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    Look: Sketch of Menlo Park shooting BLACK-ON-WHITE suspect
Larry Edwin Van Dolah JrsuspectsuspectsPORTLAND, Ore. — Police are seeking tips on identifying suspects in a shooting near Menlo Park Elementary School that left a man dead last month. Neighbors heard gunshots and saw three men with hooded sweatshirts running south on 128th Avenue across E Burnside Street around 12:41 p.m. on April 15. 38-year-old Larry Edwin Van Dolah Jr. of St. Helens was dead when police and paramedics arrived. The three men appeared to 16 to 20 years old. Two of them were wearing blue jeans and one was wearing dark pants. The men were captured on surveillance images and a witness provided enough details for a forensic artist to draw a sketch. - (Black-on-white)

    Police: (BLACK) Man killed (White) victim after drug deal, robbery at Taylor Berry neighborhood home
David Paul Everly Sr.Robert CrittendenA Louisville man is accused of shooting and killing a person in the Taylor Berry neighborhood last week after they initially met up for a drug deal. Robert Crittenden, 22, was charged with the murder of 52-year-old David Everly last Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Everly's front porch in the 3300 block of Taylor Boulevard. Louisville Metro Police officials said Crittenden and at at least two unidentified co-defendants arrived at the home to conduct a drug deal with Everly. The group then entered the home to rob him. The robbery went awry and Everly was shot. Everly was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital, where he died around 9 p.m. from multiple gunshot wounds. Crittenden was arrested just before 11:45 p.m. Monday in the rear alley near North 41st and West Main streets. He was charged with one count each of murder and first-degree robbery. Crittenden and Everly did not know each other. - (Black-on-white)
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (White) man dies 17 months after being set on fire (by black) in roadside altercation
Christopher Harrison JrShawn Michael ScarinziShawn Michael ScarinziDavid CampbellChristopher Harrison JrWHITE MARSH, Md. – A 25-year-old man has died, 17 months after being inadvertently set on fire during an altercation, police announced on Tuesday. He was one of two victims set on fire on December 4, 2015 in the area of Pulaski Highway and Allender Road, in White Marsh. According to investigators, David Benjamin Campbell and Shawn Michael Scarinzi had run out of gas and were returning with gasoline containers when Campbell and Christopher Harrison Jr., began to argue. During the argument, Campbell punched Harrison, police said. “Harrison doused Campbell with gasoline and lit him on fire,” police described in a release. “Scarinzi, who was standing near Campbell with a container of gasoline, also became engulfed in flames. Both victims remained hospitalized until the time of their deaths.” According to investigators, Harrison and Campbell were involved in an ongoing dispute at work. Campbell, 22, died on January 7, 2017 and his death was ruled a homicide. Scarinzi, 25, died on May 22, 2017. Police say the results of his autopsy are pending. A warrant charging Harrison with homicide was issued on May 16. He was already in custody, as he was arrested at the time of the incident and held without bail. Harrison pled guilty on July 28, 2016 to charges of 1st Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment, for which he was sentenced to 20 years and 5 years imprisonment, to be served consecutively. - (Burned Alive!) - (Black-on-white)

    Akron fire that killed 7 (including white mother) was ‘act of arson’; (black) neighbor in custody
Stanley FordDennis Huggins, 35; Angela BoggsAngela Boggsarson victimsAKRON -- The Akron house fire that killed seven people was an "act of arson." Officials said a man, Stanley Ford, 58, was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated arson and seven counts of aggravated murder. Authorities said Ford was a neighbor but had no known affiliation with the family. Killed in the fire were Dennis Huggins, 35; Angela Boggs, 37; Jared Boggs, 14; Daisia Huggins; 6; Kyle Huggins, 5; Alivia Huggins, 3; and Cameron Huggins, 16 months. A memorial service will be held Saturday to remember the seven victims. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    BLACK Massage therapist arrested for sexual battery at Plaza-Midwood massage studio
Russell Todd SandersCHARLOTTE, NC - A massage therapist in Plaza-Midwood has been arrested for sexual battery and assault on a female. The police report said a 41-year-old woman said she was sexually assaulted inside the Okra yoga studio during a massage on Commonwealth Avenue. Russell Todd Sanders, 46, was arrested and is currently facing charges for sexual battery and assault against a female. Sanders has since been fired from Okra Charlotte Yoga on Commonwealth Avenue, according to sources. His photo is no longer on the Okra website.
    Lynn Williams
    Trial begins for BLACK midstate man accused of raping 4-year-old girl
Robert Wayne DavisA young woman told her story — a story she alleges began with her being raped as a 4-year-old — to a group of strangers Tuesday. The woman said she didn’t understand what sex was until she was much older and after realizing what had happened, she was afraid to tell her family about the alleged sexual abuse that had continued until she was in middle school. “I didn’t know it was wrong,” she told the group of Bibb County jurors. A trial began Tuesday for 53-year-old Robert Wayne Davis Tuesday in Bibb County Superior Court. Davis is charged with two counts each of child molestation and rape stemming from incidents that are alleged to have occurred between 2004 and 2012. The woman testified Davis told her as a young girl not to tell anyone what she alleges happened behind closed doors. As she got older, she said she tried to tell her mother about the alleged sexual abuse, but she’d freeze and her throat would swell up, causing her not to say anything. In 2015, as a 16-year-old, she was in a car when she told her mother. “Everything just flooded out,” she said.

    (Black demon) accused of raping 2 young girls pleads guilty, gets life in prison
Gussie Hilton, JrRAVENEL, S.C. — A Ravenel man charged with kidnapping and sex assault in 2015 has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. According to Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, Gussie Hilton, Jr. was sentenced to life in prison for Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor in the First Degree. He will also serve a consecutive thirty years for Criminal Sexual Conduct in the First Degree, and thirty years each for three Kidnappings. Hilton pleaded guilty to the crimes on Thursday. According to a release from the solicitor, Hilton sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl "after telling her he would make her a big girl that day." He then left her alone in his house while he gave a ride to a mother and her 13-year-old daughter to North Charleston. They said Hilton pulled over near a wooded area off Ellington School Road, forced the mother to take off all of her clothes at knifepoint, bound the thirteen-year old's hands with tape, and made them walk into the woods. The mother escaped to get help but Hilton sexually assaulted the young girl, "indicating that he wanted her to have his baby." Once Hilton was in custody, he confessed to also sexually assaulting another 6-year-old girl earlier in the day at a Martin Street home in Ravenel.

