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Ferguson, Missouri was once much Whiter than it is today.  As a result, it was a peaceful and relatively crime free community--as most White communities are.

Then, the demographics started shifting.

According to the Washington Post [HERE], as late as 2000, Blacks made up just over half of the population of the 21,000 +- residents of Ferguson and Whites made up 44 percent.

Then, Whites who saw the writing on the wall started fleeing Ferguson.

Now, it's 2012 and  Blacks are  64.9 per cent of the population and Whites are only 30.6. per cent. [HERE]  And, the White population continues to drop.

And, as the Washington Post points out, as Ferguson got Blacker, the police department stayed mostly White with only 3 Black cops among  the department's 53 cops today.[HERE]

Because of the riots, the White police chief is doing the usual sniveling and mewling about wanting more diversity in his force and more racial sensitivity training of officers. [HERE]

Are those real answers to what is happening in Ferguson--and other cities with similar demographics--more diversity on the police force and racial sensitivity training of White cops?  Of course not.

The real answer is that Whites and Blacks are different genetically and this isn't just skin color, but also their natural "ways."  Forcing them to live together is not the answer. No one is really very happy with such arrangements. Blacks feel discriminated against when Whites simply act White, and Whites become the naive victims of Black violent crime and social dysfunction and must become less than they are in order to fit in with Black ways.

The solution 

Blacks should be allowed to live in all Black communities--and eventually all Black states--and have all Black police forces and Whites should be allowed to live in all White communities and have all White police forces.

And, the same goes for the schools in these communities.  You have probably seen the constant glut of stories in the MSM about Blacks not wantingWhite teachers for Black kids [HERE], and wanting more Blacks in various levels of government, colleges, and everything else and how tests and standards have to be changed to give Blacks a leg up instead of using color blind tests and standards based on merit and ability.  This harms Whites, who have long believed in merit.  And, it also perplexes some Whites who have internalized false mind sets about humans being all the same.  Such Whites have cognitive dissonance when they try to face the reality that Blacks and Whites are not the same and they twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain why most pro football teams, basketball teams and fast runners are Black and not White.  If Blacks and Whites were the same, you wouldn't see such disparities in sports.  The same principles apply to non-sports activities: different races have different abilities and liabilities and these are genetically determined.

There is a simple solution to all of this. Racial Nationalism.  Let Blacks have their own communities and let Whites have their own communities.  Now, it is mostly lefty Whites who would oppose this, because they are still caught up in false ideas that integration, diversity and multi-culturalism are wonderful, even when it is pointed out that these don't work and that they harm actual living people.

And, Whites who flee Blacks moving into formerly White communities usually say things such as "We just need a bigger (or smaller) house," or "We want better schools," or they'll use some other PC excuses.  But, what they're really doing is fleeing Black crime and Black social dysfunction.  They don't want to live in communities where there is always tension.  They just want to live happy and safe lives among people who look like them, who think like them, and who act like them.

Back to Ferguson

You probably won't read about this as the MSM will cover it up, but the White exodus out of Ferguson will now increase at jet-like speed.  Whites will begin selling their homes on the cheap just to get out of there before Ferguson becomes a total no-go ghetto.

White Ferguson cops will also be applying to other forces.  The White politicians will start being defeated based on race. Ferguson is going Black.  It will be a mini-Detroit and the violent crime rate and social dysfunction will continue to increase as it does in all such communities with similar demographics. Once all the Whites who can get out of Ferguson have fled,  Blacks will then find some way to blame Whites at the state or national level for their problems.

You can pretend reality doesn't exist, folks, but that doesn't change it. Reality is reality.

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