the bed, put his hands on my throat and said, ‘Next time you do that I’ll smother you,’” she said.

Afterward, Powell gave his great-aunt a knife and told her to kill him, the woman told the court. When she refused to, he threatened to kill himself, she said. She confided in her grandson and daughter in days following.

81-Year-Old Details How Great-Nephew Raped Her: 'I’ll Smother You' According to the woman, she let Powell live on her couch for about a month in 2019, but things changed on June 13 of that year.

JEWELL POWELL - Custody Record - Age 35
Race Black
NY: New York City Department of Correction - ID Number 14119*****
Custody Status In Custody - Custody Detail New York City Department of Corrections

[NNN forum thread:]  Brooklyn great ont, 86 raped by negro nephew

    Help police solve murder of (white) girl (with black 'boyfriend') killed by 'stray' bullet
black suspect black suspect FORT WORTH, Texas - Fort Worth police need the public's help to solve the murder of an innocent 18-year-old woman. Police released a blurry surveillance photo of two young men who may have some information about the murder of 18-year-old Hailey Marie Watts. She was driving in an apartment complex last month when a stray bullet struck her and killed her.

Renea Dunn described her daughter as a loving, compassionate person who was always a good girl and never in any trouble. She spoke to Watts just an hour before she died, telling her mom she was headed out with her boyfriend to sell an old PlayStation. Police got the call on April 20 around 6 p.m. from the Park at LeBlanc Apartments in southwest Fort Worth.

Dunn says her daughter was with her boyfriend that evening, and the couple had plans to stop by the complex to sell their PlayStation 4. When they arrived, the boyfriend heard gunshots and told Watts to drive off quickly. But when she rounded the corner, she realized she’d been hit by a bullet.

"She was driving. It actually went through the passenger’s side where he was sitting, completely missed him and hit her," Dunn said. "From what I know, it went through her arm, shattered it, and then went into her lungs."

Police say the gunman escaped in a Hyundai Elantra and the two teens, who were the intended targets, ran off before officers arrived. This week, police released a blurry surveillance photo of the two young men police think the shooter was actually trying to target. You cannot see their faces, but hopefully someone can recognize their distinctive clothing. Police believe they may have information about the shooter.

Dunn says her daughter had just moved out last summer and was excited to start (fornicating) with her (black) boyfriend.

[NNN forum thread:]  Fort Worth kwops need help to solve murder of 18-year-old smoke jumper deafed by stray bullet
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Unknown 'aspiring') Rapper G Herbo charged for lying to federal investigators in fraud scheme
chicken thief chicken thief Authorities say the suspects used text messages, social media messages and emails to share account information taken from dark websites for trips on private jets, exotic car rentals, yacht charters, luxury vacation rentals, and even "designer puppies".

Chicago rapper G Herbo - aka Herbert Wright III, 2 others arrested with loaded guns after limousine driver tips off police - Feb 23, 2018

    Second or third black arrested for 'stray' bullet murder of Hispanic mother
black suspect black suspect victim name A second teenager has been arrested in the killing of an innocent mother who was caught in the crossfire of two feuding gangs in Queens, police said. Benaiah Reid, 19, was arrested Thursday and charged with murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the shooting death of 37-year-old Gudelia Vallinas.

Vallinas, a mother of two young children, was struck in the head by a stray bullet fired during a gang fight outside the Woodside Houses on March 12. A group of teens were exchanging gunfire inside the housing complex before their feud spilled out onto the street, where Vallinas was shot, sources said.

“I heard the gunshots, like 5 or 6 gunshots. I hear somebody screaming there’s a lady down on the floor,” witness Zal Alradai said at the time. “And then I came out, and all I see was blood on the floor,” the witness said.

On April 1, another 19-year-old suspect, Dajuan Williams, was charged in Vallinas’ death. Williams is similarly facing charges of murder and criminal possession of a weapon.

Cops nab second gunman wanted for stray bullet killing of Queens mom

(Black) Teen arrested in innocent Queens woman’s fatal shooting

[NNN forum thread:]  Second BLACK teen arrested in fatal shooting of Hispanic Queens woman

    Seven alleged members of Bronx street gang ‘800 YGz’ (with Negro names) busted by feds
Seven alleged members of a violent Bronx street gang were hit with racketeering conspiracy charges Thursday that could land them in the slammer for life, authorities said.

The suspects, members of the 800 YGz gang, brandished weapons, shot at and slashed rivals on their turf in the Bronx between summer 2019 and summer 2020, according to an indictment unsealed in Manhattan federal court Thursday.

The alleged gangbangers — Jayquan Smith, Rashien Jackson, James Bell, Daquan Murphy, Jonathan Odenthal, Hassan Simmons and Derick Murphy — also sold drugs and committed wire fraud to enrich themselves and gain power and notoriety for the gang, the indictment alleged.

[NNN forum thread:]  Seven alleged members of Bronx street gang ‘800 YGz’ busted by feds

    U.S. Marshal’s Office seeking public’s help in locating (Black) alleged murder suspect
black suspect JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The U.S. Marshal’s Office is asking for help from the public in locating Christopher Johnson. Johnson is wanted for murder and is considered armed and dangerous, authorities say. He is described as approximately 5 feet, 9 inches tall, and 187 pounds.

If you have information where Johnson can be found, please call Crime Stoppers at (601) 355-TIPS(8477), or submit a tip online at www.p3tips.com. It was unclear what murder Johnson is connected to, but officials say it occurred in Jackson.

[NNN forum thread:]  Apehunt on for murderous armed and dangerous coal black Spook

    (Black) Man arrested in Hattiesburg road rage assault caught on camera
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Hattiesburg police arrested a Hub City man Tuesday afternoon in connection to a weekend assault that was caught on camera. Police arrested 21-year-old Toriano Moye at a home on 7th Street on a warrant for aggravated assault.

Moye was wanted in a beating that happened Saturday morning on Memorial Drive-Frontage Road near Forrest General Hospital. According to police, the assault stemmed from a road rage incident. Part of the assault was recorded and shared on social media. In the video, a man lying on the ground is repeatedly hit and kicked while the attack appears to be filmed by Moye.

Police said the victim, a 47-year-old man, was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. The Hattiesburg Police Department is working with the District Attorney’s Office in the investigation. Moye is being booked into the Forrest County Jail. Hours after his arrest, police said an additional charge was added.

Moye was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute after police and Metro Narcotics searched his home.

[NNN forum thread:]  Teen Chimp arrested after filming himself in road rage beating of 47 year old man

    Black man with restraining order broke into home intending to harm his ex baby-momma - she shot him dead
No Charges Will Be Filed In Stand Your Ground Shooting

black suspect Just after 5 p.m. Tuesday, Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the 8400-block of James Taylor Lane in reference to a disturbance complaint where someone had been shot. Once on scene, deputies found a 54-year old male deceased from an apparent gunshot wound to the head. The residents inside the home told investigators the man kicked in the front door, once inside he armed himself with a knife, yelling he was there to harm his children’s mother.

Still armed with a knife, he went room to room searching and threatening the occupants who had retreated to a bedroom in the rear of the house. He then confronted a female in the rear bedroom, who, fearing for her life, shot the man twice,
according to the ECSO. Video from outside the home is below. It contains extremely graphic language and violence. It may be disturbing to some readers.

At the time of the incident, the suspect, had an active domestic violence injunction filed on him. Investigators said he was also reportedly on his way to anger management treatment when the incident took place. “Florida State Statute allows people to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from harm. You can see from the video; his demeanor and intent were clear,” Sheriff Chip Simmons said. The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office will defend a person’s right to reasonably protect themselves against harm, even with the use of deadly force. We do not intend to bring charges against the occupant of the home.”