    Bond raised for suspect (with stupid Ebonic name, Usasveus) in burglary, sexual assault case - Black activist Quanell X wants him caged
Usasveus AustinQuanell XHOUSTON - A judge on Tuesday raised the bond for a man accused of breaking into a Houston restaurant and sexually assaulting a woman. Usasveus Austin, 23, is facing five charges. He was charged with burglary and evading arrest after police said he broke into a Chick-Fil-A on Bellaire and Beltway 8 in April. Investigators said Austin is also the suspect in the sexual assault of a woman at her Greenspoint-area apartment in September 2016. According to court documents, Austin forced his way into the woman’s apartment, abducted her, robbed her at gunpoint, threatened her life and sexually assaulted her. Austin posted a $30,000 bond earlier, but in court Tuesday, the judge increased the bond to $310,000. Community activist Quanell X argued that Austin should not have been given a bond at all. "This man is a continuing threat to society, and I believe it shows blatant disregard for the safety of the community to give the man an opportunity to make bond and be back on the street," Quanell X said.

  • Grand Jury declines to indict (White) Arlington officer for shooting (black) teen at dealership - Jun 8, 2016
    A Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict a former Arlington police officer accused of shooting and killing a 19-year-old at a car dealership in 2015. Former Arlington officer Brad Miller, 49, was accused of following Christian Taylor, 19, into the dealership where he shot the Angelo State football player four times as the teen rushed toward him. Before the confrontation, video from the Arlington dealership showed Taylor acting erratically, jumping on cars and later busting through the gate into the parking lot. An autopsy showed Taylor had drugs in his system at the time of the shooting. Miller was fired by Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson days after the shooting. - (Black-on-white)

    Fayetteville Police arrest man in July 2016 rape - (link removed)

    Accused rapist mistakenly released from custody, on the loose, police say
Randy Early MIAMI - A rape suspect was mistakenly released from custody on Tuesday. Randy Early had been charged with sexual battery, trespassing and strong armed robbery. But there’s a caveat – he has mental health issues and was deemed incompetent by the court. Therefore, Early was living in a Miami assisted living home in a house-arrest capacity. Early was being monitored by the courts, but sometime last week he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment for medical issues and was discharged. The startling revelation was made in court Tuesday, where a Miami-Dade County circuit court judge found out that Early, who has a violent past and whose victims have been elderly women, is now missing.

  • 11-year-old rape victim kidnapped at bus stop by BLACK man, deputies say
    black rapistORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An 11-year-old girl was waiting for the school bus Monday in Orlando when she was kidnapped and raped by a man, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The girl was waiting at the bus stop at the Magnolia Court Condominium complex around 7 a.m. when she bent down to tie her shoe. When she stood up a black man was there and grabbed her left arm pulling her into the backseat of his car. The man drove a few blocks and then stopped and raped the girl, according to the incident report. The girl told detectives that the man’s vehicle had black fury seat covers with a large skull on the back seat. Deputies said the assailant is a black man, about 25-30 years old and weighing 180 pounds. He is 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 4 inches tall, and has a low haircut, brown eyes and a medium oval-shaped scar on the left side of his face.

    Buffalo Police search for rape suspect
black rapistBUFFALO, NY - Buffalo Police are turning to the public to help identify a suspect wanted in connection to a rape. Police released the video on their Facebook page of a potential suspect wanted in a rape that occurred on Memorial and Curtiss. Police say the suspect is an African American male in his late teens, early 20s with light skin. He may have a birthmark or tattoo next to his eye. They believe he frequents, or lives, in the area of Broadway and Person. If you have any information on his identity, you're asked to call Buffalo Police: 716-847-2255.

  • (Most probably BLACK) man punches (black) woman in the face for trying to stop his racist rant
    A man ranting against black women “trying to look white” punched a straphanger in the face aboard a Brooklyn subway train, authorities said. The 32-year-old victim stepped onto a southbound 4 train at Borough Hall station when she spotted the man walking around the subway car calling white people “dogs” and making other racially charged statements around 7:15 p.m. Monday. The suspect then started berating a black woman and made fun of her hair weave, claiming that she was trying to look white, officials said.

  • Black man will have transplanted white penis tattooed to match
    A black man who had a penis transplant will now undergo tattooing to change its color — because the donor was white. “We have very few donors for this transplant procedure,” noted urologist Dr. Andre van der Merwe, who led the man’s surgical team in South Africa.

    East Orange police make record-breaking pot bust
Sherline Dare, Densley Lawrence and Gregory RuttyEast Orange police say they have made a record-breaking marijuana bust. Authorities said more than 1,400 marijuana plants were found Thursday in a four-car garage at a single-family home near Springdale Avenue. “The East Orange Police Department recovered and seized 1,470 marijuana plants in a four-car garage in a single-family home not far from Soverel Park,” East Orange Mayor Lester Taylor said during a press conference Monday. Authorities believe the entire pot production has an estimated street value of $2.95 million. Sherline Dare, 37, was taken into custody, arrested and charged with distribution, maintaining and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, as well as other charges. She faces up to 25 years in prison. Police said they’re searching for her husband, 41-year-old Densley Lawrence. He faces the same charges. A third person, 56-year-old Gregory Rutty, who was found in his truck parked on the street in front of the home, was also arrested and charged. He has been released on bond.

    Suspect charged in shooting during Sunday church service at House of Refuge
Orlando L. GentryKANSAS CITY, Mo. — Prosecutors have charged a suspect in a shooting Sunday morning at a Kansas City church that injured one man. Orlando L. Gentry, 29, is charged with 1st degree assault, armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon, and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of a weapon for carrying a loaded firearm into a church. Church service was interrupted Sunday morning at the House of Refuge Family Worship Center near Hillcrest and E. 109th Street when a man began arguing with the pastor. The dispute escalated to the man pulling a gun. That’s according to the church greeter, Montell Bruce, who was injured when the gunman fired shots, one of them grazing Bruce’s head. “He was actually mad at the pastor. I think he wanted financial help,” Bruce explained. He said the suspect, who had visited their church before, kept arguing with the church’s pastor and kept demanding money.

