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BLACK Man charged with killing WHITE Rochester officer pleads - "Dinna do nutin" โ€‹
๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name During a brief court appearance, Kelvin Vickers pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder, attempted murder, assault and weapons counts. He was ordered held without bail.

According to police, the 21-year-old fired multiple rounds into a unmarked, parked vehicle late Thursday, killing 29-year veteran Officer Anthony Mazurkiewicz and wounding Officer Sino Seng. A 15-year-old girl in a nearby house was also shot and wounded.

The two officers were part of a plainclothes unit and were investigating a murder. Vickers was found an hour later in a vacant house nearby, and police said a loaded handgun was found that may have been used in the shooting.

Vickers is from the Boston area and has an extensive criminal background, according to police, who didnโ€™t say why Vickers was in Rochester.

He was represented by a public defender at Saturdayโ€™s arraignment but indicated he would be seeking his own attorney, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reported.

Seng was hit in the lower body and was treated at a hospital and released. Authorities said Friday that the girl, who was struck by a bullet that penetrated a wall, was recovering.

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  Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (24 July 2022)
The Bobster

Five people shot across NYC in overnight bloodshed: copsโ€‹


NYPD probing shootings, suspicious deaths in NYCโ€‹


3 arrested in Boston after (superior) Whites protest Satanic Sodomite drag queen story hourโ€‹


Two dead, five injured in overnight bloodshed across NYCโ€‹


THIRD WORLD HELL-HOLE Panhandling BEGGERS in the middle of traffic on NYC highways is now a thingโ€‹


NYPD seeks help tracking down scooter-riding robbers who have struck 15 timesโ€‹


Woman sexually assaulted, robbed after being forced into her NYC apartment at gunpoint: copsโ€‹


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    Lothrop Stoddard
Lothrop Stoddard

NNN Forum
Save Freedom of Speech
Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
Diversity is Our strength
Protest is Insurrection
Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
Property is Selfishness
Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
Gender is a matter of Opinion
Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ22 July 2022        *******


(Black ex-convict) Suspect in Sumter stroller shooting previously pled guilty to manslaughter in 2005 case
black suspect SUMTER, S.C. (WIS) - The Sumter County Sheriffโ€™s Office (SCSO) said a suspect is in custody after the shooting of a mother out for a walk with her baby.

SCSO said Steven Galloway, of Dalzell, is charged with Attempted Murder, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime and Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022 SCSO responded to a shooting on Rye St. They found a woman had been shot multiple times while pushing her infant in a stroller.

Witnesses provided information to investigators and the victim was also able to provide details. The suspect was identified as Galloway.

The U.S. Marshalโ€™s Carolinaโ€™s Regional Fugitive Task Force assisted the investigation and helped determine Galloway was at his home on Delaware Drive. SCSO said they attempted to call him out. After obtaining a search warrant, investigators entered the house.

He was found hiding inside. A firearm suspected of being used in the shooting was found as well. Galloway has previous felony charges and is not legally allowed to have a firearm.

SCSO says they believe this is a road rage incident at this time. Galloway and the woman did not know each other. Initial investigation said Galloway became angry that the victim was walking too far in the roadway and started arguing.

Galloway was then reported to have left the verbal argument. He then came back and struck her before retrieving the firearm from his car, shooting at the woman and child. The vehicle used in the incident is currently being sought, it is a gray 2009 Chevrolet HHR with a license plate of VBA 227.

    State agents arrest (Black) Orangeburg man wanted in Bamberg County shooting
black suspect ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division says it has charged an Orangeburg man with multiple charges in a June shooting in Bamberg County.

TreQuan Stokes, 22, is charged with four counts of attempted murder and one count of possession of a weapon during a violent crime, SLED spokesperson Renรฉe Wunderlich said.

Investigators say Denmark Police Chief Leroy Grimes called in SLED agents to investigate a shooting in the Bamberg County town on June 15.

An Aiken man, 21-year-old Keith Sharpe, was arrested Wednesday and charged with four counts of attempted murder in the same incident, Wunderlich said .

Stokes and Sharpe were booked into the Bamberg County Detention Center.

    Is 'gay LGBTQ-Trans' behavior caused by environmental pollution?

Homosexuality Caused by Environmental Factors, Not Genetics, Studies Show

Is Homosexuality Biological or Environmental?

There is NO such thing as a single 'gay gene': Scientists find homosexuality is likely caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors

Is 'gay lgbtq-trans' behavior caused by 'Original Sin' and/or Satan today?

Is homosexuality a sin?

Why Homosexuality Is Not Like Other Sins

Sexual Sin and the Satanic Bible's 'Golden Rule'

Satan's Evil LGBT Church Philosophy

Is There a Demonic Spirit of Homosexuality? - Probe Ministries

The Forgotten Last Days Warning about Homosexuality in the Bible A dangerous modern heresy called โ€œgay theologyโ€ is infiltrating the Christian church at an alarming pace. Many believers, fearful of being called โ€œhaters,โ€ are trivializing the threat by calling homosexuality โ€œjust another sin.โ€ But from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that homosexuality is NOT โ€œjust another sin.โ€ It is a symbol of extreme rebellion against God and harbinger of His wrath.


  • we can not find any virgins in the swamp...
  • only virgins are transmorphing and the priests can not certify
  • Biden has assigned VP Kamala Harris while he is in COVID isolation
  • Biden's Attorney General has received complaints that requirement of 'virginity' IS RACIST!!!

  • "The Democratic Party has made climate change a religion and their solutions are draconian,"

      NY man accused of stealing bronze plaques from veteransโ€™ headstones

    NYC appealing judge's ruling that prohibits non-citizens from voting

    Mississippi police chief fired after audio of slurs surfaces
    (CNN)The White police chief of a predominantly Black town in Mississippi was terminated this week after audio surfaced, allegedly of him using racist and homophobic slurs, telling one of his officers he wouldn't care if the officer "killed a m*therf**ker in cold blood," and that he himself had killed 13 people.

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    NNN Forum
    Save Freedom of Speech
    Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
    Diversity is Our strength
    Protest is Insurrection
    Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
    Property is Selfishness
    Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
    Gender is a matter of Opinion
    Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        22 July 2022        *******

        Adult black shot at officer with a REALISTIC, ILLEGAL air rifle not just a 'kids toy water pistol'

    the black power urban insurrectionist role-playing aspiring GRAND THEFT AUTO
    midnight basketball racially profiled youth...

    (Black) Bronx Teen shooting at innocent strangers from vehicle with illegal realistic 'toy' gun
    was Shot Dead by Correction Officer

    (in assumed self-defense in fear of his life - Editor)

    When a police officer sees A GUN pointed at him at night he doesn't call out....

    "You have the right to be tasered if possible before being shot with a real gun,
    you have the right to call your mother to bring over the meds you may have forgotten to take...
    do you need to borrow my phone?,

    you have the right to wait until a nationally famous Black Civil Rights attorney, the local NAACP,
    and a Tik-Tok film crew show up before I try to gently and courteously arrest you,
    if for any reason you are injured in any way by authorities
    your family will have the right to sue the city for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS
    to avoid a race-riot, arson and extensive destruction of private and public property....

    suspect pellet gun A New York correction officer was arrested on Thursday after he shot dead a young boy firing a water gun in the Bronx. Raymond Chaluisant, 18, was firing a water gun while seated inside his car when Dion Middleton, 45, returned fire, < killing the black adult delinquent. It is not known if it was intentional or if Middleton accidentally fired the gun.

    He has been charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon for the shooting death of Chaluisant, according to the Daily Beast. According to sources, just prior to being shot, the 'victim' appeared to be using a gel-pellet (gun) firing device known as a "bead blaster pistol."

    Chaluisant was using a "Orbeez" gun, which looks like a gun and fires gel water beads that are driven by a spring-loaded air pump. They are classified as air rifles and are illegal to own in New York City.

    The incident took place close to Morris Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway in the Tremont neighborhood, according to the outlet. A gunshot wound to the face was discovered on Chaluisant when he was discovered at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday in a silver Acura. He was brought to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

      Florida 12-year-old girl played dead after HISPANIC dad attacked her and finding 3-year-old sister dead
    A 12-year-old girl in Florida survived an attack from her father by playing dead after he killed her 3-year-old sister.

    The father, 39-year-old Juan Bravo-Torres, is facing first-degree premeditated murder and attempted murder charges after police say he stabbed his 3-year-old daughter to death and attacked his 12-year-old daughter early on Thursday morning.

    Police said the father then dragged the 12-year-old and her little sister into the bathroom, where he slit his own wrists and she "heard what sounded like he was cutting his throat."


        New details emerge in first known US polio case since 2013
    The first known US case of polio in nearly a decade was contracted by an unvaccinated 20-year-old man in Rockland County who had recently traveled to Poland and Hungary, health officials said.

    The man was hospitalized in June and initially diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis, a spinal cord condition that causes paralysis and muscle weakness, a health official not unauthorized to speak told the Washington Post.

    Doctors soon found a type of polio thatโ€™s generally transmitted abroad and the patient was discharged to his parentsโ€™ home, where heโ€™s been living with his wife, according to the outlet.

    The man, who sources told The Post was linked to the local Orthodox Jewish community, is not contagious, the State Health Department said in an alert Thursday.

    There have been no reported polio cases in Hungary or Poland in recent years, though nearby Ukraine โ€” which residents are fleeing amid the Russian invasion โ€” has reported at least 19 cases since January

    Ukraine had a polio outbreak in 2015 and two people came down with the viral disease last year, including a 17-month-old girl who suffered paralysis.

        DAMNED Democrats don't give a damn about 'black lives' or other minority, migrant victims of urban crime, rape, murder, drugs because these damned insider-trading-rats are becoming MILLIONAIRS IN CONGRESS REPRESENTING THEMSELVES AND THEIR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES LIKE A-BY-BY-BIDEN-BOY-FEEL-MY-HAIRY-LEGS-BRANDON-SNIFF-THE-LITTLE-GIRLS-GU-GU-GUG

    Urban voters hurt by crime will vote for law and order on 'day of reckoning': Sen. Paul
    Sen. Rand Paul explains political consequences of unchecked crime

    Sen. Rand Paul said that voters in poor neighborhoods will vote for law and order on a "day of reckoning" Friday on "Hannity."

    SEN. PAUL: There's going to come a day of reckoning where the people who live in New York City - crime disproportionately affects those in poor neighborhoods and those who are minorities.

    One day they're going to rise up and say, "We've had enough. The Democrats are not protecting our children." Kids are dying at the bus stop. Kids are dying on the subway.

    The Democrats don't care about your kids. And it continues to happen decade after decade. There's going to be a day that people are going to wake up and say, "We've had enough.

    We're going to vote for law and order." And Lee Zeldin is the law and order candidate. So I think there is a chance that people will say, "I don't care, Black, White, whatever.

    I'm not associated with any party. I want a stop to the crime and we have to put people in jail." I think that's coming. br>
    Hannity: This is shameful, this is dangerous and you should be mortified In New York a person can assault a public figure, and the state will let them out of jail?: Hannity

    Sean Hannity discussed gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin getting attacked and then the suspect getting released from jail without paying bail on "Hannity."

      Tierney's REAL News (mm/dd/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    CNN admits that people are no longer scared of COVID so they need to ratchet up the next crisis to keep the fear alive - climate change!

    CNN admitted that they were focused on getting Trump out of office with scary COVID stories. Now they will be focused on climate change!

    CNN is going to run scary videos of weather extremes over and over to scare the sheep - just like they did with COVID. Another engineered pandemic by the fake news and the globalist snakes!

    They are going to beat "climate change" to death! Just like the pandemic.

    Meteorologists have even turned the temperature maps flashing RED in order to make you think the world is on fire! Brainwashing!!

    For decades, they told us that people were depressed because they had a chemical imbalance in their brain and needed anti-depressants to restore the balance. Turns out that's a lie. A huge study says that low serotonin has NOTHING to do with depression and it's usually based on stressful life events.

    Did you know that one third of Americans take anti-depressants - particularly white liberal women? Did you know that over half of women 18-29 are hooked on psych meds? What are they doing to their brains! This is called drug-induced mental illness!

    An expert said that many psychiatrists prescribe psych meds to depressed patients because it's easy - even though they know they don't work! They don't want to take the time to talk to the patients! He even said that scientists have NO idea how anti-depressants affect the brain long-term. Many mass shooters are hooked on SSRIs. Think about that!

    It's even worse at today's treatment centers - where they replace street drugs and alcohol with prescription medications. I worked at a treatment center - my job was to hand out pills to addicts all day long! An average of 5 pills each - anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, benzos, pain pills, you name it. I quit once I learned they are simply trading one addiction for another!

    Also, anti-depressants CAUSE mania - which is then treated with sedatives and depressants and anti-psychotics - which creates a high-low cycle in the brain called bipolar disorder or ADHD! So, after creating bipolar disorder and ADHD with prescription drugs - then they treat those 'diseases' with MORE drugs! This is how Big Pharma gets rich by destroying good minds! DRUG INDUCED MENTAL ILLNESS.

    Even worse - once people get hooked on psych meds like Ritalin, Adderall, Lamictal, Seroquel, Prozac, Gabapentin, Xanax, etc. - it's hard to stop. They are hooked for life!

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/07/20/depression-not-caused-chemical-imbalance/ [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    NNN Forum
    Save Freedom of Speech
    Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
    Diversity is Our strength
    Protest is Insurrection
    Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
    Property is Selfishness
    Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
    Gender is a matter of Opinion
    Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        21 July 2022        *******

        IRRESPONSIBLE EGYPIAN-Djibouti-Pakistani-Sudanese named (BUSHY-HAIRED Black) Teen charged with throwing firework in Eagan movie theater in FRONT OF HANDICAPED - leaving 11-month-old girl with burns
    suspect EAGAN, Minn. -- A teenager is facing several charges after allegedly throwing a firework into a south metro movie theater, terrifying those inside and leaving two injured, including a baby girl.

    Khalid Hassan, 18, of Eagan, is charged in Dakota County with felony counts of third-degree assault, threats of violence with intent to terrorize, and criminal damage to property. He is also facing a misdemeanor charge of fifth-degree assault in connection to the July 12 incident at the Emagine Eagan theater.


        Seditious incendiary media continues to promote the LIE of 'white police racist brutality'
    whenever a criminal, psycho or drugged black man RESISTS ARREST



        Chuck Schumer is now Washingtonโ€™s highest-ranking Jewish elected official ever:2021

    Chuck Schumer leads wide-ranging Senate bill to remove cannabis from federal list of controlled substances


      ROMAN CATHOLIC Pope to German bishops: allowing FEMALE PRIESTS and SODOMITE 'MARRIAGE' 'not lawful,'
    churches will 'weaken, rot and die'
    (and you'll all BURN IN HELL FOREVER)

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    NNN Forum
    Save Freedom of Speech
    Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
    Diversity is Our strength
    Protest is Insurrection
    Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
    Property is Selfishness
    Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
    Gender is a matter of Opinion
    Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ month 2022        *******




        The Marxist Revolution in America Has Deep Foreign Roots
    Counterpunch With Trevor Loudon

        The Communist Origins of the Gay Rights Movement

        Delving into one of Americaโ€™s Most Dangerous Communist Groupsโ€”The Freedom Road Socialists

        How Communism Actually Works

        Female Family Dollar clerk fights migrant? BLACK named 'MOHAMMED' - with SAUDI ARABIAN name
    who pushed through plexiglass, stabed her, tries to grab cash

    mud suspect A 34-year-old Rocky Mount man is behind bars after a botched robbery attempt in Sharpsburg.

    Mohammud Alsaleh is accused of trying to rob the Family Dollar store about 12:09 p.m. Thursday at 3627 N. Hathaway Blvd. in Sharpsburg, according to a news release from the Town of Sharpsburg.

    Alsaleh purchased a cigarette lighter and paid for it with cash. When the clerk opened the cash register, Alsaleh allegedly reached over and tried to take money out of the drawer.

    The clerk attempted to prevent Alsaleh from getting inside the cash drawer, which led to a brief struggle. The clerk received a laceration on her hand due to Alsaleh holding a knife during the struggle and attempting to take money out of the cash drawer.

    Alsaleh ran out of the store. The clerk dialed 911 and reported that the suspect was headed north on U.S. 301 toward Rocky Mount.

    Once alerted, Sharpsburg police were able to quickly apprehend Alsaleh.

    [NNN forum thread posted by "Wolf Creek":]  Female Family Dollar clerk fights foreign BLACK named 'MOHAMMED'

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    NNN Forum
    Save Freedom of Speech
    Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
    Diversity is Our strength
    Protest is Insurrection
    Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
    Property is Selfishness
    Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
    Gender is a matter of Opinion
    Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        19 July 2022        *******

        Manhunt on for BLACK โ€˜armed and dangerousโ€™ James Howard Jackson, who allegedly shot Lady Gagaโ€™s dog walker
    black suspect victim US Marshals are searching for an โ€œarmed and dangerousโ€ man accused of shooting Lady Gagaโ€™s dog walker last year, only to be mistakenly let out of a Los Angeles jail three months ago.

    Fugitive James Howard Jackson, 19, has been on the lam since April 6 when a clerical error showed the charges against him had been dropped in connection to the shooting of Ryan Fischer in a bizarre scheme to kidnap Lady Gagaโ€™s three French bulldogs.

    The US Marshals Service announced Monday it was offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Jacksonโ€™s arrest after the agency was asked to get involved by the LA County Sheriffโ€™s Department.

    โ€œJackson should be considered armed and dangerous,โ€ the service said in a news release. โ€œAnyone with information as to his whereabouts should contact law enforcement immediately.โ€

    Jackson was one of three men who allegedly shot and robbed Fischer as he walked the three bulldogs on Feb. 24, 2021. The three men made off with two of the dogs โ€” Koji and Gustav โ€” which an accomplice then tried to return for a $500,000 reward, claiming she had found the kidnapped canines.

    In April 2021, Jackson, Jaylin White, 19, and Lafayette White, 27, were arrested and slapped with charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery in the crime. Two others were charged as accessories after the fact: Harold White and Jennifer McBride, who acted as the person who found the dogs.


        TRAITORS, including U.S. Presidents, HAVE EXPORTED AMERICA JOBS
    When the Chinese Communists demand free labor from remaining able-bodied americans
    will our 'elected' legislative representatives on the take from the CHI-COMS forgo the bribes
    they have been taking? give up the cash, drugs and hookers with some symbolic letter of protest from their american colony?