No names have been released in the incident.

[NNN forum thread:]  Spook on his way to anger management class shot dead during home invasion

    (Black) Cantonment Man Charged With Battering His Ex-Girlfriend And Her SUV With A Crutch
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim A Cantonment man is charged with allegedly battering his ex-girlfriend and her SUV with his crutch. Christopher Jamicheal Campbell was charged with felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor battery.

The victim told deputies she was sitting in her vehicle with a male friend when Campbell approached the driver’s side and began hitting her car with a metal crutch. She rolled her back window halfway down to speak with Campbell, at which time he pushed the window down, unlocked the door, and attempted to hit both vehicle occupants, according to an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

The victim jumped out of her vehicle, and Campbell hit her on the upper thigh with the crutch, the report continues. He then fled the scene in his vehicle at a high rate of speed, leaving the crutch behind. The victim refused medical treatment. Her vehicle sustained about $1,700 in body damage from the crutch, and the window sustained about $400 in damage, the report notes. Campbell’s crutch was placed into evidence.

Campbell was released from the Escambia County Jail on a $12,500 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  Angry Coon Assaults Woman with Crutch

    (Another UNKNOWN 'aspiring' black rapper) charged with murder, etc with Atlanta BLOODS gang
black suspect ATLANTA — Rapper YFN Lucci is among a dozen people charged in a wide-ranging indictment in Atlanta targeting alleged members of the Bloods gang.

A Fulton County grand jury on Friday handed up the 105-count indictment that resulted from a six-month investigation, Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton said at a news conference Tuesday. It includes racketeering, aggravated assault, murder, gun, armed robbery, property damage, theft and gang-related charges.

“We are serious about the violence in Atlanta,” Hampton said. “We are serious about holding people accountable.”

The indictment alleges that each of the 12 people charged is associated with sub-groups of the national Bloods gang. It says they had connections and relationships to each other and accuses them of committing a wide variety of crimes to protect and enhance the gang’s reputation and to gain and maintain control of territory.

    (Black) 90-year-old suspect in woman’s death will stay locked up pending trial, N.J. judge rules
black suspect The 90-year-old Trenton man accused of gunning down his 65-year-old neighbor who looked after him will remain jailed pending trial, a judge ruled Wednesday following two days of testimony.

Clent Morris is charged with killing Cheryl Jones on April 24 on Sheridan Avenue in East Trenton, where they’ve both lived for decades. Jones’ family said she took Morris to appointments and generally looked after him for years since he could no longer drive and lived alone.

Morris’ defense attorney portrayed her client as a victim in the case who does not recall firing a gun, and suggested the gunman was Jones’ boyfriend.

Authorities say Morris walked to Jones’ home that evening, a Saturday, and shot her with a revolver during a brief argument on her front porch. Her boyfriend, who lives at the address, is ill and was also cared for by Jones, was upstairs and heard the shooting and heard Jones call out Morris’ name just prior to the gunfire, family and authorities have said.

Trenton police officers also heard the shots – police headquarters is not a block away – and raced to the scene to find Morris walking up the stairs of Jones’ home – possibly toward her boyfriend on the second floor, police and prosecutors allege. They arrested him after he dropped a gun at the top of the stairs and walked down without the weapon.

  Hispanic female New Jersey day care worker charged with abusing baby
A New Jersey day care worker is charged with abusing a baby in her care. Diana Camacho, 52, was arrested Tuesday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child at her job at the Kiddie Academy of Hoboken, officials said. Hudson County prosecutors claim Camacho abused a 9-month old girl.

The academy fired Camacho after it learned of the unspecified abuse in December, according to WABC. “There is nothing more important than creating a nurturing and safe environment for the children in our care, and their families – it is our life’s commitment,” the day care center said in a statement.

“We will continue to fully cooperate with local authorities during their ongoing investigation.”

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  Smedley Butler recommends this link:
Never-Before-Seen Drone Footage from Charlottesville 2017 Protests Reveals Enormous Extent of Media Lies and Propaganda
  • Shows there was almost no chance convicted driver James Fields knew that he was turning onto a street with extreme left-wing protesters as a gathering left-wing crowd waited while protesting through the whole city.
  • Could be critical evidence in the pending appeal by James Fields of his double convictions in both state and federal courts, leaving the then-20 year old with a life without probation sentence plus 419 years.
  • Shows that the pro-Lee protesters looking to protect a statue of Robert E. Lee from being taken down were literally pushed by Democrat police agents and funneled through a hostile crowd of left-wing agitators.
  • Shows militant Antifa, ‘alternative left’ Communists, outnumbered pro-Lee protesters by 10:1, yet media only covered the presence and violence of pro-Lee protesters. Left-wing violence was officially sanctioned by media, government and police during the protest.
  • Law enforcement never requested this footage; this full footage has never been seen before!
  • Video makes clear the ‘alternative left’ could protest anywhere, assault anyone, and police would not stop them. The pro-Lee protesters were repeatedly shut down by police and had to fight for months in federal court to even get a protest permit.


**********       5 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: UK: (black lesbian) Woman gets 23 years for murdering and dismembering (white) female roommate
BLACK SUSPECT victim name Gareeca Gordon, 28, stabbed Phoenix Netts, also 28, at the property where they both lived in Birmingham on April 16 last year.

Bristol Crown Court heard Gordon stabbed Ms Netts four times, causing fatal injuries, before dismembering her body with a circular saw.

After killing Ms Netts, Gordon set about deceiving her friends and family through text messages, emails and voice messages that she was still alive and had moved to London. Gordon was arrested near Coleford in the Forest of Dean at about 11pm on May 12 last year, with officers finding her beside a quarry with two suitcases found to contain the remains of Ms Netts.

The defendant had previously pleaded guilty to Ms Netts’s murder days before she was due to stand trial. On Tuesday she was jailed for life with a minimum term of 23 years and six months at the same court.

Opening the case for the prosecution, Andrew Smith QC said Ms Netts had told a friend in February that Gordon had “demanded (LESBIAN) sex with her” and became “aggressive” when she said no. On April 7, Ms Netts sent a text message to a friend stating: “There’s a girl here who keeps asking me to be (HOMO)sexual.

“I think I’m going to move back to London. It’s scaring me lol.” Mr Smith told Bristol Crown Court Gordon made a call to the Samaritans on April 11, in which she appeared “tipsy”.

“The clear focus of the call was Ms Gordon describing that she liked another woman and wanting to have sex with her,” Mr Smith said. “At one stage Ms Gordon said either that her loins were warming up or were hot.”

The last known contact Ms Netts had was a phone call with a friend in the early hours of April 16. He attempted to ring her back that afternoon but did not get through.

Her phone was used to make internet searches including “how to fix punctured lung”, “internal bleeding” and “can someone recover from getting stabbed” between 1.04pm and 3.07pm that day, the court heard. A post-mortem examination found Ms Netts had suffered four stab wounds to the front of her torso but would not have died had she received prompt medical attention.

Mr Smith said: “The precise time which the stab injuries were caused is not known.” He told the court that another woman living in the shared accommodation with Ms Netts and Gordon heard noises of drilling and banging, as well as shouts of “help me, help me”, on April 16.

Following the murder, Gordon purchased a circular saw on Gumtree for £45 and it was delivered to the property shortly before 11am on April 17. Mr Smith said the post-mortem examination found the saw was used to dismember the body of Ms Netts when it was either clothed or partially clothed.

“Dismemberment took place at five different locations of the body, dividing the body into six parts,” he told the court. The court heard Gordon made a number of trips to the Forest of Dean and attempted to burn the remains of Ms Netts in woodland there.