    20 year sentence for Pier Burger stabbing by homeless hungry black
Calvin Earl GullettA homeless man has been sentenced to 20 years in state prison for the 2016 stabbing of an employee at Pier Burger. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Calvin Earl Gullett, 34, entered no contest pleas on May 22 for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of second-degree robbery Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark Windham immediately sentenced the defendant to 20 years in state prison. The case began in September of 2016 when Gullett entered Pier Burger at about 10:52 a.m. on Sept. 7. He demanded free food and when he was denied, he walked into the restaurant’s kitchen and assaulted an employee who was transported to a nearby hospital in stable condition. Gullett chased a second employee but the second potential victim escaped unharmed. Gullett then fled the area but was located by police on the sand, just north of the Pier deck. Officers were forced to use a Taser after Gullett refused to comply with orders.

    (Pointy-headed) Repeat sex offender arrested on rape charge in Brunswick
Bobby Myron WillisA convicted sex offender labeled as a recidivist was jailed early Tuesday in the sexual assault of a homeless woman. Bobby Myron Willis, 53, of Leland is being held in the Brunswick County jail on charges of second-degree forcible rape and first-degree kidnapping. According to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office arrest warrant, Willis allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 53-year-old Lexington woman Monday. Willis has two prior sexual battery convictions. The state sex-offender registry lists him as a recidivist, meaning he was deemed likely to reoffend. Willis’ first conviction was in 2007 in Brunswick County and his second conviction was in 2009 in New Hanover County, N.C. Department of Correction records show. He also has a 2005 conviction for assault on a female.

    Convicted pimp dies after found unresponsive in prison north of Las Vegas
Robert Sharpe IIIA convicted pimp serving a life sentence without parole for kidnapping has died after he was found unresponsive in his cell at High Desert State Prison last week. 31-year-old Robert Sharpe III was sentenced in Las Vegas last May for charges related to sex trafficking, battery and kidnapping. The Nevada Department of Corrections reported that on May 18 Sharpe was found unresponsive in his cell at High Desert State Prison. Medical staff on scene assessed his condition and he was transported by ambulance to Valley Hospital where he died on May 20.
  • Las Vegas pimp gets life in prison for torturing teen - May 17, 2016
    A Las Vegas pimp who lured a teenager into prostitution and tortured her for months was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The victim, now 20, told District Judge Richard Scotti that she still fears Robert Sharpe III will come after her. He was convicted two months ago of 15 felony counts, including first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm, sex trafficking, living from the earnings of a prostitute, and assault. Scotti called the sentence “appropriate” for the physical and psychological “torment and the slavery she had to endure.” Prosecutors said that in March 2014 Sharpe conned the woman, who was then 18, into working as a prostitute for him, and then beat her repeatedly, nearly killing her and causing injuries that left lifelong scars. Sharpe, 30, stared at the victim and showed no emotion as she spoke at the sentencing hearing. “I was in a constant state of fear and survival,” the woman said.
  • Police: Woman’s Vegas ‘dream’ smashed by sex industry torture - September 25, 2014
    She wasn’t even taken to the emergency room. The pimp left her in the Wendy’s parking lot across from the hospital, tossing her away like fast-food trash. The lacerations on her back and butt, from being beaten with a pole dozens of times over several months, were so infected that they stunk. Her middle finger on her right hand, ravaged by gangrene, needed to be amputated.

    Victoria's Secret theft ring busted, thieves nabbed over $300K in goods on East Coast
5 black thievesWYOMISSING, Pa — Police say they carried out a number of robberies up and down the East Coast. Their targets: Victoria's Secret stores. They were allegedly part of an elaborate theft ring targeting stores up and down the East Coast. "With these retail theft rings, they obviously have a market for them, they're reselling it somewhere," says Detective Paul Baur, Wyomissing Police Department. Police say Lyric Mclaughin, Denote Griffin, James McCater, Tanika Greer and Justin Inman, all from the Baltimore area, could be behind the theft of $300,000 worth of merchandise from multiple Victoria's Secrets, and police say that includes $3,000 worth of stuff from the one in the Berkshire Mall in Wyomissing.

    cRapper Meek Mill, Theater Sued Over Fatal Concert Shooting
Meek MillRapper Meek Mill and a Connecticut theater are being sued over a fatal shooting outside the venue following a concert in December. The shooting outside the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford killed 31-year-old Travis Ward and 20-year-old Jaquan Graves, both of New Haven. Two others were injured, including 25-year-old Nathan Mitchell, of Hartford. The lawsuit says Meek Mill's lyrics incite violence and there have been shootings at two of his other concerts.

    Hey, what's fun to do in Philly? 3 Officers and 2 Teens Hurt, 2 Teens Arrested After Large Brawl Outside SEPTA Station
Three police officers and two teens were injured while two other teens were arrested following a large brawl at a SEPTA station in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia Monday. SEPTA police say they first saw posts on social media calling for high school students to show up at the Erie-Torresdale Market-Frankford Line Station for a fight. When police arrived they say they saw a large crowd of teens fighting at the station. “Cops were definitely outnumbered,” Emmanuel Negron, who witnessed the fight, told NBC10. “There was probably about like a good 200 to 300 kids.”

    (Black) Hammer-wielding psycho takes plea deal, will get 22 years in prison
David BarilPolice Officer Lauren O’RourkeThe raging brute who used a black claw hammer to attack four strangers — including a young female cop — took a plea deal Monday. David Baril, 32, pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated assault on a police officer and three counts of second-degree assault in exchange for 22 years in prison. Baril admitted in Manhattan Supreme Court to bashing four strangers with a hammer in unprovoked attacks. On May 11, 2015, the hammer-wielding hobo first struck a 20-year-old man in the back of the head near West 35th Street and Sixth Avenue. About six hours later, Baril snuck up behind a 28-year-old woman seated on a bench in Union Square Park and whacked her on the head. A few minutes later, he bashed a 33-year-old woman with the same hammer. The madman’s rampage ended two days later when Police Officer Lauren O’Rourke approached him in Hell’s Kitchen. He responded by pursuing her into a busy intersection and beating her with a hammer. - (Black-on-white)

    Illegal immigrant arrested for attempted murder and burglary
Juan Arteaga-OrozcoDAVENPORT, Fla. — Polk County Sheriff deputies arrested 36-year-old Juan Arteaga-Orozco of Haines City for one count attempted second-degree murder and two counts burglary with assault/battery. Orozco is an immigrant from Mexico, and is in the United States illegally. Early Sunday morning, the Polk County Sheriff's Office reported that deputies responded to a occupied burglary in Davenport. Upon arrival, deputies stated that they learned that the suspect, Juan Arteaga-Orozco, had been located down the road and was in custody. Deputies went on to speak to the victims. Victim one told deputies that upon waking up, she noticed someone in bed with her, who was later determined as Orozco. The victim, yelling for help, attempted to get away from him, but Orozco placed both of his hands around her neck and squeezed. He told her "shut up, shut up, or I'm going to kill you."