    Sen. Cramer sounds alarm on RED COMMUNIST China's 'concerning' purchase of farmland near North Dakota Air Force base

    Chinese food company buys 300 acres of farmland, raising national security concerns

    Why โ€˜Free Tradeโ€™ Treaties Destroy Jobs

    After NAFTA, the U.S. trade deficit increased from $17 billion to $177.2 billion, displacing over 850,000 jobs by Robert E. Scott

    One problem with trade and investment deals, especially with lower-wage countries like Korea and China, is that they often result in growing trade deficits and job losses. In 2011, President Obama claimed that the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement (KORUS) would โ€œsupport 70,000 American jobsโ€ because the agreement would โ€œincrease exports of American goods by $10 billion to $11 billion.โ€

    He failed to say anything about rising imports, which will put Americans out of work. Looking only at exports is like counting only the runs by the home team. It might make you feel good, but it doesnโ€™t tell you the outcome of the gameโ€”it doesnโ€™t tell you whether your team won or lost.

    Since KORUS took effect in 2012, exports to Korea have increased by less than $1 billion. Meanwhile, U.S. imports have surged more than $12 billion, resulting in a net loss of 75,000 U.S. jobs.

    How George H.W. Bush pushed the United States to embrace free trade(and abandon the American Worker)

    Similarly, Bill Clinton claimed that NAFTA would create 200,000 jobs in its first two years and a million jobs in five years. Instead, between 1993 (before NAFTA) and 2013, the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico and Canada increased from $17 billion to $177.2 billion, displacing more than 850,000 U.S. jobs.

    And then thereโ€™s Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China and Chinaโ€™s admission to the World Trade Organization (WTO), which led to an explosion of imports and the loss of more than 3 million jobs, mostly in manufacturing and mostly in occupations that paid more than the jobs created in exports industries, and much more than jobs in non-traded industries.


    San Bernardino: BLACK-tivist (wigger) Shaun King shared the video on his Instagram page, calling the shooting โ€œa brutal execution.โ€

    Police responded after receiving reports of an armed man in the parking lot. Police officers arrive in an unmarked vehicle as it slowly comes to a stop in the parking lot (BLACK suspect) Robert Marquise Adams, 23, who was armed with a handgun, approached the (police) vehicle with the gun in his hand. When officers wearing police uniforms got out of the vehicle, Adams immediately turns away and begins to run with his firearm still in his hand.


    ANTIFA ANARCHIST GREEN-CARD FOREIGNER INSURECTIONIST who set trooper's car ablaze during protest sentenced
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) โ€” The first of six people charged with setting fire to police vehicles in Philadelphia during the 2020 protests after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has been sentenced.

    Ayoub Tabri, 25, was sentenced Monday to 364 days behind bars -- less time than heโ€™s already served in custody, and short enough to avoid triggering deportation proceedings for the Moroccan immigrant.

    Lawyers for Tabri, of Arlington, Va., said the green card holder has been in the U.S. since he was 6 years old. A longer sentence, which he and the others faced under the original arson charges that carried a minimum sentence of seven years in prison, could have sent him to a country where he knew no one and didn't speak the language (Awww, yur breakin' my bleedin' heart)

    Former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain had vowed to pursue the harsher arson charges against the six people arrested. After he left office last year, federal prosecutors worked out plea deals with a handful of those defendants, including Tabri and Lore-Elizabeth Blumenthal. Still, prosecutors argued for a longer sentence in court Monday.

    Remarks of U.S. Attorney McSwain Regarding Violent Civil Unrest in Philadelphia Saturday, October 31, 2020

    Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal Accused in (Antifa INSURECTION) in Arson of Philadelphia Police Cars

    FBI tracked down (Antifa TERRORIST) woman setting fire cop cars by tracing her custom t-shirt to its source Is Blumenthal a 'jewish' name?

    Richard Blumenthal, of Connecticut, is one of the THIRTY-SEVEN DEMOCRAT (Jewish) members of Congress

    Jewish left - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "The Jewish left consists of Jews who identify with, or support, left-wing or left-liberal causes, consciously as Jews, either as individuals or through organizations. There is no one organization or movement which constitutes the Jewish left, however.

    Jews have been major forces in the history of the labor movement, the settlement house movement, the women's rights movement, anti-racist and anti-colonialist work, and anti-fascist and anti-capitalist organizations of many forms in Europe, the United States, Australia, Algeria, Iraq, Ethiopia, South Africa, and modern-day Israel.[1][2][3][4]

    Jews have a history of involvement in anarchism, socialism, Marxism, and Western liberalism. Although the expression "on the left" covers a range of politics, many well-known figures "on the left" have been of Jews who were born into Jewish families and have various degrees of connection to Jewish communities, Jewish culture, Jewish tradition, or the Jewish religion in its many variants."

    What is the "JEWISH ANTIFA"?

    Trumpโ€™s attacks on Antifa are attacks on Jews

    WATCH: Violent Antifa Thugs Attack 'Jews for Trump' Caravan Members

    Liberal Jews are destroying their own religion

    American Judaism is broken.

    When two of the Jewish communityโ€™s most celebrated writers, Michael Chabon and his wife Ayelet Waldman, write an open letter stating that: โ€œAny Jew, anywhere, who does not act to oppose President Donald Trump and his administration acts in favor of anti-Semitism; any Jew who does not condemn the president, directly and by name, for his racism, white supremacism, intolerance and Jew hatred, condones all of those things,โ€ you donโ€™t have to look far to see why.

    American Judaism is broken because the Jewish left broke it.

    A tiresome fixation on โ€œtikkun olam,โ€ which literally means โ€œrepair of the world,โ€ has allowed Judaism to fall into disrepair.

    The phrase โ€œtikkun olam was quietly lifted out of context from a Jewish prayer before the Second World War to mean social justice. It was popularized in the 1970s and 1980s by radicals like Michael Lerner, who founded the extreme left-wing magazine, Tikkun.



    Candidate for Deportation to LGBTQ-TRANS MONKEY Island
    Monkey Island

        "cowardly and ungentlemanly" in normal social intercourse

    A NON-ASIAN Seattle man faces a hate crime charge after allegedly punching an Asian woman
    Unprovoked, the suspect first hit a woman in the back of the head, according to court documents. She told officers she did not believe she was targeted because of her race. The suspect then began yelling at two other women, who were of Asian descent, to โ€œgo back to Chinaโ€ before punching one of them in the shoulder, the first victim also said in court documents.

    Officers arrested Michael Allen, 40, and brought him to King County Jail, where prosecutors requested a $30,000 bond.

    Another Seattle man faces a hate crime charge from King County prosecutors in connection with threats he allegedly made toward U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal, a prominent Democrat who represents Seattle.

    The suspect, Brett Allen Forsell, was accused of telling her to b>โ€œgo back to India.โ€ He was arrested near the lawmakerโ€™s house earlier this month and held on a $500,000 bond.

  • 11 Habits of Truly Polite People
  • Sociology and Polite Social Behavior Source: https://educheer.com/essays/sociology-and-polite-social-behavior/
  • Social Etiquette Tips
  • 12 Ways To Improve Social Skills And Make You Sociable Anytime

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    NNN Forum
    Save Freedom of Speech
    Real "Freedom of Speech" currently a privilege ONLY of the rulers of the darkness of this world
    Diversity is Our strength
    Protest is Insurrection
    Their news is a Conspiracy Misinformation
    Property is Selfishness
    Law and order is Racist Police Brutality
    Gender is a matter of Opinion
    Patriotism Prosperity Citizenship are supremacist racist privileges

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        18 July 2022        *******

        BLACK-Negro ex-barber who appeared on TV has been Added to U.S. Marshals' Most Wanted List After Being Accused of Murder
    black suspect victim name A man featured on 90 Day Fiancรฉ: Happily Ever After? has been added to the United States Marshals Service's 15 Most Wanted list.

    Michael Anthony Baltimore, a barber who appeared on TV, is wanted for allegedly shooting his previous employer Kendell Jerome Cook to death at Cook's GQ Barbershop in Carlisle, Pa. on May 22, 2021, according to a release from the U.S. Marshals.

    Cook also featured on the show and during filming the pair appeared to be very close.

    The Marshalls are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has also offered a $10,000 reward and Cumberland County Crime Stoppers has offered an additional $2,000.

    OBITUARY for victim Kendell Jerome Cook

    Kendell Jerome Cook, age 39, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania tragically died seven days after his father's death on Saturday, May 22, 2021.

    Kendell was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and was the son of the late Joe Louis and Cynthia Cook. He graduated from Steelton Highspire High School. He was the owner of the GQ III Barbershop in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is survived by his sons, Darius Allen Hollman, Keyvon Louis Cook; daughter, Kaymani Marie Cook; Harrisburg; his brothers, Kevin (Andrea), Kraig (Pamela), Harrisburg ; sister Kenyon Smith (Joseph), Florida. Services provided from Hayaat Foundation & Saabrin Mosque.

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        17 July 2022        *******

    Front Page for 17 July 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        'Stone-cold BLACK-NEGRO-NWORD serial killer' to be charged in LA-area slayings
    suspect (the one on the left) - news item posted below this last Saturday...)


    suspect Neighbor of Black man in Minneapolis shot by police berates protesters: 'This is not OK!'
    'This is not a George Floyd situation,' the mixed-race mother of mixed-race kids told low-IQ tribal BLM mob

    A mixed-race Minneapolis mother of two mixed-race kids was seen on video confronting protesters-of-color-and-low-IQ who gathered outside of an apartment building where a CRAZY LUNATIC Black man, Andrew "Teckle" Sundberg, was shot and killed by police last Thursday to keep him from killing innocents.

    "This is not a George Floyd situation. George Floyd was unarmed. This is not okay," the mother, identified as Arabella Foss-Yarbrough, was seen on video yelling at a group of idiot-brain-washed protesters on Saturday.

    Foss-Yarbrough was the neighbor of Sundberg, and said he shot up her apartment Wednesday evening while she was cooking for her 2- and 4-year-old sons, Fox 9 reported. She said the bullets ripped through her apartment, and nearly left her family dead or injured.

    As zombie protesters and (race-war insurectionist BLACK-tivists) gathered Saturday afternoon outside the apartment building to demand "black vigilante lynch-mob justice" for Sundberg, Foss-Yarbrough pulled up in her car and confronted the protesters that she and her children were left traumatized by the 20-year-old man before he was shot and killed. Sundberg's family said he was having a "mental health crisis" at the time of his (SUICIDE-BY-COP) death.

    "My kids have to deal with this and probably have a mental illness now because they almost lost their lives. Thereโ€™s bullet holes in my kitchen because he sat in the fโ€“ing hallway watching me move," she said while confronting the protesters. "He tried to kill me in front of my kids."

    Foss-Yarbrough called police during the shooting on Wednesday, who helped the family escape. As police responded to evacuate the building, "officers started taking fire," according to a search warrant. The incident led to a six-hour standoff between police and Sundberg, which ended when two Minneapolis snipers shot the 20-year-old.

    "Yes, maโ€™am," a lead organizer for Black Lives Matter Minnesota Trahern Crews responded to Foss-Yarbrough at the demonstration.

    Sundbergโ€™s father, Mark Sundberg, also approached the mother of two and said, "I am so sorry," according to the Star Tribune.

    "This is not OK," she responded.

    Protesters and activists are demanding that body cam footage of Sundbergโ€™s shooting be released, as well as why police were unable to apprehend him while he was still alive. ABULANCE-CHASERS Civil rights attorneys Ben Crump and Jeff Storms additionally argued that Sundbergโ€™s parents were "highly restricted" in communicating with their son.

    Police said more than 50 officers were involved in the standoff and they are reviewing hundreds of hours worth of audio and video of the incident. Body cam footage is expected to be released to the family early this week, the Star Tribune reported.

    Warrants: MPD snipers on close by rooftop shot at [ARMED BLACK LUNATIC] Andrew Tekle Sundberg

        Georgia police arrest 2 BLACK suspects in Walmart kidnapping
    suspect Georgia authorities arrested two people in the kidnapping of a Walmart employee in the Clayton County area, police said.

    Cameron Jaโ€™Michael Hopkins, 19, kidnapped 18-year-old Khaliyah Jones, a Walmart employee in Lovejoy, Georgia, around 6:15 p.m. on Saturday.

    Witnesses told police an armed male walked up to a vehicle in a Walmart parking lot, broke the window, and dragged Jones out at gunpoint, then forced her into the vehicle before fleeing the scene.

    Family members called Hopkins and told them he was upset about his relationship with Jones ending and threatened to shoot and kill her if police attempted to pull him over, police said.

    Police said Hopkins abandoned the vehicle at some point and was picked up by 33-year-old Demarco Jennings. They said Hopkins forced the woman into the back of the car. When the vehicle stopped in Mason, Jones got out and ran to a nearby business for safety, police said.

    Jones informed investigators that Hopkins and Jennings were headed to Albany, about 2 hours south of Lovejoy. With the help of the Albany police department, investigators located Hopkins and Jennings and arrested them.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - ( Sunday 17-16 July 22 --> )
    The Bobster

    Staten Island street renamed in honor of DEAD BLACK CRIMINAL ahead of 8th anniversary of deathโ€‹


    Incarcerated transgender woman Demi Minor impregnates two inmates at NJ prisonโ€‹
    A transgender FREAK-PERVERT-DEVIANT BLACK MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN behind bars at a New Jersey womenโ€™s prison impregnated two fellow inmastes, prompting officials to move her to a different facility, a report revealed Saturday.

    Demi Minor, 27, was moved last month from the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility โ€” a prison for young adults in Burlington County, a New Jersey Department of Corrections spokesman told NJ.com.

    Minor, who is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter, is in a vulnerable unit in the new facility where she is the only "woman", the spokesman said.


    Westchester village official accused of harassing Hispanic neighbors


    Hispanic man Jorge Santiago busted in vicious NYC Chase Bank security guard stabbing


    In New York City 'scrawling a certain SYMBOL' is a HATEFUL THOUGHT CRIME
    (rather than a petty misdemeanor like littering) or shoving a person on the subway tracks...

    NYPD hunting for suspect in NYC โ€˜sidewalk swastikaโ€™ hate crimeโ€‹
    A "sicko" scrawled three swastikas on a Manhattan sidewalk, the NYPD said.

    The hate symbols appeared in the rear of 420 East 61st Street on the Upper East Side at about 10:15 a.m. June 23, cops said.

    Police on Saturday released several surveillance photos of the suspect, a 50-year-old 5-foot-9 man, weighing 160 pounds, with a medium complexion, medium build and sporting a salt and pepper beard. He was last seen wearing a baseball cap with the words โ€˜New Yorkโ€™ written on the front, and a dark colored long sleeve shirt with vertical stripes, authorities said.

    The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating.

    BLACK-NEGRO-NWORD NYC subway perv pushed his face into womanโ€™s butt, cops say
    SUSPECT-NAME A creep stuck his face into a womanโ€™s backside as she climbed subway steps in Brooklyn, cops said.

    The victim, 40, was exiting the Jay Street-MetroTech station at the corner of Jay and Willoughby streets about 10:15 p.m. when the suspect approached her from behind last month and โ€œforcefully placed his face in her buttocks,โ€ police said.

    The ticked-off victim did not turn the other cheek. She wheeled around and clocked the perv with her purse, cops said. The coward retreated and fled out the subway station, police said. The woman was not injured.

    Candidate for Deportation to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island


    2-Year-Old Boy, 4 Teenagers Among 8 People Injured In 2 Separate Shootings In Philadelphia: Policeโ€‹


    Not a troll: ASIAN Hobo builds house on the Manhattan Bridgeโ€‹

    Black female โ€˜Goldilocksโ€™ NIGERIAN HOME INVADER repeatedly caught sleeping at lavish estates in the Hamptonsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME ".....She was first spotted in Westhampton Beach on Memorial Day weekend, when a resident reported to police โ€œa black female wearing a black trench coat and sandalsโ€ wandering the backyard construction site of his four-bedroom rental property about a mile away from the villageโ€™s train station."

    Days later, on June 2, a resident found Ofoego on the deck of her sprawling $275,000 eight-bedroom rental on tony Dune Road, and called police. This time officers charged Peace Ofoego with criminal trespass.

    Ofoego Surname - Most prevalent in NIGERIA - Highest density in NIGERIA, BLACK AFRICA


        NAACP calls on BIDEN'S HEAD OF SECRET POLICE (Garland) to probe killing of (black man)

    What (pray tell) is the job of the United States Attorney General

      Hunter Biden's LEAKED Search History EXPOSES Joe Biden, They SHARED PHONES And Sent Adult Content


      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Sunday 17 July 22 -->

    Was it Lenin or Stalin that said the West or Capitalists would sell them the rope to hang them with?
    African African

    Dr. Birx Tosses Tony Fauci Under the Bus: COVID โ€˜Came Out of a Box Ready to Infectโ€™ and Made in Chinaโ€‹
    In April 2020 we reported that Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team working on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 in North Carolina before it was shut down by the DHS for being too risky.

    After the US research project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her coronavirus research in Wuhan, China. Itโ€™s also important to note that back in 2017 we had solid intelligence about a viral leak in a high-security Chinese virology R&D center that resulted in the SARS virus getting out and killing people. The leader of the US task force overseeing the countryโ€™s response to the China coronavirus, Dr. Tony Fauci, was the one who funded the Wuhan bat virus work and kept it going.

    In September 2021, President Trump joined The Gateway Pundit for a short interview. During our discussion, the topic of Dr. Fauci came up.

    Dr. Fauci worked for President Trump but he apparently he never told the President that he was providing a grant to China related to the COVID virus.

    Fauci was funding the viral research at the Wuhan lab. He had been funding the lab for years. In fact, Dr. Fauci allegedly funded at least 60 different projects and studies at the Wuhan laboratory. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. later accused the US military and intelligence of also being involved in funding dangerous gain-of -function laboratories.

    US intel officer targeted by John Bolton reacts to coup-plot confessionโ€‹ John Bolton admitted to CNN that he โ€œhelped plan coups dโ€™etatโ€ abroad, including Venezuela. Fulton Armstrong โ€” a former senior US intelligence official who Bolton tried to oust โ€” responds.

    In a live interview with CNN, former senior US official John Bolton admitted that he has โ€œhelped plan coups dโ€™etatโ€ in a number of foreign countries, including Venezuela.