Police officers attending reports of a car driving in the area during the coronavirus lockdown on May 12 last year discovered Gordon with two suitcases. She was arrested on suspicion of murder after one officer opened a suitcase and saw a partially burned torso.

Forensic examinations of Ms Netts’ room found the bed, mattress, carpet and underlay had been removed but blood staining was found in the living area, kitchen and shower, Mr Smith said. The circular saw used to dismember the body of Ms Netts was discovered in Gordon’s room.

Mr Smith said “handwritten plans and notes concerned with her removing the body from Coleford and moving it to Wales to burn further” were also found in the room. Bristol Crown Court heard the family of Phoenix Netts have been deeply affected by her death.

Mr Smith, referring to victim personal statements from Ms Netts’ mother and father, said: “Both statements speak of the profound, understandable and enduring loss experienced through the loss of a much loved daughter with whom they expected to share the next chapter of her life.” He told the court that the pain experienced by the family was “exacerbated by the knowledge of the manner of her death and the defendant impersonating her”.

Bristol Crown Court heard Gordon used the mobile phone of Ms Netts to contact her friends and family, claiming she was safe and well, for weeks after the murder. Her father Mark Netts said in his statement: “Our lives have been irreversibly changed and the anguish is indescribable.”

The court heard her mother, Saskia described herself as “forever devastated, forever empty”.

‘Ticking Time Bomb:’ U.K. Woman Sentenced For Stabbing, Dismembering Roommate

Bodycam captures shocking moment police found dismembered body of woman in a suitcase

“For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:”

[link to New Nation News - UK - Europe]

[NNN forum thread:]  Birmingham, UK lesboon caged at least 23 years for stabbing, dismembering white roommate


    (Black) Father used infant son as human shield in shootout with cops
SUSPECT-NAME victim name victim name victim name A heartless father accused of abducting his infant son used the boy as a human shield during a shootout with Mississippi police, according to a report.

Eric Derell Smith, 30, allegedly kidnapped 4-month-old La’Mello Parker on Monday after police say he fatally shot his ex-girlfriend, Christin Parker, 32, and her 26-year-old nephew, Brandon Parker, near Baker, Louisiana, WALA reported.

Smith was later spotted on Interstate 10 near the Louisiana-Mississippi state line, setting off a police chase that ended in Harrison County with him using his biological son as a human shield from officers’ gunfire, a law enforcement source told the station.

Smith died in the shootout with Biloxi police, while his son was pronounced dead early Tuesday morning.

[NNN forum thread:]  Babydaddy used niglet as subhuman shield in shootout with cops: report

    (Rage-filled bad-shot black - missed his target several times but shot 75-yr-old lady in butt - busted in Florida
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim The man who allegedly shot a 75-year-old innocent bystander in Manhattan was busted in Florida — thanks to his Facebook photos, cops said Wednesday. Carlyle Herring, 42, was picked up in Tampa on April 26 after investigators tracked photos on his Facebook page that showed him with palm trees and a pool in the background.

Herring, of the Bronx, was extradited to New York on Tuesday and charged with attempted murder. Herring was attempting to cross at the corner of Clinton and Delancey streets just before noon Feb. 16 when the driver of a black BMW made a right turn and nearly struck him. The two men exchanged words, and the driver got out of his car during the squabble. At that point, Herring brandished a handgun and fired multiple times at the motorist — but missed him.

He instead hit the 75-year-old woman — who wasn’t involved in the dispute — once in the buttocks as she walked by.
She was taken to Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in stable condition.

[NNN forum thread:]  Man who allegedly shot innocent bystander in road-rage feud busted in Florida

    UNKNOWN 'aspiring' black 'rapper' Blueface Livestreams Himself Committing HOME INVASION; Faces 20 Yrs In Prison!
SUSPECT-NAME Rapper Blueface live-streamed himself breaking into his neighbors home, and assaulting him MTO News has learned. And now the rap 'star' is facing up to 20 years in prison over the video.

The incident all started when a neighbor who lives below one of Blueface’s girlfriends – in a Downtown Los Angeles apartment – knocked on her door, complaining of noise.

Blueface’s girlfriend called up the rapper, and Blueface came over and confronted the upset neighbor. At first Blueface and his friend just talked with the neighbor. But eventually they pushed their way into his home and attacked the man.

It was all captured on video, and live-streamed by Blueface’s girlfriend. MTO News confirmed that the man suffered injuries during the beating and contacted the Los Angeles police. According to one social media report, police are working on charging Blueface as soon as today.

[NNN forum thread:]  CRAPPER Blueface Livestreams Himself Committing HOME INVASION; Faces 20 Yrs In Prison!

    Man, 69, placed in headlock and robbed in Brooklyn building by BLACK THUG
black suspect A mugger put a 69-year-old man in a headlock, knocked him down and stole his wallet in Brooklyn this week, disturbing new surveillance video shows.

The victim was walking into the lobby of the Crown Heights building on Eastern Parkway at 2:15 p.m. Tuesday when the suspect pushed him against the wall, put him in a headlock and threw him to the floor, according to police and the footage. The mugger grabbed the victim’s wallet before taking off, cops said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Man, 69, placed in headlock and robbed in Brooklyn building by BLACK THUG


(Black) Arrested for Attack Of Two Korean American Women At Baltimore Liquor Store May 3, 2021 at 9:38 pm
black suspect wounded victim BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A violent and brutal attack on two Korean women store owners overnight Monday, all caught on camera. “I’m feeling raged, of course watching a video of your mom and your aunt beat is crazy,” John Yun, son of one of the women attacked.

John Yun still shaken by the attack on his mother and aunt that came without warning or reason. “It doesn’t make sense why they would come here to make a living and get treated like this in a community that should embrace (them) because we’ve been here for over 20 something years, we are a part of this community,” said Yun.

Yun says his mother and aunt own Wonderland Liquor Store on Pennsylvania Ave in West Baltimore. Graphic surveillance video shows Yun’s aunt walking to the front of the store trying to close shop, when a (black) man in a red shirt approaches her with a cement block in his hand. He’s then seen pulling her to the ground and beating her with the block.

As the other woman, Yun’s mother, steps in to try to help, she was also hit in the head. “She says this is the first time she has ever seen him so, random, random act,” said Yun.

You can see both women trying to fight the man off for about two and a half minutes by pushing him out of the store, but they were overpowered. “I’m so proud of the, like the courage to actually stick up like that, it’s insane,” said Yun.

Shortly after, Baltimore Police arrested the man identified as 50-year-old Daryl Doyles and charged him with two counts of aggravated assault. Baltimore police say they have arrested the man in connection to the violent attack on the two Korean women.

50-year-old Daryl Doyles is charged with two counts of aggravated assault.@wjz pic.twitter.com/VK5H6Eoe22 Yun says both his aunt and mother were taken to the hospital with severe injuries and are now at home recovering.

“They’re in shock,” said Yun. “My aunt got the worst of it, 30 stitches, bruising… to see them in person like that, it’s so disheartening.”

A Go Fund Me page has also been created to help with the healing and recovery process for Yun’s mother and aunt.

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon Arrested Cement Block Attack 2 Korean American Women At Baltimore Liquor Store


Woman tripped, kicked in latest potential anti-Asian attack
wounded victim wounded victim An Asian woman was tripped and repeatedly kicked by an unknown attacker — one of two more potential hate crimes in the Big Apple, The Post has learned. - RACE OF SUSPECT NOT DISCLOSED

The attack happened around 12:30 p.m. Saturday near St. Mark’s Place and Third Avenue in the East Village, where an unknown black woman tripped a 33-year-old Asian woman, police sources said. The assailant then repeatedly kicked the Asian woman on the ground and shouted, “F–k you!” before running off, the sources said. The victim refused medical attention.