    (White) Indy woman (with ring in nose) seeks justice after sexual assault (by man with redacted ethnicity)
Rebecca PolanskiINDIANAPOLIS -- Rebecca Polanski has encouraged women to report sexual assaults, although criminal charges were not filed in her case in Marion County. Polanski of Indianapolis said she was raped this past September 9 during a date with a man she met on social media app. The graduate student went to the hospital to undergo a forensic exam and the case was investigated by police. After a review of the incident, the Marion County Prosecutor's Office declined in December to pursue charges against a 28 year-old man.

  Saffie Rose Roussos




Israeli flag
  • Trump condemns Holocaust as 'the most savage crime' President Donald Trump paid a short visit to Israel's national Holocaust memorial on Tuesday, calling the Nazi extermination of 6 million Jews "the most savage crime against God and his children" Trump lit the memorial's eternal flame and laid a wreath in honor of the 6 million dead. In brief comments, Trump called the Holocaust "history's darkest hour."

Israeli flag
  • Random attack in Fairfax on elderly Jewish man captured on video
    FAIRFAX DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES -- A vicious and seemingly random attack on an elderly man was caught on video in the Fairfax district, and some are wondering if the victim was targeted for his faith. Surveillance video shows the elderly victim walking on the street after 8 a.m. near the intersection of Detroit Street and Oakwood Avenue. Another man approaches him on the sidewalk and pushes him. He then goes after the older man, repeatedly punching him and then kicking him multiple times after he falls against a parked car. The victim was wearing a yarmulke and friends of his and witnesses are wondering if he was attacked because of his Jewish faith.

Israeli flag




    (BLACK) Gwinnett man convicted of murder (of WHITE man) during truck theft
Marquavis BentonBrian WhitfieldMarquavis Benton has been convicted of murdering Brian Whitfield while stealing his truck. Benton, 28, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences following Friday’s trail. He was convicted of murder, two counts of felony murder, and one count each of armed robbery, aggravated assault and theft by taking stemming from a 2014 killing in north Gwinnett County. Benton and two women were attempting to rob Whitfield at gunpoint at his Auburn home on Dec. 6, 2014, when Whitfield tried to run away, the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office said. Benton chased Whitfield and shot him, firing “as many as five times,” the DA’s office said. As Whitfield lay dead in his driveway, Benton and the women loaded Whitfield’s customized “Rumblebee” pickup truck with multiple guns, a television and jewelry from Whitfield’s home, the DA’s office said. “It is clear that you have a completely callous disregard for the value of human life,” Judge George F. Hutchinson III said to Whitfield during sentencing. - (Black-on-white)

    Vermont State Police: (Black) Barre Man Accused of Murder to be Arraigned on Monday
Jayveon CaballeroDesiree CaryCaryn PeltzerMarkus AustinBarre, Vt. — Vermont State Police say a Barre man who is accused of murder will be arraigned on Monday. Police say, Jayveon Caballero, 29, of Barre was arrested in Deltona, Florida on May 4 and was extradited to Vermont last week. Authorities say Caballero is facing charges of second-degree murder on Monday at Vermont Superior Court in Washington County. Police say on January 22, a Vermont State worker was found dead outside of his Montpelier apartment building. According to a media release, the victim Markus Austin, 33, of Montpelier got into a disagreement with Caballero on Sunday morning outside of Gusto's Bar on Prospect Street in Barre. According to police, witnesses saw Austin assault Caballero’s girlfriend Desiree Cary, 22, of Barre during the altercation. Police say later on that morning, Caballero allegedly shot Austin outside of his apartment building on 191 Barre Street in Montpelier.

Dangers of interracial dating

  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Woonsocket black indicted on multiple sexual-assault charges
Francis ScottPROVIDENCE, R.I. — A man accused of posing as an Uber driver to kidnap and sexually assault a 15-year-old girl has been indicted by a grand jury on four counts of second-degree sexual assault, as well as other charges. Prosecutors allege that Francis D. Scott, 36, of 199 Poplar St. in Woonsocket, sexually assaulted four female victims between November 2015 and February 2017, according to a news release from the Rhode Island Office of the Attorney General. In the most recent case, Scott was accused by the Providence police of luring a 15-year-old girl into his car by claiming to be an Uber driver offering a ride, then driving behind a shopping plaza and assaulting her. Scott is charged with one count of kidnapping of a minor, four counts of second degree sexual assault, one count of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of first degree sexual assault and one count of second degree robbery.

    Sketch released of black suspect in Alpharetta park sex attack
black rapistALPHARETTA, Ga -- Police have released a sketch of a suspect in an assault that happened last week. The assault took place in the city's Wills Park area on May 16. Alpharetta police said the department requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to assist in the effort to obtain a sketch of the suspect. The victim told police she was attacked around 11:30 a.m. walking her 1-year-old child along a path at the park. A police report shows the incident began with a simple greeting of “good morning” from the suspect. She replied to the suspect as she pushed her daughter’s stroller on the path. A few minutes later, the victim said she noticed the suspect walking quickly, approaching her from behind. She began to walk faster but so did the suspect. During this time her daughter’s blanket fell off the stroller. It was at that moment that she tried to pick up the blanket that the suspect grabbed her from behind with a small black knife and placed it to the side of her stomach. The victim described the weapon as a homemade box cutter. She said the suspect then began putting his other hand underneath her clothes. She elbowed her attacker who grabbed her hair and pulled her back. Luckily she continued to fight and scream catching the attention of passersby who came to her aid as the suspect fled. He was described as an African American male who had a slight, “scruffy” beard and was about 5 feet 10 inches tall.