    Fulton Armstrong, a former senior US intelligence official, has a unique perspective on Boltonโ€™s coup confession. In 2002, Bolton unsuccessfully tried to have Armstrong removed from his post after the US intelligence community refused to back Boltonโ€™s allegations of an advanced Cuban biological weapons program.

    Armstrong joins Aaron Matรฉ to discuss his personal experience with Bolton and perspective on the legacy of US-backed coup plots, from Venezuela to Haiti, that Bolton candidly admitted to.

    Defunding the Police Has Backfired in Seattle as They Now Scramble to Hire More Cops

    George Soros Drops $1 Million Into Stacey Abramsโ€™ Campaign for Georgia Governorโ€‹

    Who the bloop is STACEY ABRAMS and why should she be opposed because Soros is funding her?

    Soros - some trillionaire hiding in Europe: funded several ANARCHIST AGENTS OF CHAOS for District Attorney

    Effort To Recall Soros-Funded DA Meets Signature Threshold, Recall Could Happen In Novemberโ€‹

    Four Big Questions For Election Fraud Deniersโ€‹
    The same Democrats who appeared in HBO's "Kill Chain" now tell you that "2000 Mules" is a hoax!โ€‹

    NYC Official Reports Monkeypox Outbreak โ€” Represents 30 Percent of U.S. Casesโ€‹
    Monkeypox is an LGBTQ-queer faggot Sodomite disease like HIV-AIDS

    Major Study Confirms COVID Vaccines Alter Womenโ€™s Periodsโ€‹

    Nancy Pelosi Urges Support Of $50 Billion โ€˜CHIPSโ€™ Bill Hours After Disclosing $8 Million Nvidia Stakeโ€‹

    Saudi Diplomat Dodges on Boosting Oil Production, Claims High U.S. Gas Prices Due To Biden Policiesโ€‹

    "HUGE, HUUGE, HUUUGE! Breaking, suckers: Biden threatened ex-Pres. of Ukraine, Poroshenko, w. assassination if he cooperated w. Trump"
    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Night Of The Living Dead:
    The Blair Witch Project:
    Pre-school Day Care Dacha and Cocaine Resort
    Uncle Joe and the SNIFF Monster

    SOROS (some trillionaire hiding somewhere in Europe who has funded several ANARCHIST AGENTS OF CHAOS HOPING TO FREE ALL MURDERS, RAPISTS ANTIFA BLM TERRORISTS to bring down the last concentration of White conservatives)

    Liberals Go Crazy After Fareed Zakariaโ€™s Opinion Piece in Washington Post Says Democrats Should Put Policies Before Pronounsโ€‹

    Biden has to be shown how to sit downโ€‹

    Whilst You Were Distracted by Boris Resigning, the UK Gov. Published a Report Confirming Fully Vaccinated Children Are 13,633% More Likely to Die of COVID Than Unvaccinated Childrenโ€‹


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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        16 July 2022        *******


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Two worthless criminal killer BLACK suspects arrested in string of deadly robberies at California 7-Eleven stores

    LOS ANGELES (AP) โ€” The two men arrested Friday in connection with a series of deadly robberies at Southern California 7-Eleven stores are now in jail, authorities said Saturday.

    The Santa Ana Police Department released the booking photos of Malik Patt and Jason Payne, both of Los Angeles. Police said Patt, 20, is believed to have been the shooter and is considered the main suspect. Jason Payne, 44, is the other suspect.

    A half-dozen 7-Elevens and a doughnut shop were robbed within five hours early Monday in San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside counties, setting off an intensive manhunt that resulted in the arrests of the two men in Los Angeles.

    Matthew Hirsch, a 40-year-old clerk, was shot and killed at a Brea store, and Matthew Rule, 24, was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Santa Ana store. Race of some victim(s) with NOT-negro name(s) not reported

    Two of the three wounded have been released from hospitals.

    Authorities said the men are also suspected of a July 9 killing in Los Angeles, but have provided few details in the case.

    The men were booked into the Santa Ana city jail. It was not known if the suspects had attorneys who could speak on their behalf.

    Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said prosecutors expect to file murder, attempted murder and robbery charges as soon as Monday.

    7-Eleven offers $100,000 reward for info on deadly shooting suspect Store clerk Matthew Hirsch was the gunmanโ€™s first victim when he was shot and killed at a store in Brea, Orange County, at around 4.18am on Monday. His father Jim Hirsch told ABC7 that the 40-year-old had recently turned his life around after battling addiction for years. โ€œThe minute he is doing well somebody shoots him,โ€ Mr Hirsch said of his son. Matthew Rule, 24, was shot dead in the parking lot of a store in Santa Ana while standing up for a homeless military veteran. The man, who was identified by his first name Richard, told CBS News the gunman demanded his wallet after he had just left the store.

    The suspect became angry when Richard showed him his empty wallet, and threw it back at him.

    When Mr Rule tried to intervene to help him, the witness said he was shot dead at close range.

    He credits Mr Rule with saving his life.

    A customer was also shot in the head and gravely wounded at a Riverside store and two people, one of them a clerk, were shot in La Habra. Both were expected to survive.

    The Riverside shooting victim was identified by his family as Jason Harrell, 46. He was breathing on his own and was no longer in a coma, his brother David Makin told KNBC-TV.

    โ€œHe has to keep fighting. Jason is a fighter and so we fully expect him to fight through his whole thing and win this battle,โ€ Mr Makin said.

    7/11 shootings: Devastated father mourns son killed by SoCal 7-Eleven gunman โ€“ KABC-TV BREA, Calif. (KABC) โ€” Matthew Hirsch was just turning his life around after decades of battling drug addiction. His father Jim Hirsch says his son was clean, had a steady job, a girlfriend and an apartment.

    Then came the crushing heartache.

    โ€œThe minute he is doing well somebody shoots him,โ€ Jim Hirsch said.

    Around 4:18 a.m. Monday, a masked shooter fatally shot the 40-year-old Hirsch inside a 7-Eleven store on Lambert Road and N. Brea Boulevard during a robbery. Hirsch was working as a clerk there.


        (Black) Kodak Black Arrested on Drug Possession, Trafficking Charges in South Florida
    suspect suspect suspect Kodak Black has been arrested on drug charges in South Florida.

    The rapper, 25, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, was charged Friday with trafficking in oxycodone and possession of a controlled substance, according to multiple outlets. He was booked in a Fort Lauderdale jail before being released Saturday on bail.

    Black was pulled over by the FHP, which reported he was driving a purple Dodge Durango with window tints that "appeared to be darker than the legal limit," according to CNN. Officers allegedly then discovered that Black's driver's license and vehicle registration were both expired.

    After smelling marijuana, officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found nearly $75,000 in cash and a small clear bag of 31 oxycodone pills, according to the Associated Press.


    BLACK-negro sex deviant-pervert prisoner TRANS-FAKE TRANSVESTITE MURDERER impregnates two FEMALE inmates at NJ prison
    A transgender FREAK-PERVERT-DEVIANT BLACK MAN PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN behind bars at a New Jersey womenโ€™s prison impregnated two fellow inmastes, prompting officials to move her to a different facility, a report revealed Saturday.

    Demi Minor, 27, was moved last month from the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women to the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility โ€” a prison for young adults in Burlington County, a New Jersey Department of Corrections spokesman told NJ.com.

    Minor, who is serving a 30-year sentence for manslaughter, is in a vulnerable unit in the new facility where she is the only "woman", the spokesman said.

    Minor wrote in a blog post on the website Justice 4 Demi on July 15 that she was placed on suicide watch at the new facility โ€œdue to the fact that I had hung myself in the van.โ€ She claimed guards denied her request to be strip-searched by a female DOC officer.

        Suspects at large in beating of Brooklyn Orthodox man

      Texas school shooting is Americaโ€™s latest exercise in 'child sacrifice,' says WaPo columnist
    Washington Post column claims the Texas school shooting is part of America's 'ritual slaughter' of children.

    Washington Post columnist Alyssa Rosenberg claimed on Tuesday this week's horrific Texas elementary school shooting confirms that America commits "human sacrifice" on par with the ancient Central Americans and ancient Greeks. The recent human sacrifice of school children in Texas recalls the WACO HOLOCAUST and AZTEC human sacrifice.

    Actually, as she wrote, our human sacrifice is worse.

    The piece opened with the comparison, declaring, "On the surface, contemporary America seems very distant from the world of Greek tragedy or the Toltec capital of Tula in 950 A.D. But our societies have something in common. We all practice child sacrifice."

    Rosenberg continued, "The latest young victims of the ritual slaughter our culture permits are "the 19 children shot to death inside their school in Uvalde, Tex., on Tuesday."

    "The massacre brings the total number of children killed in school shootings since the 1999 Columbine attack to 185. That figure doesnโ€™t account for all the other settings in which children have been the victims of mass gun violence," she wrote.

    REMEMBER: The FBI Is Responsible For The Deaths Of 26 Children At The Branch Davidian Compound Near Waco, Texas
    On April 19, 1993, 26 children were killed at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, and still those responsible within the FBI remain at large.

    It was during this time President Clinton and the former Attorney General Janet Reno claimed, the federal government bears no responsibility for the deaths of the children at Waco. If so, then why has the federal government worked so hard to falsify the facts about what happened there?

    The lies about how the fire started commenced while the building was still in flames. A Justice Department spokesman in Washington claimed that an FBI sniper using a rifle scope had seen a male Branch Davidian, wearing black Ninja-style clothes and a black hood, pour liquid on the floor behind a piano and then ignite it. The day after the fire, Jeffrey Jamar, the FBIโ€™s special agent in charge at Waco, asserted that the agent saw a person โ€œget down with cupped hands and then there was a flash of fire.โ€

    At the criminal trial of the Branch Davidians in 1994, that story fell apart. FBI Special Agent Jack Morrison said that he could see, through a hole created by a tank, somebody bent or kneeling by an overturned piano. The man appeared to be washing his hands, although the sniper admitted on cross-examination that he could not see the manโ€™s hands. The fire did not erupt while the man was in the sniperโ€™s sight, though the sniper did see a fire shortly thereafter. However, pictures of the progress of the fire show that the area near the overturned piano (the front door) was not a starting point for any fire. No fire appears there until several minutes after the sniperโ€™s observation. Photographs show no fire in that area while much of the rest of the building was in flames.

    Attorney General Reno earned a congratulatory phone call from President Clinton the day after the fire because of her highly publicized acceptance of responsibility. She put the FBI in charge of investigating its own conduct at Waco. The resulting report was a sham and a cover-up. Although seven independent reviewers were appointed to examine the FBI report, the FBI withheld evidence from them, such as Branch Davidian leader David Koreshโ€™s April 14, 1993 offer to surrender as soon as he completed his written interpretation of the Seven Seals from the Book of Revelation.

    Reno claimed for six years to be angry that the FBI has been caught lying about Waco. This brings to mind Claude Rainsโ€™s line from Casablanca, โ€œIโ€™m shocked โ€ฆ shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.โ€

    The FBI lied to Janet Reno right from the start: they told her that CS chemical warfare agent is a mild irritant, even though much smaller doses than were used at Waco have killed children. On the day of the assault, the FBI flagrantly ignored her prior order to back off if there was any danger to the children. When she had initially rejected the FBIโ€™s plan for a tank and chemical warfare assault on the Branch Davidians, the FBI told her that โ€œKoresh was beating the babies.โ€ In fact, FBI listening devices revealed no such thing.

    Attorney General Renoโ€™s response to new revelations about the FBI lies should of been to order an investigation of the FBI, but instead she stated:

    It is undisputed that while the FBI tanks were conducting the chemical warfare assault, the Branch Davidians spread kerosene in the building, intending to light it if the tanks entered the building. Starting a massive conflagration would have been consistent with Koreshโ€™s apocalyptic interpretation of the Bible.

    However, if federal agents bear no responsibility for the start of the fire and for the deaths of 76 people, why has the FBI covered up so much evidence for so long? Recent revelations show that the FBI did fire pyrotechnic grenades โ€” fully capable of starting a fire โ€” during the attack on the Branch Davidian home. The FBI now claims that those grenades were launched six hours before the fire began. Yet if this โ€œinnocentโ€ explanation is true, why did the FBI not tell the truth from the beginning?

    Even if one takes the current FBI explanation at face value, it shows the federal governmentโ€™s horrible disregard for the children. Although CS chemical warfare agent is banned from international warfare by a treaty that the United States has signed, the FBI used it against children and babies, knowing that those innocents would be unprotected by gas masks, since their faces were too small to fit them.

    After the fire, the FBI bemoaned the failure of the Branch Davidians to take refuge in the underground tornado shelter, where the air remained cool and fresh. Yet the FBI now admits that the pyrotechnic grenades were launched at the very beginning of the assault as part of a systematic plan to keep anyone from fleeing to the shelter.

    The federal Posse Comitatus Act forbids the use of the military for civilian law enforcement. Yet the Dallas Morning News reports that the U.S. Armyโ€™s Delta Force was โ€œpresent, up front and closeโ€ on April 19, 1993. That revelation undermines earlier claims that only three Delta Force soldiers were at Waco in an โ€œadvisoryโ€ capacity.

    The government claims that the FBI never fired a single shot at Waco, yet an FBI aerial film appears to show the distinctive pattern of machine gun fire coming from government posts at the rear of the Branch Davidian compound โ€” on the one side of the building that television cameras could not see. Could it be that Delta Force, and not the FBI, was doing the shooting โ€” making claims that the FBI did not fire a single shot literally true?

    Congressional leaders held hearings, but the Waco hearings were a disaster, with Republicans looking for administration appointees to blame and paying little attention to the malfeasance of career federal agents. Meanwhile, Democrats such as then-Rep. Charles Schumer succeeded in diverting attention away from crimes committed by government employees and toward the statutory rapes that David Koresh had perpetrated earlier.

    Even now, it is unclear who killed the children of Waco. More than ever, though, the recent unveiling of more FBI lies underscores the fact that the children died because of willful and knowing actions by federal law enforcement. The FBI remain coldly indifferent to the 26 children at Waco. The day after the Waco fire, President Clinton said, โ€œI do not think the United States government is responsible for the fact that a bunch of religious fanatics decided to kill themselves.โ€ But the children didnโ€™t kill themselves. If the president and his attorney general really care about those 26 children, they would of appointed outside investigators โ€” not the FBI โ€” to bring out the truth about what really happened on April 19, 1993.

    [link to New Nation News - Burned Alive!]

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        Lothrop Stoddard
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    currently a privilege ONLY of the RULING CLASS in the "United States of America"
    and those that have pledged their submission to them via their Social Media IDs

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        15 July 2022        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (Friday 15th July 22 -->)
    The Bobster

    Security guard stabbed by apparently enraged HISPANIC customer at NYC bank, cops sayโ€‹
    Hours after the incident, cops are still looking for the attacker.

    He is believed to be Hispanic with long, curly hair, and was last seen wearing a white shirt.

    Was the 'Hispanic' a 'BIDEN BORDER BUSTER' demanding free govt services?


    SINOPHOBIC Bigot spews anti-Asian statements, headbutts man in NYC: copsโ€‹


    BLACK-NEGRO NYC teen who accidentally shot himself locked up after 4th arrest in 9 monthsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A teen who was twice charged with possessing loaded handguns got treated with kid gloves both times under the stateโ€™s controversial โ€œRaise the Ageโ€ law โ€” allowing him to allegedly use another weapon to accidentally shoot himself in his bedroom, The Post has learned.

    But even the self-inflicted wound wasnโ€™t enough to get reputed gang member Rodney Sanders of Brooklyn locked up, which only happened after his fourth gun arrest in less than nine months, according to law enforcement sources.

    โ€œWhat does it take for politicians to realize some people should not be treated as minors?โ€ one Brooklyn cop fumed.

    โ€œDo they have to shoot someone besides themselves?โ€

    Sanders, 17, is an alleged member of the Bloods-affiliated โ€œMiller Made Crewโ€ of about 30 teens who live in the area around his apartment on Miller Avenue in East New York, sources said.

    โ€œHe likes carrying guns,โ€ said a Brooklyn cop familiar with Sandersโ€™ case.

    BLACK FEMALE NYC judge (with ALBANIAN! name) who sided with BLACK-NEGRO rapper C Blu in cop shooting gets new job โ€” in โ€˜gun courtโ€™โ€‹

    SUSPECT-NAME The โ€œagenda-drivenโ€ Bronx judge who ruled in favor of a teen rapper accused of shooting an NYPD cop has been given a new job โ€” in a specialized court that exclusively handles gun cases, The Post has learned.

    Bronx Supreme Court Justice Naita Semaj was transferred from the Youth Part to the boroughโ€™s โ€œgun courtโ€ on July 1, sources said.

    The move outraged Bronx cops, with one detective saying the move โ€œdoesnโ€™t make sense.โ€ โ€œThatโ€™s great,โ€ another frustrated cop said sarcastically.

    โ€œThis way, people will be let out on the streets sooner to commit more crimes and shoot innocent people.โ€ In May, Semaj, a Democrat who was elected in 2021 after earlier serving in Bronx Civil Court โ€” sparked controversy when the city Law Department said it couldnโ€™t prosecute 16-year-old Camrin Williams, a rapper known as โ€œC Blu,โ€ after she ruled a cop had no reason to search the teen during a Jan. 18 incident.

    The bullet passed through the teenโ€™s groin and wounded another cop, Kaseem Pennant, in his leg. โ€œThe fact that an agenda-driven judge invented her own set of facts and her own interpretation of what is clear on that video is another sign that the criminal justice system in the Bronx is broken,โ€ a law-enforcement source fumed at the time.

    Homeless HISPANIC man named 'ELVIS' found with rope around neck in Central Park was killed: copsโ€‹


    BLACK-Negro NYC teen stabbed during broad-daylight fight outside funeral, cops say

    Ricky Martin accused of LGBTQ-faggot โ€˜incestโ€™ crime in shocking Puerto Rico reportsโ€‹
    Latin 'Pop' Ricky Martin is denying bombshell domestic violence allegations reportedly filed by his 21-year-old nephew.

    It was revealed two weeks ago that a judge in Puerto Rico has issued a โ€œdomestic violence-relatedโ€ restraining order against the Latin pop icon.

    The alleged victimโ€™s name was not previously disclosed. However, according to Spanish publication Marca, Martinโ€™s brother, Eric Martin, claimed that the victim is 21-year-old Dennis Yadiel Sanchez โ€” the singerโ€™s nephew.