[NNN forum thread:]  Woman tripped, kicked in latest potential anti-Asian attack

    NYC TNB - Shootings skyrocketed in April, new NYPD data shows
Hispanic is a minority of 28%
Black is a minority of 24%
White alone is a MINORITY of 19%
Asian is a minority of 14%
Jewish is a minority of 13%
Miscellaneous leftovers: of 2%

    Lawsuit seeks Confederate statue's removal from courthouse
COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- Civil rights advocates sued a Maryland county on Wednesday to seek the court-ordered removal of a Confederate monument from a courthouse lawn on the state's Eastern Shore, calling it a racist symbol of oppression.

In their federal lawsuit, an NAACP branch leader and a defense lawyer say the “Talbot Boys” statue in Talbot County is the last Confederate monument remaining on public property in Maryland besides cemeteries and battlefields.

    NY man suing his town for forcing removal of pro-Trump, pro-cop flags
A New York man is suing his town for $25 million, saying it targeted him for his conservative views in making him remove pro-Trump and anti-President Biden flags from his home and his car in violation of local laws.

Michael Wasserman, a Long Island businessman with a home in Long Beach, is an outspoken Republican who regularly flies flags displaying his support for former President Donald Trump, vexing his left-leaning neighbors who are offended by the displays, reads the federal suit, filed Tuesday.

[NNN forum thread:]  NY man suing his town for forcing removal of pro-Trump, pro-cop flags

    Cornell defends SEGREGATED NON-WHITE-ONLY rock-climbing class after online uproar
non-whites Cornell University is defending a new rock-climbing class offered to minority groups. Among the Ivy League school’s Outdoor Education offerings for the spring 2021 semester was a course called “BIPOC Rock Climbing.” The course description, according to the Cornell Daily Sun, specified that the class was “for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.” That prompted an uproar from across the internet. The university was accused of violating federal and state civil rights law, while one Reddit user decried what they described as a “horrifically and monstrously racist practice that has no place in the modern world” and “literally evil.”

[NNN forum thread:]  Cornell defends NON-WHITE-ONLY rock-climbing class after online uproar

    Rep. Suozzi says NYC schools chief must reveal how Columbus Day got canceled
Suozzi, whose father came from Italy, told The Post the DOE’s after-the-fact nod to “Italian heritage” — under pressure from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who nevertheless supports the push to cancel Columbus — was “not good enough.”

**********       4 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Woman killed in Lincoln Avenue shooting identified
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) — A woman who was shot to death in Springfield on Friday has been identified. At approximately 11:42 a.m. on Friday, April 23, Springfield Police were called to the 200 block of Lincoln Avenue for a shots fired report.

At the scene, police found a man and a woman on the ground in the front yard of a home. The woman had suffered numerous gunshot wounds.

Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon identified the victim as 37-year-old Courtney Lynn Smith of Springfield. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Allmon, preliminary autopsy results indicate that Smith died of multiple gunshot wounds. A suspect was arrested in the shooting on Friday.

Jahsen Thomas, 43, is facing charges of first-degree murder, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated domestic battery, aggravated discharge of a firearm, and possession of a firearm with no Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card. The death remains under investigation by the Sangamon County Coroner and the Springfield Police Department.

Jahsen Thomas - mugshot of suspect

Courtney Lynn Smith, age 37 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread:]  Springfield, IL WF, 37 dead numerous gunshot wounds fired by negro


BLACK SUSPECT black suspect WHITE VICTIM A tip called in to law enforcement officers has led to the arrest of two people in connection with the April 23 attempted robbery and murder of businesswoman Jamie Iverson.

Interim Police Chief Earnest Gilson reported on Wednesday that brothers Daquarius Wright and Kenterius Wright were arrested on Tuesday in the metro Jackson area by the United States Marshals Service, Indianola Police Department, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

“With these partnerships, which was demonstrated in this investigation, we have made an arrest of the two listed suspects and possible more arrests are coming,” he said. Not many details were presented. Gilson said the investigation is still on going and he also offered up his gratitude to all of the federal, state and local agencies involved in helping solve this case to this point.

At around 11 a.m. last Friday, Indianola police responded to Paul's Jewelry, 113 Front St., where they discovered Iverson had been shot. The perpetrators apparently used the parking lot behind The Crown Restaurant and accessed Front Street by way of the alley beside that business.

They entered the store and eventually shot Iverson. She was pronounced dead later in an attempt to transport her to a hospital.

Police had few clues to work with on the case, as the suspects were covered well. Camera footage from the area did clue them in to the black BMW that was used to access the parking lot and leave.

It is unconfirmed at this time whether more people were involved and were present during the murder. The community responded quickly, amassing a large reward amount, announcing on Monday an initial $12,000 offering for any information that would lead to the arrest of those involved in the murder.

Jamie Iverson, age 67 - (gunmemorial)

* Daquarius and Kenterius: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Indianola, MS WF jewelry store store owner, 67 shot dead robbery by 2 negros


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (black) charged following fatal shooting of 70-yr-old (White) Kansas man
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM JOHNSON COUNTY, KS (KCTV) -- A man from Des Moines, Iowa has been charged in connection with a fatal shooting that happened Saturday evening in Prairie Village, Kansas.

According to Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe, 58-year-old Michael L. Balance has been charged with one count of premeditated first-degree murder. The charge comes after police went to the 3700 block of W. 75th St. on May 1 just after 6 p.m. due to a life-threatening medical emergency at an apartment there.

When police arrived, they found 70-year-old John Hoffman dead inside the apartment.

Prairie Village neighbors devastated by murder of 70-year-old, a pillar in community
PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — An Iowa man now faces charges for the weekend murder of a 70-year-old man in Prairie Village. Neighbors say John Hoffman tried to help the man who’s now accused of taking his life in his Prairie Village apartment.

On Sunday, 58-year-old Michael Balance was arrested in Des Moines, Iowa, as a suspect in Hoffman’s murder. Then Monday, Balance was charged in Johnson County court. “He would give you the shirt off his back. He would do anything for you.
They said he took care of those who couldn’t take care of themselves.

[NNN forum thread:]  Prairie Village, KS WM, 70 tried to help the negro that shot him to death


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Trial begins for (BLACK) man accused of stomping (white) woman to death
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM EVERETT — A man accused of viciously stomping a woman to death conceded he paid her $100 for sex hours before her body was found, but he maintains he did not kill her, his attorneys said in court Friday. A Snohomish County jury will decide if Jamel Alexander, 31, of Everett, killed Shawna Brune in 2019.

Defense attorney Kenneth Williams argued race played a role in the homicide investigation and Alexander’s arrest, because he is a Black man accused of killing a white woman. “They have tunnel vision on this Black man, and they are going to put him away,” Williams told the jury Friday in his opening statement. “The police wouldn’t listen to him, but hopefully you will listen to me.”

The defendant’s counsel attempted to screen potential jurors for race-related bias before opening statements, asking them to disclose any experiences they’ve had with Black people that would influence their judgment. The defense urged the jury pool to consider the case in the context of recent national news, including the murder trial of Minneapolis ex-police officer Derek Chauvin.

On the morning of Oct. 12, 2019, a man walking his dog found Brune, 29, dead in the woods with her clothes torn off, near a parking lot in the 11600 block of Highway 99, according to charging papers. She’d been beaten and stomped so severely that deputies wrote that the attack appeared to be “overkill.” Shoe prints marked her body in a crosshatch pattern. Brune, of Everett, was nude. An autopsy showed she’d suffered broken facial bones, swelling of the brain and her skin had been gouged with thorns, according to a report by Snohomish County Medical Examiner Dr. J. Matthew Lacy.