    Police: (Black) Mother shot kids to ‘save them from the evils of the world'
Claudena Marie HeltonThe Ohio woman accused of shooting and killing two of her three children said she did it to “save them from the evils of the world,” according to court documents. Khmorra Helton, 8, and Kaiden Helton, 6, died Sunday at Dayton Children’s Hospital from gunshot wounds to the head. Investigators from the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office will perform autopsies today. The children’s mother, Claudena Marie Helton, 30, was arrested after the shootings Thursday and interviewed by Dayton police detectives. “Ms. Helton made admissions to shooting the children to save them from the evils of the world.” The affidavit indicated Helton asked her oldest child, an 11-year-old, to assist her in removing the children from their Dayton-area home . The surviving child was taken from the home and interviewed by police.
  • Police: Mother shot kids to ‘save them from the evils of the world’ - both 'baby-daddies' appear to be in prison
    suspectKhmorra Helton, 8,’s father is listed as Lynntonio S. Watson, according to birth records. Watson, 30, less than three years ago was convicted of murder and felonious assault in the shooting death of 19-year-old Martell Gray. In September 2013, he fired gunshots that killed Gray and injured two others near Dayton’s Whitney Young Estates.
    suspectKaiden Helton, 6,’s father is listed as Stephen J. Fletcher, the records show. On May 23, 2010, Trotwood police arrested Fletcher for allegedly threatening Claudena Helton’s life, punching her in the face and choking her until she nearly fainted, according to a police report. Fletcher was charged with misdemeanor counts of aggravated menacing and domestic violence. He was found guilty of one of the counts and sentenced to 123 days in jail.

    Two years after crash that killed teen, Tamika Pledger’s trial begins
Tamika PledgerTierra SmithKANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A woman accused of hitting a group of teenagers with her car in January 2015, killing one of them, is finally getting her day in Wyandotte County District Court. Tamika Pledger, 41, is charged with one count of involuntary manslaughter and four counts of reckless aggravated battery for allegedly hitting those four teenagers with her car. Witnesses told police the four teens were among a bigger group of students who had gathered near the street to watch a fight that reportedly involved Pledger's niece. Pledger said she was on her way to break up the fight when she crashed into the teens. In January 2015, the victims included 16-year-old Tierra Smith, who was killed, a then-17-year-old boy who suffered a broken leg, a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl. Court documents show police estimate Pledger was driving at least 54 mph in a 20 mph zone when her silver Mercedes Benz slammed into the four teens.

    (Black Hispanic) Woman claims to be God, moves into Melbourne Beach mansion
Franchesca PachecoA 36-year-old woman who told police she's God and that angels bought her a $1.3 million beachside mansion, was booked into jail after officers said she moved into the home while the homeowners were away. The woman also fought with the officer as she was taken into custody, digging her nails into the officer’s hand and kicking her, police reported. Franchesca Pacheco, of Kissimmee, was charged with burglary to a dwelling, grand theft auto, battery of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence after the Melbourne Beach officer encountered the woman last Thursday, reports show. Melbourne Beach police said the woman, later identified as Franchesca Pacheco, waved down an officer. She told the officer someone stole her driver’s license and that she wanted to file a report. “Then she started saying she’s God and that the angels bought her a mansion and paid for her vehicle, a brand new $45,000 van,” said Melbourne Police Chief Dan Duncan. Duncan said the woman got into the oceanfront mansion several days before, making herself at home, using the van and greeting neighbors. “

  Bill Cosby - black rapist
"Pill Cosby"


    Teen Jamir Hill Pleads Guilty In Rape, Attempted Murder Of 5-Year-Old Girl In North Philly
black suspectPHILADELPHIA — A 17-year-old has pleaded guilty to brutally attacking a 5-year-old girl in her mother’s home in North Philadelphia two years ago. Jamir Hill was 15 when he was charged as an adult with the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of a young girl in July of 2015. He’s now pleaded guilty to the charges. Authorities say Hill broke into the victims’ home, raped and beat the girl, leaving her unconscious in the backyard of her mother’s house. “The young man was at a treatment facility shortly before committing this attack,” said attorney Thomas Fitzpatrick, who represents thes victim and her family. He says Hill slipped through cracks in the system. Authorities say DNA connected Hill to the crime, and the young victim helped investigators identify her attacker.
    VINELINK PA Offender Name: HILL, JAMIR Custody Status: In Custody Age: 17 Philadelphia Prison System Race: African American

Chaka Fattah Jr.   Chaka Fattah Jr. Can Sue Feds: Judge
Chaka Fattah Jr. is headed back to court, this time for a different reason as a judge has ruled the son of former U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah can sue federal investigators over his treatment.

    HISPANIC Woman accused of beating boyfriend with rubber mallet, trying to cut off his testicles
Sylvia Vasquez SAN ANTONIO - A fight over a man talking to another woman, ended with his girlfriend trying to cut off his testicles. According to an arrest affidavit, Sylvia Vasquez got into a fight Saturday with her boyfriend because he was talking to another woman. When the pair got home, Vasquez grabbed a rubber mallet and began beating her boyfriend, the document stated. Vasquez hit the victim so hard it knocked him out, police said. When the man woke up, he told police, he saw that there was “a cut on his scrotum with an unknown sharp weapon.” The victim sought treatment at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, where police noticed bruises all over his body. Vasquez has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

  • HISPANIC Restaurant Employee Leaves Message on Receipt Insulting Police Officer
    An employee at a New Jersey restaurant was fired for leaving a message on a receipt that insulted a police officer who was eating there, according to the owner. A photo was posted on social media showing the words “cops,” “pigs,” and “puercoson a receipt at Romanelli’s Garden Café in Galloway, New Jersey. “Puerco” means "pig" in Spanish.


Oscar Lopez Rivera


    Suspect to cops: I killed two roommates for disrespecting my Muslim faith
Devon ArthursAndrew OneschukJeremy HimmelmanA Florida man who once had common neo-Nazi beliefs with his two roommates killed them after he converted to Islam, claiming they had disrespected his faith, police say. Devon Arthurs, 18, of Tampa, told police he shot Jeremy Himmelman, 22, and Andrew Oneschuk, 18, on Friday at the Hamptons at Tampa Palms complex after becoming upset about widespread anti-Muslim sentiment, saying he “wanted to bring attention to the cause,” according to a police report obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. Arthurs then briefly held an employee and customers hostage at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop, where he boasted that he had just killed his roommates, “blasting their head” with a semi-automatic pistol. “Do me a favor and get the f— on the ground!” Arthurs yelled as he stormed into the store. “Why shouldn’t I kill you?” He said he was upset that America was bombing Muslim countries. Arthurs eventually freed his hostages and surrendered, making references to “Allah Mohammed” as cops took him to a patrol cruiser. Arthurs told investigators that all four men shared neo-Nazi beliefs prior to his conversion to Islam.