    Under Puerto Ricoโ€™s laws for โ€œincest charges,โ€ the sentence Martin, 50, could face is five decades in prison if the shocking claims are true. The publication reported the complaint was made anonymously under Law 54, known as the Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act.

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        14 Jul y 2022        *******

        Black Mother and black Boyfriend Arrested After Missing unarmed black 2-yr-old toddler's Body Is Found in Trash
    black suspect black suspect victim name Police found the remains of 2-year-old Ezekiel Harry in a duffel bag that was placed in a trash can, according to reports.

    Authorities in Houma, La., have arrested a mother and her boyfriend in connection with the alleged murder of her 2-year-old son after his body was found in a trash can.

    Police found the disposed remains of Ezekiel Harry on Tuesday, they said in a news release.

    Maya Jones, 28, and 36-year-old Jermaine Robinson have both been charged with first degree murder and evidence tampering, jail records show. The pair were denied bond, jail records show.

    Citing Houma Police Chief Dana Coleman, Houma Today reports surveillance cameras allegedly captured Jones and Robinson carrying a black duffel bag from their home on the day Ezekiel was reported missing.

    Hours later, the couple was seen in video footage returning to their home without the bag.

        (Black) Philadelphia female teen, 14, becomes second to face murder charge in traffic cone beating of elderly black man by pack of fatherless feral urban 'jungle' fauna
    black suspect victim name A 14-year-old female Philadelphia teenager has become the second to face a murder charge after a 73-year-old man was beaten to death with a traffic cone.

    The girl, identified by the Philadelphia Police Department as Gamara Mosley, was charged with third-degree murder and criminal conspiracy in the June 24 killing of James Lambert.

    Another 14-year-old teenager, Richard Jones, already faces the same charges after being arrested Monday, police added. Both are being charged as adults.

    Police say Mosley turned herself in to investigators on Wednesday.

        Artist's Rendering and a Tip Lead to Arrest of BLACK Woman (named 'Black') Whose BLACK Son, 6, Died 23 Years Ago
    black suspect victim name
    After more than two decades, authorities in Georgia have identified the body of a 6-year-old boy whose remains were found in 1999. And now, his mother faces criminal charges.

    DeKalb County District Attorney Sherry Boston announced a major break Wednesday in a 23-year-old cold case, revealing that William DaShawn Hamilton was the boy found dead near a church cemetery in Panthersville on Feb. 26, 1999.

    A statement from Boston's office indicates grand jurors returned an indictment against Teresa Ann Bailey Black, 45, on June 28.

    Black was arrested the next day in Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently awaiting extradition to Georgia.

    According to Boston, Black faces two counts of felony murder, two counts of cruelty to children, and single counts of aggravated assault and concealing the death of another.

        (Black) Woman charged with murder after allegedly running over ex-boyfriend in Minneapolis
    black suspect MINNEAPOLIS -- A 34-year-old woman is charged with murder for running over her ex-boyfriend early Saturday morning in Minneapolis.

    Deandra Sharber, of Crystal, is charged in Hennepin County with second-degree murder in a case that marked the 46th homicide in Minneapolis this year.

    According to a criminal complaint, Sharber struck her ex with a Jeep Cherokee near the intersection of 17th Street East and 1st Avenue South in the city's Stevens Square neighborhood.

    First-responders found the victim alive, and emergency crews brought him to Hennepin Healthcare, where he died roughly 45 minutes later.

    Sharber told officers that she "pulled up on" her ex to confront him about a dispute they had over a vehicle she had lent him, the complaint states.

    She said that she went to his neighborhood in the early morning hours, spotted him and followed him, even going the wrong way down a one-way street.

    At one point, Sharber 911 to report her dispute with the ex, the complaint states. Dispatchers told her to stop following her ex, and the call ended with a sound of a crash.

        (Black) Apple Valley man charged in shooting where his mother was killed in crossfire
    black suspect APPLE VALLEY, Minn. -- A Twin Cities man is facing charges for a weekend shooting in which his mother was killed in the crossfire.

    Billy Prior Jr., 25, of Apple Valley, is charged in Dakota County with second-degree assault and possessing a pistol without a permit in connection to the Sunday evening shooting, which left his mother, 49-year-old Michelle McGill, dead.

    According to a criminal complaint, McGill's ex-boyfriend, 39-year-old Willie Selmon, went to her Apple Valley home to get some things from the residence they once shared on the 900 block of Oriole Drive.

    He told officers that when he pulled up the the house he saw both McGill and Prior sitting in their respective vehicles in the driveway. After he got his things from the garage, Selmon returned to his car, and Prior backed his vehicle up next to his.

    Prior told Selmon he had a gun and started shooting, Selmon told police. Two of the bullets struck Selmon in the face. He got out of his car and ran toward McGill's vehicle, thinking Prior would stop shooting if his mother was between them.

    But the bullet still flew, the complaint states, with both Selmon and Prior firing at each other as McGill was between them. An autopsy showed that she was struck 10 times, mostly in her chest and abdomen. Responding officers found her dead at the scene, where they also found her son.

      Hispanic Murder: charges filed in 2008 Tulare gang-related shooting of 21-year-old man
    HISPANIC Luis Villarreal, 34,
    charged with one count of murder of 34-yr-old Hernan Diaz in 2008.


        Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones defiant in deposition in Sandy Hook hoax lawsuit
    Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was defiant and cited free speech rights during a deposition in April, as part of a lawsuit by relatives of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims who are suing Jones for calling the massacre a hoax

      Do they call 'Holocaust Deniers' - Conspiracy theorists because it would just be too horrible to be true?

    Did God approve of the Holocaust?

    Is God "Anti-semitic"?

    Wasn't Martin Luther, founder of the 'PROTESTANTS', ANTI-SEMITIC?

    Don't all black Muslims hate Jews?

    Why Don't Jews Like the Christians Who Like Them?

    Why do so many Jews hate Jews? | Raymond M. Berger | The Blogs

    I think of an episode of โ€œKids Say the Darnest Things.โ€
    This was a segment in the popular 1960s Art Linkletter television show
    in which Linkletter conducted interviews with young children.

    Linkletter addressed a question to a small Black boy.

    โ€œWhat do you want to be when you grow up?โ€

    โ€œWhite.โ€ The boy shot back.

    Stunned and bemused, Linkletter asked why.

    โ€œBecause my Mama says Black men are no good.โ€

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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        14 July 2022        *******

        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Judge says friends and relatives of WHITE male victim of uncontrolled jungle animal's BLACK RAGE on the road "DO NOT WEAR YELLOW" in support of the WHITE victim of BLACK killer
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name MINNEAPOLIS -- The judge presiding over the trial for the man accused of killing a youth baseball coach has banned yellow clothing inside the courtroom.

    Jamal L. Smith faces multiple charges related to the shooting death of Jay Boughton on July 6, 2021. When testimony began on Monday, dozens of Boughton's family, friends and ballplayers were in attendance at the Hennepin County Courthouse, all of them dressed in yellow shirts.

    In a court order filed Tuesday, Judge Nicole Engisch wrote that "courtroom attendees shall not display yellow clothing as a group."

    "Courtroom attendees shall not wear, carry, or otherwise display material, photos or clothing that refers to the parties, alleged victim, or witnesses in this matter or that is otherwise distracting to the jury, witnesses, participants, and court," the judge wrote.

    Boughton's family and friends also wore pins that read "Stay In The Light" in honor of Boughton.

    According to investigators, Smith allegedly shot Boughton after the drivers had an altercation on Highway 169 in Plymouth.

    The opening statement from prosecutors described Smith as ticked off Boughton honked and then gestured at his driving. The defense maintained there was no way Smith could drive and shoot, and implied it was someone else in the car who opened fire.


        Life sentence BLACK for man who fatally shot ex-girlfriend, left her body in Lakeville parking lot
    black suspect Jurors convicted a 33-year-old man for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and leaving her body in a Lakeville parking lot.

    The conviction of Atravius J. Weeks, of Richfield, on Tuesday in Dakota County District Court was immediately followed by Judge Jamie Cork sentencing him to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Weeks was found guilty of first- and second-degree murder in connection with the shooting of Cortney G. Henry, 29, of St. Paul, in June 2021.

    "I wish to thank the jury for its verdicts ensuring Mr. Weeks will be held accountable for his heinous act," County Attorney Kathy Keena said in a statement released after sentencing. "My deepest sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Ms. Henry for their great loss."

    Race of victim(s) with NOT-negro name(s) not reported

        Bridgeport man pleads guilty to standing by as his (BLACK) wife staged her uncleโ€™s death
    black suspect black suspect BRIDGEPORT โ€” A former IT exec, who police said stood by and did nothing while his caregiver wife beat her disabled uncle to death and then propped him up with a lit cigarette in his hand on the front porch to cover up the crime, is now facing seven years in prison.

    Brent Whiteman, 44, pleaded guilty under the Alford Doctrine Wednesday to second-degree manslaughter and two counts of risk of injury to a child.

    Under the plea bargain, he faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced by Superior Court Judge Kevin Russo on Sept. 9.

    A plea made under the Alford Doctrine means Whiteman didnโ€™t admit his guilt but conceded that he could be found guilty of the crime if he went to trial. The judge then found him guilty of the charges.

    Whitemanโ€™s wife, Tynisha Hall, a certified caregiver, was sentenced in January to 15 years in prison for the 2017 death of her 61-year-old uncle, Robert Jones, of Hedgehog Circle in Trumbull.

    Tynisha Hall - negress in the news
    Police said Hall told them her uncle had been born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a rare condition caused by alcohol exposure while in the womb, that she said caused him to fall a lot.
    She claimed that because of her culture, African-American, she was not allowed to look at her male relatives when they are naked and so had not known about the burns, police said. But she surmised they could have been caused by his taking a too hot shower.

        HISPANIC Arrested for RAPE of Ohio 10-Year-Old Who Had to Travel Out of State for Abortion
    Gerson Fuentes appeared in court Wednesday after the girlโ€™s plight received NATIONAL headlines from pro abortion baby-cide groups.

    An Ohio man was arrested Tuesday for raping 10-year-old girl who became a central figure in the debate over abortion-murder 'rights' after she reportedly traveled to Indiana to have an abortion when Ohio outlawed the procedure last month.

    Arrest records and court records viewed by The Daily Beast confirm that Gerson Fuentes, 27, was arrested Tuesday in Franklin County on a felony charge of raping a person under 13. The Columbus Dispatch, who first reported on his arrest, attended Fuentesโ€™ arraignment in Columbus on Wednesday.

    The unidentified girl became national news when a doctorโ€™s allegation that she traveled from her home in Columbus to Indianapolis for an abortion began to spread in the wake of the the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Her home state had a trigger law that immediately made abortions in the state illegal, while abortions remain legal in Indiana.

    Columbus police detectives testified in court Wednesday that the abortion did take place out of state, the Dispatch reported. Court records show Fuentes is being held on a bond of $2 million. The Dispatch reported that a judge said the [ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER little-girl RAPIST - welcomed in this once great country by BIDEN who enables his criminal sex-addict son Hunter's addictions and LIKES TO SNIFF LITTLE GIRL'S HAIR] 27-year-old is considered a flight risk and, given the brutality of the crime, a high bail was necessary to protect the child involved.

    Citing detectives, the newspaper reported that police were first made aware of the girlโ€™s pregnancy through a referral filed with the local child servicesโ€™ branch by her mother on June 22. Eight days later, the girl reportedly received a medical abortion in Indianapolis. Court records say the rape occurred on May 12.


    Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Allegedly Raping Ten-Year-Old Ohio Girl at Center of Viral Abortion Story

    Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Alleged Rape Of 10-Year-Old Ohio Girl

    Gershon Fuentes, a โ€˜believed to be undocumentedโ€™ immigrant, arrested for the rape of a 10-year-old Ohio girl who traveled to Indiana for an abortion

    Illegal Alien raped and impregnated 10 year-old Ohio girlโ€ฆ

    BREAKING: Illegal immigrant arrested for raping 10-year-old girl in Ohio

    Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Allegedly Raping Ten-Year-Old Ohio Girl at Center of Viral Abortion Story

      Tierney's REAL News (7/13/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Nearly 250 million people in Communist China are now under lockdown! That's nearly the size of the United States of America!

    Why the continuing and excessive lockdowns? Well, it's a good way for the Communist Party to keep people at home while they seize the peoples' bank accounts! This is their REAL plan - in ACTION! In just one city, Communist China locked down thousands of people and confiscated $2.2 BILLION of their bank deposits.

    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Jesus Christ's resurrection is probably the best-documented historical event ever!

    for distributing pamphlets and stickers contained the words "Aryan National Army" and included an image of a skull inside a swastika.

    3 people are charged after police say pamphlets with hate symbols were placed at houses of worship in New York town

        Isn't Freedom of Speech protected by the United States Bill of Rightss?

          What dystopian parallel universe have I been shanghaied to?

        โ€˜America is expensiveโ€™: NYC tourists spending less over Biden inflation, merchants say

    "She" said that the Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade are 'pariahs' A Harvard Law School instructor tweeted that the Supreme Court Justices who overturned Roe v. Wade should "never know peace again."

    Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinical instructor Alejandra Caraballo made the comments in a tweet thread on June 25, stating that the Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v. Wade in a decision that was announced on June 24 are "pariahs."

    "The 6 justices who overturned Roe should never know peace again. It is our civic duty to accost them every time they are in public. They are pariahs. Since women don't have their rights, these justices should never have a peaceful moment in public again," Caraballo tweeted.

    TERRORIST VIGILANTE Protests have occurred at the homes of Supreme Court Justices since Roe v. Wade was overturned on June 24.

    After a career of firsts as transgender woman, Brooklyn lawyer sets sights on NYC Council.

    As more on the left call for aggressive protests and public confrontations, this harassment is more and more likely to turn violent. There are many unbalanced individuals who will see such calls as a license for violent action. A justice or judge should not have to put his or her family at risk to serve on our courts. These academics are fueling a sense of mob justice that will cause untold harm to our judicial system and the rule of law.

        Apostate Pope derides Apostate Heretical Biden's abortion views, Catholic self-identity as 'incoherence'

    How can a devoted acolyte of Satan claim both the Blood of Christ and the blood of butchered babies?

    "A month after conception, the DNA of the fetus is already there and the organs are aligned. There is human life," the pontiff said in the interview with Spanish-language outlet Univision.

    Asked about Biden โ€” a self-professed "devout Catholic" who supports blanket legalization of abortion on the federal level โ€” the pope dismissed the president as incomprehensible.

    "A month after conception, the DNA of the fetus is already there and the organs are aligned. There is human life," the pope said in the Univision interview. "Is it just to eliminate a human life?"

    He added that Biden should instead question his own conscience and consult with his bishop.

    "I leave it to [President Biden's] conscience and that he speaks to his bishop, his pastor, his parish priest about that incoherence," the pope remarked.

    Bidenโ€™s worship of the Devil puts him at odds with some of his fellow Catholics

    Biden, however, is a man of his own times, and heโ€™s intent on bringing the Democrat Party into the open as the party of Satan, enshrining corruption in every aspect of his administration, which promises to be the most pro-death administration in the history of the entire world.

    โ€œIn short,โ€ says a spokesperson for the campaign, โ€œJoe Biden sold his soul to the devil a long time ago.โ€

    But, Bidenโ€™s worship of the devil puts him at odds with some of his fellow Catholics who see a contradiction between devil worship and Christianity. As a devil worshipper, the presumptive president-elect opposes things like religious freedom, conscientious objection to morally repugnant government mandates, free speech, and free assembly. These are all important issues for most of his fellow Catholics. Likewise, Biden favors such things as abortion, gender theory, same-sex-marriage, critical race theory, contraception, euthanasia, Marxism, and totalitarian governmental control, all of which are explicitly condemned in Catholic moral teaching.

    Pope Francis to Joe Biden: No, you can't be Catholic and pro-abortion.

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        Lothrop Stoddard
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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        12 July 2022        *******

        โ€œI have to fight with you guys because the horses told me to do it.โ€

    mud suspect WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. โ€” An out-of-state truck driver was arrested over the weekend in Westmoreland County for allegedly trying to break into two local properties and for being high on drugs.

    โ€I noticed at the house the garage door was half up and noticed a gentleman trying to get in,โ€ William Flower said.

    That is how William Flower first encountered Simran 'Pal' Virk Saturday, not far from his property and family business, Flowerโ€™s Auto Wreckers in Smithton.

    โ€I went over to him and asked him what he was doing and he couldnโ€™t give me a reason; and said what are you doing here? And he couldnโ€™t give me a reason,โ€ Flower said.


    VIRK Surname - Most prevalent in INDIAN - Highest density in INDIA


        BLACK-ON-WHITE: Man, 47, 'who fired 15 rounds into a Philadelphia bar killing a beautiful WHITE 21-year-old female bystander' is arrested at Atlantic City casino where he's been 'hiding out'
    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name A 47-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the death of a young woman who was shot in the head at a Philadelphia bar.

    Anthony Nelson, from Philadelphia, was apprehended by the U.S. Marshals Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City on Wednesday.

    He is now facing several charges, including murder, for the shooting death of 21-year-old Jailene Holton on June 28 at Philly Bar and Restaurant.

    'We were able to arrest him once we developed the lead and determined he was in the Harrah's Casino,' said Robert Clark, supervisor of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force to People.

    'He will also be charged as a fugitive of justice because he crossed state lines,' Clark explained.


        BLACK charged with baby-mama slaughter of his live-in girlfriend - says he mistook her for an intruder
    black suspect black suspect PASADENA, TX โ€“ Charges have been laid against a man who claimed he accidentally shot and killed his girlfriend, believing she was an intruder, Pasadena police say.

    Bobby Wolfe, 22, has been charged with manslaughter in the death of Chrisheena Lamontrici Lee, 23.

    The shooting was reported around 3:28 a.m. Monday inside an apartment in the 4000 block of Burke Road.

    sergeant. Raul Granados of the Pasadena Police Department said Wolfe discharged his gun and hit Lee, his girlfriend at home, repeatedly.

    Wolfe told investigators he thought Lee was an intruder and grabbed his gun, however, Granados said Lee was already inside the apartment when she was shot.

    The victim was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

    Wolfe was first questioned and eventually charges were filed.

    He is currently in prison.