Convenience store security footage from the night of Oct. 11, 2019, showed Alexander walking into a gas station 1½ miles north of the crime scene at 9:54 p.m., court papers say. He glanced up at the cameras before he looked down at one of his shoes — a Vans Old Skool sneaker with a crosshatch tread. It appeared to have a red stain on the sole. He lifted his foot to get a closer look. The defendant told police he paid Brune for sex.

Security footage showed Brune going into the woods near the Cedar Creek apartment complex down the street at 9:02 p.m. with a man in a maroon Puma jacket and knit cap with an Oakland Raiders logo. The pair walked down the driveway to the south side of the parking lot and disappeared behind a parked van, out of sight of the camera, according to court documents. “While we don’t know exactly what occurred, the evidence at the scene illustrated an extreme act of violence and carnage beginning at the blackberry bushes that were located right next to the van,” deputy prosecutor Jacqueline Lawrence told the jury in her opening statement.

Thirty-one minutes later, the man re-emerged from the woods without his cap. A swab from the cap, found at the crime scene, tested as an apparent DNA match for Alexander. The defendant told police Brune was “alive, kicking and breathing” when he left, according to court papers.

Alexander told police that Brune sat down on a curb after the encounter. According to Alexander, she offered him drugs, but he refused and walked away. The defendant’s criminal record out of California revealed he’d been jailed for participating in a street gang, assault with a weapon, assault on a school employee, second-degree robbery and carjacking, as well as nonviolent crimes, according to court records. It appeared he moved to Everett around 2016.

Williams urged the jury to separate their perception of Alexander’s character from the facts of the homicide. Alexander is on trial for first-degree murder.

Suspect held on $2 million bail in stomping death near Everett Shawna Brune - Facebook

"Prostitution murders in the USA" - Shawna Lynn Brune, 29, Everett, Washington, murdered by a 30 year old man

Shawna Lynn Brune - Sequim, Washington - 1990-2019

[NNN forum thread:]  Trial begins for Everett, WA chimp stomping snowho to deaf in 2019

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Minneapolis man charged in attempted robbery-turned-murder (of Somalli migrant)
black suspect A Minneapolis man has been charged in connection to an attempted robbery that turned into a fatal shooting this week. Thirty-year-old Marlow Ramsey Carson is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree aggravated robbery and illegal possession of a firearm.

A criminal complaint states Minneapolis police were called to a business in the 400 block of Cedar Avenue South on a reported robbery and shooting at about 7 p.m. Tuesday. There, officers found a man suffering from multiple gunshot wounds lying behind a counter in the store. A family spokesperson identified the victim as 40-year-old Liibaan Baqarre. Baqarre was taken to a hospital but later died. The medical examiner found Baqarre had been shot six times. A GoFundMe page set up for the family said Baqarre leaves behind a wife and four young children.

The business owner told police Baqarre was a friend who was hanging out in the store when Carson came in, pointed a gun at the business owner and demanded money. The owner said Baqarre then started to lock the inner door to the counter to keep Carson out, but Carson noticed and shot Baqarre before fleeing. Investigators were able to review surveillance videos to find the vehicle Carson fled in, and a Facebook Live video also showed Carson in the vehicle, holding and pointing a handgun at the camera after the incident.

The following day, officers tracked the vehicle to a parking lot in St. Paul and saw Carson leave in the vehicle. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested Carson, who was wearing the same clothing he had on during the shooting, according to the complaint. A loaded, black 9mm semi-automatic handgun was also recovered. Carson allegedly told investigators the gun was his but denied his involvement in the incident. After officers showed him pictures taken of the incident, Carson admitted it was him, saying, "It was a hard thing to swallow."

The complaint states Carson also said he'd "had an extremely bad day" and "wasn't trying to hurt nobody." Carson has previous convictions for robbery and selling drugs.

Go Fund Me for victim Liibaan Baqarre

Liibaan Baqarre - (gun memorial)

'He was highly loved': Cedar-Riverside Somali Muslim community mourns victim of deadly shooting
"I have never seen the community so shocked," said Abdirizak Bihi, a Somali community advocate. "It's our Ramadan. It's our month of peace. The victim was fasting all day and working all day. He was very well known around here in the community. He was highly loved for his humor, for his gentlemanliness, for his calmness."
"I could see hundreds of people here, not going to the mosque, not going to break their fasts, but hanging out in the rain to find answers why," Bihi said.

[NNN forum thread:]  (BM suspect) said he'd "had an extremely bad day" and "wasn't trying to hurt nobody."

    Transgender Activist ID'd as 1 of 2 Women Killed by black in Dorchester Stabbing
black suspect A transgender activist was one of two women fatally stabbed Sunday by a man at a home in Boston's Dorchester neighborhood, authorities said Monday. Jahaira DeAlto was hosting Marcus Chavis and his family when Chavis killed her? and his? wife, Fatima Yasin, while also stabbing a dog, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. They haven't determined a motive for the attack.

DeAlto, 42, described her?self as a YouTube personality and social commentator -- her channel, JahairasMission, had just under 2,500 subscribers as of Monday night -- and used the platform to discuss transgender issues and other topics.

DeAlto's former roommates said she? was a transgender activist who was always willing to help others.

"She? just cared so much about so many people, and was so motherly? to so many people," Alice Guss said. The Elizabeth Freeman Center, a Berkshire County support center for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault where DeAlto worked, called her "an activist and survivor who touched the lives of everyone around her? with her? passion, drive, humanity, humor, and fierce vision."

[NNN forum thread:]  TG Activist ID'd as 1 of 2 Woman Killed in Dorchester (Boston's Coontown) Stabbing By Spook

    (Black) Former JPD officer sentenced after destroying evidence of relationship with 16-year-old
SUSPECT-NAME JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A former Jackson police officer has been sentenced after pleading guilty to obstruction of a federal investigation.

Anthony Coleman will spend 30 months in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release. This after destroying evidence of his involvement with a 16-year-old. He was arrested in May of 2020 for child exploitation and plead guilty to obstruction earlier this year.

[NNN forum thread:]  Bluegum Police officer sentenced in relationship with16 year old

    (Black) WOMAN! (confirmed) and black man arrested for beating disabled person
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim Two suspects were arrested by the New Iberia Police Department for allegedly severely beating a disabled person, causing permanent damage. According to a prepared statement from the NIPD, Rijhanelle Flugence and Joseph Roberts Jr. were arrested Saturday due to an incident that occurred on April 25 at the intersection of Corrine and Field streets.

Flugence was charged with attempted first degree murder, second degree robbery, cruelty to the infirm, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule II drugs and self-mutilation. Roberts was charged with attempted first degree murder and second degree robbery

Rijhanelle Yvette Wells Flugence, 45 - is apparently a negress and a female
When Iberia Police Department officers arrested Flugence on the morning of May 1, 2021 on Bank Street in New Iberia, they found narcotics and drug paraphernalia and she tried to harm herself, The Daily Iberian reported. In the afternoon, the officers arrested Roberts on Corrine Street.

New Iberia woman, man arrested on attempted murder, robbery charges

[NNN forum thread:]  Spooks arrested for beating disabled person

    Do you recognize him? (Black) Man wanted for shooting & killing homeless person's dog
SUSPECT-NAME dog cemetery MORGANTON, N.C. — Police in Morganton, North Carolina, are asking for the public's help finding a man accused of shooting a person's dog earlier this month.