Israeli flag
  • Trump becomes first (sitting) US president to visit Western Wall - Is that pope wearing a Yarmulke?
    The president covered his head with a kippah, a skullcap worn by observant Jews.Hillary Clinton at the wallPope Francis at the wallPresident Trump on Monday became the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the holiest site where Jews are allowed to pray. Trump approached the wall, rested his hand on it in a moment of silent reflection and placed a note inside — as is traditional practice for worshippers. The president covered his head with a kippah, a skullcap worn by observant Jews.

  • Texas set to pass transgender bathroom law for schools
    A broader proposal mandating that virtually all transgender people in the country’s second-largest state use public restrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates sailed through the Texas Senate months ago.
    A small group of Democratic women legislators went into the men’s restroom just off the House floor before debate began in protest.


    (White female) Lincoln homicide victim was mother of White twins, had restraining order against (black male) gunman
Jerrod Devery HillRenee Sue O’NealRenee Sue O’Neal, the Lincoln woman found shot to death Wednesday morning in her garage, had filed a restraining order against the man now suspected of killing her, Lincoln police Chief Doug Lee said Thursday. Jerrod Devery Hill, 31, of El Dorado Hills, also pleaded no contest in April to a felony stalking charge filed against him in January, Sacramento Superior Court records show. Hill apparently shot himself to death as officers pursued him Wednesday on Interstate 80 near Truckee, police said. Hill was found in his car after officers used spike strips to try to stop him from fleeing. Hill and O’Neal, 35, were identified Thursday by coroner’s offices in Nevada and Placer counties. O’Neal had a restraining order against Hill. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Police Searching for Men Who Allegedly Fired AK-47 at Officer
Jaylen Farmer (left) and Vondre McClure (right) WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Two men who allegedly opened fire with an AK-47 rifle on an officer during a traffic stop are on the run. West Memphis police said on Friday a patrol officer attempted to pull over a car driven by Jaylen Farmer, 20. That’s when a passenger, Vondre McClure, 19, leaned out of a backseat window and opened fire on the officer. The squad car was hit, but the officer was not injured. The officer still was able to chase the suspects until Farmer crashed the car. Farmer and McClure ran from the crash scene and are to be considered armed and extremely dangerous, authorities said. They are wanted for attempted capital murder, discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and engaging in violent criminal group activity. If anyone sees or comes in contact with either of these suspects they are asked to call 911 immediately. People with information on the whereabouts of these two suspects are asked to call the West Memphis Police Department at (870) 735-1210.

    Australia: Convicted criminal and married father, 39, 'groomed Sydney schoolgirl, 16, on Snapchat and then flew her to the U.S. for sex'
Sean Price- before being arrested with her in his MOTHER'S basement — The convicted criminal who allegedly lured a 16-year-old girl from her Australian home on Sydney's north shore to the U.S. for sex is a married father with a four-year-old daughter. Sean Price, 39, is accused of grooming the Lindfield schoolgirl from Sydney's north shore on Snapchat for months before convincing her to board a plane to Los Angeles to engage in sexual activity, according to a complaint made in the Eastern District of New York. Price, whose long rap sheet includes a 1995 conviction for criminally negligent homicide for the death of a passenger in a car crash, allegedly received nude photos from the teen before he sent her US$1,600 (AU$2,150) for the airfare, according to court papers. His estranged wife, Rhyse Price, told Mail Online she was sickened by the allegations.

    LASD Issues Statement About Use Of Force Allegation During Union Station Arrest - black female bites deputy on hand
black woman biterLOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement Saturday regarding the arrest of a 76-year-old woman at Union Station earlier this week that was captured on videotape. The arrest was described in a number of media outlets as rough and excessive. The woman was forcibly removed from the reserved seats at Union Station on Wednesday around 11:15 p.m. They added, “During their contact, the suspect refused several orders by the deputies to stand and leave the area, even after deputies attempted to assist her in standing. At one point, as seen on the cell phone video, the suspect leaned forward toward the groin area of one of the deputies, and bit him on his gloved hand. She bit the second deputy on his left wrist


  • Police: 9 People Shot In North Philadelphia
    PHILADELPHIA — Police are searching for two gunmen who opened fire on a large crowd in North Philadelphia, shooting and injuring nine people. It happened around 10:30 p.m. Saturday in the 2500 block of North 23rd Street near Huntingdon Street in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city. Detectives say dozens of people were outside, listening to music, when two unknown men suddenly began shooting into the crowd from across the street. Nine people were struck by the gunfire.


Police attempting to locate parents of child found unattended
lost girlKANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police are attempting to locate the parents or family members of a little girl found by officers Sunday. Officers found the girl unattended at a play area in the 2000 Park Tower Drive area, near 20th and Wheeling. The child is safe with police, but officers have not been able to locate her family. She told police she is 3 years old, but will not answer when asked her name. If anyone recognizes this child, please call 911 right away.



Israeli flag


Charity whose rabbi sought to deregulate circumcisions sues city
Rabbi David Niederman"Jewish Vampire"A Williamsburg charity is suing (New York) city for not getting a tax break in what insiders say is mayoral payback for its rabbi’s role in the (neonatal herpes) circumcision controversy. The city wrongfully revoked a property-tax exemption of a building owned by the United Jewish Organizations, the group claims in a lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court. Insiders said the city’s move was a sign Mayor de Blasio is displeased with the group’s leader, Rabbi David Niederman, who has tussled with City Hall over the regulation of mohels who practice oral circumcision rites. In the metzitzah b’peh ritual, the mohel sucks blood from the wound left by the cut foreskin. Several newborns have contracted herpes during the bris ritual.


  • Pig Priest sues Timothy Cardinal Dolan over child porn claims
    Timothy Cardinal DolanKeith FennessyFather Jabba the Celebate PriestA Roman Catholic Chelsea priest allegedly caught with child porn is suing Timothy Cardinal Dolan, among others, for $2 million, claiming he was falsely accused. The Rev. Keith Fennessy was tossed from the pulpit at St. Columba Church in 2015 after the Archdiocese of New York said it discovered “pornographic material” on his computer. Fennessy was not criminally charged. The priest now says in legal papers that the cardinal, the archdiocese and spokesman Joseph Zwilling and Catholic New York newspaper made the accusations with a “reckless disregard” for the truth.