    Ex-college football player charged in girlfriend's shooting death, says he mistook her for burglar

    Wolfe is a former football player for the University of Arizona. He and Lee have a 2-year-old child together, family said.
    Fortunately, the child was with another relative at the time of the shooting.

    Lee's family is disputing Wolfe's account of mistaken identity.

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        Lothrop Stoddard
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    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        11 July 2022        *******

        2 killed, 3 others injured in separate robberies by BLACK-NEGRO at 7-Elevens in Southern California/b>
    black suspect
    Two people were shot and killed, and three others injured, during six separate robberies at several 7-Eleven stores in Southern California on Monday morning.

    At least three robberies are believed to be completed by the same suspect, according to ABC News Los Angeles station KABC .

    Four of the six robberies involved shootings, KABC reported. Law enforcement officials are investigating how the shootings might be linked.

    The Brea Police Department responded to a call at 4:18 a.m. that a 7-Eleven employee was shot. When they arrived on the scene, they found a victim with a gunshot wound. The person was pronounced dead on the scene, the department said on Twitter.

    Four 7-Eleven stores shot up, two killed in California on chainโ€™s free Slurpee day


    black suspect victim Former Olympic volleyball player Kim Glass said she suffered multiple face fractures and her eye was swollen shut after she was attacked in downtown Los Angeles. Glass said she was injured when a homeless man, who has since been apprehended, threw a metal object at her face.

    Glass, a silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, said she was leaving lunch with a friend when she noticed a man on the opposite side of the street that had an object in his hand. The incident occurred on Friday, according to The Associated Press.

    "He just like looked at me with some pretty hateful eyes," Glass said. "It happened so fast, he literally flung it from the street, he was not even close to me at all."

    After the man threw the object at her, bystanders held him down until police arrived, she said.

    A spokesperson for Los Angeles police identified the man as 51-year-old Semeon Tesfamariam and said that he was booked on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Associated Press.

    Aba Yohannes TesfamariamPart 459 A โ€นโ€นแŒธแˆŽแ‰ฐ แˆแˆ™แˆตโ€บโ€บ

    Tesfamariam Surname - Most prevalent in Eritrea - Highest density in Eritrea


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (Mon 11 July 22 --> )
    The Bobster

    29-year-old HISPANIC busted in fatal Bronx stabbingโ€‹


    BLACK Man arrested, charged in murder of rapper Kamir "King" King during attempted robbery at NYC studioโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A 24-year-old man was busted Monday for fatally shooting a rapper in the head in a suspected attempted robbery at a Midtown recording studio, police said.

    Kabal Reyes was charged with murder in the killing of Kamir King, 34, at the makeshift studio on West 37th Street near Ninth Avenue in Manhattan just after midnight May 5, police said.

    King was discovered on the third floor of 354 W. 37 St. with a gunshot wound to the head.

    Mexican cartel smugglers nabbed with $1.2M worth of meth in NYC โ€” then released thanks to lax bail laws: feds


    2 Juvenile (niglet) Brothers Wanted In Connection To The Fatal Beating Of 73-Year-Old James Lambert Turn Selves In: Policeโ€‹


    2 Men Stabbed Inside Thai Restaurant In Center City; Arrest Made, Police Say


    1 Man Dead, 8 Others Injured In Several Separate Shootings Across Philadelphia: Policeโ€‹


    Squalid migrant campgrounds hide among luxury homes in Hamptonsโ€‹


    BLACK Queens man shot by cops was mentally ill, increasingly unhinged: neighborsโ€‹ SUSPECT-NAME An armed Queens man shot dead by cops after threatening to kill Gov. Kathy Hochul was clearly mentally ill and had grown increasingly unhinged in recent years, neighbors told The Post on Sunday.

    Raul Hardy, 60, was killed in a hail of about 100 NYPD bullets Saturday after he threatened to โ€œblow upโ€ the world and โ€œchange the governmentโ€ by assassinating Hochul โ€” and then opened fire on cops.

    Asian woman, 65, attacked and robbed on tree-lined street in Queensโ€‹

    15-year-old charged with murder in kidโ€™s fatal NYC subway stabbing


    1 Man Dead, 7 Others Injured In Several Separate Shootings Across Philadelphia: Policeโ€‹


        Biden's wife calls wetbacks and beaners "TACOS" - offends Burrito

    Jill Biden rebuked after saying Latinos as unique as โ€˜breakfast tacosโ€™
    A Hispanic journalist group rebuked First Lady Jill Biden after she said Latinos were as unique as โ€œbreakfast tacosโ€ during a speech in San Antonio on Monday.

    Jill Biden was praising civil rights icon Raul Yzaguirre during the annual conference of UnidosUS when she made the bizarre compliment.

    Yzaguirre led the advocacy organization, which used to be known as the National Council of La Raza,
    La Raza is MEXICAN FOR THE MEXICAN RACE who VOW to take back California, Arizona, New MEXICO and Texas for the MEXICAN DRUG and PIMPING cartels.

    โ€œRaul helped build this organization with the understanding that the diversity of this community โ€” as distinct as the bodegas of the Bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of Miami, and as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio โ€” is your strength,โ€ Biden said.

    When addressing the Bronx bodegas though, she mispronounced the convenience stores and said โ€œbogedas.โ€

    The National Association of Hispanic Journalists panned the remarks, stating, โ€œWe are not tacos.โ€

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        10 July 2022        *******

        (Black AFRICAN-merican) Carson City man arrested for child neglect, was allegedly living in Children's Museum
    suspect CARSON CITY, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) โ€” Late last week 41-year-old Wilbert Calhoun was arrested following a call to the Carson City Sheriff's Office (CCSO) that a two-year-old was walking around unsupervised near the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada (CMNN) in Carson City.

    CCSO said that this was not the first time they have received a call to this same area involving Calhoun and his unsupervised child. This time, CCSO, said the child had crossed East Ann Street -- not far off from the busy street of North Carson.

    When deputies made contact with Calhoun, CCSO said, he claimed he did not live in the museum. However, the child's older sister, when asked what her address was, told deputies the family lived in the museum.

    One of CMNN's board members arrived on the scene, according to CCSO, where they all walked through the museum and found signs of people living there.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (10 June 2022)
    The Bobster

    BLACK Queens man shot by cops was mentally ill, increasingly unhinged: neighborsโ€‹


    Asian woman, 65, attacked and robbed on tree-lined street in Queensโ€‹


    BLACK 15-year-old HIP-HOPPER charged with murder in BLACK ASPIRING RAPPER kidโ€™s fatal NYC subway stabbingโ€‹
    A 15-year-old hip-hopper has been charged with murder in the fatal subway stabbing of a 14-year-old up-and-coming rapper in Manhattan, according to police and cop sources Sunday.

    The slaying of Ethan Reyes, who performed under the name โ€œNotti Osama,โ€ stemmed from a simmering dispute between the pair, sources said.

    The kid accused of killing him was not publicly identified by cops because of his young age. He is being treated for stab wounds at New York Presbyterian Hospital, sources said.

    1 Man Dead, 7 Others Injured In Several Separate Shootings Across Philadelphia: Policeโ€‹


        BLACK SPORTS: UNKNOWN BLACK AFRICAN-merican footballer Duane Brown arrested on gun possession charge at LAX
    suspect Police arrested former Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Duane Brown and accused him of carrying a gun in his luggage at Los Angeles International Airport, officials said Saturday.

    The incident unfolded at about 2 p.m. PT when Brown, "departing from Terminal 6 was discovered at the screening station possessing a concealed firearm," airport police Lt. Karla Rodriguez said in a statement.

      BLACK AFRICAN-merican MUSLIM who spread bomb-making video, pledged his allegiance to ISIS gets only 20 years in prison
    A Florida man who pledged his allegiance to ISIS and distributed an instructional video online about making explosives was sentenced to 20 years in prison this week.

    Romeo Xavier Langhorne pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS last year after his arrest in 2019.

    The 32-year-old, who was based in St. Augustine but also had ties to Roanoka, Virginia, originally pledged his allegiance to ISIS in 2014 and reaffirmed his support for the terrorist organization in 2018 and 2019.

    Langhorne started communicating in early 2019 with an undercover FBI agent who was posing as a member of ISIS and shared his plans for creating a video about making a deadly explosive called triacetone triperoxide (TATP).

    TATP, sometimes called the "Mother of Satan," is a common homemade explosive among terrorist groups due to its inexpensive precursor materials, according to the Director of National Intelligence.

    Langhorne told the FBI agent that he wanted to create the bomb-making video to "arm ISIS adherents and others with knowledge of how to make TATP and use it for terrorism-related purposes in support of ISIS," according to the US Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Florida.




    Virginia: Known-BLACK-MUSLIM snake Indicted for Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS WTF? Jihadi has been on the FBIโ€™s radar since, 2014 when he started posting his support of ISIS on social media!! DECEMBER 6, 2019: Creeping Sharia
    The Department of Justice announced the indictment of Romeo Xavier Langhorne, 30, of Roanoke, Virginia, who has been charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, a designated foreign terrorist organization. Langhorne was arrested in Roanoke, Virginia, on Nov. 15, 2019, pursuant to a criminal complaint, and he has been ordered detained pending trial.

    Creeping Sharia: Muslim Enclaves in America |

        Portland Man arrested for HATE CRIME after pointing AIR HOSE at China-man
    Investigators found the suspect, identified as 54-year-old Neal Hollis Walker, pulled up next to the victim near S Macadam Avenue and S Taylors Ferry Road and made biased statements about the victimโ€™s Asian descent and believed he was from China, according to police.

    According to PPB, Walker pointed a black object that appeared to look like a gun before driving away, and the victim followed and called 911, with the drivers ending up outside of the precinct.

    Sun 10 July 22 --> On the scene, police said they did not find any guns; however, they learned the object was a black plastic air hose, which was seized as evidence.


    "Aboriginal" flag to permanently fly on Sydney Harbour Bridge

    it is "aboriginal" as KWANSAA

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        09 July 2022        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (09 June 2022)
    The Bobster

    Nickoles Rodriguez MURDERED Pedro Rodriguez

    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime & commentary: Man charged with deadly NYC robbery, beatingโ€‹
    A Bronx man was arrested for the deadly assault and robbery of a 51-year-old neighborhood resident, police said.

    Nickoles Rodriguez, 24, was collared by cops Friday afternoon and charged with murder and robbery in connection with the June 25 incident, authorities said.

    Police that day responded to a robbery call in front of 130 West 230th St. at around 6:15 a.m. and found the 51-year-old lying on the ground, unconscious, with face and head wounds, cops said.

    The โ€œunresponsiveโ€ victim, Pedro Rodriguez, of the Bronx, was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital, where he died from his injuries on July 2, the NYPD said.

    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime & commentary: Two men injured in overnight NYC shootings, cops sayโ€‹


    Poly Prep school in NYC questions kids on race, gender in woke surveyโ€‹
    What gender best describes you?
    People have many different beliefs and feelings about race.
    We are interested in your beliefs and FEELINGS
    FEELINGS; lyrics

    Celeb backed gay nightclub hit with discrimination allegations in new suitโ€‹


    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime & commentary: Man, 54, stabbed to death inside Bronx apartmentโ€‹


    13 guns used in NYC mass shooting that killed BLACK rising hoops star Darius Leeโ€‹


    INVASION! News - Mex/migrant crime & commentary: Man, 54, stabbed to death inside Bronx apartmentโ€‹


    Cops shoot BLACK NYC man Raul Hardy threatening to kill (white) Gov. Hochul, โ€˜blow upโ€™ the world: sourcesโ€‹
    NYPD officers shot and killed a Queens man who was threatening to kill the governor and other top officials, saying he was going to โ€œblow upโ€ the world Saturday evening, cops and sources said.

    Police arrived at 205-17 116th Ave. in Cambria Heights shortly after 6 p.m. after they received multiple threatening 911 calls from the man, identified by sources as Raul Hardy.

    Hardy, 60, said he would โ€œchange the governmentโ€ by assassinating New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and the โ€œPD Chief,โ€ and also threatened to โ€œblow upโ€ the world, according to police and law enforcement sources.

    โ€œHe clearly stated that he was going to blow the head off of the first police officers that he saw,โ€ NYPD Chief of Patrol Jeffrey Maddrey said at a news conference at the scene.

    โ€œA short time later he made another 911 call and he basically reiterated the same thing.โ€

    A large group of uniformed officers responded to the call, parked down the street and walked to Hardyโ€™s house with guns drawn, Maddrey said.

    The suspect emerged from the house, answered police by name and refused to show his hands and cooperate with their instructions, according to officials.

    Hardy then opened fire on the officers, prompting six cops to fire back, police said.

    NYPD cops shoot armed suspect (with BLACK forename) 'Malik' Williams in chest after he opens fire in Brooklynโ€‹


        Dear NNN readers - this is a editorial correction of an email I recently reposted here....

    [we do not know how many illegal mexican child rapists were NOT caught last month]

    " Dear NCFIRE members - (link fixed)

    It has been brought to our attention that an individual we included in our June 2022 Monthly Child Rape Report is not an illegal alien. The initial information we were given from our source at the arresting agency was incorrect.

    We have removed the individual from the report and posted a corrected version onto our website at www.NCFIRE.info

    This changes the total number of illegal aliens from 23 to 22 and total number of crimes from 61 to 59, for the month of June 2022.

    To view the updated June 2022 report, click the link here: June2022

    NCFIRE regrets the error. We strive to bring you the most accurate information available.

    Thanks for your support! "

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        08 July 2022        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (08 June 2022)
    The Bobster

    MINORITY MAJORITY NEW YORK CITY: 4 men injured in overnight NYC shootings, cops sayโ€‹
    * * * * * DIVERSITY is our DOWNFALL!!! * * * * *

    NYC bodega worker Jose Alba canโ€™t return to deli over safety concerns: he killed a BLACK THIEF IN SELF-DEFENCEโ€‹
    The Manhattan bodega worker facing murder charges for fighting off an attacker canโ€™t come back to work while heโ€™s out on bail because his co-workers fear heโ€™s in danger of retaliation from his assailantโ€™s pals, they told The Post Friday.

    โ€œWeโ€™re not letting him come back,โ€ a worker at the Hamilton Heights Blue Moon convenient store, who only identified himself as Wilson, said of Jose Alba, 61.

    โ€œ[His alleged victimโ€™s] friends, family, knowing that the man who killed their son, brother, friend, whatever, got out of jail and is working here? Thatโ€™s a death sentence. They know where the location is.โ€

    The storeโ€™s owner told The Post Alba isnโ€™t being paid while heโ€™s out of work after he helped foot the cost of his bail but declined to speak further.

    โ€œI canโ€™t talk. Iโ€™m scared for my life. Please,โ€ he said.

    2 men robbed of Rolex watches worth $55K in NYC, cops hunt for BLACK suspectโ€‹


    COLORED Mother Of BLACK Darby Man In Springfield Road Rage Shooting Charged With Hindering Prosecution In Murder Case Of King Huaโ€‹


    VIDEO: 73-Year-Old black Man Dies After Group Of 7 FATHERLESS CRIMINAL BRUTAL BLACK Teens Brutally Attack Him In North Philadelphiaโ€‹


    BLACK FERAL JUNGLE BEAST N*WORD SUB-HUMAN Charged In Center City Office Building Rape Has History Of Trespassing Into South Jersey Offices: Investigatorsโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME WOODBURY, N.J. (CBS) โ€” Willie Harris, the man accused of beating and raping an office worker inside a Center City law firm Tuesday, has a history of trespassing into law and medical offices in Woodbury, according to New Jersey investigators.

    Police in Washington Township arrested Harris, 49, Thursday night after a nurse at Jefferson Health Washington Township recognized Harris and called officers.

    Catholic CHILD-RAPE church in Albany settles $750K Child Victimsโ€™ Act sex abuse suit
    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany quietly reached a $750,000 settlement agreement last month with a 47-year-old upstate man who accused a former priest of sexually abusing him as a child.

    Stephen Mittlerโ€™s case โ€“ involving allegations that serial sex abuser and former Albany LGBT-QUEER priest Mark Haight, 73, abused him for over a decade โ€“ had been the first Child Victimsโ€™ Act lawsuit against the Albany Diocese scheduled for trial later this month, the Albany Times Union reported.

    But the Saratoga man cut his losses and settled ahead of trial after Diocese lawyer Michael Costello told Mittler the church would likely be filing for bankruptcy, the outlet reported, citing Mittlerโ€™s lawyer Matthew Kelly.

    โ€œWhether that was hyperbole or truth, my client opted to settle to avoid waiting for the bankruptcy to resolve itself, which could take years,โ€ Kelly told the outlet.

    Haight, who was ordained in 1976, was accused of sexual abuse at almost all of his posts at various schools and churches throughout his 20 years as a priest. He allegedly HOMO-SEXUALLY abused boys for over a decade before he was removed from his last assignment in 1997 prompting his resignation, the outlet reported.

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (08 June 2022 - 7:17am & --->)
    The Bobster

    BLACK Teen Suspect Wanted In Fatal Shooting Of 14-Year-Old Boy While Making Music Video In Custody: Upper Darby Policeโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS) โ€” The teenage suspect wanted in connection to the fatal shooting of another teen last week is in custody. According to Upper Darby police, 16-year-old Jermaine 'NWORD' Young will be charged as an adult with the third-degree murder of a 14-year-old boy. The incident happened shortly after 6:30 p.m. last Friday night at a home on Ruskin Lane.

    Philadelphia Police Identify 2 Men Killed In West Oak Lane Shootingโ€‹


    Bail lowered for NYC bodega worker Jose Alba charged with murder in self-defense caseโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME Alba was manning the counter at Hamilton Heights Grocery on Broadway and West 139th Street Friday night when Austin Simon, a 35-year-old career criminal on parole for assaulting a police officer, stormed behind the counter and shoved him into a wall, surveillance video shows.

    The ex-con then grabbed Alba as the frightened clerk tried to get past him โ€” getting his hands on a knife and plunging it into Simon at least five times.

    During the fight, Simonโ€™s girlfriend allegedly pulled a knife from her purse and stabbed Alba three times in the shoulder and hand, according to his attorney.

    She has not been charged, with the DAโ€™s office saying only โ€œwe are continuing to review the evidence and the investigation is ongoing.โ€

    The video showed Alba, bloodied and still holding the knife, waiting for police to arrive โ€” only to find himself hauled into custody on murder and criminal possession of a weapon charges.