According to Morganton Public Safety, the incident happened at Jerry's Neighborhood Store on East Meeting Street a little before 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 2. Police said the suspect approached a homeless man and shot his dog, named DJ, killing it.

The suspect then got into a Cadillac sedan and drove away from the store. The suspect was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and dark-colored shorts and a cap. The vehicle left the store in an unknown direction.

[NNN forum thread:]  Morganton, NC negro wanted for shooting & killing homeless person's dog


Asian woman attacked by berserk vile violent negress with HAMMER in NYC - plans to return to Taiwan
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim The Asian woman who was bludgeoned with a hammer in an unprovoked Hell’s Kitchen attack said she plans to return to Taiwan — until New York City is safe again, according to a new report.

The 31-year-old woman, a recent FIT graduate who only wanted to be identified by her first name, Theresa, recalled the harrowing moment she was attacked while walking with a friend around 8:40 p.m. Sunday.

“[The suspect] was talking to herself, like talking to a wall,” Theresa told ABC New York. “I thought maybe she was drunk or something, so we just wanted to pass through her quickly and when I passed through her, she saw us and said, ‘Take off your f–king mask,’ which is shocking. Suddenly. I felt my head get hit by something.”

Theresa said she and a friend were walking to the subway — believing it would be safer to go together — when she was attacked on West 42nd Street near Ninth Avenue. The suspect swung a hammer at the victim, smashing her on the left side of the face, according to police.

[NNN forum thread:]  Asian woman struck with hammer in NYC plans to return to Taiwan

YouTube videos of berserk black bitch attacking Asian women with hammer

    (Black) Man charged for trying to steal nearly $2,000 of shrimp, meat from Costco in Milford
black suspect chicken thief MILFORD, Conn. — A New Haven man allegedly tried to swipe nearly $2,000 worth of seafood and meat from a Costco last month, police said. Milford police said they responded to a report of a breach of peace incident at Costco on Boston Post Road on April 23.

They said the suspect, identified as 25-year-old Pedro Hanlan, had allegedly attempted to steal more than $1,860 worth of seafood and meat from the store. When he was confronted by store employees, he allegedly assaulted two of them.

Hanlan has been charged with 4th-degree larceny, 3rd-degree robbery, two counts of 3rd-degree assault and breach of peace. His bond was set at $2,500. Hanlan will appear in court on June 1. This is the latest of a string of shrimp and seafood thefts in Connecticut this year.

[NNN forum thread:]  Negro Man charged for trying to steal nearly $2,000 of shrimp, meat from Costco in Milford


Pack of indigenous African-Americans interfere in the police arrest of a black thief.
Trying to reenact the theme of the George Floyd thug on drugs - accusing police of 'choke-hold'

Police body-cam video clip of bearded black violently resisting lawful arrest
black suspect BRIDGEPORT, Conn. — Bridgeport police have released footage from several body cameras and a back seat camera regarding an arrest that happened on Sunday evening. According to a witness, the arrest happened on Barnum and East Washington Avenue.

The videos show a man being arrested with multiple officers surrounding him. Officers are heard explaining to him that he was being taken in on larceny charges.

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK: Violent resisting arrest: Body camera released of Bridgeport arrest

    Spanic suspect and black accomplice arrested for murder of Hispanic in 2011
ANSONIA, CT (WFSB) - Two arrests were made for a 2011 murder that happened at a convenience store in Ansonia. Luis Marquez, 29 of Naugatuck, was taken into custody in Waterbury on Tuesday.

Elijah Stanford, 29, of Willimantic, was arrested on March 11, 2021. An arrest warrant was issued for a third person as well; however, Ansonia police did not release the identity.

Marquez and Stanford were charged with murdering Isaia Hernandez at the Xtra Mart on Wakelee Avenue on March 16, 2011. Police said they were called around 6:10 p.m. on that date for a report of a person who was shot in front of the store.

Hernandez was found in the parking lot. Police said he had been shot multiple times. The victim was brought to a local hospital where he died.

Investigators said they learned that Hernandez was inside his car in the lot with the suspects. Police said the suspects robbed then shot him. Marquez and Stanford left the car and ran down Church Street.

Marquez was charged with felony murder, first-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery. He was held on a $500,000 bond. He faced a judge on Tuesday in Milford. Stanford was charged with the same. He was released on his bond. His next court date is May 25 in Milford.

[NNN forum thread:]  Spanic suspect and black accomplice arrested for murder of Hispanic in 2011

Israeli flag
NY politicians react to disgraced (jewish) ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s prison release
“The early release of Sheldon Silver is a gross miscarriage of justice and slap in the face to every New Yorker. He abused his power to personally profit to the tune of $4 million,” said NY GOP chairman Nick Langworthy. “New Yorkers need to send a message that they are fed up with corrupt politicians escaping accountability while taxpayers are left holding the bag,” he added.

Silver — who has served less than a year of his 6 1/2-year sentence — was cut loose from Otisville Prison, in Orange County, New York, and released to his home on furlough, while awaiting a decision on whether he’ll be able to serve out his whole term in home confinement.

    NJ cop fired for post berating BLM protesters as ‘terrorists’
wounded victim wounded victim A New Jersey police officer who wrote on Facebook that Black Lives Matter protesters are “terrorists” who couldn’t care less if she dies has been fired — a move ripped by her attorney as “pandering to the far left.” Hopewell Township Police Officer Sara Erwin was terminated Friday via unanimous vote of the town committee, which accepted the recommendation of a hearing officer, NJ.com reported.

A second officer, Sgt. Mandy Grey, was demoted and suspended for six months for replying to a comment on Erwin’s June 2020 post, their attorney Frank Crivelli told The Post Tuesday. “The fact that she supported her position as a fellow officer, that was the reason that they actually suspended her,” Crivelli said of Grey.

While writing under the username Sara Elizabeth on Facebook, Erwin said her children were crying for her not to go to work on June 8 — two weeks after George Floyd’s police-custody death in Minneapolis sparked heated protests nationwide. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way I did last night,” Erwin’s post read. “And then I watched people I know and others I care about going into harms way. I love police family like my own.”

Erwin then asked others to “think” before sharing posts on the social media platform. “I’ve seen so many black lives matter hashtags in these posts,” the post continued. “Just to let you know – they are terrorists. They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die.”

Six township employees, including five members of the police department, were put on leave for appearing to support Erwin’s post, The Trentonian reported in June.

“They’re trying to make an example out of them, and in my view, they’re pandering to the far left,” Crivelli said of the township’s decision.

[NNN forum thread:]  NJ cop fired for post berating BLM protesters as ‘terrorists’

    NYC schools cancel Columbus for ‘Indigenous’ Day, add Juneteenth as holiday

NYC schools try to save face with ‘Italian Heritage Day’ after dumping Columbus Day

[NNN forum thread:]  NYC schools cancel Columbus for ‘Indigenous’ Day, add Juneteenth as holiday

  Bucks County Man Nikolay Lukyanchikov Charged After Charring Dog On Grill, Police Say

**********       3 May 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (white) Georgia woman fatally shot in her face, (black) ex-boyfriend charged with murder
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM HEPHZIBAH, Ga. (WJBF) — 20-year-old Brenleigh Kitchens loved dancing and playing basketball. Her life was cut short Wednesday night when she was shot at least once in the face. She was placed on life support and succumbed from her injuries Thursday. Her body has been transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s laboratory for an autopsy.

Kitchens’ ex-boyfriend, 20-year-old Jaden Ross, was arrested in connection with the crime just hours after the shooting. He has been charged with Murder, Aggravated Assault and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime.

“She loved life, and that boy took it,” Loren Woodruff, Kitchens’ mother, claims.