20 May 2017 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
New Nation News - Archives

    (BLACK) Suspect in triple murder denied bond, denies involvement in killings (of White family of 3 and wounding of granddaughter)
Kenneth Markeith ChisolmMiller family victimsCOLLETON COUNTY, SC — Bond was denied for an 18-year-old man accused of killing two adults and a child, and wounding a second child in a Colleton County shooting. Kenneth Markeith Chisolm of Green Pond told a judge he didn't have anything to do with the murders. " He is charged with the murders of 46-year-old Phillip Miller, 52-year-old Lori Miller and 13-year-old Vincent Miller. A 9-year-old girl, the couple's granddaughter, was wounded in the leg. There was emotional testimony during Friday's hearing in which the couple's daughter said her parents would have given Chisolm anything that he had asked. Chisolm continued to deny his involvement. Colleton County Sheriff Andy Strickland said on Wednesday investigators found marijuana in the home and said the killings could have been drug-related. - (Black-on-white)
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (BLACK) Teen, then 14 years old, sentenced for murder of (WHITE) Granite City man
Mylan T. NewbernWeeping AngelEDWARDSVILLE — A judge Friday sentenced a defendant to 30 years in prison on a murder charge for a fatal shooting of a Granite City man in 2012, when the defendant was only 14 years old. Mylan T. Newbern, 18, of Madison pleaded guilty in exchange for the 30-year sentence and the prosecution’s agreement to drop other charges. Circuit Judge Kyle Napp presided over the hearing. Newbern will have to serve 100 percent of the sentence. Prosecutors said Newbern was the shooter in a case in which he and three accomplices waited outside a money exchange and picked a random victim, Charles Weiss. “They surrounded him and demanded money, and when he didn’t give up the money fast enough, Newbern shot him in the chest,” Madison County Assistant State’s Attorney Crystal Uhe said. The other three co-defendants had previously pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges. - (Black-on-white)
  • 3 Teens Charged in Shooting Death of Granite City Veteran - November 13, 2012
    Reynolds, Russell and TaylorGRANITE CITY, Ill. — Three teenagers are charged as adults in murder of a 54-year-old man from Granite City. Charles Weiss was shot Thursday night in an alley in the 1200 block of Meridian, which is near his home. Granite City Police Major Jeff Connor said Weiss told officers on the scene he was robbed my four or five men, and one of them shot him. Weiss died Friday morning from his injury. 16-year-old Brian Taylor and 15-year-olds Markeith Reynolds Jr. and Shawn Russell are all charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder.
  • Charles A. Weiss Obituary

    (Black) Maryland man charged with rape, sexual abuse of a minor
Anton Cortez QueenMECHANICSVILLE, Md. — The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 22-year-old man on Friday, May 19 following the report of a sex offense involving a juvenile female. According to police, they began their investigation after initially responding to a private residence in Mechanicsville for a reported disturbance. Following further investigation, Anton Cortez Queen was arrested and charged with second degree rape and sexual abuse of a minor. Cortez is currently being held at the Detention Center on a no bond statue.

    (Black) Man arrested for sexual battery of a vulnerable person in DeSoto County
Joe N. JonesDESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — A man has been arrested for crimes against people who were in his care. Joe N. Jones was charged with two counts of sexual battery of a vulnerable person. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office did not give details about the incidents but did say the allegations concerned Jones and multiple people who were placed in his care. Jones is at DeSoto County Jail with a bond of $100,000. - (sex of victim(s) not reported)

    2nd woman suing Four Seasons after allegedly being sodomized by (BLACK) masseur
Kamren M. HolbertST. LOUIS – A second woman is suing the Four Seasons Spa & Salon alleging she was sodomized during a massage. The woman claims Kamren M. Holbert sodomized and groped her during a massage on August 27. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the woman’s lawyer said she previously filed a complaint against Holbert, which resulted in criminal charges against the suspect. In that case, Holbert has pleaded not guilty to second-degree sodomy charges. Earlier in the month, another woman made a similar claim against the former masseur and the hotel. The women in both cases claim the hotel failed to ensure their safety and that the staff was not properly trained.

    Nassau Man Arrested For Rape After Months Of Investigation: Police
 Kassi AjavonAfter months of investigation, New York State Police arrested a Hempstead man and charged him with a rape that occurred in East Meadow last August. Police arrested Kassi Ajavon, 21, of Hempstead, following the nine-month investigation into the assault, which occurred at the Coliseum Motor Inn in East Meadow last August. Ajavon was charged with first- and third-degree rape, criminal obstruction of breathing and third-degree patronizing a person for prostitution. He was arraigned in Nassau County Supreme Court where bail was set at $250,000.

    Young woman stabbed, critically wounded in NE Portland
Christopher Eugene WoodsPORTLAND, Ore. — A young woman was stabbed multiple times and suffered “traumatic injuries” in an attack by a stranger at the Lloyd Center MAX platform Friday afternoon. Officials said the early investigation shows the victim was with 2 other young women at the MAX platform when the man walked up. They exchanged a few words and the suspect attacked the young woman, police said. Police found the suspect, 42-year-old Christopher Eugene Woods, near the Double Tree Hotel across the street and took him into custody without incident. He is being held at the Multnomah County Jail on charges of assault and menacing.

    Black Man holding banana wanted in Henrico bank robbery
black banana bank robbermonkey with banana gunHENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Police are asking for the public’s help to identify the suspect who robbed a Henrico County bank Friday afternoon. The robbery happened at the First Citizens Bank located in the 10000 block of Patterson Avenue, in the western portion of Henrico. Investigators said the suspect provided employees with a note indicating that he was armed however a weapon was not displayed. After demanding money he fled on scene on foot.
    Black Hat-loving robber is terrorizing New York city banks
black bank robberHe’s throwing his hat into the ring as the Big Apple’s most wanted chapeau-wearing bank robber. On the heels of the arrest of the ballcap-loving Coast to Coast bandit, police announced Thursday that they’re now on the hunt for another serial robber, who has so far successfully ripped off four Manhattan banks — each time wearing a series of different hats. In each of the incidents, the suspect, who also wears sunglasses, passes a note to a teller demanding cash.