    GoFundMe deletes page for NYC bodega clerk who fatally stabbed BLACK attackerโ€‹


    At least 8 shot, 2 fatally, in bloody night across NYC, cops sayโ€‹


    2 more arrested in caught-on-camera NYC slaying of LA (BLACK "drill") rapper


    Cops search for perv who groped girl, 12, on NYC subway platformโ€‹

      IF THIS WERE STILL AMERICA - BENEDICT BIDEN AND HIS GANGSTERS WOULD HAVE BEEN DEPORTED and deprived of U.S. CITIZENSHIP - like God's curse on CAIN.... And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment is greater than I can bear.

    Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me.

    invasion invasion invasion invasion

    In what he called an โ€œunprecedented actionโ€ made necessary because โ€œPresident Biden refuses to do his job,โ€ Gov. Greg Abbott has issued an executive order authorizing his stateโ€™s National Guard and the Texas Department of Public Safety to arrest immigrants who illegally cross the border between ports of entry and return them to Mexico.

    โ€œWhile President Biden refuses to do his job and enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress, the State of Texas is once again stepping up and taking unprecedented action to protect Americans and secure our southern border,โ€ Abbott said in a press release Thursday announcing the zero-tolerance policy.

    Only the federal government is legally authorized to enforce immigration law. As legal justification, Abbott cites Article IV, ยง 4 of the US Constitution.

    โ€œ[T]he United States . . . shall protect each [State in this Union] against Invasion,โ€™ and thus has forced the State of Texas to build a border wall, deploy state military forces, and enter into agreements as described in Article I, ยง 10 of the U.S. Constitution to secure the State of Texas and repel the illegal immigration that funds the cartels,โ€ said Abbott in the exectiuve order. [NNN forum post by The Bobster] 
    Forum poster

      Tierney's REAL News (mm/dd/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Tierney's Real News Hi all, I am traveling for a week so I will have limited access to my PC and not be publishing a newsletter for a while. If you want the latest news - please follow me on Telegram and Truth Social until then. I'll be sharing content from the road. God Bless!

    TELEGRAM: http://t.me/TierneyRealNews

    TRUTH SOCIAL: https://truthsocial.com/@maggiepeggy123

    For today's newsletter - click 'Read More' below:

    Read More

    "Really BAD NEWS FOR THE WORLD! Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is dead. He was assassinated. His killer was captured and will hopefully be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Few people know what a great man and leader Shinzo Abe was, but history will teach them and be kind. He was a unifier like no other, but above all, he was a man who loved and cherished his magnificent country, Japan. Shinzo Abe will be greatly missed. There will never be another like him!"

    "He was a true friend of mine and, much more importantly, America. This is a tremendous blow to the wonderful people of Japan, who loved and admired him so much. We are all praying for Shinzo and his beautiful family!"

    -President Donald J. Trump [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

    North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

    Secure Our Border-Enforce Our Laws!

    2022 Monthly Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens

    6) June 2022 23 illegal aliens arrested for 61 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC here

    5) May 2022 18 illegal aliens arrested for 42 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC here

    4) April 2022 19 illegal aliens arrested for 72 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC here

    3) March 2022 30 illegal aliens arrested for 110 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC herehere

    2) February 2022 27 illegal aliens arrested for 84 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC here

    1) January 2022 18 illegal aliens arrested for 96 child rape/child sexual assault charges in NC here

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        07 July 2022        *******

      'Our country's going to hell': 100-year-old US veteran breaks down in tears
    Sky News Australia host Paul Murray says a 100-year-old US WWII veteran breaking down in tears over what the world he fought for has become "inspires" him and hopes it "inspires you".

    US Marine Carl Spurlin Dekel in a video broke down in tears explaining how the United States is no longer "the country we fought for" and it's "going to hell".

    "That's heartbreaking โ€“ but it should steel our spine," Mr Murray said.

    'We haven't got the country we had when I was raised': 100-year-old veteran worried about America

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        06 July 2022        *******

        TWO ILLEGAL (criminal aliens that BIDEN brought in) had guns to shoot up another FOURTH OF JULY PARADE

    Potential Richmond July 4 mass shooters charged as noncitizens in possession of firearm, police say
    mud suspects Two illegal immigrants were arrested in a mass shooting plot at the Richmond, Va. July 4th celebration.

    "A hero citizen picked up the phone and overheard a conversation there was a mass shooting being planned here in the city of Richmond, Virginia," Richmond Chief of Police Gerald Smith said Wednesday.

    Two illegal immigrants, 52-year-old Julio Alvarado-Dubon and 38-year-old Rolman Balacarcel, were arrested and charged with being a non-U.S. citizens in possession of a gun after police uncovered a plot that the duo planned a mass shooting at Richmond's July 4 celebration Monday.

    At a press conference Wednesday, Smith said that police investigated Alvarado-Dubon based on a tip to police by someone he would only refer to as a "hero citizen." Police investigated the claims and found Alvarado-Dubon was in possession of two rifles, one handgun, and 223 rounds of ammunition. He was arrested on July 1, while Balacarcel was placed under surveillance and eventually arrested on the same charges on Tuesday.

    "Thereโ€™s no telling how many lives this citizen hero saves from one phone call," Smith said. "One phone call saved numerous lives on the Fourth of July."

    Both suspects are currently being held at Richmond City Jail with no bond, while no motive for the plotted attack has been released.

    "We know what their intent was but we don't have a motive," Smith said.

    Smith addressed reports that one of the suspects has been deported several times and continued to reenter the country illegally, saying that it was "frustrating" that a person could continue to break the law and have an opportunity to still plan out a mass murder.

    Should be deported to Monkey Island
    Monkey Island

        Asian immigrant family: father's suicide; mother's -MURDER-MURDER-MURDER-SUCIDE
    CRIMINALLY POST-PARTUM ABORTION: 3 children, mother found dead in Minnesota lake after hourslong search Asian suspect

    After husband's suicide, mom killed their 3 kids and herself in Vadnais Lake, State of George Floyd Authorities have provided a timeline of the deaths of a family-of-five in the Twin Cities on Friday and Saturday.

    The Ramsey County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday said that the suicide of Yee Lee, 27, of Maplewood, on Friday sparked a chain of events that led to his wife Molly Cheng, 23, killing their three young children and herself in Vadnais Lake on Saturday.

    Lee was confirmed to have shot himself in the head on Friday morning, with Cheng then taking their children to Vadnais-Sucker Lake Regional Park the following day.

    Responding to concerns that Cheng intended to kill the children, police arrived to find her car abandoned, and several pairs of children's shoes lined up on the east shore of Vadnais Lake, with the four bodies pulled from the lake in the ensuing search.

    The children, 5-year-old Phoenix Lee, 4-year-old Quadrillion Lee, and 3-year-old Estella Zoo Siab Lee, were given causes of death of "drowning and smothering."

    Cheng herself died from drowning.


    We Need to Talk about Murder-Suicides in the Hmong Community

    Laos' forgotten Hmong


    Naked Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking drugs, drinking hard seltzer, and fondling himself while floating inside a sensory deprivation tank - one month after convincing dad Joe to wire him $20k for his detox program
    Sleazy Hunter Biden is seen filming himself smoking drugs and fondling himself inside a sensory deprivation tank - during a detox program funded by his dad Joe.

    The president's exhibitionist son, 52, is bathed in trippy green light as he floats naked on his back and plays with himself in the shocking cell phone video retrieved from his abandoned laptop.

    He leaves briefly to grab a can of White Claw hard seltzer and what appears to be a crack pipe before taking several hits and staring wild-eyed into the camera as ambient music plays softly in the background.

    President Joe Biden's Crack Addicted Son Hunter Biden In Trouble Again For Racial Slurs And Human Trafficking

      Tierney's REAL News (7/6/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Please watch and share this ad from Republican Jerone Davison. This is one of the most powerful ads I've seen in a long time. People need to realize that the NRA was actually invented to help protect black Americans from the angry Democrats in the Ku Klux Klan. This ad is a history lesson! Democrats wanted people to be unarmed & defenseless! Just like today!


    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        05 July 2022        *******

        BLACK Beloved โ€˜Grandfather of the Blockโ€™ among 50 shot in NYCโ€™s bloody Fourth of July weekend
    black suspect The more than 50 people shot over a bloody Fourth of July weekend in the Big Apple included a beloved Bronx neighborhood โ€œgrandfatherโ€ gunned down by "stray" "homeless"? "undocumented"? "celebratory" "patriotic" bullets.

    John Edwards, 62, โ€” who was known as โ€œGrandfather of the Blockโ€ in his Belmont neighborhood โ€” was among the at least seven people killed during the outbreak of gun violence

      Texas counties declare โ€˜invasionโ€™ during border crisis: โ€˜Weโ€™re being invadedโ€™
    invasion invasion invasion invasion Several Texas counties declared a border โ€œinvasionโ€ on Tuesday in a move to pressure the stateโ€™s governor to issue a similar declaration.

    The statement doesnโ€™t grant the counties any kind of additional legal authority and may not even be legal โ€” but officials hoped it would bring attention to the border crisis.

    โ€œWeโ€™re being invaded. The facts are there,โ€ said Kinney County Judge Tully Shahan at a press conference in Brackettville, Texas. โ€œThis is real. We want America to know this is real. America doesnโ€™t know whatโ€™s happening here.โ€

    County officials from Kinney, Goliad, Terrell and Uvalde Counties criticized the Biden Administration for what they called its โ€œopen border policy.โ€

    The officials each shared stories of how their communities are being inundated by immigrants as humans and drugs are smuggled through their small towns on a daily basis.

    The number of reported migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border once again made history in May โ€” hitting a staggering 239,416 encounters, according to the latest available monthly Customs and Border Patrol statistics.

    The counties were contacted by a former President Donald Trump official, Ken Cuccinelli, who has talked them into believing they can use the โ€œself-help provision of the Constitution to declare an invasion.โ€

    โ€œThis gives the governor, decided similarly, the authority to repeal that invasion,โ€ Cuccinelli said at the press conference today.

    The former Trump Department of Homeland Security official claims that now that the Kinney County Attorney, a legal authority has declared an invasion, Gov. Greg Abbott can โ€œrepealโ€ immigrants. He envisions a Title 42-style program, where immigrantsโ€“ even those seeking asylumโ€“ are automatically deported if they cross into the Texas border.

    The Center for Renewing America has been reaching out to states and counties across the country, looking for any local government that would be willing to go along with it, the spokeswoman for the organization told The Post.

    A Fox News legal analyst said this likely wouldnโ€™t service a court challenge.

    โ€œAs they say in Texas, this dog wonโ€™t hunt. Theyโ€™re relying on the guarantee clause of Article Four, Section Four, and that deals with an invasion, which is generally interpreted and long interpreted to mean an actual foreign invasion in the form of an army, an organized force,โ€ said Jonathan Turley told Fox News.

    In the past, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has resisted calls by the same group to declare an โ€œinvasion,โ€ according to the Texas Tribune.

      Hispanic Texas man, 19, charged for plotting Amazon warehouse shooting, held on $50K bond
    San Antonio police seized an AR-15 from the residence of Rodolpho Aceves, who is accused of planning a mass shooting at an Amazon warehouse

    A Hispanic Texas 19-year-old has been arrested for allegedly plotting to shoot up an Amazon warehouse where he worked.

    Prosecutors have charged Rodolfo Aceves with terroristic threats causing public fear and set his bond amount at $50,000, according to Bexar County.

    "This case highlights the importance of community collaboration and appropriate responses. This is the essence of โ€˜see something, say something,โ€™" the San Antonio Police Department stated in a June 29 Facebook post. "If not for the witness who came forward, this incident could have resulted in a tragic outcome."


    Robert โ€œROBERTAโ€ Crimo, 21, will be charged in the shooting spree in Highland Park that killed seven and injured dozens of others or 4th of July. "He" had planned the attack for weeks โ€” and attempted to disguise "him"self as a woman to avoid detection. An image of Crimo, obtained by NBC Chicago from a senior law enforcement official, appeared to show "him" in a blue-and-white blouse with longer hair. โ€œDuring the attack, "TRANS" Crimo was dressed in womenโ€™s clothing, and investigators do believe "he" did this to conceal "his" facial tattoos and "his" gender and help "him" during the escape.โ€

      Tierney's REAL News (7/5/22) - (link fixed)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Just like Uvalde, Parkland, Charlottesville, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Lauderdale and more - the Highland Park "shooter" - Robert CRIMO [
    - (name mis-spelled - fixed)
    - who originally was framed by the fake news as a right-wing terrorist when he is actually left-wing ANTIFA - is likely another patsy for the gun grabbers. He looks like a crazy meth head who would have a hard time shooting himself in the foot!

    The fake news is saying he's another Oswald - channeling the Book Depository. BS. What's next? Will Jack Ruby shoot him dead on the way to trial? In 2019, Robert Primo threatened to kill his entire family with a sword, police came and confiscated it, so he was well known to the Feds, but he was still able to pass a background check? Perfect profile for a patsy!

    They obviously engineered this "event" to try to hijack and destroy the 4th of July and make people afraid to attend parades & fireworks! Remember Waukesha? Same playbook. The Communists don't care how many people they wound or kill to force you to comply! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10983645/Highland-Park-shooters-uncle-says-quiet-loner.html

    In fact, a recent study confirmed that 37 of these so-called "shooters" were whacked out on psych meds! Ask yourself who gave them the meds!

    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

        As you celebrate the 4th, remember our President's inspiring words about this great nation.

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Tue 5 July 22 -->

    "Ho ho, Russkies say Biden is their "agent" (as his sanctions are only BENEFITTING Russia, suckers)." - Apo

    Foreign Policy Fail: Bidenโ€™s Sanctions are a Windfall For Russia! โ€“ Ron Paulโ€‹

    "Itโ€™s easy to see why, according to a new Harris poll, 71 percent of Americans said they do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election. As Americans face record gas prices and the highest inflation in 40 years, President Biden admits he could not care less. His Administration is committed to fight a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine and Americans just need to suck it up.

    Last week a New York Times reporter asked Biden how long he expects Americans to pay record gasoline prices over his Administrationโ€™s Ukraine policy. โ€œAs long as it takes,โ€ replied the president without hesitation.

    โ€œRussia cannot defeat Ukraine,โ€ added Biden as justification for his Administrationโ€™s pro-pain policy toward Americans. The president has repeatedly tried to deflect blame for the growing economic crisis by claiming Russia is solely behind recent inflation. โ€œThe reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia,โ€ he said in the same press conference.

    But Biden has a big problem: Americans do not believe him. According to a Rasmussen poll earlier this month, only eleven percent of Americans believe Bidenโ€™s claim that Russian president Vladimir Putin is to blame for high prices.

    When it comes to disdain for the average American hurt by higher prices, there is more than enough in the Biden Administration to go around." [more at link above]...

    DOJ paying $1.5M for 'transgender programming curriculum' in US prisonsโ€‹
    'Transgender-specific programming' to be implemented 'at all BOP institutions nationwide,' agency saysโ€‹

    BIDEN ECONOMY: Recession No Longer on the Way โ€“ ITโ€™S HERE โ€“ US GDP Down Seven Months in a Row โ€“ October 2021 Was Last Highโ€‹ The Biden economy is a nightmare. The big question is โ€“ Is Biden destroying the economy on purpose or is he that dumb that he thinks what...โ€‹

    Creepy Joe and Kamala: two peas in a pod, suckers - (looking for men's tampons)

    FOX News discussion on deeds and evidence against creepy Joe and family, dealings w. Chicoms

    FOX News gives some details on the continuing invasion of the country

    Cowardly, satanically stupid stooge, P.O.S. Demon-rat "mayor" of Philly, destroys city (declares it "sanctuary"), now wants to bail

    Commentary fm FOX News on out-of-control crime, "woke" judges and Demon-rat politicians-

    Is there now solid evidence creepy Joe is seriously working for Chicoms?--is corrupt son, Hunter, liaison connection?


    WSJ: Pfizer Trial Found Vaxxed Toddlers โ€˜Were More Likely to Get Severely Ill With Covidโ€™โ€‹

    Ukraine Is the Latest Neocon Disasterโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Tue 5 July 22 --> PM

    Western plan to severely isolate Russia failsโ€‹

    Manufacturing Plants Arenโ€™t Just Mysteriously Getting Burned Down In The United States, Itโ€™s Happening Around The Worldโ€ฆโ€‹

    Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccineโ€‹
    Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic destiny after Covid vaccinesโ€‹

    Ukrainian commander: 'It's a matter of time when Russian flag will be raised in Kyiv'โ€‹

    Seeking to establish 'Greater Israel', US Republicans prohibit creation of Palestinian State

    Confirmed: The CIA is running Ukraineโ€™s fight against Russia

    โ€˜Entire Branches of German Industry in Danger of Collapsingโ€™ Due to Loss of Russian Gas, Union Warnsโ€‹

    Pfizer Ordered by Uruguayan Judge to Report Composition of Covid-19 Vaccines Including Any Presence of โ€œGraphene Oxideโ€ or โ€œNanotechnological Elementsโ€โ€‹

    Two and 3-year-old kids with seizures is "the new normal"โ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Tue 5 July 22 --> ...(part 3)

    EThe Unfolding Worldwide Vaccine Disaster: False Claims Of Safety And Effectiveness Have Harmed Millions- Mass Poisoning Event update โ€“ The Conservative Woman warns of unfolding public disasterโ€‹

    EXC: Top New Biden Staffer Defended Underage, Gay Prostitution Website Raided By Feds in Jaw-Dropping 2015 Article.โ€‹

    DJ who โ€˜lost motor skillsโ€™ after Moderna vaccine says doctors privately admitted linkโ€‹

    Satanic "liberal world order" (globalism--one world gov.), pushing poison vaxxes, determined to mass-murder the people, suckers--get a clue, fools
    Canada's Health Minister: "You Will Never Be Fully-Vaxxed"โ€‹

    Apparently, Questioning Transgender Ideology Is The Sign Of A True Fascistโ€‹

    California Crazy: While Inflation Is Killing Families, State Just RAISED Their Gas Taxโ€‹

    Turn-coat Demo congressman, became Trump supporter, just won huge primary victory

    Insurance CEO explains about ominous spike in "unexplained deaths" and pay-outs right after the mass covid vaxxes, suckers

    Mitt Romney Attacks Trump in Scathing July 4 Op-Ed, Praises Joe Biden as a โ€˜Genuinely Good Manโ€™โ€‹

    RINO Senator Mitt Romney, AKA, โ€œPierre Delecto,โ€ attacked Trump in a scathing op-ed in The Atlantic and warned the nation is at risk. Ac...โ€‹

      Colorado funeral home owner admits to selling body parts for cash
    Instead of cremating the bodies, she harvested heads, spines, arms and legs and then sold them, according to court records.