“He would call her and blow up her phone. He was volatile and is the devil. He planned this. He put on Snapchat that he was going to ‘F**k Brenleigh Kitchens up.'”

Woodruff tells NewsChannel 6 her daughter was Facetiming a friend when Ross allegedly arrived at her home. That friend saw the shooting happen over the phone, according to Woodruff.

Brenleigh Kitchens, age 20 - (gunmemorial)

Richmond County Sheriff's Office - inmate inquiry on ROSS, JADEN

Booking Number 2021-00002824
Arrest Date 4/29/2021
Race Black
Sex Male

[NNN forum thread:]  Hephzibah, GA mudshark fatally shot in head by ex-buck

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Crime: Suspect, victims identified in Holmes County rest area shooting
black suspect UPDATE Sunday 10:00 p.m. (WDHN) — Holmes County Sheriff John Tate and Jackson County Sheriff Donnie Edenfield provided new information at a news conference Sunday evening following the fatal shooting at a rest area in Ponce de Leon. According to Sheriff Tate, authorities arrived at the rest area after receiving 9-1-1 calls about a shooting. One of the victims, Dereck Todd Thompson, Jr., 35, of Pensacola died on the scene. The woman who was shot, Mariah Maps, 29, of Pensacola was critically injured. Maps was able to provide officers with information about the suspect.

Sheriff Tate identified the suspect as Latorish Antonio Gardner, 48, of Marianna. Investigators discovered Maps and Gardner have children together, and had met at the rest area to do a child-exchange.

“At some point during the child-exchange, Ms. Maps and Mr. Gardner got into a physical altercation. During the altercation, the other male subject, Mr. Thompson, got out of the vehicle and broke the fight up and made Ms. Maps get back into the vehicle,” Sheriff Tate said in a news conference Sunday evening. According to Sheriff Tate, Gardner then pulled out a gun and fatally shot Thompson. Maps attempted to run across the parking lot to get away, but Tate said Gardner also shot her. Maps is in critical condition at a hospital in Ft. Walton.

After the shooting, Gardner fled the scene with several children, and drove to a residence in Jackson County. A relative called sheriff’s dispatch a short time later, saying Gardner wanted to turn himself in. When officers arrived at the residence, Gardner surrendered without incident.

All children were located safe at the home. Gardner is in the Jackson County Jail. He faces murder and attempted murder charges.

Investigators are collecting information from numerous witnesses who were at the rest area when the violence broke out.

[NNN forum thread:]  Latorish iz da realest nigger

    (Black) CRIME: Teen Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman Multiple Times Over 3-Hour Period In West Philly Home Invasion
SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion and sexual assault in the city’s Spruce Hill section. Police say a knife-wielding teen broke into a woman’s apartment and sexually assaulted her multiple times over a three-hour period.

The incident happened on the 400 block of South 45th Street, around 2:30 a.m. on April 21. Police say the teen, believed to be 16 years old, left through a basement window and fled in an unknown direction.

He is described as a Black male, dark skin, 150-160 pounds, 5’9”-5’10’, with a thin muscular build, brown eyes and possibly wearing green contact lenses, with braids in his hair that come down to his eyebrows. He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, white tank top, gray sweatpants with black zippers and black sneakers.

Police say he may have cut or dyed his hair, per a conversation the victim had with the male while he was in her apartment. If you see this suspect do not approach, contact 911 immediately.

[NNN forum thread:]  Philadelphia Police: Teen Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman Multiple Times Over 3-Hour Period Invasion

    (SEX-CRAZED Black child-rapist) Curtis Soles indicted on rape charges involving a minor
SUSPECT-NAME The Allen County Grand Jury has indicted a Lima man on rape charges. Curtis J. Soles was indicted by the Allen County Grand Jury on two counts of rape charges (Felony 1).

According to the indictment, on or about June 1st, 2020 through November 20th, 2020, Soles engaged in sexual conduct with a minor that was under the age of 18. Soles will now appear for a pre-trial in Allen County Common Pleas Court on March 3rd, 2021.

    (Black Brooklyn) Man punched to ground, kicked and stomped repeatedly
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — Police on Sunday said they were looking for a man caught on video brutally attacking another man on a Brooklyn street last Wednesday. The NYPD said it happened on April 28, just before 1 a.m., when the unidentified man approached the victim, 49, on Tapscott Street, near Blake Avenue, in the Brownsville section.

The unknown assailant can be see on surveillance video punching the man multiple times and knocking him to the ground. He then began to kick the victim several times before repeatedly stomping on his head, police said. Authorities said the suspect fled westbound on Blake Avenue, while the victim was taken by EMS to an area hospital in serious condition.

The NYPD released the above surveillance images of the man they’re looking for, in hopes the public could help identify him. [NNN forum thread:]  Brooklyn attack: Man punched to ground, kicked and stomped repeatedly by coon

    (Black) CRIME Bronx subway attack: Man stabbed, woman pushed down stairs after dispute, police say
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim Cops released images of the suspected wanted in connection to a stabbing outside a Bronx subway station. (NYPD) NEW YORK — Authorities have asked for assistance in identifying the suspect who stabbed a man and pushed his wife down the stairs outside a Bronx subway station Tuesday evening.

It happened on Tuesday around 7:45 p.m., police said. A 37-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife were on board a northbound No. 4 train at the Bowling Green station in Manhattan when they noticed a man acting belligerent on the train, authorities said.

The man then engaged in a verbal dispute with the suspect, cops said. When the couple got off the train at the East 170 Street and Jerome Avenue subway station, the suspect followed them to the street where he punched the man in the back of the head and began stabbing him with a knife, according to police.

When the victim’s wife tried to intervene, the suspect pushed her down the stairs, authorities said. The man sustained stab wounds to his arm and right side of his torso while the woman suffered injuries to her right leg and right torso, cops said.

They were taken to the hospital for their injuries. The suspect is described to be in his 30s and was last seen wearing a black Nike baseball hat, a blue face mask, a gray sweatshirt, black pants and black sneakers.

[NNN forum thread:]  Bronx subway attack: man stabbed, woman pushed down stairs after dispute with coon

    Police disarm (black) woman with gun, another uses baby as a shield prior to arrest at Tuscaloosa Walmart
black suspect chicken thief chicken thief chicken thief TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WBRC) - Three people were arrested following a chaotic scene outside the Walmart on Skyland Blvd in Tuscaloosa Saturday afternoon. According to Tuscaloosa Police, it all started when Walmart security tried to apprehend the three for stealing. The incident quickly escalated in the parking lot, but thankfully no one was injured.

Shortly before 1 p.m. TPD says Walmart security confronted 28-year-old Jamarcus Treon Richardson, 24-year-old Fernisha White and 29-year-old Laquashia White at the store exit, after they had been observed stealing in the self checkout line. The three were unable to produce receipts for clothing and candy bars that were inside their bags and cart. Security had already identified that one of the three, Jamarcus Treon Richardson had been banned from the store in 2020.

According to police the suspects became irate ; yelling, cursing and causing a disturbance when security asked them to come into the loss prevention office. That is when an off-duty TPD officer working security at the store approached Richardson and informed him that he was being placed under arrest for trespassing.

Officers say Richardson began resisting arrest and Fernisha White stepped in and attempted to separate Richardson and the officer. The three struggled before the officer was finally able to place the cuffs on Richardson.

The off-duty officer then told Fernisha and Laquashia White that they were under arrest for disorderly conduct, but the two walked outside.

Another customer came inside and told police that one of the women had a gun. At this point, backup TPD officers and TCSO deputies arrived. After a struggle in the parking lot, the off-duty officer was able to disarm Laquashia White of the pink handgun she was holding.