    Alleged gunshots trigger stampede at BLACK RAPPER Future concert
Rapper 'Future'A loud noise triggered a massive stampede after a concert at the Barclays Center — as frantic concertgoers feared that shots had been fired. Rapper Future had just finished his “Nobody Safe” show around 10:45 p.m. Friday when the sound rang out. “Turned around and saw 500 people sprinting from Barclays Center after we were outside,” a concertgoer named Danny tweeted. “Never ran so fast in my entire life.” “Almost got trampled to death in a stampede at the Barclays center Future show after people thought they heard gunshots,” another attendee wrote. Police confirmed that no shots were fired at the arena and no injuries were reported.

Norman Seabrook   Union members don’t want to pay black former leader Norman Seabrook’s legal bills

    (Black) Thief (with Mickey Mouse ears hair) Breaks into Delaware Home, Steals Woman's Underwear: Police
Tyrone Jenkins-Health Jr.Mickey Mouse ears hairAuthorities say a man broke into a Delaware home and stole a pair of women's underwear. Delaware State Police say two women heard an unusual noise in their house early Friday and barricaded themselves in a bedroom. Police say after someone tried to get in the room, the women escaped out the window. Police say authorities later found 21-year-old Tyrone Jenkins-Health Jr. walking through a neighbor's yard in possession of a pair of one of the women's underwear. Police say Jenkins-Health told investigators he intended to make one or both of the women perform unlawful sexual acts on him. Police say he faces charges including burglary and attempted rape.

    (Interracial) Couple Nabbed For X-Rated Public Romp
Merri-Anne Bromley and David WheelerMAY 18--A 62-year-old woman and her 55-year-old beau were arrested last night for having sex on the front steps of a Florida dental office, a lewd display that was in full view of passersby, police charge. According to St. Petersburg cops, Merri-Anne Bromley and David Wheeler were “having sexual intercourse” outside the offices of St. Pete Modern Dentistry around 7:15 PM. The front steps of the building, a police report notes, “are within full view of the public and anybody passing by.” Bromley and Wheeler, an arrest affidavit notes, were not initially deterred by the arrival of Officer Jonathan Reeves. “The intercourse continued in the presence of law enforcement,” Reeves reported.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Black Coon Rapids woman charged for macing fast food employees over stale french fries
 Eiram Chanel Amir DixsonMINNEAPOLIS -- Employees at a fast food restaurant in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, say a woman sprayed them with Mace during a dispute over fresh french fries. According to the criminal complaint, police went to Wendy's Thursday afternoon after receiving a call about a disturbance. When police arrived, employees told them 25-year-old Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson came through the drive-thru, ordered food and asked that her french fries be fresh. During an ensuing argument, the employees said Dixson reached through the window. An employee then threw a soda at her. Dixson then grabbed Mace from her car and sprayed it through the drive-thru window, according to the employees. The manager of the restaurant was hit directly in the face and another employee was also hit.

  • Black Woman poses as employee, steals $11,000 worth of iPhones
    black thiefDUNWOODY, GA - Police say they're looking for a woman who is accused of posing as an employee and stealing more than $11,000 worth of iPhones from a metro Atlanta Target. The incident occurred on April 15 at the Target in the 100 block of Perimeter Center Place in Dunwoody. Dunwoody police say the woman walked into the Target posing as a Target Tech employee, wearing a Target Mobile shirt. She was able to gain access to a restricted area and entered a locked safe, where she stole 15 iPhones, according to authorities. The phones are valued at $11,435.
  • Black Prolific Portland shoplifter arrested again
    Barry Trenell SandersPORTLAND, Ore. – One of the most prolific shoplifters in the Portland metro area is again in trouble with the law. Police say Barry Trenell Sanders, 55, stole merchandise that was valued at $100 or more from Target on Wednesday. He was arrested near the intersection of Northeast 7th Avenue and Weidler Street.

    1-Year-Old Seriously Injured In Hit-And-Run (by black) In Delaware
Elijah MeredithNEWPORT, Del. —The family of a 1-year-old girl is traumatized after she is struck by a car in Newport, Delaware outside of her home. “Fifteen minutes before it happened she was running up to me, and wrapped her arms around my thigh,” said Jose Rivera. Rivera was inside a house along Roosevelt Avenue when his cousin’s 1-year-old stepdaughter, Leah Perdue, was hit by a car. The driver that fled the scene was pulled over by police and arrested about an hour and a half later. He was identified as Elijah Meredith. He is being charged with leaving the scene of a collision resulting in injury, failure to report a collision resulting in injury, driving while suspended and failure to have insurance in possession.




  • For 2 Experts Killed in Congo, U.N. Provided Little Training and No Protection - Demand return of White woman's head
    Zaida Catalan (L) and UN American researcher Michael SharpCongo suspectsA grainy cellphone video shows what happened next: A cluster of men with rifles and red bandannas lead Zaida Catalán, a 36-year-old Swedish-Chilean, into a grove with her American colleague, Michael J. Sharp, 34. The two investigators are barefoot. Mr. Sharp starts arguing. He and Ms. Catalán are forced onto the ground. Suddenly, shots are fired, hitting Mr. Sharp first. Ms. Catalán screams and tries to run for cover. She is shot twice. Their bodies were discovered weeks later in a shallow grave, laid out carefully, side by side, in opposite directions. Ms. Catalán had been decapitated. Her head had been taken. Then, on Saturday, the Congolese said they knew who had ordered the killings and where Ms. Catalán’s head was, but gave no further details. - (Black-on-white) - (Africa)

18 May 2017 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)
New Nation News - Archives

    175 watermelons reported stolen; 2 blacks arrested
George Brooks III and Bernard Green"waddymelons"CULLEN, La. - The theft of 175 watermelons from a Cullen store over the weekend has resulted in the arrests of two Webster Parish men, according to a report in the Minden Press-Herald. Webster sheriff's deputies have charged George "Bubba" Brooks III, 43, of Cullen and George "Bubba" Brooks III, 43, of Cotton Valley each with one count of felony theft. Investigators zeroed in on Brooks after learning he was selling watermelons near a convenience store where five bins of melons were reported stolen. Brooks reportedly said he was told there were free watermelons on the dock, but he only took eight to 10, the newspaper reports. That led deputies to Green, who reportedly admitted to helping Brooks remove watermelons from the dock and into a truck. The business owner told deputies the watermelons were worth $1,750.






Black unemployment * Black illegitimacy * Black promiscuity * Black paranoia * Black victimhood * Blacktivist agitation by anti-White media

  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

Nannie Helen Burroughs





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