      74-year-old musician Carlos Santana collapses on stage
    *===========================[ Altamount San Francisco Bay Area - 1969]=========================*
    "Once the festival got going on Saturday afternoon, it didnโ€™t take long for things to turn ugly.

    Carlos Santana, 22, was forced to stop his band's opening set during the song "Soul Sacrifice" when a scuffle broke out in front of the stage. At the start, a thin rope was in place to keep the crowd from the bands. It disappeared almost immediately.

    โ€œPretty soon, a guy takes off all of his clothes and tries to climb up onstage, and the Hells Angels, they jump off the stage and they have pool cues,โ€ says Owens, the photographer.

    โ€œHe was using his dancing as an excuse to stomp people,โ€ Marcus says. โ€œAnd the Angels then came in and started beating him up with pool cues. .โ€‰.โ€‰. I saw all of these people holding peace signs. And I had never seen anything so pathetic in my life.โ€

    *===================================================[Mick Jagger will be 79 on 26 July 2022]====*
    Mick Jagger - Sir Michael Philip Jagger (born 26 July 1943)
    is an English singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who has achieved international fame as the lead vocalist and one of the founder members of the Rolling Stones. His ongoing songwriting partnership with Keith Richards is one of the most successful in history. Jagger's career has spanned over six decades, and he has been described as "one of the most popular and influential frontmen in the history of rock & roll".

        My personal review of PIA VPN App - PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS

    PIA VPN working better than four other VPN apps I tried out this year.
    PIA VPN connected automatically on my iMAC startup and reconnected itself when it lost a connection a few times.
    Will switch to this app on all my internet devices.

    I confirm this review is about my own genuine experience. I am eligible to leave this review, and have not been offered any incentive or payment to leave a review for this company.

    [Signed] New Nation News Editor

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        04 July 2022        *******

        UPDATE: WEIRD WIGGER LUNATIC: Robert Crimo III, Highland Park Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
    suspect *====================================================*
    UPDATE:Suspect in connection with a mass shooting at July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois, has been taken into custody

    Highland Park, Illinois (CNN) - Robert E. Crimo III, the suspect in a mass shooting at a parade that left six dead and sent more than two dozen people to hospitals, has been taken into custody near Lake Forest, Illinois, authorities said during a brief news conference Monday night.

    6 killed, 24 seriously hurt in mass shooting at 4th of July parade in Chicago suburb of Highland Park

    Six people were killed and about 24 others were seriously hurt in a mass shooting at a Fourth of July parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois, on Monday, according to officials.

    Highland Park police are still searching for the gunman, who they described as a man between the ages of 18 and 20. It appears he fired from a roof, police said.

    A rifle has been recovered, police said, adding that the suspect should still be considered armed and dangerous. Police called it a "random act of violence."

    The NorthShore University Health System said it has a total of 31 patients; most suffered gunshot wounds and a few were hurt in the chaos. Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., said he was at the start of the parade when the gunfire rang out.

    "My team and I are safe and secure," he tweeted. He added that heโ€™s committed "to do everything I can to make our children, our towns, our nation safer. Enough is enough!"

    The neighboring suburb of Evanston has canceled its own 4th of July parade in the wake of the shooting, Evanston police said. Attorney General Merrick Garland has been briefed on the shooting. The FBI said it's sent resources to the scene.

    Racial Demographics of Chicago suburb of Highland Park
    White alone - 84% - Black alone - 0.8%

    Some semite? was suggesting that is was a 'hatecrime' because 'Highland Park is majority 'Jewish'
    NOPE: FAKE NEWS: only 2.7% of city claim to be 'jewish'

    BUT...Second Highland Park victim IDโ€™d as dedicated Jewish congregant Jacki Sundheim

    New Nation News Forum contributor: I suppose Highland Park's gun laws did not work too good.

    https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/Ordinances/highlandpark.pdf *====================================================*

    You know, why do these professional "LAW MAKERS" keep trying to make up the "MAGIC BULLET LAW"
    that will take care of ALL VARIATION OF THE MISUSE OF FIREARMS.....

    instead of making sure that 'ghost guns' are illegal and debating over outlawing magazines that hold more than 3, or 10 or 100 rounds.....
    why not just put in a "ONE LAW to cover all possible variations of equipment...." along the lines of

    and the punishment - regardless of the AGE, SEX, GENDER, RACE, IQ, RELIGION, Mental Health of the convicted....
    Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.


      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (04 July 2022)
    The Bobster

    Video captures gunman fatally firing on scooter-riding Bronx teenโ€‹


    Protests erupt in Ohio after graphic video released of Jayland Walkerโ€™s police shootingโ€‹


    Woke employee who refused to work while โ€˜mourningโ€™ Roe v. Wade firedโ€‹


    6-Year-Old, 7-Year-Old Injured In Wilmington Shootingโ€‹



    Illegal alien invasion: 3 Texas counties to declare border emergency over โ€˜unprecedentedโ€™ crisis
    invasion invasion invasion invasion Three Texas counties are expected to declare a state of emergency over the record number of illegal migrant crossings โ€” blasting the crisis at the US-Mexico border as โ€œunprecedented.โ€

    County leaders in Kinney County, Goliad County and Uvalde County will make the โ€œimportant announcement about forthcoming emergency declarationsโ€ Tuesday at a press conference in Brackettville โ€” about 30 minutes north of the southern border, elected officials said in a press release.

    Officials from the three fed-up counties were not available when reached by The Post for comment Monday, but the bold move comes as many Texas border counties have been battling a surge in illegal crossings.

    The number of reported migrant encounters along the US-Mexico border once again made history in May โ€” hitting a staggering 239,416 encounters, according to the latest available monthly Customs and Border Patrol statistics.

    The figure is the highest number of migrant encounters recorded in one month ever and brings the total migrant encounters in FY 2022 to more than 1.7 million.


    Texas GOP Website Crashes After Push for Vote to Secede From U.S.

    New "radical" Texas GOP platform rejects Bidenโ€™s win and pushes vote to secede from the U.S.

    "Far-Right" Texas Republican Platform Calls for State to Secede From Far-left Democrat-Communist U.S.

    TX GOP goes scorched earth against powerful LGBTQ special interests, reserves right to secession with new platform


      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Mon 4 July 22 --> part 1 of 2

    Ho ho, Russkies say Biden is their "agent" (as his sanctions are only BENEFITTING Russia, suckers)
    Foreign Policy Fail: Bidenโ€™s Sanctions are a Windfall For Russia! โ€“ Ron Paulโ€‹
    When it comes to disdain for the average American hurt by higher prices, there is more than enough in the Biden Administration to go around.

    US sanctions did not bring the Russian economy to its knees, as Biden promised. They actually brought the American economy to its knees while Russian profits soared.

    Itโ€™s easy to see why, according to a new Harris poll, 71 percent of Americans said they do not want Joe Biden to run for re-election. As Americans face record gas prices and the highest inflation in 40 years, President Biden admits he could not care less. His Administration is committed to fight a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine and Americans just need to suck it up.

    Last week a New York Times reporter asked Biden how long he expects Americans to pay record gasoline prices over his Administrationโ€™s Ukraine policy. โ€œAs long as it takes,โ€ replied the president without hesitation.

    [end quote - more at link above]

    Honest Nancy tells it like it is, suckers (animated cartoon)

    Hunter's Contact List Should Be Evidence For Treasonโ€‹ By Mark Gruber

    Bad Medicine: Mass Poisoning Event Update โ€“ FDA Votes to Target Children: โ€œVaccinating The Already Immune Puts Them At Serious Risk For A Hyperimmune Responseโ€โ€‹

    Canadian Government Creates Pamphlet to Teach School Children that โ€œTrumpโ€™s Wallโ€ is Racist and โ€œFree Speechโ€ is Common Defense of โ€œHate Propagandaโ€โ€‹

    DeSantis, gov. of Fla., possible Pres. candidate who puffs Israel, takes shots at AOC, floozy who pushes socialism and knocks Israel--this could be verrrrry interesting, eh?

    Latest info on creepy Joe and son corruption--which is all A-ok w. the globalists who control and pull the strings, long as the "liberal world order" program is followed, suckers

    Russia makes massive oil discovery in the Arcticโ€‹

    The "Liberal World Order" Needs YOU---To Get Used To Sufferingโ€‹

    Frightening! Terrible, Fatal Brain Disease Linked to COVID Vaccinesโ€‹

    U.S. Constitution Tagged With โ€˜Harmful Language Alertโ€™ By National Archivesโ€‹

    Democrat-Aligned Groups Haul $80 Million in Donations in Week Following Roe v. Wade Repealโ€‹

    "Note the central banks just literally print-up (and digitalize) whatever currency/funds (not real money which must be commodity-based, hence finite in quantity) they want or need, suckers--so they've ALWAYS got plenty to fund their suck-alongs and stooges running for office. " - Apo

    US power companies brace for supply crisis โ€“ Reutersโ€‹

    Canadaโ€™s government tracked citizens through a federal weather appโ€‹

      Some recent posts by guest columnist 'Apollonian' Mon 4 July 22 --> part 2 of 2 this evening

    Serious Adverse Effects From Covid Vaccines โ€œVery High, No Other Vaccine Comes Closeโ€, Says Former CDC Vaccine Safety Committee Memberโ€‹

    Ilhan-Omar booed relentlessly at concert on her home grounds, by own (Somali) people

    Ilhan-Omar booed relentlessly at concert on her home grounds, by own (Somali) people - video 2

    Lefty [Trans-faggot-loving sexual deviant] Reporter Scolded After Claiming Anyone Who Questions Trans Ideology Is A FASCISTโ€‹


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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        03 July 2022        *******

    Front Page for 03 July 2022 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

        A Chinese official praised their puppet Comrade 'Bulshevik' Biden for realizing that "capitalism is all about exploitation."
    Biden's tweet also won the praise of Chinese state media.

    Chen Weihua, a European reporter for the state-owned China Daily newspaper, tweeted: "Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation. He didn't believe this before." โ€”Chen Weihua ๏ผˆ้™ˆๅซๅŽ๏ผ‰ (@chenweihua) July 2, 2022




    The CHINESE-COMMUNIST-PARTY AGENT PARROTS "US tariffs on China โ€˜taking dollars out of Americansโ€™ pockets"

    A Senate Democrat-Socialist called on Self-styled President Joe Biden to repeal tariffs put in place by the Trump administration, saying they havenโ€™t significantly changed Chinaโ€™s trade practices and are contributing to high prices for Americans.
    LIES, LIES, LIES apologist for Chinese trade-deficit due to slave labor...

        (Black) R. Kelly remains on suicide watch 'for his own safety'
    suspect NEW YORK (AP) โ€” Federal authorities are pushing back on R. Kelly's claims that he was placed on suicide watch as a form of punishment last week after a judge sentenced him to 30 years behind bars for using his fame to sexually abuse young girls.

    The U.S. Attorney's Office in Brooklyn filed court papers late Saturday saying the disgraced R&B superstar remains on suicide watch โ€œfor his own safetyโ€ following a psychological assessment.


    Violence, chaos erupts throughout BLACK Chicago over Fourth of July weekend
    suspect CHICAGO (CBS) โ€“ Over the holiday weekend when many prepare to celebrate Independence Day, violence remains at the forefront in Chicago.

    So far, at least two mass shootings happened over the weekend. The first happening after five men were leaving a business in the Loop Friday.

    Chicago sees 35 people shot, 5 killed, in bloody July 4 weekend

    July 4 weekend shootings come after Mayor Lori Lightfoot asked residents to be thankful for city's police

      Hispanic Suspect jailed in series of Napa County burglaries
    CALISTOGA -- Detectives arrested a man wanted for a series of burglaries in Napa County, the sheriff's office said Sunday.

    Enrique Quiros Ortiz, 26, was arrested on State Route 29 near Dunaweal Lane just south of Calistoga. Detectives found an unserialized "ghost gun" in the vehicle Ortiz was driving, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff's office.

    A search of Ortiz's Santa Rosa home yielded 10 stolen firearms and stolen jewelry, the sheriff's office said. The county's Special Investigations Bureau along with the Calistoga Police Department assisted detectives during the arrest

    Ortiz was booked at the Napa County Department of Corrections on five counts of residential burglary, a probation violation, being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, and possession of stolen property.




    Officers perceived a deadly threat from fleeing suspect and shot.

    "...a gun, along with shell casings, were found in the backseat of Walker's car."

    Useful idiots are now protesting the 'gunning down of an 'unarmed black man'
    by racist white cops' and featuring the 3rd hand pre-trial prejudiced 'testamony'
    of an ambulence chaser lawyer hoping to get a million dollar settlement from the city
    for the 'wrongful death' of the suicidal 'Saint George Floyd martyr'.


    Video from the scene showed a gun on the front seat of Walker's car, and Mylett said video did appear to show the flash of a gun from Walker's car during the chase.


    Akron police said Jayland Walker refused to stop his car and fired at officers during a chase that ended in a hail of bullets and his death.

      โ€˜Child Sacrifice Is a Very Satanic Practice,โ€™ Trump Endorsed Candidate Said of Abortion
    Child sacrifice to idol Child sacrifice to idol โ€œWhen people in other cultures, when they engage in child sacrifice, they didnโ€™t just sacrifice the child for the sake of bloodshed,โ€ Karamo said during the episode. โ€œThey sacrificed the child โ€™cause they were hoping to get prosperity, and thatโ€™s precisely why people have abortion now.

    โ€˜Because Iโ€™m not ready. I donโ€™t wanna have a baby. I donโ€™t feel like it. I donโ€™t have time. I wanna make more money. I want my freedom.โ€™ So youโ€™re sacrificing that child hoping to get something out of their death, which is your freedom, your happiness, your prosperity.โ€

    voodoo voodoo voodoo

        100-year-old WWII vet breaks down, says this isnโ€™t the โ€˜country we fought forโ€™

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        [Above images from Patriotic Alternative in UK]

        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        02 July 2022        *******

        (Black) Suspect arrested and charged with murder in 2020 Oakland, CA homicide
    black suspect OAKLAND, CA โ€” A 38-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder in the August 2020 killing of a father of five who was shot near a Lakeshore Avenue bus stop.

    Ronald McGregor was arrested June 27 in San Francisco in connection with the killing of 55-year-old Darius Brazell. He has pleaded not guilty and remains in Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on a no-bail hold, records show.

    McGregor was identified as a suspect by DNA found on clothing at the shooting scene, as well as nearby surveillance camera video footage, police said in court records. They havenโ€™t released a suspected motive for the killing.

    Brazell was shot and killed around 6 p.m. near an AC Transit stop at Lakeshore Avenue and Mandana Boulevard. Police pledged at the time they would arrest a suspect.

    VINELINK - OFFENDER DATABASE has confirmed that the race of the suspect is BLACK

      Tierney's REAL News (mm/dd/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Kash Patel said that President Trump ordered a complete transition to the Biden Administration in November 2020, through the Governmental Service Agency (GSA.) Therefore negating the possibility that he could ever incite an insurrection. This is the Smoking Gun that proves the J6 commission is based on a lie.

    KASH PATEL: "The President of the United States is the only one that can order a Presidential transition through the GSA. In late November, President Trump ordered the GSA to transition the Federal Government COMPLETELY to the Biden administration. The law places the Department of Defense and my position as Chief of Staff in charge of the Presidential transition. We did the transition at 100%. It was the most complete transition EVER in Presidential history.

    We gave them access to EVERYTHING. This proves there was no insurrection. A Commander in Chief cannot order a complete transition while at the same time allegedly inciting an insurrection. It's literally factually possible."


    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        01 July 2022        *******


    (Black) Florida teen killed by BLACK man who feared being outed as gay, police say
    black suspect victim name A Florida teenager fatally shot another teen because he feared being outed as gay, police in Daytona Beach said.

    Jakari Webb, 19, was arrested Wednesday in connection with the shooting death of Telan Mann, also 19, in the early hours of June 23, police said.

    Officers arrived on the scene after hearing gunshots while patrolling the area and found Mann on the sidewalk โ€œin a pool of blood and with multiple bullet wounds on his body,โ€ police said.

    The two had been talking to each other on social media since February, according to police, and they had planned to meet for the first time on June 23 just a few blocks from Mannโ€™s home. Police said it was during that first encounter that Webb shot Mann.

    โ€œThere was some concern that Telan either had or was going to post something on social media kind of outing the suspect,โ€ Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said at a news conference Wednesday.

    JAKARI D WEBB (MUGSHOT) "Bail has been set to $0 for Webb which is listed as a foot inch black male weighing approximately pounds."[stet]

        Grand jury indicts 2 (Black) men accused of shooting Phoenix police detective
    black suspect PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) โ€” A Maricopa County Grand Jury has indicted two men accused of ambushing and shooting a FEMALE Phoenix police detective earlier this month. Police say Aaron L. Ware, 22, and Ahmani D. Gordon, 22, were indicted on three felony counts of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm at a structure this week.

    On June 14, an officer was in a parked undercover vehicle in a Laveen neighborhood near 40th Avenue and Pollack Street when another car pulled up behind her. Investigators say as she saw two masked men holding guns get out of the car, the detective quickly put on her ballistic vest. According to court documents, Ware and Gordon fired 19 rounds at her as she tried to get out of her vehicle. She was hit several times, including her hand, and couldnโ€™t return fire.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster


    invasion invasion invasion invasion A 28-year-old Texas man accused of orchestrating the horrific smuggling operation that killed 53 migrants this week frantically texted the driver whesn the truck went off the radar and later admitted to a confidential informant he had no idea the air conditioning had failed in the sweltering big-rig, the feds say.

    Christian Martinez, 28, was arrested Tuesday on a trafficking charge involving death that could land him life in prison or the death penalty after migrants reportedly battled debilitating temperatures up to 150 degrees inside the truck.

    Martinezโ€™s string of texts with the semi-truckโ€™s alleged driver, 45-year-old Homero Zamorano Jr., were detailed in a criminal complaint obtained by The Daily Beast on Friday.