When backup officers approached Fernisha White, they say she was holding her 11-month old baby in front of her as a shield, preventing officers from placing her into custody. She eventually handed the baby over to a friend and was placed into custody.

Richardson was charged with fourth-degree theft, trespassing and resisting arrest

Fernisha White was charged with fourth-degree theft, reckless endangerment of a child, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and five outstanding and unrelated warrents

Laquashia White, was charged with fourth-degree theft, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and possession of a pistol without a permit

[NNN forum thread:]  Nigga will steal yo stuff


(Black) Suspect in attack on Oakland Chinatown leader faces hate crime charge
black suspect black suspect Charlie Chan wounded victim wounded victim Prosecutors in Northern California have filed criminal charges against a man suspected of attacking an Asian community leader. Parolee James Lee Ramsey, 25, has been charged with assault and a hate crime following the attack on Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce President Carl Chan last Thursday, KTVU-TV reported Monday. Chan said he was doing errands, when without warning, Ramsey came from behind and yelled racial slurs at him.

“Foul words, either something bad word Chinatown or Chinaman,” he said. Chan was then knocked down to the ground. He suffered cuts and scrapes to his knee but was able to get up and snap a photo of the suspect walking away.

Oakland Chinatown Leader Manages to Photograph His Attacker After Brutal Bashing

More news links about recent black afro-merican racist attacks on Asian-merican victims in Northern California

68-Year-Old Chinese Man Suffers Nightmares After Attack in Oakland, California
wounded victim An elderly Asian American man is suffering from nightmares after falling victim to an unprovoked attack in Oakland last week.

The incident occurred while Hua Zhen Lin, 68, was riding an AC Transit bus to Oakland's Chinatown on April 26, according to NBC Bay Area.

Another passenger hit Lin on the head with a cane, leaving him with a bloodied face.

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon attacks Asian that was visiting another Asian that was attacked by a different coon in Oakland


(Asian) Teen, woman targeted in Anti-Asian hate crime attacks, NYPD says
wounded victim wounded victim Two Asian Americans were targeted in hate crimes in the Big Apple over the weekend — a 15-year-old boy who was called “Ching Chong” in Queens and then beaten and a 52-year-old woman who was nearly pushed onto subway tracks in Brooklyn, cops said Sunday. Both attacks happened Saturday and are being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, according to a police spokesman.

The 15-year-old victim was sitting at 62-01 99th Street in Flushing when he was approached by a group of five teenagers around 3 p.m. “What the f–k you looking at, Ching Chong?” one of the teens asked, according to cops.

The boy got up and asked the teens to leave him alone, but they instead began punching him in the head with their fists, police said. The victim was taken to Booth Memorial Hospital in stable condition.

Editor note: race of suspect(s) not reported - so almost certainly NOT white
and almost certainly we can assume the race of packs of feral predators to be African-merican or Spanic.

[NNN forum thread:]  Teen, woman targeted in Anti-Asian hate crime attacks, NYPD says


(Black attacked) Asian woman with hammer in Times Square
black suspect wounded victim wounded victim An Asian woman was ordered to take off her mask — and then hit in the head with a hammer — by a female stranger in Times Square on Sunday, one of two suspected hate crimes in Manhattan over the weekend. The attack unfolded around 8:40 p.m. when the black female suspect snapped at her 31-year-old victim, “Take off your mask!” in front of 411 W. 42nd St., cops said Monday.

The attacker swung a hammer at the victim, hitting her on the left side of the face, according to police. Cops recovered the hammer, but the attacker is still in the wind. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime, authorities said.

The injured woman, who has an address listed in California, was treated at NYU Langone Hospital, cops said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Asian woman attacked by BLACK with hammer in Times Square

    Black brute beats, stomps man in caught-on-camera Brooklyn attack

Philadelphia Police Investigating Several Shootings, Stabbings As City Sees Another Violent Weekend
According to police data, 169 people have been killed so far this year. That’s 33% higher than this time last year.

    NYC shootings surged 200% last week, NYPD figures show

    (Black) negress goes berserk on Miami-to-NYC flight, punches flight attendant: feds
black suspect A Brooklyn woman allegedly slugged a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight to New York from Miami on Sunday — and was cuffed for the rest of the journey by an off-duty NYPD cop, prosecutors said. Chenasia Campbell, 28, was hit with federal charges after prosecutors allege she attacked the airline worker twice in a matter of minutes as the jet made its way up the East Coast. Campbell reportedly proclaimed “cops aren’t going to anything to me” during the assault — which began when she followed another flight attendant to the crew area of the plane “yelling at that flight attendant for not picking up her garbage,” a criminal complaint filed Monday reads.

A Brooklyn woman allegedly slugged a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight to New York from Miami on Sunday — and was cuffed for the rest of the journey by an off-duty NYPD cop, prosecutors said. Chenasia Campbell, 28, was hit with federal charges after prosecutors allege she attacked the airline worker twice in a matter of minutes as the jet made its way up the East Coast.

Campbell reportedly proclaimed “cops aren’t going to anything to me” during the assault — which began when she followed another flight attendant to the crew area of the plane “yelling at that flight attendant for not picking up her garbage,” a criminal complaint filed Monday reads.

link to berserk negess trying to cover up her black face so nobody will recognize her....

* Chenasia: * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  https://nypost.com/2021/05/03/woman-punches-flight-attendant-on-miami-to-nyc-flight-feds/

    LGBTQ QUEER TRANS LESBIAN Satanic Book festival cancels Harry Potter segment, citing J.K. Rowling’s comments on gender
The controversy started when Rowling panned an article for using the term “people who menstruate”
instead of “women” last year.

Is Hogwarts a Trangender Only School? - 2015

[NNN forum thread:] 
Book festival cancels Harry Potter segment, citing J.K. Rowling’s comments on gender

CIA recruitment video slammed as ‘woke propaganda’
“I am a woman of color, I am a mom, I am a cisgender millennial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder,” she says, while dramatic string music plays in the background. “I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise.” “I did not sneak into the CIA,” the agent, who says she has suffered from “impostor syndrome,” goes on.

“My employment was not and is not of a fluke or a slip through the cracks. … I am educated, qualified and competent.”

The two-minute video was widely mocked on social media. “China and Russia Love this,” snarked Donald Trump Jr.

    Petition created at Rutgers after white student quotes racial slur
The unnamed first-year student, a middle-age woman studying law for a second career, uttered the slur while reciting a line from a 1993 legal opinion. The professor convened a meeting with the class and apologized, (groveling in self-abasement) as did the student who used the word, the Times reported.
Meanwhile, Adam Scales, a black Rutgers Law professor, said using “the N-word” as a euphemism clouds the word’s offensiveness and history, according to the Times. “There is something extremely antiseptic about the term ‘N-word,’” he told the outlet. “There is something that softens the impact.”

Editor note: OK, I just do not understand.... does the affirmative action nigger Rutgers Law professor want people to use the phoney press euphemism 'N-WORD' or is he demanding that we revive the scientific term "NIGGER" so if a white person uses it - then they can be sumarily LYNCHED without trial as a 'peaceful protest'?????

  BLACK BLM Activist Sat on the Chauvin Show Trial Jury After LYING That He Would Be ‘Impartial’

Today’s Department of In-Justice: On Same Day DOJ Hunts Down Grandma for Walking in US Capitol
– They Announce They will Seal Records of Over 200 BLM and Antifa Criminal Scum

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  • After 25 years, one of the OJ Simpson jurors finally admitted that they voted to acquit OJ for murder as payback for the Rodney King beating. They knew OJ was guilty but didn't care. It was about retribution. I'm glad she finally told the truth.

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