        Horrific Nazi Gas Vans - The Mobile Gas Chambers

    Nazi Gas Vans

    Killer Nazi Vans

    Mobile โ€˜Gas Vansโ€™ Not Invented By โ€˜Nazisโ€™ But By Communist Jew Isai Berg To Mass Murder Ukrainians During Holodomor

    The Einsatzgruppen: From Shootings to Gas Vans

    Did the Soviets Use Henry Fordโ€™s Trucks As Homicidal Mobile Gas Chambers?

    Germans solve problem of environmental dangers of gas combustion engine emissions
    Recycle polluting exhaust fumes back into the closed chamber carrying the 'payload'

        Shooting of Police officers up 19% across nation, according to police advocacy group
    The union found that 178 officers have been shot in the line of duty in 2022, compared to 150 through the same time period of 2021, marking an 18.66% spike.

    There have been nearly 19% more shootings of police officers this year, compared to this time in 2021, a law enforcement advocacy group said Friday.

    Findings by the National Fraternal Order of Police are particularly disturbing in light of 2021 data on wounded officers is the highest in recent memory.

    As of Friday morning, the union found that 178 officers have been shot in the line of duty in 2022, compared to 150 through the same time period of 2021, marking an 18.66% spike.

    There were 346 officers shot in the line of duty in 2021, up from 312 wounded in 2020 and 293 in 2019.

          LESBIAN Woman gets probation in 2020 attack on Spanish-speaking women in East Boston
    Stephanie Armstrong was sentenced Thursday to two years of probation following a two-day, non-jury trial in Boston Municipal Court in the majority Latino East Boston neighborhood where the attack took place.

    Armstrong's lawyer William Barabino said his client is a member of the LGBTQ (sexually deviant) community and would "never do anything to interfere with anyone else's civil rights and the acquittals of both civil right violations confirms that."

    Her co-defendant, Jenny Leigh Ennamorati, was sentenced to 15 months probation in February after agreeing to a plea deal with prosecutors. Her lawyer didn't respond to an email seeking comment Friday.

      Tierney's REAL News (7/1/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Good Morning America is lying and saying Kentanji Jackson is the FIRST black SCOTUS Justice in history. Did they forget about Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1967 and Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991?

    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

    well, maybe the first BLACK LESBIAN DEMOCRAT MARXIST?

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        30 June 2022        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (Thu 30 Jun 22 -->)
    The Bobster

    3 people, including 2 teens, shot in overnight NYC gun violence: copsโ€‹

    <----<โญ๏ธŽ>----> รฅ

    their bodies already decomposing in the summer heat

    Boyfriend of murdered Queens mother wanted in triple slayingโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME A suspect has been identified in last weekโ€™s triple slaying of a Queens family โ€” and police said the wanted man is the estranged boyfriend of the murdered mother.

    The NYPD on Wednesday released a photo of Travis Blake, 29, and asked for the publicโ€™s help in locating the suspected killer.

    Blake had been dating 55-year-old Darlene Barnett and had stopped at her South Jamaica home to โ€œpick up his property,โ€ victim Vashawnna Malcolm told her brother over the phone last Wednesday, police and sources said.

    Barnett, her son Dervon Brightly, 36, and Malcom were found dead in their house two days later, their bodies already decomposing in the summer heat, according to police.

    Malcolm, 22, was Barnettโ€™s niece and had been visiting from the nation of Jamaica, sources said.

    She was found in a second floor bedroom bound and gagged with tape and had been stabbed multiple stab times, according to sources.

    Her aunt and cousinโ€™s bodies were found in the 155th Street houseโ€™s locked basement riddled with stab wounds and trauma.

    Pennsylvania House Sets Up Committee To Consider Philadelphia Commie Joo DA Larry Krasnerโ€™s Impeachmentโ€‹
    SUSPECT-NAME PHILADELPHIA (AP) โ€” Pennsylvania lawmakers began a process Wednesday to study Philadelphiaโ€™s growing gun violence plague, establishing a panel that could eventually recommend impeachment of the cityโ€™s elected Democratic district attorney.

    The divided House of Representatives voted 114-86 to establish the five-member Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order, which among other things could judge (soros-dog)District Attorney Larry Krasnerโ€™s job performance and make โ€œrecommendations for removal from office or other appropriate discipline, including impeachment.โ€

    21-Year-Old WHITE Woman Killed After Disgruntled Patron Fires At Least 15 Shots Into Northeast Philadelphia Bar, Police Sayโ€‹
    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” At least five of the 15 shots fired by a disgruntled patron went right through the front of the Philly Bar and Restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia and one of those bullets took the life of a 21-year-old woman. CBS3 spoke with her family who is calling out city leaders saying enough is enough. โ€œIโ€™m on my way home from work and I get the call and Iโ€™m like, โ€˜what do you mean sheโ€™s been shot?'โ€ Jaileneโ€™s uncle James Holton said.

    That emotional uncle tells CBS3 that the woman who was killed in the shooting was his niece, 21-year-old Jailene Holton.

    Philadelphia Police Searching For Missing 1-Year-Old niglet Amira Jarmonโ€‹


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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        29 June 2022        *******

        Boy, 8, Was Playing with CONVICTED BLACK FELON Dad's Gun When a 1-Year-Old Girl Was Killed and Her Sister, 2, Was Injured: Sheriff
    black suspect Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons detailed the allegations against Roderick Dwayne Randall, 45, during a press conference Monday. Randall was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, two counts of culpable negligence, tampering with evidence and failure to store a firearm in a required manner.

    He was released on bail; PEOPLE was unable to reach him for comment Wednesday. The deadly incident unfolded inside a Pensacola hotel room.

    Simmons alleged that the boy's father left an unholstered gun in the motel room's closet. He eventually left the room, and his son allegedly found it.

    Simmons explained that the boy "starts playing with" the gun when it goes off. A single round left the chamber, killing the 1-year-old before next striking another girl, 2. The older toddler is expected to make a full recovery.

    The children who were shot belonged to Randall's girlfriend, Simmons said.

        Man (with Negro name), 18, charged with carjacking woman at bar in GeorgeFloydTown, MN
    suspect An 18-year-old man has been arrested and charged in federal court with carjacking a woman at her work in northeast Minneapolis.

    Most of the June 9 incident outside Tony Jaros River Garden bar โ€” located at Marshall and Lowry avenues โ€” was caught by the barโ€™s parking lot surveillance camera.

    According to federal court documents, Shamir Nathann Black of Minneapolis approached the 51-year-old woman just after 4 p.m. and demanded her car keys. He pushed her to the ground and hit her on the head with a gun, charges allege.

    A bystander tried to help the woman but was also assaulted by Black. Black pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger, but it did not discharge a bullet, charges say.

    Black and an accomplice got into the womanโ€™s car, but witnesses pulled Black from the driverโ€™s seat and put him on the ground. Black and his accomplice fled the scene on foot.

    Minneapolis police officers found a 9mm semiautomatic pistol wrapped in a gray sweatshirt. The gun had been reported stolen in Prior Lake in April. Investigators reviewed a social media video that showed Black waving around a handgun that matched the one recovered at the crime scene.

    At Blackโ€™s north Minneapolis home, officers recovered a stolen Volkswagen Jetta that had been taken in a Prior Lake burglary on the same night the firearm was stolen. Black was arrested on Friday.

        (Black) Woman arrested for firing shot into home with 4 children inside, MPD says
    suspect A 2-year-old boy was sleeping on the couch at the time of the shooting. On May 11 at the 4000 block of Steele Street, a caller told the Memphis Police Department (MPD) that her house was shot at.

    The woman told police that she was inside the house when she heard a shot fired from outside, and recognized the shooter who fled the scene in a blue Toyota Avalon. The suspect, later identified as Krystal Dansberry, had recently threatened the callerโ€™s son due to the fact that he is in a new (SEXUAL?) "relationship", according to an affidavit.

    When MPD arrived, they discovered a hole in the houseโ€™s exterior that had struck a couch inside. A 2-year-old grandson was sleeping on the couch at the time the shot was fired, according to an affidavit.

    No one was injured at the scene. The other living occupants of the home were the ex-boyfriend, and 4 children aged from 2-9, police said.

    Dansberry was arrested and charged with 6 counts of aggravated assault.

        (Black 'rapper') Nipsey Hussleโ€™s Accused BLACK Killer Eric Holder Attacked with Razor in Jail; Needs Staples in Head
    EricHolder-and-NipseyHussle Eric Holder, the man on trial for fatally shooting Nipsey Hussle in 2019, was attacked Monday morning in jail.

    After initial reports on Tuesday, it has been confirmed by Ericโ€™s lawyer that he was indeed attacked my multiple individuals in the holding cell at the jail. โ€œMr. Holder, Jr. was assaulted by multiple individuals while he was in the holding cell at the jail while waiting to be brought to court yesterday morning,โ€ his lawyer Aaron Jansen said. โ€œThe attack included a razor and the back of his head was cut.โ€

    Nipsey was fatally shot outside of the Marathon clothing store he owned in Los Angeles in March 2019. Holder, 32, was charged with one count of first degree-murder in relation to the rapperโ€™s death. He was also charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder because two bystanders were hit by gunfire


    S Death toll rises to 53 after bodies of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS found BAKED ALIVE IN BIG RIG ROLLING OVEN in Texas tractor-trailer
    invasion invasion invasion invasion The death toll of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS who died after they were abandoned in the back of a tractor-trailer that was discovered Monday in San Antonio rose to 53 on Wednesday, according to the Bexar County medical examiner. More than a dozen others were taken to local hospitals with heat-related injuries.

    Among the dead were 40 men and 13 women, the medical examiner said.

    Federal law enforcement officials confirmed to CBS News Homeland Security and Justice reporter Nicole Sganga this appears to be the deadliest human smuggling case in modern U.S. history.

    Not all of the victims have been identified, and some of the victims could be under 18 years old, county spokesman Tom Peine told reporters. During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, officials with Bexar County, Texas, which includes San Antonio, said the death toll had risen to 51.

    "This work will take days, if not longer," Peine said. On Tuesday morning, Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said on Twitter, citing U.S. authorities, that the victims included 22 Mexicans, 7 Guatemalans and two Hondurans. Investigators are still determining the nationalities of those who died or were hospitalized, Sganga reports.

    La "inmigraciรณn" ilegal es SUICIDIO

    ADVERTENCIA a todos los que estรฉn considerando ingresar a los Estados Unidos ILEGALMENTE...
    pagarรกs a contrabandistas criminales para que crucen la frontera hasta tu muerte...
    solo quieren tu dinero y te dejarรกn ser horneado vivo en el gran horno de la muerte o te dejarรกn en el desierto para que los carroรฑeros coman... es posible que su familia nunca sepa cรณmo muriรณ y nadie le ofrecerรก una misa catรณlica.

    invasion invasion invasion

    Russiaโ€™s invasion of Ukraine is causing global hunger and galloping food prices, and future supply-chain disruptions will bring more such misery. Many countries are realizing that they should grow more food, but theyโ€™ve sold much of their best land to China, which uses it to feed its own population. A few years ago, China bought nearly one-tenth of Ukraineโ€™s arable farmland. Countries should start screening those seeking to buy their farmland, as they already do with prospective purchasers of sensitive technology.

    Over the past few years, Chinese buyers have bought farmland in countries ranging from the U.S. and France to Vietnam. In 2013 Hong Kong-based food giant WH Group bought Smithfield, Americaโ€™s largest pork producer, and more than 146,000 acres of Missouri farmland. In the same year, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps bought 9% of Ukraineโ€™s famously fertile farmland, equal to 5% of the countryโ€™s total territory, with a 50-year lease.

      FBI Reportedly Investigating QUEER HOMO SODOMITE Sexual Abuse of little innocent children By New Orleans Catholic Priests

    NOTE: not ALL Catholic Priests rape children - although they may still wind up in lake of Fire.

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        28 June 2022        *******

      Recent news-link posts from The Bobster - (28 June 2022)
    The Bobster

    NYPD data: Violent crimes spiking amid decreases in shootings, murders


    Bronx day care owner sexually assaulted boy under his care: prosecutorsโ€‹


    Wild video shows shooter fire flurry of bullets in the Bronx, striking manโ€‹


    Rudy Giulianiโ€™s alleged attacker walks free after charges downgradedโ€‹


    Vandal scrawls anti-Semitic death threats on Lee Zeldin lawn sign on LIโ€‹


    Samuel L. Jackson takes race-based shot at Justice Thomas over Roe v. Wadev


    Queens triple murder victims whose bodies rotted for days remembered as โ€˜goodโ€™ familyโ€‹


      Tierney's REAL News (6/28/22)

    [Quote Peggy Tierney]

    Hi all, Looks like a J6 whistleblower has been murdered, Biden's DOJ is trying to arrest all of Team Trump to rig mid-terms & 2024 and there's new information on who is naturally immune to COVID and why. That and more in today's REAL news. Enjoy. Peg

    For today's newsletter - click Tierney's REAL News (6/28/22)

    As predicted, Biden's corrupt DOJ is trying to take down Truth Social and they also seized the phone of John Eastman, President Trump's election lawyer, without cause. 3rd world tactics. They will do anything to stop the GREAT AWAKENING. Meanwhile:

    "We now know that NAZIs from Ukraine's AZOV battalion were trained by the CIA and imported to infiltrate J6 and frame MAGA for an insurrection. We know these same mercenaries conduct false flags in America and all over the world. We know that the FBI was on the ground on J6 along with their paid informants & agents.

    We now know that the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys were also on the ground on J6 and have been infiltrated by the Communists and are working against America to frame MAGA. Pelosi's J6 Committee doesn't want that truth coming out. So Stenger was likely Clinton-cided. Just like Epstein and dozens of others! "

    [UN-Quote Peggy Tierney]

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

    ๐Ÿ‘† *******        27 June 2022        *******


    ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire BLACK SUSPECT ๐Ÿ”ฅHell Fire victim name (CNN)The former Minneapolis Police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman while responding to her 911 call in 2017 was released from prison Monday after serving over three years behind bars, according to online records from the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

    Mohamed Noor, 36, was convicted in April 2019 of third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of Justine Ruszczyk, who called 911 on the night of July 15, 2017, to report a possible sexual assault in an alley behind her house.

    Officers Matthew Harrity and Noor were dispatched to the scene and arrived to a dark alley, where they were startled by a loud noise, Harrity told investigators. Ruszczyk then approached the driver's side of the squad car, and Noor, sitting in the passenger's seat, shot and killed her. (in COLD BLACK AFRICAN SAVAGE BLOOD) The case sparked outrage in the US and in Ruszczyk's native Australia and led to the resignation of the city's police chief.

    A jury convicted him of both third-degree murder -- known as "depraved mind murder" -- and manslaughter, and he was initially sentenced to ONLY 12ยฝ years in prison.

    However, Minnesota's highest (pro-black, anti-white) court vacated the third-degree murder conviction last year, saying there was insufficient evidence to sustain it. He was then resentenced to ONLY four years and nine months in prison on the manslaughter charge.


        (Black) Man Shot 3 Coworkers, Killing 1, At WeatherTech: Bolingbrook Police
    black suspect BOLINGBROOK, IL โ€” A shooter left one coworker dead and two injured Saturday at WeatherTech in Bolingbrook, according to police.

    As the overnight shift at the distribution center was nearing its end early Saturday morning, temporary employee Charles C. McKnight Jr. was confronted by his coworkers, police said. McKnight had robbed two fellow employees at gunpoint, stealing a watch and a wallet, according to police. An argument ensued and McKnight pulled out a handgun, shooting three people and fleeing on foot, police said.

    Central Hightower, 37, of Plainfield, was killed, according to police. A 25-year-old man who had been robbed by McKnight was in critical condition Saturday evening, and a 43-year-old man who had been shot had already been released from the hospital, according to police, who said the shooting did not appear to be premeditated.

    [NNN forum thread posted by Arheel's Uncle:] 
    Forum poster

        (Black) Boyfriend of Maine woman charged with murder in fatal hit-and-run crash in Maine
    black suspect victim name The boyfriend of Nicole A. Mokeme, a prominent advocate for Maineโ€™s Black and Indigenous communities who was killed in a hit-and-run crash earlier this month at Arcadia National Park, is now charged with murder in her death and remains at large, authorities said Monday.

    Maine State Police said in a statement that a murder warrant had been obtained for Raymond Lester, 35, of Portland. Authorities are searching for Lester, the statement said, as well his vehicle, a 2016 Black BMW X3 SUV with Maine registration 5614WM.

    Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Lester or his SUV should call State Police at 207-973-3700.

    โ€œNo additional information will be released at this time as to not compromise the integrity of the investigation,โ€ the statement said, adding that Mokeme was killed sometime between Saturday night, June 18 and the early hours of Sunday, June 19.

    Her death has been ruled a homicide. Lesterโ€™s SUV โ€œmay have front-end or undercarriage damage,โ€ the statement said.

    Mokeme, of South Portland, was attending the Black Excellence Retreat at the Schoodic Institute, an event she had helped organize, when she was fatally injured on the instituteโ€™s campus, officials have said previously.

    Nicole Antoinette Chioma Mokeme - OBITUARY

        (Black) FEMALE LESBIAN Brittney Griner: Russian court decides US star to stand trial on drug charges
    suspect WORTHLESS Aspiring BLACK American basketball 'star' Brittney Griner is scheduled to stand trial in Russia on Friday on charges of illegal cannabis possession. The 31-year-old, a three-time WNBA league champion and seven-time All-Star, could face 10 years in prison if convicted. The trial date was decided at a brief hearing which the Phoenix Mercury player attended on Monday. Her detention was also extended at least six months. Griner was detained on 17 February at a Moscow-area airport after cannabis oil was allegedly found in her luggage. The maximum prison sentence applies to "large-scale transportation of drugs."

        New York City's noncitizen voting law struck down
    Noncitizens cannot vote in municipal elections, a Staten Island judge ruled Monday, invalidating a recently enacted New York City law that made more than 800,000 adults eligible to vote for mayor, public advocate and other city posts beginning next year.

    The New York City Council passed the "Our City, Our Vote" bill in December 2021 which then-Mayor Bill de Blasio declined to sign. The bill automatically took effect in January.

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        Lothrop Stoddard
    Lothrop Stoddard

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    The New Nation News bunker

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    against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.โ€